how do you hate on that face srsly

This is the most adorable thing I ever seen!
And to you people who still gonna keep telling yourself and others that the baby is fake, leave. Just leave the fandom and special don’t talk to me.
I’m so done with it.
Louis Tomlinson is a dad
to a beautiful boy named Freddie, I couldn’t be more happy for him cause I know how much he loves kids. 
I don’t believe that the baby will just disappear and they will tell us that all this is fake and Louis was never the dad srsly doesn’t anyone hear how stupid it sounds?
And don’t give me the fucking “It’s Modest” crap bullshit. People need to grow up.
And if that ever would happen (they tell us it’s fake) which it won’t then please come and laugh at my face but right now just get away from me.

And a special go to hell to them who are throwing hate on Brianna and calling her slut for carrying Louis` child. If you wanna throw hate do it on Louis then if you have to cause he was the one who made her pregnant, but no you won’t do that cause he is the man and all. Disgusting.
Why can’t you all just leave it ? 

hope ya all get a wonderful day, all the love J x