how do you sharpening

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Can you give me some advices/tutorials on how to make gifs? I suck at it and hell, I've been trying to gif for two days and I still can't :(

Of course! Let me just say when you start off making gifs it can be very difficult and confusing (I know it was for me). So I’m going to try and give you lots of tips and things that I’ve learned so hopefully you can skip lots of the hard parts I had to learn on my own. Also don’t get discouraged if you feel like your gifs aren’t turning out amazing, you’ve just started and it’s taken me over the course of 3 years to start making ones I’m actually happy with, as always practice gives you experience! Anyways enough of my rambling lets get started.

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Do you ever think about how many things you can do as a person; you can sharpen a pencil, you can stab someone with that pencil, life is amazing

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hey!! would you mind doing a tutorial on how you sharpen your gifs? they're so perfect! if not, then that's fine but thanks anyway :)

i’m terrible at explaining sorry omg i’ll try!! <3 it will be under the read more. 

please like or reblog if you found this useful. feel free to ask if you have any questions.

how to go from this

 to this

to the final product:

NOTE: i use photoshop cs5 portable

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Six months ⋅ prologue

pairing: ot7/reader +  taehyung/reader/jimin centric

genre: angst, violence, future sexual content; gang au, hacker au.

summary: You chase your brother’s secrets until you’re too deep to possibly escape. “Sell your soul, not your whole self”

word count: 3,604

a/n: just a little something I thought of between classes and wanted to write hehe. this is mainly vmin/reader but there is a lot of ot7 content. this prologue is mainly to set the scene, the plot will begin in part 1.

→ part nul | part i | part ii

September 5th, 11:42 pm

There were a lot of things that scared you in this world, more than you could ever possibly hope to count. Crime, torture, death: all were ripe on your ever-growing list. Still, it was inevitable in the life you led, you faced these things too regularly to be considered normal — at least normal by others standards. But this, well, this was a whole new level.

A shuddering breath passed through your lips, colouring the air, when you are shoved forward unceremoniously. The dress that had been so pristine mere hours earlier now lay crumpled and ruined around your shoulders, torn to expose your bleeding knees. Somewhere in the struggle of you being bundled off into a car and to where you were now, wherever here was, your cheek had been grazed and it smarted from the motion of your wince as your shins hit the ground, or maybe it was from the tears beading in your irises — regardless, that wasn’t your main worry. 

“Get up.” 

Shivers prickled over your spine at the deep baritone voice and, with wide terrified eyes, you scrambled to obey. You more than anyone knew that only fools would keep the head of Seoul’s most infamous gang waiting. And you were no fool.

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The Knight-Lieutenant

A Dragon Age fic  |  Read it on AO3  | Cullen & Meredith


Cullen is on his knees in the Chantry when the message arrives: Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard, of Kirkwall is in Greenfell, and wishes to speak with him.

It is cold and quiet, not yet close to dawn. It will be a while before the first of the brothers will wake, and flutter into the Chantry, armed with incense, and their enviably unshakable faith in the Maker’s plan – but Cullen is always at prayer at this hour. He can hear the rain – it is nearly constant at this time of year – through the shuttered windows. The messenger shifts from foot to foot, impatiently, clearly eager to deliver him to the Knight-Commander, and head back to bed.

The tone of the message is polite enough, but Cullen knows a command when he hears one.

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BIGBANG | Their s/o Has An Over Protective Mother

Anonymous said:

You know how in scenarios, people usually write the reader having a protective father? Well, how about instead the reader having a protective mother? So, whenever you aren’t busy, can you please do a big bang and bts reactions to their s/o’s protective mom? (the reader is dating them) :) thanks!

G Dragon/Jiyong:

That’s what surrounded the dinner table as you ate dinner, your mother eyeing Jiyong as he ate.

“This is very good Mrs. Y/L/N…I can see where gets their cooking skills from,” Jiyong said.

“Hmm…” your mom hummed.

“Hmm? Mom what is going on?” you questioned.

“I know I told you when you look for a man to look for the best you can…but I did not say rich, famous, playboy who will break your heart,” she replied.

“Mom!” you said, “He’s not like that at all.”

“I don’t trust guys like him…they’re the type that break hearts,” your mom said, talking like he wasn’t even there.

“That’s fine if you want to think that,” Ji said, finally speaking up, “You have every right to want to protect your child…but I would never hurt Y/N.”

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“Jagi….I know where you get your scariness from…” Seunghyun said as you walked back from the bathroom to see him standing there with wide eyes.

“What’d she say to you???” you questioned, not used to see him this freaked out.

“Well…things started to get blurred but in there I did catch that if I ever did anything sexual with you I would lose a very important body part,” he replied.

“What did you say?” you questioned.

“That….you had mentioned that you wanted to wait until marriage for something like that…..”

“So you lied….”

“Which is why I’m so terrified….somehow I know she knows…look how she’s sharpening the knife…you don’t do it like that for a ham.”

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Walking into your childhood home you had already warned Youngbae that your mother could be a bit…protective.

“So this is the boy your dating…the one who’s always taking off his clothes,” your mother said less than a minute after you walking into the house.

“Mom…this is Youngbae….Youngbae this is my mom…” you said, introducing them.

“It’s very nice to-.”

“He’s not gonna take off his jacket and shirt is he?” your mom questioned.

“Mom! Stop! That’s just fanservice for work,” you said.

“That better be all it is, he better not be giving you any fanservice,” she chimed.

“Absolutely not, ma'am,” he said, “All clothes stay on, at all times. If I need to shower I send Y/N to the store.”

“Why are you showering in the same house?”


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20 Minutes….

That’s how long it took for your mother to completely terrify your fun loving boyfriend to the point where you would have thought you were teenagers being watched by their parents on a date.

“I’m back from the store…I hope I got what you needed,” you said, setting the groceries your mom forgot on the counter. You then walked over to where Daesung was standing and kissed his cheek. “Everything go okay?”

“Wah! Jagi, that’s too close! We need to stay arms length away from each other…” he said jumping back from you.

“I guess things went well for someone,” you said turning and looking at your mom.

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The surprise visit that your mother made to your apartment wouldn’t have been so bad on any normal occasion cause you were always happy to have her. Except this time her surprise visit happened on one of Seungri’s days off where he could be found half naked lounging on your couch.

“What is this?!” your mom said when she saw him sprawled across your couch.

“Um…this is a Seungri and he’s going to go put clothes on….now,” you said as Seungri nodded and ran to the bedroom for some clothes.

Now fully dressed he walked over to your mother and apologized and tried to introduce himself properly.

“It’s nice to meet you Seungri,” your mom said with a smile before slipping her arm around his shoulder, “I think we have a few things to discuss.”

Pretend Taeyang is your mom lol

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Hi, i love your gifs, how do you make them so HD looking, what settings do u sharpen and what colors u use

ahh thank you! ♡ I think I still have a long way to go for my gifs to be considered hd lmao, but I’ll be glad to show how I make mine if it’s of any help to you :’)

something all gifmakers can agree with, however, is that the quality of your gif depends heavily on the video quality; that’s why a lot of us prefer using .ts files (if you have the patience to download and deal with them, that is. a place to download them from is this one). 

here’s an example - the following gifs were made from the exact same scene, in the exact same dimensions, sharpening and topaz settings and coloring (I tend to use this one as a base for most gifs), with the difference that this one was made from the official performance on youtube:

and this one from a .ts file:

(tbh this is a rare occasion in which I use Diffusion on gifs, but only because the quality is really good; normally, I much prefer using Pattern.) here’s a better comparison:

here’s a tutorial on how I make my gifs + my usual Topaz settings (and here are some tips on how to lessen the gif’s size). for the gifs above in specific, these are the sharpening/Save for Web & Devices I went for:

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hi sorry if this is dumb but how do u always make the lines of charactres in ur gifs so crisp nd dark? im new to ps nd idk if im doing smth wrong but mine never look like that!! ive heard of sharpening but idk how to do it????

If you are a beginner I highly recommend you this tutorial ✔👌👌

I generally use these settings:

It depends of the quality of the video (if your video is less than 720p/1080p, sharpen it more)

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do you know how i can sharpen or make my gifs less grainy? your gifs are always so beautiful

Aww thank you! I suck at explaining these things, but I usually just darken all my gifs by adjusting the curves lmao. If it’s extra grainy I use selective gaussian blur as well. Having the right gif size also helps making your gifs more clear on your dash (177/178px, 268px, 540px).


w/ my coloring

w/ adjusted curves etc

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Diabolic Esper, trolling Elgang with shameful secrets he has heard on another timeline.


“No, you cannot have cookies before dinner,” Ciel said tiredly, not even turning to look at Add.  He didn’t see the sharp grin Add gave him.

“If you don’t let me, I’ll tell everyone you have a plushie of Lu in your bags~”

Ciel spun around, wide eyes staring at Add.  “How- no, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.  How many cookies do you want?”

Add grinned.


She looked up from sharpening her claymore.  “Hmm?”

“Can you run an errand for me?”

Elesis sighed and shook her head.  “Sorry, I’ve got reports to write for Penensio.”

“Yeah?  I saw you burning those reports as soon as they came in so you could say they got lost~”

Elesis gave a guilty start, then sighed, glaring at Add as she stood.  “Fine.  What do you need?”

This, Add thought, was more useful than he’d expected.