how do you look so cute even when confused

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how were there so many cute moments in such a short vlog clip though :( dnp are so smiley and cute

i knowwww dksdfksdf i love how phil put his arm around her at the beginning and then dan was petting her hair and i love how dan kept ducking out and popping into frame like the strange giant man that he is and i love how firm they were about their planned movie date so that they couldnt even reschedule it to hang out with louise for longer, even though they watch movies together literally all the time but never see louise, and i love whatever weird shit dan was getting up to on the sofa behind phil’s head when louise and phil were trying to talk about how filming went, and i love how animated he was when he was acting out the massages and phil was like ‘what are you doing’ and made that cute confused face and louise just looked at them and phil was very much emanating that attitude of like ,,,, ahhhh ya thats my embarrassing husband pls dont look at me, i dont know what to tell you,,,,, and then i love how in love w eating they all are and how rare it is to even just see the food dnp like to eat (i guess sometimes they tell us about meals they have but even that is rare so outside of like clips from the ditl’s where they order takeout or do cooking of their own we jst never see what they eat!!!!!!! so i was fascinated!!!!) … this vlog was bursting w that fresh content lmao i loved it, we always owe louise a lot

Dating Vernon would be like:

-boys having to literally push him so he bumps into you since he still refuses to ask you out saying that he’s not mentally prepared

-laughing awkwardly when you smile at him and acting like he has a complete control over the situation…and no, the boys didn’t just push him in your direction…and hell no, they’re didn’t hide behind that door trying to listen to your conversation

-really shy, awkward skinship at first

-later getting more comfortable with it but still not doing anything more than holding hands in front of the boys…i mean really, they wouldn’t let him live

-playing with his hair constantly, like combing it with your fingers, even braiding it  him silently judging you because of the braids but still letting you do your work

-randomly giving him back hugs and kiss on the cheek and then just running away leaving him standing with a completely red face and a big confused grin

-him playing guitar for you and even trying to sing something but it all somehow ends with you two having random rap battle

-which you obviously lose- ‘’But you know how to lose with a style, jagi!’’-’’ How can that even apply to this situation, Hansol?’’

-boys teasing him because he literally can’t stop smiling whenever he’s near you

-entertaining the boys by imitating the face he made when the girl slapped him in Mansae

-going to his family house a lot because you kind of get along with his mom pretty well and she shows you his baby photos which is a plus

-playing with Sofia also and she willingly tells you all the embarrassing stories from when they were younger  you making sure to remember it all so you can make use of it later

-late night talks about how many puppies and kittens you’re going to have in the future…AND YES YOU EVEN HAVE NAME FOR THEM ALREADY 

-chasing him around the house trying to tickle him

-yes, that usually ends up with big serious tickle fights that leave you both panting and red in the faces from laughing 

-and boys entering the room and being like: ‘’Woah, did we interrupt something?’’

-showing each other new songs you found

-whispered ‘’I love you’s’’ when he thinks you won’t hear him

-trying to make a chocolate cake together and he somehow manages to eat the whole chocolate you prepared before you even have the chance to use it

-having movie night every week and going from rom coms to horror movies

-and you’re not even sure who’s more scared after watching horror and you’re seriously thinking about leaving the lights on while you’re sleeping

-catching him admiring your legs while he thinks you’re busy doing something else- ‘’You like what you see?’’-’’-No! I mean YES but…you’re doing this purpose, aren’t you?’’

-acting like drama characters and having super dramatic dialogues because you’re bored…and yeah, you’re both lowkey obsessed with that new drama you watched together

-you kind of getting jealous when he acts cute around girl groups-’’So, aegyo only in front of you! Got it!’’

-talking on Konglish constanly and confusing other boys like that  hell confusing even yourselfs

-giving you his hats to wear and than fanboying on the inside over how cute you look

-standing in the middle of the room with his mouth open when he sees you coming out of bedroom wearing only his shirt and shorts and he’s like…it’s just a simple shirt but why does she look so good in it?!

-slipping chocolates and short encouraging notes in his practice bag and him calling you in the middle of the practice to thank you for making his day and you know he’s smiling from ear to ear

-he really likes nose kisses 

-being really confident and smooth sometimes but most of the time he’s a fluff ball

-telling each other really lame jokes and laughing hysterically while other members are discussing whether they should be worried or not

-him talking to Seungkwan about you and Seungkwan calling you later to tell you everything in detail

-him constantly worrying if you will enjoy the date he planned

-trying to be romantic at most random times and then later trying to figure out why it went wrong  but he has to admit it’s still worth it since you ended up kissing him 

-he’s still young and he’ll probably need time to figure out how to show you his feelings but he’s so precious so it would definitely be worth waiting

BigBang Reaction #13 - Their s/o gets confused when somebody compliments them

anon asked: Can you write Big Bang’s reaction when their s/o always gets confused/shy when somebody tells them that they are cute or pretty? (I spent last week in Seoul and so many people have told me that I’m pretty or beautiful but where I come from people don’t usually say stuff like that so openly, so I didn’t even know how to react 😶)

Jiyong: He literally gets so squishy when this happens. You’re so cute when you’re shy!! He will open his door whenever you come to his house and immediately say “Hey beautiful, you look hot today.”

and then when you get all shy/confused he gets so blushy and squishy and embarrassed himself but he can’t help doing it every time he sees you because he loves your reaction so much

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what would jbj be like as boyfriends? p.s autumn breeze is so nice!! pls make more omg

Taehyun would honestly be the type who would do anything to make you be happy in a way where he would even notice the little things about you, from what you like to what you dislike. He would shower you with compliments and take you out on dates often, as long as it was at a place where you both would like to go to. he also loves to make friends, so when it comes to jealousy, he would only be jealous if someone was too close to you in a point where it’s uncomfortable for you both. Overall, I’d say he would be the most understanding boyfriend out of everyone, without being too possessive of you

Kenta will be more of a carefree boyfriend but also kinda clingy at times, but not too clingy where he would push your buttons and make you annoyed of him. He would just want to show you how much he loves you and cares about you. He is also quite an outgoing person so expect a lot of dates, from going to cute cafes to even going out of the country together. He’s also willing to listen to all your problems and even though at times he may not be able to help you with them, he’d always keep you company when you are down and would make sure to make you smile all the time

Sanggyun would be the boyfriend who is a bit more chill, but also careful. He’s always gonna make you laugh by saying even the weirdest things or even by his random rambles. Dates with him will be kind of awkward at first, because he’s afraid of what you would think of him. But soon enough as you both become closer he would open up more to you. He can also sometimes be sudden in his actions where he’d suddenly ask you out last minute, or give you gifts that remind him of you. He can also be a bit possessive and overprotective at times, but not in a dangerous kind of way. More like if someone tried to hit on you, he would already be next to you in a second and save the day or if you were having a night out with friends and without him, he’s send sad emojis and tell you how much he misses you already

Yongguk is quite introverted as he said, so expect him to be a bit more reserved when it comes to dating. Most dates would be just at home or at cute cafes, maybe even park strolls. He can also be sometimes random, like he would suddenly do aegyo and you would just give him a confused look. While if you were the one to do something cute, he’d either have a straight face or widen his eyes in confusion as well. But overall, he seems like the person to fall in love gradually and start being serious in the relationship when he feels very comfortable with the person he is with.

Hyunbin would most likely, out of the bunch, spoil his girlfriend the most. If he falls for you hard, expect him to take you out on dates very often and buy you gifts, as well as take lots of couple pics like even those aesthetic ones you see on instagram. He would also love to travel with you and take lots of pics as memories. He may not show it at times, but he would definitely be the type to suddenly show aegyo whenever you two have a small argument. Honestly, he would make sure you can’t get away without falling for his charms. But personality wise, he will always be the one who would be there for you when you need him and be a helping hand at times of need.

I don’t really know much about Taedong, but he seems like a very sweet but also kind of introverted boyfriend. Like Yongguk, he would like to date low key but he is a bit more outgoing. Most dates would be strolling around shopping areas or at cafes, even a visit to the beach would be very fun. I also see him as someone who would like to converse a little bit more with someone before going into a relationship. He would also be the type to listen to you very well and is very patient with you.

As for Donghan, he seems like someone who would be a blushing mess if you compliment him for his looks up to his dancing. He can be both shy but also full of himself at random times, and he just wants to see your reaction towards his random rambles honestly. Like Hyunbin, he would take lots of cute couple pics with you and maybe even spoil you a bit. Expect lots of food dates with this cutie, for he just looooves food (and you). He is also most likely to be a bit clingy and have skinship with you quite often, especially backhugs where he just wants to rest his chin on the top of your head. He would also be there for you at times of need and honestly, would even tell you to just eat somewhere with him if you had problems lol buf of course, he will always be ready to listen to you.

Is That A Promise? (Rob Benedict x Reader)

Your friend Brianna invites you out for drinks with some of her friends, but one guy in-particular makes it his mission to embarrass you as much as possible.

Warnings: Fluff, Almost smut, Flirting

Word Count: 4387 (oops)

(This was originally just a one-shot but I’m gonna turn it into a two part piece.)

“Y/N, you never do anything with anyone, it’ll be fun!” Briana shouted down the phone, she seemed determined to deafen you until you agreed. You grunted in response. She was trying to convince you to go out drinking with her and her friends, but she’d be the only one you knew well and you weren’t the most outgoing person in the world, that’s putting it lightly.

“I’ll go for half an hour.” You grimaced, immediately regretting agreeing to even that.

“Y/N!” Briana shouted once more.

“Fine, one hour. That’s all though. Then I’m straight outta there.” You ripped the phone away from your ear as she squealed in delight, straining your ears once more.

“See you tonight!” You heard her shout before she ended the call. You fell to your bed and let out an exasperated sigh.

“You can do this, it’s just an hour.” You said, trying to convince yourself that you would be fine. If you weren’t so anxious all the time you’d be fine. There was no use thinking over your mistake now, you’d already agreed, so you went to your wardrobe to look for an outfit for tonight. God you hoped tonight would go quick.

- - - - -

You were stood outside, basking in the chill air of the winter night, watching the people walking down the sidewalks to wherever their night led them.

“Y/N!” You jumped as two arms pulled you into a warm body, belonging to Brianna.

“Hey…” You said, trying to seem happy for her sake.

“You’re freezing, let’s get you inside.” She grabbed your hand and yanked it before you could argue. Before you knew it you were in a large, crowded bar. The lights were dim and it smelt like whiskey. The noise was already hurting your head. God I’m so out of place. You thought to yourself, looking around.

Briana walked you over to a large table where several people were all situated in different places. There was a lot of guys and one other girl, as if you weren’t uncomfortable enough.

“Hey, guys! This is Y/N! She’s a little shy but she’s a blast once you get to know her.” Briana introduced you to everybody and they all turned and waved at you, shouting out ‘hey’s’ and other words. “So in order, we have Mike, Billy, Stephen….then over there we have Jason, Kim and Matt. And those two idiots over there are Richard and Rob.” Oh no. You thought. Rob’s hot. You were panicking already and you hadn’t even been here five minutes. You hoped for your sake that Brianna planted you next to her at least so you didn’t feel so bad.

You followed her as she clambered over to her stool, next to Kim and Richard. There was no room for you on her side and you wanted to scream as she ushered you to sit down next to Rob, but you did anyway.

“So, Y/N….Briana never told us you were hot.” Richard spoke, confidence in his voice as he leant over the table slightly, eyeing you up. Your face instantly flushed pink.

“Wh-what?” You stammered, nerves threatening you.

“Rich! Leave her be, she’s nervous as it is.” Briana said, coming to your aid. “Take no notice of him, he’s an ass.”

“I am not!” Richard denied, looking really offended, making you giggle to yourself. “Got a laugh out of her already, see?” He winked at you and returned to drinking his beer.

Half an hour of chatting and joking passed quickly, you were so distracted you weren’t even aware of how long you’d been there. Though you’d never admit it, you were kind of enjoying yourself.The guys were hilarious and entertaining, not to mention some of the stories they had from their conventions. You were on your second vodka and lemonade. You’d always been slow at drinking, especially compared to the people you were with, some of which who had four empty glasses in front of them.

“Rob….Robbie? You’ve barely said a word for half an hour, you alright, bud?” You heard Richard talking to Rob who was sat across from him and next to you. You felt bad. He was stuck on the end of the table, maybe he felt a little bit left out from his friends. Or maybe he didn’t like you. You weren’t really sure.

“Oh I-I’m…..I’m….I’m fine.” He gave Richard a genuine smile that you just caught from the corner of your eyes. Somehow it still managed to take your breath away.

“Who’s up for a game of pool?” Matt bellowed across the table. A few nodded and cheered in response, all heading over to the pool table. You’d decided to sit at the table instead, not being a huge fan of the game. You held your vodka and lemonade, feeling nervous again now that you were left alone. You stirred the liquid slowly with the cocktail stick, watching the ripples flow and break away.

“You alright?” A strong hand had grabbed your shoulder, startling you and causing you to knock over the rest of your drink. “Shit! Sorry! I-I-I….I didn’t mean to do that, I’m so sorry! Crap!” Rob began to grab the napkins from the table, placing them all down over the spreading liquid in some attempt to mop up the vodka before it got to the floor. He glanced over your figure, noticing that you’d managed to get some of it on your shirt. He instantly grabbed a bunch of napkins again and without thinking started to dab at your shirt, trying to dry it for you. He didn’t seem to realise how personal he was being to somebody he’d just met.

“Rob, it’s fine, it’s just a bit of vodka!” You complained, trying to get him to stop but he kept going. This is the opposite of what I want right now! You thought to yourself. “Rob, stop!” He listened. His hands came to a halt and you looked up, straight into the blue ocean that were his eyes. You didn’t realise till now just how close he was to your face. You noticed some of the stray freckles he had on his nose, as well as the lines etched on his face. He was fucking gorgeous. “Oh fuck..” You said.

“What?” Rob asked, cocking his head to the side. Shit. You’d said that outloud. Now you were screwed.

“Nothing.” You clarified.

“Listen, I’m….I- I’m really…..really sorry about…your drink and the…..and this.” He looked down to your chest and realised his hands were still on you, sure the napkins were between his hands and your skin but they were still there. He quickly moved them away, sitting down next to you. You could see his chest was heaving up and down pretty heavily. He must have been as nervous as you right now.  

“Rob, it’s fine…stop panicking. It’s not like you spilt acid on me.” You gave him a small smile, trying to make him feel better. He looked down at his lap for a few moments before looking back up to you.

“I’ll get you another one….” He ignored your complaints and attempts at arguing, continuing to walk toward the bar.

“Rob….wait….it’s fine, I was gonna go now anyway…” You had caught up with him but it was too late, he’d already ordered you another drink and a beer for himself.

“What’s the point in just coming for an hour?” He asked, waiting for the bartender to bring your drinks.

“Bri made me come, an hour is all she could get from me. I wasn’t going to come at all.”

“I’m glad you came anyway.” Rob said, staring at the bar and refusing to look your way.

“Why? I barely do anything….I just sit there quietly.”

“I’d be talking to myself right now if you weren’t here. I’m the only one who has zero interest in pool.” He grinned at you. “That and……it’s nice to have something to look at.” The bartender planted your drinks down in front of Rob and he picked them up straight away, carrying them away to the table.

“What? Rob? I don’t get it, what do you mean?” He chuckled to himself as you followed him close behind.

“It means you’re nice to look at.” He sat down, placing your drink in front of your seat and taking a big gulp from his. Taking your place next to him you began to laugh. He stared at you a little miffed as to why you were laughing. He furrowed his brows which only made you laugh more.

“Hold on…” You said, taking out your phone and holding it up to him. You snapped a picture and turned the photo around to show him. You bit your bottom lip, trying not to laugh as he clapped eyes with the foam mustache he now had above his upper lip. You picked up a stray napkin and reached up to him, gently cleaning the foam from his face. He watched you with a smile on his face the entire time.

“Why are you smiling at me?” You put the napkin down, taking a sip of your new drink. Rob chuckled.

“You’re cleaning me up now.” He shook his head, laughing.

“Hey I could have handled myself before you got all hands on, Mister.”

“Really? Cause you didn’t stop me for quite a while. Maybe you wanted my hands on you.”

“So what if I do?” You contorted.

“Sorry? So what if you do? Don’t you mean, ‘So what if I did?’” Rob was teasing you pretty damn aggressively now. And the way he’d moved his seat subtly closer to yours and sat facing you with his knees either side of yours did not go unnoticed.  

“I- I meant…I meant ‘So what if I did’….” You tried to correct yourself but it was too late now, Rob was smirking at you and your heart was melting like butter.

“So…you don’t still want my hands on you….?” Rob asked, glancing to your chest and then back to your eyes.

“No.” You answered, swallowing hard.

“No, you don’t, or no….you do?” He arched his back so that he could lean closer to you again.

“I do!” You shouted.

“You do?!” Rob shouted back, raising an eyebrow.

“I mean, I don’t! God, you’re really confusing me” You sat up straight, shuffling away from him a little, but all he did was move closer again. His laugh grew a little dark, making your heart race even faster.

“You’re so damn cute.” Rob sighed, smiling at you. You could feel how red your face was and you knew full well that Rob could see the colour. You tried to distract yourself by drinking your vodka, looking away from him. It was so difficult to drink when you could see him watching you from the corner of your eyes.

“Can I drink in peace, please?” You asked him, narrowing your eyes.

“But you’re pretty. I told you I like to look at nice things.” He moved his knees so that they were leaning against yours. As if it were possible you grew even more red.

You opened your mouth to say something back when Brianna sat down in front of you, followed by the rest of the gang.

“So what have you guys been up to?” Richard asked, staring at the two of you. Everybody had noticed how close Rob had moved to you which made you pretty embarrassed. You turned around so that you were facing the table again. But Rob stayed where he was, leaning on the table with his side, watching you.

“Not much.” You answered.

“She spilt her vodka all over herself and then she bullied me for it because apparently it was my fault.”

“Excuse me? That is so not how it went down.” You scowled at him and gave Brianna a disapproving look, making the whole table laugh.

“Oh? How did it go down then, Ma'am?” Rob asked, leaning in close to you and nudging you with his elbow. You gave him a death stare, not wanting everybody to know just how ‘handy’ he had been with you. You simply sighed and returned your lips to your drink.

“That’s what I thought, darlin’.” You watched him as he polished off the rest of his beer. Richard and Brianna gave eachother a glance. You didn’t know what they were up to but it made you uncomfortable.

Richard stood up with his phone out, making his way around the table.

“Smile, everybody. S’ picture time.” Everybody turned to Richard, all facing the camera. You gave him a small smile, waiting for it to be over. Before he took the photo you felt an arm snake it’s way over your shoulders, then seeing a hand fall down over your shoulder, next to your face. Rob was really frustrating you now. He couldn’t give you a break for one minute.

“Nice.” Richard said, snapping the photo. He then made his way around the table getting selfies with everybody and taking photos of certain trios or duos in the gang. He then came back to his seat and stared directly at you.

“What? Why are you staring at me?”

“He wants a photo of you, Y/N.” Brianna explained, smiling away.

“Don’t you have enough?”

“I only have one!”

“One too many!” You argued back, making him laugh.

“Robbie, come on. You too.”

“Wait, no….no, no, no. Not with him.”

“Why not with Rob, Y/N?” Brianna asked you with a shit-eating grin. You knew exactly what she was doing, she was trying to get you to admit you had a taken a liking to Rob. But you weren’t going to.

“Come on, babe.” Rob said, making you blush again. He placed his arm around your waist this time, pulling you so close to him that you could feel the warmth radiating from his body. You were dying inside. He leant his face against yours and your entire body froze. You couldn’t move. Why did this man you’d only known for two hours affect you like this?

You didn’t want to know really.

You gave Richard a smile so he could snap the photo and you could leave.

“Richard, take the goddamn photo already!” You were growing more and more impatient as he messed about with the camera. You could feel Rob shaking with laughter, he knew full well what his partner in crime was doing and why he was taking so long. Snap. He’d finally taken the photo. You went to move away but Rob’s hand wouldn’t let you.

“Wait, I want a photo too!” Brianna said, pulling out her phone excruciatingly slowly.

“Why? Just save Richards photo!” You complained, loudly. Rob was giggling adorably next to you.

“Come on, it’s just a picture.” You turned to face him, forgetting that he was so close. You dragged your nose against his by mistake and tried to shuffle backwards, but his arms were too strong for you to get free. He laughed at your shyness. “You’re so damn adorable…” It was a whisper, as if he didn’t want anybody else to hear him say it.

“Alright, ready! Do something!” Bri shouted, holding her phone up to you guys. You simply smiled at the camera again and she clicked the photo. You heard the three second timer go off which confused you at first until you felt Rob’s face move and his lips press down against your cheek. Why am I stuck with a gang of complete assholes. You thought to yourself. Everybody on the table was laughing at your reaction to Rob kissing your cheek, but not as much as Brianna and Rich were laughing at the actual photo. She turned it around to show you and Rob. There he was with his lips on your cheek…..and there you were with wide eyes and a face of complete shock. You planted your face on the table and groaned. You felt Rob place his hand on your back, rubbing it in circles.

“Y/N, come on, it’s a gold photo!” Rob said.

“Eat me.” You retorted from the table. It was muffled but he heard you alright. Rob leant down to the table and you could feel his breath by your ear.

“Is that a dare?” He whispered down your ear, giving you chills. You looked up at him, completely mortified.

“Jesus, Rob….keep it PG.” Richard said. Oh fuck they heard what he just said. That was it you were so done. You were ready to go home now. This man was driving you insane. You felt like God was on your side when Billy stood up, declaring him and the rest of the band were ready to go home. Once Billy, Stephen and Mike had left, everybody else started to slowly leave. First Matt left and then Kim left next. That left Brianna and Richard sat across from you and Rob, who was refusing to leave, sitting next to you with his thigh against yours. After another twenty minutes of talking you stood up. “I’m gonna head home now.” You grabbed your bag and placed the strap over you, letting the small purse fall to your side. Rob was watching you again, you swear he wasn’t blinking.

“We’re leaving now too, we may as well come with you.” Richard replied, grinning at you and his buddy. You gave out another free death glare. You were made of them tonight.

You stood and waited for the other three as they all put their jackets on and collected their belongings.

“You drive in?” Bri asked you. You shook your head as you walked out with her by your side.

“No I walked in. I kind of like the walk in.” You answered.

“I’m gonna go get a taxi home, text me when you get home, yeah?”

“Yes, mother.” You mocked. She squeezed you tight in a typical Brianna hug, before she waves the boys off and walked away. You turned to start walking before you noticed Rob and Rich were still stood there.

“You don’t think it’s a bit late to walk home? I mean it’s really dark.” Richard said. He pointed to what you assumed was his car. “You want a lift?”

“I’ll be alright….thanks. I don’t mind walking.”

“Alright, suit yourself then. It was nice meeting you tonight, by the way. I stole your number from Brianna so expect me to invite you out again soon.” You didn’t understand why he’d decided he wanted your number or why he wanted to hang out with you again, but you were glad he liked you somewhat.

“Come on, Robbie.” He said, walking toward his car.

“Oh I’m…..I’m gonna walk home.” Rob said. Richard froze in his spot.

“Robert….you live 40 minutes away from here.”

“Yeah I- I’m gonna….walk….home….” He glanced to his side then back at Richard a few times before Richard finally understood what he meant.

“Ohhhhhh. Right. Alrighty. See you tomorrow then.” Richard got in his car and drove off. You were stood with Rob, your nerves eating away at you.

“See- see you later.” You said shyly, beginning to walk away from him. God you wished this man didn’t make you so nervous.

“I don’t think so.” You heard Rob say before you noticed he was walking next to you.

“What are you doing?” You asked, furrowing your brows up at the goofy man.

“Walking you home like a gentleman should.”

“And you’re a gentleman, are you?.” You asked, chuckling to yourself.

“I sure as hell am. Watch this!” He shrugged his leather jacket off and placed it over your shoulders. “See? I’m a gentleman!” You had to steady yourself from laughing too hard, but Rob was there to grab you before you could stumble or fall. He placed his hand on the small of your back and you both continued to walk down the road. You spent some time laughing and talking on your way home before you finally made it to your front door.

You shrugged off his jacket and gave it back to him. He put it back over him straight away, he must have been freezing for the whole time. Now you felt a bit bad. But it was very sweet of him. He stood there smiling at you as you stood in the doorway of your home.

“Do you wanna come in, Rob?” You asked him, you didn’t mean that you wanted something to happen. But you recalled Richard saying he lived quite a while away and you didn’t want him stuck out in the cold.

“I- I really shouldn’t. I’ll just call a cab when I get back into the city center.” He was looking at his feet and scratching the back of his neck.

“Rob…I don’t mind. You can sleep here if you want. It’s pretty late. You must be tired.” You don’t know why you were trying to hard to get him to stay. Sure you really liked him, but you didn’t realise you liked him this much. Besides, you didn’t have his number and he didn’t have yours. You didn’t want him to walk away and to never see him again. This man was amazing, he was gorgeous and he was funny and he was a gentleman. He was just perfect.

Rob was biting his bottom lip as if he was contemplating coming in.

“Y/N….if you let me in…..I don’t know if I can keep my hands off you.” You were once again staring into those ocean blue eyes. You were breathing heavily again, thinking about what he’d just said.

“Is that a promise?” You asked, smiling bashfully at him. He nodded at you. “Good.” you stood to the side, letting him walk in. You felt his shoulder graze across your chest as he slid into the hallway of your house. You closed the front door, locking it behind you. You turned around, only to be shoved back into the wall by two strong hands. You let out a quiet squeal as your back collided with the wall. Rob’s chest was pressed against yours, one of his hands was securely placed on your hip and the other had your hand pinned against the wall above your head. You had just about registered what was happening when Rob hungrily took your lips between his. You remained there for what felt like an eternity. Your blood was rushing fast, you could barely breathe and Rob wasn’t letting you go anywhere. All you could think about was how soft his lips were and how you never wanted this moment to end. The smell of his cologne, the feel of his soft lips moving with yours and the feel of his beard scratching against the skin of your face. You could have sworn you’d died and gone to heaven and you never wanted to leave. Between the moans that Rob was making and the heavy breathing coming from his nose, you somehow managed hear your phone go off. Rob broke away, resting his forehead against yours and closing his eyes. You grabbed your phone from your pocket and noticed it was Brianna calling you. You’d forgotten she’d asked you to text her when you got home safe. You answered the call, holding the phone up to your ear. You placed your index finger across your lips, telling Rob to keep quiet.

“Y/N, I told you to text me when you get home, are you alright?” Brianna asked over the phone.

“I’m fine, I’m home. Sorry, I got distracted by something and forgot to text you. Im safe.” Rob’s lips found your neck and he began to kiss all down the side of it, giving it a nip here and there. He was making it exceedingly hard to make a phone call. Brianna was busy talking about tonight and saying how she knew you’d have fun. She mentioned Rob’s name several times and he heard everything she said. After about three minutes he was growing impatient and he began to tug you toward the stairs. You followed him slowly as he grabbed your hand and guided you up the stairs in the dark. You were still talking to Bri on the phone as you walked up. You stopped dead in the middle of the upper hall way, answering something she’d said.

You let out a loud squeal as Rob slapped you on the ass and stood behind you, leaning against your body with his own.

“Y/N? Are you alright?!” Brianna sounded scared.

“I’m fine! I’m alright, I just….I fell up the stairs. That’s all. Listen, I’m gonna head to bed…I’m really tired after tonight. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, bye!” You had spoken so fast in the last few seconds that Brianna couldn’t even stop you from hanging up on her. You placed your phone back into your pocket and turned around to face the culprit.

“Rob! What if I’d have shouted your name?” He was too busy giggling to care at this point. He made his way back over to you, his lips finding your neck again, now peppering kisses all over the other side of your neck.

“It’s-Ughh….It’s this way.” You tried to speak but god did his mouth feel good. You led him into your bedroom, letting him close the door and throw you down onto the bed. Tonight was gonna be a long night.

Your Nerd; Renjun

request :
yo i know you are kinda nervous in ur writing and probably skeptical about how it turns out but.. dont worry,, its lovely and enjoyable:>> CAN I REQUEST FOR A RENJUN FLUFF where hes like a nerd that helps u in homework cus your his tablemate omg tats so cute okay abt sth liddat BYE KEKKEKEKEKE

a/n : well hello anon! sorry for the delay in posting this up; ive had some troubles and many school events to organise, i apologise ;-; anyways, i hope its okay!! im sorry if i didnt actually emphasise on the nerd part iM SO SORRY ;-; anyways, thank you for requesting!! 💕🐳

genre : fluff, nerd!Renjun


You sank further into your seat, finding a comfortable position before closing your eyes. It has been eight hours of school with two more to go. The sounds of someone trudging in and placing their bag on the seat beside you was heard. Knowing who it was without even opening your eyes, you began making inhumane noises whilst complaining about how your brain was filled with too much information after math class on trigonometry. “Renjun how the hell are you not dead yet? Theres like two more hours of having to absorb information i swear i-” you stopped your words right there when you saw Renjun fishing out a container filled with food and a cup of chocolate frappe. “I knew you would complain again so i told my mom to cook for you food as well so we can study and do homework together! Anyways its our free period now, its lesson for the Econs students,” he said slinging on your bag over his before you could protest, ready to head off to the cafeteria’s study area. You could only blush in embarrassment as the both of you walked away from the classroom. It was these simple things that this little nerd by the name Huang Renjun did to make you fall for him hard after being seatmates for three years. You never told him or even anyone about it; simply to avoid embarrassment, rejection and the loss of friendship.


“Hnfff why do they need to make life harder by combining mensuration with trigonometry and Pythagoras’ Theorem and congruency when they could be four separate questions,” you groaned in disapproval as you flipped on to the next page of the math homework Renjun had brought over to your house. Being sick definitely let you skip school with a valid reason but that only means a whole lot to catch up on afterwards. Just your luck that Renjun knew your address and actually offered to stay with you and teach you the lessons taught in class. “Well you’d better start doing it; its actually not that difficult I’d say,” Renjun said as he took a tray from the dressing table beside your bed, “stay put and finish this question and the question afterwards. I’m going down to heat your porridge and bring your medicine. Oh, triangle PQR is congruent to triangle XYR by the way!” He then went down to the kitchen while humming. You made a grim face as you stared back at the printed questions on the papers in front of you. “If i could get smarter at every time i smile at the thought of that snaggle toothed boy, I’d probably already have a doctorate in mathematics and rocket science,” the pencil in your hand dropped onto your leg as you muttered under your breath. You sat there on your bed, drifting off to wonderland as you flipped through the other pages. Suddenly a page filled with post-its and coloured ink caught your attention. You frowned as you thought about what Renjun could have doodled on your paper as he had always done before; moomin, random objects in your pencil case or maybe even a sponge he found in the art room. Careful to not let any of the post-its to fall off, you gently lifted the stapled papers and flipped to that page. Your eyes were being greeted by your favourite colours being used to write your name in cursive and post-its with his handwriting on around it. Words in capital letters screamed “READ HERE FIRST” as you eyed the details of the neat calligraphy of your name. “1. heyyyyyyy idek how to start this but first of thank you for existing and taking notice of me five years back when we werent seatmates yet hehe,” the first post it above your name melted your heart as you continued on to the next one. “2. also can i just say that your eyes are just!! so!! pretty!! so is your smile, i want to see that toothy grin you give me everyday!” you covered you mouth and grinned as you read the last sentence. “3. you must be wondering why the sudden sweet messages and especially on your homework welp anyways im a nerd so sticky notes it is :P” You giggled upon reading the third post-it. Ah, why is he so cute? you thought to yourself. “4. Trust me, you’re really beautiful. Dont let others tell you otherwise because if they do, tell them to catch my fists ;) And yes, i just did call call you beautiful because you are, from the inside out, everything about you is beautiful. I love you so much i get carried away sometimes thinking about you.” Your eyes instinctively widened in surprise as you did a double-take on the last sentence. “5. Yes, you read that right. Even after your cute little double takes when ur shooketh™ hehe :)) And yes i love you more then just how our platonic friendship is, i love you more than just as a friend. So now look up ;)” You looked up in confusion to see Renjun sitting at the edge of your bed with your porridge and a few roses in hand. “Be my girlfriend?” a pink-cheeked Renjun said as you nodded, tearing up a little and he embraced you. You felt complete and in place in his arms. He looked down and kissed your forehead; an immediate instinct he felt the need to comply to. “Yah, you’re such a nerd its too cute i swear,” you said as you looked up, remaining in that position. “At least im your nerd now,” he smirked, cupping your heated face.

BRAD - it's time i let my heart out on the line

Note: So you may have noticed I’m not really posting in any ‘order’ anymore. If you want an imagine for one of the guys I’ll gladly write it. But from now on I think I’ll just post which ever one I have something written for… Title from ‘Personal’

“I have to leave in a bit,” he said looking at the watch on his wrist. “I need to be there in 30 minutes for soundcheck,” he added. You shuffled around in your seat and looked at Brad, who still had his arm wrapped comfortably around you.

“Oh come on… at least stay to finish the movie.” You sat upright and put the bowl of popcorn you were holding on the little table in front of you. He pulled his arm away from you and frowned.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. Today’s the first show in which we perform our new single and we need to get ready.” He stood up and reached for his jacket.

“Braaaad,” you whined, making him roll his eyes with a smile. You pouted at him in a joking manner, as a last attempt to get him to stay.  “What’s the point of having a friend, if you can’t hang out with him?” you muttered, with  goofy pout.

“Well then maybe we shouldn’t just be friends” he said sarcastically, making you roll your eyes, but also slightly smile.

“Ugh whatever, promise you’ll come back to finish the movie?” you said and stood up, following him to the door. He nodded and gave you a quick kiss on the cheek and said goodbye. “Good luck with the new single by the way. I really liked that song, it’s my favorite you’ve released so far”

“Thanks” he said with a smile and stepped outside

“Which one of you wrote it?” you asked curiously.
“I did.” He smirked and gave a small wave goodbye.
“Cool, you did a good job with that one” you said as he walked out to his car. He kept smiling, and when he got to his car, he paused and looked at the floor with a chuckle.

“Y/N?” He oppened the door to his car, always keeping that cheeky grin on his face. “You know that the song- it’s about you.” He got in his car.

“Oh” you said and thought about it for a second. “Wait- what?!”
“Bye Y/N” he shouted with a smile as he closed the car door and drove away. You just stood there, processing what he just said.

“What?” you repeated to yourself as you walked back inside. Immediately you reached for your phone and headphones, and played the song, this time paying more attention to the lyrics. You sat on your couch again and listened closely.

Don’t take it personal, but personally,
I think you’d be better with somebody like me…
But worst of all, you don’t even see.
I think it’s time I let my heart out on the line
I think it’s time to say what’s playing on my mind…

You cupped your hands around your mouth as you listened to the entire song. when it ended you simply sat in the couch in silence as you stared at the ceiling, not knowing what to think. Brad had been your best friend for years, you never  thought he might feel something more. You didn’t even know what you felt…

After a about a half hour of just being confused, you decided to do something about it. Quickly and without thought, you got in your car and drove to the venue where Brad was playing, it was early afternoon and he was probably still in soundcheck, so you thought you’d be able to get inside. 

You got to the parking lot and saw Brad’s car, along with a few other cars. You got out and before you got to the entrance you stopped to think about what you were doing. But you had already driven all the way there, so might as well give it a shot…

There were a few guards at the entrance, but when they saw you, they let you in without hesitation, which surprised you, but you were glad. The entrance was on a side of the venue, when you walked in you had a clear view of the side of the stage. There were a few crew members setting up instruments and equipment. You made your way backstage, and ran into James.
“Y/N?” He asked confused. “What are you doing here? Are you watching us perform tonight?”
“Um- no. Or maybe, I guess- have you seen Brad?” you asked in a hurry, as your eyes wandered around looking for his face.
“Um, I think he’s somewhere over there…” he said and furrowed his eyebrows as he pointed behind you. “Why are you in such a hurry?” he said and suddenly a huge grin appeared on his face as if he had just realized what was happening. “Wait a second- did he-?” his jaw dropped in surprise. You nodded. “No way! He finally told you?”

“Yeah. Wait- you knew?”

“Pfff, of course I knew, everyone knows. He’ll never shut up about you,” he said with a smile, you could feel yourself blushing. He seemed to notice your anxiousness. “Anyway, I’ll leave you alone so you can go find Brad, I’m pretty sure he’s around there somewhere.”

“Thanks,” you said and began to walk away.
“Hey Y/N?” he said behind you and you turned around. “Go easy on him alright?”
“No promises,” you said with a grin and walked away. You got a glimpse of Brad who seemed to be looking at some guitars.

“Brad!” you yelled as you walked towards him. he heard you and looked around everyone with a puzzled expression. “Brad!” you repeated. This time he saw you.
“Y/N?” A smile immediately appeared on his face. You stopped now that you were standing in front of him and took a few moments to catch your breath. “What are you doing here?” he asked, keeping that cheeky smile on his face.

“What do you mean what am I doing here? You know damn well what I’m doing here.” You placed your hands on your hips and stared at him. He chuckled and looked at the floor. “Why are you smiling so much?” you asked confused as to how he was so calm. He just smiled. Again.

“Because- you’re cute when you’re all confused and flustered,” he said. You rolled your eyes and looked away from him, as you held back a smile. “How’d you even get in here?” he asked.

“People around here know me,” you said with a smirk. He just kept on smiling. “But whatever. That’s not the point”

“What is the point then?” he asked with an evil grin. You exhaled, trying to calm down. You were trying to be serious, he wasn’t allowing that, and he was making you laugh a lot, which ruined the seriousness.

“How are you so calm and relaxed?” you asked. He simply shrugged.
“Why shouldn’t I be?”
“Because!” you yelled, “you pretty much just- like- declared your love for me” you muttered, hoping no one around you heard.
“Ok, first of all I did not declare my love for you,” he said with air quotes. “You’re my best friend, of course I love you. No need to declare that.” He gave a shy smile and looked at the ground. “I simply, hinted that maybe I-” He sighed. “Maybe I don’t want to be just friends anymore.” He lowered his voice, he had a shy expression on his face.
You smirked. “Finally, you got rid of that smug look on your face.” you said jokingly. And immediately, that smug look reappeared on his face.
“You mean this one?” he said pointing at his face, which had a huge grin. You rolled your eyes.
“Yes. That’s the one” you said annoyed, “Way to ruin the moment.”
“Moment? Oh? So we were having a moment then?” he said smirking.
“Oh shut up” you said and grabbed the collar of his shirt. He barely had a moment to react before you pulled him towards you and you crashed your lips against his. It took a few seconds before he realized what was happening, but soon enough he was moving his lips according to yours. His hand had slid behind your neck, and his other went around your waist as he pulled you body closer to his. 

“Jeez get a room!” you heard Connor shout behind you. You pulled away from the kiss and turned to see Connor and James laughing. You looked at Brad who was now glaring at them. He raised his hand from your waist, and showed them his middle finger, as he used his other hand to pull you into the kiss once again.

Check Please Police AU where everyone except Bitty is a cop.

(This is hella long so it’s under a cut.)

Jack Zimmermann is the son of former Police Commissioner, Bob Zimmermann. Bob is a legend among the police with his cases solved and arrest record numbers. When Jack became a police office, everyone compared him to his father, and it got to be a little too much for him to mentally handle. So, he transfers to Samwell, a small town with a generally low crime rate.

When he arrives, Jack expects to keep to himself and do his job, but his partner, Detective “just call me Shitty” Knight, won’t let Jack isolate himself. The others at the station all welcome Jack into the folds of their little police family. Ransom and Holster are partners and always seem to be doing everything together. Lardo is small, but no one dares to underestimate her. Johnson doesn’t say much, but gives Jack the nod of approval on his second day.

Samwell is very different, but very good for Jack. Not nearly as stressful as when he worked Homicide back in Montreal where everyone expected him to either fail or do great things. No, here, there is very little of that pressure, and for the first time in a long while, Jack feels like he can actually breathe.

One day, they get a call for a Break and Enter at Bittles, a cute, little, corner bakery that looks like it should be run by a cute, retired grandmother. Jack is surprised when he meets the owner, the very attractive and popular Eric Bittle whom the whole town is in love with. He’s already gotten five marriage proposals this year alone. Shitty calls him Bitty when they get there; they appear to be friendly and know each other already.

“Does everyone in this town have a nickname?” Jack asks later on the ride back to the police station.

“Don’t question it, brah. It’s just how it works,” Shitty said smoothly.

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wafflewhooore  asked:

How would the paladins react to their s/I not feeling any pain and getting pretty bad wound without noticing it


-He’d be pretty freaked out. He’d stay rational on the outside though. 

-”Uh.. (y/n). You’re bleeding at your side.”

-You’d stop walking and pat your side. Sure enough there’s blood.

-You’d let out an “Oh?” and start walking like nothing happened, a little blood on your hands.

-He’d sort of gawk at you and turn to the other paladins. 

-”Did..Did you see that?” 

-//Paladins shrug


-He’s a mixture of emotions. Poor blue boy doesn’t know what to do.

-He saw a huge gash on your leg and did the loudest gasp.


-You’d check out your leg for a few seconds and say “Oh wow.”

-You’d start walking to your quarters; No limp or anything.

-He’s actually spooked. He’s so confused. 

-At this point he’s just spitting out what comes to mind. It’s all gibberish.

-”Did-Did you see-Oh my GOD they-How did they not feel it??!


-Much like Lance, He’s freaking out. He can’t even make words.

-He’d see you walking towards all the paladins and he’d see a HUGE gash in your arm.

-He zooms over to you frantically pointing to your arm. The only work he could make out is “Blood”.

-You look at your arm then tell the paladins you’d be back and break into jog. You’re moving your arms like nothing happened. 

-He follows you and keeps insisting he’d carry you. 

-”I mean.. You didn’t feel your wound on your arm so who knows if your foot or legs are hurt?” He’d reason.

-It doesn’t take much for Hunk to calm down a little. He just wants you to be okay.


-He’d be a little on edge, but he sees you are okay so he’s not okay.

-He saw the back of your thigh was cut and he was angry. Who would do this?! You’re so cute dammit. 

-”(y/n)! Who did this to you?! What happened?” There were probably expletives in that sentence.

-He’d probably snatch your leg and examine it. 

-You’d yank your leg back and he’s so confused. How are you moving it? 

-You look at it yourself and say “Oh I didn’t even see that.” 

-He insists on wrapping up your leg and he takes a good look at you before letting you leave. Who knows if you’re still hurt.


-Confusion. Pure confusion.

-”(y/n) why is your arm bleeding so much?”

-When she realizes that you didn’t know either she gets a little concerned.

-She patches you up and bombards you with questions.

-”How did you not feel it? “Are you in shock?”

-She’d end up with mostly shrugs from you but she will ask questions. 

-By the end of all of it, she’s pretty surprised that you can’t really feel pain.

What We Do Best (Part 3)

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

Genres: fluff

Warnings: None

A/N: Stuffs gonna happen! I have been very unmotivated to write lately, but I am trying to get back into the groove of things.

Masterlist here | Part 1  | Part 2 (previous) | Part 3 | Part 4 (next)

You rubbed your temples, hunched over your desk like you had been all morning.


“Thank you, Grant.” You stood and gave yourself a long stretch before reaching for the cup, smiling at your assistant despite the frustration you felt. You tried your best not to get snappy with him, especially since he basically waited on you hand and foot.

You sighed, spinning in your chair and catching a glimpse of the team arriving downstairs. You waved at them through the glass walls, knowing you would catch up with them later.

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anonymous asked:

please do some headcanons of drunk kyle with his s/o I just love hin

This isn’t technically a headcanon at all, but I hope it’ll suffice.

“Heyyy, [Y/N],” Kyle says, stumbling over to me. He hangs an arm around my neck and sways closer to me. I can smell the alcohol on his breath as I take in his appearance. His cheeks are flushed red, a smile is permanently across his lips, his shirt is halfway unbuttoned, and his tie hangs loosely around his neck.

He’s drunk.

“Hi, Kyle,” I say, giving him a warm smile and trying to support his swaying body.

“Have I ever…” His words trail off and he clumsily spins around to face me. He puts his hands on either side of my head on the wall behind me and leans in closer. “Have I ever told you that you’re just the cutest thing?” His words slur together and his eyes can’t seem to focus on me, but I still blush in response to him.

‘He’s drunk, [Y/N],’ I think to myself, ‘Don’t get too invested. Who knows how he feels sober.’

“Oh, uh, thank you,” I say, trying to be polite.

He leans in even closer, pressing his nose against my own. “Why are you so surprised?” I shoot him a perplexed look and he continues. “When I said you were cute, your eyes went all wide and you started blushing like crazy, but now you’re trying to act all distant.”

“Well, you’re drunk, so I do-”

“So what? I know that.” He stares intensely into my eyes. “I’m still me.”

After a moment, a sly smile crosses his lips. “Hey, can you promise to remind me of this when I’m sober?” I give him a confused nod.

He leans in the tiniest bit further and closes the space between our lips, kissing me roughly. After breaking the kiss, he looks me up and down, biting his lower lip in approval.

This is gonna be one hell of a story to remind him of later.

Monsta X reaction to you dancing and fangirling to All In



He’ll find you very cute and adorable to see you trying hard to follow the dance.

He sees you watching their performance on the TV as you follow along with them. You turn around to do the back roll, only to see Shownu with his cute smile.

“Shownu, how did you guys do that back roll – oh my God, the vocals are really amazing” You say quickly, changing the topics. 

“So is it like this?” Your back move awkwardly, before you drag him closer to teach you. He hesitates, not knowing where to even begin.


He’ll be confuse. Like really confuse.

Your eyes focuses on the screen, fangirling at the same when each member appears. Your feet moves according to the song, a lot more sloppier than them. 

Your vision spots Wonho looking at you, but you decide to ignore him.

“What.. are you doing?”

“Dancing to your song” You reply as a matter of fact. He raises his eyebrows before shaking his head.

“But why??”


He’ll be so proud, so so proud.

You hear claps from the one and only, Minhyuk, making you stop your dancing. He gives a sunshine smile, as his hands moves, indicating for you to go on.

“You look really happy today, Minhyuk” You say, playing back All In again and start to dance again.

“Because of you, that’s why” He replies, in awe looking at you dancing to his group’s song.


He’ll be awkward, (probably judging too)

You scream when you see Shownu moving to the center, rolling his back so smoothly. Your feet naturally follow the steps, while singing the lines.

“Minhyuk is so good looking” You mumble to yourself, still dancing.

“Um” You hear Kihyun’s voice from behind. You spin around, seeing him looking at you with an uncomfortable expression.

“I’m good, right?” You ignore his looks, plastering a wide smile on your face.

“Well, sure” He manage to reply, forcing a laugh.


He’ll get playful with words tbh

“Are you actually fangirling while dancing?” He appears near the door, scanning you.

You nod, pointing at the screen. “You have to teach me that”

He looks, and smirk. “It comes with a price”

“What price?” 

“I don’t know”

“Are you serious, Hyungwon” You roll your eyes.

“I am always serious”

“That’s not the point –”


He’ll be proud too, but he’ll… more excited.

“Are you dancing to All In?” His voice raises in a delight manner. You nod happily, seeing him all excited.

“Go on, let me see what you got” He tells you as he sits down on the couch.


Playful, just plain playful with you.

“I can hear your scream from the room” He says, approaching to you. You continue to dance, ignoring his presence. 

“You actually are good at dancing”

“Look at how you move”

“So smooth” He says, which finally made you stop. You turn to look at him, trying to not get embarrassed over his compliments.

“Thank God you stopped, my heart couldn’t handle it anymore”

Peep first ask :’)
Prompt- NDRV3 bois attempting to play off an embarrassing moment in front of their S/O

Rantarou Amami
•He and s/o are just walking through the park
•Nice sunny day until
•Of all people he trips
•He looked like he was just walking a little ahead of you so you thought it was nothing
•But he almost fell again so he sat on the grass acting like he just fell on it
•"I think we should just take a break and enjoy this fresh air don’t ya think s/o"
•Sure he was a LITTLE embarrassed
•But boy played it off so smooth you thought nothing of it
•You didn’t even notice he tripped

Shuichi Saihara
•Saihara is in the kitchen making a dinner for you while you’re on the couch watching tv (yes he will make dinner if you ask him)
•Then you hear a crash coming from the kitchen
•Boy dropped something
•You get up to check and ask if he’s ok or if he needs help
•He says he’s fine while trying to catch the pan
•He puts in on the counter reassuring you he’s ok
•He’s leaning on the counter trying to keep everything in place but ends up dropping more
•He’s flustered af but he catches everything again
•"I-I’m ok s/o I um just didn’t put this securely on the counter"
•You laugh a little and just leave cuz of how cute he tried to play that off

Kaito Momota
•You come home seeing Kaito being VERY enthusiastic over (idol, show)
•When he sees you come in he stops
•You ask him what’s he doing with a smirk knowing exactly what he’s doing
•He’s flustered
•"I just like the (idol, show) that’s it"
• You tell him it looks like he was fanboying about it (There is NOTHING wrong about being a fanboy/girl about something)
•Sure you had nothing wrong with it but he just looked so cute
•He sits down saying it’s nothing for you to worry about but he’s still flustered

Kokichi Ouma
•This boy doesn’t get embarrassed easily
•He brushes it off
•When u see him talking to himself
•About taking over Canada
•You question him if he’s talking to himself and he flats out says yes
•You’re still pretty confused
•He then ask you
•"Do you wanna help me plan on how to take over Canda"
•Even though you’re confused
•You say yes but leave 5 minutes into the planning

•you come home seeing Kiibo on the computer
•Looking up date ideas
•When you come home you ask him
•"Why are you looking up date ideas ;)“
•Even tho he’s a robot he still gets embarrassed
•He then tries to explain on how he wanted to go on a date with you and make it special
•You ask him what were some of the ideas
•But all he does is awkwardly walk away

Ryoma Hoshi
•You walk into the kitchen
•He’s reaching for the top cabinet for a jar of whatever
•You’re just standing there looking at him
•First he tries by himself and fails miserably
•Then he gets a stool and still he can’t reach it
•You try so hard to not laugh
•Then you walk over and reach over and grab it for him
•"s-s/o you were watching the whole time???“
•You laugh at his stuttered while he’s thinking on what to do
•"W-Well thank you for grabbing it for me but I can perfectly grab it on my own 😤"
•He then just eats what’s in the jar

Gonta Gokuhara
•You and him go to an animal shelter
•First thing he does is go pet the doggos and kitters:’)
•You can’t help but laugh at how precious he is acting right now
•(so cute right now and I feel so bad for making something bad happen to him:’(((()
•Then what happens next shocked even you
•He started running around with the animals
•He bumped into something and fell
•(I’m sorry I have to do this to someone precious)
•He didn’t fall completely down tho
•He remembers that you’re with him so he tries to regain his balance
•He successfully didn’t fall

Korekiyo Shinguuji
•Another Inhale
•Boi be wildlin sometimes :’)
•He doesn’t get embarrassed that much because people usually make remarks about his looks so he kind of is used to it
•You and him are at the mall
•So while you two are waking around many of those sample people who ask you to try their product
•You know what I’m talking bout
•Well now you basically lost him because the sample people took him
•When you finally find him tho
•He has his nails all nice
•Hair done nice and probably better than yours
•But he has his face all red when he sees you
•"s-s/o it’s not what it looks like I got taken by these monsters"
•You tell him it’s ok and that you don’t care
•He tried to take it all off and he doesn’t meet your eyes half the time

Well I finally finished my first ask and sorry if it got bad @ the end but I had to make up the embarrassing moments so I didn’t exactly know a way 🤔
–Mod Saihara

Black Rose| Part TWO

Kol Mikaelson x OC(Keela Reed)

First Part:  Part 1

Next Part: HERE

Words: 1.039

Summary:  The Black Rose is a psychiatric prison for supernatural beings. Keela, a young witch and the daughter of the leader, is working there to find her power again, after losing them when something awful happened in her childhood. She loved her job but everything changed when she got a new patient, Kol Mikaelson, an Original.

A/N:  Coming chapter contain smut, drama, bad language, TRIGGER warning


Every single person who worked here, was tensed about the fact Kol Mikaelson was a patient now. It was bloody dangerous and the chances to heal someone like him weren’t that high. It was idiotic. Even if we thought we healed him we wouldn’t be able to catch him again, or kill him. He was a bloody Original!

“Keela?” Confused I looked to Mary, who was sitting next to me in the holding area, where the patients could spend one hour of their day beyond their cell. It was always hard to watch over them, when they were here, because even if the spells made them weaker they still were strong and risky.

“What’s wrong?”
“You know that no one wants to take the job,” she said and looked to the patients, “No one wants to be on his dead list or something when his family comes and rescue him.”
“Understandable,” I replied but of course she wanted to express something else with this.

“Why do you want to do this? It is stupid and it won’t work. Do you really believe a vampire, who is so old like him, would listen to a young girl like you?”

“Perhaps not but it is my job and I will speak with him and at least I will try it,” I answered her and thought about going to Kol. Because he was new he didn’t get the permission to leave his cell the first days and I knew I had to go to him. It was my job talking to the patients.

“Hey, love,” Sam welcomed me, when he entered the room. He was two years older than me, the Ex of Charleen and a good friend of mine.

“Hey, can you do me a favor?, “ I asked lovely and he rolled his eyes.

“What can I do?”

“Can you take my shift? I need to visit Kol Mikaelson.”
“You really wanna do this? Are you mad?, “ he asked shocked and Mary sighed.

“This is Keela we are talking about.”

“Yeah and watch out or you fell over the line,” I laughed and meant the protection line, which separated us from the patients. There were employees who felt over the line and it never ended very well. 

“Ok, I watch out and you should go, but be careful,” Sam sighed and with a smile I left them. Rash I went with the stairs down where the vampires were locked up and now I just needed to find Kol’s cell. My heart was beating so damn fast that for sure he could hear it, but this wasn’t that easy to calm down. I had no idea what a person he was. I walked through the empty, cold corridor where at the right side many big iron doors were, each one lead to an other cell and Kol’s was the only cell which was closed. Insecurely I opened, with the key I had, the door and entered the little room, where bars separated the cell and the vampire wouldn’t be able to get near to me.

“Are they too scared so they have to sent a child to me?,” Kol asked derisively and stood up from the bed, which was the only thing he had. I swallowed hard when I saw what a handsome man he was and I was really shocked about the fact that he looked this charming.When he was turned, he couldn’t  have been much older than me.

“I am here because it is my job,” I answered shyly and stroke back my hair, “I am here to talk to you.”
“So let’s talk little witch. I’m going to erase your whole circle and you when you won’t let me out of here. NOW!”

“I can’t free you. You are a murderer and I have no power to let you out of here,” I answered and he laughed amused. Fuck, this boy was too handsome. I knew he was a murderer and I new he was dangerous but every part of my body wanted to touch him, but I stopped myself from being so stupid. He had this bright brown eyes, a cute smile, even if it was mocking and his brown hair looked unkempt. For a murderer he was too hot.

“Do you really think that your circle can lock me in this cell for ever?” He gripped his hands at the bars and I stepped back before he got too close to me.

“They caught you and in this whole time there wasn’t someone who made it to escape,” I answered quietly and felt how I blushed when he started to size me up.

“What is your name?,“ he asked calmly and confused of his mood swing I answered: “Keela.”

“So, Keela, you’re such a lovely little girl and I’m sure if you let me out I will be very grateful.”

“Are you trying to flirt with me?,” I asked amused when I realized he started to ogle at me.

“Does it work?,” he asked with a mischievous smile and I started to laugh. He was quite charming and maybe this was a side of him which helped him getting out of trouble usually, when his manipulating power didn’t work anymore.

“Nope,” I laughed and walked backwards to the door. He shouldn’t know that he was unsettling me.

“So you end our lovely conversation?”

“I have other patients, too.”
“Patients, what a nice word. Prisoner sounds better in that case,” he laughed.

“For me you are just people I want to help and if you want so or not, I’m gonna help you, Kol Mikaelson,” I explained and saw amusement in his eyes.

“I hope you make the right decision and let me outta here, I don’t wanna kill you first, Keela.”

I couldn’t get Kol’s words out of my head, neither his appearance. Most of the patients here were completely mad or just very young, but he was different. He wasn’t a young vampire or crazy, it was more like he was hiding something but I would find it out.



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Peter Parker Having A Crush On You Would Include

[a/n]: i should write more peter parker and t’challa bc i always complain about there not being enough fics for them 

[cred]: as per usual @sexualtea helps me get my shit together so this was mostly her.

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Peter Parker having a crush on you would include…

  • It’d take him a solid 15 to 20 minutes of him pep-talking himself before he could go talk to you…every time.
  • He’d be so flustered and amazed by you and he’d stumble over his words and try to tell stupid jokes but tell them wrong.
  • Laughing at puns on his graphic t-shirts and listening to him when he goes off on one of his sciencey tangents.
  • Aunt May meeting you once when she was picking Peter up from somewhere and her adoring you. And he’d blush every time she mentioned your name.
  • His friends wouldn’t know about his crush, so when one of them mentioned that you were cute, he would have to keep his envy to himself.
  • 10/10 the type of guy to stare at you and accidentally not look away when you notice.
  • Thinking it’s cute when he gets all nervous.
  • Him being so fucking oblivious to the fact that you like him back.
  • Your friends finding out about your feelings and being so completely confused.
  • “Oh my God. [y/n] likes Peter Parker!” “Keep it down, Genius.”
  • He’s totally that guy that squints accusingly at the screen when he sees someone comment something flirty on your Instagram pic even though you ain’t even dating.
  • Yo how long do you think it would take him to ask you to be his lab partner?
  • You better believe that he stayed up at night planning the whole thing out. First, you become his lab partner. Then, you fall for him. Then, you start dating. Then, you admit your undying love for him. And finally, you’re married with two kids.
  • And he’d be a fucking dork about it too because the idea of touching your hand sends butterflies in his stomach, let alone thinking about his plan to get you to love him.
  • But when you are lab partners and you have to work on a project with him he lowkey would make sure the lights were slightly dim and would pretend that the project was taking longer than it had to so that you could stay for takeout and a crappy 80′s movie.
  • You would be talking to him and he’d be smiling so big the whole time and you wouldn’t be able to figure out if there was something wrong or…?
  • Look at me in the eye and tell me that he wouldn’t be the person to ask “Wanna kiss?” while you were watching a movie and if you didn’t respond correctly, pull a chocolate kiss out of his pocket and offer it to you.
  • Him trying to get you out of his head, but he’d look at you all day and not be able to find a flaw and he’d get so frustrated.
  • You’d try to get him out of his shell and take him to a football game at the high school and would totally make sure that you were wearing his hoodie when a player looked at you.
  • Sharing earbuds in class because he’d be dying to show you the music he likes.
  • His promposal would be something so clever and nerdy that you basically couldn’t say no.
  • And when you finally started dating, y’all would be the most supportive, cute couple ever. 
  • p.s. he’d post pictures of you guys together on every social media account he has because he’d be so proud.

[a/n]: i don’t understand why when i write headcanons, my knowledge on grammar and spelling all goes out the window and im suddenly illiterate.


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Working as a waitress in a night pub is not easy, but he made it so.

Warnings: Angst, fluff. Mentions of toxic relationships.

Words: 2017 and this was supposed to be a short drabble

A/N: This idea came up when I was going back home by train. Apparently situations like that where you’re staring out of the window and acting like you’re in a sad music video can bring you some angst-gold.

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One of the things your job required was to not get involved with your customer’s lives, mostly because of safety reasons -It was obvious night pubs weren’t the meeting place for the well mannered people of your zone-, and It was not a secret you were glad you had that excuse whenever somebody tried to make a move on you.

Despite the tense ambient you were used to work in, you loved it. You loved watching the most peculiar groups of people joining together to play pool, you loved watching them sharing a few beers and how they develop the most unusual friendship right in front of you. You even loved watching their fights, and how your boss always tried to control the situation. You were like a guardian angel: always there, unnoticed, expectant, until someone needed your help.

One of the reasons you loved watching how people kept going with their lives was because you felt like you got stuck in yours. Paralysed, eternal, incapable of moving on. Not since fate seemed to declare war against you. Stuck in that den with bills to pay, you couldn’t afford a new life, not even in a social way: toxic relationships seemed like the favourite gift of the destiny to you, therefore, you started to consider that love was a dead-end alley, and you promised yourself you won’t get lost in it anymore.

But the stars had your future written on them, and they were shining with all their strength that Wednesday night.

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Ok so you guys don’t know how much I LOVED this episode it has basically shown everyone what we see in 17 and now everyone is jumping on his train but we are THE OG fans who knew he was the deal since android saga !! 

First, look at this cute expression of his xD “did i do something wrong ?” lol he looks so confused but 17 you did the right damn thing trust me, but he’s so cool and chill and didn’t even care when some were “schooling” him.

Also this part !!! 17′s confidence strikes again ! it’s not really cockiness anymore 17 is now a confident warrior instead of the cocky kid he was in android saga days, he now worked for his strength he realize his advantages and not only is he strong but he’s shown us that he’s a smart fighter too.

Also this part made me LOL !! honestly this is how i imagined 17 would look like after a long day of work and his children bothering him like “what ?” 

also loved the part with him and 18.

AND THEN THIS !!!!!! 17 decides to go serious and we know it’s no joke anymore ! his theme starts playing and the way he trashed that dracula chick was badass !!! she didn’t see anything coming !!! also the way he called her a “nuisance” while kicking her friend in the jaw was just so him xD

Finally my favorite part !! this was everything i wanted to see from 17, he showcased raw strength and new techniques but he also used his brain !! i feel like people underrestimate how smart he is as a fighter !! 17 fought Piccolo in cell saga and Piccolo is a strategist but Piccolo never outsmarted him, now 17 obviously got much stronger but he is also showing signs of a strategist, also mentioning how he studied her fighting style like 17 just stop being so amazing please !! lol or don’t !!!! anyway it was an EPIC moment. and i’m so proud of him ! we all are right ?

I also liked Krillin saying “That’s our 17′ eventhough they barely interacted yet i enjoyed Krilin fanboying over his brother in law/

I liked the bit of him getting down looking so proud of himself xD you might not see it but i swear inside he’s enjoying it. 

How are Seventeen In Bed?

S.Coups: Every time he goes inside you he screams “ SAY THE NAME!!!” in your ear. Every. Fucking. Time. And you have to reply with “Seventeen!” or he refuses to continue.

This your daddy. This is my daddy. This is our daddy. We love daddy.

Jeonghan:  Despite looking delicate and as soft as a rose, he’s actually the opposite. #strokegameouttathisworld. Sex with him is nothing short of amazing. He lasts long. Takes care and makes sure you’re comfortable. Foreplay. Lawwwwddd the foreplay. The things this man can do with his tongue. However, he refuses to wear a condom which is no bueno. No glove, no love, son.

Mingyu: He’s gorgeous. He’s sexy. He’s fine. Oh so very very very very fine. There’s just one teensy problem. Sigh. He’s a premature ejaculator. He’s turned on by any and every thing. Text him back. He cums. Wave at him. He cums. Look in his general direction. He cums. Speak. He cums. He can’t control it. So by the time you’re ready to start he’s at the finish line :(. He can eat the kitty like a pro though so there’s that.

Vernon: He’s fucking crazy. Sex with him is even crazier. He’s into some hardcore rough sex. Reallllyyyy rough. The kind that makes you question your morals. He’s ruptured your cervix twice. You only meet with him once every six months as per your gynecologist instructions.

Woozi: Don’t let his small size fool you, Woozi has the biggest dick in the group. Yes, you read that right, Woozi got a big dick. He knows how to work it just the way you like it. Sometimes you feel like he knows your body better than you do. However, he has an habit of randomly screaming “I DONT LOOK LIKE YOONGI, BITCH” when you guys are intimate which is confusing because you’ve never once called him Yoongi.

Joshua: He has erectile dysfunction, but he’s cute so you don’t mind playing with his flaccid limp noodle.

He’s amazing in bed. He knows all your hot spots and can get you all hot bothered without even taking your clothes off. He’s good at what he does…there is just one problem. He likes to pray. Not that praying is a bad thing….he just says his prayers while he’s balls deep inside you. 

Seungkwan: “The bragger”. He’s always talking about how good he is in bed and how he can eat it like groceries.. Sex with him is awkward he constantly forgets to put it in the right hole and puts it in your belly button instead.You’re probably the first vagina he’s ever seen.

He may look cute and innocent, but he’s actually into bondage. He loves to tie you up and gag you. Which is a little exciting because who doesn’t love a little bondage? However, he often leaves you bound and gagged. and by often I mean all the time but he’s cute so that’s okay.

Jun:  He takes his teamwork with his other members very seriously. Too seriously. He’s a firm believer of “Ain’t no fun if the homies cant have none”.He frequently asks you if you’re down for orgies. You’re having a hard time telling him no.

*glances nervously at the anon who said they would cut me if I said anything bad about Minghao* He’s great. Absolutely nothing negative to say about him at allllllllllllllllll. 10/10 would bang again. 

Dino: He’s a shy lover. It’s normal people get shy when they’re intimate. He’s just too shy. He likes to have sex in the dark with sunglasses on and he doesn’t like to take off his shirt, or pants, or socks, or underwear, or any article of clothing period. So sex with him is basically dry humping…but he lasts longer than Mingyu so that’s a plus.

A Short Story (Gif Form)

Do you remember when you felt the baby kick for the first time? Of course you do, how could you not? You were in lamaze class, and your crush (that cute hospital volunteer) had somehow been paired with you. While going through some breathing exercises it happened. But it happened so fast you weren’t even sure what it was. Then when it dawned on you. While your crush looked on in confusion, you grabbed their hand in excitement and guided it to your belly.

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Open Skies (akayona fanfic)

“Well, let’s go,” he said, picking up the white dragon and leaping into the landscape they had moments ago merely observed. It wasn’t until they landed, when he set Kija down and was met with a look of breathless awe, that he realized—

He’d never flown with Kija before.

A fic about the first (and second) time Jaeha took Kija flying, set during their stay at Ik-su’s house after the Awa arc. 1160 words, JaeKi.

Jaeha woke to an acorn falling on his shoulder and looked up, expecting to see Shinah’s little squirrel. Instead, he saw Kija’s many-layered robes draped over the branch above him. “…Kija?”

“Oh, good morning, Jaeha!” The white dragon was probably looking down to speak to him, but Jaeha couldn’t see past all that fabric. He pulled off the cloak he’d been using as a blanket, then hopped up to the higher branch, and sat down beside the other dragon. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s fine,” said Jaeha. It was a bit earlier than he’d have chosen to rise–the sun wasn’t even up yet–but the approaching dawn cast a warm glow over the misty valley below, and Jaeha didn’t regret the sight. “I must say, I didn’t expect anyone else to come up here.” Aside from the height of the tree itself, they were nearly halfway up the cliffside near the priest’s house. Jaeha had come here in one jump, but for Kija, it would have been a significant hike.

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