how does i pose

I’m more of a Callie kind of guy to be honest but Marie in the new trailer got my mind going crazy. Here’s my little idea about what she’ll look like. 

I was cleaning out some folders on my phone and I found this snapchat monstrosity from a couple of months ago. It’s the sniddler (snail + riddler)

and I had ten minutes to spare so I gave it a quick go

Lessons learned while drawing Jojos:

  • If you can’t draw Jolyne’s hand, just turn it into a decorative string to fill in negative space.
  • Jotaro’s face doesn’t have to be symmetrical if you hide half of it behind his hat brim.
  • Giorno is too pretty and illegal to draw.
  • Joseph’s hair swoop is stupid and I hate it.
  • I have not been studying the right anatomy to draw Jonathan beef.
  • How the fuck does a pompadour work
  • Johnny is impossible to pose if I can’t leave him on the floor.
  • Gappy is just happy to be there.

princessofthedreamland  asked:

apart from plenty of practice, how does one improve? I just seem to be drawing the same couple poses and I feel like I'm stuck and not moving at all? Should I use references? Watch videos? D:

YES! References are the key for improvement! Even Rembrandt was looking at trees while drawing trees ;) And if you want to try out other poses, you always need some examples. Given time your imagination is all you will need! It’s the best feeling ever, but it requires a lot of patience and practise, except you’re a prodigy..^^

fixed up that sketch and improved it like a million percent… so have some sloppily-colored eremins


Veda and Willa went camping to Saint Greer Islands with Bella ( @crazysim-mary ) and Betje ( @similiciousims ) to celebrate the start of Autumn ♥

BTS Reaction to you having an awkward aegyo personality

hey anon! i am so sorry for the long wait but i hope you enjoy and have a nice day/night as well! <3


*judges you*

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*plain up laughs and thinks it’s cute*

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*smirks at you and starts doing more awkward poses with you*

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*tries to hold in his laughter but fails completely*

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*smiles at you*

“jagi i don’t think you look weird. i think you look absolutely adorable”

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Rap Monster

“you think you look weird? then how do i look?”

*does an even weirder aegyo pose than you*

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*you’re taehyung*

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-Alo <3

I’m guessing this is a cover for one of the new IDW comics (it was tweeted by Jake Goldman, who’s also trying to do damage control about the Gamer Gator thing on there, hoo boy…) but… I just wanna know why they keep tracing old art. They did this in the intro to the show and now it’s happening with products. Because all three poses here are lifted from old designs (you can especially tell on Bubbles because her pigtails aren’t as high on her head).

Why keep doing this? Why not create original art? Original poses? How does tracing save you time? I mean, the girls have the simplest designs possible. Is it that hard for these artists to come up with something new? Or are they just doing this to get people to buy it (like, people will be familiar enough with the design to assume it’s old!PPG)?

It’s just kinda aggravating to see this. :T

Summary of Miraculous Ladybug Episode 25 (Origins Part 1)
  • Marinette: "oh no what should I do what is this akuma thingy what is purifying akuma how does this yoyo work" *rambling*
  • Adrien: *poses* "yo bitch I'm reAAAADYYYYY"