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For the archangels (except maybe Lucifer because I'm not sure if he's in the ebst place to answer questions right now): I'm not sure if my timeline is completely off, but when you were all fledglings, Amara was still around, right? Or at least for a few of you (I'm sure Chuck didn't give the mark to fledgling!Lucifer). So, my question is, for those of you who remember, did she play any kind of role in your upbringing? Or did she stay away from all of you?

“Auntie Amara?  Helping with our upbringing?”  Gabriel giggles.  It’s a high, uncontrolled sound with hints of hysteria.

“Ignore him, friend.  He was too young to remember the earliest days.”  Raphael shakes his head, and fondly pats his younger brother on the shoulder.  “No, our Father kept us hidden from His Sister while we were still too young to fight.  She had consumed every one of His creations, so He fled Her presence–not an easy feat for the source of all Light in existence.”

“Do you think Dad had to, like, wear a ski mask or something?” Gabriel asks, still laughing.  “And what about Luci?  I mean, he was the Morningstar!  The brightest of us all!  Did Dad roll him in mud until the Lightbringer learned to control his light-bringing?”

Please tell Gabriel that he is an idiot, Michael whispers from Heaven.

“Michael says you’re an idiot,” Raphael relays with a small smile.

Gabriel wipes the tears from his face and scowls at the sky.  “I can hear you, Mickey!  And it’s a legit question.  People want to know–how do you hide the two brightest beings ever to exist from the Darkness?”

They both hear their oldest brother’s long-suffering sigh.  Father is the Creator of all things, Gabriel.  Where do you think you learned to create pocket-universes?  Or did you think you invented the concept yourself?

Gabriel raises his middle finger toward Heaven.  “Oh, quit being so literal!  I know how Dad kept us hidden–I was joking, you humorless old–”

Raphael’s wing flared out, smacking Gabriel in the face and knocking him onto his ass.  He stares down into the Messenger’s surprised eyes.  “If you think you are young enough to call Michael ‘old,’ then you are young enough for me to put down for a nap.”

Michael’s laughter rolls like thunder through the sky.

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Hello, I am curious to know your take on chemistry between two people. How do you know it exists?

It always has to do with the eyes. It has to do with the way they look at each other. There’s this sense of compatibility, but that’s not it, quite. It’s usually something which needs no words; it’s either there or it’s not at all. To me, chemistry has to do with looking at someone in the very eyes and in that moment, they somehow float in your gaze and you sense that, and they look back at you and it’s the sort of looking which makes you hold your breath a little and randomly feel nervous yet never really cease being impulsive and playful around them. And it’s that sort of…magnetism between two human beings which stands out. It’s not “proper” and it’s not “clean” and yet…sigh. Anyway, you might be Angelina Jolie and still don’t click with Brad Pitt, you know? And you might be Angelina Jolie and indeed click with Brad Pitt because something fuels a certain sense of undefinable excitement between both of you. You become aware of their presence in a room full of other people and they also become aware of your presence and then the eyes do the talking & boom chemistry. What I’m saying is: two pretty people can be gorgeous looking and they might still give you the impression of not connecting. Chemistry has to do with all the little, either specific or vague ways, you’ll feel connected to a certain other. Actually, imo, chemistry isn’t even purely sexual or romantic at all, to be honest. I don’t know if I’m making sense (naturally).

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Hey Doctor Buggs! Feel free to not answer this, I just wanna let you know, as a fellow gay, bug loving kpop fan, you are my DUDE!! I seriously look forward to supporting whatever awesome new thing you bring us next! Thanks for being you!!!

How!?? How do you exist?? How are there two of us??? Why don’t I know you? Maybe you have to remain anonymous because otherwise us knowing each other would create a paradox and the universe would collapse in on itself! Yeah…that’s it…I’m gonna keep telling myself that because I know that asking anons to de-anonymize is futile.

I know my place! I’m just gonna stand over here and wave