how do you people make gifs

i cannot possibly express my gratitude enough, thank you so, so much for helping me hit a follower milestone! thank you for your reblogs, likes, heartwarming messages and comments, your support and encouragement all this while ♥ i’m incredibly touched ( ; u ; )

even though i’m just an amateur trying to do what i can do to contribute to the fandom and community, it makes me really happy to know that there are people out there who like what i do. it keeps me motivated and pushes me to work hard to polish my skills (`・ω・´)ゞ let’s keep doing our best together!

( ^ω^ ) i’m also very grateful for all the lovely people i’ve met and all the amazing friends i’ve made ♥ even if we’ve never directly interacted before, you are part of the community that’s helped me grow as a translator, writer, etc, and most importantly as a person, and so for that i am thankful! [bow]

i’m honoured to have been given the chance to (even if only for a bit) make you smile. from here on too, i’ll keep doing my best to produce content that i hope will colour your lives a little, and bring a smile to your face. thank you very much!!! (≧◇≦)


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!


spread, spread, spread my wings 🎶


Prince of Egypt director’s commentary: “Here we went back and forth in this sequence of whether or not how sympathetic Seti was going to be. And we finally decided that we had to make him have more of an edge. And that’s when we added the last lines where he says that “They were only slaves.”” (2/?)


James D'Arcy as Edwin Jarvis in Agent Carter.


Joshifer+ Clapping Laughs on Jimmy Fallon


“Let’s reenact the audition moments.” (x)