how does one even color this movie

When he tells you he does not care,
He is not “playing it cool”
When he tells you he does not care,
Believe him.

When he lets days pass by with no conversation,
He is not thinking of what to say.
He is having the conversation with someone else.

Do not mistake his silence for nervousness
Do not confuse his touch for love

Some men are just hungry

When he doesn’t want to take you home,
Don’t make excuses for him
Don’t offer him love in the backseat of your jeep
Because he will take it all
And offer you nothing

You will taste nothing but the staleness of his breath for weeks
You will long for his big arms and see him in everyone
You will listen to his playlists until the words are branded in your memory, along with the voice he sang it to you with
You will confuse this for love

When he flirts with Courtney, or Nikki, or Jade,
He is not trying to make you jealous.
When he tells you he loves another woman,
Believe him. And run.

When he invites you to the hotel room,
Stay home. Don’t pay for half.

When he leaves you to pass out in your own vomit,
When he says I got two beds instead of one,
When he refuses to lie next to you,
When he tells you you’re pretty and cool fun but just doesn’t like you like that,
When he laughs at you for being able to count your lovers on one hand,
When he does not once ask you your favorite color, food, movie or even how your day was,
But wants to know all about the time you lost your virginity and just how often does he make your pussy wet

When he tells you he fucked you not once but three times that night,
And you can barely remember even kissing him,
He does not love you.

He has told you all along.
Please listen.

—  hindsight is 20/20

Okay, I just remembered I had a BH6 related dream last night

So does anyone know about that coloring book (or junior novelization I forget which one it was) where they took Tadashi completely out of the story? 

I was watching the movie in my dream, and it was EXACTLY like that and it was so weird. 

Anyway, Tadashi ended up being in the dream, but I was interacting with him. I can’t remember if we talked or how he even showed up, but all I can really remember is the fact that I kissed him omg it happened aaaa

anyway did you know that

- cap 3 introduces tony stark through a sequence that parallels and contrasts against the apogee award/christine everhart interview intro sequence from IM1

- one of the first factual things we learn about tony stark in the mcu EVER is that he’s the “son of legendary weapons developer howard stark.” howard is directly and indirectly brought up multiple times in EVERY SINGLE IRON MAN MOVIE and the entire finale and main villain arc of cap 3 hinges on HIS AND MARIA’S DEATHS

- in IM1, tony’s return from captivity speech kicks off with his public admission that he’s still kind of fucked up by how he never got to say goodbye to his father and cap 3 gives us TONY’S PERSONAL HEADCANON OF HOW HE WISHED THIS GOODBYE HAD HAPPENED

- in IM1 pepper is scheduling MIT-speaker duties for tony, which he is never able to fulfill because he’s kidnapped the next day, and cap 3 finally gives us TONY STARK SPEAKING AT MIT

- tony explicitly links his stance re: the accords to the stance he took in IM1

- thanks to cap 3 we finally fucking know that the aftermath of IM3 and AoU realistically affected tony’s personal life with pepper

- and by the way, the desired balance of said personal life with pepper is part of his motivation in cap 3


- cap 3 finally addresses the Problem that’d really been mostly promptly ignored by the iron man franchise itself, which is HIS GUILT ISSUES!! GUILT ISSUES!! GUILT!! EXPLICIT GUILT!! THANK YOU

- even outside the mcu: cap 3 is based on the comic book event that is FIFTY PERCENT TONY STARK and hey they used a lot of IRON MAN PANELS FROM THE IRON MAN SERIES as visual reference (framing, set design, color composition etc EVEN HIS CLOTHES AT ONE POINT PROBABLY) for tony stark scenes


people can whine and whine and whine about how Tony Stans ™ can’t seem to stop looking at tony in cap 3 like he’s not a Secondary Character all they want, it does not change the fact that the movie captain america: civil war itself did in fact cater to the fanbase that they loathe haha. it did. tony fans have every right to look at tony in cap 3 and go on absolute tony overdrive my friend. they have absolutely every right to look at a scene and discuss it on tony terms. the movie went full tony stark. and honestly? i’m thriving. i am absolutely thriving. keep sending me as many anons as your little heart desires. i’m bottling these tears and i’m thriving. cap 3 is one of The Most tony stark movies in the entirety of the mcu it is a hugely important chapter in Tony Stark’s Personal Arc and even better, tony stark played an undeniably key role in what cap 3 meant to the avengers going forward as a team and i am t h r i v i n g 😎

Every Day Of My Life marvel ritually punishes me for liking their most commercially successful character by serially butchering him in every single book and group event that objectively does not require his presence like TRUST ME nobody suffers more with the whole “tony stark is everywhere ugh” thing than TONY STARK FANS, believe me, but cap 3 got it Right my friend. cap 3 got it Right. cap 3 clearly lay it’s clutches on tony bc of tony’s commercial appeal but they did it Right fam. i think that’s what pisses some people off the most, not the fact that tony Was In The Movie So Much but the fact that he was in the movie so much AND A LOOOOOT OF PEOPLE THINK HE WAS ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF THE MOVIE LOL

it is some people’s Biggest Fear. which is incidentally My Highest Hope: mcu and comic writers managing to marry their commercial boner for tony stark to RELEVANT AND COMPELLING PERSONAL ARCS THAT STAY TRUE TO HIS CHARACTER lmao Every Time someone tries to tell Tony Stans ™ to know their place and contextualize their Stanning ™ within the arbitrary constraints of This Is A Cap Movie ™ i just laugh more because friend. my friend. i am absolutely thriving. people have to live with the fact that iron man 4 got to happen right there inside cap 3 lol i am thriving

anonymous asked:

How would luddy, Ivan , and the BTT react to having a female S/O who is one of the geekiest/nerdiest people you will even meet. Meaning: she loves videogames, all sorts of fantasy books, manga, anime, fantasy movies and tv series, listens to music that's not mainstream, and does a lot of fan art herself. And, of course, she what's considered a geek/nerd look. Glasses, short hair with different color streaks (I have a lot of friends that do that), and wears a lot of nerdy shirts.

Ludwig (Germany)- Ludwig has never really gotten into anything that’s considered geeky/nerdy, but if his s/o was super into certain shows or books for instance, he’d at least try and give them a chance. He probably wouldn’t be as into it as his s/o is though, and at least half the time would be quite confused as to what his s/o was talking about. 

Ivan (Russia)- Like Ludwig, he’s pretty behind on anything that perceived as geeky or nerdy, so nine times out of ten he wouldn’t really know what his s/o is talking about if they’re talking about a show/book/game, so he might be a little confused at times. If his s/o asked, he’d read or watch something with them, but he might not get into it right away. 

Francis (France)-  Francis would actually be super up to date with a lot of shows that would be in his s/o’s interests, so he’d be more than happy to watch them with her. He’d also be pretty happy that they were interested in some of the same things he was. 

Gilbert (Prussia)- Gilbert would practically be on the same wavelength as his s/o when it came to pretty much anything geeky/nerdy. Anime, manga, shows, books, you name it, if his s/o enjoys it, he probably would too. He’d be really, really glad that he was in a relationship where he can share geeky things that he likes with his s/o without the worry of them liking it or not. 

Antonio (Spain)-  Antonio isn’t super into anything really geeky or nerdy, but he’s always excited to give things a chance, so he’d be completely fine with his s/o sharing shows, games, or ect. with him. He’d be pretty excited to do those things as well, since he views it as a chance to get closer to his s/o and spend more time with them. 

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what kind of tumblr blog would all the nohr characters have

All the Nohr characters? Well, here I go! 

  • Xander - He made a tumblr when it went mainstream for like 2 weeks in like 2011 and never used it again. He thinks it was to follow some sports team and like a band, but he doesn’t even remember his URL. 
  • Camilla - Pastel aesthetic blog. Mostly pretty pastel hair colors. 
  • Leo - Studyblr. He’s a nerd, and he’s got really pretty books, so he might as well get some minor fame for what he does. 
  • Elise - You know how people make shrines for their favorite characters? Well, she has a blog for her favorite characters (probably Madoka Kaname). 
  • Laslow - A blog filled with puns and terrible pick up lines. He tries desperately to keep it a secret, but Selena found it one day… 
  • Peri - Horror movies blog. Any and all gifs of varying levels of gore are on her blog and that’s basically her aesthetic. 
  • Selena - Feminist blog. Elle Woods and Emma Watson are plastered all over her theme and she writes lengthy reviews of movies that have a female character in a positive role. 
  • Beruka - She has a false tumblr in case someone asks her to stalk someone online before assassinating them. She has queued the most random crap on there, don’t even ask. 
  • Odin - His blog is just filled with cool gifs from video games where characters are executing their signature moves. He makes up various names for each move and writes them in the tags. 
  • Niles - Porn blog. 
  • Effie - Fitblr. She has so many pictures of her bench pressing Elise on there or that stereotypical post-workout mirror selfie, but in her case, she actually went to the gym to work out instead of just taking pictures. 
  • Arthur - He tried to set up a tumblr but his email was already in use for some reason and he couldn’t make another email and basically his awful luck just prevents him from having a tumblr (but I guess it’s good luck if you see what tumblr does to you…) 
  • Nyx - Punk aesthetic blog. Combat boots, chokers, fingerless gloves, snake bites, it’s all on there. 
  • Charlotte - Boho chic-type blog. Beach pictures, cute swimsuits, various hairstyles, how to destroy males, pretty pinterest nails, etc. 
  • Benny - Science side of tumblr blog. Someone has to be the blogging adult here. Though he just ends up reblogging shitty science puns. (What do you call a fish made of 2 sodium atoms? Tu-Na fish)
  • Keaton - He just reblogs all of the memes he sees. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has an organized system to keep track of any and all memes on this site. 
  • Flora - Cat blog. She is a crazy cat lady. All cat gifs and videos. 
  • Gunter - What is a tumbler? 
  • Siegbert - Patriotic social justice blogging. 
  • Forrest - Fashion blog. This is his favorite time of the year, what with New York Fashion Week in full swing and the weeks following it are just him crying over beautiful outfits while he’s curled under his duvet wondering why he wasn’t there. 
  • Ignis - Fandom blog for Star Wars or something. Hates Doctor Who. 
  • Velour - Has her Instagram linked up with her tumblr so all of her photography and nothing else is on there. 
  • Percy - Marvel fandom blog. Idk who his favorite character is, maybe it’s that one dude that Percy looks just like… 
  • Ophelia - Quotes and phrases. She particularly loves Shakespeare, idk why. 
  • Soleil - See Laslow. Replace Selena with Ophelia. 
  • Nina - Yaoi/BL blog. Mostly DRAMAtical Murder. 

the-storyweaver  asked:

yoongi; ink, adoration, skin. AYEEE can't wait to see what you can come up with :3 ALSO REMINDER THAT I LOVE YOUR WRITING <333

place of you

1. ink

            “You really should invest in some curtains,” Yoongi mumbles into your neck as your shield your eyes from pale rays of the rising sun. You shift in his arms, mint green sheets tangling around your feet and sliding across your bare body until you’re facing him, the tips of your nose brushing against his, soft and warm with the faintest sheen of oil from nights where he doesn’t care enough to watch his face - usually the nights you get to him first.

            “It’s your place, you know,” you breathe into the morning air, voice echoing into your sparsely furnished apartment; a picture frame here, an oven mitt there, a kiss here, a hug there. In the kitchen is an empty fridge, flickering bulbs, memories and possibilities.

            “Our place,” he corrects you with a peck on the nose, sliding his arm under your head so you can rest against it - he’s already memorized which tilts of your head give you a crick in the neck and which keep your tired bones singing. You nuzzle your cheek into his forearm and fall into what could be a dream or just Yoongi’s voice humming you to sleep. You dream of Yoongi’s voice slithering around you in black, dripping ribbons scented vanilla and spice, dream that Yoongi is the scribbles you doodle on the backs of envelopes while gushing to your mom about how wonderful he is, that he is the thinning pages of a book you’ve read eight times, dream that he is the moment and you’re caught in it.

2. adoration

            You’re not really one to find beauty in all things - some colors are just ugly and some movies are stupid and some clouds just look like clouds - but something about Yoongi just does it for you. Something about the soft curves of his neck, his silhouette against the setting sun, flecks of light pulsing around his head, over his shoulders as he sits back towards you on the mattress, even as his squints into the mirror like he’s doing now, cheeks puffed full with mouthwash, eyes glassed and heavy.

            “Did you know that gurgling’s actually really bad for you?” You ask as he spits mint into the sink.

            “You’re full of shit,” he says to the mirror, turning his face one way then the next, looking for imperfections you’re starting to believe don’t exist. His hair is tousled from your hands, neck blossomed red and blooming purple, white shirt hanging off his shoulder and you find yourself sighing.

            “What?” He turns to you, hands landing on your waist, grin pulling at his mouth because he damn well knows what.

            “Nothing,” you giggle out, knocking your head against his chest. He drops a kiss in your tangled hair; in the mirror you watch his eyes flutter closed.

            “Little do they know you’re falling in love with me while I spit in the bathroom,” he snickers.

            “That’s gross,” you shake your head, still pressed against the soft cotton of his tee. “But yeah.”

3. skin

            Yoongi’s fingers tiptoe across your naked shoulder, cold enough to send goosebumps jolting across your skin, warm enough to keep you hovering over a raging sea of daydreams and delusions. The sensations linger, the traces of his fingertips like tattoos or maybe trenches dotted into you. You can’t tell if he’s asleep (he almost always is) or if he’s waiting for you to doze off first so he can list every part of you he adores until he drifts away himself; he thinks you don’t notice but you can hear his mumbles through your dreams. His breaths are a lullaby that rocks you to sleep, floating on clouds of words and wonders with nowhere you’d rather be.

Alright why haven’t we talked about Les Amis + Hamilton yet 

Courfeyrac preorders the album weeks in advance and of course in the time that follows he talks about it and will mention it every now and then, and Les Amis are just like okay cool since he’ll love a certain musical for a few weeks before going on to a new one, and for once he hasn’t forced them to listen to an album or watch a bootleg or movie adaption 

Then when he does get the album he tries to downplay it even though he’s listened to it ten times by the next meeting and at one point he is all “oh that reminds me of a song in Hamilton…it’s this musical about revolution and stuff" 

And Enjolras almost gives himself whiplash from how quickly he looks to Courfeyrac 

Then Courfeyrac continues, "yeah it has all this history and whatnot it’s pretty cool" 

"Most of the cast are people of color”

“Hamilton is totally bisexual”

"Oh and it’s a hip hop rap kinda thing" 

And by now the rest of Les Amis are just like pLAY IT PLAY IT NOW WE GOTTA HEAR THIS

Still Sleepless in Star City

Part two of Sleepless in Star City.  You can find part one here

Read it on AO3   |

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don’t own Arrow or any of the characters; they all belong to the CW & DC.

A/N: Thank you to the wonderful honorthedeadbyfighting for volunteering to be my beta.

My muse wouldn’t leave me alone…again…and forced me to write a follow up to Sleepless in Star City. Feel free to blame my muse for all the weirdness below.

Still Sleepless in Star City

Oliver couldn’t sleep. He’d been tossing and turning since Felicity went downstairs to get her food from Barry. He turned on his side for the fourth time and let out a sigh.

Their king size bed felt cold and empty without her lying beside him, even though she’d been keeping him up lately with her endless babbling, which he loved no matter the time of day or night. 

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I Carry Your Heart: Part One

and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

She pours her love into ink and paper. Letters carefully crafted, each character labored over, as she searches her heart for the right words. Sakura reports on matters small and large in Konoha, the other rookies, Kakashi and Naruto. She asks how he is and where he is, but refrains from writing the question that matters most: When will you come home?

Sakura isn’t counting the days—she isn’t—but it has been two years, nine months, and one week since Sasuke left Konoha. And still, she has no idea when he’ll return for good. Or if he will. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that he ever plans to.

The hawk waits patiently for her to finish her letter. She reads it and rereads it, praying that the hopelessness beneath her yearning isn’t evident, then attaches the missive to the bird’s foot. Sasuke’s hawk carries her words away, and if there’s anything she should take back, it’s a little late now.

Sakura wonders how long she’ll have to wait for a response. Sometimes it’s only days, but there have been stretches of four or five weeks between Sasuke’s letters. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, no way to predict when she’ll hear from him again.

August fades into September, September into October. The hot summer air cools to autumn’s chill, Naruto turns twenty, and still, Sakura has not heard back from Sasuke. At first she’s worried, but then she asks Naruto if he has received word from him lately, and her friend says, “Yeah, I got a letter a couple of weeks ago. He’s near Suna now, I think.”

After that, Sakura stops worrying and tries to quit caring (an impossible feat), because if Sasuke can’t take the time to sit down and write to her, then he doesn’t deserve her attention.

Seven years. That’s how long she’s been waiting for Sasuke to come home and stay. Letters and promises and sweet memories are all she has to cling to. But these things, Sakura finds, are not enough. Not anymore.

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peachietottie-deactivated201608  asked:

Do you have any ushioi headcanons? (That has nothing to do with stalking or the "you should have gone to Shiratorizawa bit", please. There's too many of those, honestly.)

  • Oikawa being at first terrified (and completely in denial) of having the hots for Ushiwaka because wtf something like this never happened to him before (not with a boy, at least)
  • Ushiwaka being completely oblivious until he finds out years later Oikawa is into him
  • Oikawa trying to make Ushiwaka jelaous by fooling around girls, but getting flustered bc Ushiwaka doesn’t even notice it
  • Ushiwaka writting super long text messages everytime, and feeling very happy when Oikawa answers everything point by point even if he complains about it the whole time
  • Ushiwaka’s heart stops whenever Oikawa laughs. He thinks he’s ill or something, he’s just too dense
  • Both of them playing volleyball with Oikawa’s nephew and his little friends to help them improve their skills
  • They get really competitive everytime, but in the end Ushiwaka lets Oikawa win that last point so he can remain being his nephew hero 
  • When Oikawa notices it stops talking to Ushi for three days
  • Lots of silly fights, but they have the best making up sex ever
  • Sometimes Ushi doesn’t understand what made Oikawa angry so he just starts apologizing for everything he recalls to have done wrong
  • ‘I feel like you were mad at me yesterday, and I don’t know why. So I made a list of everything I did, and I’m going to try to not to any of them again’
  • Ushi is good with kids, they’re his soft-spot and it makes Oikawa’s heart melt (even if he never will say it out loud)
  • Oikawa has a lot of photos of Ushiwaka on his phone in a secret pholder so no one could ever know how handsome he looks when he’s not frowning
  • Iwa is so, so tired of giving them both advice
  • ‘What’s Oikawa favorite movie? And color? And does he rather eat something salty or sweet? Hey, Hajime, you’re not helping as much as your two classmates from Seijou told me. I even bought you a drink, you’re socially obligated to help me’
  • ‘Do you think Ushiwaka would like a coffee date? Isn’t that too girly? But it’s nice… Hey, Iwa-chan, are you listening? My love life is on your hands!’
  • Their personalities crash a lot, but somehow they manage to find a way to make things work (Oikawa gets more understanding, Ushi tries to express his feelings more openly)