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You Make Me Really Confused

Request: @huntermichelle   6) “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.” 22) “You make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.” 9) “No, like.. it’s just, I can’t believe you’re wearing MY clothes.” Preferably with shy Bucky? After the reader moves into the tower Bucky never knows what to say to them and then one day he accidentally says #22 and then they end up spending the night together? Fluff and smut? You’re amazing! TY!

@the-witching-hours12-3   I meant 6 with Bucky but whatever 🙄. Stupid me 😣

Prompts:   6) “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”

9) “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”

22)  “You make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.”

Words: 1041

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy, a little bit of smut 

Thank you @widowsfics for beta this for me :)

Since the first time Bucky saw you, he knew that you were something special.  He didn’t know what was about you that made his heart beat so fast when you were around. Maybe was the way your hair smelled like coconut and chocolate, or the way that you smiled at him and how gently you touched him.

He didn’t know what it was, but he knew that he was falling in love with you.

The only problem was that he never knew what to say to you, you were so beautiful and carefree that every time he tried to keep a conversation he couldn’t help but stumble on his words and make a fool of himself “ Hey Bucky, what are you watching?”  You ask looking at the TV.

“I don’t know.” He looks surprised to see you, according to the reports you were supposed to be in China right now “Weren’t you supposed to be on a mission?” You nod sitting by his side “I was but Steve gave me the day off, saying that I would be more helpful here with you.”

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First - Part Two

A/N: This contains sexual actions, just so you are aware. Feedback is always lovely. 

Word count: 2,545

“Here we are” you said, letting Shawn pass through your front door.

He looked around curiously as he entered the hall and you followed him behind.

“You like it?” you asked, he nodded back at you.

“You live here alone?” he asked almost stunned. You laughed slightly as his cute little reaction.

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(A) She's My Collar with 2D ♡

A/N: K so a lot of people asked for this and someone said good luck on the blog so to you, Thank you c: (I would have an undercut but tbqh I don’t know how to 😅 I’m sorry) also to the others who requested this, this is for you guys too.
Stuart doesn’t usually have one night stands. He thinks sex is more intimacy than anything and you can’t have that with a stranger. Whenever he does though, he’ll usually forget them the next day. Never finds ways to reconnect or anything. But oh how you were different. It started by going to the bar and seeing you. It led to a couple drinks and meeting you on the dance floor, more drinks together and a small kiss. That kiss heats up and he wakes up with clothes on the floor and you in his arms. Eventually he gets up, receiving nor leaving a number and leaves, ready to continue his day. And he did, that is until the memories came back. He began to remember your touch and sound. The way you arched your back as you scratched his and moaned. The way you stared into his eyes before dipping to his neck to litter it in hickies. How you travelled his body, silencing him when he got too loud with a kiss. He tried to shake the memories off, even getting to the point of going to another but it wasn’t the same. And that’s when he realized you weren’t gonna be like the others. He felt like he was being pulled back to you, going back every night to try to find you until one faithful day he did and repeats his actions, except he leaves his number. And after that day you two would always meet. Sometimes you would go out before anything but sex was always guaranteed. Although you had been seeing each other, you had discovered you two were pretty different. Yet Stuart realized he didn’t care, he just wanted to secure the idea of only seeing you and you only seeing him. But he didn’t mean to tell you. You were on him, leaving mixtures of red and purple on his skin and making him feel like he wasn’t even on earth anymore when it slipped out.
“Ah fuck I love you.”
You sat up and looked at him in shock. When Stuart realized what he said, he turned a bright red.
“I’m sorry- I didn’t mea- it’s not lik- ugh I’m really sorry.” He said, leaning back and covering his eyes with his arm.
You sit there and think for a moment. Of course you had thought of him in that way, just look at him! Tall, kind, funny, attractive, and fantastic in bed. That’s when you realized you just gonna have to do what you gotta do. You look into his eyes before pulling him into a deep kiss.
“I love you too, Stuart.” 
He smiles and kisses you back, forming that was once just casual into something you know you two won’t regret tomorrow. You knew you had a reason for the constant pulling feeling towards him, and Stuart knew too.

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As I was thinking about Lance being the pilot, I was considering the scene where everyone met the blue lion. Does Lance confidently approach the blue lion or be a little hesitate to try? Does he let others try before himself?

Blue is pretty unsubtle about who she likes. When Lance touches the wall it lights up explosively, Keith confirms it’s never done that for him, and then after the floor breaks and everyone’s done falling, we see Lance gaping up at the Blue Lion. As the team approaches it, Lance asks if anyone else feels like it’s staring at them, which Shiro states no, and Lance, moving back and forth, confirms that the eyes are following him.

Keith is the one to touch the barrier first and wonder how to get in, to which Lance replies “maybe you knock?” but once the barrier drops and they’re treated to that vision, then Lance takes the lead and confidently moves inside/sits at the pilot seat.

So it’s kind of a mix. He seems to hesitate at first (Keith gets to the barrier first, but Lance hardly hangs back) but after they get that vision of Voltron, Lance is suddenly much more confident.

Quite possibly, that image of Voltron is when the Lions all initially establish their connection with the paladins- Blue clearly had her eye on Lance from the start, but at that point, she’s actually in his head- and so presumably after that point, there’s this sense of it’s meant for him. (and if I’m right to think that this is when the other Lions all chose their respective paladins, I think there’d be a sense in the others’ that this is not for them.)

Thief prompt - ‘Need’


“A-and then there was this other boy at school and Sebastian was trying to break up a fight and I saw the boy grab his hand and squeeze it and when their fingers touched I almost died inside. I almost died.”

Tiny shorts exposed the expanse of smooth legs as they crossed, the thin limbs pale against the dark wood of the floor. Those young thighs pressed against the ground as the boy hunched over with his head in his hands, bitty fingers stuffing into dyed blue locks because he was just that forlorn.

“I froze. I just froze right up for the first time. For the second time maybe. When I saw mom and dad at the funeral, I froze when I saw them too. But it was different then, you know? B-because Sebastian he’s all I have. If some other kid takes him away what do I do? What do you think I should do?”

An enormous mound of fur knocked up against those little legs, the rotund middle of a consoling Nothing plopping right onto his back and answering the boy with a soft mewl.

Ciel sighed and gave a sad smile as he lied down on the floor, curling up right next to the cat as he gave the fattened flesh a pat.

“Maybe you’re right, maybe it was nothing, Nothing. Maybe I’m overreacting. I don’t know, it just hurt…it hurt me, my body even ached, my insides turned! I felt like I could cry right then and there so I dashed into the nearest classroom - embarrassing huh?”

The boy was beautiful when he gave a genuine smile, those pretty lips lifting into smooth cheeks, the way his soft strands of hair cascaded over the floor, the way his blue eyes cheered up as the cat pawed his nose and then gave it a rude shove.

“Hey! Tch, Nothing…you always know how to cheer me up. I’m so sad when he’s not here. I hate when he has to work late and it’s just us - doesn’t he realize we need him to be here?”

The cat huffed and both of their ears pricked up when they heard the rough cough of an engine that was all too familiar. It was Sebastian’s truck and it was pulling right into the driveway, and just as Ciel sat up he barely had even a second to try and hide his anguish before the door flew right open.

And in entered the man of the house himself.

“S-sebastian you’re home.”

Not only was he home but damn was he a piece of work with the way he barged in, slammed the door shut, and walked right on over to Ciel like he had a thing or two to say to the boy.

“Get the fuck up off the floor.”

Ciel’s blue eyes went from looking at polished shoes to long legs to knees and up and up, higher onto that uniformed torso, those broad shoulders, higher onto a tempting throat and the finest jaw imaginable, until finally - right at the top of that tower were the fiercest pair of eyes that could strike fear into the hearts of any human living or dead.

Except Ciel of course.

“No. Nothing and I were talking…”

“Get. Up.”


“What is it now don’t fucking give me this shit I raced over here after work because I knew you’d do this bullshit.”

Ciel gave a small pout and crossed his arms, lifting his chin and closing his eyes and showing every emotion he felt because he couldn’t even hide it.

“I SAID Nothing and I were talking, why don’t you go back to school and hold hands with all the boys for all I care.”

“Are you fucking kidding me…” Sebastian, in all his six-foot-seven glory, dressed like a corrupt motherfucker with a nice badge and bad attitude was having none of any single sentence Ciel spouted.

The man crouched down and got on one knee right by Ciel, grabbing a tiny elbow and giving it a rough squeeze because there was no way in hell he could ever learn how to handle anything gently.

“Ciel…I didn’t touch that kid intentionally, he fucking touched me out of nowhere. I know you were watching me.”

The boy was caught off guard and rolled his pretty blue eyes towards the man over twice his age, licking those young lips and feeling a bit sheepish as he was found out.

“H-how did you know?”

“I never take my eyes off of you.”

Ciel blushed right up and looked to the side, unable to handle such an honest answer.




“Hah, please…I’m going crazy here.”

“Look at me.”

“No, go away, it was just a mistake go away okay.”

“Don’t GIVE me that shit. LOOK AT ME.”


Sebastian couldn’t take it and leaned forward, that enormous body towering over Ciel as the boy was forced into a deep, deep kiss. Their lips locked and their tongues pushed together, both closing their eyes and tilting their heads to the side to get in a nice suck or two.

“Ngh, I love it when you kiss me…” Ciel got a second to breathe and when he did he whispered the words onto his guard’s lips, their eyes opening right up to stare at one another - the man on one knee trying his best not to go crazy on the small thing.


“Get off the floor.”

“Do you like kissing me?”

“I do”

“You do it because you want to?”

“No shit”

“If we never kissed again would you be upset?”

“I would.”

“Would you hurt someone to be able to kiss me again?”

“Of course.”

“Would you kill?”

“With my bare hands.”

Ciel’s lips suddenly craved the man’s touch, but he licked them instead and softly knocked his nose into Sebastian’s jaw just to get a good feel of how hot it was.

“You’d kill for me really?”

“I’d kill for you.”

“Hah - are we crazy?”

“Does it matter?”

“Do you need me?”

“I need you.”

“Are you mine?”

Sebastian grit his teeth and sat on the floor, his big hands grabbing small hips and forcing them forward. The tiny thing practically flew into his arms, and Ciel rested his elbows on each broad shoulder as creamy thighs parted to sit on that lap.

“Mm, Sebastian - you’re mine, aren’t you?”

“What do I always fucking say to that?”

“I don’t know-”

“Yes you do, don’t fuck with me - WHAT do I always say?”

“I…I don’t-”


Sebastian got mean just because he didn’t know what nice even was, their faces close because the one thing he did know how to do was smell that fresh skin and give the fine throat a lick. A suck. Hell he even kissed it because he was that infatuated with it.

“Say it, Ciel.”

Ciel slowly let his head fall back and tried to keep composure, eyes rolling to the ceiling, heart hammering, hips rolling forward just to feel how hard he was making the man who left rough kisses up and down his neck.

“Y-you’re mine…”

“And WHAT else?”

“And…I’m yours.”


“And if anyone ever comes between us we…”

“We WHAT.”

“We kill them, ngh, we kill them.”

Sebastian rolled his tongue over the boy’s Adam’s apple and sunk his teeth into it only for a moment, only to taste that voice, to feel Ciel’s fingers suddenly clench into his hair. To pull back and get a good look at how the boy melted right in his arms.

Melted, that’s an understatement. Ciel was practically spilling his desires all over the place it was that intense.


“D-don’t say my name like that.”

“Ciel, pay attention.”

“I am, I am.”

“Listen to me.”

“I’m listening ah god, I am - I know the rest.”

“Then say it. We’ve gone over it a million times.”

Ciel tried to calm his breathing and closed his eyes when his jaw was kissed, repeating words those lips had spoken a hundred times over.

“We…we will never betray each other.”

“And what else? What happens if you ever betray me?”

“You kill me.”

“And if I ever betray you?”

“I…I murder you.”

“Say it seriously.”

Ciel lifted his head to stare right at those piercing eyes, heart jumping the moment he saw him, the moment he felt those enormous hands sliding up his spine.

“I’ll murder you. I’ll fucking kill you on the spot.”

“Yeah? Are you sure about that, I’m not convinced.”

“I’ll stab you right in the chest.”

“Deep enough I hope.”

“As hard as I can.”

“Twist the blade while you’re at it.”

“I will. I’ll tear out your heart because it’s mine too.”

Sebastian loved that one, the words making those hands stuff under Ciel’s shirt and get a good taste of sweet, sweet flesh.

“Say it again.”

“It’s mine forever, you’re fucking mine Sebastian. Your body, your brain - your heart. They belong to me, I own them, I own everything, every inch of you.”

“That’s more like it.”

“Every inch is mine-”

“Your mouth is mine - give it to me.”

Before the order was even demanded Ciel lifted his little hips and locked both of their lips, kissing Sebastian like he needed it to live, jaws dropping in an instant - tongues suckling by the second.

Ciel moaned and rolled his thin waist forward, getting a good taste of all those inches as he pushed it between his legs. The male kissed Sebastian’s lips and then his jaw and throat, and he was lucky those big hands were bracing his back otherwise he would have slammed right down onto the floor.

“T-take off my clothes.”

Rock-hard and ready to get rough with it, Sebastian jerked his fingers over the flesh and lifted that shirt clear off of Ciel in a split second or less.

It revealed smooth skin and lifted rib-bones, driving the man to a point of insanity it was just that tempting.

“Touch me.” Ciel closed his eyes and leaned back, pleading a second time even though it wasn’t necessary. Teasing by showing off that flawless body. “Touch me.”

He already had those hands all over him.

“Grab me like you mean it.”

“If I grabbed you as hard as I meant it you’d be crushed to death.”

“You want me that bad?”

“It’s not about what I want.”

“What is it then?”

“It’s what I need.”

“You need me? Or just my body-”

“Everything. All of it. Your skin…”

Sebastian pushed those large palms hard against the aforementioned flesh.

“Your bones, your insides.”

Hands slid from spine to belly and soon glided up right over Ciel’s heart, giving it an uncontrolled grope because Sebastian had a thing for feeling it jump in the palm of his hand.

“Your voice. Your mouth. Your eyes. I need it more than anything, look at me. I need it did you hear me? Ciel, open your fucking eyes - I need it.”

Blue eyes never looked so sweet as they opened - as they stared right at Sebastian, as they got lost in that brute of a man.

“I need it to live.”


Seventeen Drunk Type

S Coups : Philosophical drunk. Asking weird but deep questions like “Do you think that bugs have feelings ?” Would discuss over anything and turn it into a really deep conversation. 

Jeonghan : All flirty drunk. He teases everyone. I can see him flip his hair like a bitch and bite his lips to every person he has in eye contact. 

Joshua : Blank drunk. He’s there, his glass in his hand. Jun is grinding on him but he’s so focussed on his empty glass that he doesn’t react. 

Jun : Naughty. Grinding on anything, even his chair, he doesn’t give a fuck. 

Hoshi : LOUD DRUNK. like hell omg. I can see him shouting while dancing weird things (like octopus dance) with Mingyu. Laughing his ass off for nothing.

Wonwoo : Fighting anything. Shouting on everybody. You touch him ? He smacks your head on his knee and let you dead on the floor before getting another drink. 

Woozi : Does alcohol affects him ? I can just see him taking joshua’s guitar to beat hoshi’s ass because of how loud he is. 

DK : Friendly and social, just trying to have a good time with his friends by meeting new people and laughing with them. 

Mingyu : Dancing drunk. Please take him back cause when he goes on the dance floor he never leave it, trying to grind on as many person as he can. 

The8 : Cute drunk, giggling and dozing off after a few drinks. (Or fighting with everybody I’m not sure) 

Seungkwan : Never stop talking drunk. Never stand next to him when he drinks cause he’s going to talk to you all night about anything : His mom, his weight, his mom, Jeju, his mom, food, his mom…. HE WOULD TALK ABOUT HIS MOM.

Vernon : I can see him enjoying himself alone by rapping for himself too loud and making weird dance moves… Alone 

Dino : Lmao baby is drinking orange juice at home.

A few personal thoughts on ichigo re: love

So. I’ve been covered in ship feels pretty damn hard, and I can’t fucking rp unless I get these damn things OUT, so I decided I’d write down my personal interpretation of how ichigo sees love n’ shit.

(this is tagged as Ichihime only simply because dawg, that be what I ship ichigo in and what I believe has a good chance of being canon. Also because jesus CHRIST I do not want to get in a fight about how I headcanon Ichigo and romance, I have no fucking time for that shit anymore plz don’t.

Also possible anti-ichiruki if you squint?? I do talk on how I feel people misinterpret him so :V)

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some fun force-sensitive!Hux headcanons to consider

(I am literally just making this post to sort out my own fic ideas and also to casually tag @saltandlimes​ hoping she’ll get inspired. No pressure dear.)

  • Hux is four years old when the Empire falls. He doesn’t know what is happening - all his mother tells him is that they have to go, they have to leave right now and he can’t takes all histhings with him - but he can feel the nervousness in the air, he can feel the fear, the uncertainty, the what will happen to us now. It’s too much.
    • He doesn’t remember leaving his childhood home; carried in her arms, passed out.When he wakes up he’s in the shuttle that will carry them to their new home; there are confused whispers, a scream. Everything is shaking, and there’s a strange wind ruffling his hair. He doesn’t know what is happening, but he knows that it’s got something to do with him - and he starts screaming, then, because it is not stopping, and the wind only grows stronger.
    • When his favourite toy smashes against the wall, he feels like crying. He wants the wind to stop. He wills the wind to stop.
    • It does.

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Try Again? PT:2 (A Nate Maloley Fan Fiction)

AN: thank you for all the support so far on the story! It means so much! This part is a little long so beware😂 let me know what you think!

“Momma?” I heard farmiliar voice. My head snapped up. Nate.

“You…have a son?” Nate asked staring at him in disbelief. “You already moved on?” He turned to stare at me now. “Nate what do you mean already? It’s been three years! Three years since you left me, what was I supposed to do? Wait all my life for you? I’m sorry Nate but I’m happy now.”

He gave me a week smile.

“I’m happy for you lil mama,” the nickname sent chills down my spine.

“Well I gotta get going, see you boys later?” I looked to Johnson and Gilinsky, “Do you wanna hang out with us tomorrow? Little mans invited too.” Johnson smiled.

“Oh no I can’t.” I shook my head. “Please YN, I’ll be like old times sake!” Gilinsky whined.

“Yeah lil mama, you should. The boys have missed you.” Nate pressed. “Momma, Jack said he’d give me ice cream.” “He did?” I looked at Johnson, “Not me,” he held his hands up.

“Well we’ll see baby.” I saw Nate flinch as I called Lucas that. “Heres my number, give me a call whenever.” I smiled as I handed Gilinsky a piece of paper.

“Bye boys.” I smiled as I turned on my heel. “Bye YN!” Lucas waved as we walked away.

“Baby you can’t be walking away from me.” I started to scold him.

——-Nates Point Of View——-

I saw the boys talking to a really beautiful girl as I started walking up to them. Woah. It’s YN.

“Momma? Momma I’m hungry.” I heard the little boy in her arms say. She has a kid now? I really have missed the last three years of her life. She’s moved on now? Wow.

“You…have a son?” I asked staring at him. “You already moved on?” I turned to stare at her now. “Nate what do you mean already? It’s been three years! Three years since you left me, what was I supposed to do? Wait all my life for you? I’m sorry Nate but I’m happy now.”

I gave her a weak smile.

“I’m happy for you lil mama,”

“Well I gotta get going, see you boys later?” She looked to Johnson and Gilinsky, “Do you wanna hang out with us tomorrow? Little mans invited too.” Johnson smiled.

“Oh no I can’t.” She shook her head. “Please YN, Itll be like old times sake!” Gilinsky whined.

“Yeah lil mama, you should. The boys have missed you.” Lie, I missed you. “Momma, Jack said he’d give me ice cream.” “He did?” She looked at Johnson, “Not me,” he held his hands up. I chuckled at her reaction.

“Well we’ll see baby.” I flinched at her calling him baby. I missed hearing those words directed to me. “Here’s my number, give me a call whenever.” She smiled as she handed Gilinsky a piece of paper.

“Bye boys.” She smiled as She walked away “Bye YN!” I waved to Lucas. Damn that kid was cute. Lucas waved to me and smiled.

I continued staring at them until they were out of view.

“Nate.” Gilinsky chuckled.

“Yeah man?”

“You totally still love her.”

“I know.” I sighed.

“I wonder who the father is though.” I shook my head.

“Yeah it’s a real mystery.” I heard Johnson mumble.

“What was that?” I raised an eyebrow.

———–YNS point of view——-

“Come on honey, it’s time for bed.”

“Momma I don’t want to!” Luke whined.

“Remember, we’re hanging out with the jacks tomorrow! You’ll get a special treat.” I cooed. He smiled and closed his eyes.

“That’s my special boy.” I kissed his forehead before I walked out of the room.

I walked into my bed room and sat on my bed. I put my head in my hands and sighed. “Why now? Why does he have to walk into my life now? I was just starting to get over him and he walks in and calls me lil mama? Really? I can’t believe this.” I thought outloud as my chest tightened.

I crawled under my covers and shut the light off. About five minutes later I heard little feet padding across the floor.

“Momma?” I heard Lucas whisper. I giggled and answered him.

“Can I sleep with you?” He whisper shouted.

“Of course you can baby.” I pulled open the covers and he crawled in. The moonlight illuminated his face. I smiled at him before I kissed his cheek.

“You’re my only boy baby, I love you.” I pulled him closer to me.

“I love you too momma.” He hugged me as he drifted to sleep.


I woke up to my phone ringing, “hello?” I answered half asleep. “Hey, are you still coming over today?” Johnsons voice rang through the phone.

“Only if you want us to?”

“Yeah of course we do! I really wanna hang out with little man today.”

“Okay, text me the address, we’ll be over soon.” I hung up the phone and got out of bed.

“Lucas?” I called out for him as I walked into his room. He was half dressed in a plaid shirt with one of the sleeves not on, and he was wearing duck pants with it. I giggled at how he wanted to be a big independent boy.

“Baby, you need a shower first.” He groaned and followed me into the bathroom. After we were both were washed I got into a bathrobe and walked Lucas to his room.

I got him dressed in Khakis and a sweater with his grey vans.

I let him into my room and sat him on my bed while I got dressed.

I wore my black skinny jeans, with a matching sweater and my grey vans. “Momma! We look alike!” His smile beamed. “Yes we do baby!” I picked him up and spun him around.

I checked my phone to look at the address. It’s quite a walk from my house. I called up one of my friends and asked them for a ride.

“Hey Justin?” I called.


“I was wondering if you could give me and Luke a ride somewhere today?”

“Yeah of course!”

“Thank you so much! I owe you one!”

“It’s no problem YN, I’ll be there in five minutes!”

Ten minutes later Justin pulled up. I grabbed my purse and Luke’s coat and Justin came and picked Luke up for me. He buckled Luke into the car and I got into the passenger seat.

It took 15 minutes to get to Gilinsky and Johnsons house. Justin helped me to the door with Luke. I knocked on the door and Nate opened it.

Johnson came running up and greeted me.

“Who’s this?” Nate asked coldly, pointing to Justin.

“I’m Justin,” he stuck his hand out for Nate to shake. Nate looked at his hand and walked away.

“Sorry about him.” Johnson apologized.

“It’s fine.” Justin chuckled. “Well by YN, bye buddy, I’ll see you guys later.” He kissed Luke and handed him to me.

“Bye Justin! Love you!” “Love you too!” He called as he drove away.

I walked inside and set Luke down. He ran over to Gilinsky playing the play station.

“What’s up little buddy?” Gilinsky laughed.

Nate was seated on a single couch playing on his phone.

“What are you playing?” Luke asked Nate.

“Luke, leave him alone please.” Luke sat in Nates lap. It’s like he knows that’s his father, he won’t stop gravitating towards him.

“Here, wanna play?” Luke’s face lite up. He yelled yes excitedly and Nate chuckled.

“Was that his father who dropped you off?” Johnson asked as I sat next to Gilinsky.

Nates head snapped towards me.

“No, but he could be considered the father in Luke’s life. He helped me through the pregnancy and still helps take care of Lucas today.” I smiled as I fiddled with my fingers.

Nate frowned hearing that. He picked up Luke and sat him down on the couch.

“YN? Can I talk to you in the kitchen please?”

“Nate are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Please.” I nodded and followed him to the kitchen.

“YN, I miss you. I miss us.” My eyes widened as I stood in front of Nate.

“Nate. You told me you didn’t love me anymore, how can I trust you now? You weren’t happy with me, you even said it yourself.”

“YN, I never stopped loving you. I got signed to a big record label and they told me I couldn’t have a girlfriend, I know it was wrong to hurt you. But it hurt me too. I regretted it the second I said it. I missed you, I really have. I still love you YN.” Nate stepped closer to me. Trapping me between him and the kitchen counter.

“Nathan, I can’t. I just don’t feel the same way anymore.” Lie. I wanted to jump into his arms. I missed him. I missed his touch. But I can’t have him hurt me or Luke.

“I’ll wait for you YN. I’ll wait for you forever.”

“Momma?” I heard Luke feet padding across the floor. Nate chuckled and stepped back from me.

“Hey little man, want some ice cream?” Nate asked Luke but looked at me for reassurance. I nodded and made my way to the Jacks.

“He really does love you YN, he never stopped talking about you.”

“Then why didn’t he come back for me? Huh Johnson?”

“He thought you deserved better. He would always talk about how he didn’t deserve you.” I sat in silence at his answer.

“YN! Shit! I don’t know what’s happening!” Nate yelled from the kitchen. We all ran to see Nate holding Lucas. His face was red and he wasn’t breathing.

“What the fuck Nate?! What happened?”

“I don’t know we were eating ice cream! That’s it!”

“What was on it?!”

“Syrup, cherries, and peanuts!”

“He’s allergic to peanuts! Oh fuck! I don’t even have his epipen!”

“Nate drive them to the hospital now!” Johnson yelled.

He grabbed Lucas and ran him to the car. I followed close behind him. I sat in the back with Lucas as Nate drove.

“Fucking hell YN, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know!”

“I’m sorry Nate I should’ve told you, just please hurry.”

We soon pulled up to the hospital and Nate carried Luke inside.

“We need a doctor!” He yelled. A nurse rushed to Luke and asked what was wrong. Nate explained what happened and she rushed him off to the back.

“We need to collect some information for your son.” A nurse came up to me.


“January 16th”

“Insurance company, and Social Security?”

I answered her questions.

“Okay last one…what’s his full name?” Oh shit. I hope Nate wasn’t listening.

“Lucas Carson Maloley.” I saw Nate take a step back and turn his head towards me.

“Okay thank you, a doctor will see you in a moment.” She smiled and walked away.

“Lucas Carson Maloley?” Nate asked in disbelief.

Haphephobia - The fear of human contact.

Chanyeol (your boyfriend) has been your housemate for a little over two months now, but you’ve never touched him once and he’s never touched you. He’s tried, but you’ve always sneakily avoided it so he didn’t know you were purposely doing it.

You know Chanyeol’s the cuddly type, because even with his friends, he’s always touching someone, at all times. Whether it be holding their hand, an arm around their shoulder, a hand on their arm; he’s always touching someone.

But Chanyeol got fed up with your distance, you guess, because one day when you get home from work, Chanyeol immediately approaches you and traps you against the wall with his hands.

“Welcome home,” He says sweetly, and you gape at him wide-eyed. What does he think he’s doing, and why? “How was work?” Chanyeol has a flirty smirk on his face, and you know he wants attention  because you know him by now.

“Fine.” You reply tensely, though you try not to be. Any normal girl would be flirting back with him, probably touching him to show his charm is working. But you’re not a normal girl, because you’re afraid of physical contact.

“Good.” He says sincerely, but he doesn’t budge an inch when you try to walk away, keeping you trapped. To avoid his eyes, you duck your head ashamedly and close them, wishing he’d move so you can hang out with him like you normally do, on the couch, a safe distance away. “Why won’t you look at me?” He asks, sensing that there’s something wrong, and he lowers his head to try to meet your eye.

“Can you move, please?” You ask as nicely as you can, but it still comes out urgent and you sound a little disgusted, which you didn’t mean to sound like at all. Chanyeol blinks, brow furrowing, and instead of stepping back like you expect him to, he stands there firmly.

“Why won’t you look at me?” He asks again, lifting his hand to tilt your chin up. You flinch at his touch, and he yanks his hand back instantly. “What’s wrong, Baby? Did something actually happen at work?” He coos, worry oozing all over his face.

“No.” You shake your head one too many times and get a little dizzy. “Just don’t touch me, ever.” You say in your confusion, trying to find the difference between up and down. What is wrong with you?

“Ever? We’re dating, _____. We’re living together. How can I not touch you?” He says all of this while grabbing your shoulder, and you scream, making him jump back in hurt.

“I’m so sorry..!” You sob, then turn and run into the bathroom and shut the door behind you.

You don’t know how long you’ve been there, but suddenly you’re roused awake by a rap on the door. “_____?” You sit up, unaware of your messed up hair and puffy eyes as you open the door. Chanyeol’s worried face appears in the doorway, and when he sees you sitting on the floor, looking like crap, he immediately goes to your side, but doesn’t touch you.

Neither of you are sure what to say, so you just sit there silently, waiting for the other to speak. Finally, you mumble, “Let’s hold hands.” at the same time Chanyeol says, “I won’t touch you anymore.”

You both look at each other in shock, and you blink a few times before being able to form a response. “What? Are you crazy?” And then he looks even more confused than you feel and he says, “Are you crazy? I don’t want you running away from me again.”

You hang your head ashamedly. “I’m sorry about that.” You say, already shaken just remembering it. “I-I’m scared of physical contact.” You confess, and it’s the first time you’ve told him, so he stares at you as it sinks in.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asks gently, not wanting to sound turned off or degrading. You hang your head without looking at him, and he leans his head on his knees to stare at your face.

“I was afraid you would break up with me.” You confess tearfully, and Chanyeol wants nothing more than to hold you and rock you in his lap, but he knows that’s probably be the wrong thing to do and is at a loss. “Because you’re so handsome, and warm-hearted and good that you can easily replace me with someone who’s– who’s not a freak.” You whimper.

“You are not a freak.” He says sternly, which makes you look at him in surprise. “You are smart, beautiful,” He hangs his head lower sadly. “You’re brave.”

You’re rendered speechless and end up stuttering for a response. “H-How am I–?”

“For one, you’re dating me.” He says, shrugging his shoulders and looking at your feet. “Even though you think I might leave you, you’re still doing it. Plus, you even moved in with me, even though you knew this problem might arise later.” When he sees that you’re listening to him intently, he smiles. “That’s brave.”

“But Chan–” Your voice wavers, and you swallow to make it steady. “I want to touch you, but every time I work up the courage to try it I end up backing out.” You say, the tears already coming back from just mentioning it. Your bury your head in your arms, feeling absolutely pathetic.

“Hey, hey, no,” Chanyeol coos, begging with his tone for you to look at him again, so you do. “I’m not going to leave you – and I won’t let you leave me either – we can wait until you’re ready.” When you look at Chanyeol with wide eyes, he shrugs again and ganders at the floor. “And if you’re never ready, that’s fine, too.”

And the depth of Chanyeol’s feelings for you hit you in that moment, and your tears fall freely now. “That’s terrible..” You whisper, and he meets your eyes again in surprise. “I can’t make you date me like that, it’s wrong.” You shake your head, and he grins teasingly.

“Then you’d better start learning how to touch me.” He jokes, and it’s not funny to you, but you smile anyways. Then, you reach out and grab his hand, gasping at the same time he does. “H-Hey– Is that okay?” He stutters fearfully.

Seeing him worked up like this only calms you, though, because you know Chanyeol means what he said. He’ll take care of you and love you no matter what.

Suddenly, you reach out with your other hand and grab his free one.It’s trembling slightly in your hold, and your chest blooms with warmth. “You’re more scared than I am.” You laugh, and Chanyeol laughs too, relaxing.

“This is enough,” Chanyeol mutters, smiling at your joined hands. “This is all I need.”

“It’s enough for now.” You tell him. Feeling bold because of your achievement, you add, “I’ll step on a Lego if I don’t get you in bed some day.”

His eyes widen and his face turns red, and you laugh more, glad that he’s here to help you through this. One day, you know it now, you’ll be able to hug him without being afraid.

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Au Request Fluff+Angst Yoonkook

I’m sorry for not being able to get this done sooner for you, but I hope you enjoy all the same!

The conversations Jungkook usually has at around four o’-clock in the night are dumb and spurred from the overtaking fatigue of the day.

This conversation on this night is not, and all he want to do is hide somewhere far away and cry.

It starts with Yoongi prompting the question, “What do you think you’re worth?h And his mind goes blank because of all the things he does not wish to talk about this is one of them.

And now after that little innocent question Jungkook shifts in his bed and curls his knees up to his chest. He has never considered himself worth much, too shy to ever give his own ideas or criticisms, still awkward and not able to express much.

Making his voice small just above a whisper he says, “Nothing. Nothing at all.”

Jungkook hopes that Yoongi was not able to hear him, hopes that he won’t have to deal with how he sees himself so late in the night. Jungkook doesn’t think he could even if he had to.

He shifts again presses as close to the wall as he can before burrowing under his blanket since at least under a fortress of cloth Jungkook can be blind to the world, can be hidden from the way he knows Yoongi is looking at him with pity. At least in a cocoon Jungkook can block out the he’s not good enough’s, and the he thinks he’s too good to interact with us.

He does not think that, never has and he knows that the comments are not true, but they still hurt.

Under his fortress of blankets Jungkook can hear Yoongi move from the other side of the room as his feet pad against the floor and as he creeps closer and closer Jungkook can soon hear each steady and warm inhale or exhale of breathe. He wonders what he must look like—Weak? Pathetic? Like he has lost his way?—as he hides away.

The bed dips and Yoongi, he is not good at physical touch a little to awkward struggles with how to seem open like he utterly and truly cares, but Jungkook appreciates the elder trying anyway.

Yoongi does not lie near Jungkook just sits himself on the edge of the younger’s bed hands in his lap but he is solid and secure as he waits for Jungkook to break himself away from his cocoon to instead rest near Yoongi’s hip. Only then does Yoongi let a hand fall as steady and gentle as he can make it to run fingers through silk strands until Jungkook smiles, eyes and nose crinkling up, he does this until the younger nudges his hand softly to show that he will soon drift off into sleep happy and secure.

Then when Yoongi is certain that Jungkook is in the comforting escape of sleep does he tuck his body close to Jungkook’s own wrap arms around the younger’s waist and then with all the care he has in his body he says, "You’re worth the world to me, Jungkook.”

The younger will never hear the words and Yoongi is aware of this but he just can’t say them and strike down all of Jungkook’s worries and fears when the younger is awake. Too uncertain if it will help in any way or possibly make things worse.

Squeezing Jungkook’s waist he hooks his chin over a bony shoulder and twines his legs with Jungkook humming low in his throat until the younger’s shoulders lose all their tension.

Only then does Yoongi allow himself to sleep curled tight and comfortable around Jungkook’s frame


Submit Anon: Horrific Hotel Weeboo
Sorry for the long read, I tried to include all the detail from this event.

So, this happened around a month ago.  Me my boyfriend (BF), and my now ex friend (Sasu) had gone to a convention together. Me and BF had been asked if we wanted to room with Sasu in exchange for a ride. We happily said yes considering we needed a place to stay instead of driving back and forth from his house each day.

The day before the con, I and BF had to finish up on his cosplay. Sasu said if we picked her up early she’d stay the night and help. Considering my weapon prop wasn’t finished, and we could use the help, we picked her up. She caused a bit of trouble with my BF that night. She and I were talking about cosplay as she was doing Sasuke and I agreed to do my Naruto cosplay one more time, though I was out of the series by this point. She was talking about how last year her friend abandoned her, and I was telling her I couldn’t wait to hang out with her during the con (we were friends since I was 12 and we had never been to a con together) after that, she was getting goofy like she sometimes does. BF was laying on the floor tired, and she thought it’d be funny to touch him on the, well private area. He flinched and had a break down, because he had been sexually abused in his past. He was so upset he went into the other room for a few hours upset, and I had to calm him down. And immediately, Sasu went to sleep on my bed, So I had to sleep on my floor alone.

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“Is he really like that?” - Yoongi Scenario - Part 12

Part 1 x Part 2 x Part 3 x Part 4 x Part 5 x Part 6 x Part 7 x Part 8 x Part 9 x Part 10 x Part 11

You started feeling bad for the way you had acted towards the two boys, so you decided to call them this time, not just send simple and meaningless texts, so you chose Jimin as the first one.

After you were done talking to him you sighed and dialed Jin’s number. He’d been texting you as much as Jimin. You know what a mother he can be. He answered in less than a second and immediately started to ask you different types of questions.

“Ah, Kat, finally you call me back. How are you? Is everything okay? Are you eating well? Are you still alive? Did anybody rob you? Are you feeling well? Do you want me to cook for you?”

You laughed. Same reaction as Jimin, but before you could reply to any of his questions, you heard yells and screams on the other side of the phone. You recognized Yoongi’s voice immediately. All you could understand from what they were saying  was already enough.

“Because I was fucking scared! If you were her, would you love someone like me!? Or if you were me, would you think you deserve someone like her!? I don’t want her to be with someone as bad as me. She deserves more and better than this! Forgive me for wanting her good.”

“Well, scared or not, you should’ve at least control your mad ex-girlfriend. Did you know she was the one telling that guy to do all of those things to Kat?!”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“That girl, Natalie, the girl that’s been destroying your life for the last year. She decided to do the same with Kat noona. I heard her and that guy talking and they were planning their next move. I hope you feel better now. You didn’t only destroy her beautiful nature, but her safety too!”

“Kat, I’ll call you later, okay? Take care!” Jin suddenly hung up, trying to hide the truth from you as much as possible, but little did he know that you had already heard everything you needed to hear.

You let your phone drop from your hand and touch the floor, only the sound of the screen cracking bringing you back. You were in pure and complete shock. You knew very well what a terrible person Natalie could be, but you had never imagined that she could act like this. She was a girl after all, just like you. How could she do that to another girl, knowing what could’ve happened to you. How much evil did she have hidden in her soul? How insensitive and horrible could she be? Firstly, she does all of those things to Yoongi, throwing him away like he was nothing, then coming back as if everything was okay. Secondly, she acts the way she did towards you and as a bonus you find out that she’d been planning your raping and basically end. What a filthy and dirty person she could be.

What have you even done wrong to her? What was your fault in all of this? Was she feeling threatened by you? Was she just having fun? How can one explain the mind of someone as bad as her? Your heart was pure, innocent, cleared of any thoughts like these. There was such a big difference between the two of you. How could Yoongi fall for both of you?

Speaking of him, he was still fighting with Jimin and when his words reached his ears he was just as shocked as you were. How could that be possible? He knew Natalie and he was completely aware of how out of her mind she was, but he had never imagined something like this. Yes, she was crazy and mad and diabolic and everything that interconnects with bad, but in his eyes she still had a bit of the innocence that made him fall for her. At least that’s what he had thought up to now. Everything changed the moment Jimin told him the truth. If there was any doubt of his love for her not being completely gone, it was sure now. All the love he gave her, all the feelings that ate his heart alive, everything beautiful he felt for her, all of these turned into bitterness, into hate. He hated her now, he wished he could treat her the way she deserved, but she was still a girl and he could not beat a girl up, sadly.

He could have handled the way his heart had been shattering because of her, the fact that he had lost you because of her, the fact that he destroyed his own self, because of her, but he could never take you being hurt and she caused you more than just a “scare”. She fucking told someone to rape you, to follow you around, to break into your house and God knows what he was about to do next. Everything, she could have taken his everything, his heart, his soul, his life, but not you. You were his precious, the one he swore he would protect and take care of no matter what. He was filled with anger and poisoned with evil thoughts, but he was not sure about what to do. He had no proofs against her to take her to the police and he couldn’t make her pay himself either.

“Where did you hear them talking?” He asked Jimin with a dangerous tone, revealing how mad he was.

Jimin looked him in the eyes and was a bit scared himself. They were dark and the purple circles and bags around them didn’t give him any piece of innocence at all. They stared at each other for a moment as Jimin tried to read his expression, to see what he was about to do and he saw nothing, but threat. Not even Yoongi knew what he was going to do once he found them. The only thing he was sure of was that he would definitely do something and take revenge somehow.

“A-at the café down the street.” Jimin answered a bit scared.

Yoongi turned his back and started walking towards the door.

“What are you going to do?” Jimin asked him.

“Control my mad ex-girlfriend. I guess you forgot who I really am, Park Jimin. Don’t take my weakness for granted and do not ever underestimate me, boy.” He said, shooting the younger boy a little smile.

He turned his head again, his face becoming dark and his eyes dangerous, bullets being ready to be shot.

His steps were heavy, the sound of them echoing through the company and preparing the world for what was about to happen. He was mad, angry and he didn’t even know how to handle everything. “Make them pay. Get answers. Fight. Don’t fall again.” He kept on telling himself these things, to keep his focus.

He got out of the company and sighed, closing his eyes and making a plan. He pulled his phone out of his back pocket and called Natalie. She answered immediately and he told her he wanted to meet at their old café.

“I have something to tell you and I can’t wait any longer, Natalie-ah.” It worked. She sounded excited and said she was going to be there in 15 minutes. Enough for him to practice his moves.

He got there and started playing with the menu. Should he be straight forward and create a scene or should he act like he didn’t know a thing and make her admit everything herself? He knew his own temper and how he could end up yelling and getting himself out of there by the cops. He had to keep his calm and use her “confession” as a proof against them.

He saw her coming and he replaced his angry expression with a smiling one. The moment she got in she literally jumped on him again.

“Oppaaa, I knew you were going to change your mind. Our love has no end.” She said, her happiness making Yoongi puke. How did he even grow to love that?

“Yeah, I changed my mind…” He tried his best not to let that so called smile slip.

They made little conversation. Well, better said, Natalie spoke most of the time about how much she loved him and how much she had waited for him to wake up and give up on that “short bitch”, the way she liked to call you. Yoongi felt his blood burning when he heard that, but he held the chair’s arm tightly and gave another fake smile.

Another few minutes had passed and you still couldn’t believe it. You had no idea what to feel or how to react. You were angry, angry because you were involved in something you had no fault for, angry that you were so weak in front of someone like her, confused, because you didn’t know if Yoongi had any idea about that, until now, if he was going to do something about this or just let it slip because he doesn’t love you, but then again his words suddenly popped in your head.

“Because I was fucking scared! If you were her, would you love someone like me!? Or if you were me, would you think you deserve someone like her!? I don’t want her to be with someone as bad as me. She deserves more and better than this! Forgive me for wanting her good.”

He seemed to be talking about you and you felt a little smile forming at the corner of your mouth. Maybe he did love you after all. He was insecure and you knew better than anyone else how broken his soul and heart were. He wanted your good and he thought about himself as the bad that would ruin you forever and you finally understood why he didn’t say anything, because… you felt the same fear as him.

This problem was something you were going to fix after you had dealt with the pinky, fluffy one. Who did she think she was to play with both of your lives like that? If there was something you hated, it was small minded people and she was the perfect example for that. One thing you were sure of was that you wouldn’t be that scared of that “stranger” again.

You picked your cracked phone from the ground and changed your clothes. You looked terrible, the weeks spent inside saying their words.

You didn’t know what exactly were you going to do, but you just walked towards the company, anger filling your body and mind completely. No one has the right to play with you like that and turn you into a weak mess.

On your way towards the company, you almost passed through that one café. Almost. There they were, smiling happily at each other, while you were the madness itself.

“Really, Yoongi, really? After all she’s done you’re still weak around her and smile like that? I understand what had happened to me might not be enough, even though I thought you loved me, but what about all the lies she had sold to you, all the pain she had caused you, what about everything she had made you go through? What the hell is going on, for God’s sake!You thought as you watched him smiling and laughing alongside her.

You had no idea this was possible, but the anger you felt was growing even bigger with every second passing. His words walked through your mind again and they seemed so unreal, so fake this time. What was more exactly happening? Did he know about everything? He couldn’t. No, Yoongi was better than that. Maybe he lost his memory? No, that’s just silly? The Yoongi you knew would have probably yelled at her until now, then why is he there smiling like that? He was confusing you again, making your heart ache… again.

You shook your head for all the excuses and answers you were trying to find to go away, but you couldn’t. The tears were showing up again, not wanting to leave your cheeks even for an hour. You stepped back, trying to get away from there, but you almost hit a man. You apologized and tried not to lose your focus. You breathed out and closed your eyes for a second, trying to put your thoughts in order, but it was not working. All you could see was them, all you could hear was his voice and all you could think about was…nothing.

You looked around you, trying to figure out which way to go, but your vision was already getting blurry, so you just started running in a direction you had no idea about. All you knew was that you had to run, you had to run out of breath, you had to stop feeling, thinking and hurting. You ran and ran, having no destination to reach, having nothing to chase.

At some point your legs couldn’t take it and by this time you were in an old park and you simply collapsed on the grass in front of you.

You were breathing heavily, the sky right above you not making any sense, the light of the sun burning your already boiling skin. You had no idea why you acted like this, why you panicked and why, out of all the places in the city, your legs decided to take you to this same cursed park and right next to that stupid bench. Why here again? Why were you always ending up in this bloody place? Someone up there had an obsession with strange parks.

Questions again, no answers again. Hell, your life itself had become a question.

You asked yourself how should you deal with all of this and the only answer was alcohol. Alcohol, another thing you hated, but suddenly you understood why people always turned towards it when they were having hard times.

You forced your tired legs up and walked towards the closest bar you knew. You started with one glass and then another one, and another one, until you made a collection of bottles around you. With every bottle you finished, one worry flew away. It felt good, finally being able to breath, to let go, to stop being good and hurt, but bad and free. You soon started to laugh, not making it through the memories heaving your heart and mind.

Yoongi was starting to lose his patience and he knew he wouldn’t be able to fake it much longer and then she finally let her words slip.

“Ah oppa, if you had chosen me from the first try, I wouldn’t have had to do all of these things and get my hands dirty. I even got a weirdo helping me, God.” She said sipping on her juice and rolling her eyes.

Yoongi felt finally relieved. “What do you mean?”

“Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I just asked one of my friends to play with her a little.” And she suddenly smiled, trying to make her sins look innocent and pure.

His nerves were breaking the barriers and he just let his mouth take over and spit all the words he’d been dying to say. “Play with her a little? Is everyone a toy to you? How does raping and abuse equal with playing? How could you do something like that, huh? Tell me, Natalie, how?! I always knew you were mad, but making someone destroy an innocent girl’s life and torture her until even her tears were tired of falling was never something I thought you could do, but looks like I was wrong. Oh hell, I was wrong with everything about you! I shouldn’t have met a demon like you in the first place!” Yoongi started yelling as he pushed his chair aside. His words knew no limits.

“Oppa, what are you talking about? You’re making me cry!” She said, fake tears making their way out.

“Oh, would you please stop? I’m tired of your bullshit already! I’m tired of you messing my life up. I was finally loving someone new and you decided to destroy everything again! Well good job, you made it possible, I will never be with her. Happy? Will that make you stop? Just get the fuck out of my life, please, I’m begging you! I’m done with you poisoning my existence!”

“But… I thought you loved me!” She spoke, trying to approach him one more time.

He slapped her arm and said “No one would love someone as bad and horrible as you! Bring your shit together, Natalie and wake up!” He looked her in the eyes one last time, not letting any piece of hope or forgiveness slip and started walking towards the exit. With his hand on the handle, he said again “Don’t you ever step into my life again, or I’ll make sure you end up where you deserve.” And he walked out.

He felt half relieved and half still guilty for the bad he had caused you all these months. A part of him was telling him to come and see you, apologize for everything and maybe finally confess, but the never disappearing guilt was bigger and he decided to keep an eye on you from the distance, protect you and make sure nothing bad happens to you again. He was your knight after all, your salvation and your hero.  

He still wanted to apologize and pay for what he had done, so he started walking around the city to buy you a special gift with the little money he had. You were cooking for him every night, you were his second mother and he felt like he had never done anything for you, so he went to the market and bought some aliments to cook something for you too. In a few hours he was done and he messaged you to meet at your old special park, because he had something to tell you. You didn’t reply, but he assumed you were coming anyway.

Little did he know you were long lost in the smell and taste of alcohol. You didn’t know the number of bottles you had emptied, but you were starting to feel really dizzy, so dizzy you couldn’t even walk properly. Hopefully, your mind was too soaked in the sinner substance for you to think about anything else, but your way home. You heavily pulled your phone out and dialed Jimin’s number. He answered immediately and was amazed by your sudden change of attitude, let alone the strange laugh. He figured out you were drunk and eventually knew where to come to get you.

After he got you out of that filthy bar, he brought you to that damn park. It was the only closer place he could choose. It took him a little to get used to the strong smell, but it was coming from you and he found even this terrible state you were in beautiful. He placed you on a bench and pulled one strand of hair away from your face, letting the light of the moon rest on your forehead and reflect in your slightly opened eyes.

“Why did you  drink that much, noona?” He asked you with a concerned tone.

You laughed and almost fell. “Honestly? I don’t even know anymore. I don’t even know my name. Was it Kenny? I could’ve sworn I’m Kenny. That’s officially my name.”

“Ah, noonaa, you’re really drunk, aren’t you? What I am supposed to do now? If I carry you home you’re gonna laugh my back off.” He laughed himself, your giggles making his heart pound.

“Let’s sit here foreveeer. Park Jimin, let’s look at the stars forever. Stars are nice. You’re a nice star.” You said pointing to the dark sky.

He blushed at your words and was secretly happy that you couldn’t see his face. He stood like that for a few more minutes, admiring your beautiful and well defined features, wondering how could someone like you exist. He got closer and closer to your face, cupping it with his cold hands, making you look at the brown universe his eyes were hiding. Yours widened, not knowing how to react. His gaze moved to your lips and as he tried to approach you, you instinctively moved your head aside, suddenly the reality hitting you.

He kept his position still, too embarrassed to move and he kissed your forehead instead.

“Ah noona, you’re supposed to be the older one here, c’moon. Why are you blushing?” He giggled, trying to escape the situation he put the two of you into.

Little did you know that Yoongi was right behind you and he saw the “kissing” scene, his mind filling with dark thoughts and curses at his own self about how he let you slip through his hands again, about how he had lost you again. If he only knew it was your forehead Jimin kissed…

Ok, so *Dumbledore’s voice* after all this time, I’ve had inspiration to write yaaay. Thank run for that XD you can see it was my inspiration for this. I’m sorry, I know it took me a while to post this, as always. I guess I’m not meant to be on time with anything *sigh*, buuut i would like to know your thoughts about this part. It feels weird to me..

This scenario is dedicated to this wonderful creature @lovingthekpoplife ​ who is sick right now and needs our support and prayers that she is going to eat a hot soup. THANK YOU FOR EXISTING. And see? I told you I will make Yoongi suffer. Okay, maybe it is a bit too much, buuut. Ok, it’s too much bye

Oh and guys there are only 2 parts left, 3 in the best case XD

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"I wish you would write a fic where..." Bellamy is getting drunk coz he's angry and accidentally confesses Clarke his love ;)


also on ao3

The thing about Bellamy Blake is that he cares.

Six days in a week, he tries to mask it, cover it up with sardonic smirks and off-hand comments, but on the seventh – he crumbles.

He crumbles when his sister calls him in the middle of the night because she needs a ride and her mascara is running down her cheeks. If he knows one thing, he knows what heartbreak feels like and he spoon-feeds her hot chocolate until she’s safely asleep.

He crumbles when Miller tries to be witty and sarcastic after a fight with Bryan, even though his eyes are glistening with tears.

He crumbles when Clarke shows up on his doorstep after a long study session, her hair falling out of her bun and her face grey like the stormy skies overhead. Sometimes she brings vodka over and tries to smile. Most of the time, it’s just a second before tears are welling up in her eyes and she collapses into Bellamy’s arms.

Bellamy cares about a lot of things he really should care about. But there are things he shouldn’t, and one of them is Clarke going on a date with a girl she met in a pottery class, lips red and staining his cheek when she kissed him before heading out.

So what does he do?

He gets drunk.

Gina smiles at him sympathetically as she pours him whiskey, says, “Bad night?”

“Bad life.”

He drinks until he can’t feel his toes anymore and flirts his way through getting a number from a guy who’s both his and Clarke’s type, and really – she’d be proud.

But Bellamy doesn’t want the guy, six feet tall and skin darker than Bellamy’s, lips so fucking kissable it brings him back to the time Clarke ate too much sour candy and her lips ended up swollen as she laughed at his stupid jokes.

He wants Clarke.

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anonymous asked:

do you think there's a possibility michonne wont open up about andre in 6x09? what do you think rick's reaction is gonna be if she does? do you think rick knows already? my whole richonne hope is like shoved into this moment so I hope it happens.

I get Richonne hopes hinging on 6.09 entirely, anon. 6A has certainly hurtled this ship into a typhoon. A lot of the justification for Rick’s behavior still remains speculation (intelligent and cogent speculation, but still speculation), and Michonne’s character was sidelined for a good portion of the action (although Michonne wasn’t the only main character who suffered from neglect).

6.09 will be pivotal in cementing the groundwork for Richonne going forward, and I think Michonne revealing that she lost her child is integral to any sort of future Rick and Michonne would have together. Especially at this moment, because 6.09-6.11 is really the only time-frame where it would make sense for her and Andre’s story to be told.

I can say: it will happen. Gimple loves his parallels and motifs. Kirkman brought it up again recently. It needs to be on our minds for a reason: because Andre is coming back into the picture.

To me, the question is not whether it’s happening, but only whether it will happen in 6.09 or 6.11. 

4.09 is when we first learn about Andre by way of flashback/dream, so 6.09 would thematically parallel in that regard. Carl’s injury is also ripe for a callback to RIck and Lori’s tearful conversation in 2.03 about whether it would be better if Carl died – to spare him the suffering of their world. Furthermore, Michonne sharing her experience would bring Deanna’s words to the forefront: this pain will be useful to you. That loss that Michonne suffered, Andre’s death, will be a means for Michonne to connect with Rick when he’s losing hope.

If Michonne doesn’t give the Andre reveal in 6.09, I could see it happening in 6.11, perhaps to mirror “Claimed” (4.11). I could see this being similar to the comic scene where Rick breaks down in the back room while on a run, and Andrea comforts him. It could be on the road to Hilltop, Rick just buckles under the pressure of all that has happened, then Michonne tells him then – just like when she told Carl in 4.11 while they were wandering through the house.

I do think, regardless of whether the Andre reveal happens in 6.09 or 6.11, we will get something major happening between Rick and Michonne in 6.09. It fits Gimple’s arcs. It fits the current story-line. It only makes sense. (Of course sense doesn’t belong on TWD so maybe I’m way off base lol)

As for how Rick will react to hearing Michonne had a child? I think he’ll be floored. I’m one of those who thinks Rick doesn’t know at all. He sees Michonne as this infallible goddess warrior. He looks at her as a pinnacle of strength and, quite frankly, perfection. I don’t think it has crossed his mind that Michonne has suffered the loss of a child, because he knows if he lost his children, he would never recover.

Whenever he does find out, I think his first instinct will be to offer belated comfort like a hug or a tender touch. Because he knows what sort of pain that recollection must cause her.

Hope this answers your question, anon. 

anonymous asked:


At first, Zayn doesn’t make mention of it, but you can tell by the way his feet bounce against the floor when he thinks you’re not looking, how his face has gone clammy to the touch, and by his fingers drumming against his thigh. You stand before him as he sits, just a little bit taller than him at this point, and you skim your fingers against the side of his hair and trail past the end of his ear, frowning when he lets out a shaky breath. 

“Sorry,” he apologizes, and you want to ask him why, but all he does is rub a hand against his forehead. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I never get like this and I’m – " 

"Nervous?” you finish off for him, a twinge of a smile causing your lips to turn up. “Z, you’ve done this before. It’s alright." 

While he takes in another deep breather, you lean in closer to loop your fingers into the knot of his tie. As he continues to fidget, you straighten the tie and smooth your hands down the lapels of his expensive jacket, knowing already that he’s going to offer it to you as soon as you two walk outside into the frigid air once the show is over, and his personal Zayn smell will be clinging to the fabric. 

When his breathing picks up a little and the muscles in his throat seem to be constricting every time he swallows, you feel panicked for him, quickly reaching up to stroke his cheek and press your lips to his, effectively quietening him for the moment. 

"Shhh, hey, it’s okay,” you whisper against the corner of his mouth, wrapping your arms around his neck and relishing in the feel of his tightly wound around your waist. “You’re going to be so fantastic, god, you have the voice of an angel, Zayn, they love you. They love your voice. You’re so amazing." 

At your words, his eyelids flutter to a close, his body falling slack into your own. He rests his head against the top of your chest and lets you stoke his hair, and he knows Lou is going to glare at him, but fuck – he doesn’t care. He lets you hold him and rub your hands over his shoulders and the muscles of his arms and he breathes you in because he knows he’s going to need it the minute he walks out on stage. 

"Yeah,” he croaks out, and he clears his throat, peering up at you. “Yeah, you are, too.”