how do your lips even exist

i am monbebe and i am proud

i started this at 3 in the morning after copious amounts of karaoke at the bar @dinojaeee you’re welcome

but also thank you ^__^

1. Who is your current MX bias?

Minhyuk, he’s so bright and positive but also RUDE AF Y’ALL KNOW 

2. Who was your first bias in MX?

Minhyuk (always and forever) -cringe-

3. Favorite MX song?

Rush, every time that ish comes on I HAVE TO JAM YOU DON’T EVEN KNO NAEGEWA SINSOKHI 

4. Who is your MX bias wrecker?

Hyungwon with thOSE LEGS AND LIPS AND VOCALS AND VISUALS AND NAPS BACK TF UP (but literally everything about him i mean really how do you exist HW teach me your ways)

5.What is your favorite MX music video?

Stuck was really powerful to me but i LOVE the cinematic value of All In

6. What were your thoughts when you were watching “ No Mercy”

Long story short I didn’t even know that was about MX until a few months after i discovered them. Anyway, I binged it all in one night and the TEARS i’m telling ya…but also some giggles :3

7. Favorite MX meme?

no words needed:

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8. How long have you been a monbebe?

I’d say end of Summer 2016, nothing has ever ruined my life more than MX, but in the best way possible <3

9. What is your fave MX album?

BUT THEY’RE ALL SO GOOD don’t make me choose

10. If you could befriend one member of Monsta X, who would it be?

I’ve read so many fanfics of MX that has Changkyun as your best friend and/or roommate who’s super sassy and sarcastic but also really cares about you like a family member, so I already have that I.M best friend mentality. So I choose Changkyun

11. If you could marry one member of Monsta X, who would it be?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Minhyuk with all my heart and butt and soul but I feel like Shownu would really have those strong family values that a perfect husband would have, but being a Minhyuk stan and after seeing the Monsta X-Ray episode with the kids, Minhyuk is a natural so I am going to go with Lee Minhyuk <3

12. How did you fall in love with Monsta X?

After watching the Hero MV (which snatched me) I insisted on torturing myself and watching all their interviews/variety shoes, etc… to get to know each member better but eventually just collapsed and binged everything I possibly could and overloaded myself and I was like wow I love them with all my life.

p.s #StanMonstaX

@kittyminhyuk @minhyukssmol @fivenightsatminhyuks i’m calling you out!!

I want to talk to you so badly it’s filling up my chest and pushing it’s way up my throat
every fucking word I say is about how I want you underneath me with your hands on my skin
your lips on my neck
your hips against mine

i want you so much it makes me sick sometimes
I can’t stand when we’re in the same room and you act like I don’t even exist when all I want to do is push you against the wall and do things that’d make the devil blush
but honestly this is the last time I think we’ll ever speak to each other and you’re the only thing that I ever have nightmares about now.

—  Daydreamsss– lily rain