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my wanna one voice tag!! xoxo
ya girl
my wanna one voice tag!! xoxo

hello! here is my wanna one voice tag. I didn’t want to rerecord. so it sucks. SORRY! but I actually enjoyed doing this even though I butchered all their names! I was tagged by @laisgrl and @woo-jin-young! ALSO I FUCKING SAID MINION AND IM SO SORRY MINHYUN…. IDK WHY THAT CAME OUT OF ME

1. State your name and username

2. Who is your bias in wanna one

3. Who is your bias wrecker

4. How long have you been a fan

5. Favourite song

6. Say all of the members names

7. Fave otp

8. Member you think has the best smile

9. Say Nae Maeum Soge Jeojang~

I tag @hwangminyeo @wanna-one @ricepot-jisung @101mess @sungwhoon @sewnho @seunghyuks @king-jaehwan @jaehwn @bae-jy @kimsjaehwan @dearlydaehwi @swoojin @pinksausageduo @lycheehwan @idaehwi @memelordjisung @darkpastwoojin @lovebugi @l-guanlin @1guanlins @kangniel @kngniel @donghyun @hasungswoon @jeo-jang @yongs but y'all dont have to do it! i love hearing peoples voices tho~

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Wait how many friends do you have?

Uhhhhh idk there’s @sushi-alien @crystalstardragon @earths-echo65 and @aiheartart who I’ve known for about 2 years? @transthomasjefferson (one of my close friends) @four-corsets-two-horses @dawnovaan and @nixilton who I love n adore and also newer friends who I hope don’t mind me calling them friends @scullysrandomstuff (who like the same things as me and is super cool) @fuckerson @squidpop @styxetal!!!!

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What do you think are the differences and similarities between Scott and Stiles?

okay this could go really deep or be really obvious and i’m not sure what i have the energy for so we’ll see what happens. PLEASE keep in mind most of these are opinions and subjective!

- fierce loyalty and love for the people they care about
- ability to recklessly throw themselves into situations they’re unprepared for out of said love and loyalty
- bisexuals
- highly intelligent, although scott has to work much harder for the recognition while stiles is generally underestimated because of his disabilities (adhd, anxiety, etc) and attitude
- they’re both naturally hilarious
- they’re in love with each other
- they’re both leaders in their own ways
- both suffer from trauma and the resulting ptsd that we barely got to see
- both are missing a parent in their lives
- they’ve both lost more than one person they were close to (allison/claudia/heather/boyd+erica)
- they’re pretty good at lacrosse now. mostly scott though.
- they both fall for incredibly strong and independent, gorgeous women (and men, natch)
- they both keep their pain and uncertainty inside and show a stronger face to the world
- they both chose careers where the purpose is to help others

- scott gives the benefit of the doubt, stiles could have suspicious tattooed on his forehead
- scott is calm where stiles is frantic
- stiles thinks on his feet and doesn’t always consider consequences or like, more of a means-to-an-end kinda person, whereas scott is more hesitant and worries about all of the effects and ramifications of his actions (this doesn’t mean stiles doesn’t care about consequences etc, hes just a bottom line person)
- scott wears his emotions on his face and stiles puts up a front
- stiles enjoys being an asshole, scott is rarely if ever an actual asshole (i can’t recall him ever having malicious intent towards anyone)
- scott wants people to like him and stiles couldn’t give a flying fuck
- scott’s hair grows lustrous and curly when long, stiles’ is spiky and straight

that’s all i got i’m fried.

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a photo if you have one, but tooootally don't stress if you'd rather not i don't want to be pushy D:

it’s no prob, just a bit surprised!

my room is messy don’t mind the mess but that’s my hair length, it’s past my belly button but im going to cut it soon to shoulder blade length so it’s easier to maintain. all i rly do with it is put it in a bun lol

@thatsthat24 So I’ve been meaning to make this drawing for a while and I’ve also been meaning to test out a new art program for a while and I’m happy with both of them!

kageyama bros fight!


Please help and support this show by watching is legally on Netflix THIS FRIDAY ONWARDS! I normally hate these types of posts, but for this show, it’s needed. It’s not often we get such a female driven show like this within the anime industry, and compared to the many male driven animes, it’s not even a fraction of how popular it SHOULD be.


Tumblr Update PSA

Okay so the tumblr update that lets you see if people are active or not is up and running. It shows a green dot next to the icon in the chat if you are on. This is what it looks like. The ones with the green dot haven’t turned it off yet. The ones without did turn it off. 

If you do not want to be seen by other people here is what you do:

On desktop: go to setting then account and find this and turn it off. 

If on mobile —- go to settings > general settings > privacy 

you will see the same thing but it will say “Let people see that you’re active” and turn that off 

(you will still be able to see those that did not turn theirs off but people will not be able to see your dot.) 

also, you do not have to do this on both mobile or desktop it is one or the other whichever is easier for you! 

listen up, kids, sky’s here to tell you something:

it’s okay to have interests that you don’t necessarily want to pursue at a higher level even if your parents think otherwise/think it isn’t ‘worth so much time’

so, you wanna write a book, but you don’t wanna get a degree in english literature? go for it! you wanna get a chemistry set and blow up some shit and learn from it, but you don’t wanna be a chemist? go the fuck ahead! you wanna figure out what the binomial theorem is at the age of thirteen, but you don’t wanna become a maths professor? by all means, knock yourself out!

you can learn from a whole range of different things, but that doesn’t mean you have to make it your life’s work or get a degree in it.

you’re young, you’re curious. try new things. dabble in different areas. it doesn’t matter if you have sixteen things you like doing, or just six. it’s all okay.


Legolas reports back to his father.

How dan and Phil probably broke up #56
  • Phil: Dani Snot On Fire