how does someone like him exist

Brandon Sanderson NJ Signing, 12/3/2016

Here are all the questions I asked him and got answered:

  • Q: If the technology for 3D printing, CNC milling and the like existed on Sel, would a Forger be able to use it to create stamps, or would they have to do it by hand.
    • A: They would be able to, but since they have to still create the stamps themselves, they’d have to be the ones to model/draw the stamps. (I take that to mean that a forger couldn’t just download someone else’s stamp and print it out and use it)
  • Q: Does TenSoon look like an Irish Wolfhound (which is how I’ve seen a lot of people draw him) or more like an actual wolf?
    • A: He looks more like a large wolf-like dog, such as a husky or something (though more wolflike than a husky, he was just using that as an example)
  • Q: Will we ever get some sort of dictionary/guide to Aons or Forging, one that tells us how they’re made, with what all the various parts of a seal mean and how we could theoretically design them?
    • A: We might, but it would be a ton of work for him to put together. He compared it to when people ask if we’ll ever get the full text of the Way of Kings (the in-universe book) and he said that we might, but all he has is an outline.
  • Q: When a spren changes into a weapon, are they locked into one specific design for that type of weapon? Like, if Syl chose to be a longsword, could she only become that specific longsword?
    • A: no, they can become whatever they want/need.
  • Q: Who has the best and worst handwriting in the cosmere?
    • A: Hoid’s is just terrible, but it can also be really beautiful when he wants to, but Brandon said he didn’t have a real answer for this one.
  • Q: Can you tell me anything new about the force or whatever that opposed Adonalsium (this was what I had him answer in my personalization)
    • A: “I would count groups of people as a force”

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OMG YOU GUYS ARE RIGHT! there's not any fan photos in nyc is it ESPECIALLY NYC! WHY WHY WHY? he's not a homebody either, so how is it even possible? LOL damn this is getting even more mysterious DOES HE EVEN EXIST IN REAL LIFE AT THIS POINT IM GONE

Hahaha. Yeah New York George just disappears into the crowd apparently. Someone will just have to tell us what it was like to see him if they ever do


Exactly what it says! do not reblog. repost and tell your followers cute facts about your muse then tag five people to see what cute things their muses do!

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1. You know he’s grown a ‘liking’ towards someone when he follows them around everywhere like a lost dog. If you’re lucky, he’ll probably protect you from incoming threats too. This isn’t because he actually likes you or anything. He just learned to tolerate your existence a little more because you gave him food or something– Baka!!

2. He looks so peaceful during his first few hours of sleep, you’d never even realize that he was a raging monster bent on destruction and screaming. That is until about three hours later when the nightmares kick in.

3. He’ll hum to himself when he’s alone sometimes. The tune in particular was one that Paragus would use to either hum him to sleep when he was still an infant or calm him down with– until that eventually stopped working.

4. He can get confused over the most simplest things. Like– Using a toaster… ‘What witchcraft is this?!?!?’ kinda thing? Idk point a laser light at him and he’ll probably get worked up and stop at nothing to destroy it tbh.

does anyone else ever get that feeling when you love someone so much that it feels like your body literally cannot process the depth of your emotions??? your chest feels like it’s fluttering and warm, your head starts buzzing with overflowing joy and adoration. that’s how seokjin makes me feel. knowing that sweet, brave, hardworking, talented seokjin exists makes me so, so happy. watching jin dance makes me happy, watching him eat makes me happy. listening to his laugh is euphoric. he deserves so much love man oh man he’s so great

I always watched him from distance and so I never knew the colour of his eyes but when he smiles, oh God, it feels like my heart is free falling. And for one second the out side world does not exist. A mixture of fear and fascination builds up in my veins but it didn’t bother me because I know that’s how I am supposed to feel. So, you see, you can love someone without asking them to be yours and I might be burned with longing for him but swear to God, I look at him with pure fascination. Because he’s always going to be the terrible and the great awe.

How does it feel like to love someone who can’t love you back?“

"Loving someone who can’t love you back is blissful yet painful most of the time. You get happy every time he appreciates your effort. You get butterflies every time he acknowledges your existence. With every eye contact, with every hello, with every conversation and random touch, you get all giddy and happy. You can’t stop smiling every time you see him walk towards you. You can’t keep your heart from beating so fast when he is just inches away from you. His every thank you, every i’m sorry, every i miss you makes you feel like you are doing a good job in making him feel that he is loved. However, seeing that person laugh and smile because of another breaks your heart. You do your best to get his attention, to make him see you as someone who is more than just a friend but to no avail. Someone has already caught his with ease, without having to do all your sacrifices and countless efforts. Yeah, as easy as that. You do all the hard work yet you still end up as trash. You know that this is a hopeless situation yet you still try. Because there’s that faint light of hope that has been telling you that maybe one day, he’d see you just like how you want him to see you - not just another girl best friend, not just the girl next door but the girl who captured his heart.

—  m.b

He’s so beautiful like how does someone like him even exist?

Why Fangirls (and Stories) are Amazing to me:

Okay, I’m gonna rant a little, because I care so much about Castiel. I really love him. Like, a lot. Like, I want to protect him and hug him and keep him warm and safe and I don’t think I realized the depth of my feeling until just now? And that’s pretty amazing to me.

Because Castiel doesn’t exist. He doesn’t. But through various forms of media he feels like he does. How does that even happen? How does one write someone like that? You are literally creating a whole other person. And then, even crazier: how can it happen that I, as a viewer (and voracious reader of fic), can experience what I feel about Castiel–who does not exist–when I am not immersed in media concerning him. It’s insane! Forget about existing during a 45min episode: just like a real, flesh and blood person, this character has had a serious impact on me. I love him. I’d give him the clothes off my back. 

This is pretty mind-blowing to me: that there are people who don’t technically exist but with whom you feel a legitimate, deep connection. 

This is something I could never articulate until right this moment, but is what really offends me about people who make fun of fangirls. Because more than a fangirl being a real person and the opposite of a shitty, misleading stereotype, these are people who have managed to find people, real people in stories. I would argue that they’re feeling more deeply than most people on Earth because they’re making the intangible tangible through sheer force of love. Just think about that for a second; we love our characters into a tangible emotional existence. 

The human brain is amazing. Stories are amazing. Fangirls are amazing.

I really appreciate Elliot from Mr. Robot.

I have never before been able to explain how overwhelming the crushing weight of social anxiety is.
It’s so much easier now that Mr Robot exists. And the actor who portrays Elliot does such a great job at showing how anxiety affects a person.
It’s easy to just not look someone in the eye and to flinch when someone touches you, but Rami Malek’s outstanding performance looks as though they got someone with social anxiety to play Elliot (for all I know, he does have social anxiety).

Elliot isn’t a regular person. He’s weird and he lives in a crappy part of town and he’s a genius and people don’t always like him and he suffers from a drug addiction and hallucinations, and he’s not particularly likeable. But he feels real, and people will look up to him. And I see myself in him, more than any other character of any other show.

I have so many thoughts on this show and I want to write them all down (hopefully more eloquently than I have here), but for right now I just want to express my gratitude to the people who make Mr Robot.

it’s probably super lame of me to say that, but i’m honestly so happy that liam read this review. i’m happy that this review exists in the first place. liam knows he is the most underappreciated member of the band, i can’t even imagine how overwhelmed he must’ve felt when he read these nice words about him. he rarely gets the appreciation he deserves, let alone songwriting credit. he is so humble and every time someone compliments him, he just laughs it off like he doesn’t understand why someone would praise him for something he does. even after all those years he is so thankful for little words of appreciation, he probably read this review over and over again to make sure it was really about him. he always gives 100% and more during every single show and he never seems to get tired of it. this boy loves what he’s doing with all of his heart, and he doesn’t do it for the compliments. he is an entertainer, a musician, he lives for his job. he could sing in front of two people and still enjoy every second of it. he doesn’t take his fame and everything that comes with it for granted, he tries so hard to please everyone and give something back. he stops for photos and autographs, even when he’s completely exhausted, he even asks if the fans want to see him at all. there is so much more about him, but what i’m saying is that this fandom should start appreciating him more, because the day he gets tired from basically being invisible to the majority of the fans and stops caring, is the day we can kiss 1d goodbye, because this band can no longer exist when their glue is gone.

jimin’s just so beautiful, so precious, so breath-taking that even a thousand nor a million hearts would be enough to express my love for the little bun i mean just look at him, the things he does, the words he says, the endless love he has for his members, his family, his fans, like i just…how could someone exist with a heart of gold and a voice of an angel ;;;;

about Jeon Jungkook

He’s so young and so, so, so fucking talented. He’s had a wild amount of success in his life, and it’s only just the beginning of his career as an artist. Despite all the support and encouragement and love he gets from fans, BTS, his family, peers, etc., I’m sure the stress he feels is unreliably overwhelming at times. Being labeled BTS’ “Golden Maknae” has it’s ups and downs. On one hand, it’s a term used to positively highlight how insanely gifted and hardworking Jungkook is, but on another hand, it shadows him with unbelievably high expectations of somehow being “perfect.”

But we all know perfection does not exist; it’s unattainable. And for someone who is just a fresh 18 years old (20 Korean age), it can be a difficult process separating realistically and unrealistically attainable goals because you feel like you not only have to please yourself, but you also have to please others.

With that being said, I wholly believe that Jungkook is just fine. I know that there are a lot of rumors circulating right now about him possibly leaving BTS. I’m honestly not sure where these started, but I presume it’s because he allegedly changed his username and deleted all of his posts on the fan cafe.

There’s also something about him not posting anything online for Yoongi’s birthday, but there was one tweet that was posted without a name that was most likely Jungkook; also, you know, they live together so if he wanted to wish his hyung a happy birthday outside of social media, he could have 🙃.

It’s possible that right now Jungkook is trying to figure some things out for himself. We know how hard BTS works; in this case, we specifically know how hard Jungkook works. He’s always looking for ways to improve, but maybe, just maybe, he feels like he’s stuck. He wants to continue to refine his skills as an artist—as a singer, dancer, lyricist, producer, etc.—but he’s reached a point where he feels as though he’s lacking inspiration or drive or, honestly, it could be anything. Maybe that’s why he was roaming the streets of Hongdae by himself, in an attempt to gather his thoughts and clear his head. Maybe without even realizing it he was searching for something to ignite a new flame within him. And maybe this somehow can be tied to him deleting his posts on the fan cafe. Alternatively, maybe the two events are entirely unrelated. 

Because, honestly, who’s to say?

But what’s really important right now is that we continue supporting BTS, and we continue supporting Jungkook. We continue supporting him as fans who genuinely love him and care about his wellbeing. We continue supporting him as people who want nothing more than to see him blossom and pursue higher goals and accomplishments, but not at the extent of his happiness. I think that for all of us, that’s significantly more important than feeding into rumors. 

in the first mad max movie the bad guy biker gang wears motorcycle helmets. can you imagine someone wearing an intact motorcycle helmet and driving a bike with functioning lights in fury road? it’s like a completely different planet and i love it. how old is max? does it matter? the way they talk about him he always seems like more of a legendary figure than anything else, like you couldn’t quite say if he was one man or many different men or if he never existed outside of the imagination of frightened people telling stories about a good-hearted road warrior driving a v8 interceptor. he’s more an entity that exists within the psyche of the wasteland than a real person, i feel

  • what she says: im fine.
  • what she means: who is w.d. gaster? what was he like, why is he such a mysterious entity? of course, as the royal scientist and the creator of the core, he was incredibly important to the underground, but just how significant is he to undertale as a whole? how much more is there to uncover about him, or is his existence to be left virtually unknown forever? what exactly is his connection with sans and does sans, with his awareness of anomalies and messed up timelines, remember him when no one else seems to? what did the gray npc mean by "its rude to talk about someone whos listening"? what does that mean about gasters current state in their world? will we be left with nothing but a vague understanding of what happened to gaster and a variety of theories forever or will we get answers? how many more secrets are hidden in this god forsaken game thats ruined my life...?

does it ever hit you how amazing louis actually is like you know how you get so passionate about someone and you try to use the most poetic words to describe them… with louis not even the most beautiful word to ever exist is worthy of describing how incredible he is, like how do you even describe him??? he’s such a special human being, so delicate dainty elegant and soft, someone who’d put your wishes and needs above his own, someone who’d make you feel 100% comfortable never judges you always so generous, protective and genuine and full of love, he’s so pure, has such a strong unique personality he’s a blessing to this world and absolute blessing, an angel.

I fall in love with someone full of flaws yet I still look at him like he’s the most perfect person ever existed. Someone who knows how to cut me deep but the only person who knows how to fix them. He breaks me with the sound of his voice in a cold and chilling midnight, yet glued the pieces back together with the way he tells me he loves me.

it doesn’t have to be like this
it doesn’t have to feel like this
but then, why does it?

i really hope adam knows how many rabid fans he has.  ok I know the devotion might be a little hard to process, but it must mean something to him that he’s made so many people so happy?  just by existing, but also by being an awesome actor.  as he doesn’t do social media and seems he is a bit of a luddite its hard to know how much he knows.  I’m sure his manager at least does media monitoring - I hope messages like this one get caught up in that.

can somebody out there that knows him or someone that knows him make sure he does?  thanks.  It is actually important to me (and I know to others as well) that he really truly knows that he has a fandom that has his back. 


Okay, it’s really hard now for me to be a WWE fan. Very hard. Especially to be a fan of someone like Roman and you got stupid immature people pushing him, hitting him, saying things about his family, etc. I don’t understand, I don’t understand how you could hate someone that much for putting their body on the line for your entertainment every damn day. I don’t understand how you can hate the man behind the character and you’ve never met him. How could he be that damn bad to you? How can you say he can’t wrestle? How can you say everything he does suck? Are you kidding me? What’s up with this new wwe era generation? I understand my liking a character but literally hating them; hating their existence is beyond me.

I’ll always be a fan of Roman and everyday he proves himself to the world. He proves how badass he can be. He has stuff up his sleeve no one has ever seen before. But guess what? Everyone is limited. Even Steve Austin said he to was limited on his move set.

Roman will always be over. No matter what he does. I wish I could tell him how much he means to me and what he does for these dirty people that give him nothing but crap.

I hope he keeps loving his job, keep getting that money, and keep providing for his beautiful family.