how does i photoshop


Alec/Matt looking at the camera in 2x07

never over the mint yoongles


(Because of this)

Fael likes puns but this killed the mood way too much Dorian

anonymous asked:

ok then wcif the skins you used on dina? (i said do you have a recourse page bc i wanted to check that first before i asked you a wcif :) sorry)

It’s completely fine, I was just upset because if I had a resources it would be linked somewhere on my blog. You can find the skin here by @inspiredmoodlet

KISS KISS FALL OVER ANd cry about the lack of a 2nd series

Haruhi: Me
Kyoya: @eri-dan
Photography and editing: @lalondin (tytytytytytyyy)

(( I just installed Clip Studio Paint EX and am staring at it in horror. HOW DOES THIS THING WORK OMG? Photoshop and Sai are so much more intuitive, what the actual fuck. And people said this program is the intermediary between Sai and Photoshop… IT ISN’T. IT REALLY ISN’T.

edit:  ok so the painting and blending in this program is pretty amazing, but i am srsly feeling the lack of sai brushes.))

my best friend has been requesting stuff from me for ages so i thought i’d draw his husband while we wait for fates to be released in australia

thank u to the anon who told me how to beat metal face because now i get to see everyone who loved her fall apart


daisy johnson + defining moments requested by @thelastdragonslayer


I’m a  f a i l u r e  as a human and a vampire


Gift two and three for @xxstealthxx. I had at first planned not to make these public since they were my first try at such animations and there are so many flaws… but hey, everyone starts out small! So here you have it :D

Idle and walk animation of her FR dragon Papyrus.