how does it even get like this

Some of my favorite things

  • dimples dimPLES DIMPLES
  • when people do the tongue thing while smiling
  • when someone’s nose scrunches up when they’re laughing AGH SO CUTE
  • snorting while laughing it’s the actual cutest thing please kill me
  • glasses I love them
  • when people notice little things you/someone else does and then mentions how you/that person does them often
  • and instruments too like yes you go
  • when they’re bobbing their head to music and their hair does the little *bloop*
  • not being able to tell a joke because they’re laughing so much
  • when they wear sweaters/shirts/anything really that completely drown them
  • getting really into a song and doing a little dance
  • scars that have weird stories behind them
  • names with stories behind them
  • anything with a story I love stories
  • soft people
  • quiet voices
  • loud voices
  • cuddly people
  • people that make sure you’re okay even if you haven’t been showing signs that you aren’t
  • people that make sure you’re okay when you show signs you aren’t
  • people that understand when you need space
  • people that get all excited when they see something cute
  • the baby voice people use around animals/small children OHMYGOSH ITS ADORABLE
  • people with animals
  • pUNS
  • I fucking love puns
  • bad jokes they’re the best
  • and good jokes
  • gay jokes
  • all jokes really
  • protective people
  • when people get all blushy and giggly it’s the most adorable thing I love it
  • when they show you something they care about
  • looking over to make sure you’re enjoying the thing
  • making jokes about things you’re embarrassed about so you aren’t as embarrassed
  • sweater paws
  • when they’re sleepy and lay their head on your shoulder

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Omg I just love your writing! Can I ask for some head cannons of Bakugou, Kirishima and Kaminari dealing with a fem s/o who has some insomnia issues? Not constant, but small bouts of it like a week of little to no sleep?


⚪️ He’s mad because he cares about you and doesn’t want you doing something that’s unhealthy. Even though you can’t help it. It frustrates him to think he can’t do anything to help you, since really, as your boyfriend he should take care of you. That’s how he sees it, at least.

⚪️ “Hey, go to sleep dammit! You look tired as hell!” He’ll tell you something like this when you’ve gone too long without sleep. He’s not very gentle with it but he isn’t sure how to get through to you.

⚪️ He looks into it and does so much research that, if being a pro hero doesn’t work out, he can just become a doctor or psychologist or something. The more he knows, the better he can help you.

⚪️ If he sees you eating sugary foods or caffeine or anything that will keep you up, he gets kind of frustrated. He gives you all and any advice that he thinks will help. 

⚪️ His care and worry for you actually gets kind of overbearing sometimes.

⚪️ When you actually are sleeping though, he’s like a dragon guarding his treasure. No one is waking you up. If they want something from you, they’re going to have to ask him. 

⚪️ Sometimes he makes you just cuddle him in a dark room so you can fall asleep. Somehow, despite his hard and muscular body, he makes a better pillow than and actual pillow.


⚪️ He feels so terrible when he accidentally wakes you up from sleep, since he knows how precious it is for you to get it. Sometimes he just gets excited though and accidentally talks too loud or moves you.

⚪️ He doesn’t know much about how to help you. He’ll look into it but even then, he still feels at a loss.

⚪️ He wants to help though, he really does. It worries him to see you at your most exhausted.

⚪️ Since exercise can help, he’ll try and suggest you help him work out or something, and maybe he can help you do it too. He likes to go jogging with you or do light exercise with you - hopefully this tires you out a bit too.

⚪️ When he thinks that you need to take a break or that you really need rest, he will very gently ask you if you need to go somewhere quiet. He’s always willing to take a nap with you or just keep you company while you try to sleep.

⚪️ If you do start to finally fall asleep somewhere that is undesired, he will scoop you up into his arms and carry you to a quiet place. If possible, his or your dorm room. Along the way, he’ll shush everyone who approaches him. Finally, it seems like you’ll get a good rest.


⚪️ It’s hard for him to feel sympathetic at first because he’s initially hyped that you can stay up late with him. The two of you just listen to music together all night in his or your dorm room, watch movies/shows, read, play games… he loves it.

⚪️ However, he notices the negative effect it has on you when you have trouble functioning due to how tired you are. This is when he starts to realize that maybe he shouldn’t encourage you to stay up and not get sleep.

⚪️ Instead of playing games and watching movies, he might instead want to just lay down in bed together with quiet music in the background or something. He’ll keep the room dark too, and will probably cuddle you until you eventually do fall asleep. He’s not going to let you go, but fortunately, his body temperature is pretty warm and relaxing.

⚪️ but omg he feels terrible if one night he starts to have a crazy dream and accidentally shoots electricity somewhere and wakes you up. Even worse if he shocks you. It’s one of the worst moments in his life, or at least that’s how he sees it.

⚪️ If he sees that you’re extra exhausted during school or something, he’s always by your side. Well, he’s typically by your side anyways no matter what, but especially in this case.

⚪️ When you’re sleeping, he treats you like you’re precious. Super careful, super quiet. He might trip on something and accidentally curse or something though, bringing some stuff falling down with him and causing you to wake up. 

They Weren’t Your First Bias Part 2 (Wanna One-Maknae Line)

Jihoon: Would get pouty and complain “How could I not be your number from the beginning!”

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Woojin: He wouldn’t know what to say because as far as he knew he was always your first pick “Does that mean you didn’t vote for me?”

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Jinyoung: He would be a mix of Woojin and Jihoon, at first be confused then probably whine “If I wasn’t your first then who was it?”

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Daehwi: This ray of sunshine wouldn’t even care and just be happy that you were his “You liked Seongwoo Hyung at first? Well it’s okay because you’re with me now”

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Guanlin: He wouldn’t care much either but he would tease you to get a reaction out of you “Wow you chose Sungwoon Hyung. I didn’t think you were into older guys Y/N”

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I really liked what you done with the 2ps getting a massage. do you think you can do with the 1p allies too ? ( if you havent done it before) btw Love your blog !

Why of course you can! It’s no problem! I hope you enjoy! All of these make Admin Jay want a massage…~Admins Sarah and Jay

America: “Wait…really?”
Alfred would be shocked that he was getting offered a massage, though trying to get him to relax would be a whole other challenge. He would be nervous at first since he can’t look at his s/o while they work and also he has to turn his back to someone and lay down. Once his s/o talks him through everything, he would relax and soon melt under their hands like putty. He wouldn’t want them to mention how he became a mess under their touch and moaned…but since it felt so good…and he does work out a lot and stress even more…he wouldn’t mind more…

England: “Oh…no you don’t have too…”
Arthur is a very uptight and wound up person. So at first he would deny the massage over and over, at first saying he is fine and then just avoiding it. So if his s/o could wrangle him down and get him to relaxed enough to start a massage, they would finish with a new man under their hands. His stress would melt away and probably for the first and last time in the history of the world, Arthur Kirkland would have an ounce of chill in his body.

France: *raises eyebrow* “You give massages? Can I have one~?”
Francis is a whore for massages. And that’s that. He loves them. Between having the physical touch between him and his s/o, as well as how he just loves to be pampered, he would adore getting massages. Though, in exchange, he’d cook them amazing meals. It’s a win/win, oui?

Canada: “You know you don’t have too…”
Matthew would be a bit embarrassed at first, and wouldn’t want to ask his s/o, especially because he wouldn’t want to feel like he’s working them, though as soon as he feels the massage, he’d become a happy man. He’d love how it feels, and it would help the nervous-wreck of a man finally relax. Though, he’d never ask for one, they’d have to offer.

 Russia: “What is getting massage like?”
Ivan has had little time in his life to receive a massage, so at the mention of one, he wouldn’t really know how to take it..Ivan would be flustered, though. Once he learned that they were traditionally done shirtless, he’d get nervous, since his back is littered in scars.’s his s/o..they’ll love him regardless..right? In the end, he’d agree to one, and actually enjoy it, though he wouldn’t wait them too often. 

China: “Oh it’s so nice to be pampered…”
Yao is so used to doing everything to make everyone else comfortable, that he forgets about himself. So if his s/o could massage him, he would be in heaven. He would let them use any essential oils they wanted, burn any candles they wanted, and he would love to just relax under their touch. Though his s/o would find that all of his muscles are so tight from constantly working and worrying about others. Yao would be so relaxed during the massage, he may even fall asleep for awhile. Though once he wake sup, he would offer to massage them back and would definitely make it part of a weekly ritual since it is so good for the body, mind and soul.

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Hey I'm gonna ask a very embarrassing question. How do you deal with jealousy? Seeing all these relationship goals & glamorous pictures everywhere just makes me feel jealous. I know I'm super lucky, I'm studying abroad, have a loving family & group of friends etc... but I just can't seem to get rid of that feeling. Sometimes I even jealous of my friends and it makes my feel like I'm such a evil person. Advice??

Jealousy does not make you evil, sis.

Take glamorous pictures of your own. You’re studying abroad, you are BOUND to see dope things all around you to photograph. Make everybody else jealous of all the cultural, gorgeous opportunities you have by studying abroad.

As for relationships, being single is not a curse. Of course everyone wants someone to love and to be loved, but why cant that someone be yourself? Take yourself out dates, take selfies whenever you look fly as hell, compliment yourself, lead a healthy lifestyle, LOVE YOURSELF.

Once you love yourself, yet still seek romance, try online dating. It skips through all the “are they attracted to me” bullshit, and allows you to be as picky as you want. Just make sure you establish boundaries with this folks, and ensure that the nature of your relationship is clear, so no one ends up getting hurt.

Good luck doll❤

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Bren likes being called slut and whore and it turns him on like crazy

I’m back!!!! Sorry this took so long to answer omg

  • Okay so Brendon just absolutely loves being degraded, like at first he thinks there must be something wrong with him bc like, who on earth wants to be just insulted and dehumanized the way he does? But Ryan’s explains that just because Brendon gets turned on by something doesn’t make him a freak or anything and he still values Brendon as a person and loves him
  • So Ryan just fuckin’ goes to town on Brendon and fucks him hard and dirty and whispers how Brendon is just such a dirty little slut that will do anything to get fucked and Ryan doesn’t think he even deserves his cock bc he’ll take it from anyone and god he’s just such a fucking whore and Brendon’s leaking everywhere from how turned on he is it’s ridiculous
  • It gets to the point where they’re hanging out and Jon jokingly calls Brendon a slut for some reason or another and Brendon immediately gets hard as a rock
  • Sometimes when they’re out in public Ryan will just start lowly whispering in Brendon’s ear that he’s such a filthy slut and how he’d probably let any guy around them fuck him because he’s such a whore and a cockslut and Brendon’s face gets so red and he’s so hard it actually hurts and Ryan just smirks and makes them keep doing whatever they’re doing be it shopping or about to go do an interview
  • Brendon’s favorite is when Ryan just throws him on the bed and has his way with Brendon and tells him how he’d better hope Ryan doesn’t get tired of him because he’s just a little cumslut and no one could ever really care about someone so whorish and then once they finish, Ryan holds him tight and tells him how much he loves Brendon and how beautiful and precious he is

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Do you have any hcs abt how your summoner is?(how is summoner!yuki or alternatively how would u deal with being a summoner)

hmmm well, despite me using the name Yuki in heroes and loving when characters I love call me by my name, the Summoner I hc in there is the Kiran I portrayed at my garbage man sin, so:

  • She was a working lady kinda fed up with how boring life was;
  • Like, men were easy, sex was getting repetitive, her work was even easier;
  • She enjoys challenges and manipulating people, so being very good at what she does isn’t really good for her amusement;
  • So being summoned to the Heroes world was like a great opportunity to freshen things up in her life like 
    • She would have lots of people under command, which she Likes;
    • Many different kinds of people she could hone her skills on;
    • Also as many different men as she could imagine and seduce 
  • Basically being summoned to heroes was a great thing to her, but she’s a realist, she knows she’s gonna be called home someday, so she’s making the most of her experience there;
  • Has the most serious case of resting bitch face
  • Doesn’t mince her words
  • Gets seriously mad when disobeyed, but never overreacts and instead plots to make the person either regret what they did or to suddenly see the errors of their ways and make them obey her;
  • Has the steadiest heartbeat in the army;
  • Isn’t fazed easily, even though there are like dragons, fairies, dead parents coming to life to talk with their children and so on happening on a daily basis around her;
  • Looks like this:
  • (ofc with the Summoner coat and a miniskirt)
  • Never bet against her, she’ll win

Things that are bothering me more than they should today:

My mom ‘likes’ every single facebook post my sister-in-law makes about her pregnancy or the anniversary of her marriage to my brother (which is today)

My mom ignores every single post I make that’s even vaguely related to being gay… this includes when I thanked everyone for the love and support and my cousins, aunts, and close family friends all chimed in to tell me they were proud of me and loved me… she ignored it.

I know her and I know how she uses facebook, and the ignoring is intentional. It shouldn’t bother me because it’s my life, not hers, but like… it does.

I dunno. This week has been draining and I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted, but it’s getting to me.

I just watched an English episode of miraculous all the way through for the first time and honestly I don’t get how like 90% of the fandom does it. It was horrifying.
Gabriel sounded like a 15 year old having a tantrum.
Plagg sounded like the most horrible thing I’ve heard.
Don’t even get me started on Chat Noir. Is he trying to sound like an ass and a four year old at the same time?
Marinette? It’s like someone gave a kid too much sugar and a helium balloon.

Does the way the high school au choose to decipher Jean bother anyone else or is that just me ??

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C: Can they swim well?
Nah, he loves the beach but gets nervous when he’s actually in the water
H:What is their deadly sin?
I: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do they love themselves?
mmmm probably a 6-8, depending on the day. He can be really hard on himself, especially when he feels like he’s letting other people down
D: How they react to being flirted with?
Look. THIS NERD LITERALLY DOES NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH HIMSELF half the time he doesn’t even realize he’s BEING FLIRTED WITH the other half he just—he’s flattered??? but embarrassed??? I mean. the “I believe in you, nerdboy” Scene???? I feel like he kind of questions it? His internal monologue is: I think they’re….flirting with me? no, don’t be ridiculous Chidi! Why would they flirt with you???” BUT THEY ARE, CHIDI! THEY AER!!!

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Willam annoys me because he wants to put on this persona that nothing bothers him yet everything bothers him. Like pick a character and stick with it.

It’s really transparent when someone actually cares. If someone doesn’t actually care about something they wouldn’t pay any attention to it. I mean really… Willam has plenty of fans and a successful drag career. What does it matter if someone has a negative opinion about you?? Willam has diarrhea of the mouth on social media though and it’s honestly annoyingly pathetic at this point.

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How are some therians able to describe their Theriotype? For example a cat therian may say, my Theriotype is an orange and white tabby cat but more orange than white and has green eyes. I understand identifying as an animal or even a specific breed of an animal but how does one know exactly how their Theriotype should look like?

Some Therians just kind of instinctively know what they look like. They just feel that it’s right. You might come across an image of an animal that color, and it just clicks in place. It’s similar to how some Therians just know what their theriotype species is. 

If you don’t know, that’s okay. It may take some time, research, and introspection. There is no timeline for getting to know yourself. So, there’s no rush. Some Therians don’t even worry about their theriotypes’ exact appearance. They are okay with just knowing the species. 

How in depth you want to go with self-discovery in this area is up to you. What matters is that you feel fulfilled and content with what you know about your inner animal self.


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how does felix not find it weird that Mack is always swimming when they’re talking though like. boiii.

well he does. he knew hed still be there when he went back for the guitar and repeatedly tries to get him to come out of the water. even though he knows he wont.

From someone who used to dislike Jumin Han

I kinda wanted to talk about that because I feel like, lots of people tend to see Jumin only as the controlling jerk who has some stick far up his butt? And I see why that is. 

But I’m not sure if this solely comes from Jaehee’s route in addition with his bad story ending 2 or if some people just try to ignore the positive aspects, which I find really sad. 

I want to mention that I really did dislike Jumin first, because I didn’t even try to understand where he is coming from, until I played his route. 

Jumin’s the kinda guy who doesn’t show his emotions much, and when he does, outside of his route, it’s hard to understand because he has some rather indirect way of showing his concerns.  He’s super supportive in V’s route, he’s getting Mama Kim to look after Yoosung because he doesn’t seem like he can manage adulthood on his own, he sends bodyguards to everyone because he’s concerned about everyone’s well being. He goes as far as to get Zen another “job” despite how Zen treats him.  As it was shown in V’s route, Jumin aims to be the strong one out of the RFA, after all that has happened on Day 10 we can see that one; 

This doesn’t look like a massively stuck up jerk, does it? That looks like the kinda guy that knows he’s gonna be able to “stand firm” given he knows how to surpress emotions to succeed in his job. 

Another thing; My very first call was a call to Jumin, when I just started the game, where he told me not to waste his time with dumb chit chat. - And fuck, I see why everyone would be blown away by that kind of attitude. - I was really “offended” myself and that’s also where I started to dislike him. 

But, if you look at the route’s call logs, you’ll notice that Jumin is the one who will pick up most calls. You can often call him at night when something happened, disregarding his wish not to call him again. He will listen to whatever you have to say and will be thankful that he could get his thoughts away from work, even if it was just briefly. 

He doesn’t hate or even dislike Zen either, in fact, Zen is the only one he’d trust regarding MC, as he even asks Zen to take care of her, in case Jumin won’t be able to do so one day. 

Those were general things, but let me get to his route; 

Because this fandom is so split regarding especially BE 2. At no point, does Jumin force MC into the controlling thing. MC literally asks Jumin to lock her up. You reach it, by encouraging his sexual and controlling side instead of actually caring for his problems. Jumin is confused, he doesn’t even know whether he’s doing the right thing or not. But MC asked for it… So it must be right, right?  He has never had a relationship before, his parents couldn’t possibly be a good role model for him either, otherwise they wouldn’t be divorced. Chairman is womanizing like crazy, and thus no role model for a healthy relationship either.  It’s obviously not the best option for Jumin, but by no means does he force you into it. 

MC, asks for it. Doing something against her will? Not sure where people get that from. 

“As long as you continue to feel this way”, seems to me pretty much like “I’ll stop doing it as soon as you say so.” 

Jumin doesn’t force MC to stay at his place. You went to his pent house with the intention to help him out, so you do help him out, but he still won’t let MC go home. He must force her to stay right?  Wrong. Jumin wants you to stay safe and sound. Rika’s apartment doesn’t seem safe to Jumin and let’s be fair. It is not safe. Some random hacker knows the address even HE doesn’t know? He even knows the password to the apartment? The RFA suddenly gets weird E-Mails? Fishy Sarah and Glam are plotting stuff.  He just found the seemingly only person who understands him. He doesn’t want her to be in danger. 

And honestly, Jumin manages to keep MC the safest. Literally no one in harmed in his route - as long as you actually freaking trust his judgement. 

You can very well leave his penthouse and go home. But guess who’s waiting at Rika’s apartment? - Right, Unknown.  The ending is literally there, to show you, all Jumin wants is to keep you safe and sound. 

So please, I’m not asking you to love and cherish him, but please don’t try to make him look bad for the wrong reasons.  Is he dominant? Yes, definitely. But he knows his boundaries and when he crosses them, he’ll apologise immediately. If you generally don’t like that, that’s perfectly fine with me.  Does Jumin do anything against MC’s will solely for his own personal gain?  No. So please don’t say that.  Is Jumin cold hearted? No, definitely not. He just has a really unique way of showing it. 

spellbound (m)

Pairing:  Jimin x Reader
Genre: witch!au (sort of based on the secret circle), smut, comedy, slight angst
Warnings: dom-ish!jimin, magical sex rituals (so slight blood play, breath play, temperature play), rough sex, cumplay
Word Count:  10k+
Summary:  The only reason you agreed to do this magical ritual with Park Jimin’s Circle was for the sake of your own Circle - to strengthen your individual magic. Yes, that means you’ll have to fuck him, but no, you weren’t happy about it because you hate Park Jimin. Once again, you were only doing this for your Circle. 

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A small collection of high school aus! There’s so many wonderful ones out there that has yet to be read!

And Then There Is No Mystery Left (Baby, I’m Sweet On You) -  Swing Set in December - 1k - Teen

Stiles has no idea why Derek is sitting at his lunch table.

As Good As The Real Thing - literaryoblivion - 5k - Mature

He’s maybe had a crush on Stiles for going on two years now, but there’s no way he’s ever going to act on it or say anything. But, he’s memorized all of Stiles’s quirks and habits because he and Stiles have been in the same history class for two years now, and he always ends up sitting by him. However, he and Stiles have had limited interaction with one another, which is fine. Derek can subside on his daydreams of Stiles. He can live the rest of his high school career on his fantasies alone.

That is until their teacher assigns them to be partners for a project.

Awful, Wonderful You -  stilinskisparkles - 16k - Mature

Truth be told, Derek was suffering from the mild delusion he lived in all summer wherein he actually thought this year might be different, and he might, perhaps, be able to bury the hatchet with Stiles and start over.

The superglue that’s destroyed a ninety dollar pair of pants, however, says otherwise. Derek knows how this play goes down; eventually, he’s going to have to climb out of the pants and trudge back to his dorm half naked. Stiles will gloat for a damn week; Derek will have to put up with constant remarks about Stiles getting him out of his pants… Dammit, he’s actually going to get Derek out of his pants, and it’s not even close to the way he pictured it happening.

Betting On Forever -  mrstotten, veritas_st - 17k - Mature

It’s not like Stiles spends a huge amount of time thinking about it. But when he does it seems strange, good strange, but strange nevertheless, he cant really put a finger on when they decided to become civil to each other let alone friends, best friends even.

Him…and Derek Hale. Can you imagine it?

Binomial Coefficients - DevilDoll - 20k - Teen

In which brainy freshman Stiles Stilinski wants star quarterback Derek Hale to join the math team, AKA math nerds in love.

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Honestly I have a lot of issues with people who say Fenris needs to “get over himself” or otherwise leave his abuse behind

Because do you know how hard it can be to get angry about your abuse and how hard it can be to accept that what happened to you wasn’t even your fault, wasn’t because of something you did, wasn’t justified under any circumstance

And we meet Fenris when he is angry

So so very angry

And yes his character does develop and become less bitter and violent

But that isn’t because he just “got over himself” it’s because he faced what he went through and got that catharsis

That’s the only way he got that closure

Tldr don’t tell an abuse survivor to get over themself and don’t act like Fenris is irrational for being angry and violent