how does i pose

undercover auror boyfriends harry and draco

harry already had muggle clothes but they had to go buy draco new ones and harry found this super cute jacket for him to wear :))))


I’m more of a Callie kind of guy to be honest but Marie in the new trailer got my mind going crazy. Here’s my little idea about what she’ll look like. 

Murder on the Orient Express promo pic from October ‘17 issue of Empire
(Scanned by me)

okay welp off to bed and I’m happy with this but I keep seeing all the damn mistakes hh


Some lose sketches of zeh bug dad and bat child. They belong to @wintermoth, who is a lovely person with amazing fanfics that you should definitely go read if you haven’t.
Spoilers if you haven’t read Guardians yet?

This was mostly foreshortening and action pose practice, but they turned out pretty well, and I’m pretty happy with them.
Though Firefly’s shading killed me.
Why does Sombra have boots? Because I didn’t feel like trying to leg. I just… Can’t leg. Also I like boots.
Same with Firefly’s eyes. That and I thought it looked cool.

Keep ya eyes peeled for when I drop a “Dad Pose Pack” in the next few weeks lmao

edit: I literally named the pose daddyjihoon_pose1 no reGREts