how does one colour these films

Even More YouTube Au Hcs
  • Nico and Percy plays the Sims together - Dan and Phil style, only 10x gayer with even more screaming and panicking because they’re ‘too young to be parents, oh my god Percy, how the fuck are we supposed to look after these kids, we’re going to kill them’. Annabeth and Piper also play the Sims with 90% of their time spent with Annabeth messing with the houses and Piper trying to stop her, and the other 10% spent with Piper trying to summon aliens and Annabeth trying to stop her
  • Nico is the one you’ll search out video game songs, learn them off by heart, and play them loudly in the morning
  • They all do the ‘hip youtuber thing’ and dye their hair bright colours every few months
  • Nico (as does Rachel) loves referencing ‘so bad they’re good’ films, especially The Room, and you can see Annabeth lose the will to live whenever it happens
  • They make reviews and parodies of the films in hopes that it will make Nico shut up about them (it doesn’t. It just encourages him)

To keirra13 Happy Birthday! Sorry it is late :) and sorry it’s not great <3

Episode 4.2 [Smith]

Welcome to Culverton Smith’s crazy “Business Killer” show. 

I really can’t tell, what the possible order could be and when Sherlock starts to hallucinating. So this is rather a random line up of all possible ep. 4.2 scenes from the trailer. 

SMITH: We are going to have endless fun, Mr Holmes, aren’t we?

SHERLOCK: No, not endless.

Sherlock already has a stubble here, which I thought would first begin, when he’s getting ill. But he seems fine here… So why the stubble?

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