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Serious question* Any productivity tips? And motivational quotes. And what is your motto? What is your best advice to us, seedlings? (^-^)

I love how you feel the need to put a ‘Serious question’ to this, so I answer it properly 

Anyway, I’m usually not a very productive person myself, but I think what’s best to be at least a bit productive is to set yourself a schedule and be like “I’ll draw an hour now!” and then actually do it. Also breaks are super important!!!!!! Drinking is is as well! I think taking care of yourself is also making you more productive as it makes you feel better. My motto usually is “Do as much as you can.” I always think it’s important to not push yourself too much, cause then you’re not productive anymore, you turn frustrated. Like the only thing you should actually push yourself to is to sit down, close Tumblr and just start. But everyone is different with these things so of course I can only speak for myself here. 

Irritating Things About the Signs
  • Aries: they never tell you how they actually feel
  • Taurus: you can never tell what they're thinking
  • Gemini: they apologize too much
  • Cancer: they cry constantly about nothing
  • Leo: they manslain like nobody's business
  • Virgo: they're either happy or mad, never just in the middle
  • Libra: loves to complain but doesn't do anything about their problems
  • Scorpio: never texts you first
  • Sagittarius: makes bad decisions and then gets mad for being punished for them
  • Capricorn: they are competitive about everything
  • Aquarius: they tune you out when you're talking to them
  • Pisces: they never follow your advice
60 Tips for IB - from a 45 pointer

A lot of people have been asking me about general tips for surviving IB and how I got 45 points. If I’m honest I think the difference between 40 and 45 points is just pure, dumb luck, but at least here are some tips to getting up to the 40 -points level :D

This is a list of tips my friend and I wrote right after our IB exams. We were feeling quite high at the moment, so I had to edit some of the tips so you could actually take the advice seriously…


2. Don’t do “homework” at home!!!

3. Find a study buddy

4. Proceed to ignore everyone but your study buddy

5. Not your dog though

6. Escape from your family / responsibilities (e.g. do your homework abroad, in someone else’s basement, coffee shops, libraries, group rooms at school, sneak into university study halls etcetc. The possibilities are endless)

7. Set yourself a time limit for doing the TOK Essay. (Don’t do it two weekends in a row, you will go crazy)

8. Don’t attempt to finish the EE in one day

9. Remind your science teacher about the IA. It’s for your own good.

10. Whether it’s 5am or 2am, figure out when you work best and stick to it.

11. Don’t think you’ll learn stuff in class. Seriously. Read the books instead, and use classes as revision / sleep time / relaxing time.

12. Mark schemes will be your best teacher. 

13. Write syllabus notes FROM THE VERY START.

14. You won’t understand TOK but at least try to have fun with it.

15. Don’t forget about CAS, but don’t spend too much time on it either.

16. Install “StayFocusd” but don’t go nuclear option for a week

17. Memorize the opening hours of the public study areas in your vicinity 

18. Listen to Christmas music if you’re sad

19. Get a whiteboard for revision

20. Physics students: buy the Tsokos revision guide

21. Chemistry students: YouTube Richard Thornley 

22. Biology students: YouTube Alex Lee

23. Read the language books during the summer

24. Don’t give a fuck about English B…but TAKE ENGLISH B IF YOU CAN

25. Don’t choose science as your EE subject (unless you have a super smart and helpful and amazing supervisor)

26. Love your teachers, see them as your friend. They’re adorable.

27. Love yourself too

28. Making a plan (without necessarily following it) will help calm you down

29. 8tracks have amazing playlists

30. Dictionaries are cool

31. is cooler

32. Watch TV shows all year round to get your mind off things, just not season finales right before the exams

33. Cry it out

34. Shout it out

35. Drink it out

36. Just don’t get too drunk or violent that’s bad

37. Your nerdy classmates are your friends and teachers

38. Bring coffee / tea to school, if you make it to school

39. It’s OK to skip school for school

40. Waste money on school shit, you’ll earn it back in the future

41. If you can afford it, go to Lanterna summer course. You might get friends from other countries who’ll be able to help you throughout the year, by exchanging resources etc.

42. Make puns about nerdy stuff (like, about life, the universe and everything)

43. Be proud of being a nerd, everyone knows it already

44. EAT

45. SLEEP (sometimes it’s worth skipping school for)

46. Some teachers are nice about students sleeping in class

47. Concentrate when doing IA experiments though, take notes, or even better: film it

48. By the way, FILMING can reduce a lot of errors in science experiments. Write that as an improvement in your evaluation part!!

49. Question banks can be found, if you know where to look

50. Don’t care about other people’s grades

51. Don’t care too much about your own grades either. You’ll survive either way. Calm down. “Chillax”. 

52. Don’t do TOK presentation alone.

53. WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER (uni will be a piece of cake for you. also u can puke out a 4-paged-essay, proof-read and everything, in less than an hour, handwritten. amazing)

54. IB therefore I BS

55. Decorate your wall with IB gems

56. You’ll learn a lot from teaching others / making up games / doing past papers. Don’t just read books and highlight. Don’t just listen to the teachers. You won’t remember shit that way.


58. You’re allowed to protest sometimes

59. Don’t think too much about TOK / the uncertainty principle / relativity / astrophysics / DNA / nihilist bullshit from the language books. Stick to your reality and be happy. Have fun. Enjoy life. Stop giving so much fucks. Lower your expectations. (I honestly spent IB preparing to fail and start a bakery or something. Life is full of pleasant surprises that way)

60. Your Non-IB friends will laugh at you. Your siblings will laugh at you. Your teachers will laugh at you. You will laugh at you. But it’s okay, 2 years will be over in a flash ^^

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How do you deal with stories that stop half-formed? Do you go back to them later and try to finish, or do you let them die a respectable death? I'm the queen of half stories - I must have hundreds lying around. Just wanted to know if you think they're worth trying to resurrect.

oh gosh, I know this feeling all too well, my folder is full of almost a hundred half finished stories so I think I can offer a little advice here!

I think my biggest piece of advice is this:

do not delete / throw out your half finished stories.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many stories I wrote and then gave up on, left for weeks, deleted and then got inspiration for suddenly only to find I had deleted it and had no way to recover it. It’s one of the most frustrating things to go through when it comes to writing.

Now onto the actual question: dealing with ‘em. inspiration comes from the weirdest of places so even if you decide to leave them to rot you might always find something that sparks another idea for that story you started nine months ago, wrote four chapters for and then abandoned.

Something had to inspire the story in the first place. If you’re struggling to find inspiration to keep writing it’s always worth going back to what first inspired it and seeing if it helps.

If it’s the case of just starting a story and losing muse for it before hopping onto another and then repeating this over and over, inspiration may not be the problem. What I do here is keep a list of all of the stories I write- half of the notes on my list don’t even have full plots but that doesn’t matter.

When you have free time or feel like writing but you don’t want to work on that new story you just started you can go back and read over the list. It’ll have all your ideas in one place and the best part is, you don’t have to start from scratch, you already have part of the story written! Choose the one that sticks out to you the most and write as much as you want to on it. Bravo, you’ve started working on that abandoned story again!

Writing is weird. You can only have inspiration to write one story for a month, have it all planned out with detailed scenes and a decent plotline and then dump it one day and never want to touch it again. Whatever, it happens and if you really don’t ever go back to them you can let them die. In my opinion and experience though, you’ll probably go back to it in your own time for some reason or other.

td;lr keep your stories. usually they’re never really dead, just dormant. if you really liked the story and you think it’s worth finishing you’ll go back to it eventually. if you never do back to it and you really do think it’s just dead, keep it safe because you never know. it’s always worth trying to resurrect your stories.

- percy (if any other mod wants to throw in their two cents, please do)

When you ask a second grader for advice...

So I’m trying to write my actual novel, and I’m stuck. No inspiration, no ideas, nothing, I’ve been writing the same chapter for almost three weeks now. My youngest daughter walks in as I’m writing and I tell her how Mommy feels like her story is so boring. 

Me: Do you have any ideas on what to do next in my story so it will be fun to read?

Daughter: Hmmm…let me think…oh, I know! How about an emu stampede?!

Me: A what?

Daughter: An emu stampede! A million emus have escaped from the zoo, and  everyone has to run away, and there’s chaos EVERYWHERE!

So, I’m adding in an emu stampede in my romance novel. I think it’s a win, lol.

A little advice for self-dxed autistics–when you’re doubting yourself and worrying you’re actually a Fake Autistic, as we all sometimes do, go back and play connect the dots.
Revisit all the things that led you to conclude you’re autistic in the first place.
Think about those memories that make a lot more sense in light of realizing you’re autistic.
Look up lists of autistic traits (including “atypical” ones!) and see how many you identify with. You can even copy and paste those that apply to you into a word document to see how the evidence piles up, and remember we’re all different and no individual identifies with every possible trait.
Also, I believe you. 💜

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do you have any advice for someone that said something they shouldn't have and can't mentally move on from it because of how embarrassed and uncomfortable she is about it, even though someone else was able to handle it?

Every time something like that pops into my head, I run this script:

“Don’t think about that, it happened and it’s past and it’s over and you can’t change it now.”

Then I deliberately change the subject to something innocuous (for me it’s my cat, my child, my husband, or my guinea pigs – you want your go-to subject to be something that makes you happy).

Since the other person has moved on, I might modify the script to “Don’t think about that, it’s finished and you can’t change it and anyhow you’re forgiven and ___ obviously doesn’t hate you. Chill.”

Good luck!


Best Friend Starters
  • "Want to go somewhere?"
  • "Wait. Wait. You did what now?"
  • "Hey. How's it going?"
  • "I am sooooo bored."
  • "Yeah. Yeah, we could do that. Or we could sit around and do nothing."
  • "What fresh hell did you get me into?"
  • "When's the last time you bathed?"
  • "Got anything to eat?"
  • "What did I tell you about touching my stuff?"
  • "You're dating my ex?"
  • "Please tell me you have coffee."
  • "How do I look?"
  • "Let me give you some advice..."
  • "Drink up."
  • "You look ridiculous."
  • "I'm not going and you can't make me."
  • "What do you think I should wear?"
  • "Screw them. They don't know what they're missing."
  • "Can we not actually do this?"
  • "Pizza?"
  • "Is anyone else coming?"
  • "I'll walk with you."
  • "You look like you need a hug."
  • "Forget about 'em. You're better off."
  • "Pain gets better with time and alcohol."
  • "You need me to kick their ass?"
  • "Don't leave me hanging."
  • "Did you see that?"
  • "I leave no one behind."
  • "I don't suppose you have any idea what to do now..."
  • "Tea? Scone?"
  • "Stop being so melodramatic."
  • "I'm here for you."
  • "Give me five minutes."
  • "Why do I even hang out with you?"
  • "You know I would do anything for you, right?"
  • "Maybe you should cut down on the booze."
  • "That has got 'nope' written all over it."
  • "What's the worst that could happen?"

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Is writing still relevant? I'm thinking about going ham on a story that's been in my brain for over 5 years but you know... I've been thinking is writing even relevant i mean obviously people read but like there's sooooo many people trying to make it big but how many of those people actually get there book out there idk I'm so lost in thought what do you think?


I definitely understand where you’re coming from. In today’s society the arts are given great importance in concept, but little to no importance in action – jobs in the arts are hard to obtain, and it often requires a fair amount of luck to stumble into one no matter how talented or skilled you are. People with dreams to pursue the arts professionally – as writers, artists, dancers, musicians – are often given sympathetic looks and asked, “What’s your backup plan?”. It’s hard to keep believing in yourself and your talent/passion when “You’ll never make it!” is coming from all directions. However, I personally don’t think this makes writing – or any of the other arts – irrelevant, for a couple of different reasons.

1. You’re right in that people still read – that means there’s still a big demand for books, and as old authors die or put out new novels less often, the stage opens for new authors to break through. It may seem difficult for writers to break through, and it is, but not quite as difficult as all those warnings that you need to “have a backup plan” want you to think. It takes time and hard work, and yes, you might face rejection, but the key is staying persistent and not taking rejection to heart. A few examples: J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series was rejected time after time (I believe 12 publishers declined it before it was accepted for publication); Chicken Soup For The Soul (not everyone’s cup of tea, but inarguably a public favorite, and now a multimillion dollar industry) was rejected 33 consecutive times; Stephen King himself had his first novel (also the novel that was his springboard to the best-seller’s list), Carrie, rejected 30 times. Persistence is neccessary to make it in any department of the arts, so don’t give up, and continue to sharpen your skills.

2. More importantly, is writing relevant to you? The only thing that matters about creating is that you like what you’re doing – getting published is great, but if you don’t like the stories coming out of your pen, writing professionally will be just as bad as a 9-5 job in an office cubicle. The inverse is true as well: you might be working as a cashier in HEB so that you can stay caught up on the rent, you might have a cruddy car that needs repairs you can’t afford, but if you still write when you can, and if you still enjoy writing, it will be so worth it when you break through.
Art in its purest form always has been and always be for its creator rather than its audience. An artist is a person on a stage in an empty auditorium, talking or singing to himself or just sitting there and painting – people may stumble into the auditorium, like what they see and stay, but even if his audience grows to thousands or even millions of people, the artist still creates for himself, as if the audience wasn’t there. I’m not saying that people who submit their work for publication are in it for the money and aren’t artists – I want to submit my work to a publisher in the future. However, I personally want to do so because writing fulfills me, and I want to spend as much time writing as possible – I know a job takes up a lot of time, so I want to make writing my job. Money isn’t my reason for wanting to write for a living – spending as much time writing as possible is, and speaking to people through my writing.
An example: Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes series, grew to loathe Holmes, because he felt that Holmes took attention away from his historical works (which he considered to be his “real writing”). After he “killed” Holmes, people begged him to bring Holmes back, and he refused – until people started flashing money. Doyle revived Holmes and continued to write Sherlock stories, but they made him miserable.

The foundation of my long lecture is this: if writing pleases you, and if that story’s been in your head for 5 years and it still won’t leave you alone, write it! Even if it sits in a drawer for years before it sees the sun again, if it benefits you to write it, it’s worth it.

Hope this helps! Please, keep writing.

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Hi Mamapeño!!! I absolutely LOVE your writing!!! I was wondering if I could ask you a question. Do you have any tips for someone who is nervous to actually put their works out there for others to see? Thank you!!!

Hey sweetie! Thank you so much!! ^^

Ummm. Hm. I could try and give some advice!
First of all, I think most people that post their writing to be read by others are nervous to do so! It’s natural. I think it’s best to have a good understanding of how you react to certain things? There’s a difference between posting to an online writing community where you can receive constructive feedback such as, “it would be nice if you elaborated on this part here” “this simile doesn’t fit well” “this plot is imaginative but id like to see more of the characters internal dialogue” etc and then stuff you get on sites like AO3 and Tumblr at times like “your writing sucks.”

So just be aware that while it’s a slim chance, there is a possibility of receiving feedback like that? I don’t want it to kill your creativity. And until you’re in a good place mentally with your work, I’d choose carefully which pond you decide to dip your toes in.

I don’t want to scare you too much, though. In the end, the positive comments and feedback you get from readers makes it so worth it all! It’s honestly an amazing experience and you should go for it even if you’re nervous! If you really enjoy writing and want to continue with it, you won’t be regretful! And you also have me rooting for you! 💕 I wish you the best of luck! ^^

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I asked a question a while ago about moving while autistic and I think you might not have gotten it? It's fine if you didn't and don't want to answer that's cool I just wanted to try again in case. Anyway. How do you handle as an autistic person moving? I don't know how to move house and I have to do so soon and I am incredibly anxious and just wondering if you had advice?

hello! sorry for taking a little while to get to you- i do remember seeing the initial ask but i cant find it now! 

I think moving for me was a little different than it might be for others because i was unhappy growing up in the house i was in. i grew up in a house with my mum and it was very negative + pretty bleak + we never liked it + a /lot/ of bad stuff happened in that house. when i chose to go to uni it was 40% pursuing a life and 60% escaping that house! the need to be out of that house motivated me to work hard to get into uni! 

so when i first moved out of my mum’s house and into uni accommodation i was genuinely nothing but relieved! i was so so so glad and i was so comfortable in my new home (i had a tiny studio flat by myself) (i’ll have it again next year!!!!!!!! happy megs) that i didn’t really feel the impact of moving.

however (and hopefully this is where i can help you a bit) last summer my mum then moved into a new house and that was a bit tricky. i think we were all really really glad and relieved to see the end of living there but i found the process of moving really really stressful! I think i actually got burnt out for a lot of the summer which is why my health is so precarious this year. 

I struggled a lot with the late nights of moving back and forth between the two houses + my mum would always leave me at home with the painters/plumbers/electricians etc and that was a nightmare, too. Im unsure what kind of stuff you’ll have to deal with but i have some small general advice!

  1. Packing: (I actually love packing) I always view packing as a chance to be ruthless and minimalise my belongings (which always makes me feel better about literally everything). I pack the things I don’t need first e.g. clothes i’m not currently wearing, books, knick kacks + ornaments etc + as i pack i also consider whether i still need what im holding! I think about whether it has sentimental value or whether I would miss it etc and act accordingly! (you dont have to throw anything out if you dont want to i just find it really nice + moving house is a good opportunity to be ruthless). Pack each book with a specific category in mind so labelling and unpacking is easy- e.g. “megan, books, bedroom” + then only pack books into it! (when i moved house i literally had a box that got labelled “megan, halloween”). 
  2. Routine: although moving house can be a bit all over the place, i ended up becoming really dependant on still having some kind of routine in place. e.g. still waking up at the same time, still performing my morning + evening rituals, still trying to eat dinner at the same time. often these would get knocked about due to late nights + lots of take-out while painting walls etc + so i started enforcing other smaller rituals e.g. always listening to the ramones while painting or running house-related errands, always eating the same small snack in the car on trips between the two houses, always reading the same book before bed to comfort me etc. these small routines can be literally anything + can honestly be a huge comfort because you’ll hopefully feel less like your entire existence is unravelling around you (which it isnt, youre gonna be ok). 
  3. Stimming + Special Interest Time: Even though you’ll probably be busy, still make sure you’re scheduling in time for stimming and special interests as they’re detrimental to the general wellbeing of an autistic person! when i moved in the summer i would read my SI book in bed which was a huge relief at the end of the day, and would always do planner stuff first thing in the morning (also SI). I would always bring stims in the car with me to try and use the time effectively + also became /really really/ echolalic the whooole time we were moving and decorating the new house. 

im not sure what else to suggest so hopefully this is a little helpful! good luck with it all! (my favourite thing about moving house was being able to decorate a new bedroom/safe haven)(i made lots of really careful soothing plans for it and that was exciting)(im doing it again ready for moving back into a studio >:-) in am excite)

take care!!

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hiii i was thinking about writing a fic but i dont know how to do it or what to write about so if you have any tips for me I'd love u forever

Hello, friend :D  Thanks for your question!  Congrats on actually deciding to write something.  Most of my evenings are spent thinking, “I could write… maybe…”

Originally posted by gameraboy

As for how to get started, I think the first step is to decide exactly what you’re writing.  Some people only need a general idea to get started, and some people (like me) need to plan it out from start to finish before they set pen to paper.  So decide what you need before you feel comfortable starting.

Either way, you’ll need an idea.  If you have a scene idea or plot bunny already in your head, even if it’s small, you should go for that one right away.  Inspiration is a rare thing sometimes – follow it whenever you can.  If you don’t have an idea yet, you can either try to brainstorm/imagine one based on what kind of things you like to read (I like fluffy/angsty OTP fics, so that’s what I write for fun), or if you can’t think of anything, try out some writing prompts!  My favorite prompt blogs are @otp-imagines-cult and @writing-prompt-s <3

Then you do however much planning you need – in typical outline format or just blurbed onto a sticky note.  My usual quick-format:

[Character B]’s POV – [Character A] and [Character B] are at [setting], doing [action], when [Character A] says/does [something].  [Character B] reacts [this way].

Basically, just designating a point-of-view, a setting, and what happens just before the story starts.  This gives you a jumping-off point, so even though the page is blank, you don’t feel like you’re creating something out of thin air.  Even though you are.

Then just make yourself comfortable.  Turn on music if that helps you focus.  Get water and a snack within reach in case.  Go to the bathroom.  Find good lighting.  Give yourself plenty of time so you don’t feel rushed.  Then go!

The hardest part is the beginning, then, so give yourself some time to try out a few first paragraphs – and once you find something you like, don’t stop.  Don’t take breaks.  Don’t pee if you don’t really really have to.  Don’t stop to look up pictures of your muse or check that tumblr message or search a bunch of words on  Just focus.  Close other tabs, focus, and get immersed in it.  Otherwise it’ll feel distant and hard to keep going.

And most importantly: do not self-edit.  Don’t stop to edit a previous sentence or read what you’ve written so far.  Don’t worry about if something sounds stupid or wrong.  You can deal with that later.  Just write and write and write until it’s finished, and fix the problems in a few hours after the words have settled.  Allow it to be crap.  I promise it’ll get better once you go back over it.

That’s all the advice I have, so go get started!  If you have any more questions, send ‘em in and I’ll get back within the week :)  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

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How would you recommend doing Gundham's makeup Amy recommendations on products?

ok, here’s what i’d have;

  • foundation a shade or two lighter than your normal skintone (i normally do liquid and then set with powder.)
  • something to contour with (actual contour powder, eyeshadow, etc)
  • liquid eyeliner and pencil/gel pot eyeliner OR felt tip eyeliner
  • a grey face paint of some kind. ben nye or snazaroo work fine.
  • a black eyeshadow
  • baby powder
  • make up sealant spray
  • glue sticks
  • concealer

firstly, you should wear contacts. one grey, one red. i think that really sells the gundam costume. you’ll wanna cover your eyebrows for this; gundam canonically has shaved eyebrows. unless you’re a masochist willing to live the eyebrowless life and actually shave them, you’re going to have to cover them! i don’t like how i look as gundam with my eyebrows, so that’s what i did, but if you’re really against it, well. don’t ask for my advice then. do your normal foundation routine after you have your eyebrows covered. this is where it gets tricky.

you’re going to want to contour kind of. uh. dramatically and strangely? this is basically how i did mine–

red is my contour, purple for my eyeliner, and the grey stuff is. the tattoo. obviously.

yes, some of it i did a blending effect on, and other places there’s a harsh line– if your lines are TOO harsh, it’ll look weird. youre going to want it to be blended at least a little anywhere you contour, but more especially where i blurred it. when i contoured, i actually mixed my normal contouring powder with black eyeshadow so that it looked more dramatic and shadowy. but that’s up to you!

the eyeliner i did heavy and dark and around my entire eye. i personally don’t like eye enlargement make up, so i don’t suggest it. do whatever you’d prefer if you like it. the main thing is that i fully lined my eye, because, well. gundam’s a weird goth kid.

as for the tattoo, i drew it on like it his in his reference.

i found that the grey face paint i used didn’t show up too well on my skin, so i outlined it with the black eyeshadow/generally shaded the grey so that it showed up better. remember to powder your paint so that it stays set and doesnt smear. and remember when youre all done to seal your make up! i do it as a habit now. it helps a lot!

as a note, when i first did my make up this way, i actually found i didn’t quite like how it looks. EXPERIMENT! angle the top line so your brow looks more angrily furrowed. don’t line all the way up there. see what looks best for your face! make the bottom lash eyeliner look more heavy and sketchy! outline the entire tattoo with liquid eyeliner! draw in a harsh black line in the brow! see what you like best, what you think looks good, and have fun.

-mod n

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how do i open my throat and keep it that way while singing? my voice teacher keeps telling me to work on it but she's not offering any advice :/

Ask your teacher!  I mean, I’ll tell you, but don’t be afraid to ask for more clarification, or for ways to make these broad directions happen.  You can’t just think, “open your throat.”  That won’t work.  It’s actually a pretty interesting process that your teacher should have taught you before just jumping to “keep your throat open.”  Remember, they’re working for you–you’re allowed to ask if you don’t understand something.

Raising your soft palate is going to be the big key here, because that will help lower the larynx and release tension in the throat. The foghorn exercise is a great way to practice this, because it really helps you deliberately execute relaxing those muscles, and feel the throat shift from a tight set of muscles to more of an open tube feeling.  As you can see, it’s not something innate–it takes practice to get used to, and more importantly, to make muscles memory!  

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Hi, Alycia! How do you not get jealous or insecure of Kaelyn's past? I ask as someone who tries not to be so much in my life. I'd think if someone had made several videos, over many years, talking about how much they loved someone else, I'd have a hard to accepting, not that they really loved me, but that it could actually last. Like, if her relationship was 6 years, I wouldn't feel secure until we reached 7 and were still together,lol. Have you ever watched her old vids,&do you have any advice?

That’s a great question; yes and no. I am not bothered by the length of time Kaelyn was in a past relationship. Relationships can fail and people can drift apart; I myself have had serious relationships of many years; my parents got divorced after 30 years of marriage. That is the process of dating/falling in and out of love. I don’t need her to promise me 7 years from now, if we stay as happy as we are now it will happen; and if we don’t then it is not meant to be. What is tougher for me is how public the previous relationship was and the amount of followers they had rooting for them. I become that “other” woman, and do feel that I am constantly being compared to their relationship in the eyes of others. I had watched a few of their videos and the past and they were absolutely adorable. Every once in a while a tweet of the two of them or tagged picture will come up on social media and yes I get a little ping of jealousy. But then I remind myself (or she reassures me) that social media is such a very small part of the truth. Their relationship ended because they were not happy together. I trust Kaelyn completely and am confident of our feelings for each other. 

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i proudly identify as aromantic and asexual, but i often feel like i'm just lying to everyone, including myself, to get attention. according o my logic, because being aroace is not as common as many other sexualities, i'm not actually aroace. do you have any advice on how to not feel this way?

I feel you, Anon. I think a lot of aces and aros feel like this sometimes. I think it comes from how people like to treat ace and aro identities like special snowflake or ~Tumblr identities (which I don’t really think is a real thing, by the by). 

I mean I can start by saying you’re not lying and you’re not attention seeking by identifying as asexual and aromantic. And honestly if you were looking for that, identifying as ace/aro is a pretty terrible way to go about it since in my experience we’re mostly ignored and/or disbelieved.

How to not feel that way is another issue though. Do you follow a lot of ace/aro blogs? Or participate in any a-spec communities? Because I find seeing other a-spec people talking about our experiences and relating to them can be really affirming. I have a couple blogs I check in on every now and then when I need to reassure myself I’m not alone.

Otherwise, there’s not much you can do but try your best to remind yourself that you know your own feelings and other people don’t. And that just because an orientation is less common doesn’t mean it’s not real.  ✿

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Hey so I was thinking about making my own ask blog but I have no idea how to start. You're like one of my most favorite artists and I love your style and was wondering if you had any tips. -dino anon

Oh heck,,, i am honored that you came to me for advice aah >o> but to the topic of creating an ask blog!
-decide who you’re going to represent! I know this seems really obvious but it’s quite important
-decide whether you want to do an au, and if you do, decide on said au. I actually struggled with this one a lot when I first was looking to make this blog, but I’d say find something that really interests you if you are going to use an au
-lastly I’d just say have fun with it! Make it truly your own and you can’t go wrong c: I know that sounds kinda cheesy but it’s probably the most important aspect of this in my opinion!

So that’s all I really have to say, sorry if it isn’t specific enough ;;;; im not the best advice giver haha. But if you do make one, shoot me a message so I can promote and follow you!!

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How do you guys feel about Andy's TEI classes at Warped Tour?

I actually really enjoyed them. I never went to one (mainly because I didn’t go to Warped Tour in 2015) but I did see videos online and I really liked them. I actually think he gives good advice. -N

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Hello i actually do come from a country where communism existed. While I wouldn't go so far as to calling myself a communist (bc of stigma, mostly) i do, well i started to, recognise why capitalism is evil and ridiculous and what motives people who support communism have. or i can get behind their ideals? not sure how to put it into words tbh. idk if you needed it, but in case you did i hope it cheers you up a little. ps. also i think you're a wonderful person for what you do to help others <3

<3 this is such a sweet and thoughtful message. Thank you so much for sending it. 

I know it can be scary to have stigmatized political views. I hope you find folks with similar values you can feel safe around in your day to day life so you can discuss your experiences and thoughts with folks who will understand. 

I think you’re a wonderful person too. 

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Hi! So I think I have ADHD, I've been doing some research and almost all of the symptoms match up with my personality or explain some of my behaviour. I was wondering if you had any advice on getting diagnosed or seeking help. From what I've read medication could be useful for me, especially because I'm in a really important academic year and I just can't focus, no matter how hard I try. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks :) (amazing blog btw)

From our FAQ:

How do I get diagnosed with ADHD?

  • You should ask your doctor for a referral to a psychiatrist or psychologist who can assess you for ADHD. It’s best not to accept the results of one questionnaire that your doctor has you fill out; those are more for screening to see if further assessment is necessary.
  • The assessment itself depends on the professional you see. Typically there are a few components to a diagnosis: a questionnaire/screening tool; a computer test called the TOVA, where you click the mouse when you see something specific; and a variety of IQ and academic testing, which shows where your strengths and weaknesses are and can help indicate whether you fit the “ADHD profile.”
  • Not all assessments will use all of the components listed here. A questionnaire and a conversation (or series of conversations) with the clinician is also a legitimate diagnosis. The one time we’re sure a diagnosis is suspect is if you go to your doctor and say “I think I have ADHD” and the doctor then prescribes you medication without any further investigation.
  • Along those lines, it’s important to remember that a medication trial is not a legitimate method for diagnosing ADHD. Different medications work for different people at different doses, and some people who definitely have ADHD don’t respond to any medication at all. That’s why we have all these assessment tools.