how do you want respect if you dont do it

I’m so….,idek like annoyed? Mad? offended? Perturbed?
this guy I used to chat w when I lived in NYC (when i thought i was bi) just added me on snap where I post 3638 things about being a lesbian and he kEEPS ASKING ME FOR PICS ??? AND IM LIKE NAW DUDE IM GAY THNX THO !!! So he responded “ohhh no but if you’re the one sending them to me then that’s fine right?”
do straight men just not understand things? ???? Like anyTHING?????!!!!!!!!

listen, slurs are bad, but can we not??? gatekeep with our language???

like the q slur and the t slur are shitty, and the t slur makes me really uncomfortable myself, but for a lot of lgbt folks thats just. the language that was used in the community, when they were growing up, coming out, etc, and they all have their own relationships with those words???

like even now, when i go out into the world to support groups, parades, bingo nights, etc, and meet with other lgbt people in my city, just. everyone uses the q slur all the time, in these places that mean a lot to me, where i grew up in, where its safe and im around other lgbt people.

so for me, the q slur has this really personal, really positive connotation??? and i see you guys, all the time, talking about how “cringey” people who use the q slur are??? and that makes me feel like shit???

yall are reblogging stuff like lgbt people who lived through the aids crisis talking about our history using “q***r” and “d*ke” etc and tagging “yikes” like do you even. understand

people form communities around these words, and that deserves your respect?? a lot of lgbt people find power and history in these words?? and if someone who’s been advocating for their rights for their whole lives wants to use the same word theyve been using for thirty years jesus christ just let them???

and then yall will turn around and do stuff like talk about how you “support all lgbt people” like you dont exclusively doxx lgbt people who arent with your exact rhetoric, or who have a culture of lgbt people with their own ideas and experiences outside of flower crowns and fan culture

like hating older lgbt people isnt edgy or deep can yall please stop

(if youre cishet don’t touch this post)

RFA + singing in shower

Okay I am so sorry it took so long and sorry for being inactive lately 😔 . Things were hard for me. But here you go! 😊


 - You came back from grocery shopping in a sacred mission to get some snacks you and yoosung were out. Everything was normal at least you thought it was. Welp you were wrong. You heard someone yelling in your house.

- The sound came from bathroom.

- … and it was your boyfriend singing.

- If you catched him singing you bet it was something alike to LOLOL soundtrack with lyrics. I do believe he knows by heart all of the words. Or something he sings to motivated himself before the match begins.

 - ,, Who is the best LOLOL player in the world? YOOSUNG!” (yay references everywhere) he yells from shower tube.

 - No one could resist laughing to that even you.

 - OH BOI is he embarassed.

 - Probably went Red As Tomato™

 - He might wanted to run away from here and accidently slipped on a wet floor.

 - Now he is even more embarassed and even mutilated

 - ,, Y/N I… I am so sorry-‘’

 - ,, Shh thats okay now lets see what happened to your leg”

 - In the end of the day you both cuddle on a couch eating mentioned before snacks ( cheesy puffs hooray!) Just dont tease him about it and he is going to be okay.

 - He still sings but before he do. He has to ensure you are not around.

 - Tho you still know he is singing. Yoosung singing is priceless.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

Originally posted by the-black-fairy


 - Lets be honest here he sings probably while sleeping.

- He is shameless with his singing and oh boi is he right i mean look at that narcisstic guy.

 - You were sleeping as Zen came earlier from work. He didnt want to wake you up but.. ( i think he cant resist singing)

 - So you got up to do your morning routine  dress up, brush your hair and finally brush your teeth.

 - Were you confused when you saw your grey haired man standing there singing that

,, I have to be someone to protect you my little princess ;)” definetly something about you and definetly something sappy.

 - He was going to start another song but then he noticed you.

 - Then his confidence would lower down i am sure about that.

 - ,,Oh babe how long have you been here standing”  hah..

 - ,, You .. got… AN AMAZING VOICE ZEN! ” you screamed.

 - ( but what is up with those lines.Still hot tho)

 - Hyun was very proud of himself right now.

 - Probably sings more often right know.

 - Making breakfast BAM singing ( if you REALLY REALLY please him you and your boyfriend will sing Bacon Pancakes) doing dishes BAM singing. Driving in the car? Heck its now yours both musical.

 - He loves when you want to sing with him but he is okay if you dont like singing. He respect that.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

Originally posted by wolfiestoday


- Well thats intresting trust fund kid singing hmm

 - Working in the giant Corporation like C&R is quite exhausting so when he got home he decided to take a refreshing shower. It always helped him to relax.

 - I dont know what were you doing probably you wanted to ask him a question about guest he suggested to invite to party.

- It is too late now.

 - You saw him dancing and singing Baku Baku Nya Nya song OR CANT HUG EVERY CAT.

 - When he noticed you he freezed.

 - Probably didnt talk to about that accident all day ( probably all life)

 - He gets really cold by that thinking that was embarassing.

 - You better pretend you didnt saw his true form.

 - Trust me on this one.

- He just dont want to be a fool in your eyes.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

Originally posted by melancholicwaifu


 - Jaehee wouldnt be herself if she didnt sang songs from Zen’s musical.

 - Knowing her she sings while pretending she is on scene ( she just wanted to see how it is to play a certain character)

 - and then you showed in the door while she was in half of her rehersal.

 - First she is dead inside.

 - How could she let you see her like that..

 - Thinks you are going to make fun of her.

 - You came closer her.

 - ,,Jeahee why dont we pretend together ? ”

 - Hehe i will let you imagine what you want ~

 - JK i meant you both fangirl over something then pretend you are some sort of character.

 - You have great time with her.

 - If you got in some fandom welp you both are falling in it.

 - I mean i know she likes musicals but what if she likes anime or serials? (or even cartoons?!)

 I will have to make headcanons about Jaehee fangirling with Y/N definetly

Gif that shows how she feels about it:

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 - Am I predictable? He sings You reposted in the wrong neighbourhood.

 - When you saw him you were like Wow that hot :D

 - You just wanted to see what takes him so long? What if he drowned.

 - So you just peeked and..

 - You cant believe your ears.

 - I am not sure there are 2 options.

 1.    You pretend you didnt heard that and go back just dissapointed in your boyfriend


- He frigcking loves you.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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I decided to do this one with gifs :3

@yuri-on-a-messenger i hope you like it!(and i hope @ stuff works)

I swear the Linkin Park fandom is full of pissbabies oh my god. if you didn’t like the song it’s fine, just go away and listen to their old albums, or whatever other music you want, but stop hating on the song and saying it’s shit when it’s not! this fandom always finds something they don’t like on a song, even if it’s heavy and more like their old sounds, what the fuck do you want, dammit?! you want the Hybrid Theory/Meteora era to come back? you want Chester to scream again even though he can’t do it as well/doesn’t want to as much as before? well I’m sorry to break it to you crybabies, that time is not coming back! they’ve said multiple times they dont’ want to go back to that new era, and you should be happy they’re happy and making sounds they like! just fuck off and let us enjoy the new sounds in peace, you jerks!


( bad English :,D )

I am scared XD

Ok I want to be honest I love undertale I love the game but the fandom eeehhh the fandom is bad….
I am sorry but that is truth a lot of my work get stolen
a lot of people upload it as a video without created me
bad peoples “make” me do things I hate by saying “oh I will die if you don’t do that” and “why are you don’t talk with me ” (not as a joke )
Dont you think I am busy with life family college like that make me cring so hard when you “ordering” me !
There are sweet people who ask me without rushing me or calling me names
And I respect every art from every fandom
But I see people go hating on them saying
“ you can’t draw sans like that he is like this THIS this ”
“ DONT ship torial with asegor she is just for sans ”
“ undyne is so strong you can draw her as……atc ”

like STOP Don’t tell people how they draw
Don’t steal their art
Don’t make them do stuff they don’t want

I am scared one day I will leave the undertale and all because of the fandom

This game is beautiful please don’t rewind it by being angry at others for there work
The game teach us how we care and respect so please do that….

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can u pls do the 'cross gene reacting to find out u dont want kids' for imfact? thank you :]

you got it!!

Jeup: Would be a bit taken aback, and maybe a little disappointed, but would respect your decision and promise you that he’d never pressure you to do otherwise. “You know that you and your happiness is the most important thing to me, always.”

Originally posted by jeupstan

Taeho: This wouldn’t be news to him, he would have anticipated that all along and would be very cute to you to calm you down from how nervous you were to tell him. “Come on, you think I don’t know you well? Of course I knew that~ So silly~”

Originally posted by kihqun

Jian: He would laugh and wrap you up in a hug, if he was disappointed at all he certainly wouldn’t show it. “I’ve already got four kids to raise, what makes you think I wanted more?!”

Originally posted by asamatterofimfact

Lee Sang: He would be relieved because he felt the same way but had been too nervous to tell you. Of course, he wouldn’t let you know that part, and would try and play it cool instead. “Me and you both, babe.”

Originally posted by jeupstan

Ungjae: Is pretty startled that you even thought that far ahead, but realizes that it doesn’t really matter to him much anyway. “That’s okay, but if I do end up feeling super paternal someday, can we get a puppy or something?” (As if he isn’t already a puppy himself…)

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the issue

kpop & khh idols need to recognize that half the shit they do comes from black culture. The genre of music you’re singing, rapping, those dreads and braids you got in, that’s all us. That music you love so much is us.

I honestly wonder, do they just love our culture because it’s trendy?? Do they have any respect for the culture it came from? Like-

Being a black kpop fan is such a struggle man. We have idols throwing around the N word and all this crazy shit.

I really wish idols would just speak up. How do they honestly feel towards black culture and blacks in general¿

I want to rant forever and ever on this but I’ll stop here for now. How do other black kpop & khh fans feel about this. I’m honestly very curious.

I’m gonna tag a few people who I’m interested to hear from. You don’t have to respond publicly or at all if you dont want to.

@brownskinnedbeautie @yanoseos @princess-of-luxury @blackkpopfannetwork @kmusicandblackwomen @staynectar

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It's not that we don't want to lose followers, it's just that I already know you and your friends are going to spam me nonstop and I don't want to deal with you guys anymore than needed. You guys couldn't even just respect that it was asked that you stop using the fandom tags. Now you guys post audio clips? What else are you guys gonna do? Hog all the ask blogs. OH WAIT. YOU DO THAT ALREADY. THANKS ASSHOLES.

Oh, its you again, how nice. 

1st: No generalities, please, I cant answer for people I dont know, just for myself. This is internet: I dont know anyone and nobody knows me.

Now, tell me, why I would waste my time sending you asks or something? Why would I bothering to spam you? I follow you or something? If that is the case I beg you to block me so I dont need to see your “quality content” and you are save from my crap.

Finally, about the issue, the thing is that you want to speak with some specific lord and ‘he’s’ busy answering geisha’s rp or something like that? I meant… you know that those ask blogs are manage by… cha cha channnnother ladies of the fandom. Nobody tell you? damn, so sorry, you really want to talk with Masamune or Shigezane? Ohh, honey, they are quite dead you know… And I’m pretty sure they werent cute either… How sad :(


> Santa doesnt exist either.

FF XV React: Asking you out on a date

Suggested by: Anon

This was supposed to be up yesterday, but Tumblr murdered it so here it is again! Anon-san asked to be more elaborate so each react in this one is going to be its own mini scene. A lil longer, but I hope I pulled it off for you Anon-san! Enjoy! :D

Noctis: *Walks up to you as calmly as he can, but you can tell he’s a little stiff. He’s also avoiding eye contact, a clue that his eyes are a different color.* Hey, can I talk to you for a second? B-But not here! No, it’s nothin serious-well it kinda is…Ugh, what a mess….*Takes a deep breathe and finally makes eye contact with you. His eyes being a dusty red color* DoYouWantToGoOutOnADateWithMe? *Looks away* Only if you want to that is…

Gladiolus: *Has been looking for you and finally spots you.* Oi! //Your name//! *Jogs up to you and smiles widely* Um, uh, jeez…Here I was looking for you and now I cant talk…*coughs awkwardly as you lightly laugh * I was wondering if-if-*clears his throat and mentally scolds himself* If you would like to go on a date with me? That is-only if you want to. I won’t force you into anything. *smiles kindly *

Prompto: *You two are taking a walk together when he suddenly turns to you, smiling playfully* Hey~ \Your name\ Do you want to go to the bar later? Or how about we go see a movie together? *You lightly punch his shoulder, and scold him as to not flirt so casually* Heh! I know, I know, I’m a bad boy. I got the wanted poster to prove it. *winks playfully* But being serious, I do want to take you out on a date. If you’ll let me? *Has almost puppy eyes as he blushes at you*

Ignis: *You two are seated together, casually chatting.* //Your name// I was wondering, is there-anywhere you would like to go while we’re in town? I can take you there, dont hesitate to tell me. Etro knows you deserve it. Uh?! Why am I asking? Well, oh dear I’m making a mess of this aren’t I? Good thing Prompto isn’t here, I’d never hear the end of it. *Takes a deep breath and leans towards you.* I want to take you out on a date. Anywhere you like. Huh? You say a date is supposed to be a place both people enjoy? *Chuckles and smiles* In all honestly, anywhere with you is enjoyable.

Cor: Oi Pup! C'mere a second will you? *You leave behind whatever it was that you were doing and sigh in annoyence. Thinking you are to be scolded, again. Once you approuch him, he doesnt say anything. Merely looks you over expressionless, and finally then chuckles and smiles.* //Your name//, *You jolt as he addresses you by name* who gave you permission to grow up? One minute you’re a lost pup, and now-look at you. *He smiles and sighs* I’m not one to mince words, and I frankly dont care if people think of me spoiling you. They can take up that mess with me…So~ May I take you out on a date?

Regis: *Both of you are having tea at one of the palaces balconies. You have taken notice that during the entire conersation Regis has done his best tk avoid eye contact, and you finally ask him if somethings wrong. He sighs, and briefly looks you in the eye, his are a dusty red color* Yes, you can say something is wrong…and it is you. Now wait! You haven’t done anythinh wrong, it is I, myself, concerning you. //Your name// we’ve known eachother for a while now, and you have my respect, trust, and loyalty. Yet, I want to know you better. *Sighs* I want to take you out on a date, yet it isnt so simply. There’s my kingdom to consider, our status, not to mention my age and yet-I want to be selfish….

Cidney: *You’re underneath a car, working on it. The clicking of low heels on cement catch your attention, and you turn your head to see a pair of white boots heading to you. You smile and come out, seeing Cidney smiling down on you* You finished? Well even if you’re not, time for a break! *She helps you up and hands you a towel to wipe off any grease. As you head back to the office for a snack, chatting alongsides her a sudden wave of “Hello’s” and “How are you’s” are directed at you by a passing car. A wave of admirers, that you greet back happily and turn to see Cidney a little-jealious looking* I see, all those well wishers…Hmm? Guess it’s true what Papa always told me; Early bird catches the worm. *As you are about to ask what she’s talking about, she suddenly grabs you and looks at you almost sternly.* //Your name//, do you want to go on a date with me? I’m being serious! Dont give me that goofy grin! C-C'mon, what do you say? I mean, I’ll respect whatever decision you make.

Im really happy for people who dont understand.
I am so happy they dont know what it’s like to be drowning in pain.

But I hate that theyre so damn protected that they dont think we exist. I hate that they think talking shit about the things that help me keep going is okay. I hate that anyone is so f***ing pampered that they cant respect something that is so plainly about wanting to die.

How the f*** do you make fun of something about self harm or suicide?? F***ing ass hole f*** you

I hope you never feel the way we do but dear heaven do I hope you feel like shit when you find out someone you love does

Ass hole

The Stealing Edit Thing

So here I will show you that I didn’t stole anything and I really spend 4 fucking hours on that edit…And no one is coming from no where to tell me that I stole it because now im freaking mad and believe me you dont want to see me when I am mad…!

So please read what I will say hear..

Lets start with some basic details that show that they are different

Here is my first edit of the post:

Here is hers*im not going to tag her because if she really wants to solve this case and see if I really stole it she would have come to my blog and find my colorings and see the way I color so she can understand what going on something I believe she didnt done*

So I am going to show the differences here and then I will put some light on mine to see if those differences are still there

Number 1:



The shading is different and even if I put light on mine the shading is NOT going to be a shade of pink because hers its has the shade of pink and the shade is different even IF I have stole it I couldn’t change the shading in the way I have it now just try it

Number 2



The clothes!!Those epecially look at Mikasa’s scarf …when I colored it I used multiply she maybe used something else because multiply doesnt color the strokes

Number 3:

The shappering! I dont have shapering she has!

Number 4:

The size of the imagizes

Mine: Width:540 Height:156

Hers: Width:500 Height:150

Even if I resize them to the same Width then:(lets make mine with width 500*

Here are the results:

Lets make hers with size 540:


Number 6


Lets change mine:




I will leave the conclusions to you because I am fucking sick of that thing!!

Oh and here is the clue that I changed the brightness of mine

Now lets change her brightness:



And here is the settings



Lets start with the next images which are these:



I will do what I did to the previous:

Number 1:




So I forgot to color her month!I didnt color her eyes..Ans also their clothes

She did that!



Number 2:




Number 3:

Lets change the brightness again!

Mine before:


Here are the settings:

And lets do hers:



The settings:


Number 4:

The shading is totally different!

I am not going to put any other pictures of this lets move on image 3!



Number 1:\




She colored the jacket blue I color it grey..She put some more details on Mikasa’s skirt I DIDNT!

Number 2:

The shading again is different! look at her walls and look at mine!

The same goes for the faces!

Number 3

This will be the last because I am not going to continue this thing!

Lets change the brightness!! (my fav thing wow :p)

Mine before:















If she is reading this now here is my message for her:

After all of this if you still think I stole it  then tell me so I can block you because I am not a kind of person that is afraid to show the truth to the world or gives up and do what the others say! If I have right! I will do everything to prove it!Now You can shut your big mouth take done the post you done for me and leave me in peace..Thank you.

PS:I dont care about followers or notes..People will like me the way I am and with the work that I do!If you had MIND you would go to my blog and see how many edits I have done..but you didnt…

Thanks guys for reading this if you want to say something just leave a question! I would be happy to answer that!

**btw I only used brightness because she continuously kept saying that if we lower the brightness the edits are the sane*

*sorry for the language mistakes I was so pissed of I didnt know what I was writing*

Okay so, by what Im gathering of the ‘stay in your lane’ antis are supposed to be able to use the regular search system to enjoy their tag, but the shippers have to bend over backwards adding hashtags and slashes and all this nonsense and yet we STILL get shit on for 'all this crosstagging shippers are doing’ which is why we shouldnt complain or point out antis crosstagging since 'we’re worse and dont respect anti safe spaces’????? What?? Why do you get to just easily click on the regular tag but we have to add all this crap if we dont want to see your stuff? And STILL end up seeing it all because its in the tags. How is that fair? Why can’t you just keep our ship names out of yours posts. Smush the words together and add slashes and symbols to it like THE REST OF US HAVE TO DO to try and keep it out of your tag.

Im not saying everyone is perfect. Sometimes there are mistakes, or maybe someone isnt even aware of the tagging issue at all and so did it unknowingly. And sometimes, a HANDFUL (saying this because there are SOME. But they are few in number. Just so thats clear) of people are rude and just dont give a fuck. But im seeing the same antis posting in the ships tags on a regular basis after I KNOW they have been informed of the tag issue either because I made a point to comment myself and say 'hey, i respect how you feel but please try keeping these out of the ship tags cuz thats where theyre at’ or because someone else took a moment to point it out.

We are doing everything we POSSIBLY can to lessen our contact with you lot and it still is not enough.

I for one, am done. We tag appropriately and make damn sure our things dont end up in your tags a majority of the time. And you all cannot even be bothered to smush the word 'anti’ and 'ship name’ together. I mean it wont work but at least its an indication that youre TRYING not to crosstag. But you arent. I see it all the time. On ever post. The names are separated, sometimes the names are just stand alone anyway! So the age of appeasement is over. Im sick of bending over backwards to try and give antis the distance they want from shippers, tagging in crazy ways, avoiding certain words in posts. And they cant do even the SIMPLIST AMOUNT of effort to do the same.

Im done seeing people have to cater to antis like theyre royalty. Shippers are not your goddamn servants.

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hey can you help me with something pls?my aries sun, libra moon, aries mercury friend is mad at me cause apparently i was rude to her even tho she wont tell me when/how and she wont answer any of my texts and she told our mutual virgo friend to ignore my texts too even tho i did nothing to her and i dont know what to do im a cap sun, moon and mercury thanks!!!

Hmmm, that’s a very strange situation lol I’m not even sure what you could do. I mean, if someone wants you to leave them alone and if they make it clear, maybe you should respect their wishes and just carry on with your day. Your Aries friend obviously does not want to speak with you for whatever reason, and she’s not making herself available to talk, I really don’t know what’s left to try. Is your Virgo friend really ignoring you too? If so, I don’t think you should associate with those people anymore; they aren’t being communicative and they are being big babies by not telling you what’s going on, ehhhhh, it’s not worth the time imo

Am I

..the only girl that does not really care if a guy says cute things to me? like as long as you respect me and we can talk about things that have nothing to do with other people but about how or what is happening in the world or take me to you favorite spots or hiking make me do something with you that makes me see what makes you happy. thats what I want, i dont need you to write me cute texts, call me babe or what not. Just talk to me about things that anger you, make you happy or take me to places you cant explain with your words because you love it so much.

Positivity 101

So I want to become a positive person and, in order to celebrate a week and a half soon-to-be-two-weeks without any type of breakdown, I’ve decided to make a post about it.

First of all and most important thing: It’s hard and you won’t become positive overnight. It takes time, so don’t give up.

  • Sleep
  • Appreciate the beauty around you, from the lil flowers growing between the paving stones to people you see on the bus/train. Everything is so beautiful
  • Appreciate your own beauty. You too are a pretty flower
  • In the morning, listen to songs that make you feel good and confident
  • If you do something wrong, DONT WORRY! You will learn from that, think about how you can prevent that from happening again
  • Laugh at yourself if you do something embarrassing
  • Remove toxic people from your life
  • Hang out with people who make you feel good about yourself
  • Vent. If you dont have anyone to vent to, write down how you feel.
  • Crying is okay
  • Think about people who inspire you to be better and about how happy they would be to see you being all posi and happy too
  • Always. Remember. The. Ones. Who. Inspire. You. And. Make. You. Want. To. Be. Better.
  • Try to not get angry easily (if you do). If you have someone you argued with, try to make up with them
  • Smile
  • Do whatever makes you happy (as long as you respect other people)
  • Have hope
  • Dance, sing, move your body, shake those bad thoughts and vibes away
  • Try to look for a positive prespective.
  • If you have friends/relatives who are going through a bad time, try to be positive for them. They need it and you will feel better to help them
  • “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”
  • Keep Trying and Fighting and Dont. Give. Up.
Now i know im super late but it bugs me

How on earth are people going to send Vanoss’s girlfriend things like “He’s taken by Delirious” or “He’s belongs to Delirious” or even smut about them..

REALLY???!!!! SMUT?!! Do you know how it makes us look?! Like come on guys!

I ship H2oVanoss or Vanlirious Just the same as everybody else but if Evan has a girlfriend Have some fucking respect there is no way in hayhow that saying those things is ok

NO guys i know it sucks but Vanoss and Delirious Arnt going out no matter how you put it

HECK he doesnt even know what he looks like! NO ONE DOES!!

So if one of our “Fandoms” Has a freaking partner We treat them with respect and go on with our lifes

Do you know how weird it is to be shipped with somebody?! NO because were the one’s shipping them

It kinda gets weird as hell but they dont care about it there chill
But when we start spamming his girlfriend BullShit like that it kinda gives us a bad name

And mabey if you guys keep doing that they might stop being friends or stop playing games together

Now i dont want my Babies to be seperated by us IT SUCKS

So from now on i expect H2oVanoss shippers to HAVE SOME FUCKING RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE

you guys do know their HUMAN BEINGS right? So they have a fucking life


and have some respect plz peaps

…Thats all good day

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Hi, I just wanted to say that i really really really love your art. For me its like a present what you give. I (think I) know how much love and work you putting in your drawings and work. That makes me respect you so much ;-; you are the reason I keep refreshing the page (and maybe break it) to see if you have something new. I'm not so good at english or at motivating words... that's why I dont say much how much I love it. But I do.. I really do <3 You are doing a fantastic job! Part 1..

I can’t stop smiling while reading this ;-; wow what you said is a huge honor for me.. I’m so happy you feel in this way about my art and this is making me want to draw more;///; I still can’t believe it.. daaah I’m so happy thank you so much !!!!


this is purely my opinion and i am in no way forcing it on you if you don’t agree with a statement. however I’d like to hope for most of these all AROHA share common feelings

People always say “every fandom always has a couple of problematic fans”
 well I wish for AROHA to not be your typical fandom. I wish for AROHA to all be kinda, respectful, friendly, and polite! 

AROHA means love, and that’s what we should embody 

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thanks for linking that to me, but i actually already read it before you answered my ask. i can agree that whitewashing is bad, but you also have to take into consideration that pictures are the intellectual property of the photographer and by editing without their permission, you're not only disrespecting them but.. outright stealing, in a sense. i know admin matte is asian, but you also have to understand that asian society is colourist as a whole, not just these fansite masters (cont)

(cont) the fansite masters are not bad people. maybe they’re doing a bad thing, but it’s a product of society. and you can’t combat internalized colourism by stealing someone’s work and insulting them. this issue runs much deeper than that. and if you keep editing pictures without permissions, fansites will inevitably continue to close down.

You literally… went to me… the east/southeast asian admin… to tell me… how asian society works… wwwoooooowww 

Guess what society is made up of?? *GASP* Groups of people. 

These “fansite masters”, (you even put them on a pedestal already, dear lord) are people. Groups of people make up society. So, they are part of colorist society, so of course we would call them out on their actions??

I didn’t know that stalkers with luxury cameras can have intellectual property over another person’s skin color. (Especially when fansites can’t follow the guidelines set up by bighit and the news station security anyway…) Fansites, “having intellectual property” over a person’s skin color, “runs deeper than” editing photos.

Because the product of their behavior, fuels colorism. Because it has led to many fans and idols feeling guilty about their own skin color. Including taehyung, do you know how many times he had to apologize about himself tanning, right? 

Do you know that fansites are even whitewashing official bighit pictures, right? 

Do you know that taking pictures in concerts is not allowed, right? 

Do you know that there are already bts fansites that stalk the boys and followed them home, right?

You are, literally, asking us to stop disrespecting people… who don’t… respect other people… 

So if they are whitewashing, of course we want all of them to shut down.

Admin Matte

I hate “shippers” and their thirsts for shipping fanart but do not respect the people that draw it like i see fanart resposted from pixiv or others sites where the person clearly states they don t want their pictures reposted or reprinted in other sites… respect their wishes is not hard :/

if you wanna post stuff so bad do your own stuff or support the people that already post their artwork here i dont know how many times i have said this but im gonna keep saying it

Drawing takes a lot of effort no matter how silly it looks to you, just stop taking illusts from other sites like pixiv to upload them here for you to get useless notes ugh