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your art is so pure and so good and so soft and I love it so much, also i have an actual question as this is what this feature is for: do you ever draw traditionally? and do you paint? or do you just stick to digital art?

thanks! hardly ever, to be honest. like, once every two months or even less frequently. you know how some people are guilty of buying sketchbooks only to never draw in them? I’m one of those people, haha. and I never paint too (neither traditionally nor digitally) since I know next to nothing about colour theory and how lighting/shading works

this luna is from 2016

and here are voltron’s lance and keith I drew about.. two days ago I think

  1. There’s too many people on this earth, we need a new plague.
  2. Do you think that doing alcohol is cool?!
  3. If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and___, I would shoot ___ twice.
  4. Why are you the way that you are?
  5. Just poopin’, you know how I be.
  6. And you know what’s going to be on your tombstone? Loser!
  7. The Taliban is the worst … great heroin though.
  8. Sometimes when I start a sentence, I don’t even know where it’s going, I just hope I find it along the way.
  9. Suddenly, she’s not yo ho no mo’.
  10. I hate looking at your face, I wanna smash it.
  11. Well, well, well…How the turntables…
  12. I ran over a turtle in the parking lot But then I saved him by gluing his shell back together. But I’m not that good at puzzles.
  13. You are! She/he is! She/he is the devil! I’m in hell! - I’m burning. Help me.
  14. Oh you’re paying way too much for worms, man. Who’s your worm guy?
  15. As soon as he messes up, I swoop in like a sexual predator.
  16. I’m always thinking one step ahead, like a carpenter that makes stairs.
  17. So I put the money in my shoe, and then I forgot about it until now.
  18. I am better than you have ever been or ever will be.
  19. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.
  20. That’s what she said.
  21. Look at me. Look at me! Look at this face. This is not the face of a performer. This is the face of a scary apparition you see before you die.
  22. Its Britney, bitch.
  23. What if we all get together and help each other and hire a new guy and then we all kill him, but first we take out, like, a $100,000 life insurance policy? I bet you guys like that idea, don’t you?
  24. I don’t care what they say about me… I just want to eat.
  25. You all took a life here today. The life of the party.
  26. I decided to stay home, eat a bunch of tacos in my basement. Now my basement smells like tacos. You can’t air out a basement. And taco air is heavy. It settles at the lowest point.
  27. I’ve done a lot more for a lot less.
  28. Last time, you pulled my pants down, and then you tried to choke me with my shoelace.
  29. Disposable cameras are fun, but it seems a little wasteful. You never get to see your pictures.
  30. I never smile if I can help it. Showing one’s teeth is a submission signal in primates. When someone smiles at me, all I see is a chimpanzee begging for its life.
  31. If that’s flashing, then lock me up.
  32. I stepped on a piece of glass in the parking lot, which hurt.That got infected, even though I peed on it.
  33. Hey, ___! This is Michael Jackson calling from Wonderland!
  34. If I can’t scuba, then what’s this all been about?
  35. Its like my life is buffering.
  36. Whether it’s a Gremlin or Chucky the doll–the key is to throw it in something. Like a fireplace or a tub of electricity.
  37. Kids, sometimes it pays to be gay.
  38. If I don’t have some cake soon, I might die.
  39. This is an environment of welcoming, and you should just get the hell out of here.
  40. Occasionally, I’ll hit somebody with my car. So sue me!
  41. ___, I am in love with you. I don’t believe in much, okay? I don’t believe in horoscopes. I don’t believe in Christmas. I sure as hell don’t believe in God. But for all of the disbelief, I believe in us. I believe in love.
  42. I am Beyoncé always.
  43. Sometimes we play a game where we see who can fit the most m&m’s in their mouth.
  44. I tried to talk to ___ and be his/her friend, but that is like trying to be friends with an evil snail.
  45. My philosophy is basically this, and this is something that I live by, and I always have, and I always will: Don’t ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you’ve been, ever, for any reason whatsoever.
  46. That’s inappropriate.
  47. Just pretend we’re talking until the cops leave.
  48. Ah, my favorite part of an ice cream party. The bagel chips.
  49. We’re all homos: homosapiens.
  50. I love inside jokes. Love to be a part of one someday.

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why do people on this site think romance-repulsed people are bigots and would go up to gay couples irl and tell them ''no pda pls!!'' esp in safe spaces ??? do people realise this is the i n ter n e t, irl no one will do this unless theyre an ass?? im so lol close your tab, go out a bit, instead of complaining about stuff that hasnt ever even happened to you jfc

Yeah it’s really annoying how people assume that we do that kind of thing just because we’re romance repulsed :/

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Since you were at the Italian institute thing, I'm curious is their any basis at all to the "Matt is mad at dom" thing ? Like was there really any undercurrent of hostility or even just coldness 👀

Oh dear god, this fandom! No. No. NO. This actually makes me angry, because how petty do you have to be to think that an actor is going to put a ship over his friend? (Because you can’t tell me that this doesn’t have anything to do with shipping.) And they are friends, there’s no doubt about that in my mind.

Friends that tease each other, and compliment one another, and laugh together. They’re very different personalities, but they genuinely enjoy each other’s company, which I’ve seen with my own two eyes from less than a metre away.

I’ve waited to post my write-up of the Sherdario M&G from last Saturday because @rebelqueenss (who was also there) hasn’t had time to look over my notes yet, but I will most certainly do it tomorrow at the latest. Someone obviously has to set the record straight. 


baekhyun stans:

  • probably wanting to stan the rest of the beagle line but then telling yourself that you have to be a faithful stan
  • seeing all those other baekhyun stans and feeling competitve
  • feeling overly protective of the lil beagle when the other baekhyun stans say that he’s their husband
  • feeling overly protective when the other stans sass the baekhyun stans
  • feeling like you stan another exo member but constantly hearing the beagle’s screams in your ears 
  • wanting baekhyun to release more solo tracks
  • seeing people hating on baekhyun’s mullet and wanting to give them a shit storm but wanting to be classy
  • seeing other baekhyun stans making themselves look stupid and desperate and knowing doing something about it will just make all baekhyun stans look immature

chanyeol stans:

  • constantly being annoyed at how people think chanyeol is annoying for being “constantly happy”
  • having eyes rolled at you when you explain that chanyeol has his harsh times too
  • having people tell you that chanyeol’s happiness is fake
  • having a slight liking to kyungsoo (even if you don’t think you do you do)
  • having your ovaries killed whenever he dyes his hair a dark color
  • being annoyed the “you lovin’ the size” meme is used incorrectly and not being able to do anything about it
  • seeing people mock his english
  • having people tell you you’re “too obsessed”

jongdae stans:

  • seeing all those posts talking about how jongdae stans are trolls when you deep inside know you’re not that much of a troll
  • seeing posts about how people should be appreciating jongdae more but nobody listens
  • people mocking his vocals
  • seeing the constantly recycled joke about jongdae being an absolute troll like he’s not just five letters go
  • seeing all these xiuchen shippers and even though you might not feel like it’s your type knowing deep down that you should just give in because you secretly love it
  • seeing people saying that jongdae gets “too many lines” and that he should “just go solo at this point”
  • seeing people not appreciate jongdae
  • people using the dino roar meme incorrectly

kyungsoo stans:

  • seeing that 78% of meme text posts that include kyungsoo have to include a reference to “satansoo”
  • being pissed off at recycled memes
  • having people make fun of kyungsoo’s height when he isn’t even that short if you look at it
  • seeing all those inaccurate posts about kyungsoo being mean
  • probably wanting to stan chanyeol on the side but being scared that kyungsoo might be sad
  • seeing kyungsoo pout with those big ass cute ass sexy ass lips
  • people bullying kyungsoo
  • wanting an actual squishysoo

jongin stans:

  • people not seeing the cute fatherly side of jongin
  • people saying that his skin is too dark and therefore calling it “ugly” despite you thinking it’s sexy af
  • people thinking that jongin is only in exo bc he’s a good dancer and therefore not appreciating his vocals
  • trying to find a decent smut that doesn’t involve intense dance breaks
  • finding a decent smut but after reading it you’re either traumatized af or thirsty af
  • feeling genuinely thirsty every time you see a picture of jongin
  • or a video of jongin
  • basically being turned on by someone saying his name

kris stans:

  • people saying he’s ugly
  • feeling both embarrassed and thirsty whenever he actually tried to be a leader (esp that time he hit his arm lol)
  • people saying “he’s good for nothing”
  • knowing that no matter how hard you try to explain people won’t understand how funny he is
  • seeing “manga hair” kris and just
  • wanting to stan someone from exo-k but that’d totally make you feel bad and guilty
  • watching ot12 days and getting the feels
  • seeing him with his hair shaved off and suddenly realizing that kris doesn’t give any fucks and wanting to be like that but you’re busy being thirsty

yixing stans:

  • go fighting episodes take forever to load
  • listening to the exo’s new album and suddenly realizing that yixing’s voice would’ve been so nice in the eve
  • despite being supportive of yixing you still wonder what diamond would’ve sounded like with his voice
  • seeing him with luhan laughing as their good ol’ selves and remembering that you probably used to stan luhan and getting emotional
  • seeing yixing getting shit on for no apparent reason
  • seeing people saying that yixing might as well leave exo because they’re pro ot8 !!
  • give !! yixing !! lines !!
  • literally seeing yixing and wondering if he’s hot, sexy, or cute in this photo and just questioning life bc he’s so innocent while being literal sex

luhan stans:

  • wishing you were as pretty as him
  • watching videos of ot12 and suddenly feeling really empty because he was so pretty
  • seeing his new content and being like “it’s so good ogm” but secretly wondering what it’d be like if he was still with exo
  • seeing people say that he used exo as a way to get famous and was secretly “selfish”
  • watching hardcore hunhan shippers in the comments section of ever exo, sehun, or luhan related video and literally dying of embarrassment
  • people that are at war because they don’t know whether to call luhan manly or pretty
  • your friends thinking luhan is a girl
  • seeing all the other luhan stans and wanting to fight

junmyeon stans:

  • knowing that junmyeon is underrated and needs love
  • people only knowing junmyeon for being “that cringey stereotypical mother of exo”
  • not seeing enough junmyeon stans
  • people saying that junmyeon isn’t as good looking as the rest of exo and wanting to punch those people in the face
  • just wanting junmyeon to be happy and stress-free
  • watching all the other fanwars and getting the feeling that you should stop them but you can’t be bothered
  • but then watching exo-ls embarrassing themselves badly and feeling guilty for not doing anything
  • knowing that junmyeon needs to be appreciated

sehun stans:

  • seeing other sehun stans embarrassing themselves
  • being called a brat when the only thing you did was say “i’m a sehun stan” 
  • being annoyed when people call sehun ugly
  • give !! sehun !! more !! lines !!
  • people saying that sehun is overrated
  • people saying that sehun stans are insane and shouldn’t stan him bc they only stan him bc he’s handsome (ugly then handsome?? make up your minds you snakes lmao)
  • seeing other sehun stans and feeling v competitive
  • watching sehun grow up and the feels

tao stans:

  • feeling annoyed when the only joke they know is showers
  • or the other joke is his love for gucci 
  • angry bc tao should’ve been treated better because he’s human and has human needs
  • seeing old videos and being emotional
  • seeing all his new content and feeling happy but then feeling pissed bc you think nobody knows or cares about his career
  • wanting to stan someone else in exo but then the memories of tao got you like
  • looking up smut and seeing him being portrayed poorly
  • people not caring about exo-m versions of songs and not appreciating tao’s rap parts

minseok stans:

  • your insensitive aunts and uncles calling minseok “fat”
  • people saying minseok is ugly and doesn’t deserve to be a part of exo and that really hurts
  • wanting minseok to be appreciated more but nobody hears you
  • wanting to stan xiuchen because “he’s like a wife to me” but wanting minseok to yourself too
  • looking up smut and being confused as to why the most obscure smuts were made
  • getting thirsty and turned on at the incorrect times
  • people not appreciating his vocals
  • people not knowing that under those cute clothes is a fuCKING XIUDADDY READY TO GET YOU PREGNANT THROUGH YOUR EARS

Dear Tom Hardy, thanks. For always making me feel human. I don’t know how you do it, I don’t how you managed to connect to me like no one else ever has, but all I’ve got is infinite thanks. You always care. You always make people feel like they matter. Every person. Every fan. On an individual level. Microscopic. You never had social media long enough to interact with fans where we beg for retweets from you, beg for a follow back. You never did what most celebrities do to interact with us. But you’re out there. And you see us. And you care. And each & every fan that stumbles across you even on your personal time, you take the time out to take a picture. You smile brightly every time like you just met the most amazing person in the world. You take the time out to talk to people. At events you make sure to walk the whole line of fans to sign things for them. You read your fanmail. You wear the things fans gift you. You show so, so much love, and if you have lovely fans its only because you’re such a lovely person yourself.

I know I post so much love for Tom on this blog, I know I do. But I’m thankful. For how human he makes me feel. How valued. How much I want to do and be better as an individual and contribute to society in a loving, positive way. He’s such a kind person. I thank Allah everyday I was given the ability to connect to someone on that level.

It’s really made me a more gentle person because of it.

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serious question, but how angry can he get? like I understand he doesn't do touch or hugs but would he do fist-bumps?

(I really don’t believe people are understanding the problem Bendy has with hugs and touching, even after all this time; it doesn’t matter what the act is, if he doesn’t want it, it’s a violation of personal space. I don’t know how many times I have to say this. He’d shake hands with someone just fine if they wanted to show him respect and that was the implication, but if you see it as a sliding scale of touch and are trying to calculate how “angry” he’d be per physical act, you’re still just using him. Trying to see how much you can get from him. It’s really selfish, gross and just plain weird.

You can’t… approach people that way. It’s dehumanizing. I really hope that you don’t treat the real people in your life like this. He’s not a toy to play with or an animal you have to approach slowly so he won’t bite you. He’s just a person. I don’t know why it’s so hard for so many of you to just simply show him basic respect. He’s more than happy to entertain you, that’s what he loves to do, but he doesn’t exist for your personal pleasure. Why is this so hard to understand? -HG)

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that's for their own private lives. i for one actually do ship them, but i'm not as insanely blinded as the rest of the phandom to read into the tiniest of details any rational person would realise mean NOTHING. this is coming from someone who actually would love to see them together, but i just can't understand how them doing what best friends do leads people thinking that's even something. honestly, i'm actually curious, how do you believe all the smallest things are proof??? 2/2

i don’t see how this is a problem, as long as nobody forces phan onto them (which i do not nor does anyone i know) i don’t see what’s wrong with it, and as far as seeing every little thing as ‘proof’, everyone has different ideas of what little things are, something that seems little to you might not seem it to anyone else, and if people take said things to support their idea that they are a couple, what’s the big deal?????

as i’ve said, it’s each to their own.

I put together this meme in case Chapter 545 turned out to be shipping fodder for all my NOTPs, but I do think this is a pretty good representation of the fandom right now… Even though everyone could have their way, with this ending.

People are free to complain, but I do think they should be fortunate their ships weren’t completely debunked. All this conclusion did was end on a neutral note.

And yet a number of people are upset Mashima teased and teased, and in the end, didn’t “do” anything. How do you think us “crackships” feel, folks? Our ships were cast aside so Nalu/Jerza could have fanservice. And boy, did it make us depressed seeing all those “moments” for Nalu/Jerza.

I just get the feeling Mashima-sensei was trying to make as many fans as happy as possible. Yes, even you Big 4 shippers. Not everyone has to view the series with the same interpretation, no matter how “obvious” it is. He’s not obligated to support any of our ships, since it’s his story; and I'll even go so far as to say that he doesn’t “owe” us an in-story answer for why ships were left ambiguous. After all, if he did give an answer, would that not ruin the point of ambiguity? People were going to be upset either way, whether he "confirmed" Nalu/Jerza - upsetting us “crackshippers” - or “denied” them - setting off the larger part of the fanbase. 

Mashima chose neither, and that’s his choice. And wasn’t that what we all wanted? I can recall more than one instance where a fan ranted that the Big 4 hinting was Mashima’s choice. Are you going to go back on your words, and say he was ‘pushed’ into making this ending? 'Cause as I recall, it’s you Big 4 shippers that have the numbers for that sort of pressure. Not us. Though between you and me, I don’t think Mashima was all that “pressured” at any given point; correct me if I’m wrong.

Just some food for thought.

On the boys’ current relationship, part 2 (another quick Super Sons meta)

Honestly, unlike some I am not that annoyed at how Damian is treating Jon in Super Sons #6, for a couple reasons. Maybe it’s because I’m 21 and the horrid teen years are behind me, but guys…young teenagers do this kind of shit. 

First of all, I think we forget that they are not the same age. 3 (or 2.5, whatever) years is a lot at that young. If you remember being 13, you remember that a lot of people were embarrassed to hang out with younger kids at that age. Personally, I do not think Damian should be leading the TT right now or even be a member, but DC Editorial does, and Tomasi is writing this situation realistically. Damian is the youngest member of the Teen Titans. A 13-year-old feeling resistant to bringing along his 10-year-old friend to hang out with his older friends is something you’d expect, even if it is mean. Especially a kid like Damian who wants so badly to be seen as a grown-up. Especially when his command over these people is tenuous at best. 

Damian is a deeply insecure kid who deals with it by pushing his own superiority over others, and it makes him feel bigger to be the “leader” so to speak in their friendship. To Damian, I think the Teen Titans is the primary leverage he has in his relationship to Jon to maintain this “I’m the experienced one training you!” idea he wants to push. Notice that he, fairly unprompted, brings up that Jon may eventually be ready to join the TT. He’s gone from using TT to insult Jon to saying “Yeah, I may let you in eventually. You know, when I’ve decided that I’ve trained you well enough.” 

Also, notice that Damian does not get defensive when Starfire calls Jon his friend. He’s not denying their friendship, unlike even last issue…he just doesn’t want this kid friend he has hanging around the older people he’s still trying to establish his leadership over, ya know? Especially when that 10-year-old is a little too adept at knocking him down a peg.

Last arc was about the boys becoming friends (and it established that yes, Damian does like spending time with Jon…but that doesn’t mean he wants to admit that), I think this arc will be about them both getting over some of these insecurities. I won’t be surprised if it culminates in Damian swallowing his pride and admitting more of his respect for Jon.

Also, the issue was actually way less painful than I was expecting based on the description. I thought it was going to be about Damian bringing him into the Teen Titans, Jon being excited to join, and then it being revealed that Damian had some ulterior motive that would be hurt Jon badly when it was inadvertently revealed. An irritating and unnecessarily cruel story just for cheap drama that would make their friendship look worse, and make Damian look almost abusive instead of insensitive. Instead, we got Tomasi writing the boys as boys their age would actually act, which comes with fun things and less-fun things. 

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Think you're right re: Octavia, Rosy. JR made some comment yesterday about how it'll be interesting to see the psychology of people change when they think they've got 5 years underground to being afraid they're in there forever. That would bring out a different and darker Octavia for sure!! A darker everyone probably.

I am wondering how Octavia could get darker. That seems very hard to do. 

But you know, they do a lot of regressions on this show, which is HORRIBLE to watch but very psychologically true. When people are put into times of stress and feel powerless, they return to the coping strategies that they know, even if they are harmful and came from a place of abuse that they were trying to overcome.

So this makes me think Octavia will return to her dark history as the girl under the floor. It was terrible, but it was also a time of peace and order. Will she take on the characteristics of the oppressive society that caused her so much pain? This is likely.

Marie mentioned that Octavia was suffering from PTSD and I think that was a good thing to point out. Because we’re all familiar with some aspects, right? We see the nightmares, the drinking, the suicidal tendencies, the depression, the running away. And these are acceptable symptoms, they make us a little sympathetic. But maybe we’re not really as sympathetic to some of the more toxic symptoms of PTSD. The lashing out. Treating loved ones like enemies. Living life as if you are in a constant war. Anger. Selfishness. Self-centeredness. These can all be a part of PTSD. 

If she gets to the point where, 5 years in, they realize they can’t get out, she’s going to feel trapped again and if she’d managed to control her issues over 5 years of peace, I could see it being retriggered. 


                              HAPPY ONE YEAR EVERYONE!

It’s been an amazing year on this blog! And I can’t even BEGIN to express how much I love this blog and how much kindness I’ve been shown while running it. You guys are the most lovely people I’ve ever interacted with on a blog, and I can NEVER thank you all for it enough. And to show my appreciation, let’s do a good ol’ follow forever, shall we?

THE THEORY TEAM! ( my mutuals, me loves)

MY ACTUAL, REAL LIFE LOVE, ANDY! @dcrkmonsters / @unholyhunter / @battleingnate (just f O R FUN): OKAY EVEN THOUGH YOU H A T E MATTHEW, you still love me. And I know that’s hard to do sometimes when I’m constantly talking about things you have no interest in and can sometimes be a big ass. And you have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that you can put up with me. You were there when I first made this blog and probably remember me saying that it was because “matt was cute”, bUT HEY! Now we’re here and people actually think I AM MATT, so technically you’re dating Matpat, yyeeeeeeEEEEEEEEE. But really, I love you so much. More than really anything else. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MATPAT. And I mean that, you’re perfect, and have SUCCESSFULLY taken my heart. And that’s no theory <3.

HALEY! @prctip / @wilfordswarfstache / @oftheatrics: I can’t say enough about you, dear. You went from the first Stephanie that I ever interacted with to forming a full fledged relationship between Willa and the WORST MATTHEW (mads), and you’ve been so kind to me the whole time we’ve been doing this. You’ll come at me with cute and sad headcanons alike, and will stay up to listen to me scream about how those two should have kids and live the domestic life. I can honestly consider you a friend of mine on this platform. And lastly, I must say that you’re an a amazing writer, and your dedication for your blogs shows through your responses. I hope that we interact more, and I wish you nothing less than success in everything you do!

@theoriizer / @deemwcrthy!!: OH MY LORD! We haven’t talked or plotted in forever! But you were such an inspiration for me in the creation of my Matt’s personality at first, and you have influenced me more and more along the way. And I must say that when I see you on my dash my heart gets all warm and fuzzy, because you’re just THAT awesome! And we totally need to talk more, dude! You gave me easily one of my favorite ships (mattcest) and on top of that a person to talk to (you). You’re personality is sunshiny and I love you for it! I really hope we plot and talk more in the future and I hope you have a fantastic day!

a L ix A nd  ER@pcetryhoe / @shcrpened / @swungweb: gE T SORRIN TOO. You two have been the closest friends I’ve made in the last month, and I treasure you both so much more than you know. You allow for me to BOMBARD you with stupid things I do at three in the morning and let me SPAM you with sad and happy headcanons alike. You guys have given me my FIRST most functioning OT3 in almost 2 years! And I love you both for it. I also love the person behind the muses. You two are so kind and understanding, and listen to me bitch all the time. And whether you LIKE IT OR NOT, you are good people and deserve far more appreciation then you are given. But really, I love you both so much, and I only want good things to come to you.

THE VIEWERS ( people i REALLY want to interact with )

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Alright and guess what I’m also doing because I’m garbage but also a nervous wreck?
Even though I do ship with chemistry, I also am someone who can be a bit of a burning dumpster fire when it comes to how much I like to ship. The psychology behind it and seeing two people bounce off of each other – and learning how to compromise and better each other and themselves is not only fascinating but beautiful to me.

That being said, I WILL BE SELECTIVE WITH THIS – AND I WOULD PREFER MUTUALS ONLY. I probably won’t ship with you right away, or immediately establish it as a ship the moment; I might like shipping but I need to test out muse dynamics as well as me being a sucker for slow burning shit with amazing payoff.

If you hit that like button you geeet–

     - A new car !!
     - Shipping with my muse romantically ( or queerplatonically if that’s what your muse is into / would prefer ) if I can see it as possible.
               - Don’t worry, if I don’t see the chemistry romantically, I am more than willing to platonically ship with you. I fucking love friendship dynamics just as much.

     - Sending me shippy memes / asks without the nerves™. I can roll with it.
     - Plot discussion involving the development of these two from meeting in whatever way they did initially to a relationship. Or just coming up with plotpoints to go off of.

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so out of my psych group I'm the only infp who doesn't get triggered ??? but I'm hella common I'm a 9w1 but all the other xnfps are annoying af anything triggers them ...weird how this is a thing -your perspective?

What exactly do you mean by triggered? By life events that they feel they need to talk about, by comments made in the group, in general?

Not every xNFP is sensitive, but a lot of the people who are very sensitive tend to be xNFPs. So I guess I’m not surprised. 

I can understand how you would be annoyed, but everyone is different. Some things might seem ridiculous to feel “triggered” by, as you put it, but everyone has their reasons. At the same time, even if things do upset someone sensitive, that person has to learn to assess whether it’s appropriate to react. For example, if someone who cares about you is giving you constructive criticism, you have to understand that they are only criticizing you out of love in the hopes that you will improve.

I don’t know the situation so I can’t really analyze anything but here were some general thoughts about it.

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What is hey man I've had no wifi for a week

lmao in sdcc they played the first episode of season 3 and keith was…really sad cause you know, Shiro’s gone and the team was looking at eachother like “what do we do” and wITHOUT EVEN NOTICING THAT PEOPLE STARTED TO LOOK AT HIM LANCE WENT UP TO KEITH AND SAID “hey man” in a really soft freaking voice…and started talking about how they all miss shiro and it’s just….he cares about Keith a lot it’s precious

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I just thought I'd say this because I noticed it yesterday. When I was wearing my binder or when I do people tend to refrain from using she/her pronouns even though I haven't really come out completely but they know that wearing it does help me sometimes. I haven't put a label on myself I guess you could say. But it kind makes me feel bad/happy that they change how they address me. I feel bad because I feel like forcing how I feel on them...Idk I don't want anyone to be hurt by me or confused.

Well you should do whats comfortable for you, not whats convenient for other people. I don’t think anyone will be hurt by you using a binder, even if it does confuse them. I think it might confuse them a little less if you laid down a set of pronouns you want them to use :)



just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

there’s a rule about taking Doctor Who seriously and it’s that to take it seriously you need to not take it too seriously 

this show doesn’t take itself seriously, no matter how dark it might get at times

this isn’t some fucking gritty Edgelord show, this is a show watched by millions of children about hope and belief and trying to help people even when it seems hopeless and even when it doesn’t work, we should never hope that anyone in it stays dead, especially not anyone that represents so much for so many

above all we should never as older fans want anything for it that would take away from the enjoyment of the younger fans

you can’t treat it the same way you would a lot of other shows. its demographic is anyone who is willing to believe in it, anyone of any age. 

this is a show about an idiot in a magical box who fixes things with a screwdriver and a belief in the goodness of people

an idiot who gets into ridiculous situations that are often also dire, who saves the day always but only uses violence as a last resort, who tries to win with words and cleverness first 

over the last few years it’s been one of the only shows on television still trying to tell a hopeful story in a world obsessed with Edgy Cynical Realism, while never shying away from how harsh the universe can be

it is a show about possibility where almost any thing or person or story that can be imagined could be plausible (hello, people being killed by plastic inflatable chairs, a small box being infinitely huge on the inside, a lesbian being saved by her magical star girlfriend)

it is a show created by lifelong fans, it is a constant love letter to itself with stupid little in jokes and nostalgic trips, and above all it is a message and lesson of hope and kindness

take it or leave it but that is what it will or at least should always be