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How the heckie do you draw smoke? You make it look so pretty but I have no idea how you got that effect.

flsdfk thank u!! this sure as heck aint a tutorial more than its a walkthrough for i draw smoke!

get the basic shape down

give it som….. volume and depth thru value

introduce some little wisps and different line weights to give ur smoke its smokiness


Summary: Nat and Wanda trick you into going to a Halloween party at the Stark Tower.

Warnings: smut- oral (receiving), penetration; fluff

A/N: Wrote this to get out of my writer’s block. I hope you like it!

“Fuck!” Nat yanked the strings tighter and you gasped for air. “I know I wanted to wear a corset for Halloween but-”

“Authentication is the key.” She helped you straighten. “And look at how great your breasts look.” 

“They do look pretty great.” You admired yourself in the mirror, running your hands down your torso and enjoying the feeling of the leather under your fingertips. “So…are you finally going to tell me who’s going to be at this party?”

“Nope, it’s a secret.” Nat chuckled as she adjusted her hair and makeup. “Don’t worry, you’re going to have fun.”

“You’re in for some serious hell if you’re lying to me.” You pointed at her and slipped into your leggings. “Why do I have to be a sexy cat? Why can’t I be like Victorian royalty?” 

“Because last time you were drunk you let it slip that you’ve always wanted to dress up as one.” Wanda slipped into the room grinning. “I told Nat and she helped me get the costume, now let’s go.” 

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@weiss-rauschen was kind enough to let me play with some of her linework. Genji has tiger lilys for wealth (hanakotoba) and coquettishness (western) as a reformed playboy while Zenyatta has sunflowers, lotuses and camellia for no reason. 


Patrick Kane - [74/88]

Nobody Said it Was Easy

Summary: The Apocalypse is going strong and Dean finds himself stuck with an insanely difficult decision. The only option he sees that they have left is for him to say yes to Michael. Before he leaves though he decides a good idea to have one last night with Y/N before leaving her and Sammy behind.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Bobby Singer, Michael, Lucifer, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, smut, language, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex (use a condom!!), spoilers from season five, angst, fighting, Dean being a dick. 

Word Count: 4,998

A/N: This is my entry for @nichelle-my-belle 4K Angst challenge. I’ve never written a season five Dean before so I figure this would be fun! My prompt was 4. His words shattered her as though her as if her heart was porcelain and her love was a lie.  This is told through third person point of view. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I liked writing it!

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The world was going to end, and it felt like no matter what Sam, Dean and Y/N did there was no way to stop it. Sitting in the motel room Y/N let out a heavy sigh, running her hands over her face. God didn’t want to help them, he felt like the apocalypse was not his fault. Who could blame him thought, technically it wasn’t his fault at all. There really was no one to blame for this. Dean was in Hell, Y/N was hunting trying to forget about him, and Sam was being manipulated by Ruby. It felt more like this damn path was set out for them rather than them choosing it.

There was no way this was going to end well for any of them. People were going to die, probably one of their friends or make shift family. They’d already lost Jo and Ellen and countless other hunters. It was only a matter of time before one of them bit the dust, and they couldn’t afford that. All hands were needed on deck, they needed to but ten thousand percent effort into stopping the end of the world. But as much as they hoped and prayed they could win this fight, they were running out of options. Things were looking bleak and there wasn’t a lot they could do at this point.   

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How I Got A Little Robot

Pairing: tony x reader (platonic)

Request: anonymous asked: Can I request one where the reader is the typical girl next door? Shy, geeky glasses and no make up. She’s fresh out of high school and works as an assistant for the avengers. On her way in she overhears some workers make bets on who gets her first. She hurries to the lab shaken up and tells Tony. He goes into overprotective dad mode cause she’s only 18. He programs a suit to follow her around and fires the workers.

A/N: this is soooooo cute!!! It’s so fucking fluffy I’m gonna die. I so hate those people who talk about people in such way, because I have experienced it once and it really disturbs the person who was being talked about. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): sexual talk, swearing.

Word Count: 1530

Originally posted by all-about-that-fandoms

You had your breakfast hurriedly as you arranged all the files. Working with the avengers was very fun but the work that came with it, was not less. Being so young, they all looked after you and treated you like a sibling and not as an assistant.

You ran around your house getting each and every thing you would need for the day, the files, the pen drives, your backpack and other essential items. You quickly put on some moisturizer and sunscreen on your face, took a final glance at the watch and ran out of the house.

You fixed your glasses as you rode your bicycle through the roads. The warm, fresh breeze felt so pleasant against your skin and in your hair. A smile was plastered on your face before your phone rang, you quickly put in your Bluetooth head set and picked up the phone.

‘hey, sweetheart. Good morning.’ You could hear the smile in tony’s voice.

‘good morning, Mr. stark! I am on my way, I’ll be there in just two minutes.’ You paddled faster.

 ‘oh, it’s okay, kiddo. I just wanted to ask if you got the Israel file and did that little presentation thing.’ He asked.

‘yes, I did it and I got all the files.’ You replied. ‘see you at the towers.’

‘okay’ he hung up.

 You reached the towers and parked your bike. You corrected your backpack and made your way inside the facility. You were walking to the elevator before you were greeted by one of the usual young workers.

‘hey, (Y/n). how ya doin?’ he smiled.

‘oh, I’m good. Just in a bit of a rush, got a lot of work to do.’ you patted your bag and he nodded.

‘I will let you go if you answer this one question of mine.’ He crossed his arms and you furrowed your brows. ‘how do you look so pretty without any make up? and how do these glasses only add to it?’ he lightly tapped at your glasses and you took a step back. You chuckled awkwardly and rubbed the back of your neck.

‘you are just making fun of me, Richard. I’ll talk to you later, bye.’ You started to make your way to the elevator again.

‘bye, beautiful!’ he called after you and a heat rose to your cheeks. You were a rather shy person and such attention wasn’t something you were used to. You had almost got in the elevator before you remembered that you had forgotten your personal pen drive in the basket of your bike. You ran in the direction of the exit before you heard a murmur consisting of your name. you stopped and hid behind the wall. You weren’t the one to eavesdrop but someone was talking about you after all.

‘(y/n) is some fine piece of ass. I bet all of ya goons that imma get her first.’ An uneasy feeling seemed to have settled in your stomach when you heard this statement. To make it worse you recognised the voice to be Richard’s. you thought of him to be sweet, you could never tell he hid such bad motives under all that. You peeked and found two of his friends standing with him.

‘please, that girl is an easy one, ‘kay?’ the taller one said. ‘but I gotta say, she’s really fucking pretty. She’s one nice bunny.’ He crossed his arms and the other nodded in agreement.

‘ya know, I did a bit of research on her, turns out she never had a boyfriend.’ the guy you recalled as matt said.

‘ooh, virgin?’ the taller one asked with a sickening smirk and he nodded. ‘bet she’s a screamer.’

‘who screams your name to death.’ Richard added and they all started laughing. your heart started hammering against your chest, a lump had seemed to formed in your throat which wouldn’t go away. Sheer panic mixed with disgust and fear was what you felt. Not knowing what to do you dashed in the elevator and urgently pressed the button to the lab floor.

You were running to the lab when you crashed into tony. he stumbled back and let out a small chuckle.

‘gave you too much work, kiddo?’ he grinned. when you didn’t reply in your usual cheery voice and kept your gaze down, he got very concerned. ‘sweetie, you okay?’ he held your arms. You shook your head in a no. ‘what happened?’ he kept and arm around your shoulders and led you towards the lab.

‘the-the guys, Richard’s friends’ you tried to speak.

‘what about them? What did they do?’ he asked with anger evident in his voice. He sat you down and gave you a glass of water. You took a few sips before you were ready to speak.

‘they said such vulgar stuff about me, and made bets on who could get me first.’ You choked out disgusted. You looked at his face and could see and feel anger radiating out of him. he unclenched his jaw and sat beside you.

‘I’ll take care of those jerks, okay? You don’t have to worry about anything, they won’t know and will not trouble you again.’ He cooed and you nodded. He got up and made a call, he talked for a few minutes before nodding and sitting beside you again. ‘and those assholes are fired.’ He smiled and rubbed your back soothingly.

  ‘thank you, Mr. stark.’ You gave him a small smile. ‘thank you very much, you are very sweet.’

‘not more than you, cupcake’ he ruffled your hair and you chuckled. ‘you wanna go back home? Take a break?’ you shook your head in a no.

‘working here is awesome, I don’t ever need a break.’ You got up. ‘and here.’ You handed him the files and pen drive. He took them and kept them aside before turning to you.

‘if you see those low lives anywhere near you, you call me. promise?’ he looked you in the eyes.

‘promise.’ You replied.

The day ended quickly, and you didn’t see tony anywhere after that. When you asked Bruce he replied that tony was working on something in his lab and had asked for nobody to disturb him. you nodded understandingly and left.

You shuffled in your bed recalling the events of the day. Those comments had perturbed you a lot, you were disgusted and scared that they might find your address. But as the image of tony and his fatherly, caring words came to you, you had fallen asleep.

You were trying to find tony for you had to get some paper signed by him. you had entered the kitchen area when you spotted him with a toast in his mouth. He looked tired as he poured a green smoothie in a beer mug. You couldn’t help but chuckle. He snapped his head in your expression, almost losing the grip of his toast.

‘waw yew?’ he tried to speak with the toast still in his mouth, he took it out and kept it aside. ‘(y/n)! hey, sweetheart you’re okay, right? Nobody troubled you?’ he moved closer to you and you noticed the shadow under his eyes.

‘I am fine, sir. But I can’t be sure about you, you couldn’t sleep?’ you asked.

‘yes.’ he pointed and took a bite of his toast. ‘but for all the good reasons.’ He finished it and chugged his smoothie. ‘come, I gotta show you something.’ He smiled, grabbed your hand and took you to the lab.

‘what is it?’ you tilted your head. He stood you in the middle of the lab, instructing you not to move before he disappeared.

‘(y/n),’ he came back with and smiled at you. ‘welcome, your new constant companion.’ He announced and you furrowed your brows. ‘lil’ bot!’ he shouted and a little robot came wheeling near you.

‘nice to meet you, (y/n)’ it said in an adorable voice. You knelt near it and kept a hand on its round white head. you looked at tony with curious eyes.

‘this little robot is going to be following your everywhere now, if he senses any danger he will send signals and help will be there for you in no time.’ He explained and you blinked. ‘You like him?’ he looked at you hopefully.

‘wow.’ Was all that you could muster. ‘I can’t-‘

‘yes, you can.’ He sat beside you. ‘why don’t you name him?’

‘I am going to name him, Robin.’ You smiled at him and his digital eyes changed to pleased ones. It started moving in circles saying its name and you grinned.

‘that’s the reason I made him so cute, you know’ he tucked his hands under his head and leaned against the table. ‘he gotta match his cute owner.’ He smiled and you blushed.

‘thank you so much, Mr. Stark.’ You gave him a genuine smile. ‘I can’t thank you enough for all that you did for me.’

‘you don’t have to, kid.’ He looked at you. ‘you’re like my daughter.’ He muttered. You awkwardly held your arms up for a hug but he had his attention somewhere else. You cleared your throat and he furrowed his brows. ‘wh- oh!’ he hugged you and chuckled. ‘you’re adorable.’ He grinned.

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Hi! So, in your last Harry drawing you did this white "shadow" thing. How did you do it?

Hope it looks pretty clear :) Basically you just need to create a new layer between an object and background leyers. Also ‘ctrl + click’ selection is more… subtle? than the reversed magic wand.

Focus (Tyler X Reader Smut) Part One

Originally posted by tylerandthejosephs

Pairing: sub!Tyler x Reader/                                                                      Warnings:Blowjob, Cussing/                                                                                   a/n It’ll get far more intense, believe me.           

“And Y/N, you’ll be working with Tyler.”

Your eyes shot up from your paper, blinking a couple times at your professor, trying to figure out if you’d heard her correctly. “S-sorry?” You mumbled, a confused frown pulling at the corners of your lips.

“You’ll be working with Tyler for this project.” She confirmed, smiling at you as if she was doing you a solid. You shot a look to the boy in the corner who was smirking cockily back at you. You internally groaned, returning your gaze to the paper on your desk. Tyler wasn’t exactly the easiest kid to work with, he was either tediously hyper-active or depressingly solemn, and you needed someone you could trust for this paper. You needed this credit.

“Y/L/N?” You looked up to see your professor looming over you.

“Yes.” You answered bluntly, not even attempting to hide your annoyance.

“I know it’ll be hard for you to work with Tyler but it’ll be good for him to spend some time with someone like you. He needs some control. Plus there’s extra credit in it for you if he passes this class. Also, who knows? He might bring out another side to you to.” She smiled again before placing a project brief down in front of you and continuing her rounds of the classroom.

You leant back in your chair, staring at the ceiling before pulling yourself  together. “Extra credit.” You muttered to yourself before getting up and moving over to the desk next to Tyler.

“Hey.” He spoke, quieter than you were expecting.

“I’m doing this for me. You better pull through.” You spat, without so much as a ‘hello’.

You watched him timidly pick up the coffee cup in front of him with his hands, which had been covered by the sleeves of his sweater. He blew on it lightly and looked up at you before breaking into a full grin.

“Relax. I’ll behave. I’m a good boy.” His tongue darted out to lick his lips before quickly returning, leaving your stomach in knots and your jaw slightly slack. You cleared your throat, crossing your legs to relieve some of the tension that seeing another side to him had caused.

“Well, I’ll fail if you flunk this. So don’t fuck up.”

“Got it. Don’t fuck up.”

You winced at the sound of the dirty word coming from his pretty mouth. “You shouldn’t cuss.”

“Why? You do.”

“Yeah but I’m- I’m…” You stuttered, trying to come up with an excuse.

“In charge? Fair. It’s only acceptable in extreme cases, right? When there are no other words to describe what your feeling? Okay.”

Your breath caught in your throat as he stared at you shamelessly. You stared back, taking the time to study his eyes, his lips, his tanned skin. You’d never given him so much as a second thought before, but now…

“Y/N?” He giggled, waving a hand in front of your face.

“Sorry. What?”

He let one last bubble of amusement fall from his lips before continuing. “I said when are we gonna start working on this?”

You groaned again as the realisation that he wasn’t just something pretty to look at hit you square in the face. You wanted to get this over and done with as soon as possible. “Tonight.” You spoke bluntly, pulling a scrap of paper from your notebook and scribbling your address down on to it. “6:30. Don’t be late.” Almost as if on queue, the bell rang and you got up from your seat, throwing your bag on to your back and exiting the classroom, leaving the annoyingly attractive boy behind you.


6:28. There was a knock at the door. Your parents were out so you left your room and went downstairs to answer it.

“Hey.” Tyler stood before you in a different outfit to the one you had seen him in previously that day. Black skinny jeans and a black muscle tee, show casing tattoos you didn’t know he had, his red backpack hung lazily from his left shoulder. You felt somewhat insecure in your mom jeans and a baggy t-shirt, he seemed like he’d made an effort, you certainly had not.

You brushed the feeling to one side and returned his casual greeting, simply turning on your heels and muttering a “this way” before returning to your room. He sat on the floor and pulled out his notebook and a pen, looking up at you for instructions on what to do next. You took a moment to appreciate how pretty he looked, knelt on the floor, and your mind began to drift.

“You keep zoning out on me, everything okay?”

You blinked, snapping yourself out of your trance and pulling the project brief out of your bag. “Y-yeah, I’m fine. Let’s just get to work.”

It was only fifteen minutes later that you felt his eyes on you. The two of you had been working in silence, and there was an undeniable tension in the room. You looked over at him, and sure enough, were met by his dark eyes staring right back. Once again, he didn’t make an effort to look away. You felt a shiver run down your spine but quickly composed yourself, regaining your serious façade. “Focus.”

He looked at you blankly for a moment. “What?”

“You should be staring at your work, not me. Focus. I’m not your project.”

He continued staring before nodding timidly and returning to his work, you smiled to yourself before doing the same. Five minutes later though, his eyes were on you again. You didn’t even bother looking up this time. “What, Tyler?”

“I-I need help.”

You refused to look up. “What question?”

“N-no, something else.”

You looked up this time, curious as to what he was talking about. You were greeted by the blushing boy, his hands doing nothing to hide the obvious tent in his pants. “Oh my god Tyler. Go to the bathroom.”

He nodded meekly and got up, still covering his crotch. You heard the door to your bathroom shut and smirked to yourself. He was cute, and the thought of having control over him in the way he was suggesting you did sent your mind down the gutter. The door shut again, and you turned to see Tyler in the door way, still fully clothed.

“I- I need something…”

“Goddammit.” You cursed, getting up and pulling him into your room before shutting the door and pushing him against it. Dropping to your knees in front of him, you began to unbutton his jeans. You looked up at him, the sight of his bottom lip caught between his teeth setting butterflies free in your stomach. “If this is what it takes for you to do the fucking project, then so be it. But I’m in control, touch me and I’ll stop. Take off your shirt.” You ordered, watching him pull off his shirt -revealing more tattoos- before nodding frantically, silently begging you to continue. It didn’t take much.

You pulled down his pants along with his boxers, wasting no time. You knew you could get him to cum quickly, and that’s exactly what you wanted. You took his large cock in your hand, the slightest touch emitting a whiney and beautiful moan from his soft lips.

“You needy for me baby?”

“Mmm- p-please.”

You chuckled at the way he begged before licking a long strip up the underside of his cock, teasing him with your tongue before taking him in your mouth, his vulgar moans pushing you forward. You began to suck, pumping what you couldn’t fit with your hand. You looked up to see his head tilted backwards, his hands scratching down his chest to stop himself from touching you. Loud moans spilled from his mouth, curse words and your name. The sounds drove you crazy, and you found yourself working him faster, desperate to reward him for his beauty. Soon enough, he was breathing deeply, his moans whiney and needy as his chest and abs tensed uncontrollably. You felt him spill in your mouth and swallowed, holding on to his thighs to give him extra support.

“Fuck.” He breathed finally, opening his eyes.

“You scratched yourself up pretty good.” You chuckled.

“I-it was the o-only way I could stop myself from t-touching you.”

“Well, you didn’t, good boy. Such a good boy, that if you continue to do what I say and finish your project, there’ll be a lot more where that came from.”

made the mistake of reading an old article about billie earlier and it was from when she was out with her eldest and someone in the comments complained that his trainers were really dirty. like, mate, he’s an 8 year old. of course his trainers are dirty. they’re clearly a pair he wears a lot and she’s probably given up hope of getting them clean again. i bet i had trainers like that when i was his age!

plus you’d complain if she kitted the kids out in designer gear, and yet because she’s happy to let him wear a slightly scruffy pair of trainers you’re gonna complain about that too?

EXO react to being in love with their student

Your English is fine dear! Glad you enjoy my scenarios! <3

Disclaimer: Of course this is written in a university/college setting. Anything else would go against this blog’s guidelines. Also, to the anon that sent this: for the sake of professionalism, I don’t see any of the members actually pursuing a relationship with their student, so this will be going more in depth on their thoughts with her around them. 

*As always, gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. 

Xiumin: He’d be most modest with his feelings. Minseok wouldn’t enforce them upon his student, rather keeping his feelings to himself, resorting to distant admiration. Each time he watches over her carefully following the recipe for the instructed coffee, everything surrounding he and his student would become obscured as if it’s just the two of them. On days off, he may talk with Luhan about her, with a longing gaze most profound in his eyes. 

Originally posted by dayafterdae

Luhan: He takes time out of his history lectures to pause the class and ask for her input, while listening attentively, a slight twinkle of intrigue flickers over his gaze while listening to her voice. Though Luhan would also approach this in a modest manner, similar to Xiumin, he would put a slight bit of insistence into his advances, such as offering after school tutoring, hoping she attends. When she does, Luhan’s eyes would hardly deviate from her face, sheer infatuation consuming wholly. 

Originally posted by theravenboys

Kris: He’s going to try so hard to come across as suave and smooth, only to come across as awkward and maladroit. Yifan would attempt to position himself against his desk in a comely manner only to slip up the moment she walks within his classroom. It would be obvious to the attentive/discerning bystander that Yifan’s feelings for his student are apparent. While she recites phrases in Mandarin, he would get caught off into reveres while intaking her appearance. He wouldn’t catch onto her finishing only for the other students to call out to him, as he shakes off his stupor stiffly. 

Originally posted by the-fault-in-our-sebooty

Suho: He loves all his students in his humanity classes and typically he expresses this by waiting by the front door, respectfully bowing to each student as they walk in. However, with his crush, he’s especially cordial towards her. During attendance, he asks about her day causally or how she’s doing. “___, you look pretty nice today. I take it you’re having a good day?” Suho would be surprisingly smooth towards her. After class, he’d call her over, inquiring her for after school tutoring. “Your grades have been great lately. Would you be willing to take some advanced, private classes after school? It never hurts to be ahead of the class!” 

Originally posted by suhomysuho

Lay: He’d be best at being discrete in his affections towards his students. Hardly anyone would be able to pick up on his infatuation. Yixing always shows his students his most utmost respect, yet from a distance, his eyes are always on her keenly as indecipherable as he may come across. Always bidding her soft smiles after his lessons on botany conclude. When graduation comes around, Yixing will be sure to specially buy her a bouquet of crimson roses congratulating with immense affection.   

Originally posted by fvck-kai

Baekhyun: Baek would be pretty upfront and straightforward with his student after weeks of his law class passes by. “I thought ___ had one of the best essays in this class. I think she should share a passage with us since her essay earned the highest grade in the class.” Never taking his gaze off her while she recites her essay, he’d try his best to conceal his smile, lucidly smitten with his student. Due to the “taboo” nature of the situation, he’d wait until she graduated from his class before approaching her, if he feels compelled to. 

Originally posted by amphitritebelle

Chen: He’d be pretty open in complimenting her or starting a conversation with her when she comes to his after school tutoring. “Your grades are improving lately. I can’t help but think it might be partially because of my teachings?” he’d chuckle slyly, while lightly patting her back going back to praising her for her efforts on the excelled literature he teaches. Jongdae is the type to go to the other members after school hours and go on about her and what a lovely student she is. He does take his hyung’s words meticulously when he’s advised to maintain a student/teacher relationship for the sake of his job. 

Originally posted by drawien

Chanyeol: Similar to Chen, Chanyeol would be insistent on going to Sehun after school hours, amorously describing his student, simultaneously lamenting on how upsetting it is that his place is by default set to eulogize behind closed doors. Though the other members merely joke with him, in truth it is somewhat upsetting for Chanyeol. There would be plenty of days in which he would take time to produce soft melodies at home with her on his mind, contemplating if he should present it during class sometime. 

Originally posted by bottle-of-kpop

D.O: This wouldn’t go past a mere attraction, since I see Kyungsoo prioritizing his job above all else. This may conflict with him internally as to whether he should attempt to discard of his affections completely or just keep them concealed until his student’s graduation. The only indication Kyungsoo may display that he has amorous feelings for his student is during her graduation where he would take the time to praise her for her efforts while holding her in a tight embrace. 

Originally posted by sehuntiful

Tao: He would brag to the other members about how his student’s grades in class are exceptionally high and after a certain amount of times Tao goes on about her to the others, someone would eventually inquire him as to why he keeps bringing her up. Awkward and completely thrown off, Tao would hesitate in answering, coming up with a lackluster response, growing increasingly warm. “What? No! It’s not what you think! It’s just that…she’s incredibly smart…and beautiful…and..hey! What’s with that look gege?!” 

Originally posted by key-tao

Kai: Jongin would easily be the most attentive and observant of his student. Generally, he is the reserved type of professor, who allows a student’s characteristics and work to define them, rather than basing this off of his personal interactions with them. Keeping this in mind, Jongin would be most enraptured with his student, each time she speaks or even makes eye contact with him. With a deep set enthrallment in his eyes, Kai would nearly get lost in her in words as she’s presenting her project on basic psychology. Silent reverence is how Kai would express his affections. 

Originally posted by illegalkai

Sehun: Something tells me Sehun would take this the most dejected of all the members: just the fact that due to his occupation, he must uphold a certain image that forbids him from engaging in certain relations with his students. The members would playfully tease him about his affections towards his students, but once alone, Sehun would silently lament over a bottle of alcohol. In class, surprisingly, he would be slightly reticent around her, yet when his students dismiss themselves, as she’s exiting he’ll softly thank her for coming to class personally. 

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Sehun (M)

The person who requested this didn’t give me much details, but they did give my permission to do my own thing with it so papa bless~ 

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

Y/n’s p.o.v.

Watching your best friend perform was always a humbling experience; he would go from the fluffiest puppy ever to a sex god in .5 seconds. 

Tonight was the same as usual, Sehun was out with his friends, probably at some korean barbecue place while you were laid up in bed; watching some of their old performances. 

During each video you watched, your sights automatically fixated on your best friend; carefully watching each powerful thrust and sensual lip bite he made. 


You were already red in the face and the neediness you felt building up inside of you suddenly became worse as the videos became more and more sensual. 
“God fucking damn it..” You groaned in frustration- running your hands through your messy hair, the moment you finally put down your phone, your thighs rubbed together in a subtle attempt to relieve some tension. 

As the minutes passed, your arousal didn’t pass and it only made your irritability worse. So finally you gave in, you leaned over to your nightstand; took out one of your toys then wasted absolutely no time at all and went to work.

Laying there with your legs spread, your panties slung off your ankle as you ran the vibrator over your drenched slit; silently wishing Sehun was the one in between your legs instead. Your loud, high pitched moans filled the empty apartment as you began to pump the toy in and out of your aching pussy. 
“Fuck, holy shit!”
“Se- Sehun!”

Sehun’s p.o.v. 

After being out all night, he finally decided to come home. 
Walking into the apartment, he was automatically greeted with the sound of your harmonious moans. 

“What the-” He said in a hushed tone, his eyes slightly widened by the erotic symphony. As he walked further into the apartment your moans became clearer, and his pants suddenly began to feel tight. While adjusting his hardening member, he made his way to your room. 

“Y/n?” He called out before opening your bedroom door, but you were obviously too busy to answer. Just as he opened his mouth to call you again, he paused as you began whimpering a name. 

“Se- Sehun, fuck me please!” You sweetly whined following your plea up with your magnificent moans. 

Biting his lower lip, he couldn’t contain himself anymore. 
Sehun practically burst through your door, watching intently as you slowly began to noticed his presence. 

The fucked out, little grin you gave him as you peered over to him with your heavy lidded eyes drove him insane. 
“Fuck, y/n..” He practically growled as he began undressing himself. 

The moment his shirt and pants were off, he didn’t waste a second. He crawled on top of you, brushing the hair out of your face- he reached down, removing the toy from you, dropping it to the floor beside the bed. 
A lust fueled smirk painted across his face as his dark eyes loomed over you.

“You know babygirl.. If you wanted me this bad you could’ve just told me.” 

“Do you know how pretty you look right now little one? You look so gorgeous underneath me.” 

He reaches down once more, running his fingers up and down your drenched slit, “Fuck you’re so wet, y/n.. You really want me don’t you?” 

“Are you ready for Daddy babygirl?”