how does her dress work anyway

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No but cuan descarado tienes que ser for you to check out a girl in front of her girlfriend and just nod at her tan tranquilamente when u get caught

when @toomuchducky and I happen to dress on the masculine side at the same time people don’t think we’re together. that was day 1 of Miami Pride and people kept giving us question mark looks like “how does that work” which like you’d think wouldn’t be a thing and yet

anyway, in the elevator this chick didn’t know we were together i’m gonna assume, until she caught eyes w ducky and ducky was like “👀…but i feel you fam she hot”

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How would Germany react to a woman who dresses up in military gothic style?



  • He quite likes the style, Its quite close to what he wears anyway
  • If he has the chance to talk to the woman the first thing he will comment on is her sense of fashion
  • He might ask the woman where she gets her clothes
  • If she made them herself he will be mind-blown, How do they look so good?
  • Will work it into his business suits, He will look fabulous (even though he does already)
  • If he meets the woman again he will thank her for showing him this beautiful look

I looked this up and now have another obsession, thank you for opening my eyes 

Now or Never (Bias x Reader) Pt.8

At the concert in Japan, B/N performs with a clear mind. He doesn’t let his thoughts get in the line of work until the music stops and he’s off stage. 

At the fansigning event, he puts on a smile. Signing everything being shoved his way. He holds basic conversation, amused at many of the fans behavior and messages to him. But he can’t help but think of Y/N. Would she act like this if they hadn’t met the way they did? Would she be screaming and jumping up and down? Would she be neutral and calm? 

By the time it’s over and they get back to the hotel, B/N is more exhausted than usual, all this thinking taking a toll on him. 

“What am I doing?” B/N asks himself.

“I told you so,” his members ruthlessly chastise him.

Was he way over his head here? What was he doing moving so fast with a girl he just met? He was someone always on guard with his feelings, not giving in so quickly. Why this sudden change? He can’t imagine the mess he would be in if his manager found out. 

He checks his phone and sees the few messages of encouragement Y/N left him. He feels the tug of a smile forming on his lips but sighs instead. He tosses his phone but it misses the bed, falling on the floor.

She didn’t bother him as he worked, already grasping his hectic schedule. But why was she so understanding? Call his phone endlessly, be clingy and psycho. Give him a reason to do what he’s about to do.

He falls on the bed covering his face with his hands, “I can’t believe I did this,” he’s mumbling to himself aloud, but of course everyone else hears him. 

“Was she that much of a bad kisser?” 

“Far from it,” 

They’re yelling now and jumping on the bed around him, teasing him endlessly, “So you did kiss her!”

“She couldn’t possibly be a bad kisser. You saw her lips, imagine how they felt,” 

“You always move so fast,” 

“Is she no longer interested? Were you a bad kisser? That’s a huge turn off for some people,” 

“Shut up,” 

B/N covers his face with the pillow, his mind drifting back to her again. She had a normalcy about her that he didn’t know he craved. Someone that didn’t jump at every opportunity to be with him. Someone who actually questioned why he was interested in her. Majority of the girls he spoke to either attempted to use him for their own gain, or were so caught up in the stage version of him that they didn’t bother to actually get to know him

He groans into the pillow, trying not to think of those brief moments with her. He wants to think rationally, something he’s supposedly good at. 

“Just call it off, say our manager found out,” 

“That’s cold,” 

He thought about that option. Many idols have done that, taken the easy way out. They pay off the girls figuring that’s exactly what they want and they’re on their way, relationship forgotten. But remembering how she spoke to him, the sincerity in her words and the look of affection in her eyes… Could he do that to her?

“Do you not like her anymore?” 

He exhales sharply, getting more annoyed by the minute, “I do but-”

“You’re scared,” B/N says nothing because they’re right. They know him so well.

If he wasn’t a celebrity, if he was unknown like before, he wouldn’t hesitate. He’d flaunt their relationship and wouldn’t be afraid of displaying his affection towards her. 

But he has to be careful with the life he has. Careful of the people he wants to get close to, wary of them stabbing him in the back. He couldn’t trust just anyone. Even people like Y/N. 

“What are you going to do?” 

B/N sits up, “Something only a coward would do,”

None of his members tell him if it’s a good idea, but they don’t stop him either. 

In a few days B/N returns and you’re more than excited to see him. You know he’ll be tired but he insisted on seeing you anyway. 

“Look at you,” Kara puts her magazine down as she watches you get ready. You’re wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater, but you’re makeup and hair is what will draw the attention. Casual tire, flawless face, “You’re even wearing perfume, God must be coming,” 

You can’t help but smile. Kara is dressed as well, but she’s going on a date with another man you haven’t met yet. A new date this time.

“My date is hotter than yours though,” she teases. 

“How well does he kiss?” 

“He needs a bit of work but-” she suddenly gasps, “You kissed him?” 

“Well, he kissed me,” you glance at her, “Twice,” 

She slaps the magazine on the table, “How was it?” 

You feel shy at the thought of it, your face heating up, “You know that thing they do with your bottom lip when the kiss is about to end?” 

Kara sinks into her chair with a satisfied sigh, “No he didn’t,” 

You fan your fake tears dramatically, “He did,”

She suddenly yells in frustration, frightening you, “This guy better not disappoint me!” 

Your phone goes off then and you see the text from B/N saying that he’s here. You jump up and grab your bag, waving Kara bye. 

B/N is parked farther away this time. You get in, bashfully greeting him. He’s prepared food for a picnic this time, since going to an actual restaurant is out of the question. 

“How was the concert?” you ask him as he drives. The sky is bright and blue, not a cloud in sight. 

“It was great. Crowd was lively too,” you watch him as he drives, realizing his hands are gripping the steering wheel too tight and that he’s barely looking at you. 

When you arrive, there’s barely anyone. You sit on the blanket by the lake, B/N setting the food out. You’re curious about what has his mind so occupied, so you take his hand, “Are you okay? If you were busy or even stressed out, we could’ve put this off for another day,” 

He shakes his head with a smile, “No. I had to see you today,” 

You almost don’t like the way he said that. He sits beside you with a smile, “I hope you like it,” 

He starts to eat but you’re stomach is uneasy, remembering the way he looked at you a few days back to the way he’s behaving now. 

“Why aren’t you eating?” he asks, still stuffing his face with food. 

“Why can’t you look at me?”

He pauses mid-chew, waits until the food is down before turning to you, “My manager found out,” 

Your heart sinks, “About us?” 

He nods, “He told me to call it off,” He sounds too casual about this.

“And you complied, just like that?” 

He puts his food down, “I didn’t have a choice,” 

You’re quiet for a moment, “When you looked at me the last time, you looked as if you were ready to say goodbye. So right now I think you’re lying. Am I wrong?” by his silence you know you’re not.

He sighs, “Y/N we both saw this coming. It wouldn’t have worked.” 

You feel so stupid, “Wow. Was any of this genuine? You were the one pouring your heart out to me before and now you’re stone cold? I think you’re a scared little bitch who couldn’t come to me and explain that you’re terrified. How many girls have you done this to?” 

He turns his face, the muscle in his jaw moving. You hate that your eyes are flooding. You hate that you’re feeling so betrayed.

“I understand if you hate me,” he says softly. What you hated was the fact that he’s not fighting for you. Fighting for someone he barely knows…

“I would’ve understood if you had just explained to me. I have to leave in about a month, I know how this will end.”

He bows his head, “I’m sorry,” 

You’re infuriated, but you know it’s because you’re hurt. You’re still holding the food he made for you and it’s the only thing you can throw at him without it actually hurting him. The food stains his clothes. He finally looks at you and you can’t stand the softness in them.

“I wish I could hate you. You were just the last person I expected to do this to me,” 

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No offense but why do you draw fem jack so hypersexualized and thin? It's really problematic and kind of sexist to take a cis guy who is chubby and masculine and hairy and decide that the only possible "fem" version of him HAS to be a thin, busty, long haired girl. She legit looks like Meg Turney. I'm not trying to hate I'm just like.. making sure you realize how harmful of a mindset that is, man. He's a really laughy and deep guy and in your comic the first joke with her is "boobs" like..dude.

none taken at all that’s a good point my dude, but honestly

how jack looks now and how she looks when michael’s chapter will be up are two completely different looks. i want to show how jack at this moment is not dressing for herself, but rather for her clients since right now she does a lot of freelance work and almost all of her clients are grody dudes in LS.. they want to see hypersexualized, jack gives them this, she doesn’t particularly like it but it puts bread on the table. they want her to dress and act a certain way, and jack does because she’s trying to make her way up in the crime world and she doesn’t have a crew but she cant fucking stand any of the clients before geoff anyway so there’s that.

geoff will be the first hire to let jack be jack, let jack dress like jack, let jack eat like jack, and not expect anything but what jack wants for herself from jack. just total utter acceptance

but i gotta get past the first couple of heists and get gavin into the story to get jack to where jack is gonna be for the majority of the story. so, if this is still sexist then im sorry but eyyy it wont be like this for forever

and as for the boobs thing, i meant for that to be Geoff thinking that this random chick is trying to seduce and then kill him, bc he’s had that happen to him before quite recently. a few days ago in fact. hence why he quick jerks back expecting a knife in his ribs. and why hes so hostile to jack afterwards.

so yea dude i know its kinda cringe and also quite sexist right now but i have a lot of this story to get through, dont you worry it’ll be a lot less cringe as it goes on


Arya hadn’t intended to like Margaery or any of the Tyrells when they first arrived in King’s Landing. Their House sided with the Lannisters and she would be Joffrey’s queen. That made them her enemies.

But Margaery had been nothing but kind.

The older girl included Arya in her little court of Reach ladies and girls, bringing her along when they gave their patronage to merchants and helped the poor. Even when they left the city to hawk or sail on a pleasure barge up and down the Blackwater, Arya was allowed to come too. And Margaery  would tell her funny stories about Highgarden. 

Though Arya refused to trust Margaery, she couldn’t help but like her. 

So when the Tyrell girl asked that Arya allow her and her maid to curl and dress her hair, Arya agreed after some gentle pressing. 

“We’ll make you look even prettier,” Margaery vowed, making Arya distrust and like her all the more.

As they worked, Arya couldn’t help thinking  painfully of the Lady Catelyn.

“You could be pretty,"  her mother always told her, "if you would just wash and brush your hair and take more care with your dress, the way your sister does.”

But Arya never bothered. She always had something else she would rather do, and never believed it anyway. Not really. Her sister and Jeyne told her she was ugly and called her Horseface, so Arya thought they must be right.

“See, look how pretty you are,” Margaery said when they had finished.

Only then did Arya realize she had kept her gaze purposefully away from the mirror the entire time. She looked up to see an eerily familiar stranger looking back with her grey eyes. The sight of the reflection made Arya’s teeth sink into her bottom lip.

Seeing herself primped up like Margaery and her cousins gave Arya a queer feeling of embarrassment and curiosity. But more than that, she wondered what her mother would say if she saw her like this.  Would she say she looked nearly as nice as her sister? Or would she not compare her to anyone at all?

Trans socialization

Okay, so, I keep seeing radical feminists talk about how ultimately trans women are “socialized male” which means that, even if we opt out of situational privileges (such as being respected by others or assumed to be correct when speaking about a situation our listener is not involved directly in) by transitioning, we still retain ingrained privileges (such as higher levels of confidence, the belief that our words matter and we should be listened to, academic advantages from having our needs better looked after as children, etc. etc.) They believe that because men often get these things, and people thought we were men, we got them too. Ergo we are more privileged than our cis woman counterparts and must be treated as sociologically male. 

I have a few things to say in response to this.

To save some time, for those who are inclined towards radical feminism, let me start with this assumption:

Gender is innate, and while sometimes fluid or evolving, it is a cornerstone of a person’s identity - even if their gender is “I don’t like gender and want it to go away.” It is self-recursive like that, a foundational bedrock of how our society works, a sub-unit of the family which is a sub-unit of the culture, a set of pretexts so fundamental that to attempt to deny its importance to individuals is completely, 100% fruitless. Moreover, gender is more than the socialization we are given externally, but how we respond to it internally and the identity into which we naturally settle as a result. In short, trans women are women in innate gender, and this is an important fact to our well being. We can argue later about sex/biology, and the following is an argument extending from the assumption that trans women are women in gender, to say that we are also not men in socialization (i.e. external gender behaviors) either, at least not in any meaningful way, particularly not after we come out. Because this premise is assumed for all following arguments, if you disagree with the premise, you may wish to return another time.

1. I propose we stop talking about “male socialization” and “female socialization” as the be-all and end-all when referring to trans people, because it implies that literally all acts of socialization, and the effects they have on a developing mind, are entirely determined by how the socializer perceives you - and not you yourself. That is complete rubbish. I propose we consider something called “trans socialization,” the particular between-worlds experience that one gets from having one gender, while being treated like another. The experience of receiving certain socializations is different when the socialization is explicitly gendered against your own gender. What I mean is, someone who is female, being socialized explicitly in a male way, internalizes that socialization very differently from someone who is actually male, particularly because we are also /passively/ internalizing messages about womanhood as self-referential. As a result, these explicit “male socializations” do not give us the same kind of benefits or power that they give to men - they create a sense of confusion and anxiety. At “worst,” it gives us a diminished sort of ego-boost, complicated by the mixed messages we’re receiving; at actual worst it turns into powerful, debilitating self-loathing. 

2. Another part of trans socialization is devastating insecurities and confusion, a crippling sense of inadequacy that we are always trying to make up for. This is not a privilege, it is a burden. While trans women may get more inexplicitly gendered support in our youth (such as an intrinsic belief in our ability to succeed at anything, or even being held more as a baby because people care more about men), we also get more cripplingly destructive messages about who and what we actually are - deep inside, our gender still exists, pre-eminent in many cases, which means somewhere we know we’re trans. And, as trans people, we are bombarded with socialization that tells us that as trans people we are the worst of the worst, the absolute scum of the earth. People HATE us and only in the last few years have any major media begun to treat us with any level of respect. When current trans women were growing up, none of that existed. Our socialization is complex and cannot easily be equated to the socialization of a male, because it is rife with unique socializations that apply only to trans people, and with almost universally devastating results - there is no good way to be trans except not to be trans. 

3. When we come out, we lose all situational male privilege. That is reality. It just fucking disappears. At which point, two things happen - we don’t pass, and suffer from transmisogyny (arguments about why transmisogyny is real, which apparently I have to make, will have to come another time) - or we do pass, and suffer from cismisogyny. They are unique, but related, forms of oppression. Both are terrible. I won’t try to make the claim that one is worse than the other in terms of the kinds of oppression they inflict. It is enough to say they are both truly horrific, and whether we pass or not in any given situation, we experience at least one of them (sometimes both, if the person knows we’re trans, gets that we’re a woman, and internally codes us both cis and trans). 

4. If we develop and retain any intrinsic “male” privilege - arguable, considering points 1 and 2, but for sake of argument suppose that we do - what does that really give us? Women everywhere know there is a glass ceiling. No matter how confident, assertive, or war-like you are in the corporate ladder, if you pass as female, you won’t be taken seriously in the vast majority of cases. And in order to pass successfully, many trans women have to deliberately give up our more assertive tendencies anyway, crippling our sense of self-worth to fit into a perceived mold of who we are supposed to be. And if we don’t pass, we won’t be given any big-up opportunities anyway (again barring rare exceptions), so the issue is totally moot. How, exactly, do we stand a better chance of resisting the daily oppressions leveled against us (such as being denied housing, work, access to life-saving medical care, bathroom rights, etc.) in this case? Where does the privilege come in; what, exactly, does it do? And how does that make us somehow less worthy of protection or consideration than cis women? I literally can’t see it.

5. It has been argued a trans woman early in her transition could still “dress as male” and be taken seriously, and some of us can - and those of us who do, well, perhaps that is a form of privilege, but it is a twisted, complex one. Because it is also a form of psychological torture. Having to live as a gender you are not has been proven to destroy people’s sense of self worth - just look at the suicide rate for the trans community and you can see bloody, brutal proof of what I’m saying. 

6. In short, if we have any situational privileges, we lose them in coming out; not coming out is a form of prolonged psychological torture; and our intrinsic privileges are more or less meaningless in terms of avoiding oppression, both internal and external. Not all of the “being hugged more as a baby” in the universe can fix that. Ergo it would be wonderful if we could start talking about the unique experience of “trans socialization,” breaking it down into male, female and non-binary perhaps (and while we’re at it, re-dubbing “male” and “female” as “cis male” and “cis female.”) And if we could stop suggesting that because of “male socialization,” trans women are somehow permanently tainted by maleness in a way that makes us irredeemably privileged compared to cis women, that would be just perfect. 

7. It’s hilarious that while in the general populace, the world thinks trans women are an odd commodity at best (to be seen and not heard, of course), and a collection of freaks who deserve to die at worst, there are still some radical feminists who think we have anything resembling privilege. When most states won’t even recognize us as a class to be protected from employment discrimination; when we can be sued by the state for going to the damn bathroom; when in 49 states in the union, it is still legal to use the panic defense to try to justify murdering us. Yes, do go on about how we have so much privilege.
-The privilege to be denied an authentic expression of our true selves for years and years (or our entire lives), and an almost constant refusal on the part of others to accept that authentic expression;
-the privilege to have to constantly and vociferously justify our very existence to everyone around us;
-the privilege to have our identity be defined in the minds of most people as nothing more than a fetish,
-not helped by the fact that we also have the privilege to be unable to work most jobs in early states of transition,
-which grants our less-networked and less-wealthy individuals the privilege of their most reliable source of income being prostitution or other sex work which is unreliable and dangerous;
-the privilege to lose most of our family or have to lie to them for our entire life, just because we exist;
-seriously, /what privilege?/
The preceding points were meant to be a logical rebuff but now I’m just riled up. 

8. This argument about socialization/privilege is often a precursor to why trans women should be excluded from certain “women-only” spaces. I can’t get into that here, but I might do it soon.

9. Thanks for reading!

Essay partially for m00nbat

Oh gods…. OH GODS. What was Thor going to do- die of relief, yes, but after that, what? To hear his mother chastizing them for being out in the rain was so refreshing. But Heimdall…. Thor would need a word with the gate keeper.
He stayed behind a moment, looking at their mother, hoping she couldnt hear his heart pounding out his relief. “I’ll study with Loki but we need quiet, absolute quiet. The librarian kept shushing us and then, god, if Egil comes in like Loki’s pet and interrupts I am going to fail this test, mother.” He frowned, steadying himself. He could be quite the actor when he wanted. “Loki said he’d help me after riding anyway, I just need for us to stay focused. Both of us.’ Thor was not and never had been the ony one to get distracted. Loki got bored too, but he was bored because he wasnt being challenged enough.
"Yes, yes, go, wel’ll not bother you and we’ll tel the servants not to come in and dress you for bed.” She sighed. “How does that sound?”
“Boring and lke torture but it will work. Thank you mother.” He bowed low to her and she smiled and he was dismissed. He took off after Loki and heard that … death sentence before Loki disappeared into the shadows like the evil beast he was and Thor was left heading to his own room. Like Loki he was soaked and cold and he wanted a hot bath but settled for sitting next to fire once he got back to his room. He stripped and lay down on the fur rug for a while, towelling out his hair on a dressing robe he had draped over a chair close by. God… and Loki would be here soon and Thor knew they were not going to study at all.
Loki was going to try everything in his power to tempt Thor into kissing him again. Everything. The problem was that Loki would end up tempting him to other things as well. Did Loki want other things too? Brotherhood aside Thor would gladly fuck Loki into the sheets and make him scream and shake and come all over himself. His mind lingered on that too long and he felt a heat pool in his stomach.
That caused him to jump up. Thor ran to his closet pulling on pants and a long shirt to cover up any evidence he might have of wanting Loki and tried to prepare himself for whaat was to come.

It is a really small world.....!

Okay, so I am in my favourite dress shop on Oxford street, London standing in the queue to pay for my purchases and simultaneously mulling the mysteries of life ie why did n’t Cait and Sam attend the PCAs last night; maybe Cait is pregnant and she is hiding away to keep her bump secret; maybe Sam is gay and SamCait is just PR… So many questions and all too much time to think about such conundrums. Anyway the shop assistant, who is also Scottish, is now free and I notice that she is sporting an attractive shift dress, which does not help disguise a very obvious bump. I innocently enquire whether she is expecting and she is. How far? 25 weeks. This lady is slim and at least 5'10’’ in height, so very similar to Cait. I share with her that I am perplexed trying to work out whether an actress is pregnant. The assistant shares with me that she only started showing obviously in the 5th month and being so tall she could get away with baggy t-shirts and jumpers and no one knew any different. She also shares with me that she is expecting a boy, so apparently all the weight is in the front and it is quite a neat bump. The assistant asks me who the actress is and what the show is and she shrieks, ‘oh my friend has just got a part in that!’ 'What is his name?’ 'Richard Rankin!’ Not only is this Scottish lady friends with the future Roger Wakefield, another friend of hers father is one of the producers on Outlander! Most importantly when she was a young girl studying in Glasgow her friends were friends with Sam Heughan, and Scottish assistant lady would regularly see him at parties! I then had to ask the obvious question - is Sam gay, to which she replied, 'Och! He was about as heterosexual as they come for an attractive, butch, red blooded Scottish twenty something male!’ 😆


People say Cinderella is just feminist because all she does is housework. But remember she was forced to do this because she had no-where else to go. Even if it was a guy, they’d still be forced to cook and clean anyway.

People say that the prince didn’t fall In love with her because she worked so hard but because she had a beautiful dress. But how did she get this wonderful dress? Through hard work and not giving up!

People say that Cinderella is crap. But that’s because they’re not watching the film properly.

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So basically this turned into “what allomantic/feruchemic powers would the crew of Serenity have?” and I mean, we know we’re gonna get mistborn-in-space eventually, so, why not? Actually, we know we’re gonna get Allomantic FTL eventually, but for this crossover, we’re not quite there yet (for the sake of this crossover, I’m gonna say that there are planets/moons worth traveling to and colonizing that are close enough to Scadrial not to require FTL. This might contradict something Brandon’s said but whatever.) Also at the time of this crossover, Mistborn are known to exist but are very rare, and Hemalurgy is … like an urban legend, or a ghost story.


Serenity crew and passengers

Mal has no skill in the Metallic Arts. It speaks to his personality and leadership that he’s able to hold a crew together without any “special” ability—people tend to put a lot of stock into magical ability, think they’re worth less if they don’t have any, and Mal just casually puts those notions to rest. He’s got no time for religion but those who know him consider him the truest type of Survivorist.

Zoe is a Seeker (bronze misting). But it’s her toughness, reliability, and fighting skills that Mal really relies on. Allomancy might help show her what she’s up against, but training and discipline is what gets her through it.

Wash is a Nicroburst (nicrosil misting) as well as being the actual pilot of the ship. On most ships, a Nicroburst’s main duty would be to support the ship’s Pulser, but well, Kaylee’s got that covered herself with duralumin. Wash is happy to lend his support to whoever might need it (Zoe gets first dibs).

Kaylee is a Mistborn! But she doesn’t care about that flying-through-cities-at-night thing, preferring instead to put her powers towards making the ship run and figuring out neat mechanical tricks. There’s this idea she has, using Cadmium and Bendalloy bubbles together, and if the captain ever gives them any downtime maybe she’ll actually figure out how to make it work. People outside the crew have said this is a waste of her skills—that there are dozens of Cadmium mistings who could do what she does for the ship and that she should leave the research to the scholars, but the scholars—they can’t feel the mechanics of it all working together the way she does. Anyway, she just wouldn’t feel right trying to fit into everyone’s idea of what a Mistborn should be—for one thing, she likes balls and pretty dresses way too much to be a proper heir of the Warrior Ascendant.

Jayne is Twinborn, Thug (pewter misting) and Spinner (chromium ferring). However … he’s not always the best at predicting when he should be storing his luck, and when he should be tapping it, which has led to some … interesting … incidents.

Inara is also a Twinborn. Being both a Soother (brass misting) and a Connector (duralumin ferring) makes her an excellent Companion, however, she doesn’t use either of these abilities with the crew, preferring instead what she considers “real” relationships. Mal accuses her of manipulating him all the time, though.

Book follows the Path of Harmony, but he’s dropped hints that the face he shows isn’t who he’s always been (hint hint he’s a Kandra)

Simon is an Archivist (copper ferring), an ability that helped him immensely on his path to becoming a doctor. Now, though, he’s learning just how many things there are that he never learned in the first place.

River was a Sparker, (zinc ferring) before the Academy took her. Remember what I said about Hemalurgy being an urban legend? Yeah, someone’s trying to make that legend a reality again. River is the only one who knows what was done to make her what she is now and … yeah. Who can blame her for suppressing that? Since no one really knows anything about how Hemalurgy works, no one actually knows what River can and can’t do.

other characters

Badger also doesn’t have any Allomantic or Feruchemic abilities. He’s, shall we say, a bit more self-conscious about this fact than Mal is.

Saffron is a Trueself (aluminum ferring). I know we don’t really know how storing/tapping identity works, but she’s so good at wearing different identities that I thought it might fit.

Reavers are Space Koloss, okay. (Harmony supposedly changed Koloss so that they’re a true-breeding race, but Final Empire-era Koloss map better onto Reavers, I think.)

Atherton Wingis a Rioter (zinc misting) and is reputed to be very good with a dueling cane. Since he’s a Rioter and Inara’s a Soother, he’s been known to utter absolutely terrible lines like “we were made for each other” and “you complete me.”

Adelai Niska’s abilities, if he has any, are unknown. Everyone assumes it must be something quite powerful, but he keeps that information to himself. Because reputation, that is sometimes worth more than fact, yes?

The Operative is a Leecher (chromium misting), a skill that proves to be completely useless against Mal. After seeing how devoted he was to his cause, Mal suspects he might have been a Pinnacle (electrum ferring) as well.