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[2014 / 2016]

Do you guys remember what it was like to have your first audition together?


“ This actor is already much loved, but with this performance has achieved the status of the very best among us actors. And that’s why this year’s Evening Standard Natasha Richardson Best Actress Award goes to Billie Piper for Yerma. ”


Can someone tell me, how this lovely lady here, can be so fucking hot?

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Normani serving Olivia Pope looks like she’s about to go solve a real life scandal

She works the stem into the bun at the nape of her neck and turns for him to inspect. He catches the sweet fragrance of the flower in the air as she moves. “How does it look?”

Perfect. “Good.”

Kneeling down, he sighs and sets to work. Long fingers pick at the tendrils of grass and stray weeds that have sprouted up around the edges of the stone and pluck at vines that curl across its surface. He tells himself that the tremor in his hand is simply an artifact of old age. Satisfied with his work, he brushes off his hands. He frowns as he discovers the stains on his fingers left behind by the plants. Green smudges have worked their way into his fingertips. He tries to rub away the stains, but they are stubborn, smearing across his palms and corrupting his mood. He curls his fingers into fists and his eyes squeeze shut, attempting to will away memories of this particular shade.

“Green was never a good color for us.”

Excerpt from @sadladybug ‘s Zutara fic entitled Clothe Me in Seasons, Dress Me in Snow. This is the second of four artworks I have planned for this.

I know this doesn’t fit any theme for this year’s Zutara week, but I’d want to contribute as best as this poor artist can q w q enjoy! Happy Zutara Week!


Stupid things that keep me up at night #37:

How does Violet Baudelaire tie her hair up into a perfect ponytail with a silk ribbon? Not a silk ribbon tie that works more like a regular hair tie, but a piece of silk ribbon that she ties into her hair. How does she create that perfect pony without her hair slipping out or looking like a tied up and tangled rats nest? Especially because she doesn’t double knot it! How the fuck does it stay????

mysticmessofcrap  asked:

RFA (with V and Saeran if you could) reacting to MC being a really good artist but she draws hardcore smut of RFA characters together. Like Jumin X Zen and Seven X Yoosung. Even if she's in a relationship with them.

Hmmm… this is interesting ~~ mod stranger

Zen: first of all, he’s so disturbed like why the heck would you draw him licking Mr. Trustfundkid’s abs. (and on the other hand he’s also like ‘shouldn’t he be the one licking MY abs?’)

Yoosung: he’s so scarred. he needs some time alone to cry by himself after seeing your comic about him and Seven (and something involving… blindfolds?).

Jaehee: she doesn’t understand. why can’t you just draw normal art? why are you doing this with your skill? and why the heck are you drawing her and Zen together even though you two are in a relationship? (but she does love how you capture Zen’s perfection)

Jumin: he loves your art and everything but he doesn’t get why you’re drawing him with V and Zen (”how is that anatomically possible?”). but he secretly does enjoy reading it by himself from time to time (maybe jumin han does gay)

Seven: his eyes are practically flashing when he sees a YoosungXSeven comic that you made. he reads it in ten seconds and quickly posts pictures of it on the RFA chatroom (the rest of the members are scarred)

V: he’s eager to read your comic but when you actually show it to him he’s like ?? you made this ?? why am i naked here ?? WHY AM I STRADDLING JUMIN HERE ??

Saeran: as soon as he sees the title ‘My Deeper Feelings’ he thinks it’s some sort of sappy romance comic BUT BOY IS HE WRONG. all he sees is page after page after page of yooran smut


oh If I’d only seen
that the joke was on me

I love this picture of Bry, bc it’s not edited so you can see a little bit of chub on her tummy and it just shows she’s not perfectly skinny and that even some of the skinniest girls have fat on their stomachs. Its a beautiful photo and i think the fact that it’s unedited makes it even more beautiful. 

I wonder if Jasper ever wanted to be small.

I mean, obviously she takes full advantage of being biggest Quartz there ever was or will be, and a part of her probably does believe all that rhetoric about being “perfect” and how she’s “better than this place”…. Because when you think about, Jasper’s size probably saved her life on more than one occasion, not just because it allowed her to leave the “prison” that was Earth, but because she was physically strong enough to survive the war. She endured battles that shattered so many Gems, so if you’d have asked Jasper back then if she would rather be small, she would have most certainly preferred to be The Ultimate Quartz, because her life literally depended on it.

But at the same time, humans and Gems are complex creatures with often conflicting emotions, I wonder if a part of Jasper wanted to be small and defective, just like her Beta sisters. At least then, she would be allowed to have weaknesses. She could be imperfect and she could make mistakes, and no one blame her for it because she was simply made that way. Flawed.

And all those times when she hated herself, when she felt not good enough or strong enough, at least there would be a reason. But she’s the Ultimate Quartz, so she shouldn’t have any of these bad feelings… She should love herself completely because she’s big and strong, so why doesn’t she feel that way…?

She returns to Earth. She comes to fight the one, single Quartz who could have possibly matched her. And she finds… Steven.

“Rose, why do you look like that? Why are you so weak?”

In the end, even Rose Quartz wanted to be small.

okay i’ve got some writer’s block so lets have some more haikyuu moms


  • Kuroo-san plays sudoku while the match is going on. Kuroo-san leaves to go smoke a cigarette while the match is going on. Kuroo-san does not appear to look at the court a single time for the duration of the match. But Kuroo-san can describe every play in great detail, including errors, when it’s all over. She teases Tetsurou mercilessly for every mistake he makes, and he loves her for it. 
  • Kozume-san does not understand volleyball. She tries, bless her heart, mostly by describing everything that happens to Kuroo-san. She cheers for every single person on Nekoma passionately, typically at inappropriate moments. Except Kenma, since he’s asked her not to. 
  • Haiba-san does not speak the most perfect Japanese, nor does she understand how volleyball works. But she does understand when her son is being an idiot and feels honor bound to tell him so. Needless to say, she does not shut up during the entire match. 
  • Yaku-san is really invested in the game. But also really invested in how all the other moms are doing. But also really invested in her idiot husband who keeps calling with work problems. Yaku-san is fed up, but she’s sure Morisuke can handle himself. 


  • The Bokuto-sans are retired, so they both come, with a few grandchildren in tow. They spend most of the time chattering with the other parents about their four much older children. They try to bring Akaashi-san in on the conversation about their oldest daughter’s restaurant but she ignores them completely in favor of explaining the game to Koutarou’s much more engaged nieces and nephews, who ADORE him.
  • Akaashi-san has a lot of work to do. But she brought it with her. Whenever there is a pause in action, she turns to her laptop and resumes grading papers. But as soon as the action starts again, her eyes are on the court. She’s not much of a cheerer, though she does clap, and occasionally calls out, “Excellently played, Koutarou-kun!” because Keiji says that it will help. 


  • Ushijima-san doesn’t come. Volleyball reminds her of her ex-husband and she believes that Wakatoshi will excel whether or not she’s there. And he does, of course. He’s used to her not coming. Of course.
  • Tendou-san cheers for Ushijima more than she cheers for her own son. And she cheers for Satori a lot. 


  • Aone-san always yells the Datako cheer, but out of sync and at weird times. God, Takanobu loves her so much. 
  • Kamasaki-san and Fukakuchi-san bicker unceasingly. They are worse than their goddamn sons.