how does he stay so positive

- Draco scrubs the skin on his arm viciously every time he showers. The skin is always red and marked by scratches. He tries so hard to get the mark off of him. He wants to feel clean again.
- George can’t look in the mirror anymore. Not without remembering Fred. He smashes all mirrors in their home. He cuts his hair, he dyes it.
- Neville sees Nagini in his dreams. But in his dreams it reaches Ron and Hermione before he does.
- Harry has multiple wands all around his house hidden in places that only he knows. Beneath his pillow, beneath his bed, under the couch. Just in case.
- Hermione’s boggart is no longer failure.
- Draco and Blaise are afraid of fire.
- Someone accidentally calls George “Fred” once. No one knows who starts crying first.
- Headmistress Miverna Mcgonagall is fierce, powerful and kind. All first years are intimidated and amazed, she seems untouchable. However some nights she roams the school hallways and remembers every student she lost, every life that got taken away too soon, every soul that left them too early.
- Harry suddenly can’t stay in very small rooms. He feels trapped, his throat starts convulsing and his eyes sting.
- Hagrid still feels the weight of what he thought was Harry’s corpse in his hands. It haunts him.
- Hermione, Ron and Harry had gotten so used to spending months having one small meal per day that sometimes they forget they’re supposed to eat.
- Harry rolls in his sleep once and hits his forehead against the night stand on accident, when he wakes up with pain on his forehead his heart sinks and his whole body freezes. It isn’t until he sees the bruise that he’s able to calm down. Because Voldemort isn’t back.
- Ron dreams that he’s back in their tent, traveling and hiding, he’s changing the radio stations and he hears Ginny’s names as one of the victims.
- Molly always has “where’s Fred?” on the tip of her tongue, at all times.
- Harry spends the year post-war discovering who he is, what he loves, other than the Boy-who-lived and the Savior-of-the-Wizarding-World. Because there are things he never had time to think about, never had time to experiment, never had time to experience. Sometimes he wonders if coming back had been the right choice, because it hurt so bad on some days that he couldn’t take it.
- When Teddy is sad or scared and he’s crying, Harry tells him stories and shows him pictures of his parents, it’s then and only then that he calms down and his hair goes back to normal.
- Harry pulls back to himself when the date of his death nears every year, his friends do everything in their power to bring him out of it.
- Draco and Harry have talks about the war some nights, both saw what Voldemort was capable of, Harry in his dreams, Draco in his home. Both understand.
- Luna is quirkier and weirder than ever before. She always does everything in her power to lighten up the mood in the room when the silence is bitter and mournful. It’s like she can’t stop shifting and smiling and nervously twitching and saying random facts about things no one has heard of before. Everyone knows it’s her way of coping, of staying positive. So no one minds. It’s comforting.
- Harry gets the sudden desire to travel all over the world. Sometimes Ron and Hermione come with him, others he goes alone, once Neville joins him. Draco does too.
- Draco starts writing, he writes thousands of words on some nights and none on others. He’s good at it, too.
- Harry always, without fail, looks for Sirius’ constellation. He visits his grave too, tells him how things are going in his life, how he’s coping, how he isn’t.
- Hermione getting a tattoo of blooming pastel flowers on top of her “mudblood” scar, because she’s alive, many her friends are alive and she wants to remember that.

And maybe not all is well, maybe they have scars time cannot erase, but they’re together, their hearts are still beating, so it’ll be okay. They’re going to be okay.

Laurent and the Regent. I have to talk about this one here.

Do you think 13-year-old Laurent had feelings for the Regent? Do you think he had feelings for him like Aimeric did, like Nicaise did? Because… hear me out…

That “…” here?  Was it something like “after everything that had happened between us” and then half way through these words he understands that this “everything” is not some memory that the Regent keeps dear to his heart, it’s a nuisance, a handicap. While to Laurent it’s something different still. Something like “maybe he won’t kill me, because of what we were to each other once.”

And then there’s this:

He’s talking about himself here. The long silence? Was he going to say “Like me” but thought against it? Because he ALSO did not think he could hurt him. Was Nicaise smarter even than Laurent, who still thought his uncle wouldn’t kill him, but would like to keep him around?

 Do you think in his early years Laurent had to live through losing his mother, his beloved brother, his father, and then through being abandoned and replaced by the last person he dared to still trust and open up to? Do you think this is what was going through his head when he did not want to be there when Damen was supposed to leave Ravenel after their first night together and he wasn’t supposed to ever see him again? He just ran away so that he won’t have to watch Damen abandoning him, like everybody else in his life did. God, how much did it hurt to know that the person you love would leave in the morning and wouldn’t come back, and it’s the last time you get to be close to him? What did he have to step on inside his head to gather the strength to ask him to stay?

I bet this is why he was so hello-lover-pissed at him at KR, too. He had this idea in his head that even if he DOES see Damen after Ravenel, it’s when he’s king Damianos again, and they will be in “every man for himself” position, all political, not necessarily on the same side anymore, and that Damen would go back to his way of life, and his kingdom, and his bed slaves, while Laurent would be abandoned, and forgotten, and unwanted again. And there he was, mighty king Damianos (pissed after the Charcy incident), representing everything Laurent was afraid of.

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How do the Nordics comfort eachother?

Denmark: He goes for the ‘jokes and good times’ route, attempting to cheer up others by being cheerful himself. Though it has positive effects on some of the Nordics, the effects on others are…limited.

Norway: He bakes some comfort food for his forlorn friend, and does a notable job of trying to be sympathetic. The food, however, is much more successful than his sincerity. He ought to just stick to that.

Iceland: He’s not so good with kind words, nor does he have much else to offer. The best helpful gesture he can provide is his presence. He’ll stay and listen, so long as there’s no one around who could handle it better.

Sweden: Not much of a wordsmith either, Sweden is best at expressing his genuine sympathy non-verbally. This might include a hug, if he’s allowed, or just a simple ‘I’m here for you’ hand on the shoulder.

Finland: The real reason he spends so much time in saunas is to fill him with warmth, so that when someone’s sad, he can share that warmth with them. Well, not really, but he does give a lot of gifts and hugs!

Taking care

✖ Characters/relationships: Original!Percival Graves x Reader, Seraphina Picquery 

✖ Genres: Flu, mild fluff

✖ Summary: Percival falls sick and President Picquery sends Reader, his secretary, to check on him. [Based on this imagine] @Anonymous

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 3285

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The World Is Spinning

As the world titled around me once again, I closed my eyes, placing a hand on the wall next to me, taking in a deep breath.

“Y/N?” Blinking open my eyes, I saw Oli frowning over at me. “You alright?”

“Fine,” I smile back at him, lying through my teeth, “Just really like this song.”

“You sure?” He stepped closer, “You’re pretty pale.”

“I’m fine, Oli.” I told him, letting my hand fall from the wall beside me, “You’re imagining stuff.”

“Maybe we should find Joe…” He trailed off, glancing around the party we were at.

“No, no.” I grabbed his arm, bringing his attention back to her. “Please, Oli. Don’t tell him. I’m fine. Really.”

“You aren’t.” Oli shook his head, “I can tell. You’re practically swaying where you stand, Y/N.”

The world was spinning again, much like it had throughout the night, but I could push through it. We were only going to be at the party for another couple of hours. I just needed Oli to stop pestering me to tell Joe. This was not the first time he had insisted.

I hadn’t felt well all evening, and Oli had picked up on it a while ago. Which is why he also kept asking if I was alright. Which I was.

For the most part.

“I am not.” I told him firmly, forcing myself to stop swaying, “And you can’t tell Joe. He’s been looking forward to this party all month. I won’t ruin it.”

“He won’t be happy about it…” Oli sighed, but I could tell I had won him over.

“Who won’t be happy about what?” Joe asked, appearing at my side. His hand slide around my waist, and I leaned into him, grateful for the support.

Oli shot me a look, silently pleading for me to tell Joe, but I ignored him, smiling over at Joe.

“You won’t be happy. About me dragging you to the dance floor.”

“Love, you know I can’t dance.” Joe laughed, and I could see in his eyes that he was having a good time, he was relaxed. Further proof I couldn’t tell him that the world was moving around him.

“For me?” I asked sweetly, maybe I just needed to get the blood flowing.

“Alright. One dance.” He told me, nodding to Oli as we made our way to the dance floor.

It was crowded with people, everyone moving closely together, the bass thumping loudly.

Instantly I felt worse.

But Joe was looking at me so happily, so carefree, that I put a smile on my own face and allowed him to pull me closer, our own bodies moving with those around us.

“Having fun?” He spoke close to my hear, wanting to be heard over the music.

“Of course!” I replied, placing a simple kiss on his cheek.

The grin I got in return was everything, even if it swam in front of me. Was the spinning getting worse?

I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. Everything was fine.

I was fine.

“Y/N?” Joe called out, and I realized he was saying something.

“Sorry?” I said back, my hands braced on his chest as I blinked a few times quickly, trying to get rid of the black creeping in at the edges of my vision.

“Everything okay?”

“Everyone keeps asking that,” I laughed, taking a step back, trying my best to focus on Joe’s face even as everything spun around and around, “I’m fine!”

Except when I went to go take another step back, the floor fell from under me, and the black rapidly filled my vision. I could faintly hear someone calling my name, but I succumbed to the darkness before my mind could figure out who it was.

“Y/N? Love, can you hear me?”

There was a gentle hand on my cheek, as well as something cool on my forehead. I could feel my body shaking lightly as I dragged my eyes open, focusing in on Joe’s blue ones, shining with concern.


“Joe?” I mumbled, blinking slowly. “Wha’s going on?” I asked, sitting up with his help.

“Gods, you scared the shit out of me. That’s what. Are you okay?” His words came out rapidly, and it took my haze filled mind a moment to realize what it was he was saying.

“I’m fine,” I told him, “Why are we on the floor?”

“Because you fainted.”


“I’m taking you home.” Joe said firmly, helping me stand up. He frowned when I stumbled into him slightly, my body still shaking. “Why didn’t you say something sooner?”

“Because I’m fine.” I manage to get out, clutching onto him tightly. “Really. We can stay.”

“Nice try, Y/N.” He shook his head, “We’re going home. You can’t stay here.”

“Car’s out front.” I can hear Oli say from over my shoulder, but I’m now leaning heavily against Joe, my eyes closed tightly once again.

“Thanks. You okay getting home on your own?”

“I’ll be fine. Go ahead.”

I couldn’t remember the drive home, or Joe bringing me inside. The rest of the night was a blurred moment. All I could remember was spinning and feeling hot and then cold, alternating constantly.

The next thing I knew, I was blinking my eyes open, squinting at the morning light streaming in to our bedroom.

“Hey, love.” Joe spoke softly, his hand pushing the hair out of my face. “How you feeling?”

“Like shit. But better than last night.” I tell him, pushing myself into a sitting position. I’m relieved to see that the world does not spin this time, but instead remains quite still.

“That’s good. You’re fever broke at some point in the night too, so you should be feeling better by tonight.”

Fever? I think briefly, before I notice Joe’s face. He looks exhausted. There’s bags under his eyes, and his eyelids are drooping slightly, while his hair is a mess. His clothes are the same from the night before, just more wrinkled.

“Did you stay up all night?” I asked him, my fingers lacing through his.

“I was worried.”


“No,” He shook his head, “I wasn’t going to sleep. You needed someone to take care of you.”

“Well, I don’t anymore.” I replied, tugging his hand. “So come to bed, and get some sleep.”

“Are you sure?” Joe frowned, eyes studying me. “You don’t need anything?”

“I just need my boyfriend to get out of those clothes and into bed, so we can both go to sleep.”

“Alright, alright.” He laughed, “Sleep does sound pretty good.”

“I know, what a wonderful concept. It’s something normal people do at night.” I drawled, settling back in bed as he strips out of his clothes.

“Some people do it during the day, you know.” He commented, climbing into bed beside me. “Now shush, I’m trying to sleep.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” I giggled, shuffling closer against him. “But Joe?”


“Thank you. For taking care of me.”

“Always, love.” Joe mumbled back, and I know he’s already drifting off to sleep.

A feminist defense of the animated Belle (warning: long)

Ah, Belle. She’s one of the universal favorites of all the Disney princesses and possibly my own personal favorite, hard though it is to choose. She was the first Disney heroine whose screenplay was written by a woman, Linda Woolverton, and has been widely acclaimed as “Disney’s first feminist heroine” (or at least the second, if you count Ariel as the first). Yet as with every Disney heroine, plenty of feminists over the years have disdained and lambasted her. The publicity surrounding the live-action remake seems to have enhanced the criticisms of the original: Emma Watson, Bill Condon, Jacqueline Durran, et al, have all made a real effort to make their version of Belle a more “empowered” and “modern” heroine than the original and emphasized this fact in all their interviews. This is all well and good, but in response, too many people are now claiming that the original Belle was never “really” strong, smart or interesting and that Watson’s Belle is superior in every way. Having grown up loving the original Belle, and knowing about the tireless efforts that Linda Woolverton, lyricist Howard Ashman, storyboard artist/writer Brenda Chapman, and others put into making her a strong, empowered character, I can’t possibly agree with the criticisms. They make some valid points, but on the whole they range from half-truths to total nonsense!

So here’s my feminist defense of the original, animated Belle. I don’t address every complaint I’ve ever read about the character, only the complaints about feminist issues. For example, I don’t address the common claim that she’s “a snob,” because that gripe has nothing to do with gender roles. But even with this narrow focus, be warned: this defense is long, because I’ve read a lot of complaints over the years and I have no shortage of opinions about them.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Madi recently. 

There’s quite a few ideas floating around in my head, but I didn’t seem to be able to find the right words to express them (though I made some attempts), and then I read jaune-clair’s fantastic meta over here and it’s expressed perfectly. (Really, you should read it, it’s great.)

The thing is, anyone who’s followed me for a certain amount of time, or anyone who remembers me persistently posting in the Black Sails tag over the years (in very sporadic bursts), know I love Treasure Island. I’m that meme, basically. Long John Silver is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. And while his wife is only mentioned three times in the entire book, their relationship has always fascinated me to no end. So I’m always disappointed that she’s never included in any adaptions. Sure, I have a very specific set of headcanons for the two that no show would ever be able to fulfill, but still. She’s never in anything (except for that Eddie Izzard version which I have a liveblog of that continues once every century), which is such a shame.

When Black Sails’ first season came around, those who knew TI already went full out speculating. Max was the most popular one back then, because while Black Sails has a great deal of diveristy in many departments, there weren’t really that many options. Besides, she had a fitting relationship with Silver and it seemed like it could work. That theory has gone a bit up and down over the years though.

Enter season 3 and Madi. I think that those familiar with Treasure Island, me included, took one look at her and her budding relationship with Silver and said “Yep, it’s her”. And I’ve kind of remained in that position, and 4x01 didn’t really lessen my conviction. Their relationship is played out very beautifully, and I really felt for Madi when she hugged him in s3 as well as when she cried out for him after he fell in the water in the most recent episode. Their post-sex scene was beautifully filmed. 

And yet something keeps bugging me. 

I really want all the best for Madi. She’s a wonderful addition to the show and her relationship with Silver is really cool, as is her relationship with power and the other characters on the show. 

I think a lot of us have been too stuck in immediately going “Oh, obviously she’s the wife” to think of what that would mean. I’m not saying she won’t be, I’d still say I am about 75 % sure that she is. Maybe higher. But what exactly would it mean if she is, indeed, Mrs Silver?

I have a post in my draft waiting to be edited about how Black Sails deals with stories, both in the show and outside of it. I’m just going to briefly reference concepts I talk about that here. The core of it is, they see Treasure Island not as a definitive source, but as a tale created for children based on the actual events but far from factual (which I mean, it technically is). I think that’s a brilliant way of relating to a text. But even if they took liberties with it, there’s not much liberties to be taken with Silver’s wife. 

What we know of her, is that she and Silver run their inn together. They’re married, which is very unconventional. We know that Silver leaves the inn as well as all his savings in her safe-keeping while he goes off looking for the treasure. We know he has decided to meet up with her at a secret spot after they return and that he (and through him, Jim Hawkins) firmly believes that she’ll be there waiting for him. Jim even finishes by saying that he wishes Silver is indeed living happily with his wife somewhere. 

As I pondered this, I was trying to merge this image with that of Madi. 

Madi is a Queen. She’s a queen and a leader of her people, a co-leader of the entire rebellion against England. She’s fierce and knows that even if she cares for Silver, her people needs to come first. And I asked myself “What would make her leave them?”

And thus, as is also brilliantly described in the most I linked at first (but I also felt the need to ramble about it so here we are), we are faced with a number of options, and I honestly can’t say which one I prefer. 

1) Madi leaves her people after the failure of the war against England to go with Silver to England. While this would technically mean a happy outcome for her (she’s alive), I still can’t reconcile her willingly leaving her people behind, if they’re still standing. And then she’d just sit around and wait while Silver risks his life on some fool’s quest to maybe, maybe get some more of the treasure Flint left behind? Maybe as the season goes on I can see it. Is she dethroned? Does she think they’re better off with someone else? Is her love for Silver that strong? If any of you have any meta or thoughts about this outcome, I’d love to read it. 

2) The entire Maroon community gets killed. I really don’t want this. I mean, I know that most characters probably wont’ survive this season, and when you have a diverse yet small cast like Black Sails does, this will most likely end up in characters you’d rather see alive for representation getting killed. I know that happens, and that’s not necessarily always a fault as long as done right (and as long as they’re not the only ones dying). But for the majority of that community to be completely wiped out? I’d hate to see that happen, on just an emotional level. And it would devastating for Madi. 

3) Madi isn’t actually Silver’s TI wife. She either doesn’t go with him and chooses to stay with her people, or she dies. It would break my heart, and depending on how they do it it would tip closely to fridging. I mean, it really does depend on how she’d die. If she dies for her own cause, for her people, through her own decisions, it would be less so, true. It would work thematically. Silver is taking over Flint’s position and learning that when you’re essentially Flint everyone you love will die. The great love for Flint that put it all in motion was Thomas, and he lost him (and then Gates and Miranda too, of course), and it would be fitting if tragic if Silver’s great love Madi would suffer the same fate, and this would somehow cause the falling out between Flint and Silver.  In this case, I’d probably revert back to the Max theory, which would in some ways also be thematically fitting, given how Silver made plans for them to escape together already in episode 2.

I still think that overall, no.1 is the most likely. But the possibility that the creators are totally aware of that we (at least the people who know of TI) would assume Madi is safe was an idea that hit me. And I can’t shake it. It’s making me nervous, but I’m still completely open to all of these ideas (well, maybe less open to number 2 tbh.) if done in a way that stays true to the characters. 

I’ve mostly just rambled here, but if you have any thoughts on the matter, I’d love to hear them. I know in the end we want all of our favorite characters to survive, even though in a show like Black Sails that is unlikely. And if they do, we still want them to stay true to who they are. 

So what do you make of my dilemma? Do you just not see it as I do, or do you have another solution to the whole conundrum? 

3. Make me

J had his hands tucked behind his head as he whistled, laughing quietly at the other patient’s complaints. He heard a commotion down the hallway and scrunched up his face, who would dare interrupt his whistling? IT sounded like guards moving a non compliant prisoner into the cell across from him. He rolled his eyes as he saw her familiar hair. When the guards left, she hesitated to speak.

“So, uh… hey.” J growled and glared at her. He started twitching, a sign that he was extremely angry at her and probably Frost too.

“Why isn’t Frost watching you?” She struggled to meet his stern glare.

“Um, because I might have- I may have, accidentally, snuck out? But J I had a perfect plan! And I thought maybe Frost might like me if he could see me handle myself and get you out.”

“And look at what a great job you did.” J said in a monotone voice.  Y/N rolled her eyes and was thankful there were two glass walls between them when she saw J clench his fists.

“Hey, it’s my first run. I actually think I did pretty well.” Her eyes narrowed when J scoffed. “ But if you had Frost glaring at you all the time, you’d feel pretty bad too.”

“Really? Do you hear the way you talk to him? ‘Nice comb over Frost’?”

“Hey! It was a compliment!”

“You laughed as you said it!”

“Shut up, clown!” Harvey Dent yelled from one cell over. Y/N gave a bright smile in his direction.

“Hey, Harvey.” J rolled his eyes when Two-face’s voice softened a reasonable amount. “Hey, darlin’.”

“Sorry to interrupt your little flirting session, but can you explain to me how you got in here?” J glared at Two-face who only rolled his eyes and went to lay down on his cot.

“I told you, I snuck out. Don’t blame Frost by the way. Do they have pizza here?” Her attention span was like a three year old’s. He snapped his fingers in front of her.

“Focus. I-”

“I think you should be nicer to Frost, he looks depressed.”

“I’ll be sure to kill everyone he knows when I get back, don’t worry. Now-”

“Like he legitimately looks like he wants to kill himself every time he’s around you. Every time I see him, honestly. We should get him a date! Or at least take him on one.” J shot himself with a finger gun. Y/N widened her eyes and nodded.

“Yes, good job, J! You know what ‘killing yourself’ is. Don’t worry, being around people with a significantly higher IQ than yourself is likely to raise yours.” J glared at her. Y/N giggled and felt a sense of pride when the other criminals around them laughed. She knew she would pay for this, but it was fun while it lasted.

“So….they serve pizza?”


“F-f-focus on me. Focus.” She started singing. J cringed at her terrible voice.


“You told me to focus earlier. It made me think of the song. Ariana Grande? No? Youuuu maaaakke me feel like a dangerous woman, somethin’ bout, somethin’ bout, yoouuuu-”

“Y/N, when I get out of here I’m removing your voice box.”

“And I’ll remove your birth canal.”



They got several shouts from the other inmates as they argued all night.


“50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55” Y/N counted J’s push-ups with boredom, her head resting on her hands and her body lying on the ground to get a better view. Her boredom increased so she rolled onto her back and continued to count without looking. J paused when her numbers were off, and looked over at her while blowing a piece of hair from his face. He stayed in a planking position while staring at her from his cell. He whistles to get her attention.

“Get off that floor, it’s dirty.”

“Make me.”

“Oh, I’ll make you, you little brat.” She blows a raspberry at him and looks at him upside down.

“How long does it usually take Frost?” J resumes his push-ups.

“He’ll be here soon. But I’ll make sure to leave you for a couple more weeks.” She rolls her eyes and fake laughs.

“Ha ha, very funny. You’re hysterical.”

“So I’ve been told.” He resumes his push-ups, but pauses as she makes a sly comment.

“Good, you need to work out. You have like, no abs.” He stops mid push-up and glares at her through his lashes.

“You’re lucky there’s bars between us, little girl.” Y/N stifles a smile.

“Bars? No honey, this is glass. Y’know a hard, brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent, made by fusing sand with soda, lime, and sometimes other ingredients and cooling rapidly-” She talks to him like a five year old and J pushes himself off of the ground, his chest glistening with sweat. He looked feral and beautiful, but she’d never tell him that.

“Go away.”

“I-” She screams as an explosion is heard from down the hall. J doesn’t even flinch. Instead, he stares at her like a tiger being ready to get out of it’s cage and attack. She gives him a nervous chuckle.

“Hey, buddy, you know I was just playing, right? Your abs are so much more prominent now, those push-ups really came through.” He continues to glare at her. His glare turns to Frost as he comes down the hallway.

“Frost.” J greets, a threat laced in that one word. Frost seems to know and gives him an apologetic glance.

“She snuck out of the window.”

“Jeez, way to rat me out, Frost!” They both ignore her. The cell door opens and Y/N no longer feels the sense of security she felt behind that glass. Two henchmen offer their hands, and Y/N gives them a grateful smile while Frost wraps J’s croc coat around his shoulders.

Y/N mutters a, “Diva.” and her heart jumps when J glares right at her.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, my sweet prince.” She fist pumps when he lets it go, and she earns a glare from Frost.

“What?” J grabs something from Frost and walks up to her. He turns her around and wraps something collar-like around her neck.

“Hey! What is this?”

“A choker with a tracker device.” Is Frost’s short explanation.

“What? That’s a violation of my privacy!” She shuts her mouth as J gives her a look.

“Now that I have two people to babysit, it’ll be easier to keep track of the one that likes to run off.” That was the most she heard Frost say, and her eyes cut to J to see if he reacted to the ‘babysit’ part. He didn’t, and she assumed Frost was the parent in this relationship. Or the stoic uncle.


Y/N felt bad that she put Frost through so much stress by leaving. She took her own advice and started being nicer to him. She even got J in on it too.

“Well you don’t look entirely terrible today, Frost. You actually dressed like a human being.” J purred at Jonny who was reading the newspaper. Frost blinked.

“Thank you, sir.”

Y/N cheerfully skipped in, throwing a bright smile Jonny’s way.

“Newspaper? I didn’t know that still existed.” She sat down next to him and offered him a piece of her gum. “You know, Frost, you look good for a man your age.”

“I’m 35.” Y/N gives a laugh and nudges him with her elbow.

“Frost, you’re so funny.”

“No, really-”

“Frosty, do we treat you right?” J now spoke, walking up to Frost like a tiger ready to pounce.

“Uh, yes-” Frost tried not to pull back as J caressed his arms, running his hands up and down them.

“You seem so sad. We just want to let you know we appreciate you.” Y/N gave him a reassuring smile. Jonny was nervous, he didn’t like being the center of attention when it came to them.

“And who knows, maybe there is a girl out there your age that would like you.” Frost sighed. He knew she meant well, but she couldn’t compliment someone to save her life.

“Thank you. But I’m fine-” Y/N opened her arms and pulled Frost to her. He didn’t know how to react with J standing right there. She pulled away before he could do anything.

“We love you Frosty.” Jonny nervously turned his eyes towards J.

“Yeah, Frost. We loooove you.” J was obviously doing this for Y/N’s benefit more than Frost’s. To sell the whole performance, J wrapped his arms around Frost, squeezing tight enough to hurt. Frost cringed, and figured J was enjoying himself. When J pulled away he looked Frost right in the eye, and then pressed a sloppy kiss to his cheeks, making sure to make it sound as gross as possible. Frost drew the line when J leaned in to kiss his lips. He jolted back, and J laughed his mad laugh. He sat in his lap the rest of the morning.

 Frost made sure to never look depressed again.

book starters [14]

                  ( GEORGE ORWELL ) ( 1984 ) ( WARNING : POLITICAL THEMES )

  1. “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
  2. “If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”
  3. “We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.”
  4. “Until they become conscious they will never rebel.”
  5. “Power is not a means; it is an end.”
  6. “They are not interested in the good of others; they are interested solely in power, pure power.”
  7. “Now you begin to understand me.”
  8. “In the face of pain there are no heroes.”
  9. “Big Brother is watching you.”
  10. “Power is tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”
  11. “It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”
  12. “The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better.”
  13. “Your mind appeals to me. It resembles my own mind.”
  14. “Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.”
  15. “We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them.”
  16. “How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes?“
  17. “You must try harder.”
  18. “Confession is not betrayal.”
  19. “What you say or do doesn’t matter; only feelings matter.”
  20. “If they could make me stop loving you —- that would be the real betrayal.”
  21. “Of pain you can wish only one thing: that it should stop.”
  22. “To die hating them, that will be freedom.”
  23. “No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.”
  24. “What can you do against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself?”
  25. “To keep them in control is not difficult.”
  26. “So long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed.”
  27. “The consequences of every act are included in the act itself.”
  28. “The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labour.”
  29. “Stupidity is as necessary as intelligence, and as difficult to attain.”
  30. “I hate purity, I hate goodness! I don’t want virtue to exist anywhere. I want everyone to be corrupt to the bones.”
  31. “The past is dead, the future is unimaginable.”
  32. “You know the answer already. Everyone knows it.”
  33. “You don’t give a damn what they suffer. All you care is yourself.”
  34. “It is not easy to become sane.”
  35. “No emotion is pure anymore, because everything is mixed up with fear and hatred.”
  36. “They say that time heals all things —- they say you can always forget.”
  37. “The object of waging a war is always to be in a better position in which to wage another war.”
  38. “I sold you and you sold me.”
  39. “You do not exist.”
  40. “How does one man assert his power over another? By making him suffer.”
  41. “Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own?”
  42. “Everything else we shall destroy – everything.”
  43. “Two and two makes five.”
  44. “Facts, at any rate, can not be kept hidden.”
  45. “The past is whatever the records and the memories agree upon.”
  46. “So long as human beings stay human, death and life are the same thing.”
  47. “If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable—what then?”
  48. “The lie became the truth.”
  49. “It is like swimming against a current that sweeps you backwards however hard you struggle.”
  50. “Turn round and go with the current instead of opposing it.”

anonymous asked:

Woohoooo! That blowjob under the futon headcanon is a total Sin! -handfans self- How would the rest of the lords react if that happens to 'em? OwO

y’all I ended up getting like two more between the time span of the last one i just posted i’m weak

However. The only one I’m not going to do for this one is Mitsunari, just due to the nature of his past with sexual assault and how that likely really affects his preferences. So while some people like a nice surprise like this in the morning, Mitsunari would probably freak out–he needs to be as involved as his partner and know that he has full control of the situation should he want to stop at any time. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to the last three lords in question.

  • Mitsuhide: Very much a light sleeper, so she doesn’t bother so much with being too secretive–she kisses him awake, really, and he starts to stir when he feels her lips press against his abdomen. He’ll groan awake, though his breath seems to catch in his throat when he sees her leave a kiss against his hipbone. Though his mind feels hazy, he adjusts to give her better access and pushes himself up to watch with a hand over his mouth. She takes her time with it, too, since they’re usually so feverish when they lay together–strokes languidly with her hand before slowly taking him in her mouth. She feels him tremble beneath her as he muffles the moans her touch elicits before she comes back up and unhurriedly strokes the last bit of his tension away, letting him cum on his abdomen. His breath is heavy as he stares down at her with half-lidded eyes and he brushes his fingers against her cheek fondly.
    • “… I’m not so insatiable so as to try and take you again like this,” he says with something of an exasperated smile. There’s never really time in the morning, is there? “But I’d hate to leave you unsatisfied, so please… allow me, darling?”

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BTS reaction to you being sick:

Rap Monster:

“I’ll do anything you need me to do.. Just keep the sneezing away from me..”

His eyes filled with love but sadness as he hates to see you so sick. He’d cover you up with layers of blankets hoping to break your fever. He’d also try to avoid getting sick himself though.


“Don’t worry Jagiya! You’ll be feeling better in no time.”

He would try his best to stay positive for you and take care of you to the best of his abilities.


“I’m not so use to seeing you like this.. It scares me.. Please get better.”

Jimin begins to show you his weak side as he attends to your every need and does anything for you to get better.


“Dr. Seokjin is in!”

He’d carry you bowls of soup or comfort food. Sometimes he’d even feed it to you. After making sure you eat he’d sit and play with your hair while telling you how much he loves you.


“You’ll get better soon! I know this because I’m taking care of you..”

He would always give you these puppy eyes that showed weakness but he made sure you rested up. He’d even take time out of work.


“They always say laughter is the best medicine.”

Sometimes he’d tickle you and make a smile appear on your face but when laughing didn’t work, he’d do everything to get you better. Taking your temperature, getting vitamins in you, etc.


“I’m not so good at taking care of myself but I can try with you..”

He’d kiss your forehead for your temperature with a smile. You’d tell him not to so he wouldn’t get sick but he didn’t care.

Somnophilia Masterlist

Dan’s Little Secret “Shh” - wishicouldunreadthat

Summary: Description: Dan starts to have a little ‘fun’ with his playmate, only it’s when he’s sleeping so he doesn’t know. But once he does… how will Dan make certain Phil will stay?

I’ve Seen You A Million Times, But Never Like This Before - phhantastic

Summary: Dan sleepwalks and gets into Phil’s bed, something that the older doesn’t mind at all.

(I Was A King) Under Your Control - internetakeover

Summary: Dan wakes up hard and decides to reciprocate the morning blowjob Phil had gifted him for his last birthday. He may not have been fully aware what he was getting into, but it’s safe to say he doesn’t regret a thing.

Morning Baby - mermaidstailonmyface

Summary: Phil wakes up in a compromising position.

Night Drags On - planthoephil

Summary: Its late 2009 and Dan – Phil’s boy, his bae, the tiny bundle of love Phil calls his own – has a wet dream with his moans ghosting Phil’s ear. naturally Phil decides to wake him up to “help out.” bastard.

Sleeping Pill - theshyauthor

Summary: Dan takes a sleeping pill and Phil wakes him in a special way.

Sleep Sex - jilliancares

Summary: Dan gets horny in his sleep and let’s Phil do what he wants with him.

The Sweetest Dream - thouartthineownenemy

Summary: 2009 Phan! Typical Dan has wet dream, but wakes up before Phil does, so he continues grinding against him because Phil thinks he’s still asleep and he knows he can get away with it.

Visit From The Past

(Magnus x Reader)

Request:  Hi Can you write an one shot (which take a place in Middle Ages) where reader is a queen (maybe also a witch but she can hide it very well so no one knows) and she saves Magnus from witch hunt and inquisition who wants to burns him because of his abilities and how does his eyes looks like? And she offers him to stay in her castle and he falls in love with her but they can’t be together because of her political position she already has an arranged marriage with king of different country?


Magnus woke up, confused and a little scared. The last thing he could remember were people coming after him with torches, trying to burn him for practicing witchcraft. For once they were right about the whole witchcraft thing and didn’t try to kill someone innocent. The eyes probably weren’t helping much and gave him away pretty quickly. He couldn’t control his powers yet, making others see him the way he wanted to.
“You’re awake.”
Magnus sits up, straightening his back while he quickly takes the room in, then looks at you.
“Y/N.” You answer but already see his face changing in recognition.
“You’re the queen…why did you save me?”
“Did you do anything wrong?”
“Then why shouldn’t I save you.”
He did not realize you were a witch as well and you liked to keep it that way if possible. You didn’t think he’d spill your secret but you had learned not to give your trust away too easily over the years.
“No one will harm you here, you should rest a bit more.” You say before excusing yourself.

Magnus mostly stayed in his room during the day and kept looking around the castle by night. He didn’t doubt that he was save here but wouldn’t want to cause any trouble that his appearance might bring either.
“Sneaking around again?” You smile, walking up behind him.
“My queen.” Magnus smirks and bows down a little.
Over the weeks that he had stayed here you two got closer every day. He liked to flirt with you and you didn’t stop him, having taken quite the liking to him as well. Though you both knew there was never going to be anything more between you than that. Not only were you a queen you were also betrothed to a ruler of another land. The fact that Magnus still couldn’t control his powers very well and was clearly noticeable as a warlock to anyone didn’t help either.
“I can’t stay here forever.” He says, his tone getting more serious all of a sudden.
You knew it was true but you had still hoped to prolong his departure a little longer, “I have a friend, he’ll help you with your powers and get you out of this country afterwards.”
“Is he a…?”  
“He is.” You nod your head, feeling a sting in your heart when you think about Magnus leaving you forever.
You stand beside each other in silence, looking out over the city from the balcony of the castle. The cold night air hitting your face while the stars seine brightly above you.

You hadn’t thought about all of this for a long time but it all came back to you clear as day while you walked through the streets of New York, heart suddenly stopping when you saw him again.
“Y/N?” Magnus whispers in shock. How long had it been? Hundreds of years and he could still remember you like it was yesterday. The first person who had shown him kindness, helped him without wanting anything in return. He hadn’t realized it back than but he could see it clearly now. How had he never noticed that you were a witch.
“Magnus…” You reply, a smile slowly appearing on your face.

Steve Rogers x Pregnant!Reader Pt. 3

Part One   Part Two   Part Three

Tags: @priettierthanyou @yaszx @shamvictoria11 @itsemmyb

Warnings: man-period, cussing (always expect that in my imagines), torture, labor (not who you think)  

You guys are so bloody amazing! Thanks to all of you I now have 70 fucking followers! You guys are so amazing and I do not at all deserve it. Since I am the slowest at updating this chapter will be the ass kicking and the birth!!! (yay!) 

Story-Line (Y/N) (Steve’s somewhat secret wife) has just arrived at Stark Tower after hitch hiking her way there from the Rocky Mountains with help from Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. Pissed off and tired (Y/N) waits in Steve’s room while frightened (excluding Wanda and Natasha) Avengers are waiting in the living room for the Star Spangled Man With a Plan.

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waking up with got7

jb: he brushes his fingers through your hair. he asks you if you slept well. even though he knows he has a busy agenda, the last thing he wants to do is get up. your head is resting on his arm. his hands rub your shoulder and he starts small talk with you.

mark: when he wakes up, he looks around him. when he sees you’re still there, he says a raspy “good morning”. you two are close together, talking. he doesn’t look you in your eyes because he can’t take your stare. he likes to hear your voice and chuckles at your words.

jackson: he watches you while you sleep. he doesn’t want to disturb you. he likes the sound of your breathing and lays there just listening. when you wake up, he touches your face and gives you so many kisses you lost count after 20. he likes to talk to you in the morning.

junior: he faces you and, like jackson, he likes to watch you sleep and doesn’t disturb you. he actually knows you wake up late, so he gets out of bed to make you breakfast. he does a bit of cleaning as well. when he wakes up, he likes to get things started.

youngjae: he’s whiny in the morning. when you try to get up to go to work, he begs you not to get up. he begs for a few more minutes so he can feel your warmth again. he holds onto your hand and gives you puppy eyes until you surrender and cuddle with him.

bambam: when he wakes up, he stays in that position no matter how weird it is. he likes to feel you. he runs his hand along your thigh and smiles to himself. when you wake up, he says good morning and gives you a kiss. he wants to go back to sleep, but he can’t, so he just lays there in silence.

yugyeom: it takes him a while to fully wake up. he likes to wake up and fall back asleep for a half an hour or so. when he’s fully awake, he looks at you with the most loving eyes. he tells you good morning, and he lays there and stares at you. he loves waking up next to you every morning.


- never really interested in all the royal affairs like at all
- falls asleep at the meetings and always accidentally squeaks his chairs at the most inappropriate times and everyone thinks he farted
- like they’re discussing the latest crime committed in the village and abt someone’s death penalty and then all you hear is a huge pop noise and a red-faced prince mark
- he likes to walk around the castle at night when his parents and siblings are asleep and just roam around, checking up randomly on the staff and guards
- even sometimes walks outside in the villages and talks to the civilians and girls would literally drool over him because he’s so fucking close
- he never sees himself as a prince really, like he thinks that sometimes its a little too much to bear and doesn’t know if he’s quite fit for the role
- sometimes, he has trouble sleeping thinking about the responsibilities that he has and how it’s possible he’s not the right one to fix all of them
- he walks around in like ripped, black skinny jeans and like a plain white t-shirt and his mom always sees him and sighs and just walks the other way like there’s no use in scolding him anymore
- probably steals the clothes from guardcaptain!jackson because his mom has tried to throw away every piece of non-prince attire he’s ever tried to sneak in
- but then one day he runs into you, the tailor for the royal family
- it was during his random walks in the villages in the middle of the day and he’s around, trying to look for modern clothes to get out of his stupid and itchy tunics
- he sees you at the table, measuring the pieces of fabric and marking the lengths and he literally almost trips on his own feet bc wow you’re like gorgeous
- oh yeah, and captainguard!jackson decided to tag along that time and leaned over mark’s shoulder as he’s drooling and scares the shit out of him
- “wha- holy shit dude, wtf!”
- mark literally slaps his hand over jackson’s mouth and pushes him into the racks
- you look up and find that they disappeared and the noise was probably just from the street or smth cause your mom always leaves the store doors open
- the two guys sneak out unheard and mark punches jackson three more times for good measure and tells him to stfu
- but he doesn’t ofc, so he continues to tease mark about u all week
- he hasn’t found the courage to come back yet but one day, jackson literally throws him out the door and into the markets to formally introduce himself
- and truthfully, mark hasn’t been able to stop thinking about u since that day like how your hair flows over your shoulders and your eyes squint and ur tongue curves over the tip of your lips when you’re working and he described it to jackson, “it’s kinda as if the entire world just stops spinning when shes hard at work”
- so he finally introduces himself to you and is all like flustered and red and blushing as he’s like “o-oh hey, i’m uh . .. m -mark i’m gonna like rule the country one day, like, um yeah”
- and you giggle to yourself cause shouldn’t you be the one blushing and being all flustered?
- and then he asks if you can make him like a simple flannel, and you agree, even though you know the queen would probably throw it out immediately
- so he keeps coming back day after day to check up on the progress but honestly is just using it as an excuse to talk to you and stare at you
- and when he smiles, dear god when he smiles, you feel as though your entire store is being lit up and you just think of what you would give up to see that smile every minute of the rest of your life
- but neither of you tell each other of your infatuation for each other even though everytime jackson tags along he literally pushes you guys into each other “by accident” and then sprints off back to the castle
- he tells you about his struggles about being afraid that he wont be enough for the future of this country ahead of him and he keeps rambling and rambling ((which you love, cause you’ve always thought he was this quiet, mysterious pretty boy)), until you hold his hand and comfort him and look him dead in the eye and he’s literally abt to faint
- he loves the way you only want the best for the world and you never really ask for much and your family consists of just you and your mom but you never complain and how you take whatever is coming at you and try to stay positive with it and will never stand by something you dont believe in and he doesn’t know how to tell you that
- so for now, you guys kinda just appreciate each other’s company beyond belief and you both are so whipped but you don’t want it to get in the way of your friendship bc pfft he’s a prince and you’re just you, and you always wonder why the prince would fall in love with someone like you?
- but he does, and you don’t know it, but that day will come rlly rlly soon ((: