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How to Read Another Person’s Memories

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen this on tumblr yet! (Maybe it’s out there, who knows? I’m new.) But this is actually one of the easiest spells to do, and one of the first I learned as a budding witch. It can be used to help someone through traumatic events and shadow work, or just to get to know them better.

You Will Need:

1. Yourself

2. The person whose memories you intend to read

That’s it. If you want to drink a clairvoyance tea or carry a stone with you, you may, although I have done this plenty of times without preparation and it’s worked well for me.


1. Sit across from the person whose memories you’re reading. Get comfy; you’ll be there for a while

2. Take both of their hands, and hold them throughout the ritual. I like to hold my palms up and have them place their hands on top, so it’s comfortable for them.

3. Close your eyes and enter a meditative state. You’ll want to eliminate all distractions, so if you’re in a loud room, ask people to quiet down or move to another room. Focus on the energy in the other person’s hands. Do you feel it? Embrace their energy.

4. Let the images flow through you. This technique is much like scrying, except you’re receiving their memories through their energy. Describe briefly what you see to them and ask them or confirm with “Yes” or “No.” Example: “I see a white couch in front of an empty fireplace.” If the person recognizes what you’re referring to, or if it rings a bell, they’ll respond “Yes.” The memory will come in fragments at first, yet slowly build to form the complete picture.

5. If they respond “No,” keep going anyway; they may subconsciously change the images they’re sending to you. If they continue to respond “No,” they may be blocking something or lying, and it’ll be hard to get a read on them then. You may want to work through why they’re blocking images with them; it could be possible that they’re very private, or you need more practice in feeling others’ energies.

6. Don’t try to control the images or where you stand in them. If you jump from memory to memory, let yourself jump. You are a receiver, not a controller of these energies.

7. If someone wants you to see a specific memory, have them project that memory toward you, or bring it up clearly in their own minds. Your energy will gravitate towards theirs.

And that’s it. Some things I’ve seen through this method: Peoples’ childhood homes (I can’t tell you how many times), dreams, traumas, visions they’ve received, stories they’ve invented in their heads.

Some Final Notes:

1. This should go without saying, but the person whose memories you’re reading should be a willing participant. They’re allowed to be skeptical, but if they hold their memories back or block you, you’ll receive some conflicting images.

2. Obviously, this technique may come easier to an empath or someone experienced in reading energies. Although I was taught by an empath, I am not an empath an had little to no experience when I first tried this technique, and it still worked for me.

3. Try it first on a friend or relative, since you’ve already created a spiritual bond with them. If you’re experience, you may use this technique on strangers or acquaintances as well.

4. Don’t try to read two peoples’ memories at once, even if they share the same memory. Consider the fallibility of memory: It changes based on peoples’ perspectives or emotions towards that event. I can’t image how overwhelming it would be to try to read two peoples’ memories.

5. Every person I know who’s tried this (including me) has had a tendency to mix up the colors red and blue. I don’t know why, but it’s lead to some funny conversations!

It’s that simple! You’re all so talented, witches, so if you ever want to help a friend in need, here’s a possible solution. Have a beautiful day and help yourself as well! Blessed be!

Do you know what bugs me? Barristan Selmy saying “…though compared to Ashara Dayne, the Dornish princess was a kitchen drab” and Jon Connington considering Elia “unworthy” of Rhaegar. It bugs me in particular with Connington because he’s trying to put her son on the throne, and yet he’s thinking this way about her. Then we have Selmy comparing two beautiful women against each other  (  which instantly annoys me anyway  )  and then, of course, shitting all over Elia. 

How about they both just not treat Elia like dirt to prop up the people they had feelings for? That’s a thing, you know. 

here’s your friendly reminder that i should be done with this animatic within the next couple days, and i’ll have it up as soon as i??? figure out youtube???

anyway, it might not be perfect, but i am so proud of this animatic and all the work that i’ve poured into it over the past four weeks, and i hope that other  people enjoy it too!!! 

(((and maybe i’m planning another one if people like this one ;) )))

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hi!! idk exactly how to word this, but do you know of any fics where d or p uses kisses/sex to shut the other up or convince them of something? thank you for all your hard work!! 10/10 scientists say ur the best

Just Shut Up (ao3) - Set directly after the last Impossible Quiz video. Dan’s a brat and won’t let a silly game go; Phil just tries his best to help.

Make Me - Phil Lester should know that if your enemy says ‘Shut up!’ you shouldn’t answer ‘Make me’. Pastel!Dan Punk!Phil High school AU

Make Me - d&p sharing a dorm room and at night dan is afraid of the dark so he talks and talks and phil is extremely annoyed until one day he tackles dan in bed “would you shut the fuck up already” “make me” and they kiss.

- Sam

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Roadhog fluff where his S/O gives him a plush for his birthday?

You know one thing I’ve noticed when writing Junkrat, I just write it normal cuz I’m Australian and it doesn’t process how much we cut down our words n shit… idk.


“Do you guys remember when your birthday is or you don’t care anymore?” Jamison’s eyebrows furrowed interested in your sudden question.
“Nah mate we still do birthday’s.” He looked up to Roadhog as if to confirm his statement. “Why do ya ask?”
“Well realized that after going through your medical files you don’t have a birth dates on them.” Well that was just one of the reasons anyway. The other may of been that you have a special gift for a certain masked junker and wanted a nice moment to give it to him that wasn’t suspicious.
“Wasn’t important.” The rare moments that Mako spoke never failed to make your heart stop beating.
“Yeah, there’s no one like us. Why would ya need that useless information for?”

The topic didn’t come back up until Mako came into the medical wing for a check up. A tired sigh left your lips as you looked at his medical file. You asked for his name, age, place of birth, stuttered on his date of birth and went on about the check up.

All of your touches were delicate and warm. Mako savoured any second. He wasn’t worried about getting injured, he felt safe with you. It was a very rare feeling, but it was a great feeling.

“Well that’s it for today. Have a great day Mako!~” The way you said his name made his large stomach do a couple of flips. As he stood up off of the bed he patted you head with a faint thank you as he made his way to the door. But he didn’t exit, he mumbled something that you could just hear.
“What.” It came out more of a statement rather than a question. You heard what he said. It was his birth date, it was next week.

The few days leading up to Mako’s birthday filled you with excitement. You hoped he liked his present and the cake you ordered for him, you weren’t much of a baker.

On the special day you left after breakfast to go into town to pick up the cake. Jamison had a knowing smile on permanently etched on his face as he watched you leave.
“Ya told them didn’t ya’?” Mako only huffed glad that the mask covered his red face. “Shut up.” An echoing cackle was all that could be heard.

You didn’t return till the sun was setting. Tracer was the first one to great you with continuous questions about the white box in your hand. It didn’t take long for Hana and Lucio to make an entrance and give you their questions. You tried your best to ignore them but then the junker duo walked in naturally attracted to the commotion that was being caused.

With Mako in view you started to tremble, anxiety suddenly rippling through your body. What would he think about the cake? Does he even like cake? Would he even like your present? The questions had no sign of stopping so you quickly walked past the crowd to go to your quarters.

When you got to your room you placed the cake box on your desk next to the unwrapped present. Of course you didn’t wrap it. Today was the big day, you were going to confess to him and you didn’t wrap the bloody present.

It took hours for you to finally put together a decent sentence and practiced it over and over. You didn’t realize that you missed out on dinner until there was a knock at your door and you took a quick glance at your clock and seeing how late it was. 10:35pm. You groaned.
“Just a second.”

You didn’t know who you were expecting at the door but it sure as hell was Mako because that’s who it was.
“You missed dinner.” Despite the gruffness of his voice, it held concern.
“Guess I loss track of time.” You looked away awkwardly laughing trying to avoid a future question as to why. As your mind searched for lies Mako pushed past you noticing something and picking it up.

“I was just thinking about what I needed to stock up…. oh.” You turned around noticing the lack of Mako in front of you but behind you standing in front of your desk. You quickly made your way over panicked. “I uh…. shit…” You couldn’t think of any excuses as he held a plush pig with a mask like his own and a wallaby with a white coat much like yours. It reminds him on the nickname Junkrat gave you until he actually remembered you name. You jumped high enough in surprise so much that he decided to call you wallaby. It caught onto Roadhog so that he started referring to you as that out on the field or if you get more than a grunt or 2 words out of him.

There were no words spoken for a few minutes until you built up the courage to utter something.
“Happy Birthday…” All you felt were two arms wrapping around you and that there was a lack of a floor under your feet. “Thank you wallaby.”
“I love you.”
“I know.” Wait, what. He knew. “Your as subtle as Junkrat.” So that meant you were as obvious as all hell. Great.

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!!! That last response was so cute! Can I ask the same of Arthur? When did u develop feelings for Ivan? (Bruh, I've been meaning to congratulate u on how fucking amazing this blog is. It's honestly one of my favorites. Ur #1)

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Idk how to word this right but do you have(/know anyone who would have) and advice on getting into(???? Word choice is wrong but I'm having a hard brain day) Celtic paganism? I've finally decided its okay to let myself do this but no idea where to start or how to practice etc, if it helps I'm from the north of England but moved down to essex years ago, again I'm so sorry I know if phrased this wrong but I can't think of how else it would make sense 💚💚

Hi anon!

Well, I would say, personally, the best place to start is to figure out what’s calling you or what’s interesting you and dig into that and see where that takes you. For me, the Fair Folk have always been an important part of that, so I’ve learnt about them and investigated them and found music and stories and suchlike; whatever helps me figure things out more.

Resources are… not really centralised. is always a good starting point to read some of the myths in a fairly literal translation; the more famous cycles, like the Tain Bo Cuailnge, you can find various different translations of to compare. A lot of this depends on what you are looking for and what you want to find; I’m sorry I can’t help more there.

If you’re looking for, like, How To Do Daily Rituals, What Is The Liturgy, etc, we don’t really have that. This is a lot of figuring out what things mean to you, what the gods want from you, what you find meaning in, etc. It can be super helpful to talk to other people for that, but also, remember that your thoughts are allowed to matter to you; you don’t have to copy other people just because They Said So. You are allowed (and in fact kind of need) your own interpretations and opinions on things.

I’m not super up on the CeltPol Community on tumblr; @aeondeug or @nicstoirm would probably know more people there. I remember @echtrai‘s blog having quite a few useful posts for finding out more about things, though. But again, it’s pretty decentralised; more people talking and arguing about separate practices than any kind of cohesive thing.

I hope that helps some!

I have made myself a scar collector.
I carry the scorch mark of your grip on my shoulder
and the stardust of your wings across my skin.
The inprints of your feathers crawl beneath my veins
and when my blood rushes through them
I swear I can hear that “voice of an angel”
they talk about in all those movies and books.
I swear I can hear the sky in your looks.

Loving an angel is messier than I thought,
a very pure kind of unclean.
It’s like loving a galaxy and feeling like
you’re nothing but a dying star
imploding in a mess of feather inprints
that are always on my skin.
A very heavenly kind of unclean.

I have made myself a scar collector
but I feel no pain nor remorse.
I wear my scars with pride and regret not a single one.
Loving an angel is messy and chaos
cosmic impotence and repented sin.
Oh God, if this is messy, then I don’t want to be clean.

—  Dean Winchester: On loving an angel.

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It's okay that it takes time for you to get over it! It's totally okay, please take all the time that you need. It's okay to be hurt and to feel like everything's crashing down, but please try to believe me when I tell you that one day you'll feel better! You're such a sweetheart and seeing you hurting this much breaks my heart because you deserve sooooo much better than that!! You deserve all the happiness in the world honey and I hope you'll get that one day! That's all I wish for right now 🌸

Your sweet words are always so appreciated. Idk how you do it haha I know you’re going through tough things too but you’re still so kind and caring and it means everything to me. And ik you have a lot of your own asks piled up, but thank you for still being open to helping me! (although it is good to know you have so many asks bc I remember a few times I sent you some and you never answered so I thought maybe you didn’t like me or something haha I get worried easily omg) Thanks for sending me another sweet message, I know I can get through this with you to care about me🌸

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A question! Who drink Tea? And who Drink Coffee? I always wonder. I know it a little bit silly but the more we know about Drarry is better

An intriguing question, fangirl-69​, but you see, there is a difference between drinking and enjoying.

Draco drinks two cups of coffee every weekday morning between 8 and 10:30am. He has heard Healer Eskridge’s lecture on the importance of taking precise notes in patient records so many times he could recite it in his sleep. Or at least, he could if Harry ever let him get to sleep at a reasonable hour. As it is he’s overtired and just a bit sore, and if coffee - milk, no sugar - is the only thing that will get him through this farce of a motivational talk and on to the promotion that will have him rid of Eskridge’s nattering for good, he’ll find some way to deal with this plebian slop.

Harry drinks two cups of tea every Saturday when they visit the Manor. The first one is because Narcissa insists, and exactly as she is inclined to serve it: black tea with a hint of bergamot and citrus, water boiled to 192F and enough of it for the pot to be rinsed before the tea brews, set to steep for three minutes before it’s poured over milk, no sugar. The second is for something to do with his hands when they’re so deep into pureblood gossip Harry’s head is spinning and Draco’s invoking names of relatives Harry swears he’s never heard of, no matter how many times he studies his tapestry. The tea tastes like dirt - it is leaves, after all - but if it earns him Narcissa’s good graces, it’s a small price to pay.

On Sunday mornings, when they have a late breakfast, Draco enjoys a cup of tea. It’s brewed from the mix they serve at the Manor; Narcissa looks the other way when Draco directs the elves to slip half an ounce into Harry’s cloak, and he loves her all the more for it. He lets it brew at 192F for just a moment longer than is strictly proper, and pours it over milk, no sugar. He drinks it sitting across from Harry at their ancient kitchen table while they read the Prophet Harry’s brought back from his run. Once in a while he looks up over the finance section and takes the sip, and between the taste of his childhood and the sight of his lover, he’s never felt more at home.

On Sunday mornings, while Draco sleeps in before brunch (even if he is so averse to that Muggle convention that he insists on calling it a late breakfast) Harry goes for a run. On the way back he stops at the nearest Starbucks for something Gin told him about, a half-caf Mocha whipped - it’s like coffee but sweeter - and then scoops up the delivered Prophet that’s landed on their front stoop and brings it in to Draco. They sit at the kitchen table for as long as they like, and once in a while Harry peeks up over the sports section, looks at Draco, and takes a sip, whipped cream still bobbing against the lid. It’s all the sweetness he never had growing up and he thinks he’s never enjoyed- never loved - anything more. 

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hey, in that post of yours you talked about a song (yours, i'm guessing) called "saturn". have you posted the lyrics to the song here on tumblr, because i would love to read them. on another note, dude, what do you do when you accidentally write too much to be able to sing it, but you can't rap either?? like, i've learned to rap some of tyler's verses, but it's one thing to just repeat smth already created, with melody and rhythm, and completely other thing to come up with it yourself, yk? (1/2)

“i have so many stuff written that are too long to be sang, but i can’t rap, so i guess what i have is just poetry? i mean, how do you put rhythm and melody to so many words? idk how rapping works? i’ve seen many people who know about these stuff, say that tyler has very unusual flow (especially in ode to sleep’s first few sentences of the first verse). what does that mean, cause to me, it sounds completely fine, the words flow really well. that’s what i hear anyway and idk anything about rap.”

well first i come up with a rhythm and go one verse at a time before i pull the whole song together. but keep in mind, not everyone can rap. it’s easier for me because i talk really fast in general so it’s not too different than the way i speak, just with a different rhythm.

as for saturn, i wrote it months ago, but these are the lyrics;

If I lived on Saturn,
I’d be all alone up there.
If I were from Saturn,
I wouldn’t have to give a single care.

If I lived on Saturn,
And I could live on a planet made of gas,
If I were from Saturn,
I’d never go back.

If I lived on Saturn,
Oh, what a dream!
If I were from Saturn,
I’d be so much more than I seemed.

If I lived on Saturn,
And if I could stand is subzero,
If I were from Saturn,
It would be a dream come true, oh!

If I lived on Saturn,
I would have so many alien friends.
If I were from Saturn,
I would stay there until my peaceful end.

If I lived on Saturn,
I would fall asleep looking at the stars.
If I were from Saturn,
I would never have a reason to be alarmed.

If I lived on Saturn,
I would spend hours staring at Titan.
If I were from Saturn,
I would reach towards the stars to see if I could hold them.

If I lived on Saturn,
I would be so happy as an alien.
If I were from Saturn,
I would never have to worry again.

If I lived on Saturn,
I’d barely be a newborn.
If I were from Saturn,
I’d only be half a year old.

If I lived on Saturn,
I’d be so, so free.
If I were from Saturn,
I’d finally be at peace.

so i drew miyuki last week so here’s eijun

tbh fanon eijun is just too much of a tsundere and misawa should have a healthly, happy relationship

like, normally you’d expect eijun to jump up and blush when miyuki ruffles his hair but here he just acts if it were normal, cos y’know, maybe it’s because here, they’re in an effing relationship

edit: lol eijun’s left hand if anyone noticed my mistake

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Why do you say that there are no varying degrees of autism? It is a spectrum disorder. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. It is on the spectrum, but it affects me less because it is a little easier for me to communicate and make friends. All the books I've read and all the doctors I've seen say it's a spectrum disorder, so why do you get offended when someone says they have mild autism or severe autism?

it IS a spectrum

but the thing is, it’s not a spectrum from ‘mild’ to ‘severe’. it’s a spectrum of all different difficulties.

it’s not a sliding scale, it’s more like a bunch of different things (like sensory difficulties, difficulties communicating, narrow interests, stimming, etc) and some people have all of them, some people have a few of them, some people have them to a more intense degree, some people handle them better, etc

the biggest issue is the way these labels get used. people with 'mild’ autism are seen as such because they can talk and can sometimes pass as NT. people with 'severe’ autism are de-humanised and seen as children no matter how old they are.

no one ever said that autism doesn’t vary, in fact autism varies so much that this is why it’s impossible to say it is 'mild’ or 'severe’, because whether you come across as 'mild’ or 'severe’ depends largely on your situation, your age, your support systems, and a thousand other things

also, people can label THEMSELVES however they want. if you want to say 'i have severe autism’ or 'i have asperger’s’ or 'i am autistic’ or 'i’m on the autistic spectrum’ do it, call yourself whatever you like. just don’t say other folks have 'severe’ or 'mild’ autism, because you can’t possibly know how it affects them

also, if you say you have 'mild autism’ or 'asperger’s’, make sure it’s not because you don’t want to be associated with people who you see as 'severe’. it’s ableist and unfair to distance yourself from other autistic people because you see them as 'more severe’ than you. (not saying you’re doing this, just something to bear in mind)

i could probably say more but words are hard, so

- mod A


this is like a clinical cross-section of “everything that’s wrong in the online art community”
answers so many questions tbh

I can’t stop thinking about physical manifestations of identity. When I was a baby gay, I pierced my right eyebrow. I was newly out, and I wanted to let all the other queers to know I Was One of Them. And to inform the straights too, if they knew what it meant. 

When you’re queer, you can easily pass as straight, so a lot of times people will alter their appearance to show to the world that they are queer. Haircuts, clothing, jewelry, piercings, whatever. We laugh about stereotypes, gay hats, shirts and so forth, but there’s a reason why they exist. 

We go through the world physically manifesting various parts of our identities, and it’s especially prevalent in minorities and subcultures. We want to belong. We want to find our people! 

How Dianna styled her hair and what she wore on stage Saturday night? That was a huge physical manifestation of identity, and it was really, really queer. It was like she sent out a huge rainbow colored bat signal to all the queers paying attention. I’M HERE, ACCEPT ME, EMBRACE ME, I AM ONE OF YOU! 

That’s what I was doing when I got my piercing, and nothing will ever convince me that’s not what Dianna was doing on Saturday night. So, in conclusion… Likes Girls? Yes.