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Sawamura Sundays

I won’t be able to push through with what I have originally planned for this week’s edition of Sawamura Sundays, but I hate breaking streaks, so I’ll just post some of the caps I have of Daichi looking all handsome. (Although, let’s be real here, I’m real biased and he does not look bad in my eyes ever.)

Anyway, what I have noticed is that Daichi’s got this really pretty eyes, like it’s my favorite part of his face. And if you look at him, he really looks nice and kind. His face is quite wide and he’s got a more squared jaw, associated with more built/stockier characters, but there’s also a certain softness to it, you feel me? Like wow, how can he be so good looking? And his smile, oh my god, cures my depression. 

Let’s all bask in the beauty of Daichi, shall we? (。♥‿♥。)










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That ask about nancy got my brain running lol. What kind of personality traits do you think steve looks for in a significant other? or i guess what is he attracted to, in your opinion? Nothing physical because that can be subjective. Love your writing!

thank you love!!! and honestly same lol! That ask got me thinkin’! I think that Steve does look at a person’s appearance first, I just think that’s how he becomes interested in someone. Then he just sort of- slides in you get me?? Lol because when I write Steve, I always see him as the type of guy who just puts himself out there when he’s interested in someone, always trying to talk to them, being smooth asf cause the guy knows he looks good! And if the person shows zero interest, he wouldn’t give up! As for personality traits, I think he looks for someone who is loyal, very passionate too, fun-loving, strength and courageous, someone who he is comfortable being himself around, and they aren’t afraid to be themselves around him? I think what attracts him the most is how they take care of themselves and how they aren’t afraid to tell him anything. I think the most accurate I’ve written is from Canceled Date with him pursuing the reader and the reader thinks like “omf this guy is everywhere what does he want”, and the most accurate pairing to me was in Hit and Run. I think the readers I create have a part of the traits I put tbh?? Like in Knight in Shining Armor she talks to him about what she’s feeling, Halloween Candy isn’t much a reader/steve but it’s the being comfortable part. Honestly it’s just how I think he would- a lot of people have different perceptions but it feels like they revolve around these traits lol!

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I’m gonna flip it on Eddie now and ask him what about Richie turns him on?

oh my god…okay…i guess…here goes…

oh god…

…i like this thing he does with his hair where he pushes it back with his fingers…and like it looks super messy but it looks really…good…i like when he tells me what he wants to do to me…even if its gross and embarrassing and…graphic…i like how sometimes before he kisses me he pushes his glasses back up onto the top of his head in his hair…i like that hes really tall and he can lift me up…even though sometimes its annoying and he makes jokes about it…and i really like…when he tells me…if im doing something he likes…or if im doing something good…when he…praises me for something… maybe… sometimes… okay… bye…


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Dunban tries on melia's clothes and does a scary good impression of her right down to her voice

He was bored out of his mind, and he’d found out what to do. Some of Melia’s clothes were lying around, and after a few acrobatics, he was in her dress. After putting the headdress on, he walked out and ran into a very confused Fiora. 

“Well,” he imitated her accent almost to prefection, “How do I look?”

“Dunban,” Fiora deadpanned, “What the fuck.”

“You must be mistaken, I am Melia.”

She threw a towel at him. Sharla walked in then, and gave him a look. After staring for a few seconds, she walked out. She didn’t want to deal with that. 

Shulk and Melia were on the couch, and when they looked up, they started in silence. 

“Dunban!” Melia shouted. “I just washed that dress!”

“How did that even fit you?” Shulk asked. 

“It was made for me,” he said with a flurry of his hair. 

Melia looked like she was either ready to smack him with her staff or burst out laughing. Riki jumped over to Dunban, and hit him on the shins. At first, Dunban tried to laugh like Melia, but it didn’t work. 

Reyn had his head in his hands, trying to unsee Dunban in Melia’s dress. It wasn’t working. 

They weren’t sure if they would ever be able to unsee it. 

He came home from school and sat at the kitchen table, there was a look of concern and consternation on his face.

His mom asked what was wrong, and he said, “The principal called me in today and asked if I would tutor Alex Kessler in Algebra.”

“Isn’t he the one who was bullying you??” his mom asked.

“Yes, still does. I hate the thought of him in our house, me having to spend time with him.”

“Oh honey,” mom said, sympathetically, “this might turn out to be a good thing. Maybe when he sees how smart you are, so kind and caring, he might see you in a new light. He might even discover there is more to life than football, wrestling and the gym.”

“Yeah,” he said, hopefully, “maybe that’s why the principal asked me to do it.”

Two days later, the day Alex was scheduled to come over, he called his mom at 3:30. “Hey, Alex is coming over and I was just told that I have to go to drama club meeting quick. Tell him I’ll be there in about an hour.”

His mom told him that was fine and not to be nervous. “Everything is going to be just fine. You’re smart and the equal to any jock in that school. Now you will get to show it.”

“Thanks mom, see you in an hour.”

An hour later, he walked in the back door and found the house empty, he wandered a bit until he heard the noises from upstairs. He went up and found his mom’s bedroom door slightly ajar and pushed it open. 

“Mom? Is everything ok?”

He stopped short.

“MOM?!?! What the….?!?!

She said, “Get out and shut the door, you fucking loser.  Can’t you see I’m busy with a Real Man?”

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my boyfriend and I broke up almost 2 weeks ago and he said he wanted to be friends. We're still talking most days. I went to my cousins birthday and sent him a snap of me in my outfit, he complimented me and then again randomly in our convo about how I looked good. I'm still so in love with him and want to get back with him and I feel like that's making me overthink everything he says or does as a sign??? What should I do?????

My best advice would be not to hurry back into things, i’m a firm believer in the fact that if things are truly meant to be, they’ll find their way back. He definitely could still have feelings, but there’s obviously a reason you two broke up . With that being said, I’d recommend just being casual about it and not rushing anything until you know for sure what’s going on . 

OUAT rewatch: 2x07 “Child of the moon”, 2x08 “Into the deep” and 2x09 “Queen of hearts”

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We binged a bit this weekend… and my daughter is still totally enthralled which is a pleasure to watch.

She absolutely enjoys how srong women are portrayed on the show, Snow and Red fighting the Queen’s knights (and later, the princess squad fighting Cora’s zombies) really impressed her. 

I asked her if she thinks Regina will become good or be bad again she said it looks like she’s gonna be good, but she’s not sure. Same for Rumple… she said, “looks like he wants to help… but it’s Rumple, so…”

I’m astounded how her feelings about Killian mirror so much my own feelings I had back then… every time he does something bad, like attacking Belle, taking Aurora’s heart and siding with Cora again, she moans, “noooo what the hell are you doing,you’re supposed to become a good guy, come on…” She had no mercy whatsoever at the CS fight scene - when Killian had Emma on her back, she cheered on Emma, “Come on, just kick him in the balls!”

When Emma and Snow finally got home, she was a little upset when the portal closed: “But wait, the pirate needs to get to Storybrooke, too? They’re supposed to fall in love?” Also, she’s upset every time the episode ends, “just one more, pleeeease?”

Off to 2B!

A doodle of a Dab for all your fast dabs needs

You are the one-dimensional Female Character that exists solely to be a Love Interest to your series’ angsty “dark” Rival Character. No matter how much evil he does or people he hurts (especially you), your nature compels you to mindlessly pursue him anyway, culminating in you marrying him and giving birth to a crappy knockoff that no one cares about. But despite the Author’s best efforts, some Character Development has seeped through, and for the first time you have begun to take a good look at your situation…