how do you like them feels

I try not to be mad about stuff too much but few things bother me quite as much as “it’s not that deep”

It just feels very dismissive, carrying with it a heavily implied “why do you care about this so much? It’s just a stupid small thing that you should just look at and then not think about” which I’m sort of reflexively sensitive to as an autistic person and why the hell is it any of your damage if other people are caring about harmless things, but that all aside:

Like okay, my pretty much main central hobby is stories and storytelling. I’ve spent pretty much most of my life consuming stories, thinking about them, thinking about why things make me feel the way that I do and how this ties into the complex world of fiction and fantasy.

Someone who spends a lot of time thinking about food and cooking techniques and taste and texture and the qualities therein, and trains their tongue, doesn’t shut their taste buds off when they eat a McDonald’s burger. And if they bring any of their culinary expertise to bear talking or thinking about the burger, it’s not proof that somehow they’ve become convinced that this is actually a 5-star restaurant.

Part of it is just reflex.

The other part of it is: I enjoy depth. As a writer myself, I enjoy reading depth in things. Sometimes, the depth was not there originally, but I can see potentials- see, if you paired this, with that, you could tie these inconsequential little plot threads together! It heightens my enjoyment in a different way- when you have a writer who does put that kinda depth into something, it’s really rewarding to poke at the depth and see if I can’t figure out where they’re going for this.

But I have a whole other relationship where sometimes a thing just feels, very underutilized to me, and because of that my fanwork and meta actively becomes less speculation and more wishful thinking- and there’s a place for that too. Hell, I have a VLD icon right now. VLD is arguably a canon production of the wishful thinking and desire to read depth into a show that didn’t have depth in many of those areas- DotU.

Every successful adaptation that puts greater thought into the canon it originally came from is the product of someone who was faced with “it’s not that deep” by rolling up their sleeves and going “not yet it isn’t.”

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i really love how you don’t not include peter in ur drawings, i feel like a lot of people tend to uninclude peter in a lot of marauder based art and writing and i think that has a lot to do with how jk portrayed peter (which i think she rlly messed up in doing tbh) and how peter betrayed them in later years. but peter was still their friend, he was their best friend. not some sidekick like how jk frequently portrayed him. and that made the betrayal even more impactful.

As a fanartist of course I get bitter about Peter but I have to separate the Peter who betrayed them and the Peter who were friend enough to be included in their adventures as marauders during Hogwarts. Everything could have happened that made Peter did what he did. But he also must have done something to gain their trust, so wanting or not, he was a marauders. Was he pretending all the time? Was it Voldemort? Was his personality all along? We never know. All I know is that James and Lily trust him - and because of that, I think it’s important to include his existance in their lives.

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How do intjs show love?

We’ll tolerate you and won’t murder you in your sleep. You might find us glaring at you less often.

Personal Experience:
This absolutely has to do with love languages – click this link to take the quiz! Free and interesting. To sum it up, your “love language(s)” is basically the way(s) that you show people that you love them.

My top three love languages are Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, and Quality Time. I have a feeling this is true for the vast majority of other INTJs, too, with different individuals identifying with each of these to varying extents. Broken down, this means that I feel loved when people do tasks for me, directly affirm their feelings for me, and initiate spending time with me, and this is also how I express love.

Common ways INTJs show love:

  • go beyond out of their way to help you and pretend like it’s absolutely no big deal at all, totally downplaying their effort – Acts of Service.
  • express their appreciation for your support and love, sometimes a little awkwardly, but always honestly and authentically – Words of Affirmation.
  • spend time with you working through your problems and finding an optimized way to help you, and you know we value you if we put a lot of energy into you because we don’t offer these services to just anybody: you have to matter to us and seem like you will actually use our advice instead of blowing us off – Quality Time.

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Hello, do you think Robert loved Tommem and Myrcella as his children? i'm not sure if he knows that they are not his at all, but if he does, how he feels about them? sorry if I wrote anything wrong

Robert certainly had no idea Tommen and Myrcella were not his children. Like, he didn’t even know Joffrey wasn’t, though he couldn’t understand how he could have fathered a son like him. But Tommen and Myrcella are good kids, sweet and kind, so with them Robert would have had no suspicions or questions at all.

And I think Robert would have loved them like he did most things – fully, generously, and negligently. Booming shouts and backpats for Tommen, slight nervousness with Myrcella (because he has no clue what to do with girls), but big expensive gifts and laughter and smiles for them both. But, like, not taking a father’s responsibility for their education or discipline, because Robert and responsibility do not go together at all, so that would have been all on Cersei. And I doubt he would have ever tossed them in the air when they were babies or toddlers, like he did with Mya, as Cersei very definitely wouldn’t have allowed that.

Still, both children do take pride in being Baratheons (though not that much – Tommen shouts “Casterly Rock” as a warcry when jousting, for example). And I would think that Tommen’s first pet fawn was probably a gift from Robert, a deer for House Baratheon. So I don’t think anything Robert did ever turned them off him as such – though they may have witnessed him abuse Cersei the way Joffrey did, and that could have affected matters. And certainly they were far closer to their mother. But on Robert’s side, he had no reason not to love and care for them, in his way, and before he died, he did ask Ned to take care of them for him. (His last words, even.)

I hope that helps!

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I don't know why but i have this feeling that Asriel's sad face in your last short comic will be memed , by the way very seriously have you thought about how both him and Frisk would look like once they are adults ? (maybe not Frisk since drawing a gender neutral adult might be hard)

the oldest I’ve drawn them is 14-15 and that might be the oldest I do because of Frisk

jonathan byers talks about being an outcast to comfort his brother and help him feel like he’s not alone in being ‘weird’, jughead talks about being an outcast to be an edgy dickweed please do not compare the two. i will come to your house and steal your pets you don’t deserve them if this is how you think thanks 

Mc,drunk : Are you a cactus?

Drake: What?!

Mc: because I want to pat you

Drake:..How often do you have urges to pat cacti?!

Mc: it’s just like I feel nobody touches them because they are put off by the spikes and that must be a sad life. They’re just an outer wall of defence and inside the cactus is just like us, I am willing to push past that defence to get to them, y'know? Anything to make them happy

Drake blinking,

slowly: ..definitely, darling. I think it’s time to go now.

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hey, whats ur origin acc? also ur acc is so cute and i love ur theme it makes me feel all fuzzy and soft like the feeling when you drink peppermint tea or a hot cocoa on a cold winter morning w/ ur significant other

+ are any of your sims on the gallery/up for download ? if not would you ever put them up? as i love your design and aesthetic and you sims are so beautiful and cute x
+ hi! what packs do you have?
+ how long have you been playing the sims? :o
+ hey, i want to start a simblr but idk what i should do (legacy? edits? both??) pls help ;-;

I hope you guys don’t mind me clumping all the sims related questions tgt so I don’t spam everyone aksjdfh

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I'm a nonbinary person raising a nonbinary child. I know this is an unusual situation, and I feel like I could use it to help people. I want to be a resource not just for other enbies, but for cis parents raising nb kids, to help them look past their privilege to best help their kids navigate these waters. Problem is, I don't know how to let people know I'm here. Any suggestions for how to let folks know I'm an available resource? Nb kids are so vulnerable, I want to help them be safe and happy.

This is such a great thing for you to do! 

For now, just as starters, getting yourself out there, even just like you are doing now, is probably a great starting point. Social media wise, just keep being active in the community, reaching out, helping out. I know you have a lot of helpful comments for asks that are posted, and I’m sure they’ve been very useful to a lot of people. 

As both a nonbinary person yourself and a parent to a nonbinary child, there are so many ways you can help people!! I’m so glad you want to reach out!! If you’re agreeable, I would definitely be willing to direct some questioning enbies your way when it comes to matters that, as a teen myself with no children, I maybe don’t have much insight with. 

Gosh, this is just such a great thing for you to do. I’m excited at the thought of how many young enbies might benefit from this. Hey, if any of those reading this are looking for a place to turn, a family-oriented resource, check out @bunnika! Maybe we can help spread the word??

People tell me I’m strong all the time. The more I share of my life, the more people go “holy shit, you’ve been through so much.” And I never know what to say. I don’t feel strong. I don’t feel anything. More and more I feel like I’m just telling a flawed version of the truth because I’m incapable of telling an unbiased version of the truth. When your memories are only from your perspective, is it possible to correctly and honestly discuss them?

I don’t like myself. I wish I did. I wish I could see what you guys see when you send me kind messages, when you say I’m good.

Mostly, I feel like I’m just wondering through life, unsure what to say or do. I’m just… here.

How do you see yourself through other people’s eyes? If you could look, would you like what you saw? Would you be pleasantly surprised? Or would you be horrified?

Am I strong? Or have I just been through a lot of hard things? Is that strength, or is that simply being too afraid to die, or escape?

I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

I don’t know how to properly respond to my own life.

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I just scrolled past some character studies of Neanderthals by artist Tom Björklund on twitter. They definitely gave me Feelings. I just don’t know how to describe them?? Deep Appreciative Sadness? Idk.

I think you and I feel something very similar when we contemplate our lost genus-mates.

For me, it’s almost a sense of loss. We, of course, know nothing for certain about their cognition, but from what I understand, current research puts them on our level intellectually. We know they had tools that were comparable to those of the early Homo sapiens they shared the Earth with. They probably had nuanced languages just like we do. They were almost certainly as capable of complex, abstract thought as we are.

And they’re gone. They’re gone and we’ll never know for sure. And we’ll never know what it was like to not be so taxanomically alone.

Now granted, I imagine if H. neanderthalensis was still around today, it almost certainly would not be all sunshine and lollipops. Humans are clannish and inherently mistrustful of things that look Different, and Neanderthals and H. sapiens were very, very Different in the way they looked. We would be weird about them, and they would probably be weird about us.

A sapiens-neanderthalensis couple would likely be handled about as gracefully by society as any interracial couple is today; their children would probably face the same struggles to fit in as biracial kids. There would be horrible stereotypes about each others’ species, the same way there are horrible racial stereotypes. We would have derogatory terms for each other. There would be predominantly-sapiens neighborhoods and predominantly-neanderthalensis neighborhoods, and whenever a family of the “wrong” species moved in, people would get Weird about it.

But here’s the thing about H. sapiens sapiens: As suspicious as we are of things that are Different, we absolutely love things that are even a tiny bit Like Us.

So even though it would be awkward for or even scorned by some, that sapiens-neanderthalensis couple would absolutely exist, and would exist proudly and lovingly.

For every mailbox of a “wrong-species” house that was smashed, there would be a neighbor afterward who came quietly and knocked on the door, and offered a cake and a “welcome to the neighborhood, sorry about the Michaelsons, I promise we’re not all like that”.

There would be sapiens and neanderthalensis children laughing and chasing each other on a playground, not caring that their new best friend didn’t have brow ridges like the rest of her family–she likes polar bears and has a pink fidget spinner too, and that’s what’s really important.

For me, the feeling of loss comes from thinking about what could have been, if only the Neanderthals had been able to survive past the last ice age. (Or, depending on which theory you hold to, if we hadn’t killed them all.) They were an incredible species, so Like Us and yet so Different. The interaction between our two species–the conflicts, the wars, the hatred, the love, the cooperation, the joint struggle for survival as two incredibly unique species of ape–would have made for a very different world than the one we inhabit today.

A world some part of me really, truly wishes it could have seen, somehow.

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Don't you think the only reason the boys are acting caring and loving in last episodes is because they feel guilty about the potion incident? It feels a little forced these romantic feelings so suddenly, at least for me with the beach date in episode 17. I mean yes, they swore they'll protect her but still... it's like the game want us to return to the "love and romance" part of the story, and I can't after what happened in episode 14, at least not with them...

I think they feel guilty yes but i don’t think that’s the only thing there, at all. there’s interest and curiosity and most likely they’re already crushing hard. i do think the romance it’s a little forced and rushed because how much time had happened since the potion incident? two weeks? three? that’s the writers decision though, and i can agree or disagree but   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .  you can still keep things platonic though; in episode 17 u can go to the date without anything romantic happening and in ep 16 u can ride with huang hua instead of the boys and u still can decide if you want to be nice or mean to them. not that this matters much bc at the end of the day this is a romance novel so we’ll end up with one of them anyways whether we like it or not lol

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How do you think Marco's confession will be like in the future?

Having seen the way the show handled one confession, one break up and two people getting together so far, I think it might be quicker than we might expect -as the scene itself. If it’s going to happen at the same time as Starco (as in no confession until Star is ready as well) I think that… I have no idea. I have a lot of ideas, but I don’t feel nearly confident enough about any of them. Hopefully something that revolves around the idea of communication and friendship as pillars of a relationship.

About Drake’s and Bertrand’s argument.

This situation is really starting to get on my nerves! 😡 Drake had all the right to explode at Bertrand that night and everything he said is right. The guy lost his sister for god knows how long, then he finds out that people who he calls them his friends (and we all know Drake doesn’t open up to people easily to become friends) knew all along where his sister and why she left? I mean Bertrand did know that it has something to do with what happened between them, yet they both looked on his face everyday like nothing happened. And we all know by now how the nobles treat the commoners like Drake. Hell, they treated us that way even by Bertrand and you all that time were complaining about it and hating on him. No, I don’t feel sorry for Bertrand. He deserved it, he had it coming and I’m glad it was Drake not someone else.

And let’s face it. Bertrand had sex with Savannah then pushed her away by giving her a long speech about how they can’t be together and now after Drake found out and came to confront him about it he says that she misunderstood?! Maybe if he told Drake about it before it would work but now after all this time, I don’t think if we put anyone in Drake’s shoes would take it easy like nothing happened.

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Hello! I know you've been okay with people cosplaying your star wars designs, how do you feel about people cosplaying your original designs such as the Swan Prince; is that okay? it's a really beautiful design and character!

Ah man, If you can manage to make coherent sense of his outfit, you are MORE than welcome to. And I’m super glad you think so :) I’ve still got bits and bobs of drawings that may help out if you’d like. I’ll post them about if it helps you out :) best of luck and if you do manage, don’t hesitate to show me please! I’d LOVE to see it. 

good luck with the feathers -cough-

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Why do you want to be single? You say it all the time but I never see you say why. I'm sorry if it's a dumb question and I don't mean it critically. I'm curious, because I admire it. I'm trying to break away from the expectation and mindset that I shouldn't be single and think your perspective would help.

Hi! No one has ever asked me why before! 😊 After my last long term relationship I realized that I was only doing the relationship thing because it’s what is expected of me. I don’t do them well. I end up trying to be what they want in a spouse because I don’t have those needs or wants in me. I don’t care if someone tells me goodnight or good morning every day and I don’t feel the need to talk to someone every day about things and stuff. I was saying I love you like I would say the sky is blue today. That’s how all my relationships and even marriage was. The breakups were always such a relief. I have friends that I feel a type of love for and don’t feel it necessary to say it because they know it by how we are together. I’m just not a romantic person and never have been. I figure at 43 (holy crap almost 44) it’s time to stop trying to be what people tell me I should be, and just enjoy my life. I hope this all makes sense as I’m typing on my phone in an uber. 😂 Always ask away if you have more questions or need help with something!

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hey yo I've got a question?? how do u like,,get out of an art funk? like you just feel your style is just not where you want it to be?? any tips for getting out of that?

Find shows you like the style of n try to emulate them
You don’t have to be exact but this process can both help you study and expand ur style set and in the process you should be able to pick out bits and pieces of what you like and you can mould those into ur own style to help change it up. This process can even be used to get back to a starting point and rebuild ur style if you want to go that far

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I need help. I was rewatching the affair era for the 3 year anniversary and... that one time Aaron was SO OFFENDED CHRISSIE WAS COMING BACK TO HER HOME. I JUST hoooooow

this is the greatest message


IM SORRY BUT???? YOUR WIFE?????? IS COMING BACK TO?????? HER OWN HOME???????????????????

they’d spent that entire god damn week playing house and aaron had convinced himself that this wasn’t just an affair and then reality came crashing the fuck down around him and 


i have a lot of feelings about how much they’ve fought to make things work between them and how long this road has been and how crushing it must be to go through all of that and ultimately feel like you still couldn’t do it, like everything over the past three years had led them down this road to what was ultimately just a dead end

it’s so sad

(and ofc it’s not actually a dead end but they don’t know that yet ok so at the moment it’s just heartbreakingly sad)

(bless i’m getting excited to talk about them in a non-sad way again, because it’s been a while - it’s gonna be so great asojosjfod)

I’ve been seeing hate in ship tags recently, do not. do that.

Honestly, if you’re publicly hating on ANY ship I will unfollow you even if I don’t ship it either

If someone ships something they don’t want your bullshit opinions telling them how shit the ship is whilst they’re looking for content

I don’t care if the ship is fucking Satan and Jesus, do not, put hate, in the ship tag

You’re making people feel like shit for shipping something and that’s not okay man so stop trying to look good infront of your followers by pointing out flaws in a ship just because you don’t like it

I also saw in a particular ship tag someone calling people sick and horrible because the ship isn’t ‘healthy’, fuck off with that alright. I’ve seen some 'unhealthy’ shit in the reddie tag for fuck sake so don’t start with that

You can dislike a ship, I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like a ship but keep it to yourself please

I know I can’t single handily save every ship from hate but I hope you understand your making people feel bad by hating

Thank you :)

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I dropped out of college cause I’m not ready yet so I’m back living with my parents and I feel terrible. I’m in a long distance relationship, my few friends moved out the city and even when I meet up with them I get sad about how I don’t have a life plan like they do or that they get to live away from home around their new friends. What should I do to not feel so bad about myself and to feel less lonely?

I would suggest you focus on rooting yourself in the present. Focusing on the past will fill you with regrets and worrying about the future will give you anxiety. You made the choice to drop out. You are in control of the next steps you take. Think about where you are and make a plan. Don’t just complain about past choices. Look to the future with hope and anticipation. Rather than being sad when you spend time with friends, cherish the precious time you have with them.
And also, long distance relationships are not for everyone. So if you’re in the relationship and you are feeling lonely or like you guys can not grow together because the distance is so bad, either make a plan to make the relationship work better, or let it go.
The point is that life doesn’t just happen to us. We make choices. You are not powerless. Making choices allows you to reclaim your power. Living at home doesn’t make you a failure unless you allow yourself to feel like a failure. Because just changing your mindset from feeling like a failure to thinking about how being at home has benefits that will help you be successful can change your whole approach.