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No, Don’t Kiss! (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Requested: YES!

Plot: Reader and Seb had been together for years, until they go their separate ways, however, the reader’s nephews miss Seb and help get them back together

A/N: Sorry for the wait, but please enjoy and feel free to request! I also got super carried away so it’s a little long

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It was your sister’s son’s birthday party, he was turning the big 13, he was a teen now, great. 

“Hey big guy, happy birthday! I got you this gift, and I promise to take you out later, somewhere fun, but don’t tell your mom.” You told your nephew.

He shook the box, “Is this a game? You know I’ve been wanting this game and mom won’t buy it for me, if you got it, I will love you forever!” He exclaimed.

“I mean, I guess you just have to wait until you open your gifts.” You winked, giving him a hug before making your way around to say hi to relatives and family friends.

“(YN)! I missed you!” Your younger nephew called out.

“There you are! You’ve gotten so big, if you keep growing one day I won’t be able to pick you up!” You laughed.

“No, you always pick me up, you can’t just stop out of nowhere!” He laughed.

“Ok, but then I’m going to get old and you’re going to be so much bigger and stronger than me.” You replied.

“Well when you get old, Seb can pick me up! Where is he? He always brings me presents.” He laughed.

“Um, Seb has work, so he won’t be coming today, plus, it’s your brother’s birthday, not yours silly.” You smiled.

He groaned, jumping from you arms and running away. Leaving you standing there awkwardly, catching the eyes of your sister, who was sending you a sad smile.

“My kids, they’re like us, they have no filter. How are you doing?” She smiled, leading you to the kitchen. 

You went on to tell her you had your good days and bad days, but you really did miss him, you just couldn’t blame him for working and living his dreams.

Weeks passed after the party, now months that you hadn’t seen Sebastian, or even received a text from him, which was odd, three years together and five years of friendship made the break up hurt even more. 

The more time you spent moping around, the sadder you got, looking at the pictures of you two together, even with your family. A whole new wave of tears, your family loved him, your nephews adored him, it had been months, close to a year, since they had seen Sebastian. 

At every single function your nephews would ask about Sebastian, your heart breaking a little bit more every time their eyes filled with tears when you told them Sebastian wasn’t going to show up.

“The boys want you to come over.” Your sister stated over the phone.

“What for? I saw them last weekend, I’m cool, but not that cool.” You replied.

“To…” you heard whispering, “to come eat dinner.” 

“It’s 2 in the afternoon.”

More whispering, “To come play the games you bought them and make dessert with them, you are their favorite.” 

“Something weird is going on, you sound like a robot.” You replied.

“JUST COME, SEE YOU IN 30 MINUTES!” Your nephews yelled into the phone.

So 30 minutes, later you were standing on the doorstep of your sister’s house with cookie dough and frosting. 

The door opened, revealing your sister and loud laughter from your nephews, “Come in.”

“What’s up with you? You were acting weird over the phone.” You asked, setting your things down and heading to the kitchen.

“Just go, they started without you, and sorry.” She said before zooming up the stairs.

“Hey guys, your mom is letting you bake with no adu- Sebastian, what are you doing here?” You gasped.

“(Y/N), I- Hi.” Sebastian smiled.

“I thought you were filming in Canada, at least that’s what I remember your calendar saying.” You mumbled.

“Yeah, um, I got a break for a few weeks, then the boys invited me, and I really missed them so I came.” He explained.

“Yeah, they do miss you.” You whispered with a sad smile.

“Go talk, we haven’t started anything yet. Go, get out of here.” Your oldest nephew rambled.

As soon, as the both of you were in the living room, he began talking. You talked for hours and hours, apologizing and forgiving with tears. 

“Now kiss!”

“No, don’t kiss! That’s gross.” 

“Just get back together, so we can make our cookies and cupcakes.”

Sebastian placed his hands on your cheeks, pulling you in for a kiss that fixed everything. 

“Let’s go work on those cookies.” He smiled. 


Makoto Kino appreciation post on this Makoto Kino appreciation blog in my Makoto Kino appreciation existence.


My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

John 15: 12-13

I discovered that deviantart muro has filters.


SERIOUSLY, @staff?

Someone told me #lesbian had been blocked because porn came up in searches using it. I couldn’t believe it, so I checked, going through all the words in the acronym.

Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual. Great, all there.

No Lesbian. Gone.

I’m an older lesbian and I cannot BEGIN to tell you how pissed off this makes me. We have been dealing with lesbian invisibility for decades, and now you erase this part of the community? This is WRONG.

Lesbian is not a dirty word. Lesbian is not NSFW. And young lesbians need to find their community, and you’ve just fucked that up. 

Lesbians EXIST. Do not erase us because you haven’t figured out how to filter out the porn that uses the tag. 

Especially considering that that it’s still so easy to find pedophilia sites.


anonymous asked:

I adore your Instagram feed. How do you make it so perfect.. what apps and filters do you use?

I just use VSCOcam! I use the A6 filter on my photos, it makes it look pretty cohesive

anonymous asked:

How did you do the pink manga filter?

It’s super easy! I used a tutorial online but I’ll explain it so it’s on tumblr!

First, you need a manga cap! Let’s use this:

Now, what I use is gimp. You can find it online here!

So now your image is open in gimp. (File > Open)

Now go to Image > Mode, and make sure it’s set to RGB!

Now go to Colors > Colorize !

As you can see here, it’s this weird bright blue thing which we don’t want. So we gotta play with the settings!

I turned off the preview for no real reason, but if it’s checked, you should see a bit in the background! Set the hue to whatever you want 330 is good for pink), but no matter what, set the saturation to 100 and the lightness to 75! Then hit okay!

Now Juzo and Takumi are pretty and pink! Now we have to get the photo out of the program. Go to File > Export As (Don’t do save as, it won’t work)

Make sure you select “file type by extension”, name your picture, and save it as .png (You do this by putting .png at the end of the name)

When you go to save, you’ll get a window like this, just hit Export.

And we’re done! Hope this helped, nonnie!


Part 1 of 3 | Meeting some of the USWNT. 

Little story: Before Buehler took a picture with me I heard her talking to another fan about their poster, and how she can get those “cool” photos. She said, “Do you guys use filter? How can I get one of those pictures of me?” It was adorable. Julie was sooo nice! She seemed so happy signing & taking picture. She had the biggest smile on her face the whole time.   Arod’s family are huge 49ers fan. Well just guessing cuz her sister was wearing a niners jacket & her husband a niners hat. But that’s so cool! #QuestforSix. And of course syd was very nice. Too bad the sun photobomb the picture… oh and someones grandma…