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In which Elizabeth Mitchell is better than your faves because she writes meta

You know, I’m pretty nosy, so I asked a lot of questions to begin with and I always do. And then I also write up—because I am a dork, you know, and geek and I love my work so much–I write up a thing and then I say does that make sense, is that true, did that happen, is that possible and they usually let me know yes or no or possibly or kinda along those lines or that sort of thing.

Listen up “Snowbarry”, I don't usually try to spur hate or anything but

Snowbarry shippers as so delusional and crazy… I can’t fathom their logic. They swear that Westallen is being built to just fall apart so then Caitlin can come and be there for Barry…????

First of all, how much do you really love Caitlin if you want her to get with Barry as his second choice? Like really, that’s how much you support her? That’s the BEST you want for her? Okay… So you’re telling me you want Caitlin to be second best to a guy AFTER she’s lost her HUSBAND and was horrifically lied to by a PSYCHOPATH? I don’t know about you, but I feel bad for the poor girl and she deserves someone good, that will treat her right, she deserves it. (Truly, I choose Cisco).

Secondly, CAITLIN AND BARRY ARE FRIENDS. Honestly people, you guys want more “justice” for a female character in the most peculiar way. You want Caitlin to be more of a focal point yet you’re trying to downgrade her from an intelligent scientist to a girl that pines after a guy in love with someone else and a guy that has so much HISTORY with someone else that that other person will always be present in his relationship??? Why can’t Barry and Caitlin be friends? Well, they are friends, good friends actually, you guys just reach so fucking far in their scenes to make them something they are not. I can’t believe some of you freak out at Barry smiling at Caitlin for a literal millisecond… I don’t even want those scraps for Caitlin.

Brings me to my THIRD point. Barry and Iris are canon, it’s just how “life” (in the flash-verse") is. They can’t be friends, because that’s not how they were created all those years ago in the comics. Iris was created for Barry to ground him, support him, advise him, and be there for him in a way no one else can. She’s his LIGHTING ROD, which is a comic book reference/idea, where the Flash needs someone to keep him at bay, be what doesn’t let him get out of control with his powers and/or in the speed force (see 2x21 and 3x01 on the show for reference); Iris is Barry’s just like Linda is Wally’s. Aside from that support, they were written to be in love, to have a love that transcends time, a love that will make each other’s bad days a good day. There’s so much I could write about their love and the concept of them that it’s not even funny nor due I have the patience to break it down for you guys in a way you could properly comprehend.

I honestly didn’t ship Barry and Iris from the beginning of the show. It was a slow progression for me. I know there were people already obsessing with that relationship before it even aired (just like SBs shipped B&C because of a urinal sample cup???? You guys are so blatant, it’s almost comical at how indiscreet you guys are being when you think you’re being so clever). Anyways, I went into the show liking the comic book canon and not really feeling Barry and Iris. But since I actually PAY ATTENTION to the show and the symbolism that is being displayed in EVERY episode they shoot, I came to grow love for them. There’s no way you can’t if you’re actually deciphering the source material like it is being presented to you. It’s not about comic book canon, although they are, but it’s about what they’ve built on the show.

Lastly, don’t tell me for an IOTA of a second that Danielle’s acting is good. I don’t go about trashing how she acts actively, but I consider her acting extremely subpar to everyone else’s on the show… the only time her acting was acceptable and genuine was when she cried to Cisco about Ronnie in Season 1… outside from the SB’s, the general audience agrees with that too… I saw some people talking about Candice’s acting and are you kidding me? Her acting is phenomenal and it’s gotten there, not that she’s been amazing since the beginning (although to me she’s always had strong acting skills, also like Kevin Smith said now that they’re giving her more to do, she really shines). Everyone praises her acting, she got her role BECAUSE of her chemistry with Grant; and one of the most notable concepts discussed in the recent articles is that she was one of the highlights of the Season 3 premiere, this being with her chemistry with Grant and respectively as her own character.

Honestly, if you guys would open up your minds to reality and read and document yourselves, you’d see that the delusion you guys have created in your head is based upon no concrete or logical evidence. It’s really a travesty.

P.S.I’m not trying to convert anyone or bash on anyone. If you like Snowbarry that’s fine, but know that your ship is fallacious as fuck.

Why the Militia Confuses Me (in which I ramble about history and allusions I don’t actually know all that much about)

My feels on this topic have been paced through a bit in my tags that no one reads, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to write up a slightly more readable piece of prose on the matter.

My main issue lies in that I don’t understand how the Milita functions outside a narrative construct of a necessary antagonist. A fair job has been done giving reason and logic to (one of) the faces of the Militia, Monore, so as to understand his motives, but the rest of the entity and how it functions in the world of Revolution seems just be one giant ill-planned writing knot.

First off, I was trying to piece together what the writers want the audience to see as influences for the Milita. Obviously the set-up in Philadelphia at Independence Hall reminds of viewers of the American Revolution, but I’m confused as to how they want us to see this. The Militia is meant to be tyrannical, but the Revolutionary War’s causes are not as simple as “we felt suppressed by England.“ The Rebels fit with this model too, as attempting a sort of second revolution. I still don’t like this though, because the Rebels’ plan to “bring back the United States” seems ridiculously short-sighted and not just stupid because Miles says it is, but because, given the state of the country, it is actually pointless and caters to a particularly annoying brand of American expectionalism. Still looking at this from a Revolutionary War perspective, I’m still confused, because the name the Monroe Republic seems to deliberately echo the Roman republic our founding fathers wanted to model. But again with the viewer’s limited understanding of how the republic works, little to no evidence indicates to viewers that it does work as a republic.

But then I was reading the article about Revolution in Geek magazine, wherein the creators talk about how they envisioned the Militia as something that grew out of a world that reverted back to a feudal system. Sometimes I wonder if they watch too much Game of Thrones or just like throwing fancy words around. The only thing we’ve seen that slightly echoes a feudal system is the feud between Drexel and his neighbors in terms of family/lord/household being attached to the land (and assuming they have more families/workers under them attached to the land), but they themselves occupying a place in a greater hierarchy. There have been hints that the Militia imposes taxes, but only as stated in a context to make it seem like they’re abusing some power that they have.  

Basically the point that I’m trying to make is that the show tries to make it out as if the Militia itself is inherently bad, instead of working out what the actual structure of the organization is, what it does for the people and how this power was abused.

The show refuses to indicate this. Does this abuse of power simply run rampart through the ranks at all levels? Or is the problem predominantly at the top, with Monroe’s instability? If so, why have we seen so little dissent or disquiet among the lower ranks? Neville seems to be the only one who believes that the Militia is serving a purpose in upholding some morals or rules (which is why Neville leading a coup from inside the Militia would’ve been cool and made sense), but we’ve seen where his logic has put him.

Revolution has told us that the Militia was at least partially founded on Miles and Monroe’s desire to stop the bloodshed and rampant crime immediately after the Blackout, but expecting one speech by Neville and that small flashback scene, there has been absolutely no discussion or indication that the Monroe Republic’s cruel tactics might be better than no structured regime at all.

I just wish that this show would let itself go into that grey area and stop trying to be so clean and defined and family friendly, because any upheaval (or, dare I say it, revolution) of society as would be caused by the Blackout would not be simple or family friendly.

I know from the interviews and stuff that has been released over Revolution's season that the writers/producers were trying to focus more on character and the emotional drive behind their stories as opposed to plot.

I am officially giving them the go ahead to STOP TRYING SO HARD.

Let’s have some plot and and logic and details on this post-Blackout world, okay?

Sorry to keep posting things but I’m having a lot of feels of the rather confusing kind.

And ditto on everything I said last week. You wouldn’t know from this episode that Revolution has an Emmy nominated actress in its cast.

(And actor too actually. Like I’ve said from the beginning: more Giancarlo Esposito and Elizabeth Mitchell.)

(Although David Lyons is getting up there in terms of quality. I just didn’t really think he rose above the material this week, probably because the material sucked everything into the deep dark hole of wtf is happening and why.)

(Still for the life of me can’t figure out why they thought separating Rachel and Aaron from the group would make for a stronger narrative.)

I think we’ve found a trend, you guys. The more Elizabeth Mitchell, the higher quality your episode. 

Seriously though, that was all over the map. As much as I thought Alec would’ve been interesting to have over multiple episodes, shoving his history and conflict with Miles into one episode made me go, what’s the point? And the President could’ve been so much more, mainly because some light insinuation that Miles was once in her pants is not that interesting to me, I guess? Hopefully we’ll see more of her and get more on how she ACTUALLY runs the territory because again with it seeming like the writers did not think through any of these political structures.

And then for my own reasons not revealing ANYTHING with Rachel/Miles was just ugh. I feel bad for the actors because they probably had to keep playing this general ‘I hurt you but also we had something’ without specifics for a while…generality is the enemy of all art :P

And please dear god give Aaron and Nora something to do…

One thing that I did like about the episode: Rachel is trying so hard.

I don’t think she conceded to her daughter at the end because she forgave her own father at all. She’s doing it to try to make amends to Charlie, which is a huge step for her. It’s difficult for someone like Rachel to go against what she believes is right. There’s a logical way to do things (and emotions can be part of that logic–my father betrayed me therefore he doesn’t deserve a place in my life). Because she’s right nine times out of ten, it’s really difficult to abandon the system she draws the world in simply on the say so of someone else, because it’s a rational and understandable system to her.

One of the lines that got me was the “you let me think I was crazy” line. I digress for a moment, but I’m pretty sure Rachel is a full-on INTJ (Meyers-Briggs). She knows what she knows but she also knows what she doesn’t know. And to undermine her confidence in that respect, to tell her that the conclusions and connections that she draws make her crazy, not insightful, has also undermined her entire bedrock for how she aligns the world around her and herself in respect to that world, essentially hitting at who she believes she is.

God, I’m going off an a major Myers-Briggs tangent and anyone is welcome to dispute her type, but INTJs have a tendency to define themselves by what they know and what they do. It’s about competence and the right answer and people earn their respect through ideas. They’re not going to concede on a disagreement as a sign of respect to you because it’s immaterial; if you want their respect, your ideas and logic should be sound.

We’re gradually see Rachel go against her own ideas simply because Charlie wants her to, which actively resists Rachel’s own extraordinarily well-developed emotional/intellectual intuition, and it’s really tough for Rachel to do that.

To anyone curious about why people might not like Miloe (not hatin’ just explain’)….

1) Just because our whole world doesn’t revolve around them doesn’t mean we hate it. It’s just that they’re such a small piece of the really large puzzle that is Revolution. (Actually though, puzzle. This show is on crack.) It seems like a given in Revolution fandom that people ship Miloe when there are a lot who don’t, and more so some who aren’t even vaguely interested in it. Please be mindful of the fact that you guys tend to be the majority. Over half of the stuff in the Revolution tag is Miloe stuff so unlike smaller ships which Miloe shippers can easily ignore, it is difficult to ignore Miles/Monroe in the fandom.

2) While some of us don’t hate it, some of us do get frustrated with slash shipping culture. It does not mean we’re homophobic. It means that an entire fandom will devote itself to these male characters and their complexities and sexuality and create exclusively male driven spaces, while consciously or unconsciously ignoring or insulting female ones. I saw a post about the lack of f/f in the Revolution world and I too would love to have that remedied. (I’m totally on board with Nora/Charlie, for the record.) It’s not about hating slash, it’s about asking for a little more balance, even balanced out with het stuff.

I’m not doing a very good job explaining why the rampant slash turns people away, but the very last comment on this post sums it up. Okay, so it’s strongly worded and I don’t feel that way towards any of you, but do keep it in mind. My askbox is also always open about this conversation because I think it’s an important one to have.

Thank you and this was just a psa and keep making awesome stuff and if anyone wants to request anything (‘cept Miloe for me because see above) I can transfer from Miles/Rachel (which I think is about at paddle boat status) to try out a new shiny rowing shell.

(Too much on the metaphors? Too much.)

anonymous asked:

I get why that person made the post about Monroe, though. I think what they were getting at is that he's trying to repent. I really do think he's trying to make up for what he did. He's not a sociopath.

THIS I don’t get.

How is he trying to repent? By not killing Charlie? That means zip. He keeps following her, REFUSES to listen when she says no and tells him back off. That’s downright creepy. So far she’s exactly right; he’s got a whole lot of angst and watery eyes happening and NOT a whole lot of redemption.

I don’t particularly care for arguing the finer points of his mental state, but that point is that Charlie under no circumstance needs to “shut her cakehole” because she might accidentally tread on his fragile feelings. The man has attempted to kill her on multiple occasions, attempted and succeeded in killing her family members on multiple occasions, held her mother captive for years and probably contributed to her mother’s mental breakdown and subsequent suicide attempt.

It’s not that Monroe can’t be sympathetic, it’s that Charlie is under absolutely no obligation to be understanding or kind towards him. 

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hey what craziness you're talking about on Rev fandom, in that kittens post? btw that was great lol

Oh, it’s Aaron appreciation week and there was a disagreement about him as a character (as often happens in fandom) and some people were having fun and some weren’t and I just thought we all could use some kittens.

I completely understand both sides though. I too want to have open discussions about character and also get it when you get on a joke with your friends and have a bit of fun. But as someone whose favorite characters tend not to be well liked in fandom, I also understand how frustrating and hurtful it can be when you see a character you’re attached to get attacked. 

But you know what?