how do you use filters

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How do you use the oil paint tool? Thanks!

its actually a filter! it’s only available in photoshop cs6 and 2015.5 i think? i have photoshop cs6 so..but if you have it here is where to find it;

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What camera do you use and how do you edit them? Also, do you use VSCO? If so what filters and editing options do you use? Love your pictures!

Thanks so much! I use an Olympus Pen E-P5 and I use VSCO to edit everything, my favorite filters are the A’s & C’s. & KK1

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Your photos are absolutely stunning, and I love how subtle the editing is. What Lightroom filter do you use?

Hey thanks! Oh my gosh I use so many presets but I tweak them SO much I use @ourgoodadventure presets and I have VSCO pack 05 and will use Afga Vista and Kodak Ektar mostly. I hope that helps!


Makoto Kino appreciation post on this Makoto Kino appreciation blog in my Makoto Kino appreciation existence.


SERIOUSLY, @staff?

Someone told me #lesbian had been blocked because porn came up in searches using it. I couldn’t believe it, so I checked, going through all the words in the acronym.

Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual. Great, all there.

No Lesbian. Gone.

I’m an older lesbian and I cannot BEGIN to tell you how pissed off this makes me. We have been dealing with lesbian invisibility for decades, and now you erase this part of the community? This is WRONG.

Lesbian is not a dirty word. Lesbian is not NSFW. And young lesbians need to find their community, and you’ve just fucked that up. 

Lesbians EXIST. Do not erase us because you haven’t figured out how to filter out the porn that uses the tag. 

Especially considering that that it’s still so easy to find pedophilia sites.


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I adore your Instagram feed. How do you make it so perfect.. what apps and filters do you use?

I just use VSCOcam! I use the A6 filter on my photos, it makes it look pretty cohesive

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How did you do the pink manga filter?

It’s super easy! I used a tutorial online but I’ll explain it so it’s on tumblr!

First, you need a manga cap! Let’s use this:

Now, what I use is gimp. You can find it online here!

So now your image is open in gimp. (File > Open)

Now go to Image > Mode, and make sure it’s set to RGB!

Now go to Colors > Colorize !

As you can see here, it’s this weird bright blue thing which we don’t want. So we gotta play with the settings!

I turned off the preview for no real reason, but if it’s checked, you should see a bit in the background! Set the hue to whatever you want 330 is good for pink), but no matter what, set the saturation to 100 and the lightness to 75! Then hit okay!

Now Juzo and Takumi are pretty and pink! Now we have to get the photo out of the program. Go to File > Export As (Don’t do save as, it won’t work)

Make sure you select “file type by extension”, name your picture, and save it as .png (You do this by putting .png at the end of the name)

When you go to save, you’ll get a window like this, just hit Export.

And we’re done! Hope this helped, nonnie!