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What do Hanzo, Junkrat and Lucio do when they're walking down a street and see someone who think is hella fine?


  • How fast do you think someone can walk away from a situation and not draw attention? Hanzo hasn’t figure it out yet but he’s working on it.
  • He’d admire them from afar at first. He tends to treat other people like art in museums, he just looks at them and appreciate their value. He doesn’t have much social interactions but he’s trying to fix that. He might psych himself up to talk to them. He’s a handsome guy and he knows it so this shouldn’t be too hard, right?
  • If they actually talk to him, he’ll pay them a compliment and maintain his cool but inside, he is not okay. This weatherman is predicting an anxiety storm and it’s coming his way. He can talk to the person but if they start flirting, he goes pink. 


  • He’s not even trying to hide the fact that he’s looking. They’re really cute and he’s never really denied himself things before, why start now? He understands that some people don’t think the way he does so if they look upset, he’ll stop looking but until then, there’s no harm in it if he’s not bothering them?
  • He notices the little things. His overactive mind tends to pick out and fixate on single things like the amount of freckles on a person’s nose or how their fingernails are rounded not straight.
  • He probably won’t approach them. Even though he’s comfortable in his body, he knows some people don’t like it. He also knows that his mile a minute mouth can get him in trouble. He’ll just keep people watching and let them pass. 


  • He’s a social butterfly so he’s always willing to talk to strangers especially people who don’t instantly know who he is. 
  • Once he sees this person, he immediately goes up to them. He points out whatever he noticed about them and compliments it. He especially compliments people who look insecure in what they’re doing. He knows it’s hard to go out in an outfit you’re trying to get comfortable wearing. Watching their face light up makes his day. 
  • He’ll spend a while talking to them if they decide they’re up for a conversation. He’ll talk about anything and everything under the sun and he likes to show interest in other people’s interests. He’s learned a lot of thing about people that way and made a lot of friends. 

(Requests are open!!)


Let’s try this again, with pictures this time so you guys know what kind of works I do / how they look like.

First some rules ;)
- I will draw OCs and other characters from different series (feel free to ask!)
- I also will draw NSFW arts!
- Payment via PayPal only. Payment first and then I do your commission.
- Fast delivery! Max a week.
- +5€ every extra character, background starting from 5€ extra.
- Contact me here in Tumblr via note (not as anon)
- Prices will go from 5€, simple and lazy black&white style, to 50€ (single character with background Leo)
- I won’t draw machines, real animals (anthros ok!), real people, or pregnancy / human baby arts.
- I normally don’t do black&white arts but if you want one, let me know and lets chat about it! :)

5€ with 2 character max

Simple style + flat color to one character 10€, 2 characters 15€

Full color half body with simple hard shading to one character 20€ / Full body 27€

Single character with half body with multiply shading 35€ / Full body 40€

Two characters with flat color + simple shading + simple background 30€. 

One character full body, full colored with multiply shading with simple background 55€.

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How tf did you even get 23k ?? Thats just wOW IM SO IMPRESSED ?? Thats the highest follower count ive seen lmao... How long have you had your tumblr for?? Btw your art is absolutely gorgeous no wonder so many people follow you! 💕✨

that’s what i’d like to know because i have NO IDEA it’s at 25k now and i just ??jhg thank you so much 💗

it almost makes me feel a bit cool

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(almost. in reality my hands get sweaty whenever i imagine that you all decided to click that button)