how do you not love patty

This random but: What’s the use of feeling blue really annoys me.

Not the song itself (which has it’s own problems, but that’s not what I am getting at), but the fact that we were told month in advance by Deedee that she was going to sing backup for a villain song. And I got really excited because I love villain songs! Having a villain song sung by a broadway like  Patti LuPone sounds awesome!

The thing is: What’s the use of feeling blue isn’t a villain song!

Like when I say villain song, I don’t mean a song sung by the villain. I mean a song where the villain sing about how much of a villain they are. Where they tell you just how evil, cunning and/or powerful they actually are, in music form.

I wanted a song where Yellow diamond sings about how she is going to do what she should have done a thousand years ago! Crush the last of the rebellion, make Rose Quartz pay for thinking she could stand against the diamonds and watch as the thousands of gems. Who gave their lives to save earth, go to waste as the cluster destroys that miserable planet!

Complete with an evil over the top laugh at the end.

I wanted Yellow diamond to have a disney villain song, not a: “I am sad that Pink diamond is gone, but I repress my emotions uwu”

I don’t know I just really wish Crewniverse would let their villains be, you know: Villains

Do you beautiful people write headcanons for dangan ships? If so is it alright if I can request some fluffy headcanons of Saihara X Kaede? o,: Thank you!

Haha, thanks! We do headcanons for ships; yes. I hope you like it, it was really fun to write.

Also get ready for 420 followers and St. Patty’s day ask box opening.

- Mod Ouma

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anonymous asked:

MUN QUESTION: What do you think of the lack of Patty and Winston muses? Or characters like Abby, Louis, or Janine? What do you think can be done to encourage people to play them?

Bust An Anon//Accepting

Pass the salt, dear, thank you. This might be lengthy so here’s a read more. If you think there’s gonna be discussion of race, etc. you are correct.

TL;DR: White people are afraid to play black characters, some POC might not be super impressed with either Patty or Winston, nerdy characters need more love, and making more fan material of your faves will hopefully remind others how much they love those characters enough to make a blog.

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George, Pattie and Eric’s love triangle: a modern playlist

Last night I was feeling very stoned creative, and listening to my playlist I noticed some songs of this past decade which have a lot to do with this 70′s love triangle. Of course I could not help but make a playlist which I am now sharing with y’all. The POV can change: Some songs would represent Pattie, others George, and though I kept my focus on these two the track number 7 especially would be from Eric’s POV. 

Listen here on spotify // Listen here on youtube

PS: I tried to keep all youtube videos with the lyrics, but I did not check to see if those were correct. The lyrics are an important prt, because that is how I selected the songs.

I would love to get feedback from this - do you agree with my choices? Which modern songs would you use for this playlist and why?

SoMa week 2016 - Day 7 ‘Just Kiss Already

This one’s delayed ooOPS

It took me a while to decide on how exactly to do the prompt, and I’m pretty dang proud of how this came out, minimal coloring aside~ 

A big thank you to the hosts of this, I always love doing ship weeks, and this is one of my main otps~ 

WestAllen Ficlet:

Title: Choice and Destiny 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: WestAllen, Iris West, Barry Allen
Word Count: 1920

Summary: The final WestAllen break-up that leads to kissing because arguing is dumb and kissing is better.

Notes: I sent @boniferhasty an ask in response to this gifset, about how I kinda wanted another final WestAllen break up so they can, you know, kiss and stuff. Then she demanded I write it, and I did cause I’m super awesome, guys, okay?


You started this!” Iris points out, exasperation finally boiling into real anger, “you were the one who told me you were in love with me, you were the one who ran around in a mask flirting with me – making me feel like – do you think I don’t remember the way you used to talk to me before I knew it was you?”

Barry at least has the grace to look sheepish, abruptly, glancing down.

“And then – and then Linda, and then Patty,” Iris holds up two fingers, accusingly, “but always where I could see it, always like you were waiting for me to – to – say something! Like you were trying to prove a point! And there’s some future alternative timeline where we were married – and now some whole other world where we’re also married and – and you have to tell me about that because – why? What good does it do either of us?”

“Oh, so you think I somehow manufactured Zoom so I could – what – go to another dimension just to discover some married version of us?” Barry demands, galvanised, “You think I wanted that complication on top of literally everything else right now?! You think it was fun for me over there?!”

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Drunk History of FOB: retold

Summer of 2001:It is I.
Joe:*meets Patrick* Yo, I know about music.
Patrick:Yo, I know more about music!
Pete:i know about memes
Patrick’s house:they are at me
shorts, socks, hat:we is on Patrick
drums:is played by patty rick
pete:i’m here lol memes
Covers of Green Day, Fuckin’ Mistfits, Fuckin’ Ramones:is played
Shit:is changed up
Fall Out Boy:is played
Pete and pattyrick:yo that’s dopeeeeee
drums:but patrick is playing me
Patrick:yoo i have a soul voice
universe:wait how do you have a soul voice?
Patty:yo watch this
Soul:ohmigod that sounds like me!
Pat:*puts in song* WHERE IS YOUR BOY TOoONNnIiIiIiIIiiiiIiIiIiIiIigGgGgghHhHhHtTtTt?
Not yet Fall Out Boy:yo this is fuckin’ perfect, this is Fall Out Boy
Now Fall Out Boy:*makes records like Evening Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend
Evening Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend:*is loved*
Evening Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend:*has identity crisis* evening out with your girlfriend? ex-girlfriend?
Evening Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend:I’m called Eating Out your Girlfriend and i’m real and i don’t matter
Pete:Yo what the fUUUUCKKKKK???? This is gonna be fuckin’ doooooooopeee
Take This To Your Grave:is made
Fall Out Boy:we have no drummer
Josh Freese, Neil Pert, the dude from Toto, and the guy from Papa Roach or something:hehe we are with fall out boy
FOB:nah m8 we need Andy Hurley
FOB:Andy Hurley. Take This To Your Grave. Fuckin’ record it.
Andy Hurley:*does it, kills it*
Andy:biigildldidldidldldidlldidllldldldldldl psh
Andy:killin’ the skins, tappin’ the skins, tappin’ the rim, playin’ the shit, killin’ these bitches, rappin’ it out.
FOB:hey let’s get signed by fewled bi rawman
fewled bi rawman:can you guys make us famous haha okay we’ll sign you
Pete:yoo this record is fuckin’ dooooooopeeeee, its called Take This To Your Grave, wait no *identity crisis* it’s called From under the Cork Tree.
Patrick:i gotta keep it real alright there are three songs that are going make the album and it’s called-
Patrick:Thanks For The Memories, 20 Dollar Nosebleed, and Sugar We’re Goin’ Down
Record:is fuckin’ doooopeeee
Record:hits fuckin’ charts like one two three, three two one
Record:three four five six seven eight nine ten
Record:ten to ONE
Record:sellss 4 million… 10 million… 15 million records!
Brendon Urie:had nothing to do with the entire record
Patrick:That’s GOoOOoOOOoooOoOoOoOoOooooOoOod
Pete:yoo fuck you i can do whatever i want (lol memes)
Joe:ye its cool man whatever i don’t give a shit
Andy:Eh… cool
Emo Pete:Makeup is fuckin’ great for a guy, because it makes a guy look beautiful, which a lot of times, a guy is not beautiful, and I wanna change that. I wanna to make sure everyone thinks that guys are beautiful.
Eyeliner:is applied to Emo Pete
Pete:oHMIGOD! i’m so embarrassed about this dick pic!
Brendon:*sees the dick pic* ah it’s not bad. It’s not a bad dick, let’s be real.
Dick:i’m not bad!
Brendon:Not bad, Pete!
Everyone else:Not bad, Joe!
Joe:wat that’s not my dick
Panic! at the Disco:*makes cover of Rolling Stone 1 issue before FOB*
FOB:*is pissed* yoo fuck you guis
FOB:yoo Panic has da fueckin cover for rollin stoen, yo, fueck these doods, we’re gonna fueckin go miles above, we’re gonna hit every fueckin continent there is known to man
Time:lel you didn’t make it cuz you missed a second of me
FOB:lel what yeah we made every continent
Universe:lel no you didn’t
Pete:WHat the FUCKK
From Under The Cork Tree:*happens* yeah i’m awesome
Universe:*coming on itself because FUTCT is so big*
Patrick:yoo so we name deez records From Under The Cork Tree and Infinity on Weed
Pete:yoo Folie A Deux means the theatric of two
Pete:oh the madness of two sorry
FOB:yoo we gotta take a break
Pete:yoo we gotta take a break, bro
Patrick:I need time for my music hyuHhYuUuhHYHhUhHuUh
Joe:yoo I need time to find the fuckin’ art dood, I gotta find some fuckin’ meetal
Andy:I’m gonna play with some fuckin’ metal bands.
FOB:Alright this break has bean three years long, two years long, three years long, three and a half?
FOB:The takes over, the breaks over
FOB:We gotta fuckin’ come back, man, we gotta come back strong
Pete:We gotta make this shit legit, it’s gonna be fuckin’ doopee, it’s gonna go fuckin’ sky high
Pete:We’re gonna make a fuckin’ record that sails the skies
Patrick:iF WE’RE TRYINGGGGGGGGG YEAHHHhhhhheahhheahhh
Pete:so we gonna call this record Save Rock And Roll
FOB:*makes Alone Together, Light Em’ Up, Alone Together, The Phoenix*
Everyone:What the fuCKK? you’re working with the guy who fuckin recorded Avril Lavigne and Pink
Pete:yoo we’re gonna end up on tour with Panic! At The Disco and twenty pilots. And that’s all, that’s all that matters.
And that’s just how the fuckin’ story goes.

The real reason The Flash writers added Jay Garrick

“Okay, Barry’s getting a new love interest this season. Patty Spivot”

“But sir, the fans are all crazy about this Snowbarry. Isn’t three love interests a bit much?”

“You’re right. We need to put a Kibosh on Snowbarry. But how?”

“….we could give Caitlin her own Flash. we’ve got this portal thing open now. Why not introduce a parallel Flash. Ooh, like Jay Garrick”

“DO IT!”

(P.S is there a ship name for them yet? Jaylin? Caitrick? SnowJay? )

False Love Part 9

Patty’s P.O.V.

“Look I can’t keep hiding this from her Sam.” He sighed and ran his fingers through his now blonde hair.

“There’s only like a month left of the bet, just promise you won’t tell her.” Sam’s eyes were practically begging me to stay quiet.

“I can’t do that to her Sam! What if she finds out? She’ll hate me if she knows I knew about it!”

“She won’t find out Patty!”

“How are you so sure?” I yelled.

“Because based on how things are going between Nate and Y/N right now I really doubt something like that would happen. I mean it’s been almost a week and they haven’t spoken a word to each other.” He had a point, but I couldn’t do that to her, she was practically my sister.

“Okay.” I whispered. I closed my eyes, not believing I was doing this to my best friend.

Sam sent me a huge grin and quickly pecked my lips, “Now lets go enjoy the party!” I  nodded and followed him out of his room that he had dragged me into in order to prevent me from telling Y/N.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

I was currently sitting on a stool in the kitchen. Patty had left me a while ago to go talk to Sam and now I was sitting alone occasionally taking sips from my red solo cup. Patty had forced my to come to Sam’s party and now here I was sitting alone.

“Do you want to dance?” I looked towards John who had a small smile on his face. I looked at him confused and back down at my drink. “Not in a weird way though, just as friends.” A small smirk made it’s way onto my face and I stood from seat.

“Why not.” I shrugged. I followed him to the middle of the room where most couples stood grinding on each other. The song changed to an over played song that I remember hearing about every time I turn on the radio.

I made sure to keep a good distance away from John seeing as he was Nate’s friend. I laughed as Swazz did a weird dance move, he laughed along with me and spun me around, causing another round of laughter to come out of me.

Time flew by and before I knew it, we had lost count of how many songs we had danced together.

We were currently dancing to another song when someone roughly grabbed my arm and pulled my towards the stairs. I panicked a little bit until I noticed the familiar tattoos that were permanently on Nate’s arm.

He dragged me into his room and pushed me against the now closed door.

I gasped in surprise as his warm lips attacked my neck, leaving hot trails wherever he laid his lips.

“You’re mine” He growled. I nodded absentmindedly and brought my hands up to run through his hair. He continued leaving hot kisses along my neck until he reached my sweet spot. I let out a low moan and he smirked against my skin.

He reached behind me to unzip my dress but i quickly stopped his hands.

“Not today.” I whispered leaning my head against his.

He nodded and picked me up, bringing me over to his bed. I laid down next to him and curled myself against his side.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled kissing my forehead.

I looked up at him and shook my head, “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have pried and I should’ve trusted you more.”

“And I should have told you I was meeting up with Gabri. The only reason she wanted to meet up was because one of our friends was having a birthday party and thought it would be a good idea to send Gabri to tell me seeing as she’s on vacation here and our friend doesn’t have my number.” I nodded my head and played with the fabric of his shirt.

“Its okay, I’m just glad I can do this again.” I reached up and brushed my lips against his. He smiled and pulled down my dress zipper.

“Nate I alre-.”

“I’m just taking off your dress so you can sleep in one of my t shirts.” I rolled my eyes and let him pull the fabric over my head. He took in a sharp breath but quickly walked over to his closet to get me one of his shirts.

He pulled the shirt over my head and quickly took his pants and shirt off, leaving him in his boxers.

I trailed my eyes up his well defined chest, taking in the happy trial that down to his.. well you know.

I averted my eyes and laid down, Nate joining me on the bed. I snuggled up to him as he wrapped the covers around us. He spooned me, wrapping his arms around me.

I sighed contently and intertwined my fingers with Nate as sleep overcame us.

I guess right now more than ever it hit me. The fact that the writers are so desperately keeping Barry and Iris apart on purpose. It’s not the fact that they are keeping westallen platonic at the moment (or how badly they suck at writing it) it’s the fact that we can’t tell that Barry was ever in love with Iris. I guarantee you that if a person watched season 2 without watching season 1, you could never tell that Barry was completely head over heels for her. It’s the fact that they are trying so hard to sell Patty and Barry’s relationship and in doing so, diminishing Barry and Iris’s friendship. I would be totally fine with Patty and Barry (well not totally fine) if we could see westallen being best friends again. And what’s also baffling to me is the fact that Barry is so quick to move on when Iris never said never in regards to the romantic aspect of their relationship. I’m guessing he doesn’t want to pursue a relationship because Eddie died and if that’s the case, show us. Show us Barry and Iris talking about their feelings. Show us Iris grieving Eddie. It feels like the writers don’t even remember season 1. 

I’m looking at season 1 gifs and feeling very nostalgic. The writers sucks so badly at writing platonic!westallen and I just can’t think about it without getting really angry. I just really hope the are better at writing romantic!westallen. Shit, I’m still hoping we even get that. 

hi friends! so I’m sure you all have heard about the really awful hate comedian and actress leslie jones has been getting lately, and how her website was recently hacked and how nude pictures of her were released. this is so, so awful. she doesn’t deserve this at all, she’s such a wonderful, brilliant, beautiful, hilarious woman. so I was thinking, we should do something for her. her birthday is coming up soon (sept. 7 - it’s actually the most recent thing she tweeted about), and I want to show her we care and that we don’t all think like these awful people do. it could be an online thing, or even in person, as I am moving to nyc this weekend, so we’d be living in the same city. please message me if you would be interested in helping me out with this project, I really want to show leslie j we care. it’d be great if you could reblog this post too, just to get the word out!

so I watched Ghostbusters yesterday and what a Fun movie man, have my thoughts below. Spoilers, you are warned.

 * I love how dorky all of them were?? Like yes there were Feelings, but also these guys were just having fun busting some ghosts, going 100% in w minimum hesitation

* i love Patty you guys and i want a million fics about her using her history knowledge to find more places for them to investigate

* i also want fic where the other three ghostbusters have moved into the firehouse and are trying to persuade Patty to do so as well, and as the sole member of the team who has An Actual Life it takes a while

* wait no what I really want is a fic where Patty is utterly astonished at how easily possessed!Abby takes down Holtzmann and is like “Holtzy, that was embarassing please” and takes it upon herself to teach the team basic self-defense 

* corollary to the above - the ghostbusters discover that Holtzmann has the Worst punch. they had bet on it being Erin (who is affronted by this!!) but no it is Holtz. She keeps her thumb in her fist, etc etc.

*honestly i want the fic where they all live in the firehouse and get used to each other’s routines!! because that is my favourite thing, people learning to make space in their lives and becoming accustomed to one another.

* Holtz was such a good! She was so gay and I am dead re: the dancing scene?? what a Good scene folks, when will it be uploaded to youtube so I can enjoy what a Dork she is. Seconding everyone about how glad I am she wasn’t predatory at all because that’s such an easy joke to make

* she was very Extra in a lot of ways, but without being a Dick. I like that she got her heartfelt speech at the end and it makes me want Holtz backstory.

* I feel like Abby’s going to be the least appreciated ghostbuster? Which makes me sad because I love the stable leader types and there’s no denying that’s what Abby is here. I love how little resentment she has towards Erin and her mad scientist friendship with Holtzman. Also her outfit when possessed was super cute. 

* Ahaha somehow Erin ended up being my least favourite ghostbuster. Don’t get me wrong I love the anxious nerdy protags, but the other three were so Refreshing that I got distracted. Anyway I love how she goes All In and how much she struggles with being publicly decreed fakes.

* Conclusion: I want a slice of life Ghostbusters tv show but I will settle for lots of fic and a sequel.