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I don’t understand how people keep saying that because mark and kieran are not in the most ideal relationship in the book or because there is a huge potential for Mark and Cristina to be a thing that there isn’t any representation. Mark is bi guys, and as someone who is bisexual I can tel you that just because I (a girl) am potentially gonna be with a guy instead of a girl doesn’t change the fact that I do find girls attractive or that I’m bisexual. Being bisexual means that there is potential for both gay AND straight relationships and I feel like that needs to be recognized.

Everything In My Power - Audrey Jensen

“Hello! I hope this is how u do this lol I’m Jess and I want a imagine pm Audrey jensen like she got hurt from a fight and reader comfort her thanks !”

This is my first imagine on this account! I’m so excited for people to read this. It’s based off the trailer and sneak peek for the newest Scream episode (s2:e9). Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated and requests are still open! I really hope this is what you wanted! :)


Audrey and I were walking down the hallway when we saw Emma, Brooke, Kieran, and Noah talking. We knew what it was about. Last night Emma had heard Audrey confess to bringing Piper, the woman who killed our friends, to Lakewood.

When I found out, I had been devastated, but Audrey explained that she didn’t know what Piper was doing and I believed her. Or I wanted to believe her. If I couldn’t trust Audrey, who could I trust?

However, Emma hadn’t given Audery the same chance, kicking her out of the house without a second to explain. My girlfriend texted me all night; she was so upset. No one, but Noah and I, trusted her anymore. All our friends were turning against her.

I pulled Audrey’s arm to get her attention, by the look on her face I knew she would approach Emma, and I knew it was a bad idea. However, ignoring my silent plea, she walked right up to the group. “Emma…” She begged, causing everyone to look at her, and the survivor girl to storm away. Noah, my best friend, was giving me a sympathetic look when, moments later, Audrey had been shoved into a locker.

I ran up to her, asking if she was okay, as Kieran rushed Emma away. I placed my hands on her face to make her look at me, but she wasn’t having it. She pushed my arms away before running off and I just stood there in shock. Noah hugged me. “It’ll get better,” he muttered, before letting me go off to find my girlfriend.

When I found her, it was in one of the school bathrooms. I walked in and called her name. I could hear her crying inside the handicap stall. After trying the door, and finding it locked, I crawled under it.

Audrey looked up. “You know I could’ve unlocked the door for you..” She mumbled under the breath.

“Where’s the fun in that?” I joked, trying to lighten the mood. It seemingly didn’t work, as Audrey just cried a little harder. Sitting down next to her, I pulled her into my arms and let her sob into my shirt. “It’s okay. Shhhhhh. We have each other and Noah and we will be okay I promise.”

It was weird to see the great Audrey Jensen cry. She was normally so tough and brave. Whether she was taking down Will in self defense class or going to the hospital with Emma and I, I always felt safe with her. She always had to hold ME. Now that the roles were reversed, I’d do everything in my power to be brave for her. I love her.

Do you ever think about how Arran was the one who found Nathan after Kieran and the others tortured him? How Arran loved his brother so much and was so, so scared for him and stood up to Niall and Connor in school for Nathan even though he despised fighting?

How he would have felt after they got the call and he would have run to Nathan terrified about what he’d find only to discover Nathan covered in blood and unconscious on the ground? Do you think for a moment he thought he was too late? How he was the one to carry him back home, no more than sixteen himself, with his brother half dead in his arms? 

When Nathan was hallucinating on the table and saying please don’t let them touch me, Arran, don’t let them touch me, please and Arran couldn’t do anything but hold his hand while Nathan screamed? That Arran spent days watching his little brother who he tried so hard to protect, who had never hurt anybody and yet was so hated by everybody, suffer? That he didn’t sleep until he knew Nathan would be okay?

Do you think that that ordeal, seeing the person he loved the most in such agony and not being able to do anything to help him, might be the reason Arran decided to study medicine? 

I just finished Lady Midnight...

And now I don’t know what to do with my broken and confused heart. I mean: Julian and Emma??! And Jace and Clary and Jem and TESSA!!! And Magnus and Alec all together!!! No wait, I mean… *Julian Fucking Blackthorn*, can someone please explain that character to me? Like, why is he even…? And Mark and Kieran and Cristina? And the parabatai thing? And Mark and Emma? I mean… WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH CASSANDRA? How can she be that good? I’m dying, I’m done. I can’t wait a year. impossible. See you all in hell, I’m dead.

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Honestly, the thing I’m going to miss most about scream is the fandom, I mean how many fandoms make perfect gif sets 15 minutes after the episode is finished airing, or comes up with flawless killer theories and head cannons in 12 seconds flat, what other fandom do you just get random messages from your followers asking for theories and get like 100 notes on posts you barely spent any time on 

I am in a lot of fandoms and I don’t say this lightly, MTV scream is by far the best one, and to all my followers and people I follow I am going to miss you so much

Stfu are you kidding me Brandon James’ mother was starting to say a name that sounded like “Keith” which kinda sounds like KIERAN before you cut her off to ask if it was “Seth” like WHY would you do that when she is an older more “out there” woman who’s ideas and memories could easily be persuaded and compromised if you said something to her. HOW DID YOU NOT CATCH WHAT SHE SAID??!??????!!!!!