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an occurrence among the marauders
  • james: what kind of drill do you want, sirius?
  • sirius: i want one right in the ass.
  • james: ...
  • sirius: ...
  • james: ...
  • sirius: ...i'm not gay, james! it was a joke!
  • *later on that day*
  • remus: *takes his shirt off*
  • sirius: IM SO GAY, IM FUCKING GA

hc that jake dillinger is the Worst liar of all time that boy could not keep a secret to save his life like you could lovingly bake him a batch of cookies and he will look you right in the eye and say “these taste like shit” that kinda honesty


the puppy and the hamster ^___^

[fancams: 디어모먼트, 러브 블라인드 LOVE BLIND, TILL THE TOP and GLEAMING RIPPLE]

this website has completely killed the right to have an opinion and share it on your own blog, and it continuously sucks all the fun out of memes and jokes. Some people can’t tell the difference between actual hurtful and awful posts and just… people who make posts to express their dislike of something, which they have every right to do if they want to. That’s why we made a blog in the first place, to connect with people and talk about our mutual interests and not… interests lol


Best Singing Compilation - Miyano Mamoru: Vocal King (~GENERATING!~ Edition). ♡

I just saw a post that was like “if you research names for your characters from the cultures you’re writing about you’re appropriating culture uwu” like yeah you should do your research so nothing drastic happens in translation or anything but that is not cultural appropriation wtf

D&D: What a Game

PLAYER: So will you be playing my animal companion in RP situations and make animal sounds like Matt Mercer on Critical Role?
ME, THE DM: God help me, but yes, I will.
PLAYER: Great! So I’ve chosen a fox.
ME: …
ME: Oh no.


What does the fox say?


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Stop 👏🏼 pressuring 👏🏼 fic 👏🏼 authors 👏🏼 to 👏🏼 write 👏🏼 things 👏🏼 they 👏🏼 don’t 👏🏼 want 👏🏼 to 👏🏼 write 👏🏼