how do you words idk


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Re: Rei tries to talk in the middle of a busy cafe. 

@desfraisespartout XD

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I want to write more.

But it’s just so hard because I just don’t see the world through words.

I see it through images and shapes and colors and emotion. How do you translate that into words? How would you even begin?


narrator: gregory and tan, was it…? hm, yes, and then mira who is absent. i trust you rely my message to him as well. now then, you’re here because you can’t get along. it is my job to turn you into excellent roommates. …tan, you’re smiling. why is that? are you excited?

tan: ah, no… it’s a tad uncomfortable, that’s all.

narrator: …i see. enough of that, then. i’ll get straight to your first assignment. i’ll provide you with an instant camera and a tape recorder, which you’ll use to present each member of the household to me in the way you seem fit. this will help me understand your situation better, as well as get to know you. you have the weekend.

greg: deadline monday, got it.

I have made myself a scar collector.
I carry the scorch mark of your grip on my shoulder
and the stardust of your wings across my skin.
The inprints of your feathers crawl beneath my veins
and when my blood rushes through them
I swear I can hear that “voice of an angel”
they talk about in all those movies and books.
I swear I can hear the sky in your looks.

Loving an angel is messier than I thought,
a very pure kind of unclean.
It’s like loving a galaxy and feeling like
you’re nothing but a dying star
imploding in a mess of feather inprints
that are always on my skin.
A very heavenly kind of unclean.

I have made myself a scar collector
but I feel no pain nor remorse.
I wear my scars with pride and regret not a single one.
Loving an angel is messy and chaos
cosmic impotence and repented sin.
Oh God, if this is messy, then I don’t want to be clean.

—  Dean Winchester: On loving an angel.

this is like a clinical cross-section of “everything that’s wrong in the online art community”
answers so many questions tbh

I can’t stop thinking about physical manifestations of identity. When I was a baby gay, I pierced my right eyebrow. I was newly out, and I wanted to let all the other queers to know I Was One of Them. And to inform the straights too, if they knew what it meant. 

When you’re queer, you can easily pass as straight, so a lot of times people will alter their appearance to show to the world that they are queer. Haircuts, clothing, jewelry, piercings, whatever. We laugh about stereotypes, gay hats, shirts and so forth, but there’s a reason why they exist. 

We go through the world physically manifesting various parts of our identities, and it’s especially prevalent in minorities and subcultures. We want to belong. We want to find our people! 

How Dianna styled her hair and what she wore on stage Saturday night? That was a huge physical manifestation of identity, and it was really, really queer. It was like she sent out a huge rainbow colored bat signal to all the queers paying attention. I’M HERE, ACCEPT ME, EMBRACE ME, I AM ONE OF YOU! 

That’s what I was doing when I got my piercing, and nothing will ever convince me that’s not what Dianna was doing on Saturday night. So, in conclusion… Likes Girls? Yes. 

so i drew miyuki last week so here’s eijun

tbh fanon eijun is just too much of a tsundere and misawa should have a healthly, happy relationship

like, normally you’d expect eijun to jump up and blush when miyuki ruffles his hair but here he just acts if it were normal, cos y’know, maybe it’s because here, they’re in an effing relationship

edit: lol eijun’s left hand if anyone noticed my mistake

hELLO THERE! it’s me, nath, and wow i can’t believe it’s only been three months since i’ve made this blog?? it feels like a lot more tbh. it’s funny because i was kind of hesitant before making this blog thinking i’d just end up abandoning it after a week but !! i didn’t and here i am trying to write this thing pff well, anyway. i met so many cool people here, made friends, had some fun interactions – it was different starting a blog with fandomless ocs after coming from a canon blog but you guys were all so nice and welcoming and i really appreciate that! i feel really comfortable coming here everyday and i’m really happy i made this blog and i got to develop more of my girls. i hope you are all enjoying them as much as i do! and i hope we can have more fun here together too, thanks for following me and staying ♥

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i just cannot … i dont know what to say… there are so many of you

i want to say thank you to all my old followers that have been here for so long

thank you to all my new followers that somehow saw all the bullshit that has been happening recently and decided to follow

//totally turned this into an oscar speech ;dd

i met so many amazing people, even became friends with some. //and idk how that happened since i’m really unsocial, i dont know how to talk with people without stupid coming out of my mouth

SO MANY AMAZING ASKS like god dammit people you were making me cry here.


I want to do something to celebrate me hitting 3k and because the only thing i am “talented” at is making shitty edits, guess what i will be doing??

From now until February 26th, 6pm GMT +2 i will be taking suggestions. Anything and Everything!!! Send in the ask box, submit or message me any crazy, bizarre or absolutely terrible idea you have. I will do it!

I will be mainly making and posting them on friday, saturday and sunday, after the deadline. I will be making some during the time i am taking suggestions but i get incredibly tired after school and i am not often in the mood to do anything.


Love, Eury ;3

//dont click//

Sound The Alarm

Chapters: 1/???
Rating: T (just a lil strong language nothing more serious than actual in game dialog)
Pairing: Caulscott / Max Caulfield x Nathan Prescott
Word count: 1,012 

Summary: Someone pulled the fire alarm and now Max is stuck standing outside with the rest of the Blackwell student body late at night.

a/n: It’s been a realllly long time since I’ve written anything and this is my first fanfic / drabble so yeah enjoy

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i’m so into you.