how does he dress so effortlessly

Reasons why Lando is the best character:

  •  He was an honourable smuggler
  • Repays his debts even when he doesn’t have to!!! (In the comics and to Han Solo)
  • He’s so cool. He even runs cool. Did you know you can get seduced by someone’s suave running? Neither did I.
  • Has a sweet af mustache. guys i dont even like mustaches but he looks good ™
  • Smooth as hell, honestly I bet everybody he has met is a little bit in love with him
  • Was a legendary smuggler but left the business because it nearly got his friend killed and he decided it wasn’t worth it
  • Then worked his ass off to become the loyal and dedicated leader of Cloud City and a responsible man
  • LOYAL af!! To his friend Lobot, to the citizens of Cloud City, to his friends
  • Does his best under less than good circumstances
  • Calls people buddy 
  • The ultimate Bi-Icon
  • BRAVE! Stands up to Darth Vader! Who does that? Lando bc he’s the coolest!
  • Becomes a general in the resistance and leads the attack on the Death Star and saves the lives of everyone on that mission with his intuition! guys he SAVES THE GALAXY and i just. love him so much
  • Charming smile 
  • He’s just so good. Such a good person who lives by his morals, and works hard, and does his best at all times (and I’m willing to bet his best is 100% better than most other ppl)
  • I can’t stress how effortlessly cool he is. He embodies coolness with everything he does. He stands cool. He walks cool. He talks cool. He dresses cool. It’s just the best word to describe him and I can’t get over how cool he is.
s i l l a g e | pt. four

Pairing: Reader / Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Soulmate!AU where soulmates are drawn to one another by the infliction of physical touch, whether it be pain or pleasure. But it is only initiated once the two people somewhat interact.

Count: 8,055 words.

Warnings: An unbearable amount of fluff. Seriously.

Everything is not okay.

Jeon Jeongguk would certainly not classify himself as a moper. Though for the past three weeks since he last saw her, he has become the O Almighty King of Moping.

Nothing can lighten his mood. Not football, since his injury has him cast from the field for an unbearable two months. Not drinking himself senseless until he wakes up from passing out on the futon, or in his bed, sometimes the hallway, because to be honest, it makes him dwell on the thought of her more. Not even his friends on their customary Thursday barbeque night, the jokes that Taehyung and Hoseok make slipping over his skin like oil, the laughter never managing to creep out of his lungs. He is stuck in a timeline of being without her, which feels to drag on for years, centuries, not mere weeks.

But most of all, he despises how pathetic he has become, simply, over a person.

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Surprises *Romanogers*

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Summary: The many times Steve has surprised Natasha out and in their relationship

Warnings: I actually don’t know what this turned into, I guess, implied smut but it’s actually mostly fluffy. 
Admins Note: Blame Stephanie for any Romanogers I write, actually, I’d thank her on this tbh - Ro

There weren’t many things that surprised Natasha Romanoff in life, especially, things about her friends; she had their files and was able to read someone with only looking at them once, she knew almost everything she needed to within an hour of meeting them all and after working alongside the Avengers she knew a lot more about them.

There was only one person in her life that was able to really surprise her, make her eyebrows raise in pure shock and wipe the smirk from her lips, and the fact it was him was a surprise enough; Steve Rogers, yes, Captain America surprised Natasha, to this day he still does or says things that have her in utter disbelief. She never believed that he never swore or had sex; he was a soldier of war, the Second World War to be exact; still doesn’t mean that when he did eventually swear in front of her, she didn’t raise her eyebrows and stare in utter shock.

Steve was full of many surprises, the fact he could speak fluently in different languages and draw amazingly well, too well for Natasha’s liking, he has too many hidden talents for Nat’s liking; juggling, being able to solve a Rubix cube in under two minutes – he’s trying to beat his record of 1 minute 43 seconds, playing the piano and he can sing rather well. The biggest surprise, the surprise to this day that she still can’t really fathom is the fact he ever liked her back, that Steve Rogers, just a kid from Brooklyn decided she was good enough for him.

Natasha wasn’t an insecure person, she knew what she had and she used it to her advantage, a number of times she gets stared at and flirted with was an indication to her “beauty” and the missions she goes on that require her… to get friendly with the enemy was a big enough clue that her body was enough to sway someone. Yet, she never felt the need to lie or use her “advantage” to get Steve to trust her, she felt like she owed him more than that; she didn’t want to trick him into a friendship, although, like Natasha he was a good judge of character- well, he thought so, she would say something completely different.

Natasha just felt like he deserved something more, someone who didn’t have secrets upon secrets, someone who knew who they were and didn’t hide behind masks of identities to make it through their life and someone who could just him everything he wanted and needed. Although he surprised her again with some speech on how he didn’t want the same things as he did back in the forties, how all that went down in the Atlantic but stayed there, it was a magnificent and heartfelt speech and Natasha could never repeat it and give it justice to the emotions he put into it.

She quickly learned that being in a relationship with Steve brought about a whole lot more surprises, stuff she never expected to learn about him first hand, like the fact he had never been on a date that the women actually wanted to be there with him. She also learned that no matter what Steve will see, how far he gets from the 40’s, that small kid from Brooklyn will always be within him in some form; she felt protective over that side of him, the innocence and confused puppy side of him, he only let it shine through around people he is very fond with.

Natasha was also surprised by the fact Steve was willing to try anything in the bedroom department, he was up for everything, he had missed out on virtually everything but he wasn’t a virgin. He was experienced but today’s century meant that there was new stuff Steve didn’t know existed, kinks that he didn’t think would involve sex but did, and he was willing to try that stuff out for Natasha, especially stuff she enjoyed doing.

So, Natasha stupidly thought she had learnt everything of Steve, which nothing now would surprise her as much anymore; which was a good assumption but she was wrong. She thought with the years under the belt of being friends, plus, the six months actually together that she had Steve all figured out, no stone was left unturned but… Steve was like those Russian dolls, a smaller surprise of his lurking underneath.

Steve had done well at hiding this one, it wasn’t that he was ashamed of it or that he was embarrassed if anything it was based on the fact it made him incredibly obtuse. Steve didn’t even know he had this till he met Natasha, even before they started dating he couldn’t help himself, he considered himself a gentlemen and tried his hardest not to be disrespectful; Steve, to put it bluntly, was an ass man, he liked looking and by all means touching – he did a great deal at hiding this, he refrained by A LOT at not touching her ass in public.

Despite being together, Steve still had morals and he didn’t like the thought of objectifying Natasha in any way, she is his girlfriend but the idea of belittling her by objectifying her body made Steve feel sick; he saw men, agents and strangers openly gawk at Natasha, practically undressing her with their eyes and even though she didn’t care, Steve was offended for her – since dating, she doesn’t get as many men openly flirt or stare.

Although, he may not openly gawk he does have the sneaky glance, he’ll look when no one else is watching or view her behind from a reflection and he takes glances during missions and fighting; it’s distracting and yet entertaining, he makes up the same excuse as the last ‘just watching to make sure you don’t need assistance’, he’s a terrible liar but he doesn’t have to lie about that, he does watch everything for that but especially, Nat – and for her ass, but that’s not important, or as important!

His secret obsession is made worse when she wears dresses or skirts, sometimes the right pair of jeans or shorts, granted she looks irresistible in just about anything but something about a dress that really gets Steve’s attention; the way she knows what type to put on to really cling to her, show off her best assets, and Steve can’t help but notice the curve of her ass in one. Like every secret, it’s exposed, especially, to Natasha… she finds out everything eventually, whether someone willingly tells her or not, she finds out every secret; that’s something Steve had forgotten!

Like Natasha, Steve is surprised daily by her, the little quirks he discovers about her and they quickly become the reason he loves her but he is also surprised daily by just… her. How she can look effortlessly perfect in the mornings, how her smile is one of the best things to wake up to but also the fact it’s the most beautiful he’s seen and then… she does things like; walk into the kitchen in a long-sleeved, grey, body-con dress and act like it’s perfectly fine. It’s kind of irritating how perfect she can look, in his day wearing a dress like that would raise eyebrows – one of the reasons why he loves this century, it’s just so normal – and yet, here she is wearing one and looking like a model.

“Morning” Nat greets him in her usual smooth voice, petit hands working to make herself a coffee to help kick off the morning, she made mundane activities sensual. She stirred her coffee three times anticlockwise and tapped the side of the coffee mug, four times before placing the teaspoon into the sink and sipping her hot beverage, her little quirks are something Steve really loves about her; he probably picks up the smallest habits, stuff she probably doesn’t even know she does but yet, she’s comfortable enough to be so relaxed around him that he notices for her.

“Mornin’” Steve chimed lightly, Nat began to look for breakfast and Steve’s eyes drifted down his girlfriend’s body, he subtly glanced back to make sure she was definitely busy before taking a long glance at her behind. Noting that a dress like this really does wonders for a girl’s curve, no wonder they are so popular, or maybe it was just the fact it’s her and how she can make a plastic bag look sexy, again it’s something that irritates Steve, slightly. 

“Steve?” he snapped his eyes to Nat’s, who was frowning but had a mixture of disbelief in her green eyes, he had been caught in the act and he didn’t know what to say “were you just staring at my ass?” she asked, an eyebrow raised at Steve’s blushing cheeks, his guilty face already giving her that answer to the question.

“Uh-no, well, yes but I was admiring, not gawking – I swear” he was just building himself a deeper hole, at this rate it might as well be a grave for himself, Natasha giggled slightly and smirked at him a hint of mischief behind her eyes and Steve knew this is why he never told her about this!

“I never thought Captain America, our national hero, would be an ass man” she grins, Steve sighs gently and shakes head as she continues to smirk, playfulness in her voice and on her face as she gages Steve’s reaction to this “I’m playing, Steve, but really? That’s surprising, you always seem pretty fascinated with my bre-“and Steve coughed awkwardly, thanking his lucky stars that this kitchen was empty at the time.

“Okay, Nat” he glared at his coffee mug, she chuckled at Steve’s ever reddening face “and I’m not an ass man, that’s stupid, I was just admiring; you look nice today, that’s all” He shrugged, trying to play it off but Natasha can see through Steve’s lies and crosses her arms over her chest, jutting a hip out and quirk an eyebrow at him; he blushes and looks away. 

“It’s cute that you still think you can lie to me” Steve rolls his eyes as Nat grins, walks to him and wrapping her arms around his neck, a cat-like grin upon her face as Steve gives her a deadpan look but a faint smile on his face lets her know he isn’t mad “it’s my job to lie, to know liars and yet you still think you can pull one over on me, adorable” he sighs and smiles slightly.  

“I just like to surprise and challenge you” He shrugged gently, Natasha rolled her eyes and lifted herself up and kissed him gently, he responded almost instantly with kissing back and wrapping his arms around her waist. The kiss was slow and gentle, how their kisses normally are in the mornings, it’s languid and always special; considering it’s normally the first of many kisses throughout the day. 

It slowly became more heated between the two, Natasha’s hands weaving into Steve’s short golden locks and tugging slightly, Steve’s own tightened their grip on her waist and held her body impossibly closely to his own. One of his hands strayed down from her waist, slowly moving across her back to her ass, his hand sprawled across till she nibbled on his bottom lip, his hand gripped her butt as he moaned softly and Natasha smirked against his mouth. 

She pulled away a few inches, Steve’s eyes fluttered opened with a frown “Yeah, okay, Mr I’m not an ass man!” she raised an eyebrow and he chuckled softly, dipping his head back down to stop Natasha from commenting any further on the matter, not that she was complaining about how he was shutting her up. One of her own hands moved from his hair down his neck, across his shoulder and down his chest, gripping lightly on his white tee as his kisses moved from her mouth across her jaw and along her neck, nipping on her smooth skin. His hand tightened its hold on her ass as she moaned, almost as if in response to her. 

Despite the fact they had dressed for the morning, showered and made themselves ready for work, they would have to do that all over again. 

“How long have you been hiding that from me?” Natasha asked, her top half covering Steve’s chest and their clothes that they had only just put on not an hour ago, thrown across the bedroom floor. Steve frowned lightly as he began to think, he wasn’t really an ass man, he just had a thing for hers, truthfully.

“Truthfully, I just like looking at yours” he shrugged and looked down at Nat, who was smiling lazily back at him, her hair now a mess and she’d have to spend at least twenty minutes brushing out the tangles and her makeup slightly ruined but she still looked the picture of perfect. 

“You keep on surprising me, Rogers, it’s gotta stop at some point” she gave him pointed look, he goofily grinned at her, she rolled her eyes and sat up slightly, leaning her forearms on his chest and hovering slightly above him. 

“Like I said, I like surprising you, it’s fun seeing you look confused and slightly baffled” he tells her with a small side smirk, she rolls her green eyes and flicks her auburn hair over her left shoulder, smiling gently at him for a few seconds before sighing and he knows that sigh it’s the; I don’t really want to leave this moment but we have actual responsibilities. He nodded and she threw off the covers from them, rolling off of Steve and standing, stretching her limbs and Steve watched as her eyes danced around the room looking for her clothing. 

Then Natasha felt a playful smack on her butt, her eyes widened and she craned her look to look behind her, Steve was grinning like a child and trying not to laugh at her expression. She turned fully to look at him, arms crossing over her bare chest and giving him a look, she was trying not to smile but failing as Steve laughed. 

“Did Steve Rogers just smack my ass?” she asked, disbelief evident in her tone of voice but it mostly held playfulness, Steve stopped laughing and put on a serious look before mocking offence at Natasha. 

“I am Captain America, Steve Rogers, I grew up in the forties, Ma’am” he tells her, Brooklyn accent coming through with each word “I’m offended, I feel betrayed, slightly baffled you would accuse me of such behaviour” her emerald eyes roll at his dramatic behaviour, she grins and starts to get redressed again, Steve following her with his eyes and grinning still.  

“One of these days I’m going to surprise you, then the tables will have turned,” she tells him, looking at Steve through her vanity mirror, he shrugged leant against the headboard. 

“You surprise me whenever you say, you love me back”, he tells her honestly, she smiles at Steve, the fact he can go from smacking her ass playfully to saying the most heartfelt, cheesy lines ever, that’s surprising. 

“And I mean them every time” he shyly smiles back at her “I’m telling everyone my discovery, by the way”, she tells him, his eyes widen and again she is proving why he had kept it a secret for this long to begin with.

(Read my first Romanogers HERE, it’s smut, unlike this kinda - Ro)

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I agree with you. I love Louis' style. He always looks effortlessly beautiful.

OKAY let’s talk about this because we do not talk about this nearly enough. Louis knows how to dress himself and he knows damn well how good he looks when he does it. His style is so effortless, but so, so on point ALWAYS. 

let’s start with the basics. like, how does one make a graphic t-shirt and black skinny jeans and vans look so utterly COOL. I know so many fancy punk boys who dress like this and approximately zero of them look this good. seriously, what is his secret??

and what the hell was this?? the sleeves rolled adds so much? how??

and ah yes we shan’t forget Green Airport Hoodie Day…

oh, but this next one? listen, this look means So Much to me that I remember exactly where I was when these photos were released. that is to say, sitting on the couch in the living room of a cabin in the mountains of west virigina at a family reunion while everyone else played trivial pursuit.

THIS THO okay this as been one of the best.… 

and louis’ knows it because he repeated it WITH ADDED POPPED COLLAR GOD BLESS and it even looks incredible in practically negative pixels….

IMO to be rivaled for Best Look by this one because…who knew jorts could have such an effect on a person….

louis x denim (douis? denouis? lounim?) is truly my otp of the universe and I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to one, so have Planet Hollywood day, too. a beautiful day. a denim-clad prince.

BUT let’s not forget, the true test of style is one’s approach to all things casual. are you running to the corner store to pick up milk in style?

because louis is.

louis and his affinity for mildly obnoxious retro track jackets is what keeps the world spinning I am sure of it, so have these two three, too…

ANYWAY point to all this being, even when Caroline’s not calling the shots, our golden wonder boy knows how to dress. he knows what he likes and he knows how to make it work. Tim Gunn would be proud.