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Rules: Put your music on shuffle and write the first ten songs that come up

  1. Dance, Dance // Fall Out Boy
  2. Twin Skeletons (Hotel In NYC) // Fall Out Boy
  3. How Far We’ve Come // Matchbox Twenty
  4. Fight Song // Rachel Platten
  5. Me Too // Meghan Trainor
  6. 7 Years // Lukas Graham
  7. Roundtable Rival // Lindsey Stirling
  8. Glad You Came // The Wanted
  9. Something Wild // Lindsey Stirling
  10. Miss Missing You // Fall Out Boy

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To The Verge With You

Poe Dameron/ Reader

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Words: 1,051

Summary: You fear for the future; of how war could erupt and the galaxy with fall under chaos. With Poe by your side, you are assured you two can do this, together.

Prompt: Reader is best friends with Poe and they become friends with benefits and they do this for a while, and then reader ends up pregnant with twins. I don’t know how this is supposed to end so it’s up to you 😁 

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Author’s notes: u cheeky lad, letting me come up with the ending! absolute madman! hello, yes, this is my first Poe fic…so please…be gentle. I hope y’all like the nod to a certain Legend.

“Are you being serious?”

A cold chill goes through your body as the doctor takes another look through her notes.

“Most definitely,” she says knowingly.

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Well, as long as we’re talking about kaiju eras, I’d like to ramble a little about the most recent ones. For me, the Millennium era ends with the twin failure of Godzilla: Final Wars and Gamera the Brave, which were the last big-budget kaiju movies in Japan until 2015. After Gamera the Brave, you’ve got this weird experimental phase from 2007 to 2012 where Cloverfield was the only major release to really grab the fandom and the public’s attention. I propose we call this the Inter-Godzilla Period.

Then came the one-two punch of Pacific Rim and Godzilla ‘14, which made kaiju itself an English loanword and started the bountiful era we’re in today. Let’s hold off on naming it just yet. Summing up a movement that’s still going on is tricky business, especially with the unprecedented prominence of a Hollywood studio.

And then there’s Ultraman. Though the series only has two official periods – Showa and Heisei – it fits into the wider genre’s recent phases surprisingly well. Ultraman Mebius, the last full-length Ultra Series, ended in 2007. Then from 2007 to 2012 you had Ultraseven X (first show aimed at adults), two seasons of Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle (pay-per-view), and the Zero movies. Finally, in a truly incredible coincidence, episode 1 of Ultraman Ginga (first of the merchandise-driven miniseries) aired the day before Pacific Rim’s international rollout began.


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Here’s a photo of me after getting Howon’s current favourite Gong Cha. It’s actually been one of my favourites ever since I had it in Melbourne a few years ago! Howon’s thin and has such a pretty v-shaped like jaw while I’m just round throughout. I actually didn’t realise how I had the same angle as him when I took this photo. It was only after I’d been tagged in this challenge that I started looking at Howon’s selcas that I realise that ‘hey look, I twinned with him!’ 

Haha, people always tell me I don’t look my age. Hmmm how old do I look then? 

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Relationship status: Single and probably still not ready to mingle

Pets: Two cats, Daenerys and Yuki!! (and I’m trying to get a black cat named Dale Cooper eventually)

Last song I listened to: Intergalactic - The Beastie Boys

Favorite TV Shows: I watch a lot but my major ones are It’s Always Sunny, Twin Peaks, New Girl, How to Get Away With Murder, Arrested Development

Hobbies:  making playlists for basically anything you can think of, cosplay (even though I’m only half-decent at it), watching/analyzing/making films! 

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Remember to laugh (Volturi Twins x Reader) request

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“You guys need to get in touch with your inner child. It’s long overdue.”
Jane and Alec sighed, here you go again.
“What did you guys do when you were human?”
“We don’t remember.”
You shrugged. “We’re going into my modern childhood then.”
You got an idea. “Jane?”
“Can you do this?”
You did a cartwheel and the twins gawked at you. “I’ve never tried.”
“Oh! I’ll show you.” You showed Jane how to position herself and gave her the brief on being able to do a cartwheel. She did it in the first go. Both of the twins seemed surprised by Jane’s cartwheel.

“Okay, how about a game to Tag?” The twins looked at you confused. “What’s that?” You eyed the twins before briefly poking Jane’s arm. “You’re it.” Jane looked at her arm and back at you. “Good thing I’m a vampire if you’re gonna chase me.” You grinned.
“I don’t see the point in chasing you.”
“Okay, if you don’t I’ll tell Felix you told me you are attracted to him.”
“…but I’m not.”
“He doesn’t know that.” You took off running and Jane suddenly started chasing you.
“Oh Felix~” you sang.
“Don’t you dare!”
“If you tag me then he’ll never know!!” You laughed. This gave Jane more incentive as she quickly caught up with you and tagged you. She took off running with a grin back down the hall as you hunted down Alec who was standing outside.
Alec didn’t have time to process you digging your fingers into his sides making him turn. “Ha. Not gonna be that easy to make me chase you love.” Alec grinned smugly. “Hmm, what if I told Jane we did some inappropriate things in her room?”
Alecs eyes widened. “But we didn’t!”
You ran off. “She doesn’t know that!” You called back and he quickly followed you. “My, my, a few little white lies and you two take off running.” You taunted as Alec chased you and soon caught you.

You played many kinds of games. The whole day consisted of silliness. “Okay, okay, you two win… But” you stood in between the twins wrapping an arm around each of them. “To get in touch with your inner child, do you know what you have to do?” They waited for you to finish. You poked them both in unison and took off running again. “Remember to laugh!”

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Relationship status: awkward but I have a lot of really great friends
Lipstick or chapstick: I’m a lipstick hoe
Last song/music I listened to: lmaoo Joseph Smith American Moses from The Book of Mormon
Top 3 shows: How to Get Away with Murder, The Office, and Riverdale (newly trash for it)
Top 3 characters: Audrey (Twin Peaks), Jughead (Riverdale) and Annalise Keating (HTGAWM)
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1) How tall are you? 169 cm (or taller)
2) What color and style is your hair? Dark brown and curly-ish
3) what color is your eyes? Blue
4) Do you wear glasses? Nah
5) Do you wear braces? Nah
6) What is your fashion sense? Lazy. Too expensive taste for a student. So in alternative universe, if I weren’t lazy and I would be rich, I would be super fashionable!
7) Do you have any siblings? A (younger) twin sister
8) What kind of student are you? I was a straight A student in the high school but now I just try to go from there where it’s the most easiest and takes least effort, haha
9) What was your favorite subject? History
10) What is your favorite t.v. show? Dunno??? It used to be Supernatural but it’s been ages. Does anime count? …Does it?
11) What is your favorite book?   ????
12) What are your favorite pastimes? Playing, making cosplay, SLEEPING and avoiding responsibilities.
13) Any regrets? My whole secondary school.
14) What is your dream job? Being able to make a living and getting payed for something I midly even enjoy.
15) Do you want to get married? Dunno? Maybe?
16) Do you want any kids and how many? No kids please. Biological at least.
17) How many countries have you visited? Great Britain, America, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Malta and Japan.

Summary: Jensen x Reader meet during a rather embarrassing moment while Reader is visiting her best friend, Jared Padalecki. Story will be told from the Reader’s, Jensen’s, and Jared’s POV. Similar to How I Met Your Mother, each person is relaying a memory to Jensen x Reader’s twin daughters.

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I kinda think that, had Gravity Falls been a complete farce with little to no concern for continuity and character progression and the like, a third brother/Stantonio character would be funny.

Like the twins would go, “Grunkle Stan how many secret brothers do you have?!”

Smash cut to Greatgrandpa Pines wading through identical Stan babies asking his wife “Have you seen Stanthony? I can’t find him”  

“I thought he was next to Stanfred, no, not that one, the one with the crayon up his nose.”  

“That’s not Stanfred, that’s Stanton.”

“Don’t talk back to me, I gave birth to two dozen boys at once, I will end you.”

“Oh here he is, he switched name tags with the puppy Stanimal.”

Join the maximoff twins network!

Basically we’re emotional about these precious babies, this is a network for people who watched AoU and have the same feelings as us! :)

How to apply:

  • Must be following Wanda and Pietro
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  • Must reach 50 notes or we will pretend this never happened
  • You can tag #maximoffsnet for updates

Looking for:

  • Nice, friendly people
  • Post marvel, multifandom is fine!
  • Clean theme and some sort of tagging system (if you are multifandoms people can blacklist)
  • Someone who loves these twins as much as we do!

What you’ll get:

  • New friends, followers!
  • A spot on the network page, a place to talk about AOU, Pietro and Wanda, and all you want!
  • A place to share your creation, and people can give you advice if you needed
  • People to reblog your selfies, text posts, edits, gifs, etc.
  • Help with the polls and reaching followers goals

If you get accepted:

  • You’ll get a message from one of us for an icon and description for the network page, have the link to the network somwhere on your blog
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  • You’ll get included in a post once the members are chosen

Extra info:

  • Members will be announced 18th or 19th july
  • We will pick 10-15 members (depends of notes);
  • But we can add members whenever we feel like it
  • If you have any questions you can ask; Noémi’s ask or Marit’s ask

Enjoy and have fun, good luck! xx


I’ve been seeing a lot of follow forevers, and as meaningful as those are, there are only a select few I will follow forever, because let’s be real, blog styles change, and therefore I cannot promise forever. Because of this, I have decided to do a mutual appreciation instead. I hadn’t realized how many awesome mutuals I had until I did this. Thank you, you all mean the world to me. <3

The Pack // You’re my friends, my people, my squad goals; 

Alex; @jessicajonvs | The Helena to my Sarah; My twin sestra, my everything. I’m so glad we started talking all those months ago. Out of everything I’ve done on this site, meeting you is the best part. Together, we have brought together one of the best group of friends I could’ve ever asked for. Thank you for following me into the deepest depths of my random fangirl feels since Day 1.

Cara; @hawkvyes | The Clarke to my Bellamy; you’re such a lovely little shit, god bless. You mean so much to me, and your daily presence in my life makes it that much more wonderful. Thank you for withstanding my Bellarke and CS feels, even though you don’t understand them (yet). 

Jo; @lohgbottom | The Ten to my Rose; I don’t understand how you’re able to stand all of my ramblings when you’re at the other end of the planet. But somehow, we still find a way to be present in each other’s lives on a daily basis. Thank you for accepting my crazy attitude and embracing it, and for making graphics awesome enough to make me jealous.

Dani; @ifitweremyfantasy | The Bilbo to my Thorin; out of all of us, you’re the one who has to deal with me the most, because we almost have no fandoms in common, But, that hasn’t stopped our blooming friendship. Thank you for being awesome, and continue being that way forever. 

Soph; @commanderlinctavia / @foreverswan | The Emma to my Killian; Sophia, you’re my true CS and Bellarke go-to girl. You understand my shipper feels the most. Thank you for watching and liveblogging OUAT episodes with me at crazy hours, and for being the reason I can live through any feels these shows throw at us. We’ll most likely die together in the seasons to come, and I’m happy about that.

Mag; @benedictcumberbatch | The Pietro to my Wanda; although you’re new to the pack, I couldn’t’ve asked for a better new friend. My country sister, you’re the one in this large group of people that can understand my Canada references, and you’ve already wormed your way into my heart. 

Mahema; @putitinaloveheart | The Mariokart Loser; We’ve been friends for a while now, and I still cherish every conversation we have. We can talk about really silly things, or serious matters as well, which makes our friendship so special. One day, we will play Mariokart together, and I will beat you.

Liz; @zetakirsch | The Patate to my Tomate; together, we could conquer Canada with our stupid jokes. I mean, what haven’t we joked about at this point? You’re awesome, Eden Bemisia. Thank you for being there when I want to be ridiculous to the point of insanity. May we farm potatoes forever.

Meg; @bellamyheartsclarke | The Bellarke fanatic; When you were new to Tumblr, you somehow found your way to my blog, and we’ve been friends ever since. Thank you for being there for me, and for making all those wonderful aesthetics. You hold a dear place in my heart.

The Lovelies // Your presence on my dash means everything to me;

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The Courting of Eggsy Unwin

((So instead of working on the next chapter of my porn vignette–which I’ve started, but haven’t gotten far on–I decided to start a series of drabbles involving mark (darcy) x eggsy x harry. Depending on how long this gets, I may compile it and post it on AO3. This’ll be hash tagged #courtingofeggsy if you want to follow it.))

           “Wot the fuck, Harry? Y’ berk, wot are y’ doing here?” Eggsy demanded as he crossed the sidewalk towards Harry, who stood just outside of the café, unsuspecting of Eggsy. As far as Eggsy knew, Harry was still in Brussels with Arthur dealing with a diplomatic matter. He hadn’t thought the agent was due back for another two weeks. Yet here he was, standing with a cup of coffee in hand, jacket thrown over one arm, and briefcase in the other hand.

           Where was his umbrella? Harry never went anywhere without his Rainmaker.

           Harry turned to look at Eggsy, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. There wasn’t a shred of recognition in his eyes. “I beg your pardon?”

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Making this ugly post just because i… just wanted to say something idk omg???

So, as you all know, the BB17 Tag Awards are going on, and like… i know I’m most likely not even a candidate for any of the categories considering i don’t have near the follower # that most blogs do but, like… I’m okay with that.

 I just want to remind u guys that we put up with this DUMBASS FLOP SEASON and no offense but we all deserve a damn award for it, lmao.

The tag has really seen its ups and downs this year, from Jeff getting backdoored, to James winning veto, to the Double eviction nights, to the twins setting aside game and expressing how much they love/care for eachother. (you can NOT tell me you didn’t cry when Liz told Julia she loves her more than she loves herself). We have… seen it all. 

We are like a cute little… family. Of course we have the occasional tea spilling and drama but at the end of the day, we’re all here rooting for SOMEONE to win and that Austin loses :)))

So basically what I’m trying to say is that, no matter who wins an award and who doesn’t, don’t be hard on yourself. We are all winners for surviving 15, 16, and 17 back to back to back :’-) *Passes Out A Trophy to You All.*

(wow… NOT me having a mean girls break-the-crown-and-share-it moment?!? lol, ily guys <3)