how do you guys make them so nice

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How do people fall in love? Like you meet a person and they're nice and you're having a good time and then what happens? What is love? To you anyways?

To me love is indescribable. You look at a person and everything makes sense. You want to be with them forever. Everything is just so happy and natural. For me its hard to describe now since i am no longer in love. Any other descriptions guys??


Hello everyone, prev kurootetsuros, I changed my url not too long ago because of my love for YOI lool. Anyways, I hope you’re all doing good now that school and finals are over (and if you still have some tests left then good luck dears!). It’s the end of another year, so I wanted to make a quick follow forever to thank everyone that follows me. I recently hit 20k+ which JUST BLOWS MY MIND! Really guys thank you so much, I never thought that this shitty blog of mine would get this far 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。All of these blogs are absolutely amazing and you should really check them out! I admire them so much, be it with the graphics they make, or just how nice and hardworking they are in general, I love them all so much  ♡ ♡ ♡


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Hi!!! I'm a big fan of you. Keep writing how you've done so far. My request for you is to write about how mcl boys would act to make them forgive, for something they have done, by candy and another one is about how they would make a declaration/ would confess their feelings for candy in front of the others, considering that is the first time thay say I love you to her. ( I love castiel so I would like to read something really nice especially about him ) Thanks a lot 😊. XoXo

Okay, so I see two separate requests here. Let’s split these up.


What would the guys do to apologize to Candy if they made her mad?

Nathaniel: He would leave her little notes that were snippets of poetry, all having one thing in common. The theme. They were all taken from poems that expressed regret. He would leave her one last note at the end of the day, but this time, it was his own words and not quoted work. He expressed how sorry he was and if she was ready to forgive him, he would wait for her to come to him.

Castiel: He would avoid her at first, thinking she needed her space and he didn’t want to agitate her further. But he knew he had to let her know how sorry he was. But how? Sitting outside her window playing his guitar was far too cheesy, and no way he would be caught dead doing it. Though he did consider it if it meant she would accept his apology. In the end, Castiel decided not to complicate things. He work up the nerve to pull her aside and would grumble at first. But then he would look her in the eye with a look of utmost sincerity on his face, place his forehead against hers and simply say he was sorry. 

Lysander: He would stay up all night writing lyrics, trying so hard to find the right words to convey how guilty he felt for upsetting Candy and wishing he could turn back time and how he would learn from his mistake. Writing for others came so easily, but writing for himself and Candy presented more of a challenge. After many crumpled up papers of rejected ideas were tossed on the floor, he finally came up with something he thought was perfect and would present it to her in private.

Kentin: Being the traditional sweetheart that he is, he wouldn’t waste time trying to apologize after realizing his mistake. He would buy Candy a small bouquet of her favorite flowers and find a way to be alone with her so they could talk. He would straightforward in his apology and acknowledge what he did wrong before asking if Candy would forgive him.

Armin: He would be pretty lost. He knew of ways guys would apologize in movies, but none seemed like a tangible solution for him to re-enact. He knew it had to come from him and not a script. In the end, he would merely approach Candy and ask what he could do show her how sorry he was. He hated seeing her upset and would promise to make it up to her somehow.


How would they tell her they love her (in public?). I think the guys would see this as more of a private moment. Not necessarily something they would declare or announce in the middle of a crowd. But I’ll write something about how they would confess to Candy that they love her (for the first time).

Nathaniel: They were hanging out at Nathaniel’s apartment, relaxing on his bed and just having some pillow talk. They chatted about anything and everything that came to mind, giggling over inside jokes and lay next to each other on their sides while facing one another. Then they would hold each others gaze, he would brush a strand of Candy’s hair behind her ear. He didn’t think about, he didn’t have to. But he said it, softly at first, barely a whisper. “I love you…” But Candy heard it and her breath hitched slightly before she looked into his eyes and smiled. “I love you too” she would whisper back. He would kiss her deeply afterwards.

Castiel: Why was it so hard? Why was it that whenever he wanted to say those 3 stupid little words he struggled? He even felt his face burn from blushing so much every time he thought about saying it. But ever time he tried, it never felt like the right moment, no matter how badly he wanted to say it. He understood how he felt about Candy. As much as he liked to joke about girls fell in love so easily, he had to admit he fell hard. But did she feel the same? Until one night they returned to his place and crashed on his bed after having an eventful day together. They cracked a few jokes while Candy snuggled up to him, half asleep. To his surprise, out of the blue, she let out a happy sigh and said “I love you.” She said it first. His heart skipped and he rolled over to face her before pulling her close and brushing the back of her neck with his fingers. “I love you so much.” And they would kiss.

Lysander: They were out for evening stroll, hand in hand with their fingers laced and walking through the park. They had been dating for a while now, and Lysander knew how he felt about Candy for a long time. But he wanted to give her time to make sure he wasn’t rushing anything. They would sit down o a bench to look up at the night sky and he would squeeze her hand. She would gently squeeze back. They would turn to each other and smile warmly. He would hold her face in his hands, kiss her and press his forehead against hers afterwards. “I love you” he would say. There would be a moment of silence before he felt her hands on his face as well and she would say it back and he kissed her passionately in response.

Kentin: Kentin had always loved Candy. But he had a more mature sense of his feelings now. Rather than blurting out words without considering the meaning behind it, he wanted to say those 3 special little words with meaning this time. He wanted Candy to know he was serious and that she was everything to him. So he planned a whole day of things for them to do together, all leading up to them sitting in the sand at the beach, Candy sitting in front of him with her back against his chest and Kentin having his arms wrapped around her as they watched the sunset together. As they just enjoyed being in each others company, he pressed his face into her hair and said “I love you” in her ear. She turned to face him, and said she loved him too before wrapping her arms around him and kissing him.

Armin: He contemplated for weeks on how to tell Candy how he felt. But nothing seemed good enough. Normally he was able stay calm, but these few words he wanted to say really had him worked up. For the first time since their first date and just before their first kiss, he found himself…anxious. Would she be ready to say it back? Only one way to find he supposed. One night when Candy was over, he asked if she wanted know a secret? When she said of course, he brought out a wooden puzzle box and said inside is something he would like her to know, but she had work for it. He watched with amusement and nervousness as she began to figure out the tricks to open the box bit by bit until about 15 minutes later she succeeded and triumphantly held a rolled up piece of paper in her hand. She would unroll it to read the phrase ‘I love you’ written in his handwriting. She looked at Armin, surprised. He would meet her gaze and verbally repeat the phrase “I love you to her.” There was a short awkward silence before she wrapped her arms around his neck and said “I love you too.”

I just can’t understand it.

 How is it possible that a group like Topp Dogg, with nine beautiful, talented and charming guys get’s not the attention the deserve. They never did something wrong. They are charming, gentle, cute, nice. They make fantastic music and are super talented. They produce their songs one their own, they sing and rap and even do their own choreographies. 
So I’m asking every korean person that has something to do with music. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE NICE TO THEM ?
My mother told me: What goes around, comes around. But when I look at Topp Dogg and how they are and how everybody else is to them I lose my believe in mankind.
Why can’t Topp Dogg be on Weekly Idol or on ASC ? They were on ASC like 3 years ago ! Three ! Let them join variety shows and show their charms. Let them show their talent and give them a reason to be an idol, ‘cause if I would be an idol like Topp Dogg, I would’ve quit ages ago !

I’m not  responsible for any  misspellings or  grammatical errors.

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I love your art so much??????? I'm quite disappointed that you don't have more notes on them, you certainly deserve it!!!!!!! Would you ever consider doing tutorials or speedpaint videos??

thank you!!!! that’s so sweet!!!! thing is—i don’t particularly care for notes? this blog is new, but i’ve been fucking around on the internet since i was young, and i’ve kinda gotten old-man-cynical about it—they’re nice, but what’s nicer is the kind messages i get, :’^) u guys are sweet

sadly i don’t know how to make speedpaint videos, but i can probably do a tutorial or two if im feeling up to it? what in particular would you like to know?

(ps, here have an elizaveta!)


[FANCAFE] 170314 Seunghoon Fancafe Update: 

“White Day, Showering You With My Love”

How are you? My flowers who grow eating my love
Today is White Day
Sorry for not being able to personally give you guys chocolates
But, I will give you trust that is harder than candy~~!!!
There’s not enough words to express how much I love you guys~_~
And I’m too shy to say things like on V App~
I can only write it
Kya kya
My friends who went to school today, you all worked hard
My friends who went to work today, you all worked hard
We’ll come back quickly~ So we can all go to a really nice place together and what’s it called
Let’s do that thing where you call for a car~~
If I fry churros next to you, you be in charge of dipping them in chocolate next to me~_~
You know, right?? [noises you make to babies] Jjeunghoonie is so cute~~ So cute, so cute

trans by chrissy96_

thank you~

((okay but can i thank the other google nations for being super cool and friendly because i was (and still kinda am tbh) super nervous when i first made this account but you guys are so nICE so thank you. it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside uwu))

((also, anyone that’s reading this, you’re super duper cool. thank you, and i really hope that you have a good day))

((and finally thanks for 30 followers wow i just made this for fun. hell, i didn’t even make this for my favorite fandom of all time ((hetalia comes pretty close though)) you guys are awesome too ahhh holy sHIT))

((god damn i cant rn))

Jackson Healy & Holland March & Holly March ~ The Nice Guys

This is a small Christmas-Surprise-Present for the super mega amazing and talented @littledozerbaby! <3

I have had so much fun and happiness sharing my Rambo fan art and fanfiction with you over the past month, I can’t express how glad that makes me! And your amazing art from Nice Guys has motivated me to watch the movie AND to draw some fanart of them, because honestly … YOU CAN NOT NOT SHIP THEM!!!! (somehow everything I imagine they do happens in some kind of swimming pool … xD HAVE SOME CHRISTMAS ENGAGEMENT FLUFF!!!)

So hopefully you had a wonderful Christmas Eve and will have an even greater and successful New Year! *____*

The jacksepticeye community

I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a nice, supportive and loving community. I watched the livestream from PAX, and I loved it whenever someone were extremely nervous and people around them would say “You can do it, go on!” It just makes me so warm and fuzzy, thinking about how nice and lovely all of you guys are. 

Also, thank you @therealjacksepticeye. I think a lot of the loving attitude has come from your attitude, and how you interract with your fans. You’re awesome! 

And to anyone reading: You are a wonderful person, thank you for existing.

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Hello:) So I always want to talk to my followers but Idk how too???? Whenever they send me in ask I alwasy try to asnwer them the nicest way possible but I just cant. Do you have any tips?? -memecook anon



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taking a break from the fake subs

its upsetting how often they’ve been reposted outside of tumblr. i i thought it was pretty common sense not to do this kind of stuff. its happened way too many times and im just in a really shitty mood.

im glad if these fake subs made you guys laugh. thank you for all your nice messages about them. i’m really happy to hear they brightened up your days! that’s what fandoms about, to cheer you up from shitty things happening irl

but im gonna stop making these subs, until i feel better about this fandom. 

(160314) Seunghoon Fancafe: White Day, Showering You With My Love

How are you*? My flowers who grow eating my love
Today is White* Day
Sorry* for not being able to personally give you guys chocolates
But, I will give you trust that is harder than candy~~!!!
There’s not enough words to express how much I love you guys~_~
And I’m too shy to say* things like on V App~
I can only write it*
Kya kya
My friends who went to school today, you all worked hard
My friends who went to work today, you all worked hard
We’ll come back quickly~ So we can all go to a really nice place together and what’s it called
Let’s do that thing where you call for a car~~
If I fry churros next to you, you be in charge of dipping them in chocolate next to me~_~
You know, right*?? [noises you make to babies] Jjeunghoonie is so cute~~~ So cute*, so cute*

(* = aegyo) (trans)

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do you have any tips on how to get to sleep? It's 3:40am and I've been trying to sleep since 1. I'm so tired but it's just not happening. Any ideas?

well ok this is kinda weird but i make up stories in my head to get me to fall asleep and that usually helps unless it just gets really interesting omg listen to me im such a dork ;___;

but i’ve heard of people doing similar things, like they imagine walking through their dream house in super detail or imagining themselves in scenarios like what they would do if they won the lottery.. basically just think of something really specific and focus on that. it’s kind of where the idea of counting sheep comes from.

of course a nice cup of herbal tea never hurts too.

So the next episode is going to be about Spada wanting to feed the people of the next sector because they are starving.

Don is really lax ya know? He lets weird monsters take control of the sector, but he’s like “Oh do whatever you want ya know? I’m too busy” so then you got these monsters that feed on dreams or have control issues or those that just want to bully others for their birthdays because no one would make one for them.

Can we meet a monster who is actually a nice guy and helps the people of their planet/sector? Is this too hard?

Like imagine the Kyuranger fighting them and the population are like “What are you doing they’re actually good! How dare you hurt this nice person?!”

I’m not crying you’re crying!

i got quite a lot done today here and im already loving the experience i’m having on usagi’s blog, like SO MUCH, the response is just gkkkhkhkh makes me feel the happy QWQ i love my samura ibunny son s o much and im so glad people love him too and like how im writing him, just gkkkhkh thank you all you guys youre so sweet and nice and i coul d cry

and with that i bid thee farewell for i need to sleeps XD goodnight everyone! ouo

Park Jimin, We Love You

Recently, there has been talk going around about how Jimin doesn’t have his ‘signature’ abs anymore, and ‘fans’ have actually left because of this. Why are people body shaming someone who already does that to himself? He’s always been self conscious, and the one time in a decent while they have a break, a time to relax, people throw stuff right at his weak point.

Does not having them make him any less of an amazing person? It’s like cutting your hair, or giving yourself a manicure. It’s a nice thing to do or have, but it doesn’t change or define who you are as a person.

This was really the first thing where people have noticed that he has a normal flat chest again, sparking the whole ‘issue’. But have you guys noticed, how happy he is? How genuinely happy they all are?

these boys have worked so hard for the last 2 years, they’ve worked hard to please us, they’re fans. And how are some people repaying them? by saying Jimin isn’t as good as he was before, how he’s not as sexy anymore.

Do you know what I find sexy about Jimin? How he smiles, how giggly he gets when he’s surrounded by his other members. 

How he looks when he’s happy.

Do you know what the best kind of Jimin is? 

A happy Jimin.


Hhhhhhhh couldn’t help myself, you guys are just so nice that I want to spoil all of you one by one ! ( I litterally have a to-do-list of character to draw and I hope I’ll be able to do all of them ffff )

Hope you like it !!!

Art© @little-noko

Solo!Sans© @solotale





I'm really disappointed and angry

I know it’s not everyone’s fault, I know it’s a long list, I know some can’t open the link on the description (for android users) and I know some are lazy to check but honestly guys I’ve been posting about the masterlist the WHOLE week, not once, or twice but everyday lots of posts and I get people angry because I haven’t made their requests! I already said we won’t reply to your asks when the reaction or scenario is already done because we give priority to the ones we haven’t done. I sometimes do give the links because I feel bad for ignoring them but I’m tired.

I’m sorry but why do I take the time to write the reactions you all personally requested and then write them and organize the masterlist for a better and easier use!? I even explained to you all how to look for reactions or scenarios or imagines or whatever with keywords instead of going through all the list. And then some get offended and do you guys think we don’t? We work so hard for you all and we get treated like this or worse, some don’t respect the rules we really worked hard on to make this blog friendly and a nice place to chill and support but who respects us? 

I’m grateful to you all yes but I’m not asking much in return, please help us here. There are links for the masterlist in the description, at the bottom of all the reactions Chas and I make, and when i answer to asks so please help us and give it a look. 

 I’m really angry rn and disappointed and tired and honestly if I sound rude i’m sorry but even I have limits. Arabella.