how do you visor

Lena: Say it again before I have to leave.

Widowmaker: Hon hon alright cherié.

Widowmaker, in her seductive voice: “Omelette du fromage”

*Lena walks off, slight nosebleed, and flustered beyond all reasonable measure*

*Pharah approaches Widowmaker*

Pharah: Why do you say that to her, anyways?

Widowmaker: I dunno. I guess she really likes omlettes.

Pharah: Isn’t that weird, though? At least worth bringing up.

Widowmaker: Fine. And you should have to approach Zeigler about her little Devil outfit she wears when she “disciplines you” everyone once in a while.

Pharah, flustered: How do you-

Widowmaker: The visor. It’s amazing what you’ll see when you swing around town seeing through walls.

Pharah: …

Widowmaker: …

Pharah: Alright then. I’m done here.

Widowmaker: Mhmm.