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nozoeli + 56

took some liberties with the prompt and didn’t include the exact phrasing, but hope it’s ok!!

NozoEli - #56 “I jokingly told you that the only way I’d marry you was if you did this weird outlandish thing, and you actually did it, and I’m kind of charmed." 

In their first year, a few months into their friendship, Nozomi flipped the magazine quiz page and read out with panache: "Who would be your ideal marriage partner?”

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i didn't realize the duolingo web version explained the grammar so i always used the app... :/ how does that even work? if i go back to review old lessons will it still teach me the grammar i missed?

You just click on the skill, even if you already completed it, and the tips and explanations will show up if you scroll down from the lessons. Each skill, even vocabulary only ones, has grammar explanations and it is pretty neat in that it even explains how you use certain words not taught for different things. Also, check out the discussion tab for topics you still don’t understand.

More Blood Azusa Ecstasy 10 Translation

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――As for sure, Azusa-kun’s arm had gotten worse,

And the pain greatly increased.

At times, in a weak voice,

He would tell about

The days he spent as a gypsy.

Even though his words would be cut off by grunts of pain here and there,

He continued talking.

Over time, I had noticed

That his complexion has been getting paler and paler.

I tried to stop him from talking many times,

But he pleaded

To continue speaking.

And so, I gave in and let him.

Without interrupting,

My ears diligently took in

All the words he was telling.

I wanted to capture

All of his thoughts… …

-End Monologue; Scene: Azusa’s Bedroom -

Azusa: … …I was a useless human being.

I wanted to deny it, I didn’t want to think it was true, but… …I couldn’t.

However, them… …Justin, Christina, and Melissa… …

Made me believe I was needed in this world when they’d beat me.

Yui: Azusa-kun… …

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And he would look up into the sky, curling against the warm body beside him. The desert breeze had been welcome at first, coming up as the sun set a few hours ago, but it was turning cold now quickly. He sighed when his companion folded him into the embrace of his arms, all sinew and muscle and the scent of spice.

In this moment, just for the blink of an eye, there was not a thing in the universe that existed beyond the caress of the two arms holding him and the incredible view. The dark sand underneath and the clear sky above gave the illusion that they were floating in space. One with the infinite black, whole. He breathed in stars and exhaled galaxies. So much space, so many many lives. He felt them all and for the first time in quite a long while he felt young. So incredibly young, as if he was cradled in the gaseous oceans of the Local Cluster with all the other just barely glowing suns. Still growing. To the man at his side it seemed as if a golden nebula got caught in his eyes, when he was formed.

“My people call it ‘Nome’.” Spock’s gentle baritone broke the silence between them. Jim only barely managed to nod, still in this trance-like state of being, still floating among the tiny spots of light above them. The ‘Oneness’ was as much part of Vulcan culture as the doctrine of the dominance of logic, he knew that…but Jim had never been able to experience it. It was a little known fact that Vulcans had an additional sense that made them feel one with every single thing in this universe. Humans were usually unable to feel the same.

“Will it be always like this?” he asked back, slowly emerging from their joined consciousness. A spark warmed the part of his mind that was still so new. Tiny waves of joy poured into him, following the warmth. Jim grinned when he felt, rather than heard, the little huff that came from Spock. He knew from every other man it would have been a hearty laugh.

“I have to confess: I do not know. From the limited information I was given by my mother I can tell that you will always be able to sense me. But I can not claim the same for…this.” Spock’s gaze flickered to the night sky and Jim had to concentrate to not lose himself in the way those dark eyes reflected the infinite.

“I, myself, am not always aware of it. The Acolytes of Gol train to repress their emotions to the point of losing the sense of themselves. They do not feel as other individuals would…it is a noble goal, gaining pure logic and a free mind, being truly one with the universe. But as far as dedicating one’s life to a cause goes, I find it lacking.” The embrace tightened for a moment and Jim leaned back until he was almost covering Spock’s body with his. He placed his head on the bony shoulder of the man who joined his katra to Jim’s. It felt like an age had passed since then, but it was only a couple of hours ago. 

“Well, I’m glad you found something more worthy of your dedication.”

“As am I.”