how do you photoshop anyway

I finally made some cacti stuff and it was fun : D


Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.


I went everywhere! I went absolutely everywhere!



I love Wintergatan and Martin is the most brilliant person I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a fan for about a year now and only now do I draw some fanart, GG self lol. I was gonna draw the Marble Machine but… Christ, have you seen that thing?? It’d take me a month to draw it :’3 So instead here’s Martin with the music box, which wasn’t easy to draw (even when I simplified it a little) but it was easier than the Marble Machine at least.

Go check out Wintergatan if you haven’t yet!! (x) (x) (x)

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so I was feeling lousy and decided to take some of the best advice I can give to anyone feeling lousy- which is to draw your fav character being sad get out there and freakin make something! man, I am suuuuper out of practice with animating though golly (how do you even use photoshop for this?!?!??)

anyway I have a horrible feeling season 2 is going to feature Sylvia getting hurt bad and Wander thinking/realizing it was all his fault

touch me with your hands undress me with your mind

speak with no words show me and I’m all yours

show me and I’m all yours 


Happy 9th anniversary FTISLAND!!

You’ve completed a feat few groups can claim to achieve, and you’ve earned it. Primadonnas have grown with you as we watched you grow up right before our very eyes, from the time you were just 15-17 year-olds. Although you’ve been through some major struggles, that fight in you only made your bond stronger–both musically, and in friendship. I can’t completely express the overwhelming pride and happiness I have for you now that you’re finally able to make music you want to make, and to see your hard work being well received. It’s given me such joy listening to your songwriting stories and to hear you genuinely get excited about your upcoming releases. It makes listening to the final product that much more meaningful, and your live performances that much more magical. Thank you, for sharing that joy and sorrow with us through your music. Let’s make it another 9 years!


MCU // Discworld  ― 1/?

[Carrot] often struck people as simple. And he was. Where people went wrong was thinking that simple meant the same thing as stupid.

(Men at Arms - Terry Pratchett)

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