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Just wanted to say I really admire that someone as populair as you actually stands up for the artists that drew those silhouettes. That's really cool especially considering how much hate you'll get for it.

Thank you! I’m so tired of people like that thinking they can do whatever they want with someone’s work because “LOL WELL I’M NOT BREAKING ANY LAWS LOL”. As I stated in another ask, there’s a big difference between something being legally wrong and something being socially unacceptable.
People like that think as long as what they’re doing isn’t considered illegal enough they can step on however many toes they want. If you don’t want any respect for yourself, then yeah sure go for it. If you want the respect of peers and creators around you though, don’t be a dick and use shit that doesn’t belong to you unless you have permission. It’s not rocket science and I don’t get how it’s being defended.


1st letter - Hyorin:

To Star1, who have always loved and support us. Hello, this is SISTAR’s leader Hyorin. It’s already been seven years since SISTAR debuted. The time I have spent with my fellow members and Star1 as SISTAR’s Hyorin have been like a dream, so precious that I wouldn’t change them for the world. We will now be going our separate ways to start a new chapter in our lives. I want to sincerely thank Star1 for teaching us how much of a joy and blessing it is to sing for someone, to perform on stage for someone, to be loved by someone, and to love that person back. Putting our regrets behind us, we hope to support each other’s dreams and do our best to grow and be better as individuals. I love my fellow members and Star1 and you will forever be in my heart. You’ve given me more love than I deserve and given me strength, even though I am lacking in may ways. I want to thank you with all my heart. I love you…”

2nd letter - Soyou

It’s already been seven years. The happy moments and difficult times have been more happy and less difficult because I always had my fellow members and Star1 by my side. Looking back on our time with our fans, I feel bad and regretful because I feel like I never did enough. No matter what I do in the future, I will never forget how I feel about my fellow members and fans. I love you… I’m sorry… and I’m grateful. I’ll be back with good music. Till the very end, let’s all remember to be happy.

3rd letter - Dasom:

There are so many things I want to say to you guys, but I feel agonized and cautious about what I should say first. It’s been seven years since we debuted under the name SISTAR. I want to thank you for always supporting and loving us. I believe that we’ve been able to end this seven-year journey, which would have been a little rough otherwise, on a happy note thanks to our connection with you. We have made the tough decision to end our activities as SISTAR with this upcoming album and walk our individual paths. We hope to continue to repay our fans for the overflowing love you have given us as SISTAR through our individual activities. We will work hard to connect with you more. Please support us. Thank you.

4th letter - Bora

Star1, hello. It’s SISTAR’s Bora. Every year, I tell our fans to be happy, and I wonder if the past seven years have been happy and fun for you. The times I’ve spent with the other members of SISTAR and Star1 have been so precious and happy. I feel like my hard work never fully expressed how I feel about our fans, and the feeling of regret I have for not doing better during our time as SISTAR continues to grow. When you told me that seeing me bright and happy gave you strength, I worked even harder to be more energetic. I will continue to do so in the future. So many memories are flashing through my head as I write this. We’ve decided to support each other on our individual paths. However, this won’t be the last time you see us, and I will work hard to be the best that I can be as Yoon Bora. To our Star1, who have loved SISTAR and have loved Bora, thank you for always being by our side. I was happy. Let’s keep being happy. I love you.

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I'm talking about your Twitter. You've been all up in your tv shows all day.

Again, I don’t owe you anything. As it happens I do actually know of people who were at the event (not closely, and they are fine, thank god), so don’t you dare come to my blog to police my reactions. Truly, I hope you’ve not said this to anyone else, because for all you know they could have lost someone in the tragedy. Like I said, I know of people who were there. What if one of those people had been very close to me? A family member, even? 

How dare you police the reactions of other people. How dare you demand a response. How dare you imply that not performing disgust or even grief in your own preferred way means a person does not care. Shame on you. Truly. 

You told me I was not spreading love. Well what are you doing? What are you dong but making it all about you and trying to be cruel? YOU have taken this terrible event and made it into a point scoring exercise. You seem to think you can stand in judgement over others. You sit there and imagine you have the right to tell others off. What made you this way? What made you believe you are so superior? 

And one more point that needs to be made, for you and anyone else with this mindset. Terrorism wants our lives to stop. It wants us to be afraid. It wants to hurt us. Perhaps there are people out there who are deeply saddened by what has happened, but feel the best way to fight such extremism is to show it will not win. So yes, I will continue blogging and tweeting as before.

I am horrified by what has happened. It makes me feel sick that human beings are capable of something like that, and especially when the victims are children,  but don’t you dare use this as your opportunity to get some disgusting kicks. Perhaps it’s fun for you to use this as a way to put others down, to use this tragedy to make yourself seem superior in some way?

But by god, it sickens me. Your reaction is truly foul. You ought to be ashamed. 

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i know you don't really care... but im writing a story about a villain, and he's desperately in love with the hero, would do anything just to get his attention, but I have no idea how to start it off... if you could help... idk man that would be amazing i've never had someone answer my asks before... thanks though

First of all, of course I care. I always care. I made this blog to help people. There is never an ask that I will turn away. The only reason I wouldn’t help someone is if I found their ask offensive in some way. If you ever need help, if you ever need any kind of advice, please, please feel free to contact me. I will never judge you, I will never turn you away, and I will never not care. I always care, and I will always help. 

Now, on another note, you have peaked my interested. I am a sucker for Hero/Villain dynamics. It’s absolutely one of my favorites. 

First of all, Always give your villain a good reason for being in love with the hero.Did they fall in love before or after they became a villain? Was it love at first sight? Or did something happen to change their feelings? I highly suggest with dynamics like this, you choose the latter. When a villain is in love with the hero, its best to give them a good, strong reason. One way you could start your story is that action that changed the villains mind. For example:Saving them, whether they are in their civilian or villain mode is up to you. Or perhaps having the Hero stand up for the villain. After all, no one knows a villain better then their opposing hero. 

Second. Be sure to know both of your characters emotions very well. Now if you are writing from the Hero’s point of view, its up to you to show how quickly they notice a change in the villains ways, and how they deal with these changes. If its from the villains point of view, its usually best to give them a slow decent into love. Remember, people usually become the villain for a good reason. Its rare that someone become the bad guy just for the heck of it. Let them discover their feelings slowly, give them time to deal with their new views and emotions. This the kind of dynamic you don’t want to rush into.

Everything really depends on the individual personalities of the characters. I have a couple prompts with a Villain/Hero dynamic that will be coming out with in the next couple days, if you want to wait and check those out, they may help you as well. Like I said, this is one of my favorite dynamics, so if you wish to discuss this more, dont be afraid to shoot me a message! and of course, if you have any other questions, or if something isn’t clear, feel free to contact me. I hope this helps, and I wish you luck! 

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I was gonna request a Shklance sickfic but the Anemia one kinda covered that lol... How about Shklance where Lance is feeling really insecure and doing a terrible job of hiding it?

i love all these langsty prompts yes thank you, non

Keith and Shiro weren’t stupid, they could tell when someone was avoiding them. Everyone has avoided someone at least once. 

Pidge avoided them when she was going through what most girls went through, Hunk tried (and failed) to avoid them when he was overthinking things, it was all a mess. 

When Lance started avoid them, though, it hit deep. 

Lance wasn’t one to often avoid people, he was usually the one to get the others to open up when he’d notice their distance from the group. So when he’d come up with some excuse to get away from them, they knew something was wrong.

They’d be just holding each other and the whole time, Lance would be looking at them nervously before coming up with some excuse to get away from it. They’d be close to do something intimate and he’d quickly worm his way out of the situation.

Keith had asked Hunk about it and the older male seemed to start acting nervously before getting out of the situation with a ‘That’s for him to tell you’ and leaving. 

Shiro had gone to Coran and the Altean had the same excuse as Hunk did before saying Allura needed him for something and leaving.

“You know we’re probably going to have to confront him.” Keith murmured, eyeing Lance from across the room as he talked with Hunk and Pidge. Even with them, he seemed fidgety and they could see how Pidge and/or Hunk would at place a hand on him and say something that managed to make him smile, even if it was only slightly. 

“I know, but I don’t want to pressure him, he’s already nervous enough with us.” Shiro looked at Keith from the corner of his eyes and gently took hold of the fist he had clenched. “Tonight. We comes to the room to get his things, we can talk to him then. 

“I don’t want to wait that long..”

“I know, Keith.”

Lance hesitated in the doorway, staring at it silently as he contemplated whether or not to go in. He’s been distancing himself from his boyfriends for reasons Pidge had said were ridiculous, but his brain said they were totally reasonable. He knew they cared about him, he thought he knew they wanted him with them. His mind, however, was constantly asking that one question that always tormented him when he ended up in a relationship.

Do they really want you?

He’d gone to Hunk, Pidge, and Coran to talk to them about the insecurities plaguing his mind, and all of them had told him how Shiro and Keith look at him like lovesick puppies when he wasn’t looking in there own…special ways. 

Still, he just couldn’t help but think it was all a big lie. 

“Lance?” The Blue Paladin jumped at the sound of Keith’s voice, quickly spinning around to look at him. 

“Mierda-” He murmured, raising a hand to his chest and looking down at the ground, relaxing only slightly. He could feel his boyfriend’s eyes staring at him and his stomach churned. He looked up and offered a wavering smile, voice cracking when he spoke. “Is, uh..there something you need, Keith?” The sight of the other’s frown made his stomach drop. 

“Lance, is there something wrong?” Keith knew he shouldn’t be asking Lance about this, not when Shiro wasn’t with them, but the look on the Cuban’s face made his chest hurt. He looked…almost scared. 

“Whaatt? No, of course not, everything is peachy, just-”

“Lance?” The smaller male raised a hand, gently cupping Lance’s cheek and ignoring the pain in his gut when the other flinched at first.

“It’s…nothing, Keith, I’m just being stupid.” Lance finally let himself relax into the Red Paladin’s touch, silently noting the relief that flooded his eyes before it was replaced with worry once more.


“Lance! Keith!” Shiro’s voice made both nineteen year olds jump, Lance having moved away from Keith’s hand, the spot where it had been feeling cold. “Are you-” He trailed off before he noticed the look on Lance’s face and he frowned slightly, shooting a look down at Keith. Said male just looked away slightly, guilt pooling in his gut. “Let’s go inside and talk.” Keith had nodded and entered the bedroom, though Lance had hesitated in the doorway. The Black Paladin watched him for a moment before moving to gently take hold of Lance’s hand, noting how he jumped and tensed at the contact. Instead of letting go, he intertwined their fingers and offer the younger a small smile when he looked at him, relief flooding him when he slowly shuffled into the bedroom without pulling his hand away.

Keith was sitting crisscross on the bed, eyes glued to the bed as he watched them approach the bed, trying not to let the hurt he felt show when he noticed how they were holding hands. Lance would let him hold his hand, but he barely let Keith even touch his face?

“Lance, is there something wrong?” Shiro seemed to hesitate after sitting down, an uncertainty in his eyes as he looked down. “Are we…not making you happy?” The question hit both Keith and Shiro hard, both hesitant to look at Lance now. An almost panicked sound left him and Keith felt a gently yet a little hesitant hand touch his face while Shiro felt him squeeze his hand.

“N-No, it’s not either of you, I just-” The blue eyed beauty grew quiet and his boyfriends looked up to see his eyes glossing over with tears he refused to shed. They were both quick to move closer and pull him into their arms. Keith felt Lance press his face into his shoulder, a shaky breath leaving him before he tried to speak. “Do…Do you really want me to be a part of this?” The two in front of him shared a shocked look and they didn’t even get anything out before Lance was speaking once more. “I just…you’ve both been together for almost two months now, and when you asked me to join your relationship, I was excited! The people I lo- liked wanted me to be with them! B-But…I can’t help but feel like I’m intruding on your relationship..” A soft murmured of the Blue Paladin’s name passed Keith’s lips and he felt a hand on his face, tilting his gaze up. He made a slightly startled noise when he felt two lips press against his own and he returned it after a few moments. The kiss was slow and gentle and the feeling of a familiar prosthetic hand on the back of his head made him slowly relax. When Keith had pulled away, Lance hadn’t gotten to say anything because now it was Shiro’s turn to pull him into a slow kiss. His heart pounded in his chest as he returned the kiss, letting the tears he had been holding back fall down his cheeks. When Shiro broke the kiss, Lance leaned back enough to look at both of them. He could feel a slight flush rising to his cheeks at the adoring looks his boyfriends were sending him.

“Of course we want you with us, Lance.” Shiro raised the hand he had been holding to press his lips against the other’s knuckles.

“We love you, Lance.” Keith’s statement made it seem like time itself stooped. Lance’s heart pounded, eyes widening slightly as he stared at the both of them.

“You…You do..?” He sounded almost scared to ask the question and the look on his face hurt the Black and Red Paladins’ hearts.

“Of course we do. I love you, Lance.” Shiro leaned down to press a slow kiss against his lips against the other’s once more. A broken whimper left him and he returned the kiss, more tears rolling down his cheeks. The feeling of lips against his temple as he kissed the eldest of the three made his heart hammer away in his chest.

“I love you more, Lance.” Keith murmured against his hair, having moved so he could hold him and nuzzle his face into his soft hair. Both Shiro and Lance had laughed quietly at that and they broke their kiss. Lance raised his free hand to wipe the tears away and watched as Shiro and Keith bickered over what the Red Paladin had said. Lance stared at them both for a moment before a laugh left him, gaining both of their attentions. He beamed up at his boyfriends, blue orbs shining with affection with the men on either side of him.

“I love you both, too.”

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Your art style is why i read your comic, it's cute and expressive. So what if someone's already done a graphic novel? I would still prefer yours :)

(I think I should also mention that @steveningdragon sent me a really long inspirational text after this)

oH my gEEz yoU gUys

What did I do to deserve the lot of you???
I… don’t really know how to respond to this overwhelming support other than repeatedly screaming thank you and going off to cry for a little bit

All of this means SO MUCH to me and I have no idea if I can adequately express how much it means with actual human language.
There are tons of Undertale comics out there that are super cool and use super cool, creative ideas, but you guys still like my little to-the-line interpretation… and that  is INCREDIBLE to me. Thank you all SO MUCH for your ridiculous amounts of support… and, well… now more than ever I can’t wait to share the new pages this weekend and every weekend.

Thank you all so so much for your kind words and support… and… I’ll catch you all on the flip side!!!!!✨


Perfect Princess Moon vs. Actual Queen Moon Butterfly 

Yeah. When you write a character who is like yourself or someone you know, you don’t want it to be reduced down to something like, She’s crazy or She’s a bad mom, or She’s a good mom with a bad daughter. I wanted to write complex characters who sometimes do bad things. I wanted to put something on every page that was like, Just remember, they’re a human! There’s a paragraph that’s like, They’re doing the best they can, but sometimes the best you can do falls short. That’s the most terrifying part. But you fall in love with these people and you hope that you made them nuanced enough that people won’t reduce them down. Lynn Steger Strong 


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thank you for that you dont have to have black hair to be goth thing cause i have light brown hair and i always felt like a fake goth cause of it

There are goths with all hair colours, natural hair, covered hair, shaved heads, bald heads… There’s literally no need to feel bad about your hairstyle because it has nothing to do with your belonging in the subculture. If someone tries to tell you you can’t be goth because you don’t look like the stereotype that only goes to show how little they actually know about it themselves. 

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It's funny that people are saying you "stole" those art pieces you use in your confessions because if anything all you're doing is appreciating someone else's art enough to use it and getting it out there for others to appreciate too!

that’s how i saw it!! thank you✨💕✨💕
i would never take credit for someone else’s art

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Headcanon that originally Lightning had pictured Doc officiating his and Sally's wedding. He had almost worked up the courage to ask her when Doc passed away. Because he couldnt picture anyone but Doc officiating Lightning put off proposing until he could find someone that would be as meaningful as Doc would have been. This is one of the (many) reasons he hasn't asked her yet.

okay but real talk this headcanon ruined me???? I’ve always thought this was true too!!! Like I can’t see anyone BUT Doc marrying them and it’s weird how this situation puts you right in the character’s perspective of “I really want X character to be able to do this, but there’s no way that can happen.”

Now I really want to write a fic on this.

((thank you so much for the ask! Please always send Lightning/Sally headcanons to me i love it so much))

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Hi! I'm also curious how Jimin would be in a relationship? I mean I have like an assumption based on the things I've observed onscreen/offscreen but your reading would totally be cool~ love your analyses!

Hey, anon! Thank you! And I’m really sorry for the time it took for me to answer this, but I wanted to do it without being in a hurry. But here we go!

Jimin is a very, very intense guy. I can’t stress this enough. So, when he doesn’t like someone… The person will definitely know. And when he does? Rest assured everyone would know. He’d do anything for you. Not only does he have his Sun and Mercury in Libra, both positions that are talking about romance and caring deeply about who they love, but he also has Venus in Scorpio - a position that basically makes him so intense he’d do anything for his loved one. A relationship with him would involve a lot of growth for both, but above anything it’d mean really passionate moments with people rolling their eyes at you and it’d be between omg get a room or you’re too cute stop that i’ll throw up.

Originally posted by hhansung

He’d be there for you at all times, and would even have some hard time understanding if you just felt like being alone for a while. He’s very observant so would give the best comfort when you’d need it and also the best advice. He wouldn’t leave you alone, but would respect your choice if you didn’t want to talk about it at first - but would end up making you. He’s quite insistent, and that’s how he takes care of who he loves - constantly being there. If you’re like Yoongi, for example, you’d have to handle many unexpected and supposedly unwanted public displays of affection. lol Would do little things for you all the time, he’d seriously spoil you.

But as caring as he is, Jimin can also get quite needy. You’d have to constantly reassure him that yes, he’s doing fine. And he’d do the same for you without you even having to ask. However, Jimin can get quite jealous as well. I wouldn’t say possessive per say since his Libra will try to make him diplomatic and fair… But his Venus would still make him provoke you now and then if you spoke a little too much with someone else, no matter the gender or the kind of talk. Remember how he kept provoking Taehyung, pouting at him because the boy was talking too much about his Hwarang hyungs? In a relationship I’m 100% sure he’d act the same. So it can be cute sometimes but also kinda annoying, depending on who you are. But no one’s perfect, right? Since Jimin is very caring and passionate I guess it’d be a small price to pay.

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How do you thinking Social Media has an impact on mental health? Do you think that it is beneficial or not to someone's mental health and what are some steps we as an online community we can take to help those around us who struggle with these issues in the future? Thank you :)

This is an amazing question! I think Social Media is definitely has an impact on mental health! It can be positive; Social media might connect you to a community of people that are going through similar things and start conversations (like this one!) that are beneficial to the community. It can also be negative; social media might encourage negative social comparison behaviors (”People are so much cooler than me, I’m terrible by comparison), or foster unhelpful or hateful spaces (cyberbullying). 

I think we can take steps to learn the signs of someone needing help or an encouraging word or two, and taking care to keep spaces healthy and positive. 

- @marsincharge 

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Hello dear ! :D First of all, thank you for your blog ! It's pretty helpful, and your opinions are really interesting ♥ I was wondering ; what do you think of Stéphane Lambiel's skating ?? He's not in competition anymore, so I'd understand if you don't answer me, but heh, it's worth a shot ! >w< Personally, I think he's just like fine wine, he's getting better and better with age ! ;D

Thanks for asking!

I like Lambiel’s skating very much - he has a very Princely air about him when he skates, and his spins are completely out of this world. It looks like his creativity has only expanded on the show circuit which I love to see!

As a technical skater, he drove me mad, because I didn’t understand (and still don’t, really) how someone can land a quadruple jump and yet have massive issues with the triple Axel. Something has gone wrong in that setup. But he had lovely scoopy knees and wonderful footwork, so I suppose I can forgive him! :)

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atta girl ur so hot when u talk like that. i would so fuck you ;)

NO. This is not flattering. It’s not nice. It’s not okay. It’s sick.

Messaging someone anonymously that you would fuck them is not okay.

No, this is not a compliment and most definitely it doesn’t deserve a thanks.

I will not let you have a chip of my humanity and just let it slide like nothing happened.

No, you don’t get away unscathed and tell me that it’s just a joke and it’s not a big deal.


It is frightening. Do you know how much a message like this can affect someone’s mental health? Maybe you don’t because if you do, you won’t even think such awful thing.  

No, I won’t let you invade my personal space. I won’t let you disrespect and harass me just because you’re bored and horny.

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Follow up question to the commissions question--- if not copyrighted characters or props, would you consider doing sculpts of real people? Your recent sculpt of Kyle MacLachlan was stellar. Thanks for your time!

(Thank you, that is kind of you to say.)

Original characters, historical figures, and currently living real people who have given their consent are okay for commissions in my book. I know that’s kind of extreme, but I don’t know how I’d take it if someone sculpted me without my permission and sold it as a piece of commissioned artwork. Some might find it flattering, and most celebrities are probably used to it and don’t give a fuck, but I’d be…weirded out.

Anyway, PM me if you have a serious offer and we’ll talk about it. While this is not a solid yes, I am open to the idea, and I really want to get that thing for my little sister. I would only do 1/3 scale heads (not full busts) for now– $450 and up, if I try to make it worth my time and materials. If that doesn’t put you off, hey, PM away. All I ask is to be fairly compensated for my time.

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Thanks for your rover analysis, Rosy! Works for me. I like it a lot :)

I dug up that gifset and sat and stared at it for entirely too long to do that for you. :D cataloguing Clarke’s words and Bellamy’s reactions. My internet is in the slow times, so i got it all in slomo, again and again. Pissed Bellamy, “not okay clarke” surprised Bellamy. “whatever choice someone dies” clarke, suddenly smiling Bellamy. Who flipped your switch, Bellamy? It was something Clarke said. She didn’t realize she’d said anything other than talking about how awful it all was. 

And you know, she didn’t apologize for locking the door. I think he was expecting her to apologize. I don’t think she’s sorry. I think she still thought it was the right call, although awful, because someone was always going to die, and she sacrificed people she loved and the grounders and her honor and maybe Bellamy’s friendship for it.

She had to make a choice about which people would die, and either way it was a bad choice. And she chose for Bellamy to live. Even though she thought his plan would be worse for humanity. Rather than choosing who would die, she made her choice over who would live. 

She chose Bellamy first. And it made him happy in this horrible, not okay time. Clarke chose Bellamy because maybe, just maybe, she loves him.

Yes, Bellamy, she loves you. 

(clearly I’m still thinking about this the next morning.)

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Do I was on crew for the school play this year and there's this group of seven kids who are supposed to do a bunch of poems and raps in between scenes and stuff and during one one of them forgot to come out and they were just waiting bc none of them knew how to improv his line bc it was specifically tailored to his character so this one guy came up with a brilliant idea on the spot and after a long awkward silence did the Trump hands and said his line in a perfect imitation 1/2 saving the play

Of Trump and it completely distracted from the fact that someone obviously forgot their line and everyone on lights and sound and on stage were trying so hard not to crack up bc we’re all like WTF R U DOING but also like YES THANK YOU THIS IS AMAZING and he kept doing it at different spots throughout the show and at one point at the end he started a really serious line like that, cleared his throat and kept going normally and everyone is like DUDE UR THE BEST 2/2 “saving” the play

That sounds amazing and like the first time Donald Trump has ever been useful in his life.           

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I mean I never explicitly said that I was learning korean nor did they know I was since it’s buried in my FAQ and I understand where they’re coming from in a sense but yeah I don’t wanna start anything tho thanks for sticking up for me!! So I guess nows the time to let you guys know that yes I am learning Korean and I do use it when I make gifs sometimes especially when I am translating from videos with no eng subs available. However since I’m still learning, I may mistranslate sometimes but I’m on my way to learning it much better ~~

Dear, first love.
I do not know how it happened. I couldn’t even tell you when it happened. All I know is that I was completely in love with you but suddenly, it was over and my love started dissipating for you. Please understand, it didn’t just leave. I went through hell and back, not knowing how to deal with the love that you left behind. I thought it was something I’d never be able to get over. I was so overwhelmingly in love with you that I just couldn’t believe that we had no future together anymore and that was hard to swallow because there was a time where I once saw you as my entire future. My mind went astray with the thought of you during cold nights, wishing we were sharing body heat for one last time. It felt as though I’d never be able to erase your name from my memory. But something happened. Like I said, I don’t know when or how, or possibly even why, I just know that it stopped hurting. Your name didn’t feel like a sharp knife embedded into my heart, it faded away like a dull blur that I had trouble remembering. I could drink dark coffee without thinking how your lips tainted that very same mug once before. I was able to pass by the places that hold memories of past us laughing away into the night, with mexican food in our mouth and love in our eyes, with a smile. There was no longer any sadness that used to drain my entire body with heaviness when my thoughts ran through these memories like wildfire. Just an acknowledgement that we were in each other’s lives at one point of time in this universe. I’m no longer sad about us anymore. Truth is, if we were meant to be, we would have been. It’s just a shame that we were lessons rather than the real thing because had we learnt our lessons before meeting each other, we could have been the real thing, you know? The big love that everyone talks about. All of the movies, songs and poems about love; we would have been the epitome of love itself. I truly believe that. But I am happy that we happened. Because I now know how it truly feels to love someone and to have it taken away from you. It’s given me the biggest lessons of my life. I now know when to admit when I’m wrong, how to support someone when they need you to, how to not hold back in love just because you’re scared of the outcome and most importantly, how to love someone without wanting anything in return. Just for the complete sake of loving them.
God, I’m scared. I’ve met someone new and I’m terrified of messing it up. But this time around, I’m not holding back. I have a heart full of love and this time, I’m going to do it right. So thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for the lessons and thank you for teaching me how to love somebody properly. Goodbye, first love. Hello, my last love (hopefully).
how to make the venus signs feel special

- Aries: Tell them you’ll stay even when they push away. Tell them you love them just the way they are and they don’t have to change for you. Give them a sense of self and freedom. Give them a place to return to at the end of the day.

- Taurus: Tell them you want a home with them. Tell them that a future with them is brighter than the sun and that you’ve never felt as secure as you do with them in your arms. Give them a sense of comfort and safety. Give them your all.

- Gemini: Tell them…wait no, shhh. Let them tell you their thoughts and feelings. Let them tell you all the beautiful things on their mind and pour their heart out through eloquent speeches. Give them a sense of curiosity and freedom to ramble. Give them your attention and listening ears.

- Cancer: Tell them they don’t have to worry about you leaving. Tell them they’re safe from anything and everything and that you’ll protect them. Give them a sense of love and loyalty. Give them your heart and soul.

- Leo: Tell them how beautiful and amazing they are. Tell them you’ve never seen a star that shined nearly as bright. Give them a sense of adoration and wonder. Give them your praise and acceptance.

- Virgo: Tell them thank you for everything they do. Tell them you’ve never met someone so reliable and dependable. Give them a sense of self worth and satisfaction. Give them your gratitude and appreciation.

- Libra: Tell them how beautiful their spirit is. Tell them how their charm and intelligence intrigues you. Give them a sense of self love and endless support. Give them your open heart and mind.

- Scorpio: Tell them you’ll never abandon them. Tell them your deepest fear is a life without them in it and that you’d cross the earth to be close to them. Give them a sense of dedication and intensity. Give them your entire being.

- Sagittarius: Tell them you want to see the world with them. Tell them when you look into their eyes…you do. Give them a sense of adventure and freedom. Give them a home away from home.

- Capricorn: Tell them you won’t betray them or use them. Tell them they can depend on someone other than themselves finally. Give them a sense of support and trust. Give them a foundation that will never crumble.

- Aquarius: Tell them you love how different and unique they are. Tell them you’ve never met anyone like them and they’ve made your world better. Give them a sense of identity and belonging. Give them your world.

- Pisces: Tell them they’re a dream come true. Tell them they make flowers bloom in the darkest of times. Give them a sense of purpose and care. Give them an escape from reality.