how does he even exists


(x), (x), (x), (rhett ver.)

Is this seriously our first good look at UU? 

Hussie cosplaying as her?

And Slick is here? What? HOW? I can only assume this is the Slick that shot Snowball since the other two are actually occupied right now, but he murdered the universe. How does he even fucking exist?

Why does he have one eyepatch AND one cybernetic eye???

(It says something about this image that the lactating mustachioed centaur butler is barely worth commenting on.)

our daughter

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader (human) x Derek Hale
Words: 1,820
Warnings: none really, maybe angry derek and sad derek.
Request? yes or no
A/N: the nostalgia was REAL i saw this one was on my old blog and i just wanted to bring it back because it’s legit an interesting story. i hope you all enjoy and YES i am the original writer of this story.

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Appreciation post: Jimin nose scrunch

Because, how can you not love his little nose the way it curls up and makes his face a tiny fluff ball 

Like the way he looks like a chipmunk and the way his chin just wrinkles ‘heart eyes’ 

Especially when he does it when he’s nervous, like OMG 

How does this boy not think he’s cute…he’s practically seducing me to grab his cheeks 

He doesn’t even need to try his button nose is so automatic and the way the rest of his features also get smaller like his eyes and mouth…

Boy you know exactly what your doing to our hearts, do you even realise? 

And when he kills us with the sexy nose scrunch….its like a double attack 

Or when he pretends to be angry, and still manages to make a little bunny nose

Or when he closes his eyes and scrunches up his nose at the same time ughhh

Like there is a reasons why Jhope and Jimin are the sunshine duo, their a scrunch nose duo

I mean I could go on, but Park Jimin you are the definition of Ageyo…your cute and you know it 

anonymous asked:

Soooo Tumblr tagged your new post as "Content for Adults Only" and I can't see it 😢😢 srsly tumblr is pissing me off rn

Anon said: I don’t understand how your most recent post about Denki is blocked by safety mode????? Like it’s just your art of his birthday! I love the art of it tho, it’s fantastic! Keep up the amazing work.

Anon said: *whispers* the thing you just posted contains sensetive media apperantly

Yeah it’s most probably Mineta isn’t it

(jk it was probs my inclination to swear my way through life’s fault, I asked for a review so it should be visible in a bit but for now you can see it here !!)

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Family Differences

((This is a shorter drabble I thought of a few nights ago when I got thinking about how people are related to their families in other timelines.))

Danny drifted past shelves lined with books and papers. He had thought everything would be old, but aside from the random bits of parchment here and there, everything looked new. From what he could read from the bits that were in English, they covered everything from theories on the big bang to the American Revolution, from the discovery of physics to new discoveries in biology and ghost mechanics. Clockwork had interesting stuff on his shelves.

As Danny aimlessly floated by, he suddenly noticed one book was apparently missing from the shelf. Danny glanced down and noticed a book on the floor a few feet below him. It was open. When he flew down, he saw it was open to a page showing what looked like a black ball weighing down a web. He closed it. The old blue cover read Black Holes: An Extensive Guide on How They Manipulate Space and Gravity.

Why did Clockwork have that kind of book? He was the master of time, not space.

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“I knew this guy [Begbie] so well. He’s become like a friend, really. Literally, everywhere I go, every country that I go to, people know this character. He’s just psychotic, but they kind of love him in this strange kind of way.”

T2 Trainspotting - Begbie Featurette - Starring Robert Carlyle - At Cinemas January 27

“See you later... Eren...”

(Chapter 1, page 14)

So I guess we can all agree that this has always been one of the biggest mysteries in the SnK manga, and probably still is. I already wrote a theory about this panel before. But heck, you can derive endless theories from this panel, and here I am bringing a new one.

Before chapter 89 came out I had a thought in mind after reading @daydream24-7‘s post, which we talked about after.

(Chapter 88, page 23)

(Chapter 88, page 24)

She suggested that at some point Eren dies before passing down his powers, which will then be inherited by Mikasa’s baby.

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to namjoon; a birthday card

this is a post for kim namjoon on his sacred birthday. it is full of light and appreciation and sparkly laughter and happy tears of love for our leader mon, who has guided bts, and its individual members for nearly five years with intelligence, compassion, companionship, and care. there are so many things I have to say, I could create a post longer than the oxford dictionary, but i am exercising all forms of restraint to keep it kind of brief. i hope you enjoy and relate to my lov for eggmon,,, reblog, share, and add to this card to spread all the appreciation for this amazing human on his special day ♡ 

without further ado;

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Back At It Again...

Okay, so this is a loosely built theory, but I think it considers some thought…

I keep seeing posts in regard to the sister location update saying Michael and/or William are innocent. But what if they’re both guilty? 

Bear with me for a minute.

It would be too incredible for someone to be able to pull off so much on their own: kidnapping, killing, and hiding the bodies and not getting caught? That’s hard for me to buy. Now, if it was two people… 

Let’s talk about William first. He was the co-founder with Henry for Freddy’s, he handled business and Henry made the animatronics. If Henry was so traumatized by his son being taken away, why would he make animatronics that kill? Well, I mean he did, but did he ever turn it off

How could he? He used it to commit suicide. So what if William gets a hold of the blueprints and learns how to take over after he passes? Adding odd features to the animatronics such as a capsule to hold bodies? Thus making Afton Robotics. 

That being said, he does the killing with the machines he’s made as well as doing some work by hand (the Five Missing Children Incident). However, when he’s arrested and tried, he is let go due to lack of evidence.

Enter Michael Afton. 

William gives his son a job at the pizzeria and has him clean up his dirty work so they cannot be caught. They say the children are stuffed into the suits, but are they found? Not after his son gets rid of them. Where they go, I’m not sure (maybe the storage facility?), but he’s got it handled. Too bad this will, in a sense, come back to bite Michael. 

So in the Final Cutscene we get in Sister Location’s Custom Night. 

They thought I was you”

So we find out they look alike enough for the animatronics to not know who is who… Except for Baby who says outright 

I don’t recognize you. You are new. I remember this scenario.”

I can say with decent confidence that Michael is the one that goes to Sister Location and gets scooped, but he is promised that he will not die (which I suppose is true?). Ends up vomiting the parts, so she’s technically free. But she keeps up her part of the deal and he does not die. 

This explains how Springtrap even exists. 

Due to this promise, when Michael goes into Spring Bonnie to be safe from the ghosts (which think he is William), he is able to survive all those years in the suit. 

I mean think about it, William knows these suits and has escaped them before, you honestly think he would get stuck this time? and let’s not forget the “Help Me” sound bite in the third game. That’s his son. 

So to be clear, This purple character we’ve been seeing

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Is Michael. And he DOES look similar to his father. 

Doesn’t he? 

So conclusion: as always, we aren’t done. It’s time for a family reunion. 

get ready

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For the Aftons