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How to Read Another Person’s Memories

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen this on tumblr yet! (Maybe it’s out there, who knows? I’m new.) But this is actually one of the easiest spells to do, and one of the first I learned as a budding witch. It can be used to help someone through traumatic events and shadow work, or just to get to know them better.

You Will Need:

1. Yourself

2. The person whose memories you intend to read

That’s it. If you want to drink a clairvoyance tea or carry a stone with you, you may, although I have done this plenty of times without preparation and it’s worked well for me.


1. Sit across from the person whose memories you’re reading. Get comfy; you’ll be there for a while

2. Take both of their hands, and hold them throughout the ritual. I like to hold my palms up and have them place their hands on top, so it’s comfortable for them.

3. Close your eyes and enter a meditative state. You’ll want to eliminate all distractions, so if you’re in a loud room, ask people to quiet down or move to another room. Focus on the energy in the other person’s hands. Do you feel it? Embrace their energy.

4. Let the images flow through you. This technique is much like scrying, except you’re receiving their memories through their energy. Describe briefly what you see to them and ask them or confirm with “Yes” or “No.” Example: “I see a white couch in front of an empty fireplace.” If the person recognizes what you’re referring to, or if it rings a bell, they’ll respond “Yes.” The memory will come in fragments at first, yet slowly build to form the complete picture.

5. If they respond “No,” keep going anyway; they may subconsciously change the images they’re sending to you. If they continue to respond “No,” they may be blocking something or lying, and it’ll be hard to get a read on them then. You may want to work through why they’re blocking images with them; it could be possible that they’re very private, or you need more practice in feeling others’ energies.

6. Don’t try to control the images or where you stand in them. If you jump from memory to memory, let yourself jump. You are a receiver, not a controller of these energies.

7. If someone wants you to see a specific memory, have them project that memory toward you, or bring it up clearly in their own minds. Your energy will gravitate towards theirs.

And that’s it. Some things I’ve seen through this method: Peoples’ childhood homes (I can’t tell you how many times), dreams, traumas, visions they’ve received, stories they’ve invented in their heads.

Some Final Notes:

1. This should go without saying, but the person whose memories you’re reading should be a willing participant. They’re allowed to be skeptical, but if they hold their memories back or block you, you’ll receive some conflicting images.

2. Obviously, this technique may come easier to an empath or someone experienced in reading energies. Although I was taught by an empath, I am not an empath an had little to no experience when I first tried this technique, and it still worked for me.

3. Try it first on a friend or relative, since you’ve already created a spiritual bond with them. If you’re experience, you may use this technique on strangers or acquaintances as well.

4. Don’t try to read two peoples’ memories at once, even if they share the same memory. Consider the fallibility of memory: It changes based on peoples’ perspectives or emotions towards that event. I can’t image how overwhelming it would be to try to read two peoples’ memories.

5. Every person I know who’s tried this (including me) has had a tendency to mix up the colors red and blue. I don’t know why, but it’s lead to some funny conversations!

It’s that simple! You’re all so talented, witches, so if you ever want to help a friend in need, here’s a possible solution. Have a beautiful day and help yourself as well! Blessed be!


The level of bullshitting through things and getting away with it in the wizarding world is hilarious
OH idk tho our owls can find anyone in any form but where’s Sirius black
Okay we can check wands for spells but idk it’s Sirius Black not Peter because he can’t do that he died
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Excuse me I was just wondering what a horcrux and how do they work and how to make one and any downsides and/ or step by step directions FOR EDUCATION LMAO
You know what NO if you want to study more you know what just GO BACK IN TIME okay we’re just gonna trust you with that because you said you won’t use it for weird shit
It’s dangerous Sirius Black is on the loose let’s just,,, have soul sucking emo bags wonder around no they won’t eat people they said so
What a wizard hating familam let’s just PUT LETTERS IN THEIR EGGS AND SEND LETTERS through their WINDOWS and when they move out send a HALF GIANT TO BRING CAKE AT MIDNIGHT
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Honestly I could go on I’m just saying if the wizard cops were more logical Sirius Blacks shitty life won’t be needed
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witch tips!

🚬 if you smoke,drawing sigils on ciggarettes might be effective. think about it,it’s drawn on paper,it burns alongside tobacco (charging),it enters your lungs (could also mean charging),you release the smoke into the air (casting).
❗PLEASE DON’T DO THIS IF YOU DON’T ALREADY SMOKE. don’t start smoking because of a tumblr post 🚭
🔥 drawing sigils on plastic lighters or carving them into metal ones could also be a thing,you’d have to charge it yourself but it could be practical
🐚 i like picking rocks i feel drawn to,blessing them,and placing them in my turtle’s tank,i’m guessing blessed or charged water would do too
👑 also. you could like gather all your jewels in place and assign each one an element according to your intuition,and charge them accordingly. like keep earth jewels buried in your plants’ pots or (ONLY FOR METAL ONES) place them in/above a fire,take a bath with the water-y jewels & some sigils for charging,although i have yet to find a method to charge them with air energy.
💍 as for the above,you can totally charge items in moonwater (i’ve a dark purple-ish charm that i keep in moonwater hidden in the dark,and i feel both The Moon’s energy and also some dark energy in it,but that may be because i used said charm for some fucked up shit)
🌹 rose petals man. i felt guilty when my ex came over with roses & all i could think of was “man im so gonna use these” (but he turned out to be an asshole so now i dont feel guilty about using them) so like if you got roses from someone,you can use the petals to make a glamour especially to draw said person to you,or to solve some relationship problems,and if you don’t want none of that & you’re looking for revenge or smth you’d just have to wait until the roses die and you could add the petals in your craft,i found them to be especially strong in break up spells
📷 if you’re looking for revenge or you want someone to suffer for whatever reason,you could take a picture of them and use it. i started using this method before i ever got into withcraft and it’s proved to be extremely effective. it doesn’t even have to be like an album photo,heck you can print their profile pic from social media and fucking burn it. just do it. but it would have to be someone you really hate,yknow,intent matters a lot. bonus points for: burning with sigils,stabbing the picture (EXTRA bonus points if you have a knife you’re fond of and use it for stabbing!), having your blood on the pic before burning it (it was an accident but it worked out way better than i thought), placing a few rusty metal things like screws in the fire,placing something of theirs,blasting fitting music.
🚪 as a continuation for what i said above,i found it extremely helpful to like,gather the ashes of the picture & sigils (add in the metal things or the personal item) and like…drop that shit near the person’s house. just do it. once i gathered the ashes and like mixed them with water and put it in a bottle,got to said person’s block,and like…just..poured that nasty mixture there. (the bitch broke her jaw that night,she says she was “yawning” lol bitch nah. just to give you a glimpse of what this can do)
☕ ok but like enough of the negative shit. you need charging too. try charging your coffee/tea/energy drinks for fucks sake they all work. charge with intent,sigils,even place herbs or condiments (cinnamon in coffee doesn’t tase bad at all!)
🍃 if a leaf falls right in front of you,take it. add it to your altar. do it everytime a leaf falls in front of you. you’ll end up with a big pile of leaves but they do have a purpose
🎤 MUSIC. your voice is extremely powerful. singing while doing a spell is like a legit way to add more power to it. singing while making a glamour does wonders. singing while performing cleansing/warding rituals - singing while cursing - even just singing with intent - they all work. (for reference - you can change the lyrics as you wish. i like singing the “flower gleam and glow” song from tangled to my flowers,i also adapt it to the elements i work with , for example “darkness hear my call/let your powers show” idk i like keeping rhymes but i don’t think it’s necessary)
✒ not to mention how useful it would be to like..write your own stuff. like a poem for a creature/spirit/presence you want to summon or for a deity you worship.
✅ speaking of writing. i like to write a “wishlist” with a pencil (instead of a pen or marker) on paper + add a “my wishes are granted” sigil on it,and burn it and throw the ashes in the wind. the sigil is charged,cast and you stated your wishes. you can determine if it’s going to work or not by paying attention to the paper when it burns. did it have trouble lighting up? did certain words come out of the fire unharmed? probably not gonna work. also pay attention to the ashes like idk how to explain,but some days the ashes just go…down when i throw them in the wind,and other days they fly-almost float-in the wind,in a beautiful way,they almost look like gray butterflies.
⛔ however,you have to be like super explicit whenever you’re making a wish,just like when you ask for something in a spell or from a deity. be clear. not to mention to charge with intent. for example i’ve made wishes that x and y would break up,only to find that the two of them have only been arguing,or that they broke up but made up right back.
🌃 find energy wherever you are.take advantage. if you’re on a street with many running cars,feel the energy,draw it to you. same goes for when you’re out at night and see lights. (my ex used to take me to a bridge where there were train tracks still in use,and the ground would shake when a train was passing there. i could feel the energy when a train was passing right next to us. i collected rocks and herbs from there,and i let a charm hidden there overnight to charge)
🍺 do.not.mix.alcohol.and.withcraft. DO.NOT. like yes you can do whatever you wish to with YOUR craft,and some spells or rituals require adding alcohol,but please for the love of all that is holy please don’t attempt to do anything witchy while you’re drunk.

that’s all i have for now,most of these are pretty basic but i’m sure some of you will find this helpful. take care ✨

Harry Potter Questions

Harry potter themed ask meme. these are important questions.

1. Hogwarts house (of course)

2. What is your patronus?

3. Owl, cat, or toad?

4. If you were to put a piece of your soul into a horcrux (not that I’m condoning this!), what would you put it into?

5. What would your amortentia smell like?

6. Which Hogwarts subject would be your favorite?

7. Which Hogwarts subject would you be best at?

8.  If you were an animagus, what would you turn into?

9. What would be your marauder name?

10. What is your favorite spell?

11. If you had the chance to use Felix Felicis (liquid luck) to do better on a test without consequences, would you do it?

12. The wand, the stone, or the cloak?

13. What is the length, wood, and core of your wand?

14. If you were to design something for Weasely’s Wizard Wheezes, what would it be?

15. What would you see when faced with a boggart?

16. What image would you think of to fight your boggart?

17.  What would be your quidditch position?

18. What’s your favorite wizarding food?

19. What would it say on your chocolate frog card?

20. Invent a spell you think would be useful.

21. What happy memory would you use for your patronus?

22. Would you ever use an unforgivable spell?

23. Would you be a prefect?

24. What would be your dream job in the wizarding world?

25. Would you enter your name in the Triwizard tournament?

26. Would you rather go to Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, or Durmstrang?

27. Would you join S.P.E.W.?

28. Which electives would you take? (Alchemy, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, Muggle Studies, Study of Ancient Runes)

29. How would you use the marauder’s map?

30. What’s your favorite magical creature?


Mother! giving Post-Mockingjay realness

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is it important to know how to reverse spells?? bc idk how but i still want to do them ah

You can still start doing spells without knowing how to reverse them right away. It’s a useful skill to have, but not necessary until required; if you want to know it as a sort of preemptive thing, that’s still okay. For the most part, you really only need to know how to reverse a spell if something goes wrong, but for the most part they should go off without a hitch. I didn’t learn how to reverse spells before I started casting them, is really my point, and nothing came up. So, unless something comes up, it isn’t too big of a concern, but if you want to have that knowledge beforehand, just in case, that’s up to you.

Sometimes you may decide you just want to undo a spell you’ve cast, maybe because you don’t need / want it anymore, or perhaps you even have second thoughts about casting it. I have only had to break one spell, and it was a jar spell, so it was super easy to do. 

For a lot of spells, doing the spell backward or in reverse can break it. Literally breaking the spell down in most cases is enough. Jars just need to be emptied and cleaned / cleansed. Candles can be snapped or the remains thrown out. Sigils are destroyed or have their energy released. Knots are undone. Poppets are opened and thrown out. Even a very thorough self cleansing can remove the effects of a spell. Some spells even come with reversals attached to the bottom, which is handy.

There are lots of other methods that can be used to reverse spells. I can give you some resources on that if you want, so you can look at them and have an idea, just if you want to be secure in that knowledge before you begin.

I hope those give you some ideas, or can help you. Good luck!

On Writing: Building Your Magic System

I FUCKING LOVE MAGIC. This is probably obvious if you’ve followed me for any amount of time. It can seem pretty daunting, trying to build a magic system for your story. So many details! So many variables! Where to begin?

Well, that’s what this post is about. I’ve got three questions here which I think get at the base of any magic system, which need to be answered before you can put on the flourishes and final touches. It’s always important to get the base of your system in place first, because it’s extremely difficult to remain consistent if you work from the other direction.

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Hi! So I as looking into yoongi's chart and I do think, because of his ascendent, that he is very tough about himself. Do you think, because of that aspect, that he would be a difficult person to get along with his s/o?

idk about his ascendant but i do see a lot of things in his chart that could spell trouble in his love life. he desperately wants to love and be in love but his moon and harsh venus aspects just don’t know how (this reinforces my belief that he must be protected at all costs)

for example, this is a letter he wrote as a 15 year to his ex girlfriend. when he expressed his regrets for not paying attention to her, it makes me think of his venus square uranus. this creates an on and off energy in the relationship. with too much space, he feels unloved, but when shown love, he feels smothered. he can be extremely affection one moment then a bit indifferent the next, which probably confused his ex and she didn’t know where they stood. also his virgo moon struggles with opening up in a relationship, which explains his shyness and struggle with showing her affection 

he has more aspects that show that he really does have a lot to offer in a relationship (maybe even a lil too much..) but i’ll discuss them in another post :)

Dirty Norwegian: swears, insults and other bad words explained

Faen i forbanna kuksugende helvete, for noe jælva dritt. 

Do you wanna learn how to say “fuck in damned cocksucking hell, this is some fucking shit” and more like this in Norwegian? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what I spent a good two hours of my life explaining to you guys.

Also let me know if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer!

m, f, nt. = masculine, feminine or neutral nouns


The equivalent to fuck. If you stubbed your toe in a table corner, this is what you will yell out in pained frustration. After years of being a swear word it has lost it’s meaning but it’s original meaning comes from fanden, which means the devil. Additional fact: In Denmark they’ll still yell fanden instead of faen. 

A lot of expressions are tied to faen. Here are some examples:

Faen ta deg. (Fuck you.)
Fy faen! (Fuck, but emphasized.)
Faen i helvete. (Fuck in hell. Again, for emphasis.)
Stygg som faen. (Ugly as fuck.)
Jeg gir faen. (I don’t give a fuck.)
Gi faen. (Knock it off.)
… for faen.* ( … for fuck’s sake.)

*Can’t be used alone, you have to fill inn the dots with something else. Usually used when you’re saying something that may contradict what has just been said. Han er jo fæl, for faen / But he’s terrible, for fuck’s sake.

Satan og helvete 

Helvete: means hell, we use this all the time. 
Additional fact: Many of you might know of the town in Norway called Hell and how it’s so far north that during the winter, Hell may freeze over. But the word “hell” in Norwegian means luck. Do whatever you like with this information.

Satan: You’ll yell this out the same way you’ll yell out fuck, but it doesn’t have the same dynamic as faen. You may use it as an adjective, however. For emphasis, add svarte at the end.

Satan helvetes fitte!
Satan svarte!

Jævla, forbanna og jævel

Jævla is an adjective, kind of like “fucking”, except it can’t be used alone, then you’re not making sense. 

You can use forbanna in two ways: (1) wherever you can use jævla. It’s an adjective, and it describes something cursed. You can also combine forbanna and jævla if you’re really pissed off!  (2) to let people know that you or another person is pissed off. Basically, you ARE forbanna. Usually you add an adverb such as these in front: “fly”, “skikkelig” or “helt” forbanna. “Fly” is exclusively used for forbanna.

Jævla/forbanna idiot. (Fucking idiot.)
Hun ble fly forbanna når hun så meg. (She got really pissed off when she saw me.)

Jævel is a noun (m) and means devil. It’s an insult, usually expresses dislike OR someone being mischievous. 

Han er en forbanna liten jævel. (He’s a little fucking bastard.)


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I’m finally continuing my RvB Voltron AU!!!! It’s only been like…. 4 or 5 months since my last post for this au lmao. Here are my sketches and notes for the Grifs!!!!! This isn’t really finalized or anything. I’m just messing around with ideas right now. In not really sure on the age gap between these two yet. If this is going to work how I want it to they either have to be really close in age or maybe twins??? idk it’s an au so I guess I can do whatever haha? I typed everything out in photoshop so I didn’t have to rewrite it so hopefully you guys can read it (sorry for spelling mistakes, it’s really hard to fix things after you merge text in photoshop so I just left it haha)! @renaroo I’m super excited to work on this with you!!!

Fic by @renaroo




here’s an angry reminder to everyone (including myself) to always comment when you read fanfiction because i swear to god it takes less than a minute to do so and that’s not even 10% of the time it probably took for them to write it

so if you don’t comment: fuck you. 

  • Sole Survivor: *picks a lock*
  • Maccready: nice job! But, can you do it blindfolded?
  • Me, under my breath: you'd be surprised what I can do blindfolded... 😉

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I must be a masochist.. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE TONY ANGST and I want more!! my heart fucking broke at the letters!! Tell us more about it please! How do Steve and Bucky make it up to Tony? How do the others make up to him?? Who does Peter end up marrying? Can you please explain why Tony thinks that Peter is not doing his duty?

Anonymous said:But they care, right??? Steve and Bucky fix this, don’t they?? Poor Tony ;-; [regency au] ☆

Anonymous said:In the regency au does Tony ever sometimes slip back into the moidset where he thinks what Obidiah (idk how to spell it) said about omegas was true even though Steve and Bucky have proved time and time again that he was wrong?

Anonymous said:Abuse and trama can have long lasting effects that aren’t always shown immediately… is there somthing that they didnt relize was bad or upsetting to Tony for a long time? Or like a extremely sudden random trigger no one knew about??

Tony creeps into bed later than he usually does. He’d gotten caught up in a book and, honestly, had been trying to avoid going to bed at all. But he’s tired. Exhausted. And even though he’s hurt, and angry, he likes the comforting warmth of his husbands on either side of him. He sighs as he feels their arms curling around his waist, melting into it, even though he knows it’s going to hurt when he wriggles free in the morning. He lets his eyes drift closed, basking in how safe and warm he feels, when he’s jarred back away by Bucky’s breath hitching with a sob.

“Bucky? Are you okay? Does your arm hurt?” he whispers hurriedly, because it does, sometimes—sometimes when it’s cold, or something brushes against his stump wrong, he gets distressed and goes back to when it was being amputated, when he was in so much pain. He’s so focused on trying to soothe Bucky that it takes him a few minutes to realize that his nightshirt is—wet on Steve’s side, and he notices that Steve is trembling where he’s curled around him. He pauses uncertainly, hands curled in their hair, unsure of how he can help if they’re flashing back to the horrors of the war they fought in.

“We could have lost you,” Steve whispers, distraught, and Tony flinches. “We could have lost you, and we wouldn’t have even known it. We love you so much. Please know that.” “I… I know,” Tony answers, bewildered. “I wouldn’t have left you.” “You didn’t know you had us,” Bucky croaks, curling his arm tighter around his waist. “You wished you’d run away before we got there, or—or that you’d died—” “No I didn’t,” Tony answers immediately, before what Bucky said even really registers. Then it does, and his blood feels like ice in his veins. “No I didn’t,” he repeats, quieter. “I—I was a stupid child then. It was childish to try and escape my duties to my people.”

“Your duties,” Steve spits, and Tony tenses up, frightened of what he’s about to hear and unable to flee. “You keep talking about your duties but you never bring up Bucky’s and mine. One of which is to love and support you.” Tony’s brows furrow together with confusion. Of course—of course Steve and Bucky have duties, but—but loving him is just a bonus, just a pleasant surprise. They would have been married and he would have had their children even if they hadn’t grown to love each other. “You really think that, don’t you?” Bucky asks, voice cracking with emotion. “You really think we would have made you marry us if you hadn’t wanted to. Tony, no.

“Ma wouldn’t have made us marry if she thought you’d be unhappy,” Steve whispers, distraught. “Not after you told her everything Obadiah did to you. Not after she realized how frightened you were.” Tony frowns. That. That doesn’t sound right. “But—it would have been my duty to—” “You are more than your duties, Tony!” Steve snaps, sitting up, and Tony’s breath hitches when he sees the tears still rolling down his cheeks. “You were just barely an adult when you came here, away from everything and everyone you knew, trying so hard not to cause problems even though you were uncomfortable. You couldn’t even tell us that our food was making you feel sick. Doing your duty to your people hurt you, Tony. And I know that if you were given the option you would make all those decisions again, and I love you for that, but why can’t you hold us to the same standards that you hold yourself?”

Tony opens his mouth, then shuts it again, uncertain. He’d thought—he’d thought he had. He always supported Steve and Bucky when they said they had to go out into their country to take care of teams of bandits or settle unrest. He supported them when they were bent over treaties late at night, nearly in tears because they couldn’t find a happy medium for both parties. He supported them when they settled disputes that the local magistrates couldn’t handle. He… he thought he had.

“It kills me a little,” Bucky whispers, voice full of emotion. “That you feel your duty is to give us your blind devotion, but you don’t think we should have that duty to you.” Tony squirms uncomfortably under their attention, unable to meet their eyes. “We made vows to each other,” Steve adds, voice taking on an angry note. “To love each other, to have and to hold, to support one another. Darling, we went into Rage over you. And you think—you think your opinion doesn’t matter, that we would have made the decision to allow Peter to marry Matt without you being on board. Do you think we had all those arguments to rub it in your face? We were trying to get you to say yes, or for you to convince us no, not to tell you that your opinion didn’t matter. Your opinion is the most important one of them all, Tony.”

Tony turns his head to try and hide the fact that he’s weeping, because perhaps—perhaps Obadiah had sunk his claws into him deeper than he’d thought. Hearing Steve say this, tell him that he is loved and his opinions matter, it—it makes sense. Even when they’d been courting, they had asked him for his opinions and taken them into account when making decisions that affected all of them. Obadiah had groomed him to be a passive party to his alpha’s decisions, and he’d thought he’d put everything Obadiah had done to him behind him, but here he was anyway, twenty years later, affecting his decisions. Having a detrimental effect on Tony’s life even though he’s long been dead.

“Sweetheart,” Steve murmurs, cupping his cheek, turning his head so he can kiss him. “Darling, we just want you to understand how much we love you, how much we adore you and want to hear what you think.” Tony sobs with the tenderness of the kiss, especially when Steve breaks it just so Bucky can have a turn, lips trembling with emotion against his own. “Steve—Bucky—” “We love you, Anthony,” Bucky says quietly, and Tony clings to him, sobbing into his shoulder, because it occurs to him—

It occurs to him that he’d been waiting, all this time, for the other shoe to drop, because Obadiah had made him think he wasn’t important enough to be loved—and he’d believed it. And then he’d tried to push it on his baby, too.