how do you look pretty

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Hey, how do you get those close up pictures of the clouds? It actually looks like you're right up there. Also, how often do you take these pictures? They look sooo pretty I wish I could a sky like that in rl

oh that’s just a matter of cropping, nothing tricky. and i took the majority of the photos that are on my blog as part of my 365d challenge, so every day. but i still take photos every time the sky looks pretty, that’ll never change :)


Patrick Kane - [74/88]


Do not take people’s stim toys without their consent.

I don’t care how pretty or fun it looks.
You do not get to take the object without their permission.

Chances are the item is keeping them calm at that moment. and just reaching out to take it is a really /shitty/ thing to do.

If you really need to try it out yourself?
ASK THEM. Don’t assume.

I need to stop looking at Supercorp like… omg… why… why did you have to throw us a bone like that, damn it?

sometimes i think i might be a lesbian but who tf knows

Through an old lab mate’s current roommate, I was able to directly contact somebody working at Embark! They got back to me and regardless of which degree I end up with, the skills I already have make it possible for me to get a job there (depending on the degree would determine the exact job, but they all sound pretty nice) - he said he’d take my resume if I wanted and keep it on file for future openings/when I’m ready. 👌👌👌

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Okay but can we talk about Star applying Marco's makeup and the whole "How do I look?" "Super pretty!!" because let me tell you I died

Honestly this episode killed me. I woke up early this morning to my favourite thing (breastforce freaking out at me over the chat), watched the episode, freaked out, missed the BIGGEST IMPLICATIONS, posted the evidence post and then went to uni. I’ve been super busy all day and haven’t had time to freak the fuck out with you all so bear with me for a few hours.