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do you think 1D sees these random rumors on their dashes/twitter and then send them to their group chat like with the last one about liam at west end, louis probably messaged the group chat “so liam I hear you’re going to work with webber… how does he feel about liam payne liam chain ha mate” and then you have niall just hysterically laughing in all caps 

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Actually Mark didn't stand up for what Felix did, he stood up against treating someone like complete trash (which I think it's everyone's basic human right NOT to feel that way). Even if someone does something wrong, stooping to their level by being a jerk only hurts you in the end. Fire doesn't put out fire, forgive and forget, treat others how you wish to be treated, etc. Moral of the story, be kind to those who aren't kind to you. THAT'S how you make the world a better place.

Actually nazis do deserve to be treated like complete trash and so does anyone who defends them case closed

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might be kind of a rarepair but idw starjack (starscream/wheeljack) headcanons? how did they confess? where do they go on dates etc etc? thank you!

(Hnnnn I love Starjack but I always feel like I write it OOC???)

  • It’s Starscream who approaches Wheeljack first!
  • The first time they go for a drink it’s not a date- no way! Wheeljack doesn’t trust Screamer as far as he can through him…But they could both use some company…
  • Basically these two are that uber-long slow-burn fic you read at 2AM on a school night. It starts off with them leaning on each other emotionally (because who else will they lean on?) and eventually they decide on a relationship.
  • Dates are usually business meetings or recharging together since they’re so busy.
  • Ssshhh they actually admire each other quite a bit!
  • Wheeljack would never admit it, but he gets a lil protective of Starscream after he finds out about all the abuse he used to deal with. Starscream secretly appreciates it.

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How do you share your joy for your everyday work with your family and friends when you have to keep the confidentiality? It seems like it would be hard to talk about it she frustrating that you can't.

My family cares more about how things make me feel than the details. If I’m excited, the excitement is what makes them happy for me not the details of why I’m excited.

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Can I just say that it's cool yalls are into math but as a dyscalculic musician please s t o p lmao

blacklist the math tag, bcuz i love math and this is my blog. im sorry you don’t like it, i swear math is mostly not about numbers….. sort of…. kind of…… i mean not as you know them. but i also feel like it’s cool to educate people on things they otherwise wouldn’t have any access to. You can download xkit on google, and you can blacklist tags from there it should tell you how. or you can like block us, do what you gotta do pal.

How MONSTA X acts when they like you

Shownu: While he may not always know the right words to say he manages to find them. He is someone who wants a strong connection with you. The two of you will often have deep conversations.

Wonho: He never hesitates when he talks to you. He is very clear about his feelings. When ever you are with him it is never bland. He is always very energetic and you two are always out doing things.

Minhyuk: You always found yourself laughing at his playful nature. Relying on his without thinking much about it. He keeps a lot of things from you so you can’t find weakness. He always wants to be at his best for you.

Kihyun: He will always nag you, but it is to look after you. He can get a little ambitious and move too fast at times, but catches himself. He needs someone who can support him. He always tries to put on his charm around you.

Hyungwon: He tries to do romantic things with you. Even if you are just hanging around lazily he will try to make it a bit more romantic to show his feelings. He is very committed to you. You never see him looking anywhere except at you.

Jooheon: He might run a few subtle experiments on you. To test if you are going to stay faithful to him. In return he is always very honest with you and would dare let a soul lay their finger on you. He always tries to stay happy around you. It isn’t very hard for him.

Changkyun: He is charming in quirky ways. He strives to make you laugh. He likes people who can be unpredictable. He will talk to you for hours on end to figure out your personality.

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what is some advice that you would give baby witches? or your past self when you were just starting out? how should baby witches start when ist their first day and they dont knew anything yet?

I’d say read a lot before you practise. Memorize all the basics of how to use your mind and spirit in the craft. You don’t necessarily need books though, if you can’t afford them, the internet can do just fine (more research is always great though, so if you can get books, do it). Go through the tumblr witchcraft blogs, you can find a lot of good stuff there, but don’t forget to think for yourself. If something sounds strange, read from several sources.
Also, I don’t think anyone really needs a mentor when it comes to starting witchcraft, but apparently many witchlings feel like they do. It’s not necessary, really. You can teach yourself most of the stuff.
Another important thing is to remember your craft is yours and is different from anyone else’s. You don’t need to be wiccan to be a witch, you don’t need to follow any religion or have a deity. When it comes to witchcraft, only do what you’re comfortable with, because that’s what works best.

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Do you know any book youtubers that talk about their dislike of T0G OR AC0-whatever? I feel like the youtubers I watch just follow every hyped book and only say 'positives' abt it. They have access to book conventions with authors but don't inform them how problematic their books can be, which is unfortunate

They don’t talk too much about it, but those are the ones I know

mynameismarines (dislikes both ac0tar and t0g, I recommend you reading her #snarkandfury hashtag on twitter)
thoughtsontomes (she likes ac0maf but isn’t an obsessed fan, she knows the series has important flaws)
enchantology (her e0s snapchat story is gold)
a clockwork reader (her q0s and e0s reviews are great)

Feel free to add more if any of you knows more c: 

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I want to cosplay yoonbum really badly, but I don't really have the body type for it.

Anon, you should never have to feel that way. If you want to cosplay Yoon Bum, then you go for it, regardless of your body type or how you look. If anyone gives you shit for cosplaying a character you don’t look similar to, then fuck them. No one’s going to perfectly look like a 2D character.

This goes out to anyone: don’t let your physical appearance get in the way of having a good time and cosplaying.

I do not normally dream about my sims, not actually really anytime before last night. I had dream in this rainy town, it was pale blue and grey, very aesthetically pleasing. The only part of the dream I remember is Wednesday like walking then speed walking then like running, crying. Like sobbing. It was so sad to see my baby so upset. You know how you have memories in the dream, I remember something about her telling Amelia she had feelings for her and maybe? that? she? loved? her?? And Amelia completely rejected Wednesday, Wednesday tried to act like she was fine walking away from Amelia but just lost it emotionally. IDK WHAT MY BRAIN IS/WAS THINKING!! ;-; I had to share it somewhere and needed to write it down so I don’t forget it. 

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Fic anon: . . . holy. Over *four hundred WIPs?!* And most of them over 1500 words?! Okay. Wow. Wow. Hey guys, we have pretty literally drowned Kat in WIPs. I kinda feel like we should stop throwing ideas at her. Wait, if you have over four hundred WIPs, how do you decide which ones get priority? I mena, 'reverse' is likely number one at all times, but how about the rest? Some of those must have been IP for years right? What's your oldest WIP? I've typed WIP so often it's lost all meaning now.

…Tbh I wasn’t including ones with posted parts. Those tend to get priority over unposted WIPs. Other than that, it really depends on mood or whether I’ve had thoughts about something and get an impulse to write. That’s why some WIPs will be mentioned, disappear for months, and then suddenly appear as full-length fics without warning. ^^’

Oldest WIP? Um. Probably Self Machine, actually. It was one of the first fanfics - maybe the first fanfic - I ever really attempted. Back in…maybe 2009? 2008? Something like that. 

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I wanna know... what does it feel like for you being in love with, well, the person you love of course? How do you describe the feeling?

Honestly the best way to describe it is that it really makes me feel alive. I know its cheesy but its how I feel. Its one of the reasons why I get up every morning and go to bed each night. I never have felt so happy before in my entire life. Sometimes its hard to breath. It would destroy me if these feelings went away but I would never force my feelings on someone even if I do love them. I would do it the right way and see down the line if our friendship could maybe develop into a romantic one or not. If it doesn’t happen I could be ok with it but I would let the person know that they will always have someone who cares about them deeply. Its just a great feeling to have and it makes me happy which means the world to me.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she really means: The people who feel the need to drag Grant Gustin, just because they prefer Ezra Miller, by saying things like "The theater community is shaking", "Ezra Miller ended Grant Gustin", or the ones saying they can't wait for all the Grant Vs Ezra discourse, are ugly. Grant is a human being with feelings. Imagine how you would feel being told every single day, how much better another actor that's playing a character you love and put work into, is than you? That's gotta hurt. Just because you don't @ him in your completely unnecessary tweets, doesn't mean he won't see them. And if you do @ him, you're a piece of shit. I don't want to ever see anyone doing this, call anyone else out for bullying, EVER. You got no room to talk, honey. Grant is a sweet guy with an infectious smile, that cares about the character he plays. He's working hard and doing his job. He doesn't deserve this shit. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Trash. All of you. Same goes for the ones sending Ezra hate. Y'all can choke too.

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How do u remember everyone's name in Haikyuu ;-;? Like, I had forgotten about Miya til today's chapter, I'm such a bad fan /sobs ;A;

Believe when I say I’m so bad with names too, but there are some characters (like Miya) that hit me so hard in the feels that it’s impossible for me to forget their names *-* at the same time, there are others which I have absolutely no idea how are they called.

You’re not a bad fan bub, don’t worry! They are so many it’s impossible to remember them all! :)

literally how am I supposed to decide on whos gonna try to resurrect who in a cubaz necromancy au. fighting for the title of “mostly likely to attempt to resurrect the other” in the one corner we have cu “canonically solod the holy grail war without master just to avenge bazett’s death in at least 1 timeline” chulainn who may claim he’s over it as much as he likes but there is only so much ignoring your bad feelings you can do before it leads to even worse ideas and he’s starting to get real fucking tired of everyone he loves dying. in the other we have bazett “already kind of necromanced cu chulainn in canon” fraga “only the living can bring back the dead” mcremitz who holds on to the tiniest stupidest hopes and with how often life spat in her face right as things started looking up for her it’s about time she insulted it back. for the title of “most likely to die and cause the other to attempt to resurrect them” we have cu “literally lived his life with the intention of dying young” chulainn versus bazett “working the magic world’s most dangerous job for the Validation” fraga mcremitz. how am I supposed to just pick one when they both make incredibly bad choices all of the time.

You know what I think is an under-utilized character dynamic in Always Sunny? Dee knowing how to manipulate members of the gang, particularly relative to each other. 

Like the scene in The Gang Gets Trapped, when they need to split up Mac and Charlie, so she’s like, “Hey Charlie, why is Mac the only one who gets to push the button on the walkie?” Or in Mac and Dennis Break Up when she manipulates both Mac and Dennis into coming to the restaurant to get them back together. 

I feel like they should do a lot more of those kinds of things. I like the idea of Dee as the tacit puppeteer of the group, pulling all their strings.