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undercover auror boyfriends harry and draco

harry already had muggle clothes but they had to go buy draco new ones and harry found this super cute jacket for him to wear :))))


I’m more of a Callie kind of guy to be honest but Marie in the new trailer got my mind going crazy. Here’s my little idea about what she’ll look like. 


Some lose sketches of zeh bug dad and bat child. They belong to @wintermoth, who is a lovely person with amazing fanfics that you should definitely go read if you haven’t.
Spoilers if you haven’t read Guardians yet?

This was mostly foreshortening and action pose practice, but they turned out pretty well, and I’m pretty happy with them.
Though Firefly’s shading killed me.
Why does Sombra have boots? Because I didn’t feel like trying to leg. I just… Can’t leg. Also I like boots.
Same with Firefly’s eyes. That and I thought it looked cool.

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Your padawan!ben au is the best and clone!obi-wan is lovely! How about Mace meeting Ben? Thank you!

“Yoda.” Ben looked over to the benches from the sparring mats where he was preforming katas under his master’s watchful eyes, stopping mid-move as the Korun approached the green goblin.

“Need me hmm?” The ears rose.

“There was a situation where you’re input was needed with the guardians and the archivist.” Mace nodded, settling his hands together before glancing at the exercising padawan.

“Hmm, go I will, supervise my padawan you will master Windu.” Yoda cackled a bit when Mace tensed. “Good for him learning is, help him.” Yoda prodded at him with his cane then hopped off the bench to hobble away.

Ben hid a small smile when his master’s amusement touched him through their bond, still moving through his katas, making sure he warmed up properly.

“You don’t have to stay if I make you uncomfortable.” He offered the older man, already feeling his unease in the Force.

“Its not…you don’t…Force.” Mace sat down, watching Ben. “…I knew your template. The…original I guess if what Yoda assumes is right.”

Ben fell to a stop, watching the man curiously before shifting. “That’s the theory then. That I’m the same only…in a new body?”

“You seem to have memories, faint as they are, of the temple, of people.”

The startling example of Knight Bant Eerin rang through his mind, the way she had stared at him in an equal mix of awe and shock with a lurking sadness. He’d seen other Jedi knights look at him with the same look, people who looked vaguely familiar to him but Ben couldn’t place.

“I guess it makes sense on some level. Recreating a Force sensitive is not the same as just cloning any person. Taun We complained for years about the fact that she couldn’t create more then me.” Ben confessed.

Mace sighed. “…I held yo-Obi-Wan in my arms when he died. He told me he wasn’t scared to die despite having been promised a cure. He was so…brave.” He breathed out a bit and focused on Ben again. “He was sick. Terminal. But if we got the cure, he could have survived, weakened but survived. He could have become an Archivist, a temple locked Jedi but still capable.” He confessed.

The padawan slowly moved towards him and sat down beside Mace, the two staring at each other. “I don’t…have memories of that if that’s what you’re asking about.”

There was an almost relieved slump of the Korun’s shoulder.

“I grew up among my brothers on Kamino, I got held by them and they soothed my fears and made sure I ate.” Ben laughed quietly, looking at his hands. “…Why Yoda took me as a padawan I don’t know but I imagine the fact that I’m a clone mitigates a few of the Codes tenants about my age. Though not my attachment to my vods.”

“There’s a lot of things about you that isn’t traditional. But no one is going to argue with Yoda. He hasn’t had a padawan since Count Dooku.”

“Not a reassuring comparison right now, with the war outside the temple and my vods dying.” Ben flashed him a small, shaky smile and Mace chuckled before standing and offering his hand to the green eyed clone.

“How about I teach you a few moves from the vaapad?”

“Really?” Ben’s eyes lit up in excitement, eagerly grabbing the dark skinned hand, savoring the contact with another person.

Mace seemed to notice and tugged the padawan back out on the sparring mat, using his hands to guide him into proper position. “Just the basic start-up. It might not be for you as the vaapad is demanding in both physical and mental discipline. But you’ve shown a clear grasp of meditation and a good grasp on what Yoda has been teaching you so perhaps.”

“Master Yoda won’t mind that you’re showing me a few vaapad moves?”

Chuckling quietly, Mace shook his head. “No. Most Jedi tend to learn a few moves from other saber techniques to supplement their preferred form. Master Qui-Gon’s preferred form is Ataru, a highly agile one but he also knows Makashi for example. I myself can mix several saber forms.” He tapped at one of Ben’s boots with his own, indicating that he should widen his stance which the other promptly did.

“I see. I haven’t asked Master Yoda yet but is it best to specialize in one or pick up several forms at once?”

“Specialize then pick up more to supplement. But vaapad is my form and I would like to see if you have the temperance and constitution for it in the future. Perhaps I can teach you it.” Mace shifted the others arm up and nodded. “How does that pose feel?”

“A bit straining along the back. But I can hold it. Is this the start pose?”

“Yes. Can you memorize it and return to it if you grab your saber now?” Mace raised his brow.

Ben seemed to examine himself, brow furrowed before giving a sharp nod.

“Prove it.” Mace offered simply and smirked when his challenge made Ben’s eyes light up in anticipation.


“So you spent most of your life being touched then.” Anakin stared up at Ben as the other played with the blonds braid.

“Uhu. I grew up with the vods you know. Rapid growth true but still grew. I still had a semi childhood with them. I find it strange how Jedi seem to have an aversion to touching.”

“Its not so much an aversion I think as wanting to respect limits. Some Force sensitive get these feedback images when they touch another.” Anakin fell silent in contemplation as he stared at the other man. “…Do you miss it? The touching.”

Ben hesitated before nodding. “I miss my vods. I miss sharing bunk with one of them and being held and told to eat. Up what’s on my plate. Master Yoda tries but its…”

“Not the same.” The other padawan summarized.

“…Yes. I wish I was out in the field with my vods sometimes. But master wants me to finish learning, that I have a lot to learn.” Ben sighed quietly.

“You could ask to visit the clone barracks though?” Anakin sat up and wrapped his arm around the other, making sure he leaned his side against the other and pressed thigh to thigh, giving Ben as much contact as he could.

He smiled when Ben melted for it.

“You think he’d let me? It won’t be considered attachment.”

“I think if he was really worried about that, he shouldn’t have taken you as a padawan.” Anakin shrugged. “You know what, lets go now, we don’t have lessons.” He got up, grinning down at the other while holding out his hands for Ben to take. “Come on, lets go see your vods.”

Ben blinked hard before grinning and taking Anakin’s hands, holding on tightly.



WESTWORLD | 1.01 | Hector & Maeve

First scenes together

Little Munson - Chapter 1

A/N - Welcome back to the story of Angel and Bobby Munson! Angel is finally in high school, which means new challenges for both her and Bobby. I tried a different format for this chapter, I’m trying to move the story along so we can get back into things! I have a lot of one shots that are planned to go with this. That’s the reason it’s short and time jumpy.  =D

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Coffee Drabble #3: The Best Part of Waking Up

Lastly! Some of that sweet sweet SeriRei for @dipuc. Thank you kindly!

Reigen let out a long, anguished groan as he trudged heavily down the stairs. It was still dark out, a solid three hours before he would normally get up. He couldn’t believe he had taken on this job, had smiled and nodded when the client had told him that the spirit only appeared just at the cusp of dawn…even the extra ‘morning riser fee’ wasn’t enough to make this worth it.

He slid his shoes on, opened the door…and immediately screamed as he faced a shadowy figure standing on the dark stoop.

The figure screamed back.

“Oh my God, Serizawa!” Reigen gasped, the echoes of their collective freak-out dying slowly down the empty street. “You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Please forgive me, Reigen-san! I…I didn’t know that you had a job this early until Mob-senpai texted me to let me know last night and then it was too late to contact you to offer my services, so I…” With a deep bow, he held out one of two small paper cups. “I’m very sorry for surprising you, and I hope this makes up for it.”

Reigen straightened his jacket and put his hand on Serizawa’s shoulder, urging him to stand straight. “Really, it’s fine, don’t worry about it. You just startled me, that’s all.” He took the cup and raised it to his nose, sniffing. “What is it?”

“I made you a cappuccino.”

“Oh. Too bad it wasn’t a latte. Or I could have been like…’Thanks a latte!’”

“Would you have preferred a latte?! My apologies! I can make one for you later to make up for it!”

“Seri. I’m just kidding. Come on.”

“Be careful, though, please, Reigen-san. It’s –”



Despite the initial burn, Reigen had to admit that the drink was quite delicious. There was a dash of chocolate powder mixed in, and it married pleasantly with the espresso. And it absolutely woke him up, which was a godsend. In the glow of the streetlights, he could see Serizawa taking small sips from his own cup, now and then glancing at Reigen before immediately averting his gaze. It was…achingly adorable.

“Okay, this is it,” Reigen announced as they appeared in front of an apartment building. “I’ll do the talking, and I’ll…um…” He thought how best to word this. “If I determine that the spirit does not pose a particular challenge, I’ll let you exorcise it. For practice. Sound good?”

“Yes, sir!”

Reigen finished the cappuccino before tossing the paper cup in a nearby receptacle. He was about to open the door, but paused, turning to regard Serizawa fully. “Wow, I just realized…I’m a real jerk. I didn’t actually thank you. For coming out and bringing me coffee and all.”

Serizawa flushed, looking down at his feet and fidgeting slightly, self-consciously tugging at his pocket with his thumb. “Please, Reigen-san, it’s the least I could do. It’s…it’s my pleasure and I want to be useful. To you…I mean, to the agency! And –”

The space between them became silent once more as Reigen leaned in and pressed a kiss to Serizawa’s cheek. His stubble prickled his lips, the fingertips that touched the other side of his face. Serizawa’s mouth hung open, as if the words had gotten stuck on their way out, and Reigen realized he wanted to really kiss him, but…that was something they should probably talk about. Not exactly the best thing to spring on an anxious guy like Serizawa first thing in the morning.

“So. Thank you.” Reigen pulled back after tucking a piece of dark hair behind Serizawa’s ear. He’d be needing another haircut soon.

“You’re…welcome.” Serizawa barely breathed the words, reaching up to touch the spot Reigen had kissed, like he was trapping the sensation in.

“Shall we?”

“Yes, sir!”

“‘Sir’ isn’t necessary…”

“Very well, Arataka.”

Reigen nearly collapsed against the still-closed door.

fixed up that sketch and improved it like a million percent… so have some sloppily-colored eremins