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how do you know if you love someone?

- you can’t stop thinking about them

- you get a goofy grin whenever you think about them

- you feel safe with them, like coming home

- all the cute love songs are suddenly about them

- being with them is the best thing about your day

- you want to be close to them all the time

- you replay all the conversations in your head

- you want to hug them all day

- you look at them and all you can think about is how beautiful they are

- they say or do something and you feel a rush of affection internally

- you feel at peace with them

- you want to spend the rest of your life with them

- you want to protect them and be there for them when they’re sad

- they make you a kinder and happier person

- you’d do anything for them

Let’s get something straight

I keep receiving requests about people wanting “x reader” fic with people of color and…It breaks my heart how almost all of them are like “I mean, if you want to of course” and other “if it bothers you then don’t do it” or “if you don’t feel comfortable with such request it’s ok”. 

People. Why would this bother me ? Why would I feel uncomfortable ? I’m probably the most open minded person you’ll ever meet (except with people who do not like Hugh Jackman, we can’t be friends if you don’t like Hugh Jackman), and I would love nothing but to write stories with someone that isn’t white (or straight or whatever). 

Like all hail diversity and all that shit. So please, if you have any requests where you want specifically the “reader” to be black, asian, hispanic, native american, Arabian etc etc…Gay, transgender, gender fluid, non-binary etc etc…Go ahead, I will write it. And please, don’t apologize because you’re making such requests. I know how important and great it feels that “what” (sorry if the word “what” is offending to anyone, I couldn’t find the right word in English) you are is represented in stories. Even if said story is one of my shit fanfiction. 

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For some reason I can picture Amy getting Jake into Doctor Who- like he thinks it's some weird nerdy thing but ends up being the biggest fan ever- do you have any other headcanons on them watching TV together/being huge Whovians?

HOW DID U KNOW I LOVE DOCTOR WHO anyway because I’m a Loser who’s not seen Classic Who this will only be centered around New Who feel free to tag in with Classic Who HCs if you want!!

  • Jake isn’t sure whether he’ll end up getting into Doctor Who because Harry Potter has magic but Doctor Who has science??? He almost burned down a lab in high school what if he doesn’t get it?? But he trusts and loves Amy so he watches it anyway
  • He ends up LOVING IT majorly, to the point where he mimics the opening theme of the show every time going DIUW DIUW DIUUUUWWW DIUW DIUW DIUUUUUWWW and it makes Amy laugh because he loves!! another thing she introduced him to!!
  • Jake gets really upset whenever a doctor regenerates because NOOOO I LOVED HIM SO MUCH I DONT WANT A NEW DOCTOR AMES!!
  • he always gets mad and threatens not to watch Doctor Who anymore, but then Amy puts on the next episode and Jake falls in love with the next doctor and the cycle Repeats
  • One night, Jake and Amy get drunk while watching Doctor Who and Jake starts crying because he wishes Peter Capaldi/Twelve were his dad instead of his actual dad, because Twelve wouldn’t walk out on him!! Plus Jake would’ve gotten a Cool Scottish Accent, which is the only thing he’s ever wanted in life
  • Amy attempts to comfort him over not having a space dad but because she’s had Four Drinks the comfort is copulative in nature
  • Jake’s scared of the Weeping Angels because he tries not blinking for as long as he can whenever there’s a Weeping Angels episode and he fails to not blink for as long as the Doctor or any of the companions and he freaks out over how he’s gonna get killed by a Weeping Angel
  • This results in spontaneous very competitive Blink Offs between Jake and Amy, they even try cheating by making kissy faces and funny faces at each other to try to get the other person to blink
  • sometimes these kissy faces make them Actually Kiss, and they have to stop watching Doctor Who that night for Other Activities
  • Jake thinks the Daleks are really fun to imitate, and sometimes Jake scares Amy into waking up by going right next to her face saying ‘EXTERMINATE’
  • This always scares the hell out of Amy but she gets revenge by putting a tiny angel figurine next to their bed on Jake’s side (claiming it was a gift from her mom), and then one day changing it to a mini Weeping Angels figurine as a prank
  • Jake’s never been so scared and he vows never to imitate a Dalek again for his entire life
  • He fails
  • Jake loves the sonic screwdriver because he’s too lazy to get out his keys and having the sonic screwdriver would be perfect
  • But then after talking up the conveniences of having a sonic screwdriver he realizes he would Have to use it for Way Cooler Stuff
  • Way Cooler Stuff becomes world domination plans and they have fun discussing all the things they could do if they had a sonic screwdriver
  • When Jake goes to prison Amy wishes even more for a sonic screwdriver so she can get Jake out of there
  • Or even better, an actual TARDIS so they can ditch jail and go to Paris. Or even even better, SPACE PARIS
  • But the thoughts about Doctor Who just end up making Amy feel sadder because watching Doctor Who feels so much more empty and quiet without Jake by her side, warm and silly and full of love, so close by and touchy
  • The couch is just so big without Jake even though it doesn’t look big when she stands up and looks at it, kind of like the TARDIS
  • Jake’s actually played a sonic screwdriver related prank on Amy once, by replacing all the screwdrivers in her tool box with sonic screwdrivers
  • turns out he did know about her secret tool box and all the screwdrivers in there got replaced too
  • “Amy, of course I know you have a back up tool box– what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t pull off a foolproof prank on you??”
  • She’s slightly charmed at the attention to detail he put into the prank but also can he please return the normal screwdrivers now there is something we have to fix
  • Jake’s like sure I put them all behind this couch let me just reach over and grab them except OOPS ALL THOSE HAVE BEEN REPLACED WITH SONIC SCREWDRIVERS TOO
  • Amy’s completely exasperated because how many sonic screwdrivers does Jake have??
  • “Yeah… I accidentally bought them in bulk online because I got too excited and clicked the wrong thing. Hence this prank.”
  • Jake and Amy discuss who between them would be the Doctor and who would be the Companion. It’s a very short discussion because Jake’s immediately like AMES, you’re super smart of course you’re the Doctor and I’m the super hot companion
  • Amy still Insists that Jake dress up as the Doctor for Halloween though because she badly wants to see him rock a nice suit. He picks Eleven and wears a bow tie that almost makes Amy want to cry a little and buy him many more bow ties
  • Jake also wears a fez as part of his Eleven cosplay because he’s cute and also Fezzes Are Cool
  • Except Amy dresses up as The Master/Missy which strangely gets Jake going because Damn
  • He keeps calling her 'Master’ throughout the entire night which causes Trick or Treating to end early because Jake has to go home to serve his Master
  • Jake also really likes Captain Jack Harkness for… reasons…

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Princess Twilight how do you feel about fillies that like fillies? I'm scared to be myself because of what others might think.

I don’t see the problem. My best friends are fillies (well, strictly speaking they are mares like me, but in a colloquial sense they are fillies) and I like them very much. Surely, that’s pretty common. If it’s not where you are, well, as the Princess of Friendship I would argue that who you care for is a matter of their character and how they treat you, and it’s not up to other ponies to decide.

I suppose sometimes ponies might not approve of your choice of friends, but you should ask yourself whose opinion you value more: theirs, or that of your friends. Assuming you value you friends’ opinions more you shouldn’t abandon them because others might disapprove.

Oh, and trying not to be yourself rarely works out. You really should embrace who you are. Well, unless who you are consists of enslaving all of Equestria or something like that, but clearly that’s not the issue here.

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don't want to make you feel bad, but I'm super jealous of how many friends you have. every art stream it's like 10 different people talking and you're just like "oh yeah we should invite__" and I'm like "I have 2 friends where do you find so many..."

yes. they are all a bunch of pests. talking at the same time. voices overlapping. i would die for each and every single one of them

1.What does your muse smell like?

2.How often does your muse bath/shower ? Any habits?
🎩Every night, he likes to train all day and take a shower followed by a bath after training

3.Does your muse have tattoos or piercings?
🎩 None

4.Any body movement quirks?
🎩 Sets things on fire

5. What do they sleep in?
🎩 Pajamas along with a sleep mask. If he is too tired he just lands on the bed and snores away without changing.

6. What is their favorite piece of clothing?
🎩 His Top Hat or Cravat

7. What do they do when they wake up?
🎩 Get breakfast!

8. How do they sleep? Positions?
🎩 Splattered on the bed messily or fetal position hugging a pillow if it’s a bad night

9.what do their hands feel like?
🎩 Rough

10. If you kissed them, what would they taste like?
🎩 Sweet ( Strawberries if you are lucky)

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You seem like a good debater of all things Steven Universe, and this is a random question, but in your opinion what do you think Sapphire would have done in The Answer if she foresaw Garnet beforehand??

that’s a good question, that episode seemed like a flurry of new feelings for both of them especially after they formed garnet.

i think that if sapphire had foreseen garnet, and that branch of fate she might have just defected with her right then and there. Especially if she foresaw what they would become and how much Ruby would come to mean to her.

but there are so many possibilities with that whole scenario, she could have easily just refused to have the three rubies accompany her and pearl and rose would have been shattered once captured.

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I love your AU's. I got into Overwatch because of your drawings and I already a huge Wightworth shipper. But I wonder do you ship any Mortal Kombat characters or have any other OTP's?

I know next to nothing about Mortal Kombat (except the common things like FINISH HIM!) but yes I have other OTPs =D Will you be able to recognize them ;D ?

And I feel so proud to have introduce you to Overwatch with my drawings OwQ I hope you have as fun as I have on the game! And I’m honored that you like my AU TwT Thank you!

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Is it ok to use a regular, common notebook/journal as a spellbook and/or grimoire? Or do they have to be more traditional?

The only thing they “have to be,” is what you want them to be.

If you feel you’re better off using notebooks because they’re discreet, great!

If you feel like a binder is better so you can rearrange the info inside, great!

If you wanna spend the money on a leather-bound book and use it, great!

It’s all about what you want to do, and what you can do. It doesn’t really overly matter how a grimoire looks if that isn’t important to you; it’s more about the info that’s on the inside. As long as it contains spells and resources for magic. That’s what truly makes the grimoire, not its appearance.

So, yes, if it is okay with you to use a notebook or regular journal for a grimoire, then it is. :)

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I find it so disgusting how you are getting so much fucking hate just because there are people Those just trying to express their opinions and feelings about a person. Whyyyyyyy?! Those haters probably have someone that they don't like and talk shit about them but they wont let others do the same! Nahhhh I aint dealing with this bullshit. Btw, I luh you chloe and don't let anyone get you down cos you have so many fans who absolutely adore you... LIKE MEEEEEE

Thank you so much omg this message was the absolute best thing I could’ve received 😚

BTS Reaction To You Being Obsessed With A YouTuber

Request:  Hi! Can I get a scenario where you’re obsessed with YouTubers, preferably Dan and Phil, but it can be of any of your choosing. The level of obsession would be like your level of obsession with BTS, and they would get jealous of them. It can end anyway, just let your creativity flag fly! Thank you!

A/N: I decided to do a reaction for this instead because idk how I’d make a good and full scenario out of this? idk I hope this is ok!

Namjoon: He wouldn’t really care that much at first but if you talked about them all the time then he would start to feel a little invisible. He’d for sure say something about them just to get your attention and tell you to look at him more than the YouTuber.

Originally posted by joonjuly

Jin: He’d check out their videos since you talked about them so much. If he liked them then he’d love to keep up with you and your obsession but if he didn’t then he’d get jealous and point out that he was better than them no matter who it was. 

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga: He honestly might get annoyed by it not gonna lie. If you talked about it nonstop and all he’d get tired of it after a while and ask if the two of you could just talk about each other for a second. Not saying he’d hate that you like a YouTuber but he would want you to focus on something else once in a while.

Originally posted by syubto

Hoseok: I think he’d find it kind of cute. He’d laugh at how obsessed you were with them although after a while he’d want more attention from you. Overall though he’d find your excitement about them really cute and funny.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Jimin: HE’D BE SO JEALOUS. He would want all of your attention and so if you were obsessed with a YouTuber he would whine about it a lot. He’d always point things out that they lacked and that he had just so you’d look at him more.

Originally posted by itschiminie

Taehyung: He wouldn’t mind that much and would honestly try watching them as well like Jin. If he liked them then he would have fun watching all of their videos. If not then he would just make fun of you for being so obsessed with them.

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Jungkook: He would ask you about them just to laugh at how excited you got. Like tae and jin he would check them out and if he didn’t like them then he would just tease you a lot for your obsession.

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It is perfectly normal to feel upset about this but the minute you decide to turn your back on them because of a political problem makes you a sad ExoL. EXO will remain a 9 member group and now more than ever we need to show our support to EXO AND Yixing. We’ve been given tons of proof that he would do anything for the boys. So everyone take a deep breath and let’s enjoy the comeback and give Yixing all the love he deserves. Like how can you hate this sweet boy…

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How do I make my cast of characters diverse without "overdoing it," if there even is such a thing? I want them to be diverse, but I don't want them to seem like "token" characters. I'm white myself, and I don't want to offend anybody or degrade my characters by looking too much into their ethnic backgrounds, or not enough into ethnic diversity.

I feel like I can’t answer this question without being controversial. But I’ll try anyway. 

Honestly, you can’t please anybody. These days, if you don’t have enough characters that aren’t white or aren’t straight or aren’t cisgender, then you’re a terrible person who is automatically a transphobe, homophobe, or a racist. But then, if you have too many minority characters, people are convinced that you’re forcing it to appeal to the social justice warriors of the internet. The truth is, a story is about the story itself, not the characters, and the characters are all supposed to fit into the story. Their personalities are what matter. It sounds cliche and shallow or like an apologist thing to say, but that’s just how it is. 

Minorities are people. They aren’t defined by their race, gender, sexuality, or otherwise. Orientation isn’t who they are, it’s just part of their internal programming. What matters a lot more is what they’re passionate about or where they hope to travel or how they treat others. People are going to find a way to criticize you, however you decide to go in terms of diversity. And in my opinion, I think that putting diverse characters into a story, purely for the purpose of protecting yourself from being called a racist, sexist, transphobe, homophobe, etc, that is the biggest insult to that group of people possible. They’re just people, and they’ve struggled enough without authors turning them into a literary checklist item. 

My official advice, excluding the lecture and SJW tangent, is to write the characters as you imagine them. You’re writing your story, so you don’t need to alter it to please sensitive readers. If they tell you that you’re a bad writer because you wrote the story you had in your brain, tell them to write their own story if they care that much. 

I can already smell all those antis coming after exo’s ass because yixing won’t be in the promotions of the comeback. I can feel my heart breaking with the other members and especially with yixing because I’m sure this is NOT how they planned their next comeback to be. I can already see all those rumors popping up everywhere, trying to bring exo down, like they always do. Literally…the boys just have us at this point. They’re counting on us, ALL of them. The way some of you guys are handling this situation makes me honestly sad cause if we’re not gonna support our boys and strengthen their back, no matter what, who else is gonna do it? Others say exo will flop now, but that’s not the case. As long as we are here for them and support them they will be alright. I know this is not what we wanted. This is not what exo wanted either. So just remember that. Don’t say stuff like ‘they can keep it’ like what even?? Imagine them reading stuff like that?? Especially now they need all our support so let’s stand behind our boys and show the others what we are made of. Let’s show them how much we truly love exo. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

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HI I JUST FOUND UR FANFICS TODAY AND THEY'RE SO GOOD IM WORKING MY WAY THROUGH THEM AND I AM IN TEARS (GOOD TEARS) LOL PLS CONTINUE WRITING <3!!!! Also may i request an angsty usuk fic where america is infatuated with england but england has no feelings for him/turns him down? (i saw ur request was open ;)) IF U DONT WANT TO THATS TOTALLY FINE I JUST WANTED TO EXPRESS MY FEELIGNS HAVE A GREAT DAY

This hurts me, you’re so nice and sweet and I appreciate the compliments and the fact that you actually are reading through my fics? and liking them too like wow. I really suck at angst and I’ve been working my mind around how to do this without hurting my fragile usuk heart ya know. But anyway, I wished I knew who you are so I could personally thank you, but I guess it’s alright like this. It might not be what you expected but I hope you like it? 

An Old Tale

“I wished you could’ve seen him, Al. He has this– this charm that I just can’t explain! And I haven’t even talked to him, how amazing is that?” Alfred watched as his childhood friend fawned over the human he saw the day before, a melancholic smile on his face that went unnoticed by Arthur. 

“That’s great, Artie! I hope you get to see him again.” No, he didn’t. Mermaids were to stay away from humans and Alfred was beyond concerned for his best friend. 

“Hope? Oh, my dear Alfred, I’m not hoping to see him again, I will definitely see him again.” The mischievous smile and dangerous glint in the eyes he knew so well told Alfred that his friend was thinking about something, something terrible. 

Alfred was really unsure on whether he should ask or not, but he opted for the former, “What do you mean by that, Artie?“ 

Arthur took his time to answer, until he abruptly swam towards Alfred, barely containing his giggles, he said, “I’m going to ask the Sea Witch for help." 


It took a moment for Alfred to process what he just heard, there was no way that Arthur, the smart and collected Arthur would do something so– so insane!  

"Arthur, you can’t be serious. You out of all the people should know that the Sea Witch means trouble!" 

Arthur’s smile fell, replaced by one that showed only annoyance, "I  know Alfred, I know. But how else do you expect me to meet him? He could be my soulmate. I thought you’d understand me, but I was wrong.” Without another word, Arthur swam towards the Sea Witch’s cave. 

Alfred didn’t know what to say, but he knew he had to say something- anything. “What if he’s not your soulmate? What if you’re actually running away from your real soulmate?” he called out before he could lose sight of Arthur. He could tell that Arthur stopped to consider it. 

With a bittersweet smile, Arthur turned around, “I’m willing to take that risk.” With that, Arthur turned around and swam even more determined. 

That was the last time Alfred saw Arthur for another three days. 

Three days later,  Arthur and Alfred met again, only that the green-eyed man had a pair of skinny legs instead of the beautiful emerald colored tail he used to have before.  Somehow Arthur had lost his voice, probably thanks to the witch, and he also seemed to be in an extreme pain whenever he would “walk”. 

The blue-eyed merman somehow caught on what was going on thanks to Arthur writing it down on the sand. Apparently, if he kissed the human he fell in love with, and it turned out he wasn’t his true soulmate, Arthur would turn into foam. However, Arthur didn’t seem to be scared, in fact, he seemed quite confident in his choice. 

The human and Artur got along just fine, but the human didn’t seem interested in Arthur in a more than friendly way. Something that both Arthur and Alfred noticed. This set Arthur on taking matters into his own hands. Alfred would always tell him to give up and to come back home, but Arthur would never listen. 

Arthur’s plan failed miserably. As soon as he touched anything that was water he would turn into sea foam. Alfred couldn’t let that happen, so he told Arthur to stay away from the shore for a while, but without leaving it. 

Arthur waited a day, and when Alfred finally came back he told Arthur that he made a deal with the Sea Witch in exchange for something valuable, so that neither of them were affected. Arthur could finally come back into the water. He was so happy he jumped straight into Alfred’s arms. 

The thing was, though, that Alfred lied. 

He made a deal with the Sea Witch that when Arthur entered the water, Alfred would turn into sea foam instead of Arthur. 

The green-eyed merman noticed instantly what was happening and with fat tears coming out of eyes, he demanded Alfred tell him why would he do such a reckless thing. 

Alfred’s reply was, “I’d do anything for my soulmate." 

Well then I think it’s safe to say that this took a darker turn unexpectedly sooo imma leave it up to you what happened to Arthur because to me he died too because he was too heartbroken ANYWAY I HOPE U LIKE IT OKAY BYE NOW


Sweet Pea: “So, how’s school treating you. I feel like I haven’t spent any time with you since you started school.”

Folly: “It’s alright. The teachers assign us a lot of homework.”

Sweet Pea: “And do you have any friends?”

Folly: “Sure.”

Sweet Pea: “Why don’t you invite one of them over some time?”

Folly: “Dunno. Maybe when Gilly and Lily are a bit older.”

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how do you get over being trans and wanting sex? Estrogen has skyrocketed my sex drive but I just feel like so disgusting and so unwelcome and unwanted when compared to other girls, I feel wrong for having these feelings

Estrogen really bumped up my libido, too, and most people expect it to be the opposite, but it’s not the case. You’re certainly not disgusting or anything. You’re allowed to desire sex and relationships if you want them. We’re bombarded with negative images everywhere but they’re not true. Putting yourself out there is scary, but it’s better than regret. Obviously don’t waste your energy on straight girls or transphobes, but try to find other sapphic girls and talk to them. You may well find it gets easier with time. It’s also worth pointing out that many of us end up with other trans women, too; there’s a level of comfort and familiarity involved in that and that’s okay, too.

I used to think I’d never find a girl who thought I was attractive, or who actually wanted to be with me. I just had my 5th wedding anniversary to an amazing pan woman just a couple of months ago. Give it time and keep your chin up.

-Mod Sera

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Cooking with Cesaro would include...

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Cooking with Cesaro would include…

- Cesaro is very meticulous about cooking. He takes it very seriously, like some fine art he takes pride in.

- He loves when you watch him do his thing, drinking coffee that he brewed for you.

- He loves teaching you how to cook as well, taking every opportunity to get close to you in the process.

- He also enjoys when you cook for him, and he’ll always give you tons of compliments about it (even if he doesn’t like it). 

- When he cooks for you in the morning, he’ll wear nothing but an apron, joining you in bed afterwards to share (that, and a lot more than food…)

- Food can be very sensual for him, and sharing it is sometimes an enticer for something more. 

- At the end of the day, though, he prefers to take you out to a romantic restaurant, having you dress up for him so he can dress you down later when you get home. 

Send me riddles!!!

Okay here’s the thing, I need three riddles for a SaraMila fic and I’m absolutely useless at inventing them myself and I also don’t want to google them, so I thought it’d be fun to let you guys send me some and see how skilled you all are!

I only know that I want one of the answers to be “ice”. The answer to the other two riddles could be anything but preferably something to do with nature? My story is set in a generic world from the past (like, 1500 or something?) so the answers shouldn’t be “airplane” or modern things like that.

Comment or send me an ask with your riddles (and please include the solution too because I don’t feel like solving it myself lmao) and you might get featured in my fic :D

(reblogs appreciated!)