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You heard that right, my dudes: 100 (presumably) separate people have decided to stick with this loser.

And to celebrate this great phenomenon, I thought I’d do some shoutouts!
But in general, I wanna thank each and every one of you for slamming that follow button. If you didn’t make the list, do not fret: your local garbage (me) may have forgotten, as she is wont to do, and as such, she apologizes profusely in advance. Having said that, I imagine if I ever make the remarkable climb to 200, I’ll do this again, so FEAR NOT: YOUR CHANCES HAVE NOT YET ENDED.

So. Let’s get into this, shall we ? I do believe we shall!

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Imagine overhearing Sonny telling his nieces everything he loves about you

Imagine overhearing Sonny telling his nieces everything he loves about you

“Girls stop running!” Sonny called as his seven and six-year-old nieces dropped your hands and darted towards the playground.

“Sonny,” You protested, “They are just running to the playground. We can see them, we don’t need to walk them.”

“I guess you’re right,” He sighed before calling out again, “Make sure we can still see you!”

“You need to relax,” You giggled, grabbing hold of his arm and giving it a squeeze.

“I know, I know,” He agreed, intwining his hand with yours, as you continued your slow stroll to the playground though you both continued to keep a steady eye on the girls who were now on the monkey bars, “It’s just hard you know, to separate what we do and everyday life. I don’t know how you do it.”

“Well,” You began, “I try and think logically, yes, we might see it every day but think about the thousands of kids that go to the park in this city every day. What we do everyday isn’t an everyday thing. And anyway they have us. Two of the best detectives in the city watching them, I’d love to see someone try and take us on.”

“How do you always do that?” Sonny inquired, looking straight at you briefly before looking back.

“Do what?” You countered, looking up at him.

“Make everything feel better.” He explained.

“What can I say?” You giggled, “I’m easer and a pleaser not a messer and a stresser.”

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Casual Summer Reading : What you say, what they see.

A Handbook on Destiheller History, Psychology and Behavior.

Note: This isn’t tagged Destiel so that the nice cool Destiel shippers can avoid this. If you are wandering in the anti tags, you ain’t cool.

JENSEN: Destiel? No, Meh.

Destihellers: Ohk .. Not meaning to be an asshole but Jensen is homophobic and it could be because just like Dean, his dad is homophobic too.Evidence? Here is some meta:Art imitates life.

Someone in SPN crew: Destiel? Where?

Destihellers: Ok, I respect everyone’s opinions but I’d like to say how wrong you are, it is there right in front of you.How can’t you see it? Your show queerbaits all the time. You are WRONG. You need to delete. You don’t understand your own shoe please get off twitter. 

Samantha Smith: Destiel? Ship? What? NO, thanks.

Destihellers: I don’t mean to be rude and this might seem harsh but you are really irrelevant, Samantha. You might have played Mary Winchester but you don’t understand the show and you aren’t even a part of it anymore so please, either ship and ship destiel or just don’t express your opinion. Because it is your opinion and we don’t agree with it and WE are SPNFamily and a part of the show, what you say and think is worthless.

Samantha Smith: Returns to the show.

Destihellers: ……. Well, I can’t wait to see Mary ignore her son Sam, be a mother to Cas and Dean and play a matchmaker for them because Sam can’t even do the role of Destiel Matchmaker correctly. Can he stay on the sides, hopefully dead for a while till Mary, his Mother manages to make Destiel canon in a TV show with audience who don’t know shit about shipping and have been falsely lead to believe for 10 years to believe that Dean Winchester is straight because he fucks too many girls and has relationship with too many of them to be actually straight. 

William Shatner: Destiel, uh not really. 

Destihellers: You are only saying that because you are friends with evil bibros. This is a conspiracy. I won’t believe that you are Misha’s friend because you just disrespected my ship that exists in the fanfictional world. 

William Shatner: This is all just about a ship.

Destihellers: You are using your celebrity power to bully poor Destiel shippers, you should be ashamed of being a celebrity and defending yourself. Being a celebrity automatically means you cannot defend yourself from people questioning your mental capability due to old age. 

Meghan, the Assistant of the new SPN Show Runner: I’ll read a Destiel handbook about how EVERYONE SEES Destiel and why it needs to be canon now.

J2/Bibros/casual non shipper fans: Ok, do it at home though. Not at work. Keep shipping away from the show, thanks. I don’t know how I feel about someone in the crew reading Destiel fanfiction. The show is about Sam and Dean first though.

Destihellers: Oh god, oh Lord I am so hurt and disappointed in the SPNFamily. Oh these few vile evil bibros, worshipers of unholy Wincest. HOW DARE YOU BE RUDE TO SOMEONE IN THE SPN CREW. LOOK AT YOU DARING TO TWEET ANDREW DABB. I CAN SEE YOU ARE TRYING TO GET THE HER FIRED. I can’t believe how horrible they are to the SPN crew its like they forgot only we have the right to do that since the past 6 years. Oh Maghan, you are already our favorite if you didn’t notice with all the asskissing we are doing. You will be a special example serving as evidence in the next ‘Why Supernatural Queerbaits and how its a conspiracy’ Article when Destiel still isn’t Canon in Season 12 finale. You’ll do what Katherine and other people related to the show we spent our time on couldn’t do – Teach Jensen the error of his’ not liking Destiel and loving SamandDean too much he might be one of those evil bibro accounts on twitter/tumblr’ ways. If you can’t do it, we will give you mention you along with Jensen and Jared and all the other professional queerbaiters. 

Jensen: Misha is a friend, he is really-

Destihellers: SEE I TOLD YOU HE IS ALWAYS QUEERBAITING. Its like he thinks he can queerbait like our lord Misha and get away with it. No one else get to queerbait us but Misha without being called a Queerbaiter even if have called him homophobe for many years.

Jensen: Thoughts with Orlando.

Destihellers: SPNFamily is amazing. So much support but I don’t think Jensen has the right to be a decent human being since he doesn’t like the idea of Destiel in Canon and it has already made him homophobic.

Gay/LesbianBisexual/Pansexual/Asexual/Trangender/Etc. fans:  No, not Destiel. No forcing other sexuality on a straight character for representation, thanks.

Destihellers: No, YOU. You are homophobic/biphobic, what do you know? Please fuck off we need representation for the LGBTQA society. Don’t you understand how important it is that Dean be bi and Destiel be canon for the LGBTQA society? 

LGBTQA Society: …. How about helping us and the people in our communities who are facing physical/mental abuse, being abandoned by family, living in poor condition, trying to commit suicide at least once or once every year before we turn 20 instead of trying to turn a stated straight character from a 10 year old TV Show into Bi so you can see some man on man action? 

Destihellers: Here is a handbook for you … see how Destiel is already canon and seen by everyone so that it can actually be officially canon. Thanks. Good Day. Lets all respect each other and live like a family. We love you till you love what we love and see what we see. If not, you can fuck off bye. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t straight, you are homophobic anyway.


I hope while you do your light reading this summer on how to identify a destiheller and what to expect when you come across one, this handbook helps you understand the Destihell logic and gives you an understanding of what to expect while dealing with one. Don’t try to use your general logic while dealing with these special creatures. Not being able to grasp their logic might lead to severe case of mental harassment and trauma.

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I'd love to hear you sing! And can we hear about the MBAV au? And you're right about Benny's hair, I've been sitting here for an hour attempting to do it and aaaaaaaaa

PPFPFT I’ve gotten a lot of positive response so I guess I. Will post that tomorrow hhGHH

Omg yeah seriously;; Benny’s hair is impossible I don’t know how it DEFIES LOGIC??


NSKDBBJDDB SURE I would love to talk about it!!

So uhh it’s called the Grim Reaper AU? It’s pretty obvious where this is going but allow me to further enlighten you

But yeah get ready for one helluva ride this is SUPER SUPER LONG I’M SORRY it’s like 3k words (the length of a good oneshot holy shit SHIMA WHY) but hey I have been developing this AU for three years now sO
Okay here we go

It all starts out when Benny and Ethan are on their way to school and Benny notices they’re being followed by this strange girl dressed in black—but for some reason nobody else is able to see her except for Benny. After school he corners her alone and starts questioning her (he also kinda threatens her a little bit;; tells her to stay away from Ethan since he’s an overprotective cupcake). She reveals that she’s a Grim Reaper and her job is to, well. Bring lives to an end as they’re written down in her book. Basically everyone is fated to die at a certain time in their lives, and Grim Reapers are the ones to carry their souls over to the other side. And after a bit more goading she admits that yes, Ethan is fated to die in two days’ time and she’s been assigned to carry his soul over.

Rest is under the cut to save yourselves from endless scrolling whoops

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noshpah  asked:

Hi I recently got into art about 2 to 3 years ago, when I found your art on YouTube I absolutely loved it! Anyways I have a question, how do you draw/color eyes? Just something that's been bugging me for a while.

thanks! I think that’s awesome that you’re getting into art and is finding inspiration to keep you going with it!!! :D

So eyes are one of my favorite parts to draw for sure! Though you can’t always put any shape of eyes on any face. I mean, you can but it might look funny. Even though I draw cartoons, I still follow basic principles of anatomy and logical physics in my works. With eyes, eyes are placed on the head and face depending on how they will fit on that shape of the head. for instance, the cheek bones for example, frame the eyes. so you want to place the eyes where they fit inside the cheek bones, even if the character’s face doesn’t follow realistic logic. 

Eyes also are really fun because they basically show the characters personality. being as I draw cartoons, I can make all sorts of funky shapes for eyes in the characters that I draw. but I still follow somewhat of an anatomy structure, even if that structure is just as cartoony as the characters I’m drawing. Eyes also bend and stretch depending on emotions, which is also really fun. 


like, these eyes aren’t quite realism, and have a bit of semi-realistic/anime look to them, but if you notice, they still follow the whole anatomical laws as a real life eye. Mine do to even though mine are far more cartoony. Even a simple 

Even a simple oval which is SUPER cartoony, follows this. Cartoons are a lot more flexible but Pearl’s eyes are still places carefully on the face to where it looks fitting as if she had cheek bones underneath her cartoony exterior. ya know, where the eyes look logical and natural even with her eyes just being ovals, they are lively and expressive and look natural on where they are placed. 

So I guess, what I suggest, is try to think of your characters in a skeletol structure, even if they are cartoons, there is still some form os structure every character has, and this can help on where to place the eyes and what chapes work with that face structure. 

For more realistic eyes, here’s a WONDERFUL tutorial by Kiwi Byrd on how they paint eyes!!! :D

Random SK slag

Shovel knight:: How long has it been since you’ve seen the sun?

Tinker knight:: Not sure, I lost count after a week. What’s the point of going outside anyways?


Shovel knight:: I need some relationship advice

Propeller knight:: About what?

Shovel knight:: How do we keep someone we love out of danger?

Propeller knight:: Not letting them be around Plague Knight, that would help


Shovel knight:: Plague knight, I’m pretty sure it’s illigal to make rats explode

Plague knight:: And I’’m pretty sure no one from the government would come down here

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YOU ASKED FOR IT *cracks knuckles* i'd like to request #17 off that wedding AU prompts list for bellarke please & thank:-)

“my ex just invited me to their wedding and i need you to be my date so it doesnt look like ive spent the last few years failing to get over them.” ANYWAY I’m trash and this took literally forever. Forgive me! 

[AO3] [FFN]




“Double please?”



“What? No.” A pause. “Though I appreciate your take on pretty please.” 

Clarke groans. “Bellamy!” 

“Clarke!” he mimics—poorly, in her opinion. “Just don’t go.”

“That would be even worse than going alone!” Clarke exclaims. “Because then Lexa would think I’m too in love with her to watch her get married to someone else, which is wrong, so I need to go and you need to go with me.”

Bellamy makes a disgusted noise, staring determinedly at his book. 

“I’m going to be the world’s biggest loser,” she insists. “I’ll be forever known as the pathetic ex who’s doomed to never find love because she’s pining over a taken woman. Do you want that? To be best friends with someone who’s a known pathetic ex?”

Bellamy shoves his reading glasses up his nose, licks his finger and deliberately turns the page of his book. “How do you think logic works, exactly? I already know you’re pathetic, and you’re my best friend anyway,” he points out.

Clarke pauses. “Aww.” She pats his chest. “I think you’re pathetic too.”

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This is for Adventuresiiniiwonderland. I was already done with TWD before you messaged me one for OUAT so that’s why it’s in two different post. Hope you don’t mind. Anyways onto your ship. I ship you with Baelfire/Neal. Firstly because you guys are both adventurous and love challenges. Neal is definitely a risk taker and so whatever you wanna do hel be up for it. Whenever the two of you are ever bored you guys could spend an afternoon daring each other to do whatever comes to mind. Also I feel like Neal is more logical then emotional, the type of person who would go “This is what needs to be done, no matter how painful it is” and I think that fits in nicely with you. I don’t think Neal is a perfectionist and he wouldn’t mind that side of you. I think he’d find it cute and endearing. I also see him as the type of person who would show you how much he loves you rather then say it. This doesn’t mean he won’t ever say it but he’s not going to bring it up every time you two speak. Instead he’ll save it to make it more special. I hope you enjoy your ship 💕

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We need more Tamara appreciation. I want to be Tamara honestly. Do you have any headcanons for her? Or maybe a short story about her badassery? I love your work! Thank you!

Nonny, I’m so sorry for how late this is but I hope you like it anyway!! I had so much fun writing it, thank you for the prompt <3 

trueka and I did a collab on this; she made AWESOME fanart to go with the headcanons and it can be found here!!

  • First of all, Tamara is a storm trapped in a girl’s skin. She is level-headed and capable of thinking logically, but she can be as destructive/impulsive as her two bestfriends. She’s also far better at using technology than either of them is.
  • Tamara knows how to fight with her fists as well as with magic. She learned how to throw a punch at a young age, then spent three summers learning Martial Arts because she knows magic can only do so much before it turns against you. What happened to her older sister is proof of that.
  • She is known as the Magisterium’s resident badass. Aaron and Call might be Makars, but it’s Tamara Rajavi you really need to watch out for.
  • She’s fiercely protective of her friends and their general wellbeing. She wouldn’t hesitate to make vines sprout out of the ground and harshly pin someone to a wall if they made an unsavory comment about Call and Aaron. She’s also very protective of Jasper, even if she denies it.
  • She keeps wearing her hair in braids well into her sixth year, and she sometimes wears adorned golden hoops earrings that she inherited from her grandmother. 
  • She always invites her friends home on holidays and buys them simple presents, even though her family doesn’t celebrate Christmas nor Thanksgiving.
  • She always helps decorate the Common Room with Christmas Lights (and mistletoe that one time because come on Aaron, just make a move on Call already!), and makes up excuses to stay with the boys when they don’t go home for holidays.
  • She pulls all sorts of pranks with Call -on people that terribly deserve them, mind- but they never get caught because Tamara is a great strategist and Call is a very good liar. Aaron helps with reluctant advice to better the prank and heaved sighs, and Jasper curses a lot and tags along grumpily because he doesn’t like feeling left out.
  • She excels at her tests and is always on Call’s case to study and do his research. She plans on becoming one of the Masters and joining the Assembly members because she dislikes their current way of handling things.
  • She and Call are the ultimate brotp, and she’s the one who gets Call to finally finally talk to Aaron about his feelings.
  • Jasper trusts her more than anyone else and she’s his secret-keeper. Whenever things at home get too hard for him, Tamara is the first to find out and she often talks him into spending the weekend at her house instead. 
  • She’s tough as nails but a very loving creature, and she has a great sense of right and wrong. 
  • Bottom line is that Tamara Rajavi is a gift and one that doesn’t need to be protected. Because she does the protecting
Veins Run Red and Blue

This was supposed to be a quick little ‘what if’ thing since I finished my exchange fic. It did not stay little. Thanks @willowaus for listening to me complain.


It was his smile that dug into her bones.

Fighting against his sister’s hold, Caroline went still at the curve of Klaus Mikaelson’s lips. He watched Tyler die, eyes intent and glittering, but it was his smile that told the monster under her skin this monster was dangerous. Those dimples, that delight as he pulled the marionette strings, it was an expression that had seen more than she could imagine.

And as Tyler gasped awake, a new creature, that smile widened and she shook, just a little.

“You can’t beat us,” Rebekah told her, nails biting into her arms. “None of you can.”

In that moment, Caroline believed her.


Caroline told Elena to make a deal.

Brown eyes wide, she’d looked stunned before she’d shook her head. “I’m not helping him. I can’t believe you’d suggest I should. He’s a monster, Caroline.”

Him, being Klaus.

Licking chapped lips, Caroline fisted her hands. The inside of her bedroom should’ve felt safe, instead it was a false barrier. Klaus could parade in and out of her room as he choose - evidence, a spectacular diamond bracelet that terrified her every time she saw it.

It was such a beautiful threat, after all.

“What happens if you don’t help him, Elena?”

Elena shrugged and played with the ends of her hair. “Damon has a plan.”

Caroline closed her mouth, glanced away from her friend. Damon had a plan. She let Elena change the subject, let her shift the conversation to sillier, less serious topics. All the while, her insides knotted.

Damon was going to get them all killed.

A hundred years plus a few decades, give or take, up against a millennium of experience. An unkillable monster. One who offered the world as if it was a mere plaything - who toyed with people as if they were his own personal marionettes.

Elena would rather trust Caroline’s rapist, than bargain with her blood; Caroline knew bargaining with the devil was dangerous. But Klaus would get his doppelgänger made army, regardless of the cost. Caroline didn’t understand why he’d chosen to toy with them, but she’d no doubt he’d carve his price from all of them soon enough.

Her hands shook as she locked the door when she was alone.

So what was she going to do?

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My parents and I are good friends because of Star Trek. I love them and all, and they raised me, but I know a lot of people aren’t really friends with their folks. It can be a tough thing.

But I’ve been lucky that because my parents loved and watched Star Trek, we always had something to talk about beyond how well i was doing in love/school/work/life. We could always talk about the moral and philosophical implications of the latest Next Generation episode.

And when it came to Thanksgiving, for a number of years my Dad, Uncle and I would go see the latest Trek movie in theaters come gobble gobble day.

The first one we saw was Undiscovered Country and I remember this vividly because I remember thinking Spock with rocket boots was kind of silly. Not logical. But I loved it anyway, cause Leonard Nimoy would sell you all the logical charm he could muster, and you and everyone else you know ate it up cause it was delicious, and Leonard Nimoy was awesome.

So I already loved Leonard Nimoy. But then I found out he wrote the song to the Bilbo Baggins animated feature. Being the enourmous Tolkien fan that I am, I was understandably beside myself to find that Spock was singing about this Hobbit I loved so dearly.

And just now i finished watching this great interview he had with Pharell Williams, and i had no idea he was such an amazing photographer. Well it sadly took him dying for me to find that out, and to find out he’s such a warm amazing creative person IRL. Sad day.

RIP Leonard Nimoy.

blog-of-some-guy  asked:

Since Urobuchi Gen seems to be if not the best but at least consistently competent writer in anime right now I have a question. What about his voice and storytelling makes his work distinct and stand out, enough so that you already know at first glance whether a show is written by him or not?

(Last question today, btw! Thanks for sending in so many fascinating ones, everybody!)

I’m more interested in Urobuchi’s subtextual story ideas than his textual language/writing style (the language barrier doesn’t help, there’s only so much I can tell about his style when I don’t speak Japanese,) but his dialogue is extremely distinctive. It’s not “realistic” per se. People don’t literally talk like real people, but that’s true of most distinctive scripts. (and Boochi makes people talk more like real people than most other *anime* do at least.) However, it’s consistent. Boochi makes sure all his characters use different speaking styles, language use, and are interested in talking about different things. Most of his characters symbolize an idea, but unlike, say, Christopher Nolan who also writes “characters as ideas” rather than people, Boochi keeps them human. He gets characters to talk about what ideals or concepts they symbolize by jamming them up next to someone who is completely opposite to them. (Sayaka v. Kyoko in Madoka, Kiritsugu v. Saber in F/Z, Akane v. Kogami in Psycho-Pass.) The way I just put it makes it sound dumb and obvious though, and it never is. Hell, Kiritsugu and Saber only speak to each other *three times*, and in all three cases, they don’t talk about their philosophies. They both express their ideals to Irisviel, who acts as a conduit and therapist to both of them (but it’s a tragedy, so ultimately she can’t communicate each’s beliefs to the other.) So it’s never just people standing around talking about philosophies. I *hate* that. Boochi doesn’t do that, he finds ways to lace it into the action of the story and force those conversations, kinda like how musical numbers need to come out of emotional necessity in a musical, and the perfect placement of them is what makes the show good. Outside of this, his characters just act like people, with heavily relatable emotions and actions, but it’s those glimpses into “THIS PERSON REPRESENTS THIS PHILOSOPHY” that make all of those emotions and actions carry weight.

Anyway, that’s all textual. That’s *how* he talks. *What* he talks about is what I really find fascinating. Boochi loves to juxtapose the absolute *pit* of emotionless cruelty against naive optimism, and find truth in both things. He’s so sympathetic to and deeply understanding of “evil” and where it comes from that it’s scary. He doesn’t write bad guys who are just bad and you shouldn’t like them. He forces you to really understand why the bad guys think what they do, and he goes out of his way to almost make their ideals sound logical…appealing…you can see why they almost succeed. He writes impeccable Lucifers, basically. (Kyubey in Madoka, Gilgamesh in Fate/Zero, Makishima in Psycho-Pass.) But the amazing thing to me is that he equally understands the purest and most optimistic hope and goodness in humanity…and that’s the side he chooses, every time! He goes out of his way to show how evil and heartless the universe around us is, how much sense it makes to succumb to and embrace it, and then at the last second, convincingly makes a case for hope over despair (Madoka), mercy over justice (Fate/Zero), and order over anarcy (Psycho-Pass.) To embrace both perspectives so wholeheartedly and portray the triumph of good over evil in a way that always rings true, and turns bittersweet or even barely sweet endings into real heartwarmers…well, it’s cray-cray. I mostly admire Boochi for how intimately he understands a massive variety of human hearts, and how he refuses to really judge any of them, just to understand.

Boochi and I appear to love a lot of the same ideas and I want to steal his powers is what I’m saying.

One thing that I did like about the episode: Rachel is trying so hard.

I don’t think she conceded to her daughter at the end because she forgave her own father at all. She’s doing it to try to make amends to Charlie, which is a huge step for her. It’s difficult for someone like Rachel to go against what she believes is right. There’s a logical way to do things (and emotions can be part of that logic–my father betrayed me therefore he doesn’t deserve a place in my life). Because she’s right nine times out of ten, it’s really difficult to abandon the system she draws the world in simply on the say so of someone else, because it’s a rational and understandable system to her.

One of the lines that got me was the “you let me think I was crazy” line. I digress for a moment, but I’m pretty sure Rachel is a full-on INTJ (Meyers-Briggs). She knows what she knows but she also knows what she doesn’t know. And to undermine her confidence in that respect, to tell her that the conclusions and connections that she draws make her crazy, not insightful, has also undermined her entire bedrock for how she aligns the world around her and herself in respect to that world, essentially hitting at who she believes she is.

God, I’m going off an a major Myers-Briggs tangent and anyone is welcome to dispute her type, but INTJs have a tendency to define themselves by what they know and what they do. It’s about competence and the right answer and people earn their respect through ideas. They’re not going to concede on a disagreement as a sign of respect to you because it’s immaterial; if you want their respect, your ideas and logic should be sound.

We’re gradually see Rachel go against her own ideas simply because Charlie wants her to, which actively resists Rachel’s own extraordinarily well-developed emotional/intellectual intuition, and it’s really tough for Rachel to do that.

I was pretty excited to see a positive challenge for once, but to my dismay, it was not a good message:
This #dontjudgechallenge needs to stop just as quickly as it started. This challenge is one where individuals mock those who don’t look a certain way or fit societies standards by putting on makeup to resemble acne, scars, teeth gaps, glasses, etc. and then reveal themselves with their regular makeup as the “don’t judge me because this is what is hiding under the acne, etc” result.. Certain individuals are even going to the extreme and using asthma pumps in their “before” shots… Lung conditions aren’t funny or “ugly”. I, for one, have a tooth gap. I don’t find making fun of this funny. I don’t appreciate you visually stating that it’s ugly either. It’s not like I purposely chose to have one, but hey, I look good as hell with it. If you don’t like it, too bad. Unfortunately, not many people can own their insecurities easily or overcome them with confidence.. So why continue putting people down? I do not understand the logic of my generation. Besides, with both the “before” and “after” you are using a mask of makeup, so there is not even an ounce of authenticity in your videos either. Instead of spreading a, what could have been, positive message, you are participating in a, now, viral-challenge that happens daily anyway. Honestly, how is it even a challenge when you judge people on the fly? How do you expect others to accept and love themselves when you are constantly telling them they are ugly and do so by hiding behind a spurious hopeful message of “Don’t judge”..?  If the message is not to judge, why are you putting those kinds of things on your face and in your video? Is the purpose of the video not to judge? My goodness. Don’t tell me “Oh, lighten up. It’s funny!” Making fun of people’s insecurities is not funny. Please get off of the internet.

You want a challenge? Walk up to a person who looks like your “before” and tell them they’re beautiful. They need it now, more than ever, because YOU are literally making fun of them all over the internet. Go fix what you did for your new challenge. Bye.

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How would exo react when you -their gf- are mad at them because they yelled at you and you dont want to talk to them? Love your blog, gurl

Oww, thank you so much♥ I love you too!♥ 


Kyungsoo: Are you trying to ignore me?  


Sehun: Want to play a glares game, then?

…I’ll win anyways.


Suho: -sees you passing by, ignoring him- 



You: Why do you yell at me? -punch him- 

Chanyeol: Sorry, baby ;-;.


Kai: Are you really going to ignore this man? 

… I’m calling D.O, then. 


Baekhyun: I’m supposed to be mad at you, not you at me! 

… Fuck women logic.


Xiumin: Now why aren’t you talking to me? 


Luhan: What the hell is wrong with you, gurl?


Kris. If I give you a sexy dance, am I forgiven? 

You: OMG Yes.

… BUT, I made you talk. 




Chen: I love you, blablabla. Everyone is happy and everyone is spitting out rainbows. Blablabla, Forgiven?

You: No -_-.

…Fuck you then. 


Lay: What has just happened? 

Okay I’ll do it because I’m so freaking emotional right now - I may or may not be crying- because I’m listening to Sam Smith and looking at photos of Stonefield at the same time which is NEVER a good idea. I’ll put under the cut, so if you don’t want to read it, just don’t click on “read more”. But I’ll leave you with a cute photo:

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I get why that person made the post about Monroe, though. I think what they were getting at is that he's trying to repent. I really do think he's trying to make up for what he did. He's not a sociopath.

THIS I don’t get.

How is he trying to repent? By not killing Charlie? That means zip. He keeps following her, REFUSES to listen when she says no and tells him back off. That’s downright creepy. So far she’s exactly right; he’s got a whole lot of angst and watery eyes happening and NOT a whole lot of redemption.

I don’t particularly care for arguing the finer points of his mental state, but that point is that Charlie under no circumstance needs to “shut her cakehole” because she might accidentally tread on his fragile feelings. The man has attempted to kill her on multiple occasions, attempted and succeeded in killing her family members on multiple occasions, held her mother captive for years and probably contributed to her mother’s mental breakdown and subsequent suicide attempt.

It’s not that Monroe can’t be sympathetic, it’s that Charlie is under absolutely no obligation to be understanding or kind towards him. 

Haikyuu!! Ninja! AU

THANK YOU ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)




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(okay….I shall calm down…)

anyways, i’d like to share some of my thoughts on this AU as well, so here is the general idea/currently disposable info:

(and if you don’t know already, my otps are DAISUGA and BOKUAKA)

Basically, after character designs and stuff (which is what I’m currently doing), I’ll be drawing out stories for a few ships (DAISUGA AND BOKUAKA ARE A GIVEN), so it depends on WHAT YOU GUYS WANT TO SEE <33 I love ALL haikyuu characters anyway so it all comes down to you guys ^^


- yes, if you haven’t guessed it already, it will be a tragedy TT^TT

- 99% angst guaranteed;  1% smut


- despite how serious-looking bokuto is, he’s still a dork and normal logic applies to him not

- Akaashi’s mask. @roumari wanted to know what’s under it….well, you’ll see soon enough xdd

- But imagine this though: being hunted and all, what bokuto doesn’t understand is why akaashi wears a mask. “But it’s 31 degrees,” he says, perplexed.




Hmm if Bamon was to happen it could never be as fanservice.

I repeat, bamon could never be a fanservice.

Wanna know why? Because, my shipper goggles aside, it’s the LOGICAL thing to do. We had almost 5 seasons of slow burn for it. Bonnie becomes herself when she’s with Damon, and I’m sure you all already realized how her words and her actions are a good thing for Damon because they help him grow as a character. Don’t confuse lack of screentime with lack of development because I assure you the later has been there. So, whatever way the writers decided to make this ship canon, if they ever did, it would make sense. Plus, he actually kinda loves her, remember?

My opinion anyways.