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I had a joy playing opposite to Gal and getting a chance to fall in love with her. Patty gave me an objective which was to flirt, make her laugh. Tumble, breathe heavily like you’re doing something physical. And I said that sounds like a plan. And, you know, Gal’s my pal. So we just goofed around and had a good time. - Chris Pine on working with Gal Gadot

“Chris is such a talented, smart, funny, funny, funny, funny guy. People don’t understand how funny he is. We had to break so many takes because he made me laugh. I felt very, very comfortable working with him.” - Gal Gadot on working with Chris Pine

Dear Layla, 

 For nothing more than the pleasures past I would sacrifice my family, my god, and my own existence, and still you will not move. I am at the end of my mind, I cannot go back and there is nothing in tomorrow (save you) that can attract me beyond today. I have listened to the wind, I have watched the dark brooding clouds, I have felt the earth beneath me for a sign, a gesture, but there is only silence. Why do you hesitate, am I a poor lover, am I ugly, am I too weak, too strong, do you know why? If you want me, take me, I am yours…. If you don’t want me, please break the spell that binds me. To cage a wild animal is a sin, to tame him is divine.

My love is yours. 

 Eric Clapton’s letter to Pattie Boyd [x]

Okay so I’m seeing a bunch of people complain that Zack Snyder fans are attacking any critic that praises Patty Jenkins, but from what I can tell there’s a big difference. 

If you say: “Wow I love Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins did an amazing job with the film. Want more.”

Then there’s no reason for Zack Snyder fans to attack you or defend him and if they do then that’s messed up.

However if you say: “Wow I love Wonder Woman. Move over Zack Snyder, Patty Jenkins knows how to make a good DCEU movie. I want more.”

Then you are attacking Zack Snyder first and it makes sense to me that they would defend his movies. Contrary to Rotten Tomatoes, there are a lot of people that like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman and think Zack’s style and characterization of the DC heroes is spot on. And if you’re one of the people that didn’t like those movies, that’s okay, but there’s no reason to be negative towards Zack.

Basically Patty deserves all the praise and recognition for the film, however that doesn’t mean you should throw Zack under the bus. 

Top 10 Sweetest John Moments With Cynthia (Part 6: Honorable Mentions)

Hi everyone! So before I get to my number 1 choice on this countdown, I wanted to highlight a few honorable mentions. These are in no particular order, but simply a few moments that I thought were worth a quick mention. Hopefully by tomorrow morning, the final part of the countdown will be posted up. Until then, here we go!

Honorable Mentions:

1. Lingerie Dancing:

This was originally going to be on the list, but I ended up swapping it for another moment instead. Cynthia mentions in her book that John loved shopping and buying clothes for her. He particularly fancied lingerie and would buy countless of them for her to try on. Some of these things were far too extravagant to actually wear, but were mainly for look. They would have modeling sessions at home and Cynthia would strut around wearing one of the lingerie’s John bought her. After a few laughs, John would get up and ask flirtatiously “shall we dance”. And they dance…but not for long (Teehee!).

2. Amor en España (Love in Spain) :

In 1966, John was working on the set of Richard Lester’s dark comedy, “How I One the War”. Cynthia went to meet up with him. He was covered in dirt and she LOVED his new haircut. And then……..aaaaahhhh, I’ll just let her explain:

“When the tour ended, he went to Spain to shoot this movie, and I met him two weeks later, in October 1966. It was one of the most beautiful moments as a couple. He was in the desert, stuck in the car. He opened the window and called me over. We made love right there.” -Cynthia Lennon

Look guys, I already posted 2 moments that included them and their love making. This is a great story, but it leans more towards horny than sweet (LOL!!!!) With that said, it’s always nice to hear about John’s playful side with Cynthia (*wink wink*).

3. Dancing Cheek to Cheek:

One of the BIGGEST crimes in internet history is the lack of ANY pictures of John and Cynthia kissing. Seriously, it too much to ask for just one picture? Just one?!?! But I digress, there is one that comes close, although admittedly still not completely satisfying. It was taken in 1965, while the couple was on holiday in France. It’s a picture of them slow-dancing, wrapped in a tight embrace. It’s a very cute picture, and I like that you can see the intimacy between the two. I just wish we could see their faces better, ESPECIALLY JOHN’S. It’s one of the few times I wished he hadn’t worn a hat (beggars can’t be choosers I suppose).

4. Special John-and-Cyn Times:

Cynthia describes that during the days in which John wasn’t touring and she could relax from housework, they would share intimate moments (and no, not “those” kinds of intimate moments…specifically). In her book, she says:

“After weeks apart, me running the household, John traveling and performing, it was wonderful to be close again and to shut out the world. That was when we shared our most affectionate moments. We’d exchange roses or loving notes, and cuddle up together in front of the TV. We called these special John-and-Cyn times, and they were oases of loving peace in the madness of our world. I treasured them.”

Cynthia’s description of those times are kept mostly private, but explained with enough detail to appreciate what they meant to her. I guess personally I would have liked to have heard more, but oh well. I’m just happy she had those happy memories to go back too every now an then.

    5. The Question:

    In 1974, Cynthia and Julian went to see John in America, so that father and son could finally get some bonding time. This trip would be the last time Cynthia would see John face to face. For most of the trip he kept his distance and barely said a word to her. However, just before Cynthia and Julian were to leave, a friend of theirs from the old days (Mal) was holding a party at his home, and invited them there. The atmosphere and overall enjoyment of the party helped John to relax, and finally talk to Cynthia. They mostly talked about Julian, and about old friends from Liverpool. But what really stands out about this conversation is what he asked her towards the beginning. He asked how Roberto was doing (the name of the man Cynthia married a few years after her divorce with John), and she told him that they had parted. He tells he’s sorry…and then he asks her something that I think is very telling…

    ”Are you ok?”

    This moment was during the Lost Weekend, so John at this time was in a relationship with May Pang. Unlike Yoko, who seemed to have a problem with John seeing his son, May encouraged John to bond with Julian. She also didn’t seem to mind him being friends with Cynthia. John of course was a complex individual and I think that while he could love people, he totally was bad a handling tough situations. I think that’s the main reason his divorce with Cynthia was so hard, because he didn’t know how to deal with it. I always felt that even during the ugliness of their divorce, John still loved Cynthia, but I think the drugs definitely detached him from her and made him forget how important she was to him. And when he met Yoko, that deepen the gap between the two of them even more. By 1974, he had pretty much cemented himself in a new life that didn’t include Cynthia. But while his distance can be read from many angles (all of which are valid), I think it partially has to do with lingering feelings.

    As mush as John would like people to believe it, he wasn’t really as mean or as tough as he let on. He had a heart and conscience. And even though he had fallen for May Pang, he still cared for Cynthia…why do I say that? Well, because it’s easy to tell someone your sorry and then quickly change the subject. But the fact that he asked her how she was doing was in a way, a sign that he was truly concerned for her well-being. He didn’t need to ask, but he did. I think he unintentionally let his guard down a bit too much and placed himself in a position in which, depending on her response, he would most likely feel the need to help in anyway he could. Of course we know that she said she was fine, and that was the end of that. But it just goes to show that John’s feelings for Cynthia hadn’t completely eradicated. Deep down, he wanted her to be happy, and have a good life.

    And you may be saying “but getyouhoylake, don’t you think you’re reading a little too into that question”……….eeeeehhhhhh maybe???? I’m an English major, so it’s in my DNA to over-analyze stuff. LOL! But I honestly do believe that John did care, or else he wouldn’t have asked in the first place. Not only that, but consider this, and this is completely hypothetical….let’s imagine that at some point during their visit to America, Cynthia ended up locked in a room with John….it’s just the two of them….everyone else…May, Julian, Mal…they are nowhere in sight. It’s just them two, locked in a room for hours…..what do you think would have happened during that time of privacy??? I’m telling you people, first love is a powerful thing! And feelings like that don’t just go away forever!!

    (Note: Above picture was taken by May Pang (I think). It’s the last picture of the little family together…)

    Stay tune for tomorrows final post of this countdown!

    Epic Movie (Re)Watch #119 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    Originally posted by westwingwolf

    Spoilers Below

    Have I Seen It Before: Yes.

    Did I Like It Then: Yes.

    Do I Remember It: Yes.

    Did I See It In Theaters: No.

    Format: DVD

    1) Starting this comedy/noir film off with what appears to be an animated cartoon from the 40s is a good way of establishing tone for a few reasons. First of all it tells us what kind of toons Roger and company are. The kind that star in short after short after short like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny, as opposed to say the Care Bears (it was the 80s, so I’m going with that example) who had a TV Show and a movie. It also introduces us to Roger, Baby Herman, the idea of ACME in cartoons, and Maroon studios. Also the film’s excellence in slapstick is there from the get go.

    Originally posted by jpoxxed

    2) But as soon as the cartoon is over, we’re in the “real” world. This film has a slight bit of edge to it that I wildly appreciate. Not like Martin Scorsese edge, but come on. This is a film starring animated characters that has swearing, murder, sexual innuendo galore, and an alcoholic main character. For example in the original version of the film (now edited out): after Baby Herman walks under the skirt of a female employee on set, his finger is extended upward and has some liquid on it. That is VERY adult but will go over the heads of children.

    3) According to IMDb:

    Joel Silver’s cameo as the director of the Baby Herman cartoon was a prank on Disney chief Michael Eisner by Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg. Eisner and Silver hated each other from their days at Paramount Pictures in the early ‘80s, particularly after the difficulties involved in making 48 Hrs. (1982). Silver shaved off his beard, paid his own expenses, and kept his name out of all initial cast sheets. When Eisner was told, after the movie was complete, who was playing the director - Silver was nearly unrecognizable - he reportedly shrugged and said, “He was pretty good.”

    4) Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant.

    Eddie is a wildly interesting character. He’s a former goofball who has kept his sharp tongue for wiseass remarks and being a pain in the ass, which is always appreciated by me. His conflict is incredibly interesting (more on that later) and he’s just a great character to follow around in this world.

    Bob Hoskins is perfect for this role. I’ll go into detail on this later but his interactions with the cartoon characters look easy when they’re not, and Hoskins is able to balance the sourpuss aspect of Eddie’s personality with the wiseass, heartache, alcoholism, and former goofball in a complete package.

    According to IMDb:

    On the Special Edition DVD, Robert Zemeckis recounts that he had stated in a newspaper interview that Bill Murray was his and producer Steven Spielberg’s original choice for the role of Eddie Valiant, but neither could get in contact with him in time. Bill Murray, in turn, has stated that when he read the interview he was in a public place, but he still screamed his lungs out, because he would have definitely accepted the role.

    I think Hoskins can’t be replaced though.

    5) This film is more of a noir film than an animated fantasy. You have your archetypes like RK Maroon begin the big money slime, Judge Doom is the shady government official, and Jessica Rabbit it the femme fatale. This is felt in every aspect of the film, from the cinematography right down to Alan Silvestri’s wonderful music.

    6) Remember how I said Eddie had a great conflict?

    Angelo [bar patron who Eddie flipped out on]: “What’s his problem?”

    Dolores [Eddie’s sort-of-girlfriend and bar owner]: “Toon killed his brother.”

    Like that is such a strange idea, a murderous toon, and it provides such great conflict for Eddie. A conflict which we see laid out before us when the camera takes the time to look at all the stuff on his and Teddy’s desk. You SEE that Eddie is in pain, and without a flashback you see the guy he used to be when his brother was around. The fun goofball who liked working Toontown and helpings toons out. To go from that to where he is now takes a lot of heartbreak.

    7) I love that the password to get into the Ink & Paint Club is, “Walt sent me.”

    Originally posted by heartsnmagic

    8) Daffy and Donald Duck.

    Originally posted by the-disney-elite

    This is the first (and to date only) time cartoon characters owned by Warner Brothers and Disney have appeared in a film together. Since the film was being made by Disney, WB only allowed to have their characters show up if the major characters had the same amount of screen time as the Disney characters. That’s why Donald/Daffy and later Mickey/Bugs always share the screen together.

    As a kid THIS was my favorite part of the film! The crossover aspect. Getting to see characters interact who normally don’t. AND they got the official actors at the time to voice them. Mel Blanc voices all his Looney Tunes characters, Tony Anselmo is Donald, and Wayne Allwine is Mickey Mouse. These aren’t cheap cameos, these are the genuine articles and that’s amazing!

    9) There are also some appearances by non-Disney/non-WB characters, such as Betty Boop.

    Originally posted by the-disney-elite

    I think the inclusion of Betty is a nice way to pay respect to the early days of studio animation, and her original voice actress was still alive at the time so she got a chance to reprise the character.

    10) Jessica Rabbit.

    Originally posted by adrixu

    Before anything else, I would just like to point out that Jessica’s proportions are PURPOSEFULLY impossible. I think that this is done to play into the idea of her being a femme fatale, but more so even to critique some of the ridiculous bodies animated female characters have (but that last part may just be wishful thinking on my part). Kathleen Turner unfortunately does not get credit for her voiceover work as Jessica, which is a shame because she gives the character so much of her heart and intrigue. When she’s just the femme fatale Jessica’s a bit of a stereotype but by the end of the film she becomes truly interesting to me because she doesn’t just fill that role. There’s also a fan theory about Jessica I’m totally onboard with, but more on that later.

    11) Robert Zemeckis’ films are marked for their incredible special effects, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit is no exception. Ask yourself: every time an animated character opens a door, or moves a desk, or splashes water, or bumps into a lamp, or (in the case of Jessica) pulls Eddie close to them by his tie and then lets him go, how did they do that on set? Because they had to! CGI is not a factor in this film. The animation is done by drawing over the film that was shot in the traditional fashion, but everything else had to be done practically on set. It’s so subtle and so natural that I marvel at it every time.

    12) Okay, I love the theory that Jessica Rabbit is asexual. If you want to read the full post click the link above but here are the basic points of argument:

    • She’s in love with a rabbit because he makes her laugh.
    • She uses her body to get things she wants from people, but outside of that doesn’t she interest in anybody.
    • Her line, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”
    • Her line, “You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.”

    The only thing that really contradicts the theory is that later in the movie Eddie says to Jessica that Roger is a better lover than a driver, to which she replies, “You better believe it buster.” But I can easily see that as her defending his loving husband side instead of any sexual prowess.

    Originally posted by tvneon

    13) Another thing that supports the asexual Jessica theme is that instead of her doing anything sexual with Marvin Acme, she plays Patty Cake with him. Like literally, patty cake.

    (GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

    That is a joke I did not understand as a child.

    14) I haven’t talked too much about Roger’s voice actor yet, Charles Fleischer.

    During filming, Charles Fleischer delivered Roger Rabbit’s lines off camera in full Roger costume including rabbit ears, yellow gloves and orange cover-alls. During breaks when he was in costume, other staff at the studios would see him and make comments about the poor caliber of the effects in the “rabbit movie”.

    Fleischer’s voice IS Roger in so many ways. All he can do to deliver Roger’s heart is speak, and Fleischer’s performance in this film is not to be underwritten because it is amazing. It is full with such life, such heart, and a surprising amount of honesty. It works brilliantly.

    15) You have to keep your eyes open for the little innuendos in this film. For example, when Eddie meets Jessica at the crime scene he quickly peeks down at her boobs. This is the first time I’ve ever noticed that and I’ve seen this film a lot.

    16) Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom.

    Originally posted by neganomics

    Director Robert Zemeckis had worked with Lloyd on their most iconic film Back to the Future (where Lloyd played Doc Brown), and now Lloyd gets to show off his villainous side. He is wonderfully and gleefully evil, showing no remorse and has a cartoon like quality which makes the bad guy work wonderfully in the role. He’s just threatening enough but also just funny enough. And Lloyd never phones it in once. It’s a fantastic performance through and through.

    16.5) Can we talk about how this judge just murdered a cartoon shoe for no other reason than to show that he could and no one stopped him. Like, is the shoe technically a prop and so it doesn’t count as murder? Because that thing seems more alive than a prop!

    Originally posted by horrorsoflife

    17) So I talked about Roger’s voice actor but not much about Roger as a character yet.

    Originally posted by 1980s-90sgifs

    Roger is a pure cartoon character, and I mean that in a sort of literal sense. He’s not tainted by greed or hatred, he is pure joy and humor. A bit of a dunce but he trusts people and WANTS to see the best in them. His entire purpose in life is to make people life and that feeds every decision he makes. It’s a wonderful cartoon counterpart to Hoskins as Eddie.

    18) Hoskins’ interactions with Roger is where he shines. Because remember, Hoskins was not on set with Rogers. He was looking at an empty space which would be drawn in latter. But when you watch the film he’s never looking through the space. He’s miming it excellently, he is looking AT an animated character who isn’t even there yet. It’s amazing and the key reason he excels in the role.

    19) I never caught this line before.

    Roger [asking Eddie for help]: “You know there’s no justice for toons anymore.”

    So toons are sort of a disenfranchised minority. That’s an interesting concept. If there’s a sequel maybe they’ll play with it.

    20) According to IMDb:

    When Eddie takes Roger Rabbit into the back room at the bar where Dolores works to cut apart the hand-cuffs, the lamp from ceiling is bumped and swinging. Lots of extra work was needed to make the shadows match between the actual room shots and the animation. Today, “Bump the Lamp” is a term used by many Disney employees to refer to going that extra mile on an effect just to make it a little more special, even though most audience members will never notice it.

    21) @theforceisstronginthegirl, this is for you:

    Originally posted by i-am-the-wallflower

    (GIF originally posted by @i-am-the-wallflower)

    Nothing sums up Roger more than the fact that he can only get out of those handcuffs when it’s funny. It feeds into how Roger entertains all the guys at the tavern because they’re down on their luck, even though they could turn him over to Doom for a ton of cash (but they don’t). He believes in the power of laughter.


    Judge Doom [upon observing the record on the record player]: “‘The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down’. Quite a looney selection for a bunch of drunken reprobates.”

    “The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down” is the theme to the Looney Tunes shorts.

    Originally posted by cashmanny

    23) The rest of the bar scene is filled with so many great cartoon gags. The fact that Judge Doom is able to lure Roger out by having him respond to, “Shave and a haircut,” is great. But a subtler reference is how Eddie gets Roger to drink the alcohol and loose control (thereby freeing himself from Doom). They go back and forth where Eddie wants Roger to drink the drink but Roger doesn’t want it, but when Eddie says Roger DOESN’T want the drink Roger says he wants it just to continue the conflict. Sound familiar?

    Originally posted by americana-plus

    24) Benny the cab is another fun original character added to the film, and he’s the same voice over actor as Roger!

    Originally posted by gifsfrommydvds

    25) I find this hysterical.

    Benny [right before they’re going to hit a car]: “Pull the lever!”

    Eddie: “Which one?”

    Roger: “Which one?”

    Benny: “‘WHICH ONE?’!?”

    26) I am so ashamed of myself that I never caught the Back to the Future reference this film makes! Benny is driving down an alleyway and the evil weasels are driving straight towards him, and one of the weasels declares, “I’m gonna ram him!” Well in Back to the Future (also directed by Robert Zemeckis) Biff Tannen is about do the same thing to Marty McFly and says the EXACT same line as we get the EXACT same shot of his car!

    Originally posted by egp10990

    I love that.

    27) Me too Roger, me too.

    Roger [expecting another cartoon to play in the movie theater but it’s a news reel]: “I hate the news.”

    28) When we were introduced to Roger in the opening cartoon, I was trying to dissect what made him a unique cartoon character. Like Donald has his temper tantrums, Bugs Bunny is a wise guy, and Roger I’ve discovered likes to go on tangents. Like someone will tell him to do something and he’ll talk for five minutes about how well he’ll do it even when no one is around to listen. I like that.

    29) The animated bullets Eddie uses in the gun given to him by Yosemite Sam are very much in the style of Chuck Jones and I can appreciate that.

    30) It’s pretty fun watching for all the animated characters the filmmakers inserted into Toontown.

    31) Droopy Dog is another cartoon character who shows up despite not being owned by Disney or WB. This meant he got to show up again later in an animated Roger Rabbit cartoon.

    32) When Eddie is in a Toontown bathroom there’s writing on the wall that says, “For a Good Time Call Alyson ‘Wonderland’,” but then there’s no phone number. The theatrical release DID have a phone number but it was Michael Eisner’s home phone (I think) so it was edited out for the home video release.

    33) What could possibly top Donald Duck & Daffy Duck dueling pianos?

    Originally posted by samuelljackson

    I love everything about this. But it also gets to another agreement between WB & Disney: Disney did not want any of their characters doing anything to harm Eddie, so that’s why when he gets the “spare” from Mickey & Bugs (it’s a spare tire but he thought it was a parachute) it is BUGS who gives it to him!

    Honestly it’d be awesome if Disney and WB could make more crossover cartoons. That would be pretty awesome.

    34) File this one under jokes I didn’t get as a kid:

    35) So Judge Doom’s end goal, his whole villainous plan, is to construct…a freeway? God, if it weren’t for the twist coming up that would’ve been so stupid.

    36) Eddie’s comedy routine is great. It shows Bob Hoskins’ skill at slapstick and goofball and is just a joy to watch. Also we get this fun line:

    Eddie: I’m through with taking falls / And bouncing off the walls / Without that gun, I’d have some fun / I’d kick you in the…

    [bottle falls on his head]

    Roger: Nose!

    Head Weasel: Nose? That don’t rhyme with “walls.”

    Eddie: No, but this does. [kicks Head Weasel in the balls, propelling him into a vat of Dip]

    37) Doom is a toon!

    Originally posted by dinosaurrodeo

    This is a nice twist in the film that you can totally see was setup if you’re looking for it. Christopher Lloyd is able to play Doom with an even bigger sense of cartoony evil, and it means his end goal of a freeway isn’t so stupid after all.

    38) The train that hits the dip machine at the end has a bunch of window. If you go through it frame by frame, each window depicts someone being murdered. Fun fun fun.

    39) According to IMDb:

    The opening track on the Sting album “…Nothing Like the Sun”, the song “The Lazarus Heart” was originally written as the movie’s musical finale, at an early stage of the movie’s production when the book’s tragic ending, where Roger is killed in the crossfire during the final duel, was still in the script. When the studio ordered its default ending to be used at the film’s end, in which Roger is alive at the end of the duel, however, the song was deleted from the script and ended up on Sting’s album instead.

    40) I like that the film ends not only with the classic, “That’s All Folks,” but also Tinkerbell to let us know this was special.

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit is awesome. It’s fun, funny, gives us interesting characters, has effects which stand the test of time even 29 years later, and is just a wonderful ride. Hoskins’ performance and the animation are the true standouts here, but that is not to discredit any of the other amazing aspects of the film. A true joy to watch all the way through.

    i’m so glad that steve trevor was written (and acted!!) the way he was, i’m so glad no one was bitter (esp patty jenkins) and wrote trevor the way male writers often write women – without putting in any thought, or as an expression of their fantasy. because steve trevor was a revolutionary of his time. he listened to a woman. he followed a woman on to a battlefield. in 2017 it’s normal (kinda??) but in the early 20th century, when WW is set, that’s REVOLUTIONARY. do you know what all we could do if there were more men like that in the world? I love the way diana was written and acted and shot and everything, but man, I love the nuance with which steve trevor’s character was handled

    SoMa Week 2017 Day 6: Promise

    for today I have a FANFIC, omg

    It’s one of my first fics and I wrote it a year ago. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but it has 4 chapters already haha. Maybe if more people like it I could translate the rest.

    Many thanks to @leslietendo for helping me with the translation and @thefishywitchy for betaing and being patient with my grammar mistakes

    You can also read it in Ao3 and let’s go!, hope you like it ~

    Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 |

    “I love you.”

    Soul raised his eyes off the magazine that he had in his hands and he looked at Maka in bewilderment, who was standing in front of him.

    “What?” he asked uncertainly.

    “I’ve been in love with you…” she repeated bravely “for a long time.”

    They fell silent. She didn’t seem affected; in fact she was incredibly calm, something weird considering she was confessing her feelings. However, Soul got paralyzed.

    He was surprised and not at the same time. He had realized the feelings of his partner for a long time, but it was an issue that neither of them had ever mentioned and that they would probably have to discuss at some point.

    But he didn’t expect it to be that sudden, out of nowhere.

    “Maka, I…” he looked at her sadly “I don’t feel the same for you.”

    She gave him a warm smile. “I know.”

    Wasn’t this the moment when girls start to cry and run away? Why was she smiling at him if he was rejecting her?

    “I knew you’d say that, I was prepared to listen it,” Maka started to say as she sat at his side. “It was just that I had to tell you, I could not leave this pending for much more.”

    “I’m really sorry,” said Soul looking at the ground without knowing what to do.

    “You don’t have to apologize, you’ve done nothing wrong.”

    “Make my partner… no, my best friend feel sad is not exactly something cool.” He could feel how Maka’s soul wave had shrunk in sorrow. She just sighed.

    “I’m serious, Soul. I had accepted that you would never see me that way and I can live with that… if you see me sad it’s for another reason.”

    “You are acting weird, what’s going on?”

    Maka stood in silence and he felt her shiver. That put him on alert and he got scared. He had a bad feeling.

    “Maka, just tell me!”

    “We can’t be partners anymore.”

    Keep reading

    So Wonder Woman was great and I just wanted to tack on another little bit of greatness it had that probably went unnoticed by people. When Diana and Steve are heading out towards the front (on the station just before Diana has her icecream) do you know who we see walking nearby?


    I’m not sure how many people know, but the Undivided Indian Territories (under british rule) sent over one and a half million men to fight at the front. It’s not something that I hear very often, even less so in connection to this film.

    God bless Patty Jenkins, this movie was great in so many ways and each time I watch it I find new ways to love it more.

    Patty Jenkins, director of @wonderwomanfilm responds to James Cameron’s comments about how strong women should be portrayed.

    This statement resonated within me.

    You don’t have to be gritty and hardened to be a strong woman.

    Being soft, loving and happy doesn’t diminish your strength.

    We are, all of us, allowed to choose to be strong in our own way without anyone else telling us how to do so.

    There’s no right or wrong way.

    Strength is strength, whether it’s adorned in battle armour or a pretty dress.

    anonymous asked:


    They learned from their Peppermint Patty and Marcie picture that implied them to be ‘besties’ oh my gosh I remember that EVERYONE was tilted and made it known so now every single time theres something couple related, CN puts Ruby and Sapphire there and its great I love how they listened and actually made an effort to put em out there more!!!! so good

    when i went to see wonder woman in the theatres after it finished i noticed this whole family (well all the women of the family) had come out to watch it all together and when we were all leaving they stopped at the poster and started posing and taking turns, the mom, the daughters, the grandma, all of them doing the gauntlet pose it was so pure and it reminded me of how girls dont usually have a superhero to copy poses off of for a picture in front of their poster and now we do

    Wonder Woman is my hero because she won’t give up on you

    No matter how worthless you may feel always remember how Diana sees you. Everything you do would amaze her so don’t feel like what your doing isn’t making a difference. You may screw up and do something bad, but Diana knows the real you. She knows how we can be evil yet there is still good inside. The Wonder Woman realized how messed up we can be and yet stayed to defend and protect us. She believes in love and believes that you can make this screwed up world better. Please don’t forget that. 

    This random but: What’s the use of feeling blue really annoys me.

    Not the song itself (which has it’s own problems, but that’s not what I am getting at), but the fact that we were told month in advance by Deedee that she was going to sing backup for a villain song. And I got really excited because I love villain songs! Having a villain song sung by a broadway like  Patti LuPone sounds awesome!

    The thing is: What’s the use of feeling blue isn’t a villain song!

    Like when I say villain song, I don’t mean a song sung by the villain. I mean a song where the villain sing about how much of a villain they are. Where they tell you just how evil, cunning and/or powerful they actually are, in music form.

    I wanted a song where Yellow diamond sings about how she is going to do what she should have done a thousand years ago! Crush the last of the rebellion, make Rose Quartz pay for thinking she could stand against the diamonds and watch as the thousands of gems. Who gave their lives to save earth, go to waste as the cluster destroys that miserable planet!

    Complete with an evil over the top laugh at the end.

    I wanted Yellow diamond to have a disney villain song, not a: “I am sad that Pink diamond is gone, but I repress my emotions uwu”

    I don’t know I just really wish Crewniverse would let their villains be, you know: Villains

    Stephen Sondheim-themed Asks!
    • 1: Least favorite thing about your favorite SS show
    • 2: Favorite thing about your least favorite SS show
    • 3: Best SS character
    • 4: Worst character
    • 5: Favorite collaborator
    • 6: Best book of a SS show. Why?
    • 7: Worst book....
    • 8: Erase one show and all its traces from SS's canon (question courtesy of @non-binary-sally-bowles)
    • 9: If he ever jumped the shark, what show is emblematic of that?
    • 10: Favorite bitchy moment
    • 11: Who would SS marry as part of a sham marriage?
    • 12: Thoughts on the book to Follies
    • 13: Make one edit to SS show xxx
    • 14: What would SS do to you in the sex dungeon?
    • 15: Cast Patti in a role she hasn't done yet
    • 16: Which Tony would you take away
    • 17: Novel/book/play SS should adapt
    • 18: Favorite quote
    • 19: Desert island song (singular)
    • 20: On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being Foxy Sondheim and 10 being the Virgin Mary, rate how good of a mother Rose is
    • 21: What's your gimmick?
    • 22: Nervous breakdown song that best represents your last mental breakdown
    • 23: Has SS ever written a true love song?
    • 24: SS sex jam
    • 25: SS funeral jam
    • 26: SS wedding dance song
    • 27: Toss in the trash- his music or his lyrics
    • 28: Which SS do you perform in front of crowd
    • 29: Which SS song replaces Don't Cry for Me, Argentina in Evita?
    • 30: Choose a ALW song to replace Color and Light in SITPWG
    • 31: Which Brecht play does SS adapt at gunpoint
    • 32: SS's current thoughts on Lady Gaga
    • 33: What pastry do you order at Mahler's?
    • 34: What would Oscar have made of Follies?
    • 35: FMK: SS, Hal Prince, and James Lapine
    • 36: Is SS a sub or dom?
    • 37: Miscast Bernadette
    • 38: Miscast Elaine Stritch
    • 39: ALW goes missing and SS offers you some pie. Do you eat it?
    • 40: What do you order at Mrs. Lovett's?
    • 41: Is Road Show an unappreciated masterpiece or a lesser entry in the SS canon?
    • 43: Which American president do you cast as Bobby? Georges? Sally? Fosca?
    • 44: Other than Rose, who is the most Shakespearian character?
    • 45: That Frank or Rich and Happy?
    • 46: Rob Marshall-ize a SS show
    • 47: Which show is most problematic ®
    • 48: Most Sobdhemian Seth Rogen movie?
    • 49: Who would play SS on SNL?
    • 50: Does Bobby find happiness by age 50?
    • 51: Tumblr user most likely to be the man himself
    • 52: A SS show you seem to forget exists
    Just What I Need

    Pairing/characters: Jared x Reader, Jensen, Misha, Rich, Rob, Briana, Kim, Mark S., 

    Summary:The reader is in a funk. Jared and Jensen think it’s their responsibility to help her get out of it.

    Word Count: 1732

    Warnings: Talk of weird moods, hints of depression, drinking, hints about sex, I think that’s it.

    A/N: This is for my girl, @impalaimagining. We talk every day and I know things can get rough but you always have your “family” if you ever need us. Love you sweetie!!

    Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

     “(Y/n), baby, you in here?” Jared calls into the master bedroom as he searches the house for you.

     You sigh heavily as you wrap the soft robe around you and exit the bathroom. Jared’s smile spreads across his face as he watches you. “You feel any better after that?”

     Your husband could tell you were having an off day and had sent you to take a hot shower. Unfortunately, it hadn’t helped.

     “Yeah, I guess.” You muttered as you made your way to the walk-in closet.

     “Okay, so hot shower was a no. How about a massage, huh?” Jared’s hands quickly began to rub at your shoulders as he stood behind you but you gently pushed them away.

     “Thanks, Jare, but I seriously need to get dressed now. Everyone’s going to be here later and I have so much to do.”

    Keep reading

    A note from the writers

    Patty: Hey guys!  We both wanted to take the opportunity to give you all a huge thank you.

    Laura: Seriously! This has been such an amazing experience and we have been absolutely floored with the fantastic response we’ve received.

    Patty: Yes, all of you and your positivity that you sent our way…that was definitely the fuel that encouraged us and kept us going.

    Laura: Absolutely. We were a little nervous going into this that this whole idea might not translate well, or that the fandom might not be receptive to the craziness we had planned, but we have been blown away. Not only by just how fun this has been to collaborate on such a unique form of story-telling but also by how supportive you all have been.

    Patty: Someone’s chatty tonight.

    Laura: Shut up I AM VERY THANKFUL….ass….

    Patty: ANYWAYS. Yes, we were super nervous, but we were both so excited to do something that was a little outside of the box.  So, your support (messages, tags, anons, etc.) really meant the world to us. Thank you all for trusting us and going along for this ride.

    Laura: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. For you MVPs who reblogged our stuff and put your incredible reactions in the tags, you can be sure we absolutely read every. Single. One. And Patty, I just want to tell you that this has been an unreal experience writing with you and working on this with you every day over the past month. Thanks for playing with me.

    Patty: Mhm, we were (still are) sluts for all of the great tags and gifs that were added.  And dude, Laura, this was so much fun that it should have been considered illegal. Collaborating with you on this was just a blast. Thank you for dealing with my occasional spiral and Dory moments, and for being a badass writing partner.

    Laura: Always, boo thang. I enjoyed spiraling with you as well and thanks for putting up with my Dory moments too. I think we had our equal share. There was just so much going on!

    Patty: LOL you guys wouldn’t believe the planning that went into this! Crazy that a simple idea turned into such a huge thing for us, such a huge project. But, shit, was it fun! Anywhoo, we love you guys.

    Laura: We do indeed. Thanks for joining us on this journey.

    Patty: Until next time! (Will there be a next time, Laura?)

    Laura: dundunDUN! I mean, I’m game if you are!

    Patty: Obvi! Should we stop talking now?

    Laura: Hmmm, I don’t know. How long do you think we can keep them reading?

    Patty: LOL we know I don’t do wordy. Peace out, girlscouts!

    Laura: Deuces!


    @bohoartist and @piecesofscully

    instead of dying, Dallas takes the boys to New York

    - right off the bat, he’s telling the boys to stay behind him and not touch anything
    - “alright you idiots. you think you can handle these streets but you can’t. Socs are nothing compared to the Mafia and the things I’ve seen. do as I say and don’t do anything unless I tell you to do it”
    - Ponyboy and Two-Bit take it upon themselves to take this as seriously as they can
    - for example, if Dallas doesn’t tell them to continue walking, they’ll stop

    - he takes them to all the important spots
    - his favorite pizza place, Benny’s, Patty’s house, the bowling alley

    - Ponyboy has always noticed how Dallas is always thinking about New York
    - so when they’re in the Bronx, he sees how at home Dallas feels
    - he’s relaxed and he feels secure
    - even when he’s being an asshat, Dallas is the purest form of himself

    - when he hears the news about the Motorcycle Boy, he’s devastated
    - but y'know Dal. gotta be tough, gotta be smart cause you won’t get hurt
    - so he gets angry and starts throwing everything
    - and it’s an anger the Tulsa boys don’t even know what to do with
    - and then Patty or BJ swoops in and doesn’t fix it but like…handles it

    - “who is this Patty and how do we get our own”
    - Patty practically adopts the entire gang
    - she falls in love with Soda like *that*
    - but wants to take Ponyboy and Johnny home and keep them
    - she compares the gangs too like “wow Steve is just like Pony and Johnny. and BJ is just like Two-Bit and Steve”

    - the entire time, he’s looking for Rusty-James
    - and RJ is hungover and moody and irritable
    - but then he sees Dallas, he shoots up and hugs him
    - “I thought you were gone for good, man” “I told you I’d come back”
    - and before long, they’re bickering like brothers

    - not gonna lie, the gang feels kinda weird
    - they see how he acts with his old friends and know that he isn’t that way in Tulsa
    - he’s at home in the Bronx

    - Dallas stays longer than the rest of the gang
    - “I’ll be back in a week”
    - it wasn’t a week
    - it was two months
    - “….I’ve learned from the best”

    Favorite John Lennon Songs Conclusion

    Hi there everyone. I’m sorry for the lack of activity on my page for the last few weeks. I’ve been busy with school and this thing called life, that apparently exists outside of the Internet (lol). But I feel bad that I left you all hanging without finishing up my list of what are my favorite songs from John. Considering how my schedule from here, till the end of December will be busy, I’ll have less time to be on Tumblr. Every now and then I’ll post a quick pic or vid. But as for my longer stuff, like my lists, or anything of that magnitude, will take time. But, just so I don’t leave this list undone, I’m going to end it by naming the remaining 5 songs, and giving a brief explanation as to why I like them. So here were go:

    Number 5: “Girl”

    A haunting and simple song, that describes what John believed to be his ideal lady. It reminds me a lot of Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman”, in that it’s describing a woman that the singer seems to love very much, even though what’s being said is less than flattering. It’s fascinating (if not saddening) that John would say years later, that the woman he was describing was in fact Yoko. Because in all honesty, the lyrics of “Girl”, although wonderful, are also negative and melancholy. I mean every time i hear it, I can’t help but think “poor dude…”

    But it’s those same elements that make it a great song. It resonates with people because many can relate to it. It’s a song about complicated love, and how many people haven’t experienced that?

    Number 4: Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

    I talked a bit about my feelings on John’s parenting skills in the past. It’s great to know he was there for Sean. I wish he could have tried harder with Julian. Although to his credit, he was getting there by the end of his life. And even though he was never too close to his eldest son, that didn’t mean he never wrote songs for him, or never wrote ones that were inspired by him. And that’s exactly what this song is: a fun little number, inspired by a picture Julian drew when he was just a toddler. It’s wonderful to know that John found inspiration from Julian, and used it to write one of his catchiest tunes.

    The song is upbeat, and it has the psychedelic feel of the mid and late 60’. I’m not really into the psychedelic sound, but for some reason it works for me here. The lyrics are, as is to be expected by John, abstract and weird. But considering how the picture that the song is based off was adorably unusual, why shouldn’t the lyrics be as well. The imagery being described in the lyrics are descriptive and dreamlike like “Across the Universe”, but less ambiguous. By that I mean, even though it sounds odd, it’s evokes a happy feeling. “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds” is very much it’s own thing, and definitely in a good way.

    Number 3: Julia

    This song is heartbreaking. Before Yoko Ono, there was Julia: John’s mother and, when all is said and done, greatest muse. Although many of his songs seem to hint or allude to her (”Girl” actually being considered one of them), “Julia” is the first and perhaps only song that is specifically about his mom. And just like the rest of John’s work, the lyrics to this song are vivid, imaginative, and create this ever so saddening picture of a lost man, who still mourns the loss of his mother. But it also expresses his never ending love and admiration for her. And just like “Across the Universe”, the lyrics is what really makes it great. I do love John’s singing here though. I love hearing the more softer and mellower side of his vocals.

    Of course I can’t forget to mention that the song hints at Yoko, since the line “ocean child” is the English translation of her name. I would have liked the song more if it had just been specifically about his mom, but it is what it is. And  “Julia” is nothing less than brilliant.

    Number 2: In My Life

    I originally had this one for number 3. But after some thought, I realized I loved this one slightly more. What can I say, I’m a sucker for sentimentality in music. To be fair though, “In My Life” in sentimentality at its best. True and ever so endearing.

    This is perhaps the first, real, personal song John ever wrote (according to him). John wrote a lot of songs, but most of them were love songs. And while they do hint at some aspects of his life or personality, “In My Life” is basically his “Penny Lane”, in that he took his past and made it into a song. This was also a song in which much of the melody was done by him (with a little help from Paul of course).

    It’s all about reflecting on the past, and remembering old friends and holding on to good memories. Above all else, it’s a song that reminds us to love and to continue to love those people and places that are important to us. It definitely highlights the softer side of John and for that alone, it makes it one of my favs.

    And finally…

    Number 1: Help

    John really was a one of a kind man. Sometimes I love him, and other times I hate him. Considering how many of his personal choices upset me, it’s crazy that I even see him as my favorite of the dudes. But honestly, whenever I begin to think that I really don’t like John anymore, this song ALWAYS brings me back to loving him. It’s that good.

    Like “In My Life”, “Help” is another personal song of John’s. But instead of focusing on the past, he’s focusing on the present. More specifically, he’s calling for help to anyone who might be willing to listen. Why? Because by this point in The Beatles career, the pressure was starting to get to John. On top of that, he was starting to gain a little bit of weight, which made him self-conscious. He would later dub this era as his “Fat Elvis” period. Personally, I thought he looked fine. He looked healthy and very attractive. In fact, I think 1965 was the year that John looked the most attractive, especially in the movie “Help” (John + turtleneck = super hot).

    But I digress. “Help” is a very honest song that showcases John being very vulnerable, and openly asking for support from others. What keeps the songs lyrics from appearing to outright strong is the upbeat and fast-paced tempo. On the one hand it kind of keeps the songs message from being as obvious as it should. But at the same time, the quick and fun pace of the music gives the song a sense of urgency, making John’s cry for help all the more intense. And while I know John would continue to right many songs that express so much of who he was, there’s something about “Help” that gets to me.

    I guess it has to do with the fact that I’m quite shy, and I often have a hard time dealing with pressure, especially in though situations. This song is all about realizing that you can’t deal with everything that life throws at you by yourself. It’s ok to admit you’re not in control. It’s ok to ask for help. That’s a comforting message. And though I’m not famous and could never really understand how John felt during this point of his, I do know that stress and pressure are horrible…and it’s great when you don’t have to endure it alone.

    Thank you to everyone who has been patient, and thank you also for following my page. I really do appreciate it. God bless.


    Today in Harri History, George & Pattie Harrison attend the opening party for Apple Tailoring held at Club Arethusa, a restaurant on Kings Road,  22 May 1968. The following excerpt is from Chris O’Dell’s book, “ Miss O'Dell: My Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and the Women They Loved“

    “I’ve always liked sitting back & observing people, & George in particular, fascinated me. I watched him chatting with Derek & Don, his dark eyes intently focused, the thick eyebrows almost touching in the middle, and ever so often he’d look over at me & smile; I had the feeling he was reassuring me that I had nothing to fear from this group. George had this interesting way of keeping his distance from people. Occasionally his eyes would dart around the room, not so much to see what was happening, it seemed to me, but more as a self protective “don’t come any closer” look. It was almost as if he was creating boundaries with his eyes. And it worked because nobody bothered us.”

    “That’s what I was thinking when Pattie Harrison appeared at the table and sat next to George, almost directly across from me. I’m afraid I stared at her for a moment in disbelief. Back in L.A. when I was thinking about moving to London, I’d sometimes play a little game in front of my bathroom mirror. I’d imagine that Pattie & I were friends, sitting in her kitchen, laughing & talking about silly things, sharing our secrets. I know this all may seem like I am making all this up after the fact, but it’s the truth — I did daydream about being friends with Pattie long before I met her, and I had other dreams that came true, too.

    But this was real life. I felt stupid sitting there watching everyone else talking & interacting. I needed to start a conversation & connect with someone, if only to justify my place at the table. ‘I love the way you do your makeup’ I blurted out to Pattie. She looked confused, even a little flustered. ‘Thank you’ she said after what seemed like an eternity.Well you’re in it now, I thought. Might as well keep the conversation going. ‘Do you think you might someday show me how to do your makeup?’ I said stumbling a little over my words. Again she smiled at me, looking more amused than annoyed. Still, I was painfully aware that I was straddling a fine line between making a friend and making a complete fool of myself. ‘I’m a friend of Derek’s’ I said, ‘I just moved to London last week so I don’t know very many people. Perhaps we could get together sometime.’ I couldn’t believe my own audacity.

    ‘Yes’ she said, looking very queenly in her poise & stature. ‘That’s a possibility’ Well that was enough for me. I didn’t need a time, a date, or a place. All I needed was the possibility of spending an hour or two with Pattie Harrison.

    The waiters were clearing the lunch plates, wineglasses were refilled, photographers & journalists jockeyed for position, & the hum of conversation died down as we turned our chairs to face the runway.”


    Summary: You’re a metahuman who can feel the emotions around you and you are determined to cheer up Barry up when he loses his ability to walk after Zoom pays him a visit.

    Everyone, especially you, had told Barry over and over again that he was rushing into luring Zoom into this world with Linda pretending to be Dr. Light. Everyone who watched her go through the scene that she and Barry were supposed to play out knew that it was painfully obvious that it was faked.

    But Barry was still adamant about following through with it. And, at first, it felt like Zoom saw through the act completely and chose not to even waste his time traveling between worlds but hours later he had returned and tortured Barry for practically the whole city to see. He had pretended to be confident through the fight, especially more towards the beginning, but you could feel he terror as time went on. He had underestimated Zoom and that really got the best of him. If that wasn’t enough to be forced to watch your boyfriend be beaten almost to the point of death, hours later when he final awoke you all discovered that he couldn’t feel his legs at all. He felt broken past the point of repair.

    Barry’s sadness and fear hung over him like a dark rain cloud. It was so strong, being that it was combined with both Cisco’s and Caitlin’s distress about the situation, it felt like your head was going to explode because of the headache that all of the emotions filling the room caused you.

    Being a metahuman wasn’t always as fun as Barry made it out to be. Maybe it was because his power was much cooler than being able to feel everyone’s emotions around you and even being able to influence them sometimes. (Though he was usually very reluctant, there were times he would bring you out into the field to have you calm down an angry meta. All of those times he always made sure that you were at a safe distance while he wrangled the meta back to the lab’s prison). His power didn’t cause him pain like yours did—unless he was stupid enough to run into danger.

    For instance, being around a joyful person made you feel light as air and a bit giggly at times even. Sadness gave you a headache—its degree of pain depended on how much sadness surrounds you and how distraught that person, or multiple people, really was. Anger made you feel like your body was on fire and there was absolutely no escape from the heat. Fear made your heart race and also seemed to heighten your senses to be on alert to everything around you. Different emotions caused you to feel many different things but nothing was worse than the varying types of sadness.

    It felt suffocating to be sitting beside Barry since his emotions felt like they were strangling you. Though it probably wasn’t very reassuring to anyone, you had to excuse yourself and wait in the hallways for almost fifteen minutes before you felt like yourself again. And, without being influenced to feel all the emotions around you, you were then forced to come to terms with how you were actually feeling on your own.

    You were in no way smart enough to call yourself a scientist like the people gathered in the cortex but you would definitely consider yourself to have an above average intelligence. So it was clear that this was nothing like the time Farooq stole his powers and Barry eventually got them back. You weren’t sure if this was something that Barry could recover from, with his regenerative cells and all, or if this was somethings irreparable. There hasn’t yet been anything that Barry wasn’t able to heal from but there was always a first for everything but you prayed that this wasn’t that. He had to be alright.

    You reentered the cortex almost half an hour after you stepped out only to be greeted with the suffocating air once again. Though it wasn’t quite as bad as before, it still was very uncomfortable.

    Cisco noticed your entrance and dashed over to you, wanting to tell you about his discovery. “Cait and I did some tests and he should be good in a few days, a week tops.” He wasn’t as distressed as he previously was which was a bit reassuring since Cisco was always a little ball of sunshine and, you believed, should never be sad. You had always opted to stay back with Cisco when you had the choice since he was basically a never ending source of happiness combined with a never ending stream of TV or movie references. Cisco is just a great person to be around and didn’t bring you down with negative emotions, so it was good to know that he wasn’t too upset anymore.

    Caitlin entered the room, her expression grim and worried. Maybe Cisco was making things seem a bit brighter than the situation actually was but his hope gave you hope. And hope was all you seemed to have lately. Hope for the future to become a bit easier. Hope that your friends and family wouldn’t feel pain anymore. Hope that Barry would recover and be happy in life—that he’d let go of all the anger and regret that has held him back for so long. “He’s been waiting for you, y/n.” Caitlin mumbled, setting down all the information she had gathered upon Barry’s condition on her desk. You nodded and headed towards the other, smaller room where Barry was lying to be nursed back to health. But Caitlin spoke up again before you had made it there. “He’s gonna be alright, y/n. He’s just upset that his plan failed and he couldn’t end this once and for all.”

    You nodded to her again in agreement before you slid into the converted hospital room. Barry lay there, his eyes closed but his expression pained. You had almost lost him tonight so while he was in a lot of pain, you were still grateful to have him here and know that he would recover with time. He will be alright.

    You could feel his pain—though you doubted it was anything half as bad as what he was feeling. It felt like a sharp pain in your side combined with a burning in your chest. It was hard to believe that this moment was real. “Hey Bare.”

    He perked up as soon as he heard you enter the room, flinching when he moved wrong and felt a sharp pain in his ribs. “C’mere,” He said, shifting over a bit so there was enough room for you to lie with him. “Are you alright?”

    You huffed at him; he was worrying about you when everyone had previously thought he was nearly on his death bed earlier. Thank God for his ability to heal quickly. “I’m fine, Barry. You’re the one who nearly died tonight.”

    “Yeah but you’re the one who had to watch me almost die tonight. Just a few weeks ago, we almost broke up because you were terrified at the thought of losing me after Dr. Light blinded me. And that fear of losing me almost came true tonight.” His hand clasped over yours and you leaned into his side, careful not to cause him any extra pain. “I promised you that I’d be more careful, and you even told me that trying to trick Zoom would backfire, but I didn’t listen and almost died tonight.”

    It felt like hearing him say it out loud made it seem all too real. Your throat felt tight with your own fear combined with Barry’s regret and you wanted to escape it all but you couldn’t just run away from your problems. It was necessary to let Barry know that you weren’t going anywhere because he got too impatient and rushed into something. But you would definitely have to talk some sense into him at a later date. “We’ll get through this, Bare. Just let us help you get better.”

    It was a tough week. Barry was excruciatingly hard on himself for taking so long to heal and regain his speed. At first, he tried to put on a happy face for you and act like he knew things would all eventually be fine. But that charade did nothing to you since you felt how he was really feeling, not how he was pretending to feel. Barry was so disappointed in himself and no amount of encouragement could seem to change that.

    He seemed to improve drastically when Henry returned. Barry’s entire aura changed for the best and could feel his determination to walk and heal again. All he needed was some encouragement from his father. Now he actually believed that he could do it. And it seemed like Henry’s reappearance motivated Barry and he wasn’t so angry anymore. He was fixed on making Henry proud of his—as if being the Flash and saving the city on a day to day basis wasn’t enough to be proud of.

    “Y/n,” Henry said in a quiet tone, hoping to grab you attention while avoiding waking his son, whom he just forced to lay down for a while and maybe even take a nap. Barry had been up and about, with help from you and his father so after almost an hour and a half Henry had demanded he go rest. Barry was sick of that wheelchair and wanted noting to do with it anymore. Though he knew it was a better alternative than being bedridden for weeks.

    Henry led you out into the hall to avoid disturbing Barry before he continued his sentence. “I need to thank you for inviting me back to help Barry. He needs as much support as he can get and it’s reassuring to know that you’re always here watching over him. I always worry about him but it’s clear that you’d do anything in your power to help protect him.” Henry was so genuine as he spoke and it was clear who Barry got it from.

    Barry’s entire aura seemed to lighten up with the return of his father and Henry gave him the push he needed to go through with it. And making Barry happy was all you wanted out of life so if Henry could accomplish that then that’s what you’d do. Now some people would be jealous if they could cheer up their significant others on their own but you’d do anything just to get him happy—it didn’t matter if it was you, Joe, Iris or Patty how made him happy. Ass long as he was happy. “It’s nothing, Mr. Allen. “ You smiled at the man. You had always felt so much pressure being around Henry considering how much Barry loved him and you desperately wanted to earn his approval. “I’m just glad you’re here be. You’re really helping him recover.”

    Henry shook his head, as if he was shooting down your idea of him being the only one to help him heal. “I know about your powers, y/n, and I know how much they wear you out but I’m thankful for you sticking around with him when he needs you the most.”

    You weren’t even aware of him knowing about your powers—Cisco and his big mouth had probably let it slip one time but you felt much more relaxed at the thought of him knowing. He knew the truth about you yet still wanted you to stick with Barry. Barry dating a fellow metahuman wasn’t something Henry had already marked as forbidden.

    And he even understood how easily the power would manage to drain you. He took all that into consideration and even thanked you for it. That moment there felt like you gained all the approval you needed.

    The night wore you out dramatically. You shuffled home that night, exhausted and emotionally drained as you flopped down onto bed.

    Barry was still at star labs and while you wanted nothing more than to be cuddled up with Barry on the small twin size hospital bed (which conveniently forced you to snuggle up on top of him), Cisco forced you to go home. He claimed that these past weeks had been difficult and he could practically see bags forming underneath your eyes. And, normally, that wouldn’t be enough to convince you but Barry chimed in in agreement and you couldn’t turn him down.

    Your full sized mattress welcomed you home as you snuggled into the comforter, burying you face in the pillow. The only thing still missing was your own personal speedster to cuddle up with.

    Though Barry’s condition improved drastically from when he first woke up, he still didn’t have his speed back quite yet but he was able to walk a moderate distance without becoming winded. Being unable to run at the incredible speeds he had grown according to had obviously annoyed Barry dramatically but at least he could now feel his legs and walk around a bit.

    At two a.m. you awoke to a knocking on your door and, in that moment, you were ready to unleash all your fury on whoever dared to disrupt you much needed sleep. You had only gotten home after midnight and two hours was not enough sleep for anyone to function on; especially someone who had barely gotten any sleep for weeks. But all that rage fizzled away when you saw a very tired Barry standing there, Cisco alongside him presumably from Barry’s own power of persuasion. That boy always managed to get what he wanted sooner or later. He gave you a shy smile before he thanked Cisco for driving him. Cisco sent you a smile as well, happy to know that you weren’t going to kill him for being a part of your unwanted wake up crew. He only agreed to Barry’s offer because he wanted to shut up Barry and his constant complaining and hoped he’d be able to get some rest of his own now that he’d be able to return home instead of keeping Barry company at the lab. They said their goodbye before you led Barry inside, though you didn’t miss the sly wink Cisco sent your way before you locked your door.

    “You alright, Bare?” He almost tripped over a pair of his shoes that he had always left lying around your apartment no matter where ever you moved them to, making you clutch him tighter as he sagged in your arms.

    For the first time that week, you could tell Barry was honestly happy. Though there had been times he had been happier than his seemingly ever present gloomy feeling, you could tell that he was still being too hard on himself for getting stuck in this mess. Even with Henry there, he put on a happy face for his fathers sake but it still couldn’t slip by you. Feeling what he felt always let you know what he needed the most and all he really needed was support (and cuddles, he claimed in order to entice you to snuggle up to him on the lumpy, uncomfortable hospital like bed. Lots and lots of cuddles). But now he was completely happy and you would do whatever it took to keep him that way—even if it meant staying up all night to marathon Criminal Minds with your little science nerd. If he wanted to watch some show at two am instead of sleep than you would gladly do it to keep him happy.

    “Missed you is all.” After he tumbled onto your bed, his gangly limbs managing to get tangled in the blankets for a moment before he freed himself and motioned you to lay beside him.

    You obeyed and he practically draped himself over top of you but you couldn’t complain. What with it being a cold fall night and Barry was like a furnace so it was always nice to cuddle him in sweater weather—or any sort of weather early. It was a rare occurrence to even turn down Barry Allen cuddles.

    Suddenly, your heart began to pound so loudly that you could even hear it pumping in your ears. Nothing could beat this feeling. It was love. Pure, unmasked love. Barry felt such an overwhelming amount of love towards you and it practically made your heart ache. Normally you only felt this strength of love when you talked with your next door neighbors Jane and Will Sparks who had been married for almost 45 years and still seemed to be in the honeymoon phase. That was what true love felt like but, now you were receiving that same feeling from Barry and you didn’t know what to make of it. This intensity of love was very rare to come by but yet here it was, snuggling in beside you while he attempted to intertwine your limbs together.

    Weighting down that love was exhaustion, yet another mutual feeling the two of you shared and you chose to relax in his hold. He needed to heal and sleep was the best way for that but it didn’t seem like he planned on sleeping as long as you were awake. So you pulled away for a moment, only to press your lips against his. This kiss was intended to say everything you couldn’t manage to speak. There would be time for that in the morning.

    So you fell asleep that night, with a confident, lightweight feeling in your chest that everything would be alright. Barry was making great progress and loved you. Barry loved you. What more could you ask for?