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I know it's a cheeky ask but... does that mean you'll might do some Pharametra sketches or doodles in the future? I'm only asking because honestly it's my favourite ship and I simply adore your art style. - From a very shy fan

Maybe? I haven’t explored it much yet. I just love how they look together. WoC ships are not common enough iMO.

I’m open to it, in any case.

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You know I didn't think I would find a new gay ship on PRs after Chiley. But now I think I've found the ship that will fill the void...Brody/Calvin is my new OTP. Do they have a ship name yet? lol

They haven’t interacted yet so how can you even? Lol

OC questions I haven't seen yet
  • Some of these require you to send a number and name!
  • 1. Do any of your OCs have a speech impediment?
  • 2. Do any of your OCs have a physical disability?
  • 3. What is your OCs favorite band if they have one?
  • 4. Does your OC have anything they take pride in? (like an award or collection?)
  • 5. Does your OC have a favorite film?
  • 6. How tall is your OC?
  • 7. Does your OC have any celebrity crushes?
  • 8. Do you ship any 2 of your OCs?
  • 9. How would you describe your OCs fashion taste?
  • 10. Does your OC have any special talents?
  • 11. Is your OC really bad at something?
  • 12. Does your OC have both of their parents?
  • 13. Does your OC know their parents?
  • 14. Does your OC have any siblings?
  • 15. Do any of your OCs have pets?
  • 16. Do you have any nonhuman OCs?
  • 17. Do you have any OCs you haven't posted about?
  • 18. How would you describe your OCs nature in one word?
  • 19. Who is your youngest OC?
  • 20. Who is your oldest OC?
  • 21. What race is your OC?
  • 22. Would your OC like you?

The snake and its hands

Dating Murphy would include...

Originally posted by immortalmurphy


-Sitting across from him on the drop ship

-”What landed you in here cutie”

- him winking as the drop ship is falling through space

-stopping him from fighting wells

-not going with the group to get water

-”not thirsty cutie?”

-Murphy intensely staring at you from across the bonfire.

-borrowing his knife to cut some fruit from trees.

-”Taking my belongings already? We haven’t even had a date yet”

-Murphy being blamed for wells death

-”He didn’t do it! He’s been in camp the whole time how would he have time?”

-Trying to stop people while they’re pushing him down.

-Being pushed to the side as he’s being tied.

-”Stop It! He didn’t do it”

-Tears streaming down your face slowly as he’s begging

-Pushing Bellamy in the chest 

-”Please stop it! You know that he didn’t do it!”

-Your heart dropping as they let him sink in the air.

-”I did it!” Little Charlotte speaking

-While everyone looks dumbstruck at her you run to cut Murphy down

-”Murphy breathe you’re okay now”

-Giving him the tightest hug possible even though you never really showed affection towards him

-Watching Charlotte jump off the cliff

-”But Murphy you’ll die out there…”

-”You’d die too Y/n. You have to stay at camp where it’s safe”

-being moody since Bellamy banished Murphy

-not helping much around camp except for going on watch

-bellamy forcing you to do watch by yourself since you were being rude to him

-one night goes as normal; picking at grass on the ground until you hear a strangled groan from the woods

-walking slowly, as you point your gun towards the thing that kept groaning


-Seeing Murphy all bloody and broken looking pulling at your heartstrings.

-helping him get back to camp

-defending him from Bellamy

-”What’s he doing here?!”

-”Bellamy back off”

-”I swear I’ll kill him if he doesn’t leave now”

-”You’ll have to kill me too, now if you could please back off of us that’d be great”

-taking care of Murphy while Clarke tries to talk bellamy out of killing him

-”What happened to you” You whisper to him as you press a cold cloth to his forehead, wiping some hair away from his face

-”he was tormented by the grounders” She pointed to his hands and how his fingernail were almost gone

-after a little while when Murphy starts coughing up blood Clarke looks troubled

-”Y/n your eyes!”

-”What’s wrong?”

-”They’re bleeding!”

-Bellamy being very ticked off after Murphy brought back the Biological disease

-”Y/n, you’re in charge of watching Murphy. If he steps out of line I’ll slit his throat quicker than you can say goodbye”

-sneaking into Murphy’s tent at night

-”You know when Bellamy said you have watch me I don’t think he meant this closely”

-”Shut up. You’re lucky I saw you in the woods today”

-”True. Thanks for that…”

-Lying next to him, grabbing his hand lightly, “Are you okay?”

-Murphy not answering and nuzzling up to your neck.

-you start creating little braids in his hair

-after Murphy’s accepted around camp again you start hanging out more

-behind hugs

-forehead kisses, only in secret though, he still has to keep up him image

-being a tease and whispering/nibbling on your ear

-smirking at you from across the camp fire

-going on watch with him and making out

-lying your head on his chest when you sleep

-sitting on his lap by the fire to bother him

-secret back rubs

-tangling his hands in your hair

-pet names

-”You never told me how you got in trouble on the ark”

-”Maybe It’ll alway be a secret”

-”tell me”


-”fine if you must know I tried to steal some herbs”

-”herbs? were you a stoner back on the ark?” he asked with a smirk 

-”no you doofus, my parents were sick”

-Shoulder punches

-silly hair knots

-pulling you closer when you sleep

-cute tired murphy in the morning

-stealing his jacket all the time

Newt x Tina

I don’t know if anyone has seen this yet, but do you realize how perfect Newt and Tina’s ship name is?


- it has both their full (nick) names

-but they share a letter (a bond)

-it could be someones actual name

- or a genderbent version of Newts name

- it sounds like the beauty of their relationship

-old fashioned (like their time period)

- its a word that symbolizes their intertwining love by intertwining their names

-if there was a perfect ship name this would be it 

listen, i try not to be cute. i also try not to be super good at graphics because i’m not but what i do try is to be the best possible human being to everyone on my dash and appreciate them regardless of how long they’ve been with me or not. recently, i’ve reached 300+ followers on this blog. why ? i have no clue – i’m the shitlord of posting, i talk about my feelings and my ships like it’s going out of style ( also cause i’m hella edgy ) and yet still this community has treated me with nothing but kindness. and you want to know why  ? because you are all astounding writers, friends, and human beings ( i think, a little iffy on that last one ) – so please ignore my half assed graphic that i made within five minutes time and a second glass of wine and please understand that: i adore you, i adore being here, i adore all the things that i have seen on the dash – watching everyone be happy, laugh, write stupid jokes and just generally get along means so much to me. i come from such vile fandoms ( a few of you can attest to the nature of the DARP ) and just to see everyone just generally: HEY UR RAD is wonderfully refreshing in a way that just makes my heart throb.     for all my friends, old and new  – for those that have been with me since the beginning of my journey ( holla @ u mass effect & borderlands ) to those that have recently, and probably regrettably tuned it. 

so without further ado, i give you my list ( which is more or less everyone i follow so brace yourselves )

NO BROMO ; fam, what would i do without you ( probably fall into a ditch knowing me )

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SEVERAL FOR POSTERITY ;  y’all are freaking great, let me kiss you ( and finally write you things ??? ) 

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i’m also missing so many people on this list, please understand that if i follow you – you are on it i just — /inhales sharply, love u guys no hetero ok  and legit adds people to this list despite it being published fight me ???

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Do you think the sea captain is going to appear is these final episodes?

I really don’t know, since despite Daron aknowledging his existance and supposed role (hard to tell how much she was joking), and his eyes moving in Mr. Candle Cares, he’s still a very… weird presence. 

He might literally be just a joke, the captain of the Starco ship, or something more. This theory I found on Reddit isn’t backed up by any real evidence yet, but it’s interesting for sure. Even more since I guess we can consider canon, by now, the idea that Glossaryck’s plans and trainings involve Marco as well.

Domesticity Memes

Put a ship in my ask box and I’ll tell you:

  • big spoon/little spoon:
  • favorite non-sexual activity:
  • who uses all the hot water:
  • most trivial thing they fight over:
  • who does most of the cleaning:
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue:
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:
  • who steals the blankets:
  • who leaves their stuff around:
  • who remembers to buy the milk
  • who remembers anniversaries:
  • Who cooks normally?
  • How often do they fight?
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other?
  • Nicknames for each other?
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner?
  • Who steals the covers at night?
  • What would they get each other for gifts?
  • Who kissed who first?
  • Who made the first move?
  • Who remembers things?
  • Who started the relationship?
  • Who cusses more?
  • What would they do if the other was hurt?
Amnesia (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

A/N: So I got a song request to do amnesia by five seconds of summer, took a while and I lost the request in my inbox, but here it is xox

An unhideable feeling of sadness looms over Bellamy as he lays in the bed you used to share with him. Now you spend your nights in the drop ship, your eyes never opening as you lay in a peaceful coma. The sun began to rise, he could see the light hitting the outside of the tent. He hasn’t slept yet, how could he? Guilt plagues his thoughts. He blames himself for what happened. If only he had tried better to keep you safe, that grounder never would have attacked you and hit your head. You would still be here with him and he wouldn’t be losing his mind. Sighing, Bellamy stood up and made his way to where you are.

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No, no action at all (✿◡‿◡)


“I want to be strong. I really do. But I can’t help bursting out crying sometimes, because I just don’t know how things will get better.” - Kaede

“I know you’ve been struggling with this whole situation and that you want to be more than just alright, fine or okay. But don’t forget that you’re still a human. It’s okay to have a meltdown. You are a fighter, Kaede. Cry it out and just- keep strong, hold fast and take heart…cuz I believe in you..” - Ryoma


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You felt useless whenever the team had to do some recon.  You went along and watched, kept an eye out for any suspicious activity, but all in all, you couldn’t do anything but look around and wait for things to go south.  You couldn’t read people until they were about to attack, nor could you break into anything without literally breaking it.

That’s what brought you to Leonard’s door.  He was a master planner, and better yet, he could break into anything.  If anyone on the ship could teach you a thing or two about recon it was him.  And surprisingly, he was willing.

“So you want to learn how to pick a pocket?” he asked, circling the room.

“Yeah,” you replied.  

“Show me what you got,” he ordered casually.  You looked him up and down, unsure of what to do.  He rolled his eyes.  “First rule, don’t let the mark know you’ve made them your mark.”

Leonard stepped towards you, bumping into you and wrapping an arm around your waist just before you fell to the ground.  “And give them a distraction so they don’t notice what you’re doing.”

Not expecting him to pull you against his chest your face flushed.  Only when he was first to pull away after you’d regained your balance from the hit did he lift his other hand to reveal your watch held between his fingers.

You gaped and lifted your wrist.  “I…I didn’t even feel that!  How did you undo it with one hand?  And so quickly?”

“That’s what you’re here to learn, Y/N.”

HOW TO → jcink rp

so, forum rps have made a bit of a resurgence in the past year or so. i’ve found that there aren’t many guides on how to get going on the site. this is a comprehensive guide to roleplaying on jcink forums.  this guide includes how to find a group, how to register, how to create a character, how to manage shippers and shipping, how to thread, a guide to development, information on tracking & tagging, points info, and a short thesaurus.

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whoa are you in sherlock bbc fandom?:0 do you ship johnlock? will you draw something sherlock-related? how are you going to stay alive watching the final problem?

Hi there! Yes, I do watch Sherlock :) I’ve become passive about johnlock, I don’t actively ship it but you definitely won’t hear me say “ugh” when it appears on my dashboard lol I don’t think I’ll draw it, I’m not sure if it’s my comfort zone or something else but whenever I think of making +30 y/o men into cute cartoonish characters my inner self cringes haha

rn I’m about to watch the first ep of the new season so idk what to expect yet :D getting my hopes up real hard 


If you are a person that shames people who have a kink, ship or whatever,

Don’t Fucking Follow Me.

You specifically make yourself angry and argue, and waste your time by making other people feel like utter fucking garbage for something they like, and if you think that “you’re the good guy” well sorry honey….. You’re not. You’re worse, ((not saying that people who have those ships or kinks are bad cause they’re not)) you’re acting like some type of people we all know…..

Homophobes and Transphobes.

A homophobic or transphobic person shames a person of what they like. And that’s exactly what these people are doing to these who have these kinks/ships and then they think they’re the good guy because: “I’m telling how wrong it is!!!” sorry, but you aren’t you’re acting like a homophobe or transphobe, and yet: “i hate homophobes and transphobes!!!” well sorry sweetie, you’re acting just like those people, shaming people who have a kink or ship just because you don’t like it….. Or “it’s pedophilia!!!” or “it’s abuse!!!” I’ll tell you what it is…….

Not Real.

And yes, I get that there are some people who ship real life people, but just let them be happy……. I personally don’t like irl ships, but I’m not gonna bother arguing with someone who just wants to be happy, if you don’t like it, don’t look at it, we aren’t shoving it down your throats, we aren’t FORCING you to look at it. You choose to look at it to make yourself angry on purpose, and then you shame us for doing so,

Like a homophobe or transphobe.

And I see these “____- hates-your-ship!!!” blogs…. Or “_____- is-against-your-kink!!!”

And all I have to say to that is…….

That isn’t gonna change our mind sets on how we like something. Your stupid little blog about shaming a certain ship or kink isn’t gonna change our minds about what we like, sooner or later, you’ll just look like a biggot trying too hard to shame people, and after a while, we won’t care.

and plus, most of the time, when people say: “they support it in real life!!!” they don’t, and no, it isn’t lesbian assure, it’s a fictional character that they can do what they want with, and plus, these aren’t your characters, you can’t stop us from doing something that makes us happy.

So the moral of the story is…..

Don’t waste your time shaming a person for what they like.

So I want a new tag to go around…..


So that’s it.


Jack Sparrow

Tease, mermaid reader, flirt, mention of smut

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: “ Hmmm going for Pirates…
Could you possibly write a cute ‘reader x character’ fic with (Captain) Jack where the reader is a mermaid/man in training and is learning how to lure men from their ships to their doom…but is failing…Like instead of singing something melodic they’ll rap or beatbox or something, or they’ll “try” to pose seductively on a rock and have seaweed blow into their face, and they’ll circle his ship, leaping out of the water like a dolphin just saying “am i doing this right, do you give up yet?  am i winning?” to the point where the captain just sort of gives up and helps them learn how to do the mermaid/man thing right…
I hope that inspires something <3 “

Word count: 699

A/N: I changed the request quite boldly, because I didn’t quite understand the request, but I hope you like this version!

gif is not mine.

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Maybe I’m being harsh but...

Let me just clear up that you can ship whoever the frick frack you want. From Sebaciel to Grelliam. I don’t mind. Be happy with your BB ships. (/owo)/ Everyone is p cool. These ship wars are kind of ridiculous and I really wish they’d stop, to be honest. But I’m going to go into some real talk here. I just wanted to express my view on here about Lizzy X Ciel. STOP. Don’t throw tomatoes yet. Jimmy, sit down. I’m not about to whine and screech about how bad any ship is. Or how annoying Lizzy is or whatever. This is a legitimate argument. And I don’t mind if you ship them. Whatever. :) We chill. I just want to explain why it is that I don’t ship this ship.

Often times I find myself saying, “god dammit Lizzy, stop.” And I do get really annoyed with her. However, I don’t hate Lizzy. I might say it but I really don’t mean it. I respect her motivation and dedication to Ciel’s happiness. She’s a strong individual. But here’s where I find myself troubled with this relationship. 

She doesn’t… really understand him. I don’t blame her for her ignorance about his past. Of course he hasn’t told her. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about his personality in general. She doesn’t support what he’s become. He’s content with who he is right now. He expresses this many times with his speeches about having no regrets and never letting go of his hatred and even his wish in general. That day he made a contract with Sebastian, he later stated that, no, he didn’t make it to avenge his parents. He did it for himself. He has changed and he doesn’t mind it. 

No, I don’t dislike Lizzy because she broke his ring or because she cries a lot. I dislike Lizzy because she doesn’t respect that he’s changed. She respects him as a person. Absolutely. But she spends so much of her time trying to make him back to the way he was when he was younger. She tries to get the Ciel that she used to know back. But that Ciel she used to know is gone now. He is who he is now.

 He doesn’t care for moments of happiness. He expresses that he doesn’t need them. That is now the Ciel that he is. But she refuses that side of him. She spends her time trying to change him when what she should be doing is accepting and understanding this person he has become. Because people change. Relationships are part building eachother to be the best them they can be. Any relationship. Friendships, partnerships, etc. But changing someone’s personality is taking it a step too far. 

He’s become confident with who he is. He’s not upset about his scars. They push him forward and he’s accepted that. These things make him stronger. It’s one thing to try and make someone happy when they’re down. But the thing is that Ciel isn’t particularly “down”. It’s just who he is. He has a morbid sense of humor. He has an “ugly truth” outlook on life. He evaluates things with logic and he sees things for what they really are in reality. Not through rose coloured glasses. That is who he is. But Lizzy, all she does is try to pull him to the lighter side because she thinks being on this dark side must be terrible when in reality, Ciel is quite comfortable where he is. 

I understand her point of view. But I, even more, understand Ciel’s. As someone with mental disorders, I understand that he lives in this dark because he’s learned to become comfortable in it. I deal with my issues and dust myself off in my own way because I know I’m the only one who can help myself in the moment of a panic attack, depression episode, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge when people who don’t experience my disorders try to help. But… it doesn’t help, really. Honestly I’ve heard it all before. Thank you for trying but… these things are problems I will deal with for the rest of my life. People look at me and think wow that must be terrible. And it is. So they try to help and they tell me to, “get out more, talk to friends more, stop doing this, start doing that.” But no. Those things to help me. In fact, these things make me uncomfortable. I don’t care to do them. I am forced to live with these pains and scars and so I deal with it. I’m still alive. I still move forward. These pains can slow me down but they happen. Can’t do anything about them so I learn to cope. That is what Ciel does. Even though these things cut down his ropes, “as long as there’s so much as a thread left, [he] will use it to climb.” Most with mental disorders wish for someone who mutually understands. Someone who acknowledges your way of coping because they know it works for you. We don’t expect you to fix us. We don’t expect you to have all the answers to our problems. But long as you can be there for us, maybe just to sit next to us when we cry, that is how you be there for someone who is like this.

Lizzy is one of those people who tries to fix. She is the embodiment of optimistic. And that’s great. But she needs to learn that Ciel is a China plate. He was dropped on the tile years ago and although he’s been glued, nobody is able to fix those cracks. No amount of positive talk will change that. No amount of smiles. She is there when an opportunity rises for her to try to keep fixing him, but she doesn’t listen. She talks over his responses whereas to stop him from saying something negative even though that’s just how he talks.

So again. I don’t hate Elizabeth. She has admirable traits and she isn’t an evil person at all. But her neglect is her undoing for me. Ciel and Lizzy are opposites. Even stated by Sebastian when he called her the “Daughter of the Sun.” I’m sorry this is so very long. But I’ve wanted to express this for a while now. I’ve a lot of friends in real life who tell me they agree. So I’m wondering if anyone else does. If you have arguments, please be as civil as I tried to be. :3 Rude comments will be ignored. (/;A;)/