how do you traditional art

I’m more of a Callie kind of guy to be honest but Marie in the new trailer got my mind going crazy. Here’s my little idea about what she’ll look like. 

i ADORE newtina ok

How I make a Schmaltz page

Some people ask me, how are you able to draw this and that when it’s traditional art? How do you make it look so good? How can I make comics without the means of digitial software? Well strap right in as I share my secrets!

Format and storyboard wise, try to use different angles/close ups in each panel. There’s a whole lot when it comes to designing a comic format, but really it’s all just cinematic. 

I use lots of gray tone markers from the lightest cool grey to the warmest dark grey. And for spots that do have color I use brush markers/copic markers. Most of my grey tone markers are able to be layered in a way when drying so then the more I color, the darker it gets, to make shading. I use 0.5 pens on thick 9x6 inch paper. Here is the page when it’s done

Grey and black and white with a splash of color on key areas like Irdial’s marigolds or the horn used to honk at Irving and his colorful orange hair. This is just my style and you can color your comic any way you like. I don’t have a scanner, so what I do is put as much light on the draw, try not to make darker areas where the light doesn’t fully shine, and take a picture of my works. The next thing I do is make the entire colors of the page looks either red/warm or bluish/cool is tone. I do this by putting a filter  balancing the colors and make them all lean towards warm tones. The result:

Now everythings so warm and cozy. But, the bottom seems to look lighter than the top. This happens when a light is direct from a certain angle so it wouldnt light the whole drawing equally. This is fixed by multiplying the image on, change the opacity try to make each section; top, middle, and bottom have an equal level of brightness. I also edit out coloring mistakes or smears of ink, and make the words more legible.

Just look at the difference!

There are youngsters who want to get serious with art and comic but may not have all the resources. Well one thing youve all learned is that I dont have a scanner but I still managed by 1. Having a good light when taking a pic..and 2. sometimes filters make it look nicer.

The drawing in the upper right is the only one with a filter, makes it more blue. The other two were left as is. Photo editing apps are good too, the one I use is Pixlr for ios.

Whelp, that’s all I got for now, hope any of this info was interesting and helpful!

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1C Helderson for @florakinesis <3 I realized I forget to ask which era so assumed you meant the little ones X) (hehehe cuz they’re so cuuute) sorry again for taking so long >< but it’s finally here, I hope you like how it turned out!! 

Local superhero enjoys a snack on a rooftop.

(Local artist, meanwhile, doesn’t like doing backgrounds.)

Not pictured: super cool Reed Richards-esque powers.

Superhero name: Anura

(I also considered Amphibian and Bufo but Anura won out. It’s an order of amphibians that includes frogs and toads.)

@withoutmyguiltandmyhair ‘s OC. I hope I did them justice!!

Send me an OC and I’ll draw their superhero design!

anonymous asked:

Hi! How are you? Listen..Your my favorite artist, I only wanted to ask you some opinions.. I'm an artist, but I'm at the beginning of socials. What do you think about traditional art? How you scan your sketch-paper? tips to draw better? Thank you

Hi, Anon!! Thank you so much ;o;

I love traditional art, it’s my favorite cause I really love the feeling of pencil/pen on paper <3 Since I’ve drawn traditionally way longer than digitally, it feels much more personal to me.

I scan using an old HP scanner/printer that I have on my desk! I’ve used it since forever and it’s never disappointed me <3

As for tips on drawing…… I dunno, but what I’ve been doing, myself, is drawing a LOT more than I was drawing and practicing everything I have trouble with, and I think that’s the only way to get better :( Drawing requires so much practice, patience and persistence, it’s tiring just thinking about it lol - but if you enjoy doing it, you just keep going.

My life lately is a struggle between work, driving lessons and my shitty mental health, but at least I have more opportunities to use actual sketchbooks. And I dont draw Sirin enough! So here you are, shy scarf-hoarding elf.

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Hi Yoongi! How'd you become a witch? Was it something you knew all along? Or found out later?

Yoongi: Well, It’s something I found later! Storytime !
When I was younger i loved to read all sorts of magic books but everyone said magic wasn’t real. I thought “ Something as magnific as this can’t be fiction! Magic is real! “. And I started searching and searching until i knew about witchcraft and this wonderful world!! As I got more and more into it the magic happened and soon I was a Witch!! 

Yoongi: For me, everyone has a little piece of magic inside and they decide whetever use it or not!! Everyone can be a witch !