how do you know if someone is drunk

Everyone talks about how shitty and stupid customers are, why don’t we ever talk about the cool ones? 

-Bilingual children translating for their parents/grandparents like a boss

-The drunk guy you had to deny a sale to and he took it so well and maybe even thanked you for keeping him safe

-The random peeps in a long check out line who stop to tell you you’re doing an amazing job

-The regulars who have your back when someone starts giving you a hard time

-Customers who let you know to keep an eye on someone for shoplifting

-Bros who insist on cleaning up their own mess/spill

-The really upbeat/cheery mom/aunt type customer that just kind of brightens your day a bit

Feel free to add, you guys. You know who they are, let’s give them some love.

Ask Me Stuff!

1. Last beverage
2. Last phone call
3. Last text
4. Last song
5. Last time you cried
6. Dated someone twice
7. Been cheated on
8. Kissed anyone and regretted it
9. Lost someone special
10. Been depressed
11. Been drunk and threw up
12. List your three favorite colors
In the last year have you…

15. Made a new friend
16. Fallen out of love
17. Laughed until you cried
18. Met someone who changed you
19. Found out who your true friends are
20. Found out someone was talking about you
21. Kissed anyone on your FB list
22. How many people do you know on your FB list
23. Do you have any pets

24. Do you want to change your name
25. What did you do for your last birthday party
26. What time did you wake up today
27. What were you doing at midnight last night
28. Something you cannot wait for
29. Last time you saw your mother
30. One thing you wish you could change about your life
31. What are you listening to right now
32. Have you ever talked to a Tom
33. What’s getting on your nerves right now
34. Most viewed webpage
35. Nickname
36. Relationship status
37. Zodiac sign
40. College/University
41. Hair color
42. Long or short
43. Height
44. Do you have a crush on someone
45. What do you like about yourself
46. Tattoos
47. Right or left handed
48. First piercings
49. First best friend
50. First sport you joined
51. First vacation
52. First pair of trainers
53. Eating
54. Drinking
55. About to
56. Watching
57. Listening to
58. Waiting for
Your Future…
59. Want kids
60. Get married
61. Career
62. Lips or eyes
63. Hugs or kisses
64. Shorter or taller
65. Older or younger
66. Romantic or spontaneous
67. Nice stomach or arms
68. Loud or sensitive
69. Hook-up or relationship
70. Trouble maker or hesitant
71. Kissed a stranger
72. Drank hard liquor
73. Lost glasses/contacts
74. Had sex on a first date
75. Broken someone’s hear
76. Been arrested
77. Turned someone down
78. Cried when someone died
79. Fallen for a friend
Do you believe in…

80. Yourself
81. Miracles
82. Love at first sight
83. Heaven
84. Santa Claus
85. Kisses on first dates
86. Angels

you know what i really want? unrequited love plots. i want all the heavy breathing when a character is sitting next to the one they love. i want all the paranoia of “oh my god, did they catch me staring? do they know i love them? oh my god, what if they find out?” i want the bitter jealousy of watching the one they love with someone else. i want the drunk confessions of “BUT I LOVE YOU. I HAVE LOVED YOU FOR SO LONG AND YOU ARE SO BLIND YOU CANT SEE IT” followed by complete embarrassment. i want the angst of a completely ruined friendship. i want the questioning of “how didn’t i realize it?” i want the pain of knowing one’s feelings ruined the best thing they ever had. i want the realization of “i was taking you for granted but i want us”. i want the wondering if those are just pity feelings. i want it all.

We wanted to dance, but we’re still trying to sing without moving lips, I guess we’ve been loving while our hearts were out getting drunk. Just because I love you doesn’t mean I want to, but let’s talk about how you never leave my thoughts because all I’ve been doing lately is trying to move on. Most days, it’s like you have a finger to my heart, like you know when it doesn’t beat your name, when I’m thinking about someone else or when I’m trying to get you out. Are these dreams still of you or is my soul recalling faded memories of your body pressed on mine in a life that’s become foreign to the both of us? You’re someone I’ve come to admire– from close up or from a distance, we’re both broken anyway. We’ve come to underestimate the pain we sleep on, though your hand will always be my canvas of choice. You’re the only keeping my heart from being torn off my sleeves, you’re the only thing that’s not trying to hurt me. I would tie the wind around your soul to plant your smile into every tomorrow that wakes you. You’re still a wish I couldn’t send to a star as a love letter, no one has ever read you– don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. Always is the song we’re still learning how to sing, but you promised a forever that got trapped inside of a music box, some nights… I still hear the tunes of your apologies; beckoning for the warmth of a November that will never leave my bones. You once let me fall into the coldest winter, this year– I’m the one letting go. We once shared a delicate tale to one another about which one of us loved the other more, this is what we came up with–

I create fires between my hands to keep my bedsheets warm when you aren’t there, but I still wake up in the middle of the night wiping sweat from my forehead. I guess I’m still having nightmares about leaving you forever.
—  The Ate & The Bunso

you know, that being said, I do wish people would talk more about how fucking sad mccree is in the christmas comic like

the most likely situation is that he had nowhere else to go? no one else to see? that he’s fundamentally alone and is not happy or comfortable with that. it’s fucking sad guys. 

he’s not even in a busy bar, not trying to hang out with anyone, even strangers. he just got drunk as fuck, all on his own, and passed the fuck out without any thought to consequences or his own care–not like he invited someone along to watch out for him or anything (bc I’m assuming by the physical distance between sombra and mccree that they didn’t exactly come to the bar together). 

it’s a pic of mccree not giving a single shit about himself and as much as I lOVE all the pics of hanzo coming around to gather up and take care of him I wish that more people would talk about just mccree here and how sad and alone and potentially self-destructive he is

I think fandom does have a tendency to paint mccree as a healed man, that he’s recovered from his time in deadlock, distanced himself from the difficulties of blackwatch and, while I’m pretty desperate for recovery stories, I’m not sure we’re quite there yet and I kind of wish more people were acknowledging that as a means of making mccree’s actual recovery more “earned”, more thorough and truthful

Mass Effect  {Sentence Starters}

  • “So if we’re going to try this, I need to know that you’re always coming back. “
  • “I figure, every time someone dies and it’s not me, my chances of survival go up.”
  • “I’m not nearly drunk enough for that.”
  • “I’m sorry, I’m having trouble hearing you. I’m getting a lot of bullshit on this line.”
  • “Okay, yeah, you’re on your own with that.”
  • “Why are you curled up on the floor?”
  • “You can’t believe everything you find on there.”
  • “How do you know when someone is romantically invested?”
  • “Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.”
  • “If it’s all civilized, you’re not doing it right.”
  • “I didn’t realize you had preferences.”
  • “You obviously haven’t seen ______ swim. It’s a lot of flailing and splashing interrupted by occasional bouts of drowning.”
  • “Long story. Nobody will believe it anyway.”
  • “When I die, it will not be in bed. I am at peace with that.”
  • “This isn’t their fight. But they are buying us time with their lives.”
  • “It’s a brilliant tactic when you think about it.”
  • “Only few people get what they deserve, good or bad.”
  • “Next time you need something, just ask. We’re all in this together.”
  • “But if you don’t respect your enemy’s capabilities, you’re in for one nasty surprise after another.”
  • “Can it wait for a bit? I’m in the middle of some calibrations.”
  • “Well, that sounds like a major step backward.”
  • “They tell me it’s a suicide mission. I intend to prove them wrong.”
  • “Yeah, that was the only way to get you inside.”
  • “The universe is a dark place. I’m trying to make it brighter before I die.”
  • “You want me to sit there and watch you cook?”
  • “You know he’s going to keep bothering you until you tell him.”
  • “Dead is dead. There’s no such thing as a good way to go.”
The only call you are going to get from me is a couple months from now. I’ll be sitting on the floor in a bar bathroom at 2 am, drunk, and someone will have just got done butchering a Fall Out Boy song. In that second I’ll miss being in love with you but that will be it.
—  I’m sorry you hurt me so much
Hide n Seek-TW preference


  •  Hide and seek for the hell of it
  • hide and seek in the dark

  • power goes out and you touch their penis or they touch ur boobs

  • hide and seek and you accidentally touch their private parts or they do

 A/N: hello, the intro is the sae for all of them so please read :)



You did not know how or why it happened, it was a werewolf party with slightly wolfsabaned drinks and stuff but after an hour or two you and the pack were extremely drunk. Someone suggested Hide and Seek in a dark room and the whole pack just sort of went along with it.



‘’Aaaand hide !’’ Scott announced as he started counting in the dark. You had spotted a place before the lights were off so now you knew how to navigate yourself in the thick blackness.

On your way to your hiding place you bumped against Lydia who whispered a sorry and kept walking and then minutes later you felt the wood of the furniture you were aiming for. It was a huge desk with a chair and a tiny spot beneath it. Scott had stopped counting and was crawling around the room touching random stuff. The rest of the pack would avoid him once hearing him, but your hiding place was so good that you thought you’d never have to move.

Scott was cheating using his scent to smell you and he realized everyone else was constantly moving, besides you, making you an easier target. He silently walked towards the desk he remembered being in the room and just as he was about to bend and grab you, you felt someone tugging at your feet, pulling you from under the desk. You were about to make a sound when that someone lifted you up and placed his hand on your lips. He walked with you until you heard Scott moving further.

‘’That was close…’’ You recognized Derek’s voice. You were about to thank him and move on , when as your body shifted you felt pressure applied on a specific part of your body. Derek immediately heard the change in your heartbeat.

‘’what’s wrong ?’’ he asked you. You had to admit, the feeling of his big strong hands cupping your breast like that. It made you go weak on the knees. If he would just squeeze them…you nearly moaned in excitement of the thought but held it in and answered.

‘’you’re um…kinda …holding my tit.’’ You said and an

‘’OW !’’ was heard from Stiles banging on the couch.

‘’oh, I’m sorry…’’ Derek said and you could practically hear him smirking, but he did not remove his hand.

‘’still holding it…’’ you mumbled. And he smirked even louder.

‘’I know’’ he leaned in and whispered giving it a light squeeze.




‘’AAaaand hide !’’ Derek yelled as he begun counting in Spanish. Where did he even learn that ? Stiles , your best friend held your hand as he lead you through the room , trying to find a hiding place.

‘’who farted?’’ someone you thought was Liam yelled and you laughed.

Derek begun looking under furniture, and you heard the curtains being dragged once.

‘’how the hell are we supposed to hide if we can’t even see our noses ?’’ you whispered to Stiles. You two were behind a pillar.

‘’I saw a torch somewhere. If we can find it, we’ll have a privilege.’’ Stiles instructed.

‘’you go.’’ You said.

‘’what ? why me ? , no you’re smaller , you’ll get around easier…’’ he argued.

‘’rock paper scissors ?’’ you asked and he sighed saying fine. Youpulled out a rock and he pulled out a paper.

‘’DAMN ! okay I’ll be back Stilinski’’ you said falling on your knees and crawling on the floor. You started feeling furniture and things in an attempt to get a hold of the torch when your fingers traced something like a shoe.

‘’ehem’’ you heard Derek’s voice.

‘’SHIT !’’ you cried out. You did not want to lose just yet so you started running in the dark with Derek following you, As you were running , you felt your feet tripping and you grabbed something. You run your fingers against it and heard someone calling your name

‘’y/n’’ it was Stiles, you smiled

‘’HEY I THINK I FOUND THE TORCH !’’you said and you felt a pair of hands pulling yours away.

‘’that’s…that wasn’t..a torch…’’ Stiles explained and maybe it was the fact that you were drunk but you did not understand.

‘’but it was hard !’ you protested and Stiles felt his cheeks getting red.

‘’I will not apologize for getting hard at a beautiful girl caressing me whilst on her knees. I will not.’’ He defended himself.




‘’AAAaaand hide !’’ Stiles yelled. You had decided on a strategy where you would not hide, but rather stay in an open space that you would be able to move, if you heard Stiles. You jumped on the couch and felt the wall.

Seconds later the couch’s mattress slightly shifted and you felt someone next to you.

‘’IS THAT YOU LYDIA ?’’ Stiles asked and you assumed he had taken hold of someone.

‘’yes’’ Derek replied sarcastically in his deep voice and the person next to you laughed.

You would recognize that laughter anywhere.

‘’I think he’s coming our way…’’ Liam told you . You focused on the sound and indeed , Stiles was heading towards the couch.

‘’did he stop ?’’ you asked , not being able to hear him approaching anymore. Then you heard a warrior’s cry and realized Stiles was taking a run up to jump onto the couch as well.

‘’abandon ship !’’ you yelled as you and Liam jumped in the air awkwardly. Once landing, Liam stepped onto something sharp that caused him to lose balance and trip. In an attempt to not hit the ground he raised his hands and tried to hold onto.

You let out a cry of pain and only then did he realize what he had done.

‘’please tell me these are your shoulders…’’ Liam whispered and you chuckled.

It was awkward but he had taken a very strong grip on them, and as it had always been happening, when someone violently grabbed the delicate skin, your nipples hardened. Liam felt that beneath his fingers and let out a groan.

‘’sorry…’’ he mumbled.

‘’you can let go now…?’’ you said and he removed his hands.

‘’right.. um sorry. Sorry’’ He thanked god the lights were off or you would be able to see the crimson color in which he had turned into.




‘’Aaaand Hide!’’Liam said and the game was on. You walked around, trying to avoid making a mess when you fell onto someone.

‘’ouch!’’ him and you let out at the same time.

‘’oh sorry Scott’’ you said figuring it was him, as you got up and kept moving. A few steps later you were supporting your back on the wall and walking at its length when you bumped again into someone.

‘’oops’’ he said

‘’we need to stop meeting like this’’ you joked and Scott kept walking.

You finally felt the knobs of the wardrobe and smiled in victory, This was your ticket to it, anyway. You pulled it open and entered, pushing aside some of the clothes and closing the door again. You tried to keep quiet by controlling your breathing. Then one of the hangers of the clothes fell onto your head and you cried out.

‘’hush’ someone said and you froze realizing you were not alone in there.

‘’excuse you. I hurt my head and you’re hushing me ?’’ you asked and heard Scott chuckling. His hand came to your waist pulling you closer.

‘’I don’t really want to be found right now…’’ he whispered.

‘’Scott that’s not my waist…’’ you mumbled against him and he gave your ass a slight spank

‘’I definitely don’t want to be found..’’ he smirked and you sighed.

‘’let go’’ you demanded.

‘’ not fair. For all I know your hand could be on my bum as well’’ he argued.  

‘’it isn’t..’’ you reassured him and he made his eyes glow. The red illuminated the wardrobe and gave you both a perfect view of your innocence, since both of your hands were resting against his torso.

‘’see they aren’t ‘’ you whispered.

‘’they should be’’ he leaned in smashing his lips onto yours, closing his eyes , as the dark returned.



‘’I’m so bloody wasted !’’ Isaac said and Stiles smacked his shoulder.

‘’just say it.’’

‘’AAaaand hide !’’ Isaac finally said as he started counting. The room was very dark and huge and thus you had already lost precious time trying to walk without hurting anything or anyone , that when Isaac announced he was done counting you were yet without a hiding place.

‘’ this is my butt !’’ Liam said from somewhere in the room. You panicked, not knowing what to do. Why wasn’t Kira playing? She’d  lighten things up. Literally

‘’ I can hear your heartbeaaat’’ Isaac said as if he was the villain in a children’s nursery story.

‘’fuck ‘’ you let out and started walking in a faster pace hoping to avoid him. You leaned against what felt like  doorframe and breathed slowly.

Then all of a sudden you felt fingers brushing against your private parts.

‘’um…’’ you mumbled wanting to warn whoever it was, that they had made things sort of awkward.

‘’if you were going for my hands…you missed.’’ You informed the person next to you and then you felt one strong hand pressing against your centre, shifting the fabric as you pressed further against the wall.

‘’ I didn’t miss’’ Isaac smiled and you laughed pulling him in for a kiss.




‘’Aaand- whatever just hide.’’ Peter said holding his bottle as he walked around in the room searching for the pack, without even counting.

Scott , who was walking behind him trying to avoid him pinched the back of his neck causing Peter to groan.

‘’playing hide and seek with a bunch of teenagers was not on this years resolution…’’he mumbled as he kept looking for you.

Apparently he was very drunk and useless at the game.


‘’I hate this game’’ he mubled giving up and sitting on a couch.

‘’That’s against the rules !’’ Stiles cried and Peter motioned his fingers ignoring him. You made your way to the couch , and bumped into it due to the darkness of the room , but then you sat down next to Peter, placing your hand on his thigh.

‘’pretty sure that’s against the rules as well y/n..’’ Peter raised an eyebrow and you squeezed his thigh moving your hand upwards.


‘’do you still hate this game ?’’ you asked reaching his crotch as he flipped you on the couch , getting on top of you.

‘’so much.’’ He mumbled against you.

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hi there dear writer, i wanted to know if you could do headcanons for rafe adler with his drunk partner, like how he will take care of her/him, if he'd be laughing at him/her and stuff like that please ? Thank you very much, have a great day ❤

(( HEADCANON )) How would Rafe Adler react / take care of you when you’re drunk.

Rafe is someone with incredible patience, especially when it comes to those he genuinely cares about (which are very few). If you were just anyone, the most he would do is call you a Lyft and have someone else deal with your drunk ass. But you are not just anyone, you are his treasure. This is how he’d be with you.

  • Lets face it, the only time you’d be finding yourself getting tipsy alongside Rafe is either at an extravagant party or sharing a bottle of wine in the comfort of your own home. Rafe isn’t one for bars or casual public drinking, he definitely prefers high-end liquor in a more intimate setting (I imagine he has a nice collection on display in your home). 

  • Rafe can instantly tell when you’ve hit your sweet spot. You become giggly and all of a sudden everything that comes out of Rafe’s mouth is hilarious (which he secretly appreciates). During this stage of intoxication, Rafe finds you very amusing and will humor your behavior with smiles and light teasing. He finds it cute how defensive yet fiery you become making for some fun, passionate drunken debates. This often leads the two of you to the bedroom. 😉

  • On occasion you like to go out and drink with friends which sometimes means coming home to Rafe completely sloshed. Luckily for you, Rafe is a night owl and will always be awake when you come home early into the next morning. He’ll greet you at the door with a tired smile but happily carry you to bed bridal style just to make sure you make it to the bedroom in one piece. He’ll tuck you in and play with your hair until you fall asleep.

  • Rafe is a very busy man and is rarely around when you awake in the morning. Although he can’t be there, you’ll be greeted by a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes (a personal favorite you both share), fresh fruit, a tall glass of orange juice, and some aspirin for the headache that is bound to hit once you wake up. It’s these thoughtful actions that really show how much he cares for you.
I don't have anyone. But I don't want anyone. Inwanna have nobody because if I have nobody then nobody can miss me

This is exactly what I typed to the guy I love. I was drunk so please excuse the mistakes in it but you get the point. I hate that I told this to him and I hate that I admitted to it at all because him and I have been off and on for the 6 months. I can’t seem to let him make me happy because I don’t know how too. I have such bad commitment issues. I hate that I do because I only want to be with him. But I’ve never loved someone like I do him. I wont let him give me the world he thinks I deserve because I know I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve him. -L

It’s finally here! New Year’s Eve! Time to get drunk, which you normally do at night, but this time there’s counting! And when you’re done counting, you get to make out with somebody. What’s that? You don’t have someone to kiss at midnight? You mean to tell me that you didn’t bring someone along specifically to kiss when today turns into tomorrow? What were you thinking? How are you supposed to acknowledge the passage of time? What are you going to do when the rest of us– literally, every single other person you know– is kissing? Why did you even come to this party you stupid asshole?!

It’s just a holiday, Freak Show. I don’t know how many New Year’s sitcom episodes I’ve seen where the entire plot revolved around one of the characters not having someone to kiss at midnight and feeling like shit about it. No one brings up the obvious burn, (“Look on the bright side: You also don’t have someone to kiss at midnight tomorrow, or any other time of day.”), they just agree that anyone who doesn’t get that special midnight kiss will ring in the new year as a total failure.

I’m not against kissing. Why, I did it just the other day, and boy I’ll tell you it was just grand. I just think Hollywood’s decision to make the midnight kiss the most important New Year’s tradition is kind of bizarre. I generally spend New Year’s Eve with a large group of friends, and my concerns are less about what I’m going to do for the one minute where the clock strikes midnight and more about what I’m doing before and after that moment. Are all of my friends safe? How can I maximize the amount of fun we’re all having? Will there be enough food? Which one of the guys at this party looks like he knows where the weed’s at?

4 Things Hollywood Gets Wrong About the Holidays

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"I'm really drunk, please help me."

I wanted a text thing so heres a text thing

(Y/N): I’m really drunk, please help me.

Mister America: how can someone who’s “really drunk” type with such perfect grammar

Modified America: I think that’s just a skill (Y/N) has. A woman of many, many talents.

Stark: nope, I made a shortcut on her phone that activates when she types “LETS PARTY” because you know she would do that.

Mister America: smart. I’ll pick her up.

send me a sentence and i’ll add five (or so) more!


oi gente tamo sumidas sim mas voces ja sabe ne fim de ano desespero por nota gincana na escola e essas coisas que toma mt o tempo da pessoa entao desculpa o paradeiro mas like ou bakstret













doesntopharry (esa ej pras louis tops de plantao

doestopharry (e essa e pras harry tops eca







just stopped for one minute and noticed how fucked my life is because of harry styles

come on how can someone on this earth hate harry styles he is so freaking cute with that smile and that all the love stuff i freaking love him so much

harry styles is the kinddest person ive ever heard about seriously i love that man

lets we all get drunk and cry because ill never get literally fucked by harry styles

okay harry styles i get it you really do know how to fuck me in a lot of ways but now fuck me on the literally way i mean fuck my ass boy

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how do you suggest going about writing things you’ve never experienced? like, I’ve never been drunk, so I’m not sure how to accurately write about what it’s like. or, I’ve never had someone extremely close die, so I dont know how to portray that well either, and the list just goes on of things I’ve never done/felt that are common that my characters will inevitably feel

From my post master list:

Writing Things You Can’t Experience  :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

the signs as types of drunks


taurus: probably crying 

gemini: i cannot believe how drunk i am right now. did i just say something offensive? i cannot believe how much i also do not care right now 

cancer: is always touching someone, even if its in a subtle way. or crying 

leo: i hate myself. i hate myself so much. you know who i hate? surprise it is me. but you know who is also really hot ? surprise it is also me 

virgo: my life is great 

libra: trying to kiss everyone 

scorpio: getting in multiple fights  

sagittarius: doing karaoke and hitting on anything that moves 

capricorn: i am not sober enough to function please hold me 

aquarius: where am i 

pisces: trying to surf off of the same roof the aries just backflipped off of 

IT’S THAT TIME OF THE WEEK AGAIN WHERE I WRITE A LONG POST THAT NO ONE WILL READ because friends, How to get away with murder was on and oh boy do I have some thoughts. Obviously, spoiler alert.

  • Let’s tackle the obvious first: the Coliver scene. No matter how much I’m rooting for their relationship, and how much the “i miss you” made me smile, it happened for all the wrong reasons and I was cringing through all of it. I literally found myself yelling at my screen YOU HAVEN’T SORTED OUT ANY OF YOUR PROBLEMS STOP THIS RIGHT NOW because yeah, this shouldn’t have happened when Oliver was sad and drunk and feeling lonely. Do I believe he genuinely misses Connor? Yes. Do I think he also fell back to him because it was the easiest way to go, and because it was comforting to know he was still wanted by someone after the Thomas debacle? Absolutely. So I’m not happy about this development, but I will acknowledge that it is an honest portrayal of the human mind and of the end of a relationship that the show provided. Oliver and Connor aren’t perfect and they’re bound to make spur-of-the-moment decisions without thinking of the consequences. Bonus: Oliver little mirror scene made my heart go *pof*
  • Second: Wes. He was cute throughout the entire episode, I was proud of how he abstained from shouting at Annalise like the others, the Waurel scene where he confessed how he had had feelings for her since the beginning warmed my heart and it was the liveliest we’d seen him in a long ass time, and then… That Ending. WHAT THE HELL. JUST, WHAT THE HELL. I’m happy he’s alive (tbh when Annalise told him he owed his mother to live a good life I thought it was some nasty foreshadowing) but why would he do that? Why would he snitch on Annalise? I don’t know. I hope we find out more about his motive.
  • Frank. Wyd????? Bein’ such a creep??????? I gasped when we saw him standing in Laurel’s appartment. STOP. I still stand by the fact that he’s one of the most interesting characters of the show but he’s a messed up person. That scene at the end with Bonnie shouting at him honestly gave me chills. A+ acting from the both of them.
  • I won’t talk much about the case of the week because yeah we all understood the parallels of the abusive mother and Annalise but idk I didn’t have grand interest in it but I will say that Laurel. Slayed. Me. When she started talking I felt hella second hand embarrassment but then she surprised me like an absolute queen and won the case. Babe :’)
  • To end this: the Keating5 are really messed up and even though I love them (except Asher fuck yoU Asher) they gotta stop leashing out on Annalise. SHE HAS HER FLAWS BUT SHE’S A RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC WHO TRIES HER BEST TO SAVE Y’ALL ASSES ALL THE TIME CUT HER SOME SLACK.

That was my review of HTGAWM season3 episode7. Feel free to tell me if you shared my opinions or not I JUST WANNA TALK,,,,


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I always see drunk!Saniwa doing things like crawling into someone's bed, what about drunk Saniwa who's just kind of an asshole without a filter? They start laying into some of the boys (how's about Ookurikara, Hachisuka, and Sayo) telling them that their attitudes suck and at the end of a 45 minute long tirade, they slur "You know who's the real MVP? Maeda! He's the best boy! Never causes no trouble! He's jus' a good boy" and then they pass out and don't remember anything the next morning

Fill up the ask box all you’d like, especially with an entertaining ask like this, I genuinely don’t mind. I like this Saniwa bc same except I don’t drink, Maeda is one of my top three favourite tantous I love him so much. Pls appreciate and love Maeda y’all. These answers feel quite boring in comparison I’m sorry, none of them would really react to the Maeda comment assuming he’s just your favourite.

• Logically he knows you were only drunk rambling but is still pretty offended and salty over it.
• Even though you don’t remember he’s sulky around you for a while until he makes an irritated comment to you that it does matter whether or not you’re an original work and tries his best to stop being annoyed at you in the future.

• Torn between being confused on what a tsundere is and trying to understand why eating cake would solve anything.
• Once he decides he shouldn’t try to find meaning in the words of someone drunk he continues on ignoring what happened. The meaning of tsundere does eventually get explained to him and it makes him a bit sour but for the most part he ignores it because he claims what you think of him doesn’t matter.

• Is probably lead away by one of his brothers not long after you begin drunk rambling so he would have a serious conversation with them about if his attitude really is a problem and wonders if he’s been troubling you.
• When he finds you later he breaks your heart a little by apologising for being the way he is, as you don’t even remember the context of why it’s on his mind.

Hangovers and Potential Regret

Pairing: Harry Osborn x reader

Request: we drunk-kissed but you forgot about it and i don’t know how to act around you anymore wtf with Harry Osborn (because I always read the tags)

Word Count: 2,521 (aka why the fuck can i do this with no problem but still struggle to write a 1,000 word essay for school)

Warnings: Terrible hangovers and the things that come with them (i.e. nausea and headaches.) and a lot of cussing because i no longer have any self control.

A/N: I’m SOOOOO happy someone requested this bc im in actual love with Harry Osborn. Also, this is the longest fic i’ve ever written let’s celebrate my productivity (actually dont bc the only reason i finished this today is bc im avoiding homework)

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