how do you portrait... how

Natsu Dragneel’s portrait

A painterly Elrond sketch cause I wanted to try putting his hair up :>

Seven Portrait  💾

A lot of advice for beginning artists really drives home that you have to practice, and you have to practice effectively by doing certain things, but it’s worth remembering that for most people: the only reason to practice is to further your enjoyment. You don’t have to enjoy every second but remember that practice is for your enjoyment.

If you’re drawing because you enjoy it, that’s ultimately the end purpose of any activity which goes into drawing. It’s the reason to draw every day, or practice, or take classes, or try new things, or stick to what you’re good at. Your enjoyment is the reason to improve. 

You can’t assume that enjoyment’s just going to stick with you no matter what you do. You have to foster your enjoyment just like you foster your skill, only moreso because it’s more important. Especially when you’re just starting, that involves drawing what you want, when you want, because you want to. Maybe supplement that with drawing exercises, but you’ll get better even if you don’t.

What’s important right now, and forever unless you’re hoping to get paid or have another end goal in mind, is that you enjoy it.

anybody out there have a mighty need for fanart of some random underappreciated story/character and are you pissed about how sparse the fan content is for them, for whatever reason?

I’m currently willing to open some quick commissions, since my regular ones I finish in around 2-3 weeks for full rendering and full detail/backgrounds ~

But these quick commissions rn I’m offering single character portraits (shoulders and up) for a lower rate: This would mean a good chance to consult with me on illustrating OC portraits. You send me descriptions and/or it would be awesome to provide as many visual references and face claims as you’d like. Keep in mind my style is semi realistic though and never cartoony, that’s all ~

A bust/portrait from me would price at just 25$ and would mean a colored torso but no background besides just lighting, like this: Chest and up–

message me to get started!

sinfullyselected-deactivated201  asked:

One of my favorite things to do is watch the notes on your posts grow steadily after you upload ‘em. It makes me oddly proud to see how much recognition you get on a daily basis. :)

AAAA thank you so much, friend!! I owe it to you and everyone!

To everyone who supports my art, every single action means so much and I read all the things, from messages to tags, and it makes me so happy! I never thought at all when I first made my blog that anyone would notice me and my work much, or like it, and the fact that people have it on their blogs, or as icons, some people have made short video edits, some people have made works/cosplays based off of my works, I just could not be more thankful and honored!

I often feel like I can never measure up to all the amazing and talented people I see online, all my friends and those I admire are so good and creative and have a unique thing to their name, and I feel awful in how it can make me really ashamed of my art. So receiving all your love and support really makes a huge difference to me!

I’m so sorry for my rambling so much aaaa



Hey guys! I am in a bit of a financial bind and could really use some help! I’m discounting commission prices for a while, for any of you who may be interested. Series canon, original characters and creatures (fantasy or otherwise) are all welcome. References are great but a good description works as well! Nudity is fine. Email me for a quote on multi-character and full body pieces! Please contact via email as tumblr tends to eat messages. Signal boosts are super appreciated!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


so someone replied to my fae hp post complaining about me shitting on jkr’s world-building cuz actually it’s “something she did really REALLY well”??? the universe is amazing

but now im once again thinking about jkr’s shitty shitty world building &

do you ever just pour one out for all the magic theory we could’ve got

like holy shit joanne, did you never like. take a science class? did you get through your entire academic career without attending a single science class

you don’t learn the practical before you learn the theory!! especially not when that practical is dangerous as shit

harry learns theory once, when he’s taught DADA by umbridge in fifth year, & it’s entirely presented as a terrible no-good very bad teaching method primarily chosen to punish the students & also a sign of umbridge being ~overly protective

which, ok, not entirely unfair, harry is a fifth year & also they’re lowkey At War, but still. the fact that the whole academic curriculum at hogwarts does not at any point delve into the why of magic as well as the how is fucking TRAGIC. we could have had it ALL

why do spells have colours? what’s the history behind the incantations? (why isn’t history of magic about how spells developed over time???) are all spells affected by your emotional state like the patronus is? what the fuck is arthimancy & how in hell does it work where is my book that’s just hermione’s arthimancy textbook ft. all her notes scribbled in the margins why are you writing fantastic beasts when you could write THAT joanne!!!

like, god. how do wards work? how do you paint a moving portrait? who’s the wizarding equivalent of isaac newton? what are the limits of healing spells? would healing spells cure cancer?? why are there very specific spells for some things & then incredibly vague spells for other things? what’s the difference between ‘reparo’ & ‘episkey’? if you place a charm on an object does it last longer depending on the charm or your ability as a wizard? both? does the object affect the charm? is magical energy a finite resource? is it something wizards channel or produce? is there wizard discourse about whether it’s channelled or produced? is wizard/muggle a black & white binary or a messy grey spectrum? why can wizards do such incredible weird things as kids but not as adults? does learning spells ruin a wizard’s ability to do ‘accidental wandless magic’ when stressed/upset/in danger? 

i have!! so many questions!! jkr is never gonna answer!!! cuz she hates me!!! why does she hate me!!! give the textbooks joanne!!!!

tfw you come up with really fun, self-indulgent ideas for a crossover of two of your favourite fandoms……

except their fanbases almost never overlap. probably.

Portrait Power Rankings: How Do You Even Paint a Baby Anyway edition

Think “little man from the Renaissance,” floofy collar and all. That should do it.
(Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732–1806), Head of a Boy (called Alexandre-Évariste “Fanfan” Fragonard) (detail), c. 1785, oil on card. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

Give it a gigantic forehead and no neck, and surround it with people that clearly want nothing to do with its baby nonsense.
Ranking: NOVICE
(Matteo di Giovanni (1435–95), Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome and Sebastian (detail), mid-15th century, tempera on canvas, transferred from panel. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

Babies like scones, right? Make it look like its mouth is already full of scone, but it’s trying to shove even more scone in. And make it be asleep.
(Thomas Gainsborough (1727–88), The Cottage Door (detail), c. 1780, oil on canvas. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

Giant forehead (but yes on the neck this time). Sadistic look in its eye. And twirling a blood-spattered toy held together by a nail.
(Charles Amédée Philippe van Loo (1719–95), The Artist’s Son, Louis (detail), 1764, oil on canvas. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

Babies look like hunched over, stoned aliens, right?
(Francesco Francia (c. 1450–after 1526), Virgin and Child with Saints Anthony and Francis (detail), c. 1490–1505, tempera and oil on canvas. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

Make it have lipstick on, but the lipstick is smeared all over its face. And it’s trying to hand a flower to a barely clothed lady. Plus, it’s concerned. Very concerned.
(François Boucher (1703–70), Venus and Cupid (detail), 1769, oil on canvas. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

Curly gold locks, chubby cheeks, and the expression you have when you’re stuck in a meeting that’s dragging on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever but you’re trying to still look professional.
Ranking: MASTER
(Cosimo Rosselli (1439–1507), Virgin and Child in Glory (detail), c. 1470, tempera with gold leaf and gesso on panel. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

We’re overthinking this. It’s simple. We were all babies once, right? And now we’re adults. So babies are pretty much just miniature adults. So make it a tiny adult, but naked and with no eyelashes or eyebrows. And it’s being held by someone with REALLY LONG FINGERS.
Ranking: NAILED IT
(Attributed to Adrien Ysenbrandt (c. 1500–51), Virgin and Child (detail), early 16th century, oil on panel. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)


Oh, and if anyone wanted to see my digital painting process for this silly portrait, the image directly above is a gif (Seems to not work on mobile in tumblr app though, grarrrrh. Seems to work in my mobile browser though when I copy paste the link ) that shows some of my steps (be prepared to see some clunky wip shots!)  :) :)