how does adorableness like this even exist

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The boys' reaction when they catch their SO cuddling with a plushie of them because they miss their diaboy.

Shuu: “Heh… did you miss me so much? Hahaha… anyway… what’s with that Little Me…? Where did you get it…? Isn’t the real one still better than a plushie?”

Reiji: “Good grief, I’m… speechless. Where does that plushie even come from? ‘You missed me’? And do you really think that can compensate my absence?”

Laito: “Aw, Bitch-chan~ How cute of you~ But you know, a plushie can’t do the same stuff I can do to you… Nfu, if you know what I mean~!”

Kanato: “… I’m the same size as Teddy…” *will deal with the rest later*

Ayato: “This is so COOL! Ore-sama in tiny version! Oi, where did you get it? Do they sell lots of them?! Ha, Ore-sama will soon rule the world!” [MTK: Pffff]

Subaru: “W-What the… T-Tch, how does a thing like this even exist…?! HUH?! You missed me?! Screw it, a damn plushie can replace the real thing!”

Ruki: “You know… sometimes, I don’t really know how to deal with you. This is… strange and silly on one hand, and cute and funny on the other…” *chuckles*

Kou: “Woah~ Neko-chan, did you miss me~? This is adorable of you sleeping with a plushie of me! Buuut now I’m here~ Let’s have some fun~?”

Yuuma: “Pffff ahahahahaha! What’s with this thing, I’m so small…! I think a tiny plushie as this can’t really make you remind of me, am I wrong, Sow~?”

Azusa: “… does it have all my scars on its body…?” *seriously checks it out*

Carla: “Oi. A plushie can’t substitute me. Does it look at you like I do? Does it have the same body as mine? Does it talk? No, that’s right. Silly woman, kuku”.

Shin: “… do I look this… ‘cute’? No, right? The real thing is more handsome and you can touch it and you can do much more things to it. I’m here now, idiot”.

Kino: How can I even react when there’s still no plushie of me???

[MTK: Lol]

you are something
you are something that i cannot comprehend
not even monet would of been able to
create a masterpiece as immaculate as you.
did you know
its not often we find
something that we would die for
but when you do find it
you would die five hundred times over
just to see happiness in their eyes.
the difference is
i would die infinite times
to even hear you breath
for you are a godsend
and need nothing but the upmost love
and adoration
and i will gladly deliver.
how does someone like you exist?
i spend my evenings
illustrating your mind with my own
because somehow
you never leave my thoughts
im not complaining
but im left wondering
do you think of me like i do you?

My thoughts on Voltron S3 (this is long):

  • Haggar’s Zarkon’s wife!
  • Honerva’s hair used to be blue, so Altean’s can have just about every bright hair color in existence (the alternate reality lady had red hair). Although, there has only been one other Altean seen with white hair who isn’t royal (the scientist duded from the alternate reality). So what’s up with Altean hair?
  • ALFOR! WAS! SO! ADORABLE! He’s definitely my favorite of the old paladins, though blue was pretty adorable. Alfor’s rash and doesn’t always think, like Keith, but bubbly and friendly, like Lance.
  • Coran’s been a supporting character his entire life and has seen some crazy crap how the ever living heck does this guy stay so positive?! Even Lance gets sad, but Coran remains positive, even when reminiscing about Altea in the first season. Like…how???
  • Allura! She showed some great development and I loved her interactions with Blue! She’s so much more like Lance than we realize
  • Keith has gotten so much more light hearted since season one. He may still be broody and stuff, but he smiles way more.
  • Lance is no longer bottling things up! He trusted Coran with something in season one (homesickness, something everyone knows) and now he trusted Keith (HIS “RIVAL”) with something else (he’s feelings of inadequacy, something no one else knows)
  • Dog pile! I died the instant I realized who the alternate reality Shiro was and I just COULD NOT take him seriously with that accent! I’m still dying!
  • Team bonding! Teasing Lance is obviously ideal team bonding, hahaha. They all joke around with each other so freely now, it’s adorable.
  • Just….Coran….
  • Space Tai-Lee!!!
  • I’m  little disappointed Blue ignores Lance completely now that he’s in red. I understand that it was to get him to go to red (MATCHMAKER!!!) but she still doesn’t let him in. Still, Red is so fast and Lance needs a fast lion because it just suits him.
  • The Red Lion has always been the right hand. Keith would have probably been chosen by Black even if Shiro hadn’t chosen him himself. This also means that Red sees something of Alfor in both Lance and Keith. But…not Allura? Red believed Lance was Keith’s impulse control and not Allura, that he was better suited to be Keith’s right hand than ANYONE ELSE ON THE TEAM. Basically, Red and Blue remember the bonding moment(s)
  • I wasn’t going to say it….but the Klance was strong with this one
  • Galra is a race. However, the Galra we know are CREATED. Zarkon had paler skin before the quintessence thing happened. It was almost grey. And Honerva was the usual Altean, coco brown before it overtook her. We know the yellow and purple coloring is from the quintessence, so are all the Galra we see actually from the Galran home planet, or are they just other species that have been taken over by the quintessence? If so, what’s up with the blade of Marmora?
  • Also, how long is a decapheeb? Knife guy made it sound like a really long time, but then how did Honerva know how old the cat was if she didn’t know when he was born?
  • ALRIGHT HERE WE GO! Kuro (I refuse to call this dude Shiro)
    • First of all, the way he escaped was suspicious in general. I mean, the Galra may or may not have intended for this guy to get away when he did, but they also left his room ENTIRELY UNGUARDED and he was only attacked when he passed a room full of Galra sentries.
    • Second, what the HECK? Did they do to his appearance? Shiro himself would probably not have done that. I see NO REASON for Shiro to want to change his style just because he was kidnapped somehow. He’s entirely unsettling when he’s dressed that way it just…he sits wrong with me.
    • Third, the weird headache? Really? Could you be any less subtle?
    • Fourth, did I mention he’s unsettling to me?
    • Fifth, the frikkin’ black lion didn’t respond to him when he tried to pilot her. I understand maybe it’s similar to the way Blue won’t let Lance pilot her anymore, but Shiro and Black have a stronger bond than ZARKON had with Black. Keith’s bond is extremely weak in comparison.
    • Sixth, he’s REALLY unsettling
    • Seventh, his hair was really long. Based on the way everyone acted, it had to have been no more than a month since Shiro’s disappearance (probably not even, since Lotor showed up so quickly). I can see Shiro’s hair getting longer, but that long? Chemicals, sure, could have done it, but what about this:
    • Eighth, there are literally TWO SHIRO’S and we have no idea which one is on the castle because the other is still being experimented on (and looks like our Shiro)

This new guy may not be evil, he could have escaped before experimenting was completed. He could be a nod to Ryou, Shiro’s twin in one of the older series’. I, personally, wonder if Ryou is Keith’ dad, though, an instead of being Shiro’s twin, he’s Shiro’s older brother. The Shiro on this table could be our Shiro, or another clone. There’s so much and I’m curious to know what’s going on.

Just wanted to put in my two cents

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YOU ARE JUST SO PRECIOUS EVEN IF WE DONT TALK MUCH BUT I LOVE YOU AND YOUR ART AND JUST AAAH OMG!! Thank you for existing and being there because I like you \(//∇//)\. How're you doing? Finding everything ok? Also how long does it take you to do your adorable little doodles?~ And I'm so sorry for bothering youuu (^◇^;)

Thank you! xD You are so sweet I don’t know what to say *super blush*

I draw those doodles pretty fast because I’m not sketching them beforehand and the colouring is quite awful artistically messy :D We could assume that this Tsukki with Mr Steggy took me ~10 min for inking and ~2 min for colouring ɿ(。・ɜ・)ɾ

Drunk (Jin Smut)


-Requests Closed-

Word Count: 1653 words~

You were just in the library, working on your assignments last minute. Again.

Yeah, you had the time to do it but you were sidetracked..


“Jin, please..”

“You had all week, Y/N.” Jin was in your best friend’s major but you met him when you saw a play she was in and of course with a face and talent like Jin. It was clear as to why he got the starring role.

“Jinnie, spare me the lectures~”


“While you’re in the lenient mood, you mind helping me~?”


“Pretty please.”

“I’ll buy you chicken and beer.”

“You’re lucky I love chicken.” You smiled and he sat next to you. He helped you out a lot, simply explaining what your teachers meant when they gave you the tasks.

“You really are a sunbae~”

“I’m only two years older, Y/N.”

“But you’re so mature. And you can get any girl you want.”

“Not any girl..-”

“Jin, you’re amazing.” You turned your back to him, realizing how weird the comment could sound.

Okay, fine, you should at least admit to yourself that you liked Jin. A lot.

He was just so nice to you, he never made you feel uncomfortable and you found a lot of yourself in him.

“Y/N, you’re keeping your promise, right?”

“Of course.” You packed your stuff, grabbed Jin’s hand and left the library. You two walked to the closest convenience store and bought beer cans.

“What a cute couple..” The old lady at the cash register said. You both blushed and simultaneously denied her statement.

“But you’re holding hands.” You both looked down, quickly pulling away and looked in opposite directions.

Holding his hand felt natural. Was his hand made for yours?

“Thank you..” You took the bag from the lady and you two walked into the restaurant next door.

“Hey, Jin and Y/N!”


“Yeah, that’s my name. Why do you look so surprised?”

“You worked here?! And I’ve been buying chicken at full price when I know you?!”

“Wow, you’re stingy.”

“And you’re short. When did we start stating the obvious?”

“Rude. What do you want, you mean woman?”

“A server that can get me a discount. Oh, and two chicken box sets.”

“Done and kiss your discount goodbye.”

“You know Jimin, you’re not that short plus I’m older. Where’s your respect?”

“Oh, sorry Noona. But you’re not getting that discount but Jin hyung will.”

“Watch your back when you’re off your shift, you brat.” You joked with him and payed for the food beforehand.

“Have you and Jimin always done that?”

“Oh, you mean bicker? Yeah, we’re just close Jin. But we’re close, too.”



“Thank you, but I’m still hoping for a discount next time, Jiminie.” He shook his head, chuckled as you left with Jin.

“My place is pretty close..”


“Or maybe we could just eat in the restaurant, we don’t have to-”

“No, it’s fine. Let’s go.” You led the way, him tripping behind you once you were closer to your apartment.


“I know it’s a bit of a mess.”

“A mess, everything is packed away neatly?”

“Oh, Val must’ve cleaned it before leaving.”

“Well, let’s dig in!” You took everything out the bag and started eating with Jin.

Even the way he ate was adorable, how does he exist? You finished your can and took another.

“I heard about Yoongi..”

“Oh god.”


“I’m not with him, I don’t even like him!”

“Then why would-”

“He’s crazy. That’s it.”

“So you’re single.”

“What about you? And that other girl?”


“It bothers me, Jinnie.”

“What does?” You took a swig of your can before slamming it on the table. The contents shook and you looked at him. The confidence of the alcohol was rushing to your head and you spoke as clearly as you could.

“I like you. I like you more than I should but, damn it Jin. There’s not way in hell you would feel the same.”

“Y/N..” He reached for you and you got up, turning your back to him once

“I’m so-sorry and maybe I’m just tipsy but-” He stood in front of you and turned you around. He kissed you before you could form anymore words of denial and you melt into the kiss.

You could taste the alcohol on his lips, and the alcohol continues to surge through your veins. Your hands cup his face as he climbs on top of you and he pulled away.

“I like you so much.” You caressed his cheek and he indulged himself in your body. His lips sloppy kiss down your jawline and down your throat. You could feel his teeth grazing over on the skin of your neck and you heard a moan escape your lips.

“We don’t have to go this far..”

“I want you.”

God, the feeling of his teeth harshly grazing your neck while his tongue dulls the pain in saliva. You couldn’t tell if the alcohol, was influencing your senses but it just felt so goddamn good. 

He picked you up, his lip reconnecting with yours and he dropped you on your black sheets and you looked at him as he hungrily eyed you.

“Jin..” He crawled up top of you once again and his hand pushed your shirt up, can’t he just do more to you?

“Call me daddy, Y/N.” He whispered in your ear, nipping on the love before peeling your shirt up. Your bra was off in no time, the hot breath of his hitting the skin of your breasts. He kissed the crevice before kissing around your nipples, taking one into his mouth and the other in his fingers. You sharply inhaled, his teeth once again put to work. The tugging, the gentle pinching and the slickness of his tongue over the hard flesh made you moan out his name breathlessly.

His hand slipped down to your pants, his hand slipping into your panties. His fingers assess how wet you were while his mouth touched your nipples. He kissed down your curves, reached your clothed thighs. Your pants disappeared, leaving the soaking mess of panties you were wearing.

“D-Daddy..” You gasped as he slipped off your panties. You spread your legs wide and desperately wished he would press his tongue against your wet core.

“Wait for me, princess.” He teased your pussy, catlike licks and his mouth would move to the skin of your thighs. His lips marked you there before his fingers teased your core more. Your moans were unequivocally to him that you never felt like this.

“Do you feel good, princess?”

“Y-Yes-ahh..!” He plunged tow of his slender fingers into you, breaking whatever train of thought you had. Your mind shifted around his fingers, the rough way they pumped into you, how they managed to push deep inside you.

And then, he gave you what you wanted.

His tongue found your clit, sucking on the nub while his fingers senselessly pump into you. Your hand flew to the strands of his hair and you grind your hips against his fingers. His hand slap your thigh and hold you down, the hit making you moan louder. You bit your lip, trying to take the erogenous sounds that exit your body.

He made it harder to contain your moans, pumping you faster and sucking on your clit harder. You threw your head back, letting your moans, whimpers, screams leave your lips. He brought you to the edge, your body ready to release and he pulled away. You whined at his actions, his lips captured yours to distract you from the loss of contact at your core.

Your hand slip down to his bulge, soft moans muffled between your lips. You unbuckled his belt, your hands fumbling with the zipper and he pulled away. You flipped him over, him lying down on the mattress. Your hands ran over his tummy, and he sits up on the edge. You slipped off his boxers along with his pants, the throbbing heat from your pussy dictating what you do next.

You teased him a bit, pressing soft kisses to his inner thighs before reaching the shaft of his cock. Your hands were slowly pumping him while you gave teasingly licks.

“Don’t tease, princess.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, daddy.” He cursed under his breath, you sucked on the tip. Your tongue smoothed the slit and tasted the pre-cum off the tip.

His hand tangled its way into your hair and you took him whole. He groaned, the feeling of him filling your warm mouth too great. You bobbed your head, your tongue coating his cock with saliva.

He controlled your pace, using his hand in your hair to feel more of your mouth. You continued to suck him until he pulled your head up.

“So pretty, Princess.” You stood up and he grabbed you by your hips. You let out a little squeal and he kissed you. He entered you, your loud moan swallowed by his lips.

“D-Daddy..!” You gasped, he bounced your hips quickly, feeling him slamming you relentlessly. You ran your fingers through his hair, slightly tugging on the strands while erotic sounds escape your lips.

“So good.”


“Tell me, tell daddy how good he’s fucking you.”

“S-So good. Daddy’s cock feels so good-ahh.”

“You want to cum, princess?”

“P-Please, daddy. P-Please make me c-cum..!”

Your orgasm crashed, your body weighting heavy as you hit your high. He followed suit, the condom filled with his seed and tossed out. You sat, your deep, heavy breathing almost matching his and you lied down on your pillow.

He joined you, cuddling you tightly. You were exhausted, and he kissed behind your ear. You closed your eyes and murmured before you fell asleep.

“I love you, Jinnie..”

~Admin Blake

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how can Nams be so adorable when he smiles .. his teeth and dimples showing.. and then he smiles in a "handsome" way and idk what to do but then he smiles without teeth and is even more adorable and ... this man is beautiful whatever he does with his face ? I just love how expressive he can be.. like.. my precious potato ;-; // no-name *hit by feels*

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Namjoon’s existence brings me joy

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of me grossly sobbing in the distance wondering what the heck I did to deserve all you beautiful starlings! Really, I have no idea what brought all of you here but I am thankful for each and every one of you and so delighted to have you here! Shiro has honestly been a long overdue blessing for me && I couldn’t be more happy to be able to play him as much as I am able to write with all of you. I know I’m an angsty S.o.b straight from the pits of hell like 90% of the time, but just know, the pain I bring is only to make you feel~! I absolutely adore all of you and I am always so proud of each and every one of you. You all do so much and I am always delighted to read everything!

So THANK YOU!! For giving me the HONOUR of being allowed to read your writing && interact with you!

Special shout out to all the personal bagels that follow me but actually adhere to unspoken rules of not rebagelling my IC threads. <3 You guys so rad!

And absolute love to my non-mutuals! You guys are fantastic! <3

Now onto some special starlings that have made this experience truly wonderful. If you’re not listed here, please don’t fret! I love you guys so much alright!

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He’s so beautiful like how does someone like him even exist?






The RIGHT way to ship bellarke: make hella bellarke edits, write hella bellarke fanfics, type up hella bellarke theories, headcanons, etc, ship the absolute SHIT out of bellarke without constantly talking and asking about it to bob, Eliza, and the remaining cast and crew WHEN THEYVE EXPRESSED THAT THEY DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT BELLARKE, respect their opinions about bellarke and accept the fact that not all of them are going to see the ship like you do, and that some of them don’t ship bellarke at all for that matter, RESPECT THAT AND DO NOT INSULT THEM FOR IT.

The WRONG way to ship bellarke: overflow bob’s, Eliza’s, and any other cast or crew member’s social media with annoying ass ~opinions~ about bellarke and how YOU think they should view bellarke, attack them verbally when they say they don’t ship bellarke, ask them constant bellarke questions at Q&A’s, boo them when they don’t say they’re obsessed with bellarke like we are or even ship bellarke at all at Q&A’s, send them hate and disgusting comments, messages, tweets, etc when they say something you don’t agree with about bellarke, leave bellarke comments on every single one of their Instagram/social media pictures that a majority of the time are personal, non-T100-related pictures, take everything that’s said about bellarke that doesn’t sound like “Yeah they belong together and I love them as a romantic pairing” the wrong way and react negatively to it and take it out on the actors.

It’s not fucking hard to be a decent person and stay in your lane. You should know that it’s not right to talk to Eliza like this. To ANY of them like this. We fucking know better. And if you don’t know better, now you do. STOP ACTING LIKE THIS. Ship bellarke as heavily as you possibly can, but remember to be a decent fucking person and leave the actors alone even when they don’t say what you want them to say.
What makes Camren?

For me, it’s not about how far they have/will take their relationship, because ultimately that’s not my decision (or anyone else’s), it’s their’s.

It is the way Lauren’s eyes radiate so much tender, love, and care when she looks at Camila, and no matter what the girls are doing, Lauren’s eyes seem to be searching for Camila whether they are right next to each other, or across the room crowded around dozens of people; Lauren’s eyes often landing on Camila’s lips, but not only her lips, it’s just the look of appreciation. It is how Camila mindlessly bites her bottom lip when she glances in Lauren’s direction noticing the eye contact once again, as if the butterflies have suddenly returned to the pit of her stomach, and when those eyes do officially meet, there’s the smiles that rise across their face, sometimes a smirk when you can tell they’re fighting it.

The way they both focus fully on each others voice when the other one sings. Lauren does it more with her eyes; Camila does it more with her ears. Sometimes I wonder if they’re even aware of this themselves until they go back and watch it. This even happens when one of them is in the middle of a conversation with someone else. Like they just happen to recognize the familiar voice in the background; a voice that obviously feels warm to them, that in a way reminds them of home, causing a bit of a distraction from the something they were focused on.

The way Lauren cracks up at Camila’s silly jokes, especially when the other girls have barely acknowledged them, and how they don’t think twice when asked to describe one another as if it was too easy of a question to ask; answering random questions with a similar response. It’s like they have an understanding for each other, like they’re on the same wavelength, knowing each other like the back of their own hand. Noticing little things about each other without even trying, remembering them like the memories they can’t seem to erase from their minds no matter how much they try.

It is how Lauren seems to put Camila in a calmer state, where she thinks a bit harder and clearer before doing or saying what comes to her mind next, and how Camila seems to help Lauren break out of her shell, where she doesn’t quite contemplate her next steps in her decisions and she does it with a growing confidence. Camila’s existence has honestly seemed to make Lauren the happiest I’ve ever seen her, and that I find beautiful. Their friendship is simply beautiful, so beautiful that you can’t ignore it; like it’s so clear and evident that you can’t deny it, even if you want to.

It is how they’re the same person in two different bodies, but opposites in a way that make them fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. It’s like they complete the circle of a perfect relationship, and they look adorable together enough to make it look convincing. It’s as if loving them individually isn’t enough, you have to love the both of them to get that complete, unique person (or couple). All I see is soulmates, whether it’s just as a friendship or more.

It’s about how they light up like they have come alive when they’re around each other. It triggers a spark that makes me come alive as well. Even if what’s going through my head is all delusions, even if it’s all imaginary thoughts taking me into a fantasy world, it is a great escape from the real world into something full of love and passion, because that’s what I see/feel when I look at them. I see something completely raw, and extremely rare. It is a relationship I’ve longed for and hoped to be lucky enough to find for myself someday.

I’m not saying Camren is (or ever will be) real, but it is moments like these that make me ship them the most and make me believe that there is something so freaking magical that it can’t be touched. I’m not about telling them who they should or should not love. If they’re happy, I’m happy, whether they’re together or not. All I can hope for is that they are lucky enough to have that kind of connection with one another for a lifetime, not a lot of people are, so when it’s all said and done I just hope they can say “we are the lucky ones.”

Whenever you’re feeling sad remember there is one cute cupcake called Sara Quin and she’s living on the same planet and she’s smiling and being a dork and adorable and looking all smart and innocent but I’m so sure she can be a bad bitch I mean look at her biting her lip giving dirty looks to someone and look how she is doing all kind of shit that makes you swoon ugh what is she even thinking is this even legal just coming to my life like HELLO I’M SARA I EXIST AND YOU CAN’T HAVE ME SO DEAL WITH IT BYE this is such fucking bullshit I am just so mad. Does she even think this is funny like what the fuck this is not funny.

See? It worked, certainly stopped being sad.

So my dad, who likes Rick and Morty, just told me he heard about Pocket Mortys and downloaded the app because he wants to play.

My dad is a 64-year old man who doesn’t play video games and has no idea about Pokemon beyond the fact that it’s a thing that existed when I was in middle school (he’s not even aware they’re still putting out games.) BUT HE REALLY WANTS TO PLAY THIS GAME.

He keeps IMing me like “okay so how do I fight?” and “what does this thing do?” and “what do I do next” and it’s adorable.

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Well let’s review:

Look at that adorable nose twitch how could you not adore his hobbity face—

But then again look at this what a cutie, he’s an army doctor and he could kill –WITH THOSE FUCKIN’ SMILES!!

But then I stop for and sec and think, this are both played by this man—he’s clearly insane

Yet look at this sexy beast winking at you—

How does he even exist? His laught can just light up your world!

So in conclusion: those are all him, maybe we should just stick with martin am I right?

jimin’s just so beautiful, so precious, so breath-taking that even a thousand nor a million hearts would be enough to express my love for the little bun i mean just look at him, the things he does, the words he says, the endless love he has for his members, his family, his fans, like i just…how could someone exist with a heart of gold and a voice of an angel ;;;;


okay so I’m prettttttty sure you are going to disown me soon for all my spam. haha. :3

But I just realized something else xD Feel free to ignore me but this is also the second time, that Daryl has physically expressed emotion for Carol in front of the. entire. fracking. group.

It’s one of my favourite things about Daryl. He just does not give a fuck who sees or what they think of his relationship with Carol. He doesn’t care. Because she is much too fucking important to him, that it’s almost like the other people don’t even exist if Carol needs comfort or if he himself simply wants to hug her/touch her. ♥

how freaking adorable is that though seriously now. 

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How does this fandom exist? Not to be rude nor am I bashing but yume ship is well, ridiculous. To be honest after reading the second arc I realized how horrible Kaname Kuran's character is and yes I used to adore adore him to bits. Now I don't like him and believe he needs help or vampire counseling. The things he did are unforgivable. Even Yuuki stated herself she was never happy at his side so I fail to see the budding romance between them.


To question the existence of my ship, clearly shows you have not taken the time to read the manga . Like any other ship, there will be many posts, essays and blogs that go into detail as to why we YuMes adore the pairing Kaname x Yuuki. You claim to not be rude or be bashing my ship, but I am afraid to say, that is exactly what you are doing.

In no way do I find it necessary to provide you links or rehash our Yume posts just to satisfy you. Especially when someone is clearly biased and is clearly not coming onto this blog with the most innocent and curious intentions. If you had the effort to send me this ask, I am sure you will be more than capable to do some browsing on this blog. 

To say that you once adored Kaname is questionable, as his character has remained the same throughout the plot and has only become more admirable through his heroic actions. The characters Zero and Kaname are very different, and have therefore attracted different fans.

On the contrary, I think Kaname in no way needs counselling.

Why should a selfless, brave character who sacrifices his life to save both humans and vampires need counselling?

Why should a man who always puts his loved ones first need counselling?

Why should a man who has never complained once about his painful life need counselling?

Why should a man who loved a woman unconditionally and supported her at her most fragile moments need counselling?

If I had the opportunity to select a character that requires counselling, I would pick this certain male character who sought to kill every pureblood he saw with cold blood, regardless if they were a man, woman or child. A man who broke a long term friendship at a drop of a hat when he found out that their friend was not who they thought they were, a fact that that friend was also struggling to come to terms with.

And where in the plot has Yuuki claimed that she is not happy with Kaname? All I remember are passionate quotes which I am sure you are well aware of. Surely a woman would not give a man that did not make her happy:

Her virginity

Choose him  to have her first child with

Constantly seek to be by his side

Choose him to sacrifice her life for to give him a world full of light

Choose to stay by his side after death

To ask if she could stay by his side forever.

HOWEVER, this is not case. These are only a few examples of what Yuuki willingly did for Kaname. Kaname made Yuuki very happy, and Yuuki made Kaname very happy.

In my eyes, I have never seen a ship glow so brightly. 

You claim that your ship is radiant. Yet, I cannot see how a ship can be radiant when so many scenes you glorify are actually Yume scenes that your ship has merely edited. Perhaps I should even allude to Zero’s son lacking any name and the prominent focus on YuMe throughout the whole plot. 

So really, perhaps it should be I questioning the existence of YOUR ship.

But that would be inconsiderate to the fans who do believe in that ship, and I do not wish to make anyone unhappy.

Not only were your intentions inconsiderate, but your actions have once again given a poor representation of your ship.

With that said, thank you for question.


That 3am fire alarm AU

Apologies if this is shit and they’re a bit ooc. It’s 1am right now and it’s my first fic. And sorry if you don’t like swearing because there is some. The first bit of this is inspired by my personal experience with fire alarms at 3am. Fun times.


“Fuck!” Pedro quite literally jumped out of bed, haphazardly landing on his knee, pulling his doona down with him. The fire alarm was ringing way too loudly and Pedro just wanted to go back to bed. He’d landed on his phone and it dug into his side.

“Eah heh heahhh,"  he groaned at the pain, the sound muffled by his face being buried in the doona.

He picked his phone up and unplugged it from its charger, rolled into a ball and rested his forehead on the ground.  He turned on the display and the screen blared 3:13AM too brightly at him.

"Eah heh heahhh,” he groaned again, this time at the pain and the earliness.

With the fire alarm keeping him from falling back to sleep, Pedro took a deep breath in before getting up groggily. Clothes…clothes, I need…where…? One…two…fuck it’s cold…jumper…wait, phone, wallet, keys…yep that’s the door handle…fuck my life. Pedro managed to locate all his shit from around his small apartment without turning on the lights and his eyes still half shut, hurting from the brightness of his phone’s torch.

He stumbled his way down the hall, too sleepy to notice the other people on his floor doing the same, and trying to ignore the even louder sound of the alarm and the full brightness of the corridor. Good thing he lived on the bottom floor or he wouldn’t be awake enough to get down the stairs.

Out in the freezing darkness of the car park with the other residents, Pedro began to wake up. Tilting his head to the dark sky he took a deep breath, and as he exhaled he watched his warm breath condensate in the air. Too fucking early.

He checked the time again. 3:20AM. Shit.

Pedro looked around at the gathering crowd. It was a small bunch so far, as the other floors hadn’t made it down yet. A guy nearby on his right caught his eye.

This little guy was dressed in only his underwear and some ugg boots, with a little frown and a look on his face that suggested he was determined not to feel the cold. Pedro could see him beginning to shiver though, by the light of the street lights. But this guy’s semi-nakedness  wasn’t what caught his eye. It was that he was holding what appeared to be not one but two guitars hanging off his back by their straps, a ukulele clutched in his left hand as well as what Pedro thought might be a violin in its case, and the other arm was looped through a tambourine and several metres of cable connected to a loop recorder. Pedro was proud to know that one. The stranger was also tightly hugging his keyboard to his chest. Pedro wondered how the fuck this guy managed to get down the hall let alone down the stairs (Pedro knew everyone on his floor, so he knew this one would have had to make it down at least one flight of stairs).

Pedro cleared his throat. “Hey, um…you got enough stuff there?”

The young guy turned his head quickly. He seemed more alert than Pedro and had a hint of terror in his eyes.

“No…not enough. My sax is still in there…and my favourite pick…and all my recording equipment! Ah, fuck,” he added to himself quietly. 

“Dude, don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be fine. It’s probably just a false alarm.”

“But we already had a fire drill last month!”

“Maybe someone burnt their toast?”

“At 3 in the morning?” The guy gave him a desperate look. Then he seemed to realise himself smiled at Pedro instead. Then he chuckled, shaking his head. “Sorry, sorry, um. We haven’t met. I’m on the second floor. I am the mighty Balthazar,” he said in a false superior voice. He chuckled again, “Wait, shit, sorry…never mind me, it’s 3 in the morning. What’s your name?" 

Pedro laughed as well. “Pedro Donaldson. At your service. Speaking of, do you want me to take something off your hands there?” 

"Oh. Nah…nah, it’s fine,” he said, shaking his head and shifting his weight. In doing this he almost dropped his violin. Pedro jumped forward to save it but Balthazar still had a hold of it. Just. “Umm, yeah. Nah, I think that would be a good idea. Yeah, just take the violin and…maybe the uke? Thanks.”

“Is that all? Are you sure? Like, I have two whole arms free and you have…no, you don’t have anything free, actually. You’re inside an instrument prison.”

“But my mind is free” Balthazar said jokingly. “Yeah, nah you’re right. Take this as well.” He nodded at his right arm, gesturing to the cables. Pedro stepped forward and began to unwind the cable, which had tightened itself on Balthazar’s arm, the loop recorder hanging low. It was a team effort, with Balthazar still clutching his keyboard and Pedro trying not to drop the violin in the process.

"Almost there…” said Pedro, as he extracted the last of the cable from the other’s arm. “Aha! So…” Pedro grinned in triumph as he looked up at Balthazar. But he was caught off guard. It turned out the dark made it harder to make out features from a distance. Who would have guessed? Closer up, Pedro was able to see the other boy’s smiling face in full. It was because of this, combined with his sudden intake of breath, that Pedro was left looking like a deer in headlights, struggling to remember what he had been planning on saying next. He blinked several times to get his usual brain function back. 

“So…uh, Balthazar? Did I get that right?”

“Yeeah. I prefer Balth,” Balth said, eyes narrowed, and smiling from one corner of his mouth.

“‘Course. Balth it is. So. You make music, I see, ” Pedro replied, gesturing to the instruments.

“Yeah, just a bit. You?”

“Erhh…nahhh, not really. I mean, sometimes I’ll sing…okay, and by ‘sometimes’ I really mean every time I’m in the car listening to the radio.”

"Ah, yeah, me too. What d’you listen to?”

“Sheep, Dog & Wolf, have you heard of them? They’re my favourite, but I listen to like, anything around that genre pretty much.”

“Awesome! I actually know that guy.”

“No way!”

“Yeah, my brother went to school with him.”

“Bro, fuck right off, that’s not fair." How does this Balthazar guy even exist? He’s too damn adorable. ”Okay, how ‘bout you? What do you listen to?”

"Uhh…It’s a bit of an eclectic mix. Probably everything, but like the two I’m listening to most at the moment are Mumford & Sons, they’ve been my favourite for a while. And, by contrast, Fife and the Drums. You know them? …Yeah. Wicked stuff, eh?”

“Did you go see them in September?”

“Yeah, you did too? Bro, that was a tiny venue! What are the chances?” Balth’s face was lit up with happiness and disbelief. He tried to give a high five but couldn’t quite lift his arm up for it. Instead he sacrificed the use of just his hand and held it up as much as he could. Pedro caught on and the two high-fived, though not really. It was more like a ‘let’s awkwardly touch hands while I try not to drop my baby’.

Next thing they knew, the manager of the apartment complex was standing on the steps of the building and calling for quiet. She informed the residents that it was indeed a false alarm. Pedro heard Balth audibly exhale in relief a breath he had been holding the whole time the woman spoke. The crowd began to collectively wander back inside.

“So, I guess we’d better head up to your apartment.”

“Yeah, it’s not too far, just up two flights of stairs and it’s the first door.”


The two chatted about music as they walked, and Pedro enjoyed seeing the love in Balthazar’s eyes as he spoke. In fact, Pedro enjoyed it a little too much and managed to trip up the stairs just a bit a couple of times, despite not  being the one handling two guitars and a keyboard. They got to his door, and Balth leant his keyboard against the wall so he could reach into his ugg boots for his key. This made Pedro smile.

When they had deposited all instruments and equipment on Balth’s bed, Balthazar turned to Pedro and offered him his hand. 

“Sorry, my hands were a bit full earlier. Balthazar Jones."  But with all the instruments gone from his body, it was so much more obvious that he was half naked. Balth soon realised this, cringed and withdrew his hand. "Nope. Sorry. Wait a minute. Let me just put some clothes on.”

“It’s okay. It’s…now 4am. I think the universe can forgive you,” Pedro called, as Balthazar went  into his bedroom to find clothes. He soon returned wearing jeans and a hoodie, sighed and held out his hand once more.

“Balthazar Jones.”

 Pedro smiled and shook his hand. “Pedro Donaldson. Pleased to meet you. Anyway, I guess I’ll see you ‘round some time…or the next time someone burns their toast.”

“Right,” Balth laughed.

They stood there smiling at each other a bit longer than was strictly necessary, and it wasn’t until a door slammed down the corridor that the two boys  jumped and remembered themselves. Pedro began to walk backwards to the open door, still looking at Balthazar. “Yep. Okay, bye. Oh, and yeah, before I forget! Just let me know if you need any help moving your performance shit any time. I’m number 14 on the ground floor by the way.”

“Thanks, that’d be great,” Balth smiled. He waved to Pedro as he left down the hall. The wrong way, he noted. That guy doesn’t  cope well with the early hours. ”See ya ‘round…Ped - Ped…Peddy-? What?” the end of his sentence faded away in whispers and Balth smacked himself in the head with his palm in embarrassment. And neither do I, apparently.