how does her dress work anyway

It is a really small world.....!

Okay, so I am in my favourite dress shop on Oxford street, London standing in the queue to pay for my purchases and simultaneously mulling the mysteries of life ie why did n’t Cait and Sam attend the PCAs last night; maybe Cait is pregnant and she is hiding away to keep her bump secret; maybe Sam is gay and SamCait is just PR… So many questions and all too much time to think about such conundrums. Anyway the shop assistant, who is also Scottish, is now free and I notice that she is sporting an attractive shift dress, which does not help disguise a very obvious bump. I innocently enquire whether she is expecting and she is. How far? 25 weeks. This lady is slim and at least 5'10’’ in height, so very similar to Cait. I share with her that I am perplexed trying to work out whether an actress is pregnant. The assistant shares with me that she only started showing obviously in the 5th month and being so tall she could get away with baggy t-shirts and jumpers and no one knew any different. She also shares with me that she is expecting a boy, so apparently all the weight is in the front and it is quite a neat bump. The assistant asks me who the actress is and what the show is and she shrieks, ‘oh my friend has just got a part in that!’ 'What is his name?’ 'Richard Rankin!’ Not only is this Scottish lady friends with the future Roger Wakefield, another friend of hers father is one of the producers on Outlander! Most importantly when she was a young girl studying in Glasgow her friends were friends with Sam Heughan, and Scottish assistant lady would regularly see him at parties! I then had to ask the obvious question - is Sam gay, to which she replied, 'Och! He was about as heterosexual as they come for an attractive, butch, red blooded Scottish twenty something male!’ 😆