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I… Tried to draw Lance as the Archer in the fic “From the Ruins, We shall Rise” by @thespace-dragon and I failed miserably I’m SO SORRY FOR RUINING HIM!
Just ignore it.
So yeah I just wanted to say that I love, LOVE this fanfiction and I can’t wait to see in which direction the whole story is gonna go!
I’m in love with the world and how the characters are portrayed or the interactions between them! Also the bond between dragon and human is so damn interesting I’m just… AMAZED everytime I think about this fic!
This story got me and I’m so damn happy it exists!! Even tho the author doesn’t always have the time to write and has her own problems I’m happy she tries to do this and that makes me even more grateful for being able to read it.
Give it a read if you like (long) fantasy AUs!!

the kids and their most recently used emojis

Rose 🔪 ❤😒👀
John 😂😅😝😥
Dave 👍😑🖕☝
Jade 😋😄💗👋
Roxy 🙌💕🎉😁
Jake 😎😗😜👌
Jane 😉😑😮😕
Dirk 💀🚪🌗🔜

Wonho: everyday every night I can feel you ohh


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100,000 Bad Jokes: The Movie (English Subtitles)


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Jake believes dirks hair is soft, touches it, bing bang badaboom youve got yourself a valid excuse for non crusty spikes of death

jake believes dirk’s hair is soft, it immediately melts into a fluffy down-do like a sandcastle in the rolling tide, dirk is like bruh pls not this shit again. jake doesn’t care. he is rubbing his face in it

Would anybody mind translating this for me?? (I know it isn’t Ruruka related but I have the most followers on this blog)


‘Safed chutney’ nahin, white sauce.

Hamari saas bohat gori hai, humein pata hai.

Pinky Promise

It was in your best interests to stay away from Johnny and Double J and that whole delinquent lifestyle, and yet, you find yourself not being able to. It was fucking stupid.

This is a collab with @cremethorns aka the double J fic we didn’t want to write but here it is. go read her part HERE as well because like. why wouldn’t you it’s good duh. It’s the Jaehyun half of the story, and we all know you guys love Jaehyun. Enjoy!

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It’s confirmed. Shinoa wants to see Mitsuba naked again lol

But honestly Shinoa, I don’t know if Yuu will be interested in that. I mean, when he saw the two of you almost naked he didn’t react. Like at all. He only thinks about vampires, his family and Mika.

Also, being the non-native English speakers we are, with @nara-maru we decided to stop trying to overheat our lil’ heads and upload this video as it is now. If someone knows a good onomatopoeia that could mean “plain” or “average”, please let me know and I’ll fix it ^.^

EDIT: fixed it. I got it all wrong and translated it badly, now there shouldn’t be any more problems ww


Inspired by that very chapter you made °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Sorry if its a bit sketchy and the kneaded eraser is botheringly out of place lol but i must give ya note which i just realized has wrong spelling hvsdjagfkhjlfjkgkfghfgjddv

For @echoflowey whos a really nice person thats very tsundere tbh xp
Art by: me 

alright folks, here’s the deal.
these days I have barely any motivation to work, which is inconvenient because I attend a very high ranking and competitive school where all my friends are either super smart, super hard workers, or both. how do I a) cope with incredible amounts of stress and feeling inadequate and b) analyse and annotate poems and prose ?