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#ourgeneration horror stories
  • They find a book written in Latin… one guy doesn’t take Latin and doesn’t want to mess up the pronunciation. The girl is studying Mandarin. Another guy recommends sticking it into Google Translate but that’s likely to land them with gibberish. They leave it alone.
  • The car won’t start. They call an Uber.
  • The vampire captures the girl and insists that she wears the gown to dinner. The gown is actually hella cute. Only problem is it’s not in her size. Oh, it only comes in 2’s and 4’s? Sorry, vamp, you want me in that dress you contact the goddamn company and tell them to get their shit together.
  • “How did you possibly know that? It saved our lives!” “I’ve got two degrees and I spend way too much time on Wikipedia.”
  • They encounter a spirit that gains power the more people believe in it. One girl makes a vine and uploads with, “fakest ghost ever!!! Right??” Twenty minutes later the spirit is destroyed.
  • The circus is in town tonight. Except she’s lived her whole life here and the circus has never come before… it’s also in a pretty sketchy part of town, not somewhere you’d want to walk alone at night. She goes to a movie instead.
  • “You’d need an ARMY to fight this evil!” “Okay. I’ve got 20,000 followers, lets see how many can make it.”
  • The Evil Whispery Voice of Doom tells the jock that it’s going to kill his pretty blonde girlfriend. The jock gets offended because, excuse me, Cindy and I are just friends. However, Marty over there is my boyfriend and I’m not saying you should kill him, just stop making assumptions yeah?
  • “This spirit tried to convince me it was Jerry when it texted but its texting style is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT so yeah that didn’t work.”
  • We could have easily gotten lost and ended up at some creepy cabin in the woods, but luckily we all had functioning GPSs. Beach party, we’ve arrived!
  • “We have to find a way to destroy it! We—what are you doing?” “Looking up ‘exorcising demons’ on Google. Oh look, first hit.”
  • The child she bares will be the devil’s spawn. Good thing she doesn’t want kids. Or if she changes her mind she can always adopt.
  • “How can we possibly outwit this serial killer…” “… There’s gotta be an app for that. Lemme look.”
  • Only the virgin will survive… Turns out they’re all virgins. One is asexual. One wants to wait until marriage. Two just haven’t found the right person yet. One is meh about sex. So we all survive, yeah?
  • The girl does not fall. She was on varsity track.
  • “Quick! We need someplace to hide the artifact. And then decoys to confuse the beast! What have we got?” “… I’ve got a hundred plastic bags stuffed into another plastic bag.” “PERFECT.” 
the foxhole court family <3
  • basically neil adores his family 
  • like he is 100% invested in them 
  • and they are so proud of him (yes, even kevin)
  • like kevin and him will sit for hours rewatching the same Exy games, making terrible exy jokes (’hey, day?’ ‘what?’ ‘this is exylent’) 
  • and neil will agree to sample his protein shakes even though they all taste horrible and healthy 
  • like basically the two are indeed friends, no matter what reporters says, seeing kevin day basically screaming at neil for being so fucking stupid half the court away, neil flipping him off without even looking. 
  • neil also always waits for renee after her bible group. they meet late every wednesday and end around 10 at night and he finishes class at 9 but he doesn’t mind waiting because it is a long walk across campus at night and he knows renee is perfectly capable of walking by herself, he just thinks she might not mind the company. 
  • she always tells him what pastel colour she plans on dying next, and he always asks how she does it exactly because renee’s hair always looks so perfect and they exchange hair dye tips and tricks. 
  • allison makes him go shopping 
  • and neil lets her critique his barely held together converse shoes. 
  • basically they spend entire days together and she drives him far away from the university and it helps him deal with his anxiety, with the car going faster and faster until the stress goes away. 
  • he’s also right there beside her at women right protests and movements, because he does not understand why guys think its weird to support how strong women really are. 
  • allison totally paints his nails for those events and he never minds. he likes it most when she does orange and white because he is such a team spirit nerd. 
  • dan and matt always take him out for pizza since it’s his favorite food. 
  • they go see a movie and basically run around taking the weirdest instagram photos e v e r. 
  • like neil planking in front of a fountain? got it. 
  • dan flipping off the statue of christopher fucking columbus? got it. 
  • matt trying to coax of a bunny rabbit in the park to trust him and be his forever best buddy? you better believe they got it. 
  • fans adore their instagram accounts. 
  • basically neil is dan and matt’s child and they adore him 
  • some idiot tries to attack nicky for being gay on twitter?
  • ohhhh poor life choice buddy because did you not know that is neil’s domain? 
  • like riko may have thought he was king of exy, but neil is the master of twitter. 
  • like basically he does not stop. he shreds the poor ignorant bastard and educates him on why exactly he is wrong and basically whenever someone tries to attack nicky’s sexuality he is right there ready to fight. 
  • (he is also the more polite one nicky can introduce erik without as much fear to because really? aaron or andrew? please son. neil is the one with more evolved manners, even if they aren’t much.)
  • aaron and him have a more basic relationship. 
  • sometimes neil hands him a bottle of water instead of throwing it at his face 
  • BUT 
  • he is always nice to Katelyn. that is without fail. 
  • and well 
  • andrew 
  • andrew is a bit more special 
  • “it’s always a yes with you”  
Preparations (Vows #1)

The next Nessian (finally!)  Previous Chapter is here.  Master list of all my fanfic is here.  Hope you all enjoy this one!  Nearly everyone makes an appearance.  It was supposed to be the last chapter but it got waaay too long (this half is over 5k words) so I split it.

Nesta tapped her pen against the paper.  “I don’t see why I have to do this,” she said flatly.

Feyre sighed, already exasperated, and set her teacup down with a click.  “You’re the one who burst in here this afternoon and told me you had to get married as soon as possible.  Making a list of what you need to get done is the bare minimum if you really expect to be ready in two weeks.”

“Okay, fine,” Nesta grumbled.  She contemplated just giving up on the whole thing, shredding the papers she’d been writing on, and telling Cassian they should just run away, but she supposed now her sister knew that option was done for.  “So far we’ve got: location to figure out, catering, dress -”

“Just ask Rhys about the dress,” Feyre cut in, “he probably already has something.”  

“Why would he have a dress for me?”  Nesta asked, a bit suspiciously.  The tendency of everyone in the Inner Circle to be constantly in everybody else’s business had not grown on her with exposure.

“Well, it’s been weeks since you announced you planned to get married,” Feyre said, like that was a normal explanation.  Evidently Nesta should automatically expect her brother-in-law to produce a wedding dress for her, just like that.

Nesta sat back in her chair and looked at her sister through narrowed eyes.  “What is it with Rhys and clothes?  Where does he get them all?”

Feyre just shrugged.  “I don’t know.  I’ve never asked.  His taste is better than mine anyway.”

An image of her sister’s tall, elegant mate sitting in a private room somewhere sewing furiously popped into Nesta’s mind, and she snorted.  Her sister looked at her in some confusion and she just waved her hand in dismissal.  “Should I cross ‘dress’ off then?”

“No, let’s make sure I’m right first.  And that you like it.  He’ll be here any minute anyway for your session.”  Ugh, magic lessons.  She felt awkward enough with Amren, having Rhys staring at her too didn’t really sound appealing, but she did want to start understanding what she could - and should - do with the fact that she now could hear everybody’s life force.  Certainly before she killed someone by mistake.  Feyre went on.  “We don’t need to worry about flowers, Elain will take care of that.  And I bet Mor has some ideas about catering.  Do you want to use the priestess Elain and Lucien had?”

“Is that the same one you used?”


“Might as well be consistent then.”  Nesta wrote down ‘Priestess’ with a small arrow that led to ‘whoever Feyre says.’  She tapped the pen against her teeth.  “What else is there?”

“Do you have a guest list yet?”  Nesta most certainly did; she hid her grin as she slid it over to her sister, who read it out loud.  “‘Feyre, Elain, Rhys, The Bastard,’ really, Nesta, is that necessary? ‘Azriel, Amren, Mor,’ all plus one, ‘Nuala, Cerridwen,’ oh good, I’m glad you’re inviting them, ‘Clotho and the rest of the librarians…’”  She looked up and smiled.  “What a great idea.”  Nesta just shrugged, a little embarrassed.  “Who’s ‘Tamirah’ and why is her name surrounded by little hearts?’”

“Oh, that’s just a special one for Cassian,” Nesta replied with a bit of an evil grin.

“Do I even want to know?”

“Probably not.”  

“And ‘Willow.’  You’re inviting your cat?”

“Of course.  She’s part of the family.”

Shaking her head, Feyre grabbed the to-do list Nesta was now doodling on and scanned the sheet.  “What do you want to do about invitations?”

Nesta made a face.  “Do you really think we need them?  It’s mostly just the family anyway.”

Feyre looked rather shocked.  “Of course you need invitations!  Cerridwen did them for Elain’s wedding, I’m sure she’d be happy to do yours.  And it’s not like we need one for Willow.”  She chuckled.

“Why doesn’t Willow get one if everyone else does?” Nesta asked, deadpan.

“Does she really need one?  She can’t read.”

“Probably not, but it seems rude to exclude her if we do them for everyone else.”  Nesta stole her paper back and noted ‘Cerridwen’ next to ‘Invitations.’  

“Oh, and you’ll need to write your vows.”

Nesta’s stomach dropped.  She had never considered that; never thought about baring her soul in front of all those people, even if it was mostly just family.  “Write my…don’t the High Fae have some sort of set ceremony?  I thought I was just going to have to say, ‘I do’ or something.”

Her sister laughed.  “Didn’t you notice that Elain and Lucien had written their vows?”

“Well, yes, but that’s Elain and Lucien, they have no issue with being all, I don’t know, verbal.  They also had about a thousand people at their ceremony.  I thought I could get out of it.”  She thought for a moment; Elain’s was the only Fae ceremony she had been to.  “Did you write your own vows?”

She didn’t understand the expression that crossed Feyre’s face at what was intended to be an innocent question.  It looked almost like guilt.  “We didn’t have time to write anything, actually.  Since we did it so fast,  we just kind of said what was in our hearts at the moment.  I honestly don’t even remember what we said.”

Nesta pondered that.  While there was something appealing about sneaking out in the middle of the night and spontaneously getting married, or mated, or whatever you wanted to call it, she didn’t want to not be able to remember it.  She didn’t want the handful of people she loved to not be a part of it.  “What would you write if you had to do it over again?”

Feyre’s voice was hesitant, contemplative.  “I think I’d want to tell the story of how I came to love him.  Not so much the mating bond - as deep as it is, I think that’s more biological than anything.  But how he kept me from breaking and taught me and brought me out of the despair I had fallen into.  How he always had so much faith in me, and how he always just knew me.  Knew what I needed, even if it wasn’t what I wanted.  Does that make sense?”  

Nesta nodded thoughtfully.  Grabbing a fresh sheet of paper, she began to write.  Feyre poured herself a fresh cup of mint tea and sipped while she waited.  When she was nearly down to the dregs, her sister passed the paper to her then watched her, expressionless, while she read it.  Feyre looked up.  “This is beautiful,” she said softly.  “It’s perfect.”  Nesta took the paper and tucked it away.  Before they could return to their planning, Rhys and Amren appeared.

“What’s all this?” Amren asked, looking at the scattered papers.

“Oh, we’re just planning Nesta and Cassian’s wedding,” Feyre said breezily.  “We’ve got about two weeks.”

Rhys whistled.  “Looks like magic training is going to wait a bit.  We’ve got more important work to do.”  The three females looked at him expectantly.  He grinned.  “Want to see the dresses I picked out?”

Amren rolled her eyes.  “If you are all going to be gushing over wedding dresses, I’m going to go to Summer Court.  See you in a couple of weeks.”  She winnowed away in the middle of Nesta’s protest.  Rhys just shrugged, looking bemusedly at the spot she had just vacated.

“I was still planning on doing some training, but I guess that gives us a little more flexibility.  Come on, let’s go upstairs.”  The sisters followed him into Nesta’s old room, where he pulled three different dresses from a pocket realm and hung them on the armoire door.  All three were stunning, but Nesta only had eyes for the one on the left.  

“That’s it,” she said, pointing.  He handed it to her and she stalked towards the bathing room, Nuala appearing out of nowhere to assist her.  Feyre looked at her mate.

“That was easy,” she said.  

“She’s easy to select for,” he said.  “She always favors the more simple, elegant styles.”

“You knew she was going to pick that one?”  He nodded and Feyre surveyed the other two.  “Well, they’re all gorgeous, but I think it’s the one I would’ve chosen for her too.”

Mor burst through the door just as Nesta emerged from the bathing room in her regular clothes.  “Hey, bitch, when were you going to tell me you’re planning your wedding?”

Nesta blinked.  “Was I supposed to tell you before I told my sisters?”

“Of course,” Mor said, breezing past her cousin and Feyre to flop on the bed.  “I’m the party planner extraordinaire around here.”

Giving a small mocking bow, Nesta replied, “My apologies, I did not know that was one of your formal titles.  I hereby appoint you queen of the catering.  May you prosper.”

Mor returned the bow as best she could from the bed, with a flourish of her hand.  “I shall not disappoint.”

Feyre broke in before the verbal sparring could come to a head.  “Where’s the dress?  Is something wrong?”


“Wait, I missed the dress?” Mor interjected.

“Then can’t we see it?” Feyre asked almost simultaneously.

“No.”  Nesta could tell Feyre was biting her cheek to keep from snapping at her, and tried hard to not snap her response, though she hated having to defend herself about it.  “Half the people invited are in this room right now.  The dress fits, it’s exactly what I want, and you’ll see it in two weeks.  And don’t you dare use your Daemati powers on me.  Or Nuala.”

Feyre and Mor both turned to Rhys, who had been watching the three females with some amusement.  He shoved his hands in his pockets with his usual grace.  “It’s up to Nesta.  I’m staying out of it.”

“Ugh, what good is being High Lady if I can’t even make my own sister show me how she looks in her wedding dress?” Feyre asked no one in particular.


Cassian was sitting in the family library in the House of Wind, thinking, a blank pad of paper and a pen on the low table in front of him.  There was so much he wanted to say to Nesta when they bound themselves to each other in just one short week, but he could not for the life of him figure out how.  He had cut his training session with Brisa short, sending her to spar with Sabine and Az, while he had flown here to do - exactly nothing.  He growled at the paper, as if he could somehow intimidate it into writing his vows for him.  

The door swung open and Lucien walked in.  He and Elain had returned from the Dawn Court late the night before.  “This is…the exact last place I would expect to find you,” Lucien said by way of greeting.  Cassian couldn’t even find a snappy retort.  Damnit.  He rubbed his face with his hands, then let them drop into his lap.  “Why does it seem like every time I see you, something is always bothering you?”

“Because every time you see me, you’re in the room.  It’s a paradox.”  There, at least he was able to come up with something.

“My my, another big word.  Though I suppose I set myself up for that one.”  He studied the empty paper, russet eye narrowing.  “Let me guess, you’re working on a dissertation on the usefulness of wings.”

Cassian huffed what might have been a laugh.  “I wish, I’d have a thousand pages by now.  No, I’m trying to write my vows.”

The red-haired male slipped into the seat next to him and put his feet up on the table.  “Well, since I just did this a few weeks ago, let me give you some advice.”  

“Okay,” he replied, eyeing the court-trained male warily.

“I’d advise against going with, ‘You’re my mate.  Let’s fuck.’  It kind of takes away from the grandeur of the moment.”

Now Cassian laughed for real.  “I wouldn’t want to steal your line anyway.   I was practically unconscious at the time, but wasn’t that basically what you said when Elain came out of the Cauldron?”

A smirk played on Lucien’s lips.  “I told you I was speaking from experience.”  He crossed his arms and looked straight into Cassian’s steady hazel eyes.  “Why do you want to marry her?  What first drew you to her, though I doubt you got a lot of encouragement?  You’ve been alive and from what I’ve gathered, fucking freely for over five hundred years.  Why decide now to bind yourself to her?”

The slight disdain in his tone coupled with the emphasis on the last word had anger flaring, and Cassian leaned forward, every inch the warrior.  He opened his mouth, and Lucien pointed at the paper.  “Don’t tell me, write.”  His mouth tightened, but he took up his pen and began to work.  There was a lot of crossing out and long pauses, but eventually he stopped, surveyed his work, then passed the paper to Lucien, who had been watching the process with no little amusement.

“I hope that wasn’t as painful as it looked,” he said, before reading the lines.  “Mother’s tits, your handwriting is atrocious.”  His expression changed from its usual irreverence as his eyes scanned the page, and he handed it back wordlessly.  Cassian looked at him with a question on his face, and Lucien merely nodded.  Standing, he walked towards the stacks, dropping a hand briefly on Cassian’s shoulder as he passed.


Elain walked into the kitchen garden, bearing a tray full of iced tea that she set out for everyone before settling into a chair herself.  It was an unusually warm day for this late in the fall and everyone was soaking up the last of the sun’s rays.  She looked even more beautiful than ever, Nesta thought; more grounded, which seemed ironic given how much time Elain always spent with the earth.  Unlike herself, Elain had always imagined and wished to be married with children and a nice manor house and everything.  Though her current situation was not how she planned it when they were younger, being bonded forever to a male as magnetic as the fox-faced bastard didn’t seem to be disagreeing with her at all.  Even if he was just about the polar opposite of Graysen.  Nesta wasn’t sure which of the two males she despised more, Graysen for abandoning her sister or Lucien for winning her in the end.  

“So, I know you were talking about having the ceremony at the House of Wind,” Elain said, “but I’d like to make another suggestion.”  Nesta, Feyre and Mor all looked at her expectantly.  “There’s that walled garden I finished a few months ago, it’s totally enclosed so it would be nice and private, and there should be room for everyone since it’s such a small group.”

“That sounds like a great idea!” Mor exclaimed.  

Feyre looked a little more hesitant.  “Isn’t it a little late in the season for a garden to be practical?”  Nesta was internally grateful to her for asking the question; after all, it was close to winter.

Elain leaned forward eagerly.  “No, not at all!  I designed it to be usable in all seasons, and it’s spelled to protect it from any extreme cold.  Right now it’s got beautiful foliage, and some nice rich flowers in reds and purples and yellows and there are some patches of white.  They should go nicely with Cassian’s Siphons.  Plus I can add some potted or cut flowers of whatever colors you want.”

Nesta smiled at her sister, at her palpable joy and excitement, as she said, “That sounds perfect, and I’ll trust your judgment as to what flowers are appropriate.”  She thought Elain was going to take flight right there and disappear to prep the garden.  It was obviously an effort her her sister to keep in her seat, but she managed to refocus on the rest of the task at hand.  

The three of them went through the extensive menu Mor proposed, then Elain asked to see the guest list.  She studied it for a moment, then asked, “Why is there a burned out hole at the bottom of the list?”

Playing with a piece of her hair, Nesta replied airily, “Oh, Cassian took exception to one of my invitees.”

“But he’s okay with the cat coming?” Feyre asked drily.

Nesta leveled one of her flat looks at her.  “Of course.”  She didn’t understand her sister’s evident irritation at Willow’s inclusion; she’d always seemed to enjoy her playful antics when they spent time together.

Elain piped up, “I’ll manage Willow!  Oh, I’d love to have her there.” Feyre subsided with a shrug and a wry smile, won over by her sweetness, just as everyone always was.

A shadow appeared overhead, and everyone looked up as Cassian touched down.  “Everything going well?” he asked, bending down to brush a kiss to the top of Nesta’s head.  

The four women nodded in unison, then Nesta added, “Other than Feyre being beaten into submission about Willow being issued an invitation.”  He laughed.  

“Can I be updated on the plans?” he requested as he sat on the edge of the table, all chairs being occupied.  Elain and Mor immediately began running through all the details while Nesta sat back, a little bemused.  Elain had been home for less than twenty four hours and was already more involved with the plans than she was.  She met Cassian’s eyes and her mate gave a tiny shrug.  They were lucky to be able to basically wind up the other females and let them go, though she did appreciate having final say.  Not that she had had to overrule much of anything.

“We haven’t discussed one very important thing,” Mor said.  “Alcohol.”  Feyre nodded fervently.  “I’ve already got wine planned, both sparkling and regular.  What else do you want?”

Lucien winnowed in, as if summoned by the mention of liquor, and after kissing Elain and settling her in his lap he joined in.  Only Rhys was absent, having left after their lesson to discuss some sort of assignment for the spymaster.  She found herself missing him a little for some reason.  He had been surprising her with his patience and understanding during their lessons.  Together they had realized her power worked almost directly opposite his - when he wanted to kill, he pushed out with his power, while it seemed she needed to pull in.  They speculated that was why she was unsuccessful against the King, as lashing out could affect a body but not terminally.  Rhys could also affect a huge number at once, while she could sense many but only affect one at a time.  The best thing from a day to day standpoint was she was discovering that she did possess a few of the extra abilities, like accessing pocket realms.  He was also pretty sure she’d be able to winnow given how easily she could manipulate living energy, but she hadn’t managed yet.

Cassian began listing an impressive additional supply of spirits and Nesta refocused onto the conversation.  Feyre chimed in with some of Rhys’s favorites.  Nesta was fine with just the wine.  She didn’t want to forget any of the ceremony, and after her experience with the Gravediggers she doubted her ability to handle anything stronger.  Watching the others laugh and discuss the merits of various liquors warmed her; she loved her mate’s enthusiasm for all of this.  In the human world, the men generally acted as if all this was the women’s territory and beneath them.  Here, the males seemed to see the planning as not just a responsibility but a valued right.  The two present males started an enthusiastic discussion of the merits of licorice in some sort of drink she’d never heard of before, and she sat back contentedly and let the noise and joy flow over her like water.


The night before the wedding, Feyre had insisted that Nesta stay with her and Elain at the townhouse, just as they had for Elain’s wedding, so Cassian went back to the apartment alone.  Willow greeted him with her usual demands for food and petting, then settled herself on the bookcase for a thorough wash and a nap.  He hoped she would enjoy herself at the ceremony; she certainly had never seemed fazed by traveling to the cabin or the townhouse, so he suspected she would take it in stride.  He ate and had just settled down on the couch with a glass of wine to read when he heard footsteps on the roof and headed up to check it out.

Azriel and Rhys were making themselves comfortable on the chairs Nesta had insisted be added to the chaise in the rooftop garden.  They had brought a bottle of something stronger than the wine, no doubt secreted out from under Rhys’s bed.  Cassian took the glass Rhys was holding out and claimed the chaise.  Rhys held up his glass in a silent toast, and the other two echoed the gesture before they drank in unison.  “Feyre kicked me out for the night,” he said ruefully.  “So Az and I decided to come down and keep you company on your last night alone.  Ready for tomorrow?”

“Sure,” he said, with unfeigned nonchalance.  “I mean, we’ve been living together for a few months now.  This is just a ceremony to make it all official, right?  I don’t really expect anything to change other than getting used to wearing a ring.”  He actually couldn’t wait for that part; he loved the rings Rhys had helped him select.

The High Lord looked contemplative.  “I don’t know, my situation was so different.  I mean, we’d only really been together a few days before we had the ceremony, and it was all so rushed…But I definitely felt like having it official made it seem so much more permanent.”  He thought for a moment before continuing, “Somehow, when that priestess declared us married and mated, it was like the bond connected in our bones, not just our hearts.  Does that make sense?”

It was hard for Cassian to imagine the bond being any deeper or more enduring, but he nodded and took a sip of his drink.  He was really going to have to figure out his brother’s source of alcohol at some point, because damn, that shit was good.  There was a patter of tiny feet and Willow appeared on the roof, pausing to look around and sniff for a moment, tail twitching.  Her domain adequately surveyed, she scampered to Azriel and leaped onto his lap, arching her body up to bump him in the face with her little head.  He looked to Cassian with a long-suffering expression, but his hand stroked her automatically and her wild purr reverberated through the garden.

“Why must your cat torture me?” he asked in that cold voice, while scritching under her chin with his scarred fingers.  

“She likes you,” Cassian replied, “is that a bad thing?”  Willow stuffed her tail up Azriel’s nose while vigorously kneading his knee with her tiny needle claws and he glared at his brother, who was struggling not to laugh.  “Are you bringing anyone tomorrow?”

“I’m thinking Willow should be my date at this point,” he replied.  The cat responded by sprawling out on her back along his thigh, fluffy gray belly exposed, feet curling in the air.  

The others both laughed but Cassian sobered quickly.  He studied his brother.  “Mor’s bringing someone,” he said abruptly.  Rhys’s head snapped up, a warning in his eyes.  

Az’s fingers didn’t pause in their massage of the blissful cat’s neck.  “I know.”  There was not a trace of emotion in his voice or on his face.  

Cassian opened his mouth, but Rhys interrupted.  “Leave it alone.”

Az looked between his two brothers for a long moment.  “I always hoped you two would understand,” he said, the slightest hint of disappointment in his voice, his shadows curling around his shoulders.  “I know Feyre doesn’t, but she’s young, and has a human heart.”

“Understand what?” Cassian asked, quite gently for him.

“I am…content, with how things are,” he replied quietly.  “I have no need to share my life with anyone beyond the family.”  

“But -” Cassian started to protest and Az spoke over him, perhaps for the first time in history.

“I do not need what you need, brother.  I am happy for you, for all of you,” he looked to Rhys, “but I have no desire for that type of bond myself.  I thought you could understand that.”

The other two exchanged looks.  “But what about Mor?” Cassian finally asked.

“Any feelings I had for Mor beyond the familial faded a long time ago.  It’s just that none of you noticed.”  There was a cold anger rising in his face, despite the dry humor in his voice.  “You have been assuming for all these years that I sought what you did.  But I have all I need with the two of you.  Brothers who truly care for me.”  Cassian thought of Az’s biological brothers and his eyes flicked to the scarred hands beneath the blue Siphons.  Rhys’s attention was similarly focused.  “And you,” he turned to Rhys, who pulled his violet eyes up to meet his gaze, “brought me the added benefit of Feyre, who despite the fact that she wants for me what I do not desire for myself, also truly cares.”

Cassian was struggling to understand this.  He thought back to how his life had been before Feyre had fallen into it and brought her sisters with her; back to before Rhys had disappeared Under the Mountain.  He had been comfortable, yes, but always restless; he would never have described himself as content.  Even when he was sated following a good fight or a good fuck or preferably both, as soon as the fatigue wore off the buzzing energy had returned.  But he had never seen that with Az, who would take a lover, yes, but without that driving need.  Who while he fought and practiced with an eye to perfection, it was only to hone a necessary skill.   He had always assumed the shadowsinger just hid it better, that the cold rage that lurked beneath the impassive surface was a result of the same emptiness he felt.

Perhaps it was instead a result of the fact that even those who loved him best didn’t really see him.

“Do not dare to condescend to me with your pity,” Azriel snapped, and Cassian bristled until he realized he was not the one being addressed.  He looked to Rhys, to the muscle feathering in his clenched jaw.  “I am not diminished because I am not bound to another.”  Willow startled at the shift in mood, leaping down and skittering across to settle underneath the chaise.  Rhys bowed his head under the fierce glare.

“No, you are not,” he said quietly, almost humbly.  “You most certainly are not.  I just…I can’t believe I was wrong all this time.  And the way you look at Mor, the sadness…I still don’t understand it.”

His voice softer, warmer, Az responded, “I am sad for Mor because I pity anyone who cannot acknowledge even to themselves who they truly are.  Not because of any unfulfilled wishes of my own.”  Cassian could have laughed at Rhys’s expression of utter bafflement, and even Azriel smiled a little.  “Did you think I haven’t noticed Mor bedding females all these years?”

Now it was true shock on Rhys’s elegant face, and Cassian did laugh out loud at his dropped jaw.  “What?”

“You may have noticed,” Cassian said wryly to Az, “but clearly our brother here has been out of the loop.”  He turned to Rhys.  “Did you never wonder why Mor is always hanging out at Rita’s?”

“What about Rita’s?”

The two Illyrians exchanged very amused looks before Cassian decided to take mercy on Rhys.  “Rita’s is basically a hot spot for those who are looking for same-sex options.  Did you not ever wonder why you constantly had males inviting you to bed there?”

Rhys shook his head, a trace of his usual arrogance reappearing as he replied, “No, I get invitations from everyone no matter where I am.  I never really thought about it.  Though considering you also did whenever we were there, I suppose I should have.”

Cassian winked at him.  “I too get invitations from everyone everywhere, brother.”

Az snorted.  “You accept them though, Cass.  Rhys doesn’t.”  Rhys turned to him, looking startled again.  Cassian just shrugged.  

“You better get over yourself,” he said to Rhys, “because Mor is bringing Ahna tomorrow.”

“Ahna?  As in, Vivianne’s sister?”  He nodded, and Rhys turned speculative.  “I wonder what Feyre is going to say to that.”

Clearing his throat, Cassian said, “Um, as far as I know, it was Feyre’s idea.  And Nesta had Cerridwen write the invitation to her directly.”  Laughing again at Rhys’s dismay at learning he really was the last to know, he rose and poured them all another knuckle’s length.  He stood behind Az’s chair, dropping a broad hand on his shoulder, and looked at these males that he had loved almost all his life.  They had fought for each other and pushed each other and each had become a better version of themselves thanks to the other two.  He knew that without Rhys and Az, and Rhys’s mother, he would never have amounted to someone worthy of the female he was to marry tomorrow.  No matter how big the void Nesta filled in his soul, it would never diminish what he felt for his brothers.

Clearing his throat, he raised his glass.  “I know we haven’t done this much since the war, or really for a lot longer than that, but I want you to know that I love you both, no matter what.  To truth among brothers,” he said.  The others raised their glasses, murmuring, “To truth,” in reply.  As Cassian tilted his head back to drain his glass, a shooting star passed overhead, echoing the fiery trail of the liquor down his throat.  All three of them froze, staring at the sky, as awed by the flash of beauty above them as they had been centuries ago when they first stood together beneath the stars.

For those who anti-/rivamika...

Hi. (Because, I like procrastinating.) 

I. My shipping history!
When I was in college, I never would have dreamed shipping or even myself liking a guy 5 years older or younger than me. Yuck. Gross I thought it. Which is why the first time I encountered the ship (Community, Jeff x Annie), I cringed at myself because I thought it was weird for shipping a pair at least 10 years apart in age. 

When I was 14, I shipped Sakura and Sasuke because they were perfect together. Cool guy. Sweet (albeit annoying) girl. Plus, they were in the same age group! And they’re so damn cute together. And Sasuke’s so hawt. 

When I was 12, I shipped Sakuno and Ryoma because Sakuno was so sweet and docile. She is so perfect for the cool Ryoma. 

Looking back, my biases really affected my choice of ships. I thought the cool guy should end up with the cute girl who is so obviously in love with him. Pretty telling of how I saw my gender, isn’t it? (Always protected by the strong guy. Always so in love and sacrificial. No own motivations, no own battles.) But damn, I was a starry-eyed girl. Sue me. 

Then, as does everyone, we grow up. Saw the world. Met loads of people. (Both online and in person.) No one can really tell what makes a relationship. So, regardless of what you ship, it all boils down to personal preference. There is no need to beat the other down. I ship RivaMika because of the potential. (Like all my other ships and my non-existent love life… TMI!!!) hahaha! 

II. How I started.
a. EreMika
Like mostly everyone else, I sailed the EreMika ship. (See my bias towards straight pairings!) It was the cutest thing seeing these kiddies together in the first episodes. Also, I shipped them because I wanted the girl to get what she wanted - the affection of Eren. 

But gradually, as the story progressed - you have to ask, is that really what’s beneath Mikasa’s overprotective attitude over Eren? You know, amid Mikasa’s great strength, she’s still a kid. Immature and rash. It’s not obvious because as a soldier; she follows direct commands. So, these faults of her character are not that obvious. (It became blatantly evident when she had to act on her own in retrieving Eren from the Female Titan.) 

b. Female Titan - Rivamika Entry. HOOKED.
I only came to ship Levi and Mikasa following the events of the Female Titan encounter. Of all the rescue operations I’ve watched, this was the most incredible and badass. I instantly had to ship them because of how awesome they were together. (That was my initial thought. After re-watching/re-reading, I realize that Levi did most of the work…) 

III. My misunderstandings.
a. Levi and Mikasa’s characters.

i. How Levi really is.
Levi is not an abusive maniac. He does not like beating up children. (He does have a hard hand - but that’s a crutch he got for living most of his life in the depths of the underground hell which threatened to kill every ounce of humanity in him.) 

This character has an incredible backstory. (Just like everyone in this remarkably created universe.) But, his is sadder. He never had a moment of happiness. And that instant, that second he did, it was snatched away from him so easily, so quickly. All his life he’s been surrounded by people who couldn’t care any less about those around them. So, don’t you think it’s remarkable that this man who exudes the overused stereotype of “I don’t give a rat’s ass.”, keeps the patches of his fallen comrades? Helped Mikasa save Eren. (Other than helping Mikasa, he did it so willingly because Eren was a part of his squad. He wouldn’t hold back to rescue whatever tinge was left of them.)

It’s incredible that, with what little this man has, with all that he’s lost (and I’m crying just thinking about how a man who never had anything could lose so much), he continues to fight for humanity. 

So, that’s how Levi really is. He’s a tough guy, no doubt. But those that matter - the traits that count, they’re in him a hundredfold. And this is why I admire his character so much. All the humanity that Erwin and the other’s have lost. Levi gained. It’s a remarkable contrast, isn’t it? I will cry an ocean’s fill the day they kill off Levi. (I say when because I believe they really will.) 

ii. How Mikasa really is.
Regardless of how much we admire this child, she is what she is - a kid. “Gaki.” as Levi so lovingly puts it. 

She is strong, filled with incomprehensible potential. But, she is immature and rash. She lets her emotions get in the way of her duties. (But as you continue into the plot, you see how she’s developed. She’s more toned down. She is able to distance herself from Eren.) 

But, if you were to rate Mikasa to Levi. Mikasa does not even compare. Mikasa is heartless when it comes to those who are not Eren and Armin. Especially in the first season/first arc of the manga. Remember - she had the gall to blame Levi for Eren’s taking during their chase for the Female Titan. 

“If you did your job, Eren would be safe.” She says something like this with so much spite and loathing - to a man who just fucking lost his entire squad in the most horrendous of ways. This is a man who immediately locked up his own remorse, his own feelings of guilt, to get on with the next goal: Save Eren. 

SO. IDK WHAT THE FUCK YOU SHITS ARE SAYING. I’ve tried locking up feelings before. And trust me, that is not a good practice. SO. Who the hell could fucking understand what’s going through Levi’s head? He doesn’t seem to have a confidant. Nor does he seem to be looking for one. 

Mikasa has Eren and Armin. The 104th. She practically had and has a family. She’s been surrounded by love her entire life. So, to blame Levi. To injure him. 

I gravely think we fans aren’t giving Mikasa the shitloads worth of how horrible she’s been to Levi. From promising to beat him up after what he’s done to Eren during the latter’s trial. To blaming the bereaved man for losing Eren. Those may be two incidents. But, both were crucial to Eren’s well-being. Plus, taking into account that in the first parts of the anime/manga - Levi and Mikasa had little to no interactions to begin with. 

I love Mikasa’s development in the manga. But, considering the fact that Levi saved her ass from getting killed by the Female Titan. That he saved her fricking boyfriend/brother loads of times. That he continues to respect her and mentor her. LEVI is obviously the better character. So, no, in the Rivamika ship, you are not allowed to say Levi is the lucky one. Mikasa is the fortunate one; that Levi understands where her anger/rage came from and is able to move past it. 

b. Rivamika.
When you have a wrong understanding of the characters, you tend to have a wrong understanding of the ship as well. Initially, I thought Levi was uncaring. I thought Mikasa was cool and just incredible. I thought Levi would beat Mikasa up - hence my previous fanfics. But damn was I mistaken. 

In the anime, there seems to be zero Rivamika. That’s because it’ll happen in the later arcs. But its there more or less. 

Also. The damn art in the anime (first season) is incomparable to the manga. In the 1st season anime, Levi has a baby-bod. Which is… effin not his dang body. In the manga (as seen above), he’s basically a muscular man. They fixed this in season 2. (Yes!) And in the manga, Mikasa looks younger, less mature than her anime version. — So if there needs to be a Rivamika image that pops into mind, keep in mind the one on top of this post. 

IV. Rivamika (see: appreciation post)

V. Conclusion: Why I Rivamika.
a. Potential
i. Caring Levi and a maturing Mikasa
I just adore Levi. And I love Mikasa. 

Since I adore Levi - I want him to be happy. I want him to lead a life that has been contrary to what he’s been through his entire life. I want him to gain rather than lose. I want him to live for someone, to fight for someone special to him. I want him to stop seeing himself as an instrument for humanity’s survival. After all, if you’re not fighting for something concrete - then why the hell are you fighting? (Right, Jean? LOL.) I have a penchant for sad characters, for the ‘bad’ characters. I believe they are misunderstood; that they aren’t given the development they need. 

But Levi has everything good in him. So, why shouldn’t he be happy? (This is why I ship him with everyone. LOL.) 

Mikasa, I love. She is just incredible. And, most compatible to Levi. She’s uber powerful. She is most likely to understand Levi. (Remember - Levi has no confidant. I doubt Levi/Erwin/Hange talk about their feelings…. They’re people who get the job done after all. So, no need for the mushy stuff.) But as she is, I think the best bet for her to shed off her feelings for Eren and have her affections swayed by someone else is - maturity and distance. 

In the manga, we already see her development. She’s become Levi’s right hand. She back-ups the man. And she understands him. 

I don’t like thinking my ship as “here’s a Levi.” and “here’s a Mikasa.” now fall in love sort. The way I think Levi will fall in love with Mikasa is companionship and understanding. Tea time talks maybe. Being there when he needs a helping hand. Levi as he is, is and has never been in search of romance. Levi is a simple man with zero input on the topic. He only has this vague idea of love and family in the corner of his mind. Something he doesn’t think about because for him, it isn’t necessary. It isn’t what’s in front of him. That being said, I think he’s one that could grow affection quietly and be satisfied with this alone. He yearns for nothing, he wants for nothing after all. Heck, the man isn’t in search of a friend even. He’ll grow the affection for certain. But, Rivamika sailing will all be in Mikasa’s wheelhouse. 

And, I think Mikasa will fall for Levi once she freaking matures. I say mature because we can hold it as a fact that she already understands Levi in the manga. So, she needs to mature to shed her old feelings. We slowly see this in Eren and Jean’s brawl, where she just lets them fight. (Good times, good times.) Mikasa will fall for Levi only when she realizes how much he’s done for her, for everyone. She’ll fall in love with him after she realizes how much there is to admire in him, after she reassesses what it means to fall in love with another. 

I don’t understand how this will work in canon. But just imagine the possibilities. One headcanon is - they embark to unknown territory. The protagonists are in separate teams. I see Armin in HQ, dealing with military strategy. I see Mikasa training her own squad. I see Levi and Eren joining the frontlines. (This is where the distance I mentioned could develop. - Mikasa can grow, reassess her feelings.) (But crap, I think she’ll only end up missing Eren… :( ) 

(Speaking about Eren. I don’t think he’ll fall in love with Mikasa. From his character - he obviously isn’t looking for one. And second, he never seemed to be attracted to Mikasa at any point of their relationship. He always saw her as a friend, an unwanted nuisance at times. Annie, I’m pretty sure he fancied at one point or the other. - This works with Rivamika because it gives me room to believe that Mikasa will have to move on.)  (But then again, you can never be certain. He could come out one day saying, “Of course I love you. I always have.” I think his relationship with Mikasa opens this door to a frank and casual confession. :O )

ii. The Indefeasible Ackermans
The Ackerman line will certainly continue. It’s impossible to think those genes will be lost to humanity forever. One of the two (assuming there are no others) will procreate with someone. So, why not just put them together? 

(Kidding aside.)

I say potential because of the inherent capabilities of these characters. The trajectory of their stories will reach heights unknown. They’ll be doing remarkable feats, journeys, battles. They will save humanity. The thought of their finding love through all it is so damn romantic, I can’t even begin to describe it. It will just be so incredible and heart-wrenching. (To find love in a hopeless place. HA……… ha. Sorry.)

b. Biases
i. How I appreciate my gender.
It’s easy to pinpoint flaws in depictions of your gender. So in my ships, I quickly take note of this. I love how in obvious ships (EreAnnie, RivaMika), the women are equally or even stronger. 

I love how confident the men are in their own abilities. That Levi doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his height. That the men’s frustration with getting stronger doesn’t stem from jealousy towards their female counterparts, but the struggle to win a life-long battle. 

When I was younger, it’s so obvious that I liked the girls in my ships to be the under in more ways than one. Although I wanted them to develop, they were never allowed to grow more than their male counterpart. In Rivamika, Mikasa could so easily surpass Levi any day now. I also like the fact that Levi is shorter than Mikasa. That’s how you know a man is confident - that he doesn’t mind living up to such an incredible partner. 

(Oh yea, look! For the first time, it’s the man who sacrifices his time and effort for the woman’s sake.) Love RivaMika so gosh darn much.

ii. What I look for in a relationship.
EQUALITY AND RESPECT. (including attraction, love, admiration, trust… all that jazz of course.) You get this in Rivamika if appreciated properly. 

All points taken, Rivamika is awesome. If you don’t think so, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure to ship and let ship. If a ship doesn’t suit your taste, look the other way. Don’t be immature and show us how much time you can afford to waste by ranting about a pairing you hate. (And like that, I just wasted a butt load of time… oh no.) 



namjoon: the one girlfriend who always cares for the other girlfriends of other members and gets them everything they need and remembers to feed them, chat with them, and comfort them when they are all missing the boys

jimin: the one girlfriend who is always making fun of all of the boys and teases everyone but is actually a smol mochi like jimin and is always looking to hide behind someone else but is super cute 

hoseok: the happy virus of the girlfriend group, she’s just like hoseok who makes bad puns but keeps everyone awake and in a bright mood. sometimes she’s too naive about things and the other girlfriends feel the need to protect her 

jungkook: the literal maknae girlfriend. she’s younger than jungkook and is the youngest by far from all of the other girlfriends so she has no idea what she is doing and is extremely childish at times, a perfect match for kookie. All of her unnies are always looking to teach her new things and keep her from getting into trouble

taehyung: the second maknae girlfriend. just like how taehyung and jungkook are close, she’s close to jungkook’s girlfriend just the same and the both of them are extremely mischievous and try to cause trouble on their own. taehyung’s girlfriend is extremely random and does strange things out of nowhere, but the whole group loves her all the same

seokjin: being the oldest of the group, she’s second in charge for caring for the rest of them next to namjoon’s girlfriend. together, they’re making sure the girlfriends are happy and well rested to fully support their boys with all of their energy. she’s constantly checking on the other girls to make sure they are alright and putting them before herself. 

yoongi: the quiet girlfriend. she’s always sitting around on her phone, sleeping, or reading a book but she never really actively participates in the group. however, the group loves her and always pesters her to join them, which she begrudgingly does so. but she actually loves all of them and is extremely happy inside when they talk to her or mention her

Appreciation - Johnny Scenario

Hello guys!
I’ve had this story on my drafts for a while now and I just got the energy to finish it today. I hope you guys like it. Also, this pretty much sums up how I feel about John lmao.

P.S. To the anon who reqested the Mark scenario, it’s still under the works. I’m sorry .

Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 500+

The room which Y/N is in was quiet, she was dozing off. Johnny just came back from a busy day, going to music shows, doing interviews, and photoshoots. It seemed like his day wouldn’t end. So when he finished all of his duties, Johnny was beyond happy to finally be able to rest and spend his remaining hours with his lover until he had to go back to the busy schedule.

Quietly entering their shared apartment, he looked around the place, looking for signs that Y/N’s still awake. The turned off television signaled that she wasn’t. He wouldn’t be surprised. He came home late these days, usually 12am in the morning or so. Because despite having done all of the things listed down in his schedule, management still required him to practice every time. To ensure that every performance is perfect. At this point, all Johnny wanted to do was cuddle and sleep. And that, he would do.

He took off his jacket and put it on the couch. He headed straight for their room to see Y/N sleeping peacefully. He smiled, happy to see her after the long day. Johnny then proceeded to lie down on the king sized bed next to Y/N, wrapping his arms on her waist and putting his head on top of hers. Johnny thought about a lot of things before he slept, how beautiful Y/N is, with her hair cascading on her back, her long black lashes, how she only has eyes for him, and how lucky he is to have fallen for the right person. He let his thoughts of Y/N engulf him as he drifted off to sleep.

Now it was Y/N’s turn to think about her lover. As Johnny was drifting off, she was awoken by his presence. She missed him very much, and is ecstatic that he’s home. Johnny means the world to the small girl, he’s the sun to her moon. Without him, she wouldn’t be complete, and she hopes her boyfriend feels the same way, because she was absolutely whipped for the tall, handsome, dark haired, dork. She was always worried for Johnny, if he was tired she always helped him, If he was sad she would do her very best to uplift his mood even if it means looking like a fool in front of him. She does everything for Johnny, because she loves him, and would do so much more.

Y/N’s eyes scan Johnny’s features, observing him. She always wondered how he had picture perfect hair even if he was sleeping. She had considered herself the luckiest girl in the world. She had a boyfriend who despite the busy schedule, managed to make time for her and their small lazy day dates. Despite his management telling him to break up with her, he chose to still be with her and love her dearly. Yes, she knew that Johnny loved her dearly, and she loved him just as much, sometimes even more. He’s her sun, she would never let his bright light be dimmed out by anybody.

“I love you.” She whispered kissing her lover on the cheek, careful not to wake him from his slumber. She then nuzzled her face onto his neck and fell asleep.

Johnny smiled to himself. He heard her confess her love for him because he was awoken by her stirring. He looked at her lovingly. Just as he was the sun, she is his moon. She’s the one who shines brightly for him in his darkest days.

Together they were perfect. Souls bound together by fate and by love. 

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A Family Of Your Own (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request: “I really love your blog and your writing! Would you be able to do a Jason Todd x reader where the reader is pregnant and they tell the batfam (bonus: grandpa Bruce)”- anon

Y/N- Your Name

Y/N/N- Your Nick Name

Warnings: None? Maybe swearing?

A/N: This took longer to write than I originally hoped, but its also a lot lengthier than I was meaning for it to be.. lol. I hope you enjoy, anon!


“Jay?? Are you ready?” you shout as you rush around your apartment looking for your keys. You were supposed to be at the manor 30 minutes ago, but as always, you were running late. You sit down on the couch and go through your purse one more time just to make sure you didn’t miss them in there when you first checked. You only stop looking when you hear the sound of them jingling, and look up to see your husband dangling the keys in front of your face.

“Looking for these?” he asks with a mischievous smile.

“You had them the whole time, didn’t you?” you grumble as you grab the keys from his hand.

He flops down onto the couch just as you’re starting to stand up.

“Jason… come on, we gotta go!” you say, tugging on his arm, trying to pull him up into a standing position.

You had big news to share with everyone… you were pregnant. And now that you were in your second trimester, it was time to tell your little secret. You didn’t have a family of your own, so getting to tell Jason’s was just as important to you. Bruce had been the dad you never got to have, meaning you were the most nervous and excited to tell him. You weren’t exactly sure how he’d react, raising a child in a city like Gotham was risky, and to add to that this baby was being born into a family of vigilante’s.

You’re pulled out of your thoughts though by Jason’s voice.

“I say we revisit my idea of just sending them a friendly group text… you know, just say ‘I knocked Y/N up! Surprise!’ and be done with it!” he says with a goofy look on his face.

“Jason Peter Todd… No. This isn’t something you just tell someone over the phone. This is your family we’re talking about here… and they’re my family too.” you pout.

You knew exactly what you were doing, and so did Jason. But he didn’t care, and even if he did, he always had a problem with telling you ‘no’.

“Fiiiiiiiiine” he groans out, and leans forward to put his hands on your stomach.

“Let it be known that your mother fights dirty.” he says, talking to your unborn baby.

You laugh and roll your eyes.

“You think she can hear me in there?” he asks, looking up at you.

“At 24 weeks babies have been known to turn their heads in response to noises and voices.” you say, quoting an article you had read earlier that day.  

“Someone’s been doing their research.” he says with his brows raised.

“Hey! I just wanna know whats going on in there! I know next to nothing about babies. Hell, I didn’t even know I wanted one till this little dork came along.” you say, defending yourself.

Jason stands up, pulling you into his arms.

“You’re cute, you know that?” he smiles.

“Of course… my cuteness is my most redeeming quality.” you joke.

“Wait a minute. Did you just call our future daughter a dork?” he asks, trying not to laugh.

“I mean, if shes anything like you she will be…” you fire back.

His mouth drops open as he pretends to be insulted.

“I am not a dork!” he says, holding back a laugh.

“ Sureeeee.” you smirk, as you tug him along towards the door.

Once you arrive at the manor you’re greeted at the door by Alfred. As soon as you saw him you smiled… Alfred had always been like a grandfather to you, not to mention he was the only one who rivaled you in sarcasm.

“You’re an hour late… I’m shocked.” he says, causing you to snicker.

“You can thank Jay for that one… he decided he wanted to play hide and seek with the car keys today.” you say as you step inside.

“Way to throw me under the bus, Y/N/N.” Jason mumbles.

“Don’t you worry, Master Jason… I had no doubts that you were to blame.” he replies.

Jason huff’s at this, and you laugh… It was good to be back at the manor.

As the three of you walked through the house you could feel the anxiety bubbling up inside you, you reach out and grab Jason’s hands, intertwining your fingers. When you walk into the living room you see everyone is there, the room is loud but it always is when the family is gathered around. Dick is the first to notice you.

“Y/N!” Dick shouts, getting up to hug you.

Dick was your best friend, in fact, you knew him before you even knew Jason. He had been your partner in crime all throughout your childhood and your time as a vigilante, he also played a part in what brought you and your now husband together. Which was why you felt so guilty about not telling Dick about the pregnancy sooner, but you knew at the end of the day he’d never hold it against you.

After you finished greeting everyone, you and Jason took a seat on the couch with the others. It was time to share your news, but for some reason you just couldn’t get the words to come out. You looked over at Jason only to find him already looking at you, his warm smile giving you the courage to say what you need to. But just as you’re about to speak, you’re interrupted by Jason’s youngest brother.

“Are you two getting a divorce or something? I can only imagine that’s why you asked us all to be here today. You can just tell us… I mean, it is Todd we’re talking about here.” Damian smirks.

“Nice vote of confidence there, Damian.” Jason says in a flat tone, causing you to laugh.

“Seriously though… Whats up? Are you guys okay?” a very worried Barbara asks.

“Everything is fine! Its nothing like that…” you reassure.

“Everything is more than fine actually.” Jason says as he smiles at you.

Now that you officially have everyone’s attention, you stand up. You can see they’re confused, so with that you unzip your jacket revealing a tiny baby bump, not big enough for them to have noticed over layers of clothing, but prominent enough for them to know exactly what you’re getting at. As soon as they realize what they’re seeing, the living room breaks out into excited shouting and everyone gets up to congratulate you. Jason stands up and pulls you into his arms. The reaction from your family was everything you hoped it would be. Everything is happening so fast though that it feels like a blur. Its not until your standing in front of your father in law that you snap out of it.

The always stoic batman smiles down at you, and you cant help but pull him into a hug. Bruce was often a man of few words, but that never bothered you. His smile was enough for you to know that he was happy for you. Finally you release him from the hug, and look back up at him.

“So..” you say through tears. “How does 'Grandpa Bruce’ sound to you?” you ask.

“It sounds perfect, Y/N.” he replies

“She’s gonna love you..” you say softly.

“She??” his smile grows bigger at that.

“Yeah, its a little girl.” you say.

This time Bruce is the one to pull you into the hug.

“Congratulations, sweetheart.” he says, kissing the top of your head.


Today was your daughters 3rd birthday and everyone was gathered at the manor again. As your family and friends all squeezed themselves into the kitchen , you and Jason brought in the birthday cake, setting it down at the table in front of her. She was sitting on Bruce’s lap, clapping wildly as you all sang her happy birthday. Bruce smiled bright, holding your little girl close to him.

When the singing finished, he leaned forward and helped your daughter blow out her candles. After they were out, the room erupted into cheers. The scene was picturesque, and you were so happy you thought you might cry. Jason wraps his arms around your waist, and pulls you into a kiss. You pull away and smile, pressing your forehead against his. You finally had a family to call your own, never in your life did you imagine you’d get this lucky. But, boy were you glad you did…

Crazy |myg|

“you only heard his side, you don’t know the truth,”

Originally posted by kookiesforjimin

genre; angst with lil fluff

pairing: min yoongi x reader

word count; 2.3k

warnings: violence(poor kookie); mentions of death

a/n: lookie!! my first bts fic! it’s been a minute since the last time i wrote something for tumblr so this might be shit. i sincerely apologize if so..


I cannot believe she believed him and not me. Me? Her beloved boyfriend? I gave this girl my life. And Jungkook’s jealous ass had to ruin it. All over a petty ass fight.

I want to kill him. He knew how much Y/N meant to me. He knew how much I relied on her, yet he manipulated her fragile mind into thinking I didn’t give a shit about her, that I only wanted her for her body. That I said I didn’t need her. This is all a giant ass lie. I love this girl to death, I’ve put my music over her and if you know me, that’s something I almost never do.

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Basically, no goddamn words. I never thought I’d ever get this far, ever, but god, I’m so grateful. Thank you all, so so much for following me, I love you so damn much. 

I wanted to shout out to the many people who’ve made my days brighter, got me through tough times, friends that I’d never expect to make. Those who don’t judge me for who I am, who accept me. Because of the many people I’d like to acknowledge, they’re all under the cut! It took me ages to write a bit about everyone. Sorry if I forgot to include you, I still love you.

For 1k followers though, should I :

  • host a writing challenge
  • open up moodboard requests
  • fic drabbles
  • anything else? (ships, no. I’m still traumatized on how to do those)

once again, thank you all so so much, this is something I’d never expect to happen  ♡

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The Joker x Reader - “Dirty Details”

Frost is finally going on vacation for 2 weeks with his wife and you agreed to take care of his two boys. Mister J was hard to convince, but you always have your way in the end. You can be very…persuasive.

Best friends saga:

You love Jonny’s sons, they are absolutely adorable: Kaden is 6 years old and Zane is 5. They will stay with you at your hideout in the woods because it will feel like a vacation for you also. The same can’t be said about the Joker; he was completely against you two babysitting for so long.

“Uncle J, can we watch a movie?” Kaden asks, slowly heading towards the bedroom where him and his brother will sleep.

“Don’t call me that, I’m not your uncle!” he bitterly replies, putting his guns away. He is extra grouchy because you told him to stash away everything a kid shouldn’t be around.

“Auntie Y/N, can we watch a movie, please?” Zane shyly tries his luck, knowing you probably won’t say no.

“She’s not your aunt,” J mumbles in the corner of the living room, locking away the guns and the knives in the seif.

“Yes, of course, you guys go to your room and put away your things, then come back,” you smile, ignoring the Joker’s shitty attitude.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” he scoffs as he closes the seif.

You choose not to answer, digging around for a movie in your collection.

After the shower, J comes back to the living room to find the boys cuddled to you, half asleep.

“Move, brats!” he demands, stretching his back.

The young one gets watery eyes, his lower lip quivering:

“Auntie Y/N is mine…” he manages to utter, clenching to your arm.

“You wish! Move!”

“J, seriously?!” you sigh, exasperated.

“You’re so mean Uncle J,” Kaden pouts, sniffling.

“I’m not your uncle!” J growls, narrowing his eyes.

Kaden starts crying:

“Uncle J is so mean all the timeeee…” The boys crawl in your lap, upset someone is trying to take you away from them. You try to comfort both, kissing their foreheads and squeezing them tight to your chest.

The Joker takes a deep breath and sits down by you, resting his head on your shoulder. You elbow him, irritated he made the kids cry.

“But you’re mine,” he whispers in your ear, frowning. “Tell them to move.”

“What are you, three years old?!” you mutter through your clenched teeth. “Stop your crap!”

** *After you avoided catastrophe and put Kaden and Zane to bed, you started fooling around with J because he wanted to apologize for being a jerk the best way he knows how. Not that you mind at all.

Suddenly, a knock on the door.

“Auntie Y/N,” Kaden calls out, “my little brother had a bad dream.”

You can hear Zane whimpering.

“Go back to bed, you’re fine!” J yells, pulling you back on top of him when you try to leave.

“Baby, he had a nightmare,” you try to reason with him while he continues to kiss you.

“Don’t care. They ARE the nightmare!”

“Come on, J, don’t be like that!” you sigh, fully aware he’s dead serious.

“But I’m already naked, we have to finish what we started!” he complains, slapping your thigh.

“Uncleee Jaayyy, I’m scared,” Zane bawls his eyes out outside the door now.

“Dammit!!!” the Joker closes his eyes, deliberating on what he should do while you take advantage of the situation and get off him, starting to put your nightgown on. “This is so not cool, doll ” he shakes his head and finally gets out of bed, grabbing his shorts and getting dressed, unamused at the ordeal he has to go through.

He goes and opens the door, Zane immediately rushing in to hug his legs, crying. J rolls his eyes, resigned. Kaden just stands there and you signal him to come in.

The Joker picks up the young boy and he wraps his arms around J’s neck, weeping on his shoulder.

“Stop crying, you pest, it’s fine.”    He’s a natural with kids.

Mister J turns around:

”Hey, what are you doing?” he grumbles seeing Kaden cuddled to your body.

“Come here, my little baby, did you have a bad dream?” you gesture for J to bring Zane over.

“Y-Y-yes,” he stammers, reaching his hands for you.

“Really, Princess? They’re not our children, they shouldn’t be in our bed,” he states the evident fact like it’s some kind of news flash.

“Give it a rest, will you? Let them be!”

He talks to himself in a low voice, saying not very nice things for sure, but gets in bed nevertheless.

“Scoot over, kid, I wanna sleep by my girl. Can I do that at least?” J sarcastically asks but of course Kaden doesn’t get the tone in his voice. He crosses over to the other side of your body, this way you two are in the middle like the Joker wanted.

“I hate kids,” he whispers in your ear.

“No you don’t, baby. We will have some too.” You keep on caressing Zane’s head, reaching over J’s chest.

“Oh, hell no, no way that’s gonna happen.”

“We are so having some, at least two.”

“Shut up and rinse your mouth with holy water, Kitten.”

You start laughing softly.

“I might be pregnant right now, you never know,” you wink, teasing him while the boys are quietly dosing off.

“Jesus, Pumpkin, don’t give me a heart attack, I’m too young,” he huffs, unhappy at your little joke.

*** “I’m going to marry Auntie Y/N!” Kaden decides after finishing breakfast.

“Sorry, brat, she’s already taken,” the Joker spoils the fun like he usually does.

“No, I’m gonna marry her!” Zane screams, ignoring J.

“No, I’m older, she’s mine!”

“No, Auntie Y/N is mine!”

They start fighting and you watch, entertained.

“Aww, how cute. Hey, boys,” you get in between them, ”you can both marry me, ok?”

“Really?” the young one looks full of hope.

“Definitely!” you reassure them as they hold your hands in theirs.

“That’s bullshit!” J puckers his lips, aggravated.    He’s so mature.

You glare his way, really wanting to kick him:

“Looks like I have three kids: a 39 year old, a 6 year old and a 5 year old. How did I manage that?!”

“Shut up, Princess.”

“Don’t tell my wife to shut up!” Kaden snaps, stepping in front of you. You lift your eyebrows, satisfied.

“Exactly, baby, be careful or my boys will tear you to pieces.”

“Yeah, right,” he taunts them, taking a sit on the couch.

“Kill the enemy, he’s being mean to our wife!!!!!” Kaden shouts, yanking Zane away and charging towards the Joker, jumping on him and yelling as loud as they can. And wow, the Joker cracks a smile while tickling them and trying to slam them on the couch. Holy shit on a stick, that’s absolutely insane.

*** J is walking around shirtless because he doesn’t really like to wear too much around the house.

The boys keep on staring at his tattoos, they sure look more interesting every time they see them.

“Uncle J, are you really God’s only child?” Kaden asks, curious the hear the answer.

You giggle, lifting your eyes from the book you’re reading. I guess J gave up on asking them not to call him uncle because they don’t care anyway.

“Hmmm, it’s quite possible, brat.”

“Wowww, did you ever see God?” Zane inquires, both of them with their mouth opened, anticipating his reply.

“A lot of times.”

The boys gasp.

“So many times, about 10 to 12 times a week with your Auntie Y/N,” he grins, watching your eyes getting as big as plates.

“ J, what the hell?! ” you throw your pen at him and he dodges it, so pleased of his clever answer.

“Wow, Auntie Y/N, you saw God too?!” the boys turn towards you, amazed.

“Oh, yes, she did, I always make sure of that,” the Joker laughs, talking for you and biting his lips while you squirm in your armchair.

“Zip it, J !!!” you throw your book at him and miss. He keeps on laughing.

“How does God look like, Auntie? Is he big?”

You give J an evil glance and then you have the perfect comeback:
“Average,” you smirk at your little revenge.

J’s smile freezes on his face.     Ha! Serves you right!

“I’ll show you average, you little smart ass!!!” the Joker heads towards you as you start running away with the boys chasing the two of you, screaming up a storm because they think you are playing around.

*** J took a shower and now he’s parading around the cabin with only a towel around his waist. You urged him to go put some clothes on because you have kids around and he had a temper tantrum so you decided to go and fix the problem.

“Here, boys, you can play video games on TV, OK? I have to go and talk to J and we’ll be back. Will you be good for me?”
“Yes, Auntie Y/N,” they both answer in the same time, pushing each other on the way to the couch, snickering.

You go in your master bedroom and you watch him for a few seconds as he slams stuff around, looking for something to wear, still mad. It makes you smile, he’s so dramatic sometimes. You lock the door, then sneak behind him and pull his towel away.

“I’m not in the mood for games,” he sulks, watching you throw the towel on the floor.

“I know why you’re grumpy, baby. You are sexually frustrated because we got interrupted last night.”
He squints his eyes, trying to say something but you don’t let him.

“I know exactly what you need, you have about 30 minutes before the boys get bored and come looking for us.”

You violently push him on the bed and his green hair gets all over his face.

“Jesus, woman, what the…” he lifts his head and watches you take your clothes off as fast as you can.

“Shut up! Like I said: about 30 minutes.”

“Wh-what am I supposed to do in only 30 minutes?!”

“Your best. Come on, let’s get it out of your system.”

“I’ll let you know, Kitten, this is not cool at all!… Ohhhh, come to Daddy,” he smirks when he sees you completely naked, forgetting his other speech.

“Try to be quiet,” you whisper, crawling on top of him and pressing your lips on his.

“I don’t wanna be quiet!” he gropes you, snarling.

“Jeez, stop being so feisty, you’re wasting time.”

*** You get your face out of the laptop, realizing it’s very quiet around the house. Where’s everybody? You walk around the cabin, then get outside. You circle around and finally see the Joker and the boys.

“See? You hold it like this and then you aim…”
“Baby, what are you doing?”

“I’m teaching them how to handle a gun,” he nonchalantly replies like it is the most normal thing in the world.

“Really?! Can you please put the gun away in the seif?! Seriously now!”

“But Uncle J is showing us his cool gun, we wanna see some moreeeee,” Kaden whines, causing Zane to do the same.

“Yes, we are doing some male bonding,” J yawns, kind of bored.

“Male bonding, male bonding!!!!!” the kids start jumping up and down, not understanding what he’s really referring to, but it sounds cool.

Maybe these brats have something going for themselves, the Joker thinks, watching you go back inside as you shake your head in disapproval.

*** Frost picked up his kids and now he’s driving back to Gotham, drinking his coffee and chatting with his wife while the boys are having fun in the back sit.

“Daddy, guess what?” Kaden gets his attention.

“What is it?”

“Did you know Uncle J saw God?”

Jonny smiles and the wife sighs.   Ahhhh, kids

“Did you know Auntie Y/N saw him too?”

“You don’t say, boys, that’s really something” he winks at the wife, sipping on the coffee.

“Yes, he said he sees God 10 to 12 times a week and he makes sure every time that Auntie sees him too.”
Frost spits out his coffee and slams the breaks in the middle of the road. He starts coughing, still chocking while laughing with all his heart.

“I’ll be damned, we need to catch up, darling,” he says turning towards his wife while she chuckles, entertained at the revelation. He wipes his mouth beginning to drive again. And then he decides:

“We need to let them babysit more often, this way we can find out all the dirty details.”

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Good morning, gorgeous!

Towel in one hand, water bottle in the other, Shawn leaves the gym of his L.A. mansion and steps into the hallway after his early morning workout.

A delicious smell lingers in the air, coming from the kitchen and he leaves his towel and his sweaty Adidas shirt in the laundry basket in one of the bathrooms. Stepping into the huge kitchen, he lays eyes on his girlfriend, standing at the stove, making pancakes, wearing hot pants and an oversized grey Metallica t-shirt on that hot July morning in the kitchen of their L.A. mansion they have rented out for the summer. He still feels amazed and overwhelmed by his luck. 

He could never have imagined to feel so deeply for someone as he feels for Kate. His love for her was all-consuming and so strong that he couldn’t put it into words. It was inexplicable. His world revolved around her, he would plan his schedules around hers, wanting to spend as much time with her as possible. He couldn’t understand his friends that were breaking up with their girlfriends just because they “got bored” or have been “dating for too long”. 

Losing Kate was actually one of his biggest fears. He sometimes dreamed about her breaking up with him and he would wake up, heart racing in his chest, sweat on his forehead, slowly calming down after seeing her lying next to him, peacefully asleep. 

She hasn’t noticed him yet, as she is humming a random song, while closing the refrigerator and looking for something in the cupboard, standing on her tippy-toes. He glances at her from a distance. Wavy blonde hair, lean, long legs and svelte frame. Her body was so incredibly hot that he still couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that she was his. But even more than her body he loved her personality. He loved how classy she was and that she was so kind and honest and the most genuine and humble person he knew, taking his breath away whenever she looked at him with her big blue eyes. 

He loved that they could talk about everything. He loved their hour-long deep conversations and small talk. He loved to make her laugh and her sense of humor. He loved that he knew everything about her and she about him. He knew her favorite dish (French fries and Brazilian picanha), her favorite color (blue), her favorite restaurants in L.A., London and New York (Gracias Madre, Sketch and Cipriani Downtown), her pet peeves (hypocrites) and biggest turn-ons (neck kisses!)
Being in a relationship with her was actually a dream coming true and he has to smile, as she is humming the chorus of Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”

“Good morning, baby,” he murmurs into Kate’s ear, while wrapping his arms around her waist.
Shawn finds it very sexy how she is looking focused at the pan in her hand, biting her full under lip as she flips the pancake around. But then he finds her sexy doing whatever she does, so that was nothing new.
“Good morning, darling,” she replies with a smile, “are you hungry?”
“I’m always hungry,” he replies, pulling her closer, taking in her scent and kissing her shoulder. “These pancakes smell amazing”
She glances at him. He is shirtless, wearing his Adidas shorts and trainers, looking very attractive with his reddish cheeks and lips, perfect pearly-white teeth and tousled hair.
“Have you been working out?”
“Yup,” he replies. “Early morning workouts are the best”
“You should have woken me up! I would have worked out with you!” she exclaims, pouting at him.
“I didn’t want to wake you up. You were so fast asleep and I thought you should get some rest after that night,” he grins at her and she bites her lip, shaking her head. „I really loved your special treatment last night. Amazing way to congratulate me on my award,“ he goes on, playing with her long blonde hair.
„Yeah, you did let me know that you enjoyed it,“ she smiles at him, caressing his cheek. “I am still so proud of you, baby. Where’s your Grammy, actually?” Kate asks.

“In the living room where I left it last night. It still feels so unreal”
“Yeah, last night was truly magical”
She lets the pancakes fall on a plate, handing them to him: “Voilá!”
“Thanks, wifey,” he winks at her.
She scrunches her nose: “Ugh, don’t call me that”
“But you are wifey material, though, I swear!”
He kisses her gently, pulling her close to him, hands on her hips, putting the plate on the kitchen counter.
“We should eat those before they get cold,” Kate remarks.
“Yeah, just one more kiss,” he whispers and presses his lips on hers.
“As if we haven’t been kissing the whole night,” Kate replies, smiling at him, inbetween soft kisses.
“I just can’t get enough,” he replies, sliding his hands under her grey shirt, making her shudder. He pins her against the kitchen counter, pressing himself against her. He loves how she feels against him and the way she looks up at him, her blue eyes gazing at his brown ones adoringly.

“Shawn,” she pants, as his hands wander down her waist to her hips down to her butt.
“You shouldn’t wear these hot pants around me, baby,” he whispers into her ear, gently kissing her neck. “It drives me crazy”
“And you should put a shirt on”
He raises his eyebrows at her: “Am I bothering you?”
“No! I mean yes um… I mean…,” she rambles, her cheeks turning red. Even though they have been dating for about half a year now, she would still get a little bit nervous around him. Especially when he was shirtless, showing off his broad chest and ripped abs, gym shorts hanging low on his hips, exposing his defined v line. She could feel her body react to him as her nipples harden instantly.

He bites his lip as soon as he notices them under the thin fabric of her shirt as she isn’t wearing a bra underneath.
“Fuck, Kate, you’re too hot,” he pants, grabbing her butt, pressing her against him. „See, that’s what you do to me,“ she can feel his erection against her abdomen and she’s starting to feel hot.
“We really should eat our breakfast, you’ll have to leave for the studio soon,” she gasps.
He sighs: “I know… what are your plans for today?” he asks, as he reluctantly pulls back.
“It’s my day off, I’ll probably just chill by the pool, answering some E Mails,” she replies, as their arousal is slowly fading away.
“Then you’re working anyway! You really should relax, sweetie, you’re always working so hard”
“I wouldn’t call it working when I have a bikini on, laying on a sun bed, though”
“Hmm I like that bikini concept,” he smirks at her.
“I might wear the black one, your favorite, or…,” she bats her eyelashes at him, gently tracing his abs with her fingertips, „no bikini at all“
“Good lord, Kate, you do realize that this is torture, right?” he says under his breath, looking down on her, his hazel eyes turning into a darker shade of brown.
“Then don’t leave! Camila can record her album alone,” Kate says, taking the plate and putting it on the table next to the avocado toasts and the can of orange juice.

„But I promised her! And we’ll have to work a lot on that new album. We’ve just started and we have so many ideas! I’m not going to let her down like that, you know me,“ he replies.
„Okay then, I’ll just chill by the pool all by myself in my tiny black bikini…,“ she shrugs innocently, pouring coffee into her mug.
He shakes his head, grinning at her: „Stop teasing me like that. I’m going to make up for it later,“ he says, licking his lip.
„Uh, someone’s feeling confident, huh?“ Kate replies and takes a bite from her pancake.
He chuckles: „Oh come on, I bet you can’t wait for me to come home to you“
„Hey, you’re not the only thing that’s on my mind, Mr. Cocky“ Okay, that was a lie. He actually was the only thing on her mind but he didn’t have to know that, right?
„There are some casting agents I’ll have to get back to“
He rolls her eyes at her: „Okay, whatever, Miss Victoria’s Secret“
He takes a huge bite of his pancake, making Kate grin at him: „Whoa, slow down. That pancake isn’t going anywhere“
„These are so good!“ he mumbles, sinking his teeth into the soft dough.
„We should order pizza later, what do you think?“
She laughs: „Only you could think about dinner during breakfast! But yeah, I’m down“
„Cool,“ he grins at her, taking a sip of orange juice.
„Pancakes in the morning, pizza in the evening… thank God, I don’t have a photoshoot in my underwear coming up!“ she remarks.
Shawn chuckles and takes another huge bite, finishing his pancake. „Okay, I gotta go take a shower and leave. I’m going to stay late at the studio but I can’t wait to see you tonight, baby,“ he leans over and takes her hand, pressing it against his lips.
„Can’t wait, either,“ she replies smiling.

He gets up, taking one last sip from his orange juice and goes upstairs.

SQW Day 3 - So Happy [Grandmothers]

My entry for day 3 of the Swan Queen Week, prompt “Grandmothers”. Usual disclaimer applies. Thanks for reading!

It’s snowing hard when Henry tells them they’re going to be grandmothers. Emma and Regina are so happy to have him and his wife Sophie home for lunch; they don’t see them as often as they’d wish, even with them having just moved back to Storybrooke after living in Boston for nearly a decade. Sarah and Alice, Emma and Regina’s twelve-year-old twins, are overexcited to have their brother all to themselves for the day, even if they see him pretty much every day at school, where Henry teaches high school English.

From the minute Henry and Sophie step into the house on that cold winter Sunday, Regina can feel something is different. She observes the young couple throughout lunch and can’t quite pinpoint what it is, but she knows something’s up with her son. She mentions it to Emma as they’re in the kitchen to plate the dessert. Emma shrugs it off, saying it’s probably nothing and Regina is being her usual overbearing self, but Regina doesn’t believe her. They bring dessert – Regina’s apple pie, Henry’s favorite – to the table, walking in on Sarah telling a joke and the rest of the table bursting into laughter. Even Sophie, who is usually so quiet, laughs along. For some reason she can’t quite figure out, Regina looks at Sophie a while longer than she usually does: she studies her friendly smile and is reminded of how sweet her son’s wife has always been and how easily she’d fit into the family, despite her initial shyness. Regina is truly happy that Henry found someone so perfect for him, and even though she had initial reservations about any girl marrying her little boy, she now has to admit they make an extremely well-fitted pair.

Regina snaps out of her thoughts by Henry clearing his throat.

“So, now that we’re all together, Sophie and I have something we’d like to tell you…”

Anxiety settles into Regina’s stomach and she can’t help but grab Emma’s hand under the table. Then Sophie gives Henry a bright smile and her eyes well up a bit, and Regina starts to slowly imagine what can be going on.

“We’re having a baby!” Henry exclaims joyfully. There’s a short stunned silence, and then everyone jumps up from their seats. Sarah and Alice are squealing and high fiving before rushing to envelope Sophie into a hug and bombard her with questions, while Emma yells “Yes!” and fist pumps in the air, exactly as she does when her football team scores. She goes to hug her son and congratulate the couple, smiling so widely Regina is afraid her face might tear in two. Regina, however, can barely stand up from her chair. She’s gone completely numb and can’t articulate a single thought. She should have known this was coming; she should have seen the reason why the young couple decided to move back here to be “closer to family”. Her little boy is going to be a dad. Regina’s not too sure if she’s overwhelmed with happiness or if she wants to cry.

But then, all of a sudden, she realizes Henry has taken a step towards her and is reaching out to take her hand. He looks worried, and seeing the apprehension in her baby’s eyes melts her heart completely. She doesn’t take the hand he’s holding out and hugs him with all her strength instead.

“Congratulations, my little prince. I’m just so happy.”


It’s the warmest day of summer when Sophie goes into labor. Regina’s cell phone rings just as she was about to put a load of laundry in the washer, and she drops everything the moment she hears Henry’s voice on the phone. She can feel his apprehension, and she’s already grabbed her purse and rounded up Emma and their daughters by the time she promises Henry she’ll be at the hospital as soon as possible.

The drive to the hospital is longer than Regina remembers it. Even when she’d gone as she was the one in labor, it hadn’t felt that far. She doesn’t give Emma a chance to park the car before getting out and running to the nurses’ desk. She needs to see her son; she needs to hold him and tell him everything is going to be alright and he’ll make an amazing dad. She catches sight of him as she walks into the maternity ward. He’s pacing back and forth, nervously twisting his fingers, and for a split second all she sees is her little boy, four or five years old at most, trying to figure out the best way to ask if “please Mommy, can we go to the fair right now? I know we said tomorrow, but please Mommy I really need to go now!”.

She practically runs to him and engulfs him in a tight hug, kissing his hair and rubbing his back like when he was little and used to have nightmares. They barely talk, as if his mothers’ mere presence was enough for him to feel safe, and he’s back in the hospital room with his wife before Emma arrives.

It takes hours, but Henry’s daughter is born before midnight that day.

When Henry stumbles out of the room, disheveled but looking happier than ever before. His eyes are still filled with tears – happy tears, he assures them immediately – and he leads them into the room without adding a word.

Sophie is lying there, looking exhausted but unspeakably happy, and she’s holding the baby. Regina can feel her insides twist at the sight, and something in her is screaming that she needs to hold her granddaughter, to see her this very minute. Henry takes her by the hand and gets her closed to the bed, taking his daughter from Sophie to place her into Regina’s arms.

In a second, Regina is in love. She’s completely lost to the little girl in her arms, just as she’s been wholeheartedly lost to Henry so many years ago. The little girl has the same chubby cheeks and the same nose, but she has her mother’s coloring, slightly lighter than Henry’s. Regina can’t see beyond that as her eyes are filled with tears she tries her hardest to blink away.

“Her name’s Evelyn. Evelyn Regina Mills.” Henry sounds so proud to announce his daughter’s name, and Regina can’t fight the tears a second longer. She can’t take her eyes off her precious granddaughter, even as she feels Emma step right behind her and ask her if she’s okay.

“I’m just so happy.”


It’s early fall when little Evie stays for the first time for a whole week at her grandmothers’. She’s just turned two years old, and she doesn’t even cry when her parents leave. Regina and Emma are over the moon that they get to spoil their granddaughter for an entire week, with no interruptions whatsoever. They’ve taken time off from work and they’ve planned tons of things to do with her and the twins. They spend the week playing hide and seek and baking and going swimming and dancing in the living room and having tea parties and playing dress up and telling stories and laughing so much their stomachs hurt. The weather is amazing and they even teach her to pedal on her little tricycle. The little girl is curious, kind, smart and a real cuddle bug. She inherited Henry’s eyes and his pouty mouth, which makes it impossible for Regina and Emma to deny her anything.

Evie’s stay with them is a time for firsts: it’s her first time sleeping away from home or staying without her parents for so long; it’s also the first time she eats a bear claw – thanks to Emma – and the first time she tries to curtsey when playing princesses – thanks to Regina.

It’s right before bedtime, on the Thursday, when Evie goes through yet another first. Emma’s just finished telling her a story and Regina is tucking her in when Evie put her little hand on her arm.

“What is it, Evie? Is there something wrong?”

The toddler shakes her head. “Nuh-huh. Just… Love you, Nana ‘Gina.”

And with that, the little girl buries her head into her grandmother’s neck. Regina is taken aback for a second until she meets Emma’s amused smile over Evie’s head.

“I love you too, Evie.” She replies in a tear-filled voice. She mentally curses herself for becoming so emotional with time.

“Love you too, Nana Emma.” Evie’s voice is muffled by Regina’s shoulder.

“Love you too, kid.” Emma comes to kiss her granddaughter’s hair.

Evie looks up and immediately notices the tears on Regina’s face.

“Why you crying, Nana ‘Gina? You sad?” She asks, pouting in concern.

“No, darling. I’m just so happy.”


It’s late spring when Regina and Emma are tasked to look after all their grandchildren while Henry and Sophie are invited to a wedding of a friend of theirs in Boston. Both grandmothers are of course delighted to have their grandkids over, even if it becomes slightly more complicated to look after everyone as they age and the number of grandkids increases. Henry has four kids now, but Sarah and Alice are both due with their first child for around Thanksgiving. Henry’s kids are all beautiful, intelligent and kind, and their grandmothers adore each and every one of them.

The kids have spent most of the afternoon playing soccer in the garden, and they are now all roasting marshmallows in the garden. The kids are all laughing, the youngest covered in melted candy, as they beg their grandmothers to tell them stories about when their dad was little. Emma complies gracefully, always happy to embarrass Henry even indirectly, and Regina sometimes adds to her stories, trying to absorb as much of the ambient happiness as she possibly can. Evie winks at her over the fire, and Regina can feel a wave of warmth enveloping her. The moments spent with her grandchildren fill her with a feeling she could never really describe: it’s joy and happiness, of course, but it’s way more relaxed than when she was with her own children. She’s always loved her children more than anything in her life, but her grandchildren have brought her a peace she never thought she could ever find: for the first time in her life, Regina feels like she truly belongs and she won’t suddenly mess everything up. Her life is the closest to perfect that it could be.

When she and Emma go to tuck each of their grandchildren in, as they always do, Evie hugs her grandmother extra tight.

“Nana ‘Gina?”

“Yes, darling?”

“I had a great day today. Thank you.” Before Regina can answer, she continues. “Did you have fun too?” At only thirteen years old, she understands her grandmother perfectly and she is by far the most empathetic of their grandchildren.

“Of course I had fun. I always have fun with you all. But don’t worry about it, okay? It’s time to sleep now.”

After kissing her granddaughter one last time, Regina walks out of the room with Emma.

“You okay, babe?” Emma asks. After all these years together, she still gets worried if Regina just as much as flinches.

“Of course I am, Emma. I’m just… so happy.”

Blast From The Past: Part 4

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.5K
Warnings: Angst, awkward-ness

A/N: Part 4!! I did say there’d be more reader x Bucky interactions ;) but nah, for real, from here on out they start to chat and bond and all that!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

It had been exactly one week since you had been given the all clear by Dr. Cho, which meant that you were allowed to start training again. You were beyond excited. Being forced to watch your teammates train from the side lines had been driving you crazy. Natasha insisted that 2 weeks off wasn’t going to set you back, but you were convinced it had. 

You sprang out of bed, quickly brushed your teeth and threw on your, dearly missed, gym gear; you were heading to the facility’s gym by 4am. You had always preferred to start your morning workouts well before the sun rose, a habit your father had instilled in you from a young age.

As suspected, the gym was empty. As much as you enjoyed working out with your friends, you couldn’t say no to the chance to play your own music; and mull over your thoughts while you sweated it out. You plugged your phone into the gym’s PA system and picked Tony’s playlist; rock ‘n’ roll was always the best to workout to. The whole team had made you playlists after they discovered that you knew about as much about the modern world as Steve did, after he was first being defrosted.

You decided to hit the treadmill first; you had a lot going through your mind, and you didn’t trust yourself to pay enough attention to not drop a weight on yourself.

You began running, and immediately got lost in your thoughts; which consisted of your ex-Hydra partner.

For the past week you had been actively avoiding the Winter Soldier like your life depended on it. You hadn’t spoken to him. On a few occasions he looked as though he wanted to stop you for a chat, but you’d change directions before he got the chance.

The more you awkwardly fled at the sight of him, the harder it became to stop. You grimaced as you remember an incident from a few days ago. You’d taken a break from drawing and decided to grab an afternoon snack. But as soon as you’d entered the kitchen you spotted him. Luckily he had his back to you and didn’t notice your presence. You stopped dead in the middle of the kitchen, staring out into the lounge room. Steve spotted you, and called your name, but you bolted immediately.

You inwardly cringe, and almost slip on the treadmill, as you remember the events of the past week. Last night had to have been the worst. You were sitting in the lounge room with Natasha, Wanda, Vis, and Steve when Bucky entered. You locked eyes with your old friend and didn’t even bother to make a lame excuse, you just got up and left the room without saying a word to anyone.

Everyone had grown sick of the tension between the two of you. But you couldn’t help it, nor did you have any idea why you were acting this way. Bucky wasn’t acting hostile, if anything he was being friendly, giving you a smile whenever you looked at each other; before you ran away. You told yourself that you couldn’t deal with talking to him just yet.

But really, something about him made your heart beat fasten and your palms sweat.

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Pearl. You could not look anymore like a snotty older sister than you do right now.

Now all she needs to do is stick her tongue out and go “Na-na-na-na boo-boo!”

I was a little surprised at Garnet’s answer. I figured she would tell both of them to calm themselves. Amethyst needs to apply a little more self control, and Pearl needs to relax a little and not make a big deal out of something so small. I guess even Garnet isn’t always perfect.

Ugh, she’s so smug. Sometimes Pearl is an adorable little baby bird, and sometimes I really don’t like her. I guess that’s pretty similar to real life, eh?

Which reminds me, I’ve been wanting to talk about Garnet’s relationship with the Crystal Gems. I’ve said before how Pearl and Amethyst act like sisters- but where does that put Garnet? They both obviously look up to her, judging by the way (especially in this scene) they’re always looking for her approval. Even Steven was excited when she chose to bring him with her in Serious Steven. She’s obviously their leader, but I wouldn’t say in a parental way. She’s still occasionally on the same level as Amethyst or Pearl sometimes. I’m gonna say all three (four really, if you count Steven) act like young human siblings. The way they behave is similar to certain age groups: Garnet- A bit older and more mature than the others, doesn’t search for validation, and is looked up to: 16 years old. Pearl- Knowledgeable and likes to be right, seeks for approval a lot, an obvious middle-child: 12 years old. Amethyst- Rowdy, rambunctious, acts like she doesn’t care but secretly does, likes to push buttons: 10 years old. Steven- Baby of the family, is spoiled but always trying to keep up with his older siblings: 8 years old.

I’m anxious to see if this “model” I’ve put them in will continue throughout the series, or if I’m totally dead wrong.



That looks hella uncomfortable

Rivals/Enemies AU?

Okay so I’ve been reading a lot of enemies/rivals au stuff for different ships of mine from different shows/books/movies etc (i’m in a lot of fandoms sue me). And I was thinking about an enemies/rivals au for miraculous. And so I know one already exists where Chat works with Hawkmoth and fights Ladybug all the time to get her miraculous to find his mom and etc. But how about instead an adrienette enemies/rivalish au? Like what if Adrien never apologized for the gum incident since he was too shy to do so or because he was in a rush or something and so he never got the chance to tell Marinette and she continues on hating him. So of course he’s still a cinnamon roll but Mari still doesn’t know and just thinks his kindness is sort of faked. And she just begins to kind of get frustrated with how much everyone likes him and with how perfect he is like with his looks and his excellent grades. And her dislike for him is just so different from her dislike for Chloe because at least Chloe is honest with her nasty attitude like she doesn’t hide it but then there’s Adrien who’s all kind and sweet and Mari’s always like “Nice act.” and so I just think it would kind of be funny how Mari does start to realize how kind he actually is but is still too prideful to admit it so she just talks about him all the time to Alya. And Alya is like “Girl if you hate him so much why do you always talk about him?”. And on the other-hand Adrien is trying so hard to get Marinette to like him since he wants to be friends with her but he doesn’t really necessarily know how because of his past homeschool life and all that. And also since she never lets him get more than two words across. So when the student council elections start like in the Darkblade ep he runs just so he is able to talk to her more and so she can in a way start seeing him like an equal. And Mari is PISSED. She thinks he’s doing it to spite her. And pretty much Marinette still doesn’t have a crush on Chat in this au because she has the biggest crush on Adrien but conceals it behind hatred and her pride AND OMG JUST LIKE LISTEN. 

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tbh Kelly's hair has never looked as good as it does at the moment. PERFECT. seriously last night look was amazing. She's so sexy, classy and beautiful. i love how confident she is and how she doesn't give a fuck about other people's opinion. as she said to that hater who called her fat: she's fucking awesome. nothing less than that! proud to have her as my idol and role model. you rock KC, keep doing what you do!

While I thought her hair looked super good last night, our favorite will always be brunette kelly! we miss it so much!

but to the rest of your statement 

After-Show Sex. (Camila Cabello + Y/N)


Pairing: Camila Cabello + Y/N

Rated: R

Description: Y/N is waiting in her girlfriend Camila’s dressing room after a 5h concert, and Camila is super horny after the group’s concert, so she show y/n how dominate she can be.

Notes: This is the first Camila request I’ve ever gotten, so I did a really good job for the person who requested it.





I was waiting for my girlfriend, Camila, to come to her dressing room. Her and her famous girl group, Fifth Harmony, had just finished the first show of their concert tour, and I was expecting her to come back here any moment. I loved seeing her perform on stage; mostly because she looked so happy while doing what she loved to do best. It was something Camila had been wanting to do for years now, and I was so proud of her and the success she had earned.

The door opened to my left, to reveal my gorgeous girlfriend walking into the dressing room. I stood from the little couch and smiled.

“Hey, baby! You were so-”

Camila immediately cut me off with a hot and passionate kiss, not bothering to pull away to let me finish my sentence. She didn’t waste any time is backing me up to the couch and pushing me down. I was surprised by her quickness. She had never been so quick before.

“Let me fuck you..” Camila breathed against my lips, only to attach her lips to my neck. “…With the dildo I bought last week.” She finished, standing fully once again, not giving me a chance to say yes or no.

I bit my lip, trying to keep my excitement to myself. “You’re really gonna fuck me with that thing?” I giggled, feeling myself get wet at the thought of it.

“Hell right I am.” She replied in a huskier voice. “Take off your shorts and panties. Now.” She ordered, wrapping her hand around the base of the fake cock.

My eyes widened at her demanding voice. I quickly discarded my shorts and panties, biting my lip.

“Good girl.” Camila smirked, kneeling down in front of my closed legs. She abruptly pried my legs apart, exposing my soaked pussy. “Already so wet for me, just like a little slut.” She laughed darkly. “Is this what I do to you?” She brought the tip of the dildo to my slit, teasing slightly for just a second.

I squirmed a little bit on the couch, raising my hips a few centimeters. “Mmm..”

Without warning, Camila thrust the dildo into my pussy, hard, causing a little burning sensation to dominate the pleasure. I moaned loudly and arched my back off the small couch.


“That’s right, baby.” She mumbled, pulling the dildo out slightly before thrusting it back in again. “Let everyone know who’s making you feel this good.”

I moaned again, and looked down in time to see her circling the very tip of her tongue around my clit agonizingly slow, glancing up at my through her long, beautiful eyelashes. “Camila, fuck…”

She smirked and wrapped her lips around my clit, while moving the dildo quickly in and out of my pussy. The pain and burning was long gone, and all I felt was pure pleasure.

Camila’s POV

I smirked. The way I could control my girl this way made me feel so good. The girls were totally right. This would definitely be the one thing that would wrap her around my finger. I licked through the folds of her pussy, watching her face the entire time.

She moaned my name several times in a row, encouraging my to twist the dildo the right in a quick motion, smirking when she yelped in pleasure.

“Oh, so that’s where your sweet spot’s been hiding?” I kissed along her thighs, continuing to thrust the dildo in the same direction, turning her into a moaning mess. “Cum for me, baby.”

Her mouth gaped open as a few more moans filled the room. I flicked my tongue across her clit as I thrust the dildo a few more times, smirking when she got quiet for one second before coming completely undone, and cumming all over the dildo, her juices dripping down around the fake cock.

“So beautiful, baby.” I kissed her clit gently, looking up at her. “So beautiful.”

She moaned a little bit again, moving her hips more towards the dildo just as I was pulling it out. I giggled.

“You want more?” I bit my lip.

Y/N nodded eagerly and looked down at me.

“Well, let’s get to the hotel first, alright?” I moved up her body and kissed her gently. “How does that sound?”

“You’re so perfect..” She smiled, kissing me again. “Wanna go?”

“The sooner we get there the better.” I smirked, gently licking the corner or her mouth; the one thing that’s always made her hornier than anything.

An animal-like growl came from the back of her throat. “Let’s fucking go.”


Part 2? I’m sorry if it’s a little short. -Lucy

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Grell - Bedroom and Sebastian - Bathroom Please!!! (///v\\\\) love your work!!

Did somebody say Sebastian? (◐ ◡ ◑ )

Headcanon meme: [not accepting anymore].

Grell - Bedroom:

  • How does this character sleep? (Position, sleeping habits, bedtime routines)

Probably wakes up with her feet on the pillow but totally not purposely (ever read Pippi Långstrump books?). Grell is the type who would elbow you in the face when sleeping and wouldn’t notice until morning, but then she would sincerely apologize. On the other days she may try to suffocate you by hugging so tight, either way, sharing a bed with her is not easy but can be fun sometimes. She doesn’t have any strict routine, it all depends on how tired she is, what is she going to do the next day and if she is having plans for the night also. Lifehack: pet her hair while she falls asleep and if is wriggling again, it calms her.

  • What are their pyjamas like?

Pretty. The fact that it is the night doesn’t mean she can’t look fabulous, right? Wearing nice pyjamas in different shapes and patterns makes her feel better and innerly happy.

  • What do they dream about usually?

Mostly, Grell has those weird, twisted dreams where you have no idea what is going on and even if she remembers them in the morning, it is hard to describe them to her lover because of how twisted they are. She rarely has nightmares and when one happens, she would look for a comfort in an arms of her s/o.

  • How neat/tidy is this character?

It is aesthetic, Grell may not be the tidiest person but she always knows where are her belongings and doesn’t have any problem in finding them around the home. She just likes to have it collected her own way but not to keep it a mess.

  • How affectionate is this character?

Grell will want to hold her s/o’s hand whenever they are in public, will kiss them from time to time only to remind how much she loves them, will make them sit on her lap or other way around, will do everything to never lose the physical contact with them. It speaks for itself.

Sebastian - Bathroom:

  • How does the character prepare in the morning?

The butler’s morning starts early… Since Sebastian doesn’t sleep he can consider “waking up” whenever he want which is usually early morning. He doesn’t like the others to see him prepare for a day, it makes him feel uncomfortable and look not-always-so-perfect in their eyes. He always takes shower in the morning, takes care of his hair, chooses the outfit and checks if he is ready to show in public and make foolish people faint. The last thing he does before leaving the bathroom is using perfume he personally composes, because among people it is considered as weird to do not have any scent.

  • Do they sing in the shower?

He hums in the shower if he feels it is going to be a good day that dork.

  • What kind of hair product/make-up do they use?

A simple shampoo is everything he needs. After all, he can change the way his hair looks in an instant so why bother too much.

  • How clean is this character?

Sebastian has learned that hygiene is something highly apperciated in human’s lifes, especially when they have to be around the others so he makes everything to be as clean as possible, to always look good and spread the charm.

  • Does the character have thousands of shampoo/shower gel bottles by the shower, or do they use only the bare essentials?

He likes to check if the cosmetics can do anything for him so he gets something different from time to time, as long as it doesn’t bother the order of those few of his essentials. The thing he despises the most are bath salts, even the thought of laying in a bath full of water and salt makes him frown.

Heaven in Hell

Sup guys back with another bechloe fic because I’m bored af and like this idea. Enjoyyyyyyy! (This will probably turn into a fic!)

Send me prompts!

Heaven in Hell
Pairing: Beca Mitchell/Chloe Beale
Rating: M (smut time)
Summary: Beca gets smuggled into the one and only Chloe Beale’s exclusive costume party. She didn’t plan on catching anyone’s attention, let alone the girl herself.


Jesse: C'mon Becs please go, I know a guy who’ll get us in! ):

Beca looked at the text message on her screen, raising an eyebrow and huffing. This was the fifth text she had got from Jesse within the hour to join the long list of other texts she had received. It was ridiculous, how ridiculous he was being over a small party. Beca pushed her phone away and focused back on her laptop, changing the pitch of one of the notes.

Emily: you going to the party tonight? :p

Beca growled in her throat, the subject of all the annoying, incredibly irritating messages she was getting was beginning to get under her skin like and itch she could reach. She shut her laptop, unable to focus properly on the composition of the music. She slid it away from her before picking her phone up, more willing to reply to Emily who was a fraction less annoying than puppy boy.

Beca: what’s the big deal?

She waited for a few moments and decided to scroll through Twitter, typing a quick update of ’#nobigdeal’ just to satisfy her inner bitterness. As she continued to go through her timeline the tweets started to follow the trend of the subjects of her messages such as ‘ready to go’ and pictures of people with cans of beer and bottles of vodka captioned with 'let’s do this bitches.’ She noticed one of said tweeters was Fat Amy, liking her tweet just because she was pretty funny.

Emily: please tell me you’re kidding Becs! D:

Beca rolled her eyes, debating whether to throw her phone across her room or not. Why was everyone so obsessed with it? Especially considering the fact that they always end in trouble and Beca was liking her invisible status in school. She felt a thud being brought on in her head, as she brought her fingers up to rub her temples a few times. Of course Emily would want to go, curiosity was her biggest weakness and Jesse would do anything to get near some of the girls going to that party. Well not just 'girls’, they weren’t just girls, they were practically goddesses, or more casually knows as the Bellas.

The Bellas were the hottest group in the school and pretty much untouchable. Consisting of several girls that were graced with God given voices they owned the campus and no one dared go against them. They weren’t popular, they took popular and crushed it, everybody just knew exactly who they were. All it took was a whisper and any new kid would be informed exactly who they were and exactly why they shouldn’t be messed with.

The group was flawless. First there was Flo, smooth olive skin and an accent that, according to a rumour, sounded great in bed. Not only was she part of the well renowned group but she was also captain of the gymnastics team and girlfriend of Mike Davis, soccer player. They were relationship goals to the max and Becas pretty sure she caught Emily writing fanfiction about them once.

Then there was Jessica and Ashley, who were closer than anything. Beca had a pretty sure bet in about whether they were actually together or not and Jesse was going to totally owe her ten dollars when they came out. Then there was Lilly, who was kind of strange and intimidating, who happened to have a stare off with Jesse in the hall until he cried (Beca loves that story. Lives for it.)

Fat Amy came next. As mentioned before she was more than hilarious, Australian and was also friends with benefits with the one and only Bumper Allan. Beca had heard rumours they got up to all sorts in the bedroom department. And it was kind of weird to think about so Beca tried not to a lot of the time.

Cynthia Rose, a confident and proud woman who had a smoking hot girlfriend. She was pretty awesome and if she wasn’t so damn intimidating Beca would have loved to get to know her. And how she gets her hair to look so cool.

Stacie Conrad, sex goddess and tits bigger than Becas face. She was not tied down in any way shape or form, incredibly open and definitely not shy in the bedroom department. Beca had heard so many stories and once Stacie overheard Emily telling Beca in detail that Stacies legs were out of this world. Emily had blushed unbelievably bright and almost passed out when Stacie winked at her and said 'they look longer wrapped round someone’s face, babe.’

Emily defo had a crush on Stacie Conrad.

Aubrey was next. God she was pushy though, known as a bit of a prude but an incredibly flawless prude at that. She walked round like she had a stick up her ass most of the time, but her blonde hair was also curled just right and she was oddly attractively dominating. That’s what Jesse always said anyway but Beca just thought Jesse was a pussy in bed.

Finally and definitely not least, came Chloe Beale. Beca let out a soft sigh as she leaned her chin on her hand. Chloe Beale was the captain of the Bellas and the cheerleading squad and also run a Russian literature group for some odd reason. She was beyond attractive, red hair like golden waves and bright blue eyes Beca just wanted to drown herself in. Not that she cared. Beca just thought the Bellas were a load of weirdos who needed to tone down their egos a little.

Jesse: you need to loosen up, I swear your becoming a recluse Beca

Becas thoughts jumped at the ping on her phone, rolling her eyes. Chloe Beale also happened to throw parties at least once a month, all really hard to get into if you was a younger (meaning Beca and her weird friends) Chloe happened to be quite a few years older than Beca and she never really let the younger lot into her exclusive parties. However the party that was driving Jesse and Emily crazy was the costume party she threw every now and again. If you thought her monthly parties were exclusive this was pretty much impossible to get into, yet hundreds always ended up going.

Jesse had managed to make friends with Bumper while the latter was drunk and apparently a drunken invite came with that sudden friendship. Bumper hadn’t spoken to Jesse since but the younger boy was still convinced they would get in. Beca was not convinced on the other hand and Emily just wanted to go because Stacie Conrad was there.

Beca: Jess, we will not get in, I’m not embarrassing myself

That was part of the reason Beca was against going. The humiliation of turning up at the door and being turned away in the blink of an eye. It may not seem much to them but Beca had built a solid shield for herself, only keeping a few close friends and never really going to parties. Going to this party and getting rejected would definitely be embarrassing.

Secondly, Chloe Beale’s parties were trouble with a capital T. Shit loads of alcohol and every seemed to be horny for everything which was an incredibly bad mix- add in a dash of drugs and a lot of heavy, sultry music there was your recipe for disaster. Or at least Becas idea of disaster. Also it was freaking costume party and Beca hated getting dressed normally let alone in a costume. It had to be a no.

Jesse: we will! I told you I spoke to bumper didn’t I? We are already in, come on! Even Em wants to go

Beca rolled her eyes at that, of course Emily would want to go, she was practically a baby (a very tall baby but sill.) Also a certain pair of boobs were gonna be there that happened to make Emily brush bright red.

Beca: Em’s a baby, of course she wants to go, Conrads going

Beca stood up from her desk and walked over to her bed, flopping down onto it dramatically with a sigh. Jesse was way to persistent, Emily actually got the hint and left her alone.

Jesse: Please Becs, I’m begging

Beca switched her phone off at that, fed up with the persistent asking and threw it to the end of her bed before getting to her feet. She grabbed her bag, plugged her earphones in and placed them in her ears before exiting her dorm, letting herself forget about the party.


It took them ten minutes to find her.

“Becaw!” She had simply been sitting in the coffee shop, sipping at her drink while once again scrolling through Twitter when she heard that god awful nickname and turned to see Jesse, Emily and also Benji now heading towards her. Great. They all took a seat with Jesse ruffling her hair, Emily hugging her and Benji just grinning like an idiot like he usually does before returning his puppy gaze to Emily across the table.

“How the fuck did you find me?” None looked taken back by the outburst, Emily already scanning the menu and reading it aloud to Benji who seemed thrilled at the attention he was getting. Emily was pretty stuck, she was perfect for Benji but he obviously just didn’t attract her like certain others did.

“You’re always in the same coffee shop Bec,” Jesse grinned before ordering a large hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. Emily ordered the same and Benji stuck with a herbal tea like he normally did. “So, you know what we need to talk about.” Jesses face was weirdly serious.

“I’m not going,” Beca huffed, taking a sip of her coffee and relishing in the flavour before returning her glare to the brunette opposite her who was looking at her with an oddly sure smile. Beca raised an eyebrow before increasing her glare ten fold. “What have you done Jesse.”

With that Jesse lifted a small plastic bag up which he had subtly hidden, humour dancing in his eyes. It was a plain blue bag and Jesse emptied the contents onto the table. Laying on the table was a white tee, white skirt and knee high socks. Confused Beca picked up a large packet on top, furrowing her brows when she saw the fluffy Angel wings from the costume shop. Next to that costume was the exact same but in red with a comical pair of devil horns next to it.

“We are going as the Angel and devil!” Emily burst out just as Jesse was opening his mouth, vibrating in her seat with excitement. Beca blushed highly at the length of the short skirt, which was incredibly unlike Emily to buy. They had bought costumes already?! Beca tried not to hyperventilate as she prodded the Angel wings.

“What the fuck?” She exclaimed, looking at the trio in front of her. Emily looked overwhelmed with excitement, Benji highly sheepish and Jesse was grinning at her mischievously. Beca pushed the costume towards him angrily.

“I’m not wearing that. I may as well go out in nothing with how short that skirt is.” His cheeks flushed slightly but apart from that his stupid smirk remained on his face as he crossed his arms across his chest to grin wider.

“That’s why Em got the stockings. You’re gonna be the Angel and she’ll be the devil,” Jesse argued with a tone that was way too defiant for Becas liking. And surely, not that she was going to, she would be the devil to fit in with her badass attitude right?

“Surely I would be the devil?” She dead panned, glaring straight at Jesse who looked really pleased with himself and humoured at the exact time, like Beca was some sort of joke that offered him entertainment. She felt herself prickle at that, flattening her palms on the table to stop herself from battering him round the head with the Angel wings.

“That’s the joke, you’ve swapped personalities. It’s like you’re almost going as each other,” Jesse laughed to himself as if he was the funniest fucker in the world while Emily giggled a little, winking at Beca.

“No.” Beca growled, “and that’s final.”


A day later on Friday night she was standing in her room, in the Angel outfit ready to go. How they managed to convince her was beyond her but it was ridiculous. She finished lacing up her black converse with the white toes, which she bought to break up the colours a little. Emily swiped a slab of red lipstick onto the brunettes lips, grinning as she looked at Beca.

“You look so good Beca!” Emily did look pretty adorable in her devil outfit, even though it did not suit her innocent personality at all. Although there was always someone Emily was not innocent for. Beca huffed out a sigh, following Emily from her dorm to downstairs to meet Jesse and Benji. The Bellas lived in some big frat house or something and that’s where Chloe’s party would be.

Jesse and Benji were leaning against the car, both in costumes. Benji wore a masquerade mask and a cape, looking slight weird and Jesse wore boxing shorts and no top. Beca raised an eyebrow and looked at him. “What are you meant to be?”

He begun humming a tune and pumping his fists which were enclosed in boxing gloves, hopping around on his feet. “I’m Rocky!” Beca couldn’t help but roll her eyes as he playfully punched her in the arm, making quick breaths as he turned. She opened the passenger door.

“Well I call shotgun bitches.” She heard a chorus of groans behind her as Benji got into the drivers seat and the other two slid into the back. Benji usually drive as he wasn’t a big drinker, so he could usually drive them back. Beca never really stayed until the party finished anyway. Well actually she had only been to about two parties and she hadn’t stayed till the end then.

Darkness followed them as they drove to the house, Jesse still humming that annoying theme tune as Beca turned round and glared straight at him. This was exactly one of the reasons she would not date him. Their relationship was weird and he had admitted he had feelings for her. However she had grown irritated at him acting as her boyfriend when he wasn’t that she turned him down. Jesse was a great guy really but she knew a relationship with him would become way too serious way too quickly. Beca didn’t want or need that, Beca needed LA.

“I can hear the music from here,” Benji mumbled, his hands shaking a little. Benji was also not one for a party and struggled with a crowd of so many people. Beca would have happily stayed at home with him but Jesse and Emily insisted the two come. They turned into the last few roads, large houses lining the streets. Most were perfect, straight white picket fences, mowed lawns and chandeliers could be seen through the windows. At the end of the street though the perfection was pretty much ruined as the bella house stood, emitting pulsing lights and a fog from the machine on the lawn.

Beca plugged her seatbelt back in and sunk down on her chair. “I’m not going in!” She exclaimed as she saw some guy punch another on the lawn before grabbing his shirt and kissing him. She felt sick to her stomach as the house physically vibrated, the music pounding. The rumour was Chloe payed all the residents in the street to not complain about the music, so they rarely got shut down; only a few times.

With that she was being hauled out of the car by Jesse and his stupid boxing gloves as Emily and Benji joined them. Standing outside of the car was worse, the house even more intimidating and the two dudes were still making out on the lawn and ones hand was getting dangerously low. Beca covered Emily’s eyes next to her which caused the taller girl to giggle.

“What now? We can’t go to the front door, that’s where we’ll get turned away!” Jesse grabbed Becas hand and began leading her round the side of the house, his palm quite warm and soft. Beca gripped on to him tightly as they came to a small fence joined from the side of the house to the hedge next to it. Emily and Benji followed as Jesse opened the gate and pulled them all through, instantly coming into contact with a throng of people.

“You never really spoke to Bumper did you?” Beca had to talk a lot louder than she liked. Jesse looked over his shoulder and shook his head with a mischievous grin on his face. Beca took that moment to look round the party. They seemed to be in the garden with a rectangular pool in the middle that was pulsing with coloured lights and various people swam around. In one of the corners there was a bar lit up with fairy lights and there was also a food table across one side of the fencing. Jesse hauled them into the middle and through the glass doors of the party.

The house was almost completely dark, with lights lining the ceiling edges to emit a soft, almost sultry glow. To the right there was a doorway and another to the left then in front was a large staircase, with solo cups lining the steps and couples sitting on the steps doing things Beca didn’t really want to look at. First Jesse took them through to the right, into a spacious kitchen with someone giving out drinks.

“Can we have two vodka and red bulls please?” Jesses voice sounded way to young as the bar guy looked up with an eyebrow raised suspiciously. Beca could feel Jesses hand heat up in hers as he began to blush, feeling embarrassed. She had to do something to convince them that they were old enough to drink!

“Babe you know I find that too bitter, can you make mine a cocktail?” She found herself winking at the guy as she wrapped her arms round Jesses bicep and pressed herself against him. The bar dude began making drinks as he smirked a little, Becas head pounding as though she was drunk already. Two red cups were given to them as Beca thanked the guy and they walked off, her still draped over his arm.

“Nice save but what the fuck was that?” Jesse laughed, wrapping an arm round Becas shoulders and she pulled a face. They were back in the stairway room, and Jesse was looking at her oddly.

“He had to think we were older and you saying please in you puppy dog voice was not good. I done what I had to,” Beca explained, a smile on her face as Jesse blushed a little. He then led her into the room on the left, taking a deep breath before he entered.

The room was lit up in pulses as a hidden disco light shot beams across the space. There was also a fog machine somewhere as a thin line of fog spread across the ground, reaching their ankles. In the middle of the room there was a space that was obviously meant for dancing as several people twisted and turned, grinding on each other dirtily. Round the edges were the odd few people sitting down and drinking, one corner stunk of weed as a dude smiled at Beca, higher than a kite. Then at the front of the room, stood the Bellas. Some danced and others danced with each other, all with a drink in their hand. Not all of them were there however, only about five of them: Beca could make out Aubrey, Stacie, Cynthia, Amy and Flo.

Aubrey was dressed as a cop which was actually quite funny, Stacie was in a skirt and top but had a pair of bunny ears on which was weird. Cynthia was dressed as an air hostess which must have been an inside joke, Amy was a crocodile? Flo had a Mexican hat on, the rest of her dressed in normal clothes.

Jesse brought his hand down to grip tightly onto Becas hand as he swung back the rest of his cup. Beca copied him, instantly regretting it as she screwed her face up at the bitter taste. With that she was dragged into the dance floor, attempting to unclasp her hand but Jesse was too strong. He grabbed her waist and pulled her against him, beginning to dance with a stupid grin on his face.

“Jess, let me go,” Beca growled as Jesse just laughed, had he been drinking before the party? Luckily Beca spotted Emily and Benji at the edge of the room and she mumbled some excuse to go help Emily just to get away from him. Emily brought her straight into a hug as Benji went to dance with Jesse to distract him.

“Beca,” Emily whispered into her ear, “that’s Stacie Conrad.” Beca looked up to see Emily gazing straight at the leggy brunette, watched her swing her hips and laugh drunkenly. Emily’s mouth was slightly agape and her shoulders sagged a little as she couldn’t stop watching the brunette. Beca grasped her hand and hauled her out of the room.

“Let’s go get a drink Em.”


The party was in full swing and still going on, as Beca sat on a couch in between Emily and another guy. They were watching a game of beer pong as they waited for their turn, a pleasant hum of alcohol in their veins. Beca hummed to the music as Emily leant her head on the shorter girls shoulder, her neck must have uncomfortable. Some dude got the ball in and so another gulped down a drink, grinning at everyone as they cheered at him.

“Em, can we go to the bathroom quick?” Emily nodded and the two found the stairs and climbed them, where the hallway was dimly lit but a little easier to see than downstairs. Emily waited outside as Beca entered the bathroom, eyes fuzzy as the bright light was sudden. She washed a bit of cold water on her face when she heard a sharp cry of help from outside. She rushed to unlock the door, fingers fumbling as she swung the door open.

Emily was pressed against the door, her face turned and eyes screwed shut as a guy pressed himself against the length of her, pinning her wrists to the wall as he growled into her ear. Beca yelled out at him to get off her, watching as he ignored her and grabbed Emily’s chin and turned her towards him. She whimpered and struggled as Beca rushed over and punched the guy in his arm. He simply pushed Beca away, chuckling as she fell to the floor.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard,” he mumbled to Emily, kissing her jaw as Beca attempted to get up, her head spinning as she cradled it. Emily struggled once more and shook her head as the dude once again kissed her, licking all up her neck as she flinched away.

“I suggest you leave her alone or the only thing that will be fucked is you when I punch your teeth in.” Beca looked up to see none other than Stacie Conrad standing there, eyes alight with a dark fire and looking incredibly intimidating. The guy stepped away from Emily, glaring at Stacie as he swayed to the side a little.

“Oh back off Conrad, I saw her first. I just wanted some fun.” Stacie raised a perfectly arched eyebrow at the guy, her eyes pinning him to the spot. Beca pulled herself to her feet and gripped Emily’s hand, squeezing once, before letting go. Emily nodded gently at her.

“Always the man whore James, I bet your right hand is even sick of your tiny dick.” The guy glared at her, walking past and shouldering harshly into Stacie before descending the stairs. Stacie watched him go before turning to look at the pair, or more specifically, straight at Emily.

“Oh my god thank you so much,” Emily rushed out in a flurry of words, hands gesturing wildly as Stacie watched her with a glint of fondness in her eye. She shrugged casually at the brunette.

“I like your costume,” she almost purred before turning to disappear down the stairs, throwing a wink over her shoulder. Emily almost passed out, leaning against Beca as the tall brunette looked like she was literally going to die.

Relationship goals.


“Becs m'sorry, please get a drink with me?” Beca rolled her eyes as Jesse yelled at her over the music, heart pounding in time with the rhythm of the music. She nodded and followed him into the drinks room but noticed the bar guy they had managed to convince had gone.

Fat Amy stood in his place. Shit.

Too intoxicated to notice Jesse dragged the over there and it was too late to stop him, Beca felt the humiliation run through her as he leaned forward and asked for a drink. The Australian raised an eyebrow, looking him up and down before looking at Beca and doing the same.

“How old are you buddy?” Her accent travelled across the music as she placed her palms flat on the table and leaned forward, frowning a little at him. Jesse stumbled a little and Beca gripped his hand tightly to steady him.

“I’m 17.” Great they were fucked.

Amy grinned and made her way round the table, looking at Beca and Jesse, cocking her head to one side. She took a gulp of her drink, turned to someone to her side and muttered in their ear before folding her arms.

“I think you guys better come with me. Cap wants to see whoever tries to sneak in,” she paused, almost looking sympathetic, “anyone who’s confident enough to commit social suicide.” Beca gulped roughly, hands trembling as she followed Amy through the house into the dance room and into another door. There was less people in this room but still quite a few, as she went out of a back door and dragged them into the garden they went into initially. There in the corner sat a few of the Bellas, all with a drink in their hands. Beca scanned them and her heart nearly dropped into her ass.

Chloe Beale.

Ironically, and this was just because Beca was so unlucky, she was dressed in a devils outfit but unlike Emily she wore a tight red dress that was incredibly short, a pair of glitzy devil horns and bright red lipstick. Her hair fell done her back in cascading waves, slightly messy, and black eyeliner accentuated her bright blue eyes. Surrounding her was Aubrey, Cynthia and Stacie, all conversing with each other. Beca also noticed Chloe was sitting on the lap of Tom, the captain of the soccer team. He twirled a lock of her hair found his finger but she appeared to be almost ignoring him.

“Oi Cap! Found these babies asking for a drink. Underagers, your favourite.” Beca blushed as Chloe turned her attention to Amy, who was currently blocking them a little. A smirk overtook her face, making her seem intimidating and hot as hell. God Beca get yourself together! Jesse stepped forward.

“Hey I’m not underage!” He exclaimed, swaying to the side a little. Chloe rolled her perfect blue eyes (perfect, really Beca) and raised an eyebrow, standing up to her full height which surprisingly wasn’t massive. She was tiny bit taller than Beca and Beca was considered short.

“He’s drunk out of his mind. Get him out of here Amy,” she spoke, her voice a heavenly pitch to Becas ears. Being a DJ she knew when a sound was perfect and she wanted to put Chloe’s voice into every single mix she did. She was getting cheesy, she needed to get out of here. Chloe hadn’t seen her yet though.

“Sure thing, what about short stack?” She moved to the side, revealing Beca to the Bellas, and most importantly to Chloe. Blue eyes landed on her, and they seemed to ignite with a low fire. Chloe looked her up and down, a small smirk taking over her features as she bit her lip and rolled it between her straight white teeth before letting it ping back into place.

“Well, well, well who is this little cutie?” Beca felt herself blush profoundly, feeling half irritated at being called little but feeling her stomach churn with heat at the way Chloe was looking at her. With that she heard her name being called as Emily appeared at her side, obviously confused as to why Beca had turned into some sort of mute at the site of Chloe. Where was her badass reputation?

“I swear we didn’t mean to cause trouble-” Emily’s rambling was cut off by a show of Chloe’s hand as she stepped forward, eyes trained on Beca as she came closer to her. Beca gulped roughly as she tried to clear her mind, skin screaming to be touched, nerve endings alight with the need for Chloe’s hands on her and what the fuck was happening to her?!

“Get rid of the boy,” Chloe mumbled as Amy went to grab Jesses bicep. He wouldn’t go though, struggling out of her grip as he tried to latch onto Beca who flinched. Chloe turned and glared straight at Jesse. “I’m giving you five seconds to get out before I kick your ass in front of everyone.”

“I’m not leaving without Beca!” He fisted his hands next to his sides, confidence ignited with alcohol. Chloe turned back to Beca, a smirk once again on her face.

“Beca. That’s a pretty name,” she hummed, a flirtatious look in her eye. It disappeared as she looked at Jesse. “I’ll take care of her now, leave.” Jesse looked at Beca who just nodded towards the gate. He sighed and followed Amy out, shooting his puppy look straight at Beca as he left. Beca turned back to look at Chloe.

“I’m not little,” she blurted out, trying to regain a tiny piece of control. At the Cynthia laughed as Chloe grinned at her, still somewhat sultry as her eyes continued to gaze at Beca in a way the was making her blood hum.

“Are you having fun? Sneaking into my party,” Chloe paused and gave a dramatic gasp, pressing her hand to her chest, “what a bad girl.” That spread the fire in Becas stomach as it began to lick at her senses, burning them into ash as she resisted the urge to both punch and snog Chloe Beale right there and then.

“Eh, it’s okay,” Beca shrugged, her head screaming at her to be cool as she attempted to act as causal as possible. A few of the Bellas laughed at that, a splash of the pool behind her as she heard someone jump in, senses heightened as she stood face to face with the redhead.

“Listen we don’t want any trouble, we can go,” Emily rushed, sensing that Becas sarcasm was going to get them into trouble. Chloe glanced over at her them back at the girls.

“I’ll take the tall one somewhere else,” Stacie stood up and came over, gripping Emily by her bicep and urging her away from the scene. Chloe returned her attention to Beca who now stood alone. Where the fuck was Benji? Couldn’t he do one of those annoying smoke cloud things.

“Chlo this is boring, just tell her to fuck off,” Tom groaned from behind her. Chloe rolled her eyes before turning and retaking her seat on Toms lap. He nuzzled his face into her neck, dropping sloppy kisses there as she looked at Beca once more.

“Nice to meet you Beca,” she drawled, “but I’m afraid you’re gonna have to leave.” Beca glanced at Chloe one more time before turning and rushing into the house and up to the bathroom, just to use it before she left. She let out a woosh of air once the door was locked, chest heaving as she gripped tightly into the sink, waiting for her pulse to calm the fuck down. She splashed her face before exiting the bathroom, just about to descend the stairs when she heard a high pitch noise.

Regretting her decision already she turned and began to head down the hallway, looking at the various doors. The first few rooms looked innocent enough but one had a couple in right in the middle of… well, Beca nearly threw up there and then. It was then she heard another gasp.

“Stacie!” Her eyes widened at the breathless name and her heart thudded as she recognised the person that voice belonged to. Emily was banging Stacie Conrad? What the hell even was this party, who had Emily become, why did Beca want to sit on Chloe Beale’s face?! She avoided the room that came from, ready to turn when she saw a door with a large, flowery C on. She glanced round a few times before entering the room and shutting the door behind her.

A double bed stood in the middle, sticking out from one of the rooms with a thick white duvet covering it. It looked comfy as fuck with all different coloured pillows over it. On one wall there was a wooden dresser with various make up items over it, a desk with a laptop and a big rug that looked also comfy as fuck. Beca trailed her fingers along the dresser as she looked round the room, happy to be away from the noise a little and allowed to take a breather. Which was probably why she didn’t realise someone had entered the room as well.

“I thought Angels were meant to be well behaved.”


Part 2???