how does a guitar look like

How Michael would act if he had a crush:

- He’d be so nervous to talk omg
- Slight stutter
- Scratcing his neck with that one eye thingy he does
- “You look nice. Very nice. I mean as in gorgeous but not that I like you. I mean I do but..”
- Little gifts out of no where
- “I’ll come if Y/N is coming.”
- “Is Y/N gonna come too?”
- “We should invite Y/N.”
- Giggly boi
- “Michael will you help me with pac-”
- Showing off on guitar
- Falling off stage while trying to show off
- Good morning, good night, good afternoon texts
- His eyes finding you from afar all the time
- Smiles

Why every team in the NHL has a shitty terrible name and color scheme (N-S)


nashville predators - this is by far the worst one in the league like let’s not even pretend here. the highlighter yellow is almost enough to distract from how the team plays although it makes pekka rinne look MORE like swiss cheese than he already does. and those fucking teeth WHAT THE HELL. what predator has ever looked like that. if that thing was real it’d die before it could even swipe at me. i’m not scared. and just throw in guitar stuff in there too while you’re at it. that all makes sense.a nd yellow and blue are the first two colors i associate with nasvhille and tennessee as a whole.

New Jersey Devils - you may think they’re called the devils afte the new jersey devil but NO it’s really beacuse new jersey is hell and anyone who decided to put a hockey team here is fucking delusional. no one in new jersey likes ANYTHING. and another red and white scheme? really? you go with deivls and you couldn’t even come up with something a little more exciting. “well hell is red and…” no hell is new jersey. a nice shade of brown to go with the air pollution would be nice.!

New York Islanders - what a fucking JOKE THO honestly. ou’re barely even on an island anymore and thank you for making your logo a fucking map or i would have forgotten where you guys came from considering you’re basically fucking homeless. like you guys were better off when they were threatning to move the team completely. fold now before your ice melts and the florida fans start laughing at you.

New york rangers - we’re america’s team our colros our red white and blue. no fuck you you guys were too late to the party and you have no creativity. how about not steaing the color scheme from the united states of america and maing up your own. but it’s fucking new york city. can’t expect you guys to do anything but steal from others no can we. and rangers? where are there any rangers. it’s a city not a national park. try again new york

ottawa senators - okay first of all why is your arena in the middle of a FIELD your the team of your nations capital and you couldn’t even get an arena on an actual road??? and senators? like “oh look at us we’re the great and powerful political leaders” like i don’t know if you noticed. NO ONE LIKES POLITICS. especially not in sports. get away from us with this ottawa. we’re not here for it.

Philadelphia Flyers - This just doesn’t make sense, you know why? because anything with wings would fly the fuck AWAY from philadelphia. no one is sticking around. and those colors it’s like. seriously? i thought i was in the target back to school section but no i guess they really do let highlights skate. like this city already has nothing to be proud of and then the flyers go and pull this shit.

Pittsburgh Penguins - alright guys time to make up your DAMN MIND ARE YOU BLACK AND YELLOW, BLACK AND SHITTY GOLD OR BLUE. and like i’m really glad you named your team after the local wildlife. NOT. has anyone ever been to pittsburgh ever? because the guy who named this team sure as hell did not. and why do this to penguins. name your trash team the boobies. that fits. [insert drake and josh gif].

Saint Louis Blues - i’m feeling blue in st louis alright. and fuck the music note FOR REAL? you know what really scares me music. you guys would have been fucking better off with just being the arches or some shit. or you should have gone with the Missouri Blues…misery blues. get it. because this team is giving me depression. FUCK. and on another note. why does every blue team need to also have yellow or orange. pick a BETTER COLOR SCHEME YOU FUCKS.

San jose sharks - you know what happened to that shark after he bit that hockey stick? he DIED because t was made of wood and a shard of it got lodged in his throat and he DIED. sticks aren’t even made out of woodso what is this shark jsut swimming around old polluted water and just bit a hockey stick? what is the story here san jose because you’re asking me to reach a little too far.

The signs as lines from K-On!
  • Aries: " didn't study this :D!" -Ritsu
  • Taurus: "Does the way I carry my guitar on my back make me look like an idiot?" -Yui
  • Gemini: "So how far is Europe Europe?" -Yui
  • Cancer: "I take great care of him! I dress him up and let him sleep with me." -Yui
  • Leo: "You're left-handed? That's awesome! Everybody! Mio-chan is awesome!" -Ritsu
  • Virgo: "Will I be an adult when I grow up?" -Yui
  • Libra: "I was just thinking girl-on-girl action is nice." -Mugi
  • Scorpio: "You made the store clerk cry." -Mio
  • Sagittarius: "Fun things are fun!" -Yui
  • Capricorn: "You're Mio-chan, so you're the best fit as Ro-Mio." - Yui
  • Aquarius: "I'm trying to be normal in front of my friends!" -Mugi
  • Pisces: "He's so cute I wanna shove peanuts up his nose!" -Yui

Zach DeWall is a guitarist of Set It Off. He is often glossed over due to Cody and Maxx being a bit more popular with fans. That’s why an appreciation post is necessary.

Zach is probably the funniest member of SIO. He has quick wit (often seen in interviews when he makes throwaway comments under his breath). If anyone’s seen We Gonna Set You Off, you would probably already know this.

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Zach is also a talented guitarist. The fact that he just loves to play music and doesn’t really care what anyone else says is so inspiring. He’s also offering guitar lessons over skype which goes to show how much he wants to help others achieve their dreams in music, and help them along.

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Why else do I like him? How happy he looks here:

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He’s such a ray of sunshine.

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And it’s so obvious that he loves what he does and that he’s thankful for where he is. 

He’s just such a dork. He’s practically a giant teddy bear.

I love @zachdewall I think you should too.

ok, but like why do you have like three guitars in your house and why does your tv look like it’s two hundred years old?”

um how else is everyone supposed to know that i am an artistic soul? and i found the tv in our attic, it still worked and why would i spend money on a new one?”

you’re lame.”

[is several inches shorter than alex turner] look at this tiny man…how is it possible for a human to even be so small…. like i could literally put him in my back pocket….where does he get those tiny guitars his size

anonymous asked:

What if he does concerts for his music??!!?!!! Or like what will his first performance be like?!?!!! How will he be up on stage?!??!! Will he do small crowds or big crowds!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH


Boyfriend! Jisoo (Joshua)

- would offer to teach you guitar

- regardless of whether or not you’re good at it, he likes to spend the time with you

- he also likes to have you sit in his lap and hold the guitar so he can do that kinda thing

- that hong jisoo is a sneaky one

- mr “knows five languages” has learned how to say “i love you” in as many languages as he can

- likes to split his food with you

- he’d never say it out loud but he loves it when you wear his clothes

- well i mean it’s pretty obvious that he does love it

- he starts sputtering and tries to talk normally but he just cannot get over how good you look in his clothes

- lots of back of the head kisses

- holds your hand when you guys cross the street

- because he wants to protect you!

- but also bc he wants to hold your hand

- he’s pretty cool with you but when any of the members ask him about you he gets really nervous

- but he’s also kind of smug

- like “yeah that’s right i’m dating Y/N and it’s great so suck it”

- keeps asking you if you have enough vitamin c

- gets concerned about if you’d had enough to eat or if you’re getting enough sleep

- sometimes it seems like a bit much but he just wants you to take care of yourself

- takes you on trips to the beach

- he likes to run from the waves

- one time your back was to the wave and you didn’t see it coming so he picked you up and ran away so it wouldn’t get you

- super jisoo

- buys kids’ shovels and pails so you guys can make top notch sandcastles

- always opens the door for you

- likes it when you mess up his hair

- has pretty soft hands

- usually wears casual jeans and sweaters on your dates but once in a while he’ll break out a whole suit and tie

- look out world

- will give you piggyback rides when it’s raining because he doesn’t want your feet to get wet

- on your birthday he sets up mini concerts where he plays guitar and sings you songs

- “happy birthday y/n i am not great with words so i’ll have to borrow some from songs to tell you that i love you and i’m glad to celebrate another year you’re on this planet with me. earth is very lucky to have you and so am i”

- makes you mix cd’s

- when you’re sick he lies in bed with you and tries to take your mind off how sick you are by telling you bad knock knock jokes

- “knock knock”

- “who’s there”

- “al”

- “al who”

- “al give you a kiss if you take your vitamins !”

- when you’re sad he drops everything so he can find you and try to make you feel better

- doesn’t feel right when you’re not happy

- buys you flowers on bad days with notes attached

- “hi y/n i wanted to send these to remind you that i love you - and that good days are ahead -jisoo”

- buys you LOTS of ice cream

- his always melts quickly and dribbles down his chin

- and he doesn’t notice it

- so you have to wipe it off for him even though it did look pretty cute

- unless that was all part of his plan

- told u he was sneaky

@ranmarock | x

                     “Don’t misunderstand my words, Ran-chan, I was kindly asking.” It did sound like an order though. “Fine, what kind of bass should I get, any brand that might seem good?” Look at him, taking his phone out of his pocket to search for a bass online. You can’t stop him. “Hmm… I know how to play guitar because Ikki taught me, does that help?” 

Ok but I think this episode plays positive nessesity for Marinette’s ego.

She was very doubtful about making the cd cover, especially with the guy wanting it done outside her comfort zone. She looked to her parents who encouraged her to take the commision.

She hated how it was, and Tikki encouraged her to follow her instinct but instead Marinette followed the guidelines of the request.

Which led to Jagged Stone not like liking the end result. But he encouraged her to keep it as ‘his style’ saying she’s good at what she does. (And when a world famous rockstar is a fan of you, talk about an ego boost.

Then during the fight they are on very uneven footing because Guitar Villain has an op dragon as well as his own abilities. And with Cat Noir being thrown around like a rag-doll, and her plan to try to stop the dragon nearly getting Cat eaten, and thrown into a stoplight, things aren’t going well.

But then she comes out taming Fang the dragon, Cat being utterly impressed by such a feat she manages to beat Jagged, and finish the album cover the way she felt right, and the way Jagged was impressed.

And now Marinette is WORLD famous, not just famous around her school for being a good seamstress. But on a music magazine and the album art. Everyone who buys that cd and magazine will know Marinette DuPain-chengs name.

Top it off with the love of her life asking HER for an autograph… that definitely was a nice ego boost.

I saved this picture back in 2011 when I joined the Starkid fandom and I used to obsessively search google and tumblr blogs, desperate to know more about these crazy people. I completely forgot I had this until I watched Joey’s air guitar video released today by the Tin Can Brothers for hitting 28k on their kickstarter. It’s like a bell went off saying “hey you’ve seen this before” and despite having forgotten for years, now I feel weirdly satisfied that I finally know where it’s from!

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It wasn't love that wrecked you.

It was attraction when you saw his eyes for the first time and you don’t wanna look away but he saw you staring so you did.

It was a tiny little crush when you started stalking him and found out he’s good with the guitar and how much he likes to play basketball and chess.

It was fate when you were introduced to each other by some friend.

It was admiration when you realize how good he is when he talks and how compassionate he is with the things he does.

It was friendship that grew between you as time went by.

It was the love inside you awaken after a long time when he finally said “I love you”.

It was the growing love that keep you two closer to each other as you get to know him more and more each day.

It was patience when you realize it’s okay for him to be a little late in your dates because he has other important priorities.

It was support when you decided to be always there at his games and his other activities.

It was all love and then came miscommunication when you two had the first fight because of misunderstanding.

And yet, it was still love that made you stay.

It was jealousy when you saw him with talking to another girl and yet, it was love that made you understand he need some other people in his life too.

It was anger when he decided to do something that felt like a betrayal and yet it was love that made you forgive him as usual.

It was disappointment when he couldn’t be there for you again because he said he has other things to do and yet it was love that made you think it’s okay because he’ll be there next time.

It was rage when you found out there’s really another girl and yet, there’s love in you that makes you wanna hate yourself because all you did was forgave and move on. 

So no, it wasn’t love that wreck you. It was his mistake that broke your trust.

It wasn’t love that made you feel empty. It was the regret of trusting him all along.

It wasn’t love that let him do this. It was his mistake and probably a little of yours too.

It wasn’t love that ruined you. It was the plans you made that you know will never happen again.

It wasn’t love that made you feel so lost. It was the pain brought by the mistake made and the things you can never have back.

So no, love isn’t what wrecked you. It is what kept you whole above all things.

It was understanding, patience, trust and support that made it all easy.

Don’t blame love for the failure because love is what heals you in spite of all the things.

Love didn’t wreck you. It’s the absence of it.

Why everyone should bias Ukwon

He a good singer

Always happy

Always dancing is ALWAYS dancing

Always singing about something

Brings life to Block B

His only flaw his he likes minions

Has great hair

Loves animals

Has a million dollar smile

Is a marshmallow

Have you heard him laugh?

His super photogenic (give me one photo he doesn’t look amazing in)

Photographer said act natural for BASTARZ photo shoot and all he does and do weird poses and dances. And now is the reason the others are acting up too

Knows how to play guitar

Loves his girlfriend very much

Please add to this on why everyone should bias Ukwon

cute things boyfriend!luke would do

- giggle when you boop his nose
- hug you w his entire torso bc you’re smol
- nuzzle into your neck when you’re cuddling in bed
- “baaaabe i’m cold cuddle me”
- he’d nurse you if you got sick
- tell you really bad jokes
- poke your cheeks to make you laugh
- make up a song about how cute your weird quirks are
- leave lil notes on the mirrors about how nice your eyes are or how your eyebrows look good today
- sweet lil kisses on every inch of your body
- cheesy pick up lines every day
- he’d hold your hand like 24/7
- make you cereal for dinner
- try to teach you guitar
- laugh at how cute you’d look when you focused real hard
- who are we kidding everything luke does is cute




Why? Look dude, Anime Expo 2015 is gonna feature


 who is the father of GUILTY GEAR (one of my fav games) dude he codes/does sick guitar riffs/does art/voice acts for the game and this based man alone is one of the heroes I look up to.

I dont have a dispensable income so I need YOUR HELP  
I gotta make atleast 80 dollars cause dude the 4 day pass is like 75 bucks? i aint fuckin with that i need your help, in return drawings from yours truly.

PRICES: Look my dude, they are worth around 7-10 dollars depending on how much effort put into it, Im mainly doing sketches but i can give some color flair. (its all about that minimalist aesthetic) 

Busts are usually what ill draw but the more body the more money ya feel me ;) just let me know and ill see if i can service you

Payment is through PayPal invoice. 

Wanna order? shoot me an email (u can send paypal payments here too)


  • No excessive guro/nsfw stuff (I can do some suggestive themes though, I can draw sexy stuff too but if it’s outta my lane, its outta my lane talk w/ me see me after class kind of thing)
  • No animal/furry stuff (it’s not my forte there are better artists out there that can do that for you)
  • Reference pictures is very very helpful
  • Have fun my dude and best wishes whether you want an order or wanna signal boost me and help meet daisuke its really appreciated (:
  • im new at this thing so p-please be gentle o-onee sama

  • Tom uses Tumblr for porn pictures
  • Bill’s favourite sport is shopping
  • Georg and Gustav go by the names of Georgina and Gustafina
  • Tom doesn’t know how to spell “definitely” but Bill DOES!
  • Someone apparently likes “Ravens” :D
  • Georg needs to be wearing glasses while tumblering
  • Bill is obsessed with Britney Spears - STILL!
  • “It looks stupid in writing but charming in a person” - wisdom by Bill Kaulitz
  • Tom knows he’s cute and a beautiful guitar player and he loves himself
  • Aliens are not green though
  • Bill is changing more than Gustav (style-wise)
  • Everyone’s missing Georg’s long hair
  • Tom’s motto “Long hair, don’t care” hence his disappointment with Georg
  • The band is splitting up :p
  • Tom’s next VMA outfit is going to be inspired by Lenny Kravitz’s aka tight leather pants and his “thing” hanging out
  • Bill’s adorable laughing is contagious
  • Penis jokes are still strong so is TORG !
  • Everyone says “tumblr” in the sexiest way possible !!!
  • Finally TH TV’s main role Pumba says “Hi”

In case you forgot, you can still subscribe to Tokio Hotel TV by clicking on Billaconda!

Unsolved Cases

  1. Things Tom typed and then deleted!
  2. Whose tumblr they were spying on before starting answering questions?
  3. Why is TORG getting stronger with every episode?
  4. What GIF did Tom want to post for Bill?

Does everyone remember when all the drama just consisted of Niall not getting solos? Like there was a time when a rumor went around that Niall would just be playing his guitar. We worked so hard to get his confidence up and look at him now. does everyone hear how many solos he has now? I’m so incredibly proud of him and how far he has came we watched him grow and find his confidence for the beautiful voice we already knew he had. Being proud of him is an understatement.


Guitar shopping this week at Long & McQuade, near Toronto, Canada:

  1. AVRI ‘65 Jaguar.  Lovely, but overpriced.  See my Instagram rant on the subject… ;)
  2. SG Special Platinum
  3. Even though the 2 pieces that comprise the top do not match, I still love the colour!
  4. Cadillac Green Gretsch Country Club.  Pricey.  But pretty.
  5. I don’t always go to McDonald’s when I want to get gas.
  6. 3 pretty 'Pauls.  I may be in the minority, but I love these semi-hollow models.
  7. Here is an interesting one - it’s a Custom Shop VOS SG, but it looks like a former owner “upgraded” the aging on it!  You can see how tarnished the Lyre Vibrola cover plate is, and it’s not “even”, it;s splotchy.  It doesn’t look like a Gibson VOS job to me…Gibson does a great job of tasteful tarnishing.  As a result this guitar is selling for $1850.  Without the extra aging it would be more like $2500 to $3000.  Note to self…NEVER f*ck up a pricey guitar by applying your own amateur aging, unless you are OK with losing 700 - 1200 dollars off the price if you have to sell it one day!