how does he sing like that

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Jarco and Janstar


falls asleep on the couch: Jackie.

makes friends with the neighbors: Jackie. Marco tries but he tends to embarrass himself.

is the adventurous eater: Jackie. She’s still trying to convince Marco to try sushi.

hogs the covers at night: Marco. He can’t sleep unless he’s at the oerfect body temperature

forgets to do the dishes: Jackie. Marco usually does it before she can even think about it.

tries to surprise their partner more often: Jackie.

leaves dirty laundry on the floor: Jackie. She stops when she notices how stressed out Marco gets about messes.

stays up til 2 AM reading: Marco. He reads really sappy romance novels. He doesn’t want Jackie to know, but she does.

sings in the shower: Marco. Jackie likes his voice.

takes the selfies: Jackie.

plans date night: Marco tends to over plan. Jackie has to remind him to relax and let things happen.


falls asleep on the couch: Star. 

makes friends with the neighbors: Star, she can make friends with pretty much anyone.

is the adventurous eater: They both are. Star will eat anything, and Janna isn’t scared to try the weirdest foods out there.

hogs the covers at night: Janna.

forgets to do the dishes: Both of them. Star just zaps them with her wand and they’re done.

tries to surprise their partner more often: Star, but Janna is rarely surprised by anything, so she pretends for Star’s sake.

leaves dirty laundry on the floor: They both do. Neither of them are that good at keeping things tidy.

stays up til 2 AM reading: Janna. She likes spooky horror stories. The creepier the better.

sings in the shower: Both. Whoever’s in the shower starts, and the other joins in from the other room.

takes the selfies: Star. She adds tons of sparkles and hearts to everything.

plans date night: They take turns. Star likes taking Janna to the dimensions Marco is afraid to go to, and Janna likes doing things like trying to summon demons and such.

Dan’s Livestream // 1.19.16

He was late because him and Phil were deciding on food

He was singing all that jazz?

YouNowception with a beginning glitch

“Shoot oop”

His clothes rack is behind him

“Whenever you’re feeling down, someone is feeling lesbian.”

“I can’t scare Phil he can hear me. He’s probably watching.”

Undertale talk

He’s sorry about the funny voices but he wants it to be entertaining

“Take up ice skating”

“That’s just your sick headcanon”

They had a very busy day

They had a tour meeting today (there’s still lots to do)

“The outfit”

“How does Phil like his coffee? Is that a euphemism? Phil likes his coffee with milk and 2 sugars”

He named someone’s furby Gordon 

He’s been addicted to a Star Wars game he has on his phone

He talked us through some of the characters he has on the game

Kimye #relationshipgoals 

Kanye’s new song talk

He doesn’t like Starbusts that much and remembers when they were called Opal Fruits?

Imaginary cringe attack

He thinks cringe attacks is one of the best videos he’s ever made

“Love yourself. We are all special lives who can touch the hearts of others.”

He let Phil tweet the picture he took because Phil’s picture was shit

He described all of the food they ate at their tea

“Afternoon tea. It’s a thing that a lot of things do.”

“I have, we, me and Phil, have finished watching Blue Exorcist.”

He didn’t like school but now that he doesn’t have to learn something he wants to 

He’s waiting for Hamilton to come to the UK


British vs American history talk

He likes pugs

Crazy Irish teacher

His favorite Harry Potter book is the Half-Blood Prince

“Kanye or Muse… Why not both? said the meme”

He likes Jason Derulo

Talked about DanandPhilCRAFTS winning “best channel” from The Sugg Awards

“Let it die”

“El knee no. Or is it nino? Is there a little wiggle above it?”

“We’ve been going out a lot” talking about ruining his sad brand

“I need to be true to myself so, unfortunately, I may tweet about things you find boring.”

He has the phone case that Phil got him on his phone 

“It didn’t feel like we went to see a movie, it felt like we had a really nice night out.” about seeing The Hateful Eight

He didn’t place their dinner order

Dinner with Louise

“What do you want for me? Interesting conversations?”

They want to go to Vidcon and Playlist but they’re not sure because of the tour

Note taking tips

Discussed dropping out and how it has nothing to do with intelligence 


“Apparently me and Phil are employable.”

Star Wars ships

“I’m not going to ruin the characters by imagining them porking each other”

He’s excited for Deadpool

Possible side channel video

Remains of the stress mushroom are in the bin

No liveshow in 2 weeks because his BBC documentary is airing around 9pm on BBC3

Discussed Undertale editing 

Talked about jacksepticeye’s Undertale video 

He doesn’t want to play more Minecraft because he’s scared to get into it

“I enjoy our times together”

Dil and Undertale part 2 soon

Possible baby Dan video

“In the grand scheme of the universe everything is irrelevant”

Mentions of Phil: ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||

Well not as domestic as just plain silly, but anyway. Ren’s probably been over at Hux’s apartment a couple of times, but hasn’t yet found out that Hux takes care of a freaking garden in his study.

(Coffee shop AU)

SM is not appreciating Lay enough. Please repost.

I want more people to see this. Please repost. People need to see what Lay, Zhang Yixing, has done.

I was just watching EXO Monster music video, the Chinese version. A lot of people were saying Lay wasn’t getting enough lines in M versions and how it’s a Chinese song where the Chinese get two lines. Then you get comments like:

“Well everyone needs to remember that everyone has their designated roles in the group. Lay has improved greatly in terms of singing, and he is indeed better than he used to be, but he came to SM as a dancer. Just because he’s Chinese does not mean he has the right to all the lines.“

“Maybe Lay’s voice didn’t suit some lines within the song in comparison to the other members.“

“The problem is that he can’t sing as well as baek and kyungie.”

“…because LAY has too much personal activities…”

I don’t even want to continue.

People keep saying ‘Why do Chinese members keep leaving’ and how Chinese people always ‘leave for money’. Look, Lay is here staying in the group and not going for the money and supporting his brothers, he is keeping to his words ‘we are one’. Yes, it’s true that Lay has his own personal studio in China and is doing variety shows and dramas in China but he still has to give SM a big part of his income. Don’t know whether it’s 100% accurate but according to a website in China, half of Yixing’s personal studio staff was employed by SM and Yixing has to give 70% of his income to SM. Well, 30% of is income is actually a lot considering how well he’s doing in China but bare in mind Yixing is the one doing all the work and he has to give SM 70% of it. 

Lay has make his way into the Chinese market and had gotten so popular recently starring in variety shows like Go Fighting and honestly, he can do so much better and so much more if he left the group and focus on his career in China but is he leaving? No. He’s not leaving. The reason why Chinese members keep leaving is because of this. This is a song in Mandarin and a Chinese members get two lines. TWO FUCKING LINES. Kris and Tao used to get one lines or two lines in songs and maybe not even have a proper line in K versions. If you search Kris voice on YouTube, someone made a compilation of his solo lines from MAMA to Overdose (M and K version included) you would find that he only had 8.33 minutes overall. And for Tao, he only got 4 minutes. There is a reason why members want to seek for more opportunities and want be able to do more. There are members like Sehun where all his lines were E-X-O (well he did have more lines in Love Me Right and recent songs).

How do you expect them to still stay when people like Kris who trained for 7 years, not knowing whether he’s going to debut and when he does, he get two lines in a song(except raps) and would always be placed at the back while performing live. He was originally supposed to debut after training for 3 years but the date got pushed back and SM told him, ‘Just wait another year.’ Another year became two years, three years, four years. He had became the foreign trainee who has trained for the longest time in SM. How do you expect him to still stay? I don’t even want to go into how Kris’s body conditions were and how he has serious problems with his body. See how well Kris doing in China and even starred in Hollywood films, would he be doing that if he stayed? 

Back to Lay. I hate it when people say stuff like “Lay only focus on his career in China and doesn’t even do EXO stuff anymore.” Excuse me, how dare you say that. Yes, Yixing did spend a lot of time in China filming and doing variety shows but he’s trying so hard to keep up with both EXO and himself. Let me tell you Lay’s schedule and after this you wouldn’t dare say he doesn’t try. 

This is his schedule for the past two months. 


5th-Beijing to Gimpo

9th-Incheon to Shanghai

13th-Back to Korea

18th-Incheon to Beijing

19th-<To Be A Better Man> Conference

20th-Beijing to Seoul

23th-Incheon to Xiamen

25th-Xiamen to Shanghai

28th-Hongqiao to Seoul


5th-Seoul to Shanghai

6th-<Old Nine Gates> Conference

6th-Premiere of <To Be A Better Man>

7th-Back to Korea

8th-EXO comeback showcase

This was his schedule for the past two months. How dare you say that Yixing is not doing enough EXO stuff. Not a normal person can bear with the stress and tiredness flying almost every two days. Why do you think he keeps flying back to Korea? He could have stayed in China since he has so many conference to go to. It’s because EXO comeback has a lot of planning and practicing to do. If he has ‘given in to money’ like some people like to say, why do you think Yixing has given up his time for resting and flying back and forth China and Korea. If he has really ‘given in to money’ why shouldn’t he just leave? Why does he keeps mentioning EXO in China? At the end of interviews he would always tell people to not only support him but also EXO. He doesn’t need to do any of that. He really don’t. He could’ve just left and continue what he’s doing in China. But he keeps his promises. He promised to stay with the members, he promised to not leave, he promised to prove that Chinese people are trustworthy. 

You can’t judge Yixing if you haven’t tied sandbags to your body to practice dancing for almost two years just because you think your dancing wasn’t going anywhere, it was to a point where he can’t even stand up because of the damages he has done to his waist. You can’t judge Yixing if you haven’t seen the amount of time he puts into making a ‘better Zhang Yixing’. You can’t judge Yixing if you haven’t had a cramping leg but still managed to finished a short interview and the whole Love Me Right choreography and immediately collapsed to the ground after the performance. These are all happening when people call him names like “attention seeking bitch”. He is still standing. He doesn’t deserve all this. He doesn’t even to work half as hard but chose to because he wants to prove to all those people who judged him, who attacks him, who call him names. If you haven’t gone through what Yixing has gone through, what gives you the right to judge him? 

“Hope that I will be able to let the others see, everything of Zhang Yixing is good, only then I feel it’s really amazing. Let the others see he result, the process ins’t really that important.”-ZhangYixing 

If you’re judging him or has judged him, think about whether you’ll be able to go through all this and still put on a smile for everyone.

Zhang Yixing is so hardworking and is such an amazing human being. SM need to change, and SM need to appreciate the effort Yixing is putting into EXO. 

We’ve already lost three members, we couldn’t afford to lose more.

one thing i really like about Hamilton is that the ensemble is so strong. not just great singers, but being in the ensemble is actually a diverse and compelling role in and of itself.

like sure, sometimes they just play citizens/background characters, but they also get these moments to be almost omniscient, and follow the pattern of a Greek chorus–something that is rarely seen in musicals.

like in “Say No to This”, where they’re shouting out “NO!” not just as musical repetition, but like they’re actually trying to tell Hamilton not to go through with the affair, openly begging him even. or in “Hurricane” when he’s talking about how he’ll write the Reynold’s Pamphlet, and you hear them echoing the lines “wait for it” and “history has its eyes on you”. usually in musicals the ensemble’s job is just to sing along with the lead. when the ensemble DOES have its own role, it’s as something else–a crowd of civilians, people at a party, soldiers, etc. but there are these really great moments in Hamilton where the ensemble has its own voice as the ensemble, and like some kind of ghost it tries to sing to characters that can’t hear it. and this is particularly poignant because of the historical aspect–the ensemble becomes this catalyst for an audience that knows what’s going to happen, and embodies that wish to reach through the fourth wall (and in a way, through time) and stop it.

no but seriously how do people not realise that patrick sings the first bit of thnks fr th mmrs

why would pete sing it?

pete can’t sing?

patrick does have a lower register of his voice



James is the youngest marauder (even though Peter acts like it), and his favorite thing to do is tease the other boys about getting old first. He calls them grandpas and jokes about how they’re all going to kick the bucket before he does.

On they’re birthdays he always sings, with great gusto, his own made up verses to the birthday song which includes lyrics like “one step closer to the grave” and something about arthritis.

Sirius and Remus get the brunt of the jokes. Remus endures the taunts with dignity, but Sirius, who is technically the eldest, always has to throw jabs back, listing off all the ways James is going to accidentally kill himself off first “because you’re an idiot.”

It’s easy to joke about death when you feel invincible…

Following school, the boys join the wizarding war, and suddenly the jokes don’t seem as funny. James stops teasing them, but with every birthday, (which is considered an accomplishment) the four boys still remember the song.

The lyrics become more and more haunting with every order member’s passing.

After the attack on Godric’s Hollow, and Sirius’ imprisonment… All he can think about while sitting alone in his cell, is that stupid… stupid song.

James went first.

the small things that michael does are what makes me fall in love with him more and more

he hugs his band mates like he never wants to let go
the way he closes his eyes when he sings
the way he makes paws in the sleeves of his sweaters
how he gets so hyped over a video game
he’s such a loveable dork
he just makes me so happy

if british people supposedly lose their accents when singing how does louis manage to sound even more british when he sings the fuck like tELL mE wit h YO r mInd bO d ee and sp ir it 


#jensenhiatuslove: Week Four | Jensen and Music

“I’m not a musician and I don’t try to be one.You know Johnny Depp, right? He likes to play guitar, hang out and play with his musician friends, but he’s not like cutting albums and doing crazy stuff, is he? No? Right. Yeah. Good for him. Because he’s an actor. Does he like playing music? Sure. Is he a musician? No. He’s an actor. That’s kinda how I feel about it. My buddies, like Steve and Jason, those guys- they’re musicians, they have devoted their life to it, they have committed to it, it is their craft. And I just feel like me cutting an album kind of diminishes all those people out there that have devoted their lives to it. I’m sure I could sell a few if I did that, but I don’t know I just feel like that’s taking advantage and I don’t wanna do that.I’ll stick to what I’m comfortable doing. Plus, I’m not that good.”

(urgent protests)

“I’m good for an actor trying to sing and play a guitar, I’m not as good as I have to be to be considered a musician.” - JIBCon, 2011.

Newt Scamander is the kind of man that thinks soft sneezes are adorable.
Newt Scamander is the kid of man that loves that little strand of hair that falls in front of your face.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that likes to watch you sleep in the morning when your skin is glowing.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that draws little hearts of frosted windows.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that openly loves muggle Disney movies (When he’s older) and admits it.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that loves snoring.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that thinks marriage is super materialistic. (But does it anyways because you want to show everyone how cute you two are)
Newt Scamander is the kind of man who likes to makes snow angels.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that writes love letters.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that loves oversized sweaters.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that would sing in the shower.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that is always really warm but has super cold hands.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that wears two different socks.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man who stops in the middle of sentences because he has thought of something new and so much more important to tell you.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that gives really big hugs. No side shoulder hugs. They must be big and envelope your whole body.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that loves stories. All kinds. Except scary ones. Please don’t.
Newt Scamander is the kind of man that makes you watch Christmas movies when you’re sad.

Newt Scamander is good.

ezra is so cool, weird, and smart and like he tweets dumb things and writes great lyrics and chucks the deuces all the time and doesn’t give a shit about it and wears cute sweaters and has floppy hair and he used to rap about pizza and now he sings about horchata and wears jumpsuits on stage like i can’t even handle him how does he handle himself is he real?????

My favorite thing is when Calum’s singing and he closes his eyes and tilts his head to the side a bit and his eyebrows go up because you can actually see how he hits each note

Could you give me a little bed for this one?
  • Could you give me a little bed for this one?
  • Alex Turner

Your song Secret Door off Humbug ends with the lyrics ‘fools on parade conduct a sing along.’ How do you feel about your devoted fans singing along to all of your songs at shows? Do you still like it? Does it make you feel weird? Or both? (CD 101 Interview)