how do you two exist

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jokes on u I don't believe in hell so all of ur fearmongering about a religion I don't even believe in is a hilariously empty threat. oh hell whatcha gonna tell me next, im gonna get smote? beautiful

Haha. Okay. Have you ever seen the flesh of your brain? The two hemispheres? Than how do you know it exists. A doctor? A teacher?
Well God is beyond a doctor or a teacher, He is Creator.
So when Jesus, God, says be fearful of Hell.
You either say yes or no.
I believe or I don’t
So you are in the no camp.
But don’t call me a fool, if I’m right.

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Hey Doctor Buggs! Feel free to not answer this, I just wanna let you know, as a fellow gay, bug loving kpop fan, you are my DUDE!! I seriously look forward to supporting whatever awesome new thing you bring us next! Thanks for being you!!!

How!?? How do you exist?? How are there two of us??? Why don’t I know you? Maybe you have to remain anonymous because otherwise us knowing each other would create a paradox and the universe would collapse in on itself! Yeah…that’s it…I’m gonna keep telling myself that because I know that asking anons to de-anonymize is futile.

I know my place! I’m just gonna stand over here and wave