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Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “21 - Zach Dempsey and Justin Foley”


21. “Just because I’m a girl, you think that I can’t win against you?”

Word count: 1.391

Posted: 17th of May 2017

A/N: Another imagine is up! Aja, I know that you requested it with Zach too, but I decided to put Justin as the reader’s boyfriend. I hope that you like it and enjoy!
It’s my baby Ross’ birthday today and I just realized that I’m turning 19, exactly in five months. I am so old! Anyways, I might write some imagines about Miles and Ross’ birthday, I hope that I can write them soon.
Guys, thank you for the support and the love that you are giving me. I don’t know how to thank you enough, because you have the power to make my day complete. Thank you and I love you all.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry.

- G. x

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Warning: some swearing

“C'mon, (Y/N)!” Your brother, Alex, cheered for you as he paid attention on the wide television screen in front of him, focusing to your character’s movements. Your small fingers were moving in some swift movements as you tightly held the game console in your hands.

“Lex, I am trying.” You stated as you had your eyes focused on the television too, body a little bit tensed for the fear of getting killed by someone in the game.

It was one of those lazy Friday nights that you’ve spent with your friends in Bryce’s pool house. It has been a stressing week for all of you as your final exams were about to start, so you decided to have a little bit of fun and shake everything off before the very hell week.

“Scarce!” Your boyfriend, Justin, exclaimed as he had his eyes focused on the screen, having a console in his hands too.

Video games, specifically those first person tactical shooting games, were one of your common interests with Justin and you honestly liked the idea of it, because boredom would be the last of your thoughts. Justin would always tease you too, although he would give you the chance to win every match. The victory wasn’t important to him, but seeing you happy was.

“For real!” Zach agreed with his team mate and you just rolled your eyes as you heard how they underestimated you.

“She’s doing fine, guys!” Jessica complimented you as she wrapped her arms around your brother’s neck. They were dating for a while and you supported them together.

You would always be the Cupid of the situation, whenever they would fight or discuss about everything. You just cared too much for them and you would do everything just to see your brother happy. Jessica was really making him happy and she was so nice towards you, considering you as her little sister too, she was so adorable that everybody in your house loved her.

“She is, you are even two against one,” Montgomery said as he held a pint of beer in his hand, obviously staying by your side. “and she is winning.”

“Thanks, guys!” You giggled softly, but you didn’t let yourself lose your concentration. “Last two kills and I win!”

“What?!” Justin and Zach exclaimed as they quickly fixed themselves on the couch, being more serious on winning the game. They belittled you too early, that they didn’t even notice that you were on the lead.

“Bingo!” You proudly pushed some buttons as loud gun shots were heard from the television’s speakers.

“What the fuck, (Y/N)!” The two boys complained as their characters were killed by your character, meaning that you won the match. You heard some laughter and hollers from your friends and you proudly stood on the couch, raising the controller as if it was a golden trophy.

Just because I’m a girl, you think that I can’t win against you?” You fiercely smirked at the two goofballs and they just rolled their eyes, still couldn’t accept their defeat.

“I can smell the stench of defeat here!” Bryce jokingly exclaimed as he sat on the arm rest of the couch. You happily gave your friends some high-fives and you somehow felt proud of yourself.

“Shut up, fucker!” Justin nudged his best friend and you just laughed at his actions. You then sat on Justin’s lap, slightly throwing the controller on the empty space of the couch. “Congratulations, cheater!”

“It’s not my fault if you are scarce!” You raised your hands to defend yourself and your friends just laughed because of it.

“I can’t accept this thing!” Zach threw his tantrums playfully and the group laughed even more.

“I might’ve ruined my reputation here, guys, but I am so happy to say that I am proud of my girl, right here!” Justin smiled at you as he declared what he thought during that moment. You honestly were dumbfounded and you felt loved and lucky to have Justin. “So, let’s cheers to that!”

You felt so relieved and weightless as Justin has just said you that he was proud of you. You knew that it was just a game and that it wasn’t a big deal at all, but you’ve never heard anyone saying that they were proud of you and you somehow discovered how the feeling was thanks to him.

“Cheers!” You all grabbed your drinks and raised your glasses in the air. Your friends cheered for you and let out some deafening whistles using their mouths.

“Thank you, Jus!” You whispered to him and he just raised his half-full bottle of beer. You clinked them together and you took a pull from the bottle.

“I love seeing you happy, baby.” He winked at you and you just let out some giggles. You surely loved him even more for that.

“Dude, private room is in the main house.” Zach pointed at the door and you all laughed because of the bitterness that he showed towards Justin’s actions.

“Don’t forget to use condoms.” Montgomery joked as he carefully looked at Alex’s face. He knew how it made him feel uncomfortable and vexed.

“De la Cruz, you’re such a dick!” You shook your head with a wide smile flashed on your face, finding funny what he has just said.

“Don’t worry, Alex,” Justin looked at Alex, who had his eyebrows furrowed. “you won’t be an uncle soon.” He joked and another laughter was heard.

“Idiot!” You slapped Justin’s arm and Alex shook his head as he realized how stupid his friends were and he smacked your boyfriend upside his head.

“I love you, my princess.” Justin chuckled as he planted a kiss on your cheek, alcohol-scented hot breath brushing your smooth and soft skin and it sent shivers down your spine.

“I love you too, Foley.” You confessed with a smile and you leant in to give Justin a deep kiss on his lips.

The kisses between the two of you would always be flirty and deep. His lips perfectly locking with yours would make you feel better and loved, not even being shy of the people around you. His tongue would lick your lips to tease you even more, but you broke the kiss before it led you to something else.

“I love you more, Standall!” He whispered as he wrapped his arms around your body tightly, one of his ways to thank you for being by his side.

“Stop the PDA, ew.” Your brother stated and you gave him the finger. You loved your brother, but you hated it when he would protect you as if you were still a baby.

“You are worse when it comes to PDA, so shut up!” You defended yourself and he threw you a cushion, hitting your face perfectly. You wondered how your parents would react if they heard your conversations with Alex. He was somehow your best friend and he knew everything about you and vice versa.

“Guys, I really can’t accept the defeat!” Zach blurted out once again and you laughed loudly, teasing him even more.

“Round two, Dempsey?” You challenged him with a smirk and he rolled his eyes as he readied himself, finding a comfortable position on the couch.

“Let’s get it on.” You got off Justin’s lap and you positioned yourself between Justin and Zach, handing Justin his controller.

“It seems like Zach loves the taste of defeat, am I right?” Jessica joked and Zach shot her a death glare.  

“We all love you, Dempsey.” You teasingly exclaimed and everyone in the room cheered and laughed at Zach.

“Fuck you all.” He was so miffed, but you didn’t mind his behaviour. Your friends kept on teasing him, distracting him during the whole match, leading him and Justin to lose the game once again.

Lazy Friday nights were the best, because you were with your friends. You would spend your whole night in a typical way: laughing until your stomach ached, drinking until the alcohol controlled your minds and playing video games until your fingers hurt.

Long story short: it didn’t matter what you were doing with them, but you were a hundred percent sure that your friends’ company wouldn’t fail you, mostly if your lovable and amiable boyfriend was by your side. You just loved their company and you couldn’t deny that.

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Does Shiro and Keith still flirt when they text each other after years of being married????

[The Voltron FamilyKeith was at work, having his lunch break. He stayed in his office and he took out his packed lunch from his bag. He had Korean bbq chicken and he knew the rest of his family was eating the same thing. Suddenly, his phone vibrated indicating he received a message. He opened it only to see it was Shiro.

Takashi Shirogane 12:05PM
How’s the chicken, my love? ;)

Keith Kogane 12:06PM
I wouldn’t know since I was just about to taste it when SOMEONE texted me.

Takashi Shirogane 12:07PM
Oho! C'mon cmon! Take a bite! And let Chef Takashi know!!

Keith rolled his eyes fondly and actually did as he was told. He chewed and he nodded to himself, very much liking what he was eating.

Keith Kogane 12:09PM
Not bad, Chef Takashi. Master Chef Keith is very much pleased. Very good! A+++++ Hotels can now hire you for luncheons and all that.

Takashi Shirogane 12:10PM
Awww, stop it you. I’m blushing.  (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)っ

Keith Kogane 12:12PM
Awww, baby boy using a kaomoji.

Takashi Shirogane 12:14PM
No, Keith. YOU’RE the baby boy!! So cute so handsome so squishy so adorable so soft like a baby boy. Have you seen how kissable your cheeks are?! Baby boy Keith.

Keith laughed so hard as turned his swivel chair around. Shiro was being an idiot and so was he. Good god, they were married for 10 years now and they were still flirting thru texts like a bunch of college students.

Keith Kogane 12:15PM
Am I really?

Takashi Shirogane 12:16PM
Yeah, of course. Send me a dick pic.

Keith Kogane 12:17PM
Ok. Gimme a sec.  

Takashi Shirogane 12:18PM

Keith Kogane 12:21PM
Yeah, hang on. I’m sending it now. Make sure you’re alone though, baby.

Takashi Shirogane 12:22PM
I am.  

Keith Kogane 12:23PM

Takashi Shirogane 12:24PM
Hmmmmmm that is one fine Dick. I’d let this man carry me bridal style.

Keith Kogane 12:26PM
You feel me bro. YOU FEEL ME.

Takashi Shirogane 12:28PM
I always feel you Keith! HOW DARE YOU! jhdfskjfhksjdf I cannot believe you sent me this offensive photo! YOU ARE SUCH A NERD!

Keith Kogane 12:29PM
HAHAHA! You love me anyway. ;)  

Takashi Shirogane 12:30PM
I do. Very much so. And I miss you, babe. :(

Keith Kogane 12:31PM
Awwww, I miss you, too.  (ꈍヮꈍ)˘ε˘ C)

Takashi Shirogane 12:32PM
B A B Y  B O Y.   ಥ╭╮ಥ
I’m screenshotting this because you used a kaomoji to kiss me.

Keith laughed so hard as he took another bite and he didn’t know that his assistants outside heard him laugh so loud.

Assistant #1: *peeks inside* *chuckles* He’s doing it again.
Assistant #2: *is newly hired* What? *peeks too*
Assistant #1: Sometimes you’d hear Mr. Shirogane laugh so hard during lunch while holding his phone. He’s basically texting his husband.
Assistant #2: *blinks* A husband? Our boss is married to a guy?
Assistant #1: *smiles* Yeah! He’s a neurosurgeon. Oh right, you prolly haven’t met him yet. He sometimes visits the office to take out Mr. Shirogane on a lunch date. They’re such a beautiful married couple. *excited* I should show you a photo! There’s one on Facebook!  *opens incognito*
Assistant #2: *sees the photo* Holy shit. He’s gorgeous. I mean, so is our boss. Like I legit had to stutter during my interview but like… *whistles* I can understand why this guy married our boss and vice versa.
Assistant #1: *grins* I know! Perhaps if you’re lucky you can see him in person tomorrow around lunch. Doctor Shirogane is such a nice man. Their kids might visit sometimes too so I need to orient you on what they look like so you don’t ignore them when they request for their Daddy.
Assistant #2: How many kids do they have?
Assistant #1: Three! Hunk, Lance and Pidge. Energetic adorable kids. *coos* *shows photos* You might see one of them in their club clothes since they will most likely come from practice. You need to make sure Mr. Shirogane’s schedule is free whenever any of his kids have a game—
Assistant #2: *stops listening as he sees Keith come out of the office to go somewhere*
Keith: *on the phone* I’ll pick up Pidge after her soccer practice. *chuckles* I love you, too, Takashi. Now will you please hung up, my daughter is on the other line. *changes line* Hey, sweetheart. Your Daddy Shiro can’t pick you up later so I will. How about we have a father-daughter date?
Assistant #2: *smiles so widely*

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I have been thinking of this Headcanons for a while now and I hope u can bring my imagination into light! what if rfa+v+Searan first meeting with MC at an aquarium where she works as a diver and saw her for the first time behind the glass diving with sharks and small fishies and stuff~ maybe she looked like a mermaid :P I'm sorry if it's complicated and it's ok if u don't want to do it~ love u~

I love these scenarios when they meet before RFA <3 

I wrote this when I was really sleepy and slightly drunk, so I have no idea if any of this makes any sense lololol. Anyway, hope u like it! ^^

RFA + Saeran and V meet MC at an aquarium


  • He was there for a photo shoot and decided to take a look at the place
  • You passed by his side wearing your scuba suit, talking to a colleague about checking on the sharks
  • He followed you, he just… felt this urge to go after you.
  • And he watched you mesmerized, you were so elegant… and so brave for being that close to the sharks!
  • “Isn’t it scary?” he had to ask when you got out, you looked at him puzzled. “The… sharks?”
  • “Oh… no, not at all! They don’t do anything if they’re fed properly and… if you’re not bleeding.” you say this so naturally and with this huge smile, it’s adorable! “Don’t tell anybody, but… they’re my favorites!”
  • He felt warm inside about you sharing this secret with him. “Wh-why is that?”
  • “I don’t know, there’s something exciting about fearing them, you know? Being around something so majestic and dangerous. It’s like…” “Liking someone and being afraid of hurting them with all of your passion?” SHIT! What is he saying? This isn’t one of his musicals!
  • “Yeah… something like that…” you chuckle. Oh, did you really get it or are you just being polite? “Hey, do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar…”
  • “I get that a lot, actually.” nah, he wouldn’t brag right now, it was time to know more about you. “So… what’s y-?” one of the sharks bump into the glass and he yelps.
  • “Oh, shit, Hercules! He’s a little blind, I… I should go, he gets all disoriented when this happens. See ya!” you run without even looking at him.
  • “Yes… see ya.” Well, he would actually see you a few weeks later standing at his door.


  • He’s there on a tour promoted by one of his teachers
  • He’s not really interested in any of this. Sea animals are not really his thing. Then he gets to the dolphin area.
  • Then you show up and greet his class, and the tour guide introduces you. “This is MC, she usually works with the dolphins and the other mammals.”
  • “Do you feed them?” somebody asks. “Well, that too, but I mainly provide activities to stimulate their brains. You see, dolphins are extremely smart creatures, and…” you go on talking about dolphin’s brains, and Yoosung is… really interested in all you have to say, he’s even taking notes.
  • “But enough talking, do any of you want to see how we do it? Let’s see… hum, how about you in the back? The blond one?” he’s so taken aback by your face he doesn’t even notice you’re talking about him, his buddy nudges him and he notices you’re looking straight at him… SHIT
  • He goes to you hesitantly, your smile is so beautiful and… your curves on this tight scuba suit… wait, what? “What’s your name?”
  • “Y-Yoosung.” “Cool! So our friend Yoosung here will shuffle these numbers and our other friend Chi Chi will put them in the right order. Here you go, buddy.” shit, you’re so nice! He’s trembling while shuffling the cards. “Okay, Yoosung, you can give to her.”
  • “M-me?” “Yeah! Don’t worry, she won’t bite! Well, she does sometimes and it hurts as hell, but…” you see his eyes widening. “I’m kidding!” he hears his mates laughing, ugh…
  • He hands the cards to Chi Chi and she quickly puts them in order, then you explain this isn’t training like in the circus, it’s just a method to stimulate their memory.
  • After the demonstration is over, the teacher calls a a little break for the students to explore as they please, but Yoosung wants to stay right there.
  • “Good job, she really liked you!” you say enthusiastically, are you just being nice or are you genuinely this bright? Either way, your smile is beautiful. “I’m so lame for being afraid, I… I’m sorry.”
  • “Oh, don’t worry, Yoosung! It can be a little intimidating at first…” oh, you remember his name! He wants to know more about you, but then you get a call and run quickly. Well, he would have another chance pretty soon in the chat room.


  • Well, this was the oddest meeting Mr Han’s associate could ever come up with
  • Then she sees the jellyfishes and this diver swimming right beside them.
  • It’s… beautiful! And the diver moves as flowing and elegant as them.
  • And then the diver looks through the glass, straight at… her? And waves for her? She awkwardly waves back.
  • “Hey! Did you like the jellyfishes?” you ask her coming from behind. You’re still on your scuba suit. Oh… were you that elegant diver from before?
  • “Yes, they’re… beautiful! Isn’t it dangerous? I mean… don’t their tentacles burn?” “Oh, my suit protects me, see?” you grab her hand and make her squeeze your arm. She blushes.
  • “It’s made of a special material, they just bought it thanks to this new investor.” “Yes, it was… my boss, actually.”
  • “Oh… cool! Your boss is sickening!” is… that a good thing? Judging from your huge smile, it is, she frowns her forehead and you chuckle. “Oh… maybe not?”
  • She gives this weird smile. “Yeah, my boss is a pain in the ass sometimes too.” how can you talk so easilly to a stranger? But she can’t stop listening to you, for some reason…
  • She would like to hear more, and talk more. Maybe venting to an outsider about how stressed she was would bring her some relief?
  • “Oh… speaking of the devil…” you fidget your walkie talkie on your hand. “Gotta go!”
  • Well… too bad! It wasn’r right now she would have the chance to vent. Gladly she does much more than that when you two meet again.


  • He heard about this aquarium getting closed and thought about investing in it.
  • He has his aquarium at home and… well, he really appreciates these creatures, he doesn’t like to think what could happen to the animals if the aquarium gets closed.
  • So he goes there to see what exactly he’s dealling with. And then he sees this diver surrounded by colorful seahorses.
  • It’s almost like a mirage, and this diver is apparently having lots of fun. Yes, working with something you love is really fulfilling.
  • “Hi! We’re… closed right now.” “I’m here to see the admnistrator, actualy.” “I’ll take you there, come on”
  • He’s a little uncomfortable about walking side by side with this woman all wet, aren’t you cold? “So… may I ask why do you want to see the boss?”
  • “Well, this is… I would rather not talk about it for now.” Yes, he shouldn’t be discusing this with one of the employees.
  • “Okay… just know we’re doing our best here, but it’s really hard to keep things in order with such a low budget, I’m saving up as much as I can with the seahorse’s food, for example and…”
  • “Don’t worry about it. Keep doing your best and it will pay off, I can guarantee.” “Okay, I guess…” he wanted to know more, what were your position here exactly, your name…
  • “Here you go, sir!” you patted his shoulder friendly and turned around.
  • He was impressed at how much you cared for this job and for the animals, if every employee was this hardworking, he would be more than happy to buy the place.
  • And he did, but you just got to know that when you went to his penthouse a couple of weeks later.


  • That was a weird mission, the thugs were getting more and more creative about places to do money laundering. An aquarium?
  • He wasn’t sure where to start looking, so he was just strolling around, looking for places he could infiltrate.
  • Then he saw this girl feeding the seals. Five of them all around you.
  • He couldn’t hold back a chuckle when he saw you doing this weird dance and the seals mimicking you.
  • You heard him chuckle and quickly turned around, looking straight at him and blushing. How… adorable!
  • “Hi! Can I help you?” “Oh… I’m… I’m from supervision, they sent me… to supervise?” WTF? He usually comes up with good stories, why couldn’t he lie properly staring at your curious face?
  • “So, uhm… about the seals. Are they getting the right treatment?” and you suddenly started talking about their feeding, their meds, even some biology jargons, it looked nothing like the girl who blushed before noticing she was being observed.
  • “Do you… like working here?” “Well, I… I’m a little worried about the new administration, but sure. I love this so much!” you eyes gleamed. Shit! Now he was the one blushing.
  • “About the new administration…” “I shouldn’t probably talk about this. Be careful on what you write on your report.” were you… worried for him? You didn’t even know him!
  • He knew he shouldn’t, but he really wanted to catch at least your name. Hell, now he was worried for you working for thugs! Was there nothing he could do to protect you?
  • Well, after the background check, he took the liberty to send your resumé to another aquarium, one with honest administrators. You didn’t remember sending any resumé to that place, so you knew it could only be his doing. Yes, even pushing you away like this at Rika’s apartment, you knew how much he cared about you…


  • He heard about the ice cream they were selling at this aquarium
  • But the restaurant there would open a little later, ugh… crap!
  • Well, since he’s here, why not take a look at what these children are making such a fuss about?
  • Then he sees you explaining to the kids about the starfishes and other animals at these interactive tanks.
  • “Be gentle, guys! Though it doesn’t show, they can feel everything!” he could see you were trying to be nice to the children, but you were more concerned about the animals.
  • “Yay! Now let’s take a look at the turtles?” they ran away from the tank.
  • “Why do they let animals like this for these brats to touch it?” “Well, it’s a… sensorial experience or… some bullshit like this.” Oh! Did you just swear? How feisty! “If you ask me, I think this is ridiculous and just stresses the animals, but… I don’t make the rules.”
  • “So why do you follow them?” “Well, isn’t it how society works?”
  • “What if there’s a place you don’t need to follow those rules?” “Well, this sound very utopic, but… I think it would be nice to me…and to the animals…”
  • Well, he couldn’t do much about the animals, but about you… did he just find his target to help him destroy RFA?
  • Yes, as he managed to hack into your phone, he knew! You were perfect to be taken to paradise!


  • He felt really inspired to take some pictures of this wonderful place with such wonderful creatures.
  • Well, he didn’t expect the most wondeful one to be a human.
  • He took pictures of this diver moving with the rays like they were all floating, it was amazing!
  • “My camera loves you… miss.” he took the initiative to talk to you when you came down, you looked puzzled, so he showed you the pictures.
  • “Oh, the rays are the fotogenic ones, actually.” “Yes, they move beautifully, it’s a shame I can’t really capture the whole movement of them.”
  • “Dude, are you kidding me? Look at this! You can feel the motion! It’s amazing! You’re… amazing!” and you blushed, he smiled softly, you were even more charming like this.
  • “Thank you, I’m just really lucky that sometimes I find just the right model.” “Oh yeah, the rays are great models!” he laughed, in addition to all of that, you were still funny? You were the amazing one here.
  • “You’re the guy they hired to take the promo pictures?” “Oh no, I’m just doing this for fun…” “So you’re a tourist?”
  • “I guess you can say that. Aren’t we all tourists when it comes to getting involved with these creatures?” “I don’t feel like a tourist around them.”
  • “Yes, you really look like one of them, look at this, it’s almost like a mermaid.” you blush furiously, and he grins, you’re definitely enchanting as a mermaid, at least.
  • He could talk to you all day if you let him, but then you got a call and ran without even saying goodbye. Well, maybe you two could meet up again one day? Who knows?
45 Man Laws (to get you through the trials of life) 101 :

GETTIN IN SHAPE!!! 45 Man Laws (to get you through the trials of life) 101 :

1. Go for someone you perceive to be “out of your league.” You’ll surprise yourself.

2. Never have sex with anyone that doesn’t want it as much as you.

3. Never hit anyone unless they are an immediate threat.

4. Every hat should serve a purpose.

5. Never take her to the movies on the first date.

6. Learn to wet shave.

7. Nothing looks more badass than a well-tailored suit.

8. Shave with the grain on the first go-around.

9. Always look a person in the eye when you talk to them.

10. Buy a plunger before you need a plunger.

11. Exercise makes you happy. Run, lift, and play sports.

12. Brush your teeth before you put on your tie.

13. A small amount of your paycheck should go directly to your savings account every month.

14. Call your parents every week.

15. Never wear a clip-on tie.

16. Give a firm handshake.

17. Compliment a love interest on their clothing choice.

18. Never leave a pint unfinished.

19. If you aren’t confident, fake it. It will come.

20. You can tell the size of a man by the size of things that bother him.

21. Be conscious of your body language.

22. The only reason to ever point a gun at someone is if you intend to shoot them.

23. Always stand to shake someone’s hand.

24. Never lend anything you can’t afford to lose.

25. Ask more than you answer. Everybody likes to talk about themselves.

26. Keep a change of clothes at the office.

27. Buy high quality tools, so you only have to buy them once.

28. Manliness is not only being able to take care of yourself, but others as well.

29. Go with the decision that will make for a good story.

30. When you walk, look straight ahead, not at your feet.

31. Nice guys don’t finish last. Boring guys do.

32. Find your passion and figure out how to get paid for it.

33. Don’t let the little head do the thinking for the big head.

34. No matter their job or status in life, everyone deserves your respect.

35. The most important thing you can learn is personal responsibility. Bad things happen, it’s your job to overcome them.

36. The first one to get angry loses.

37. Do what needs to be done without complaining. It won’t help speed things up.

38. Never stop learning.

39. Always go out into public dressed like you’re about to meet the love of your life.

40. Don’t change yourself just to make someone happy, unless that someone is you.

41. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

42. Luck favors the prepared.

43. Everyone finds confidence sexy as hell.

44. Do whatever you want to do in the life, but be the best at it.

45. No one is on their deathbed wishing they spent more time at work. Enjoy your life.

About Shaladin

I realise I’m gonna get hate for this, but at this point I don’t care.

I’m a Shallura shipper, and I only really see Shiro and Keith’s relationship as brotherly, but I personally don’t mind Shaladin.

We all know Shiro’s twenty-five, Pidge is fourteen, and Keith, Lance and Hunk’s ages aren’t specified, but they’re in their “late teens”, which can go from seventeen to TWENTY-ONE, making them legal. Either way, they’re fictional characters, so you can just age them all up and it’s fine.

From what I’ve seen between Shiro and Keith’s canon interactions especially, they have a mutual respect for eachother, and Shiro’s a sensible guy, so if they did get into a relationship, it wouldn’t be an abusive one.

If you still have a problem with it, fine, but you don’t need to go out of your way to call Shaladin shippers disgusting, like how much do you have to hate your own life to spread so much negativity over fictional characters. Block the tags if it makes you that uncomfortable. I hate incest ships, but I don’t go bashing people who like them. Leave the shippers alone. Leave the VAs alone.

Have a nice day.

Treat Yourself

Requested: The Reader takes Reid out shopping. As he’s not used to that sort of special treatment, he gets flustered by the attention.

He’d tried to get out of it. Social events made him nervous, he always seemed to mess up in one way or another. But this was important to her, and well, she was certainly important to him. So when his last excuse of “I have nothing to wear” falls short, he gave in to her wishes and agrees to go with her. Her company was hosting a charity gala, strictly black tie, and she wanted him to be her date. The trouble is, he genuinely doesn’t have anything to wear. For JJ’s wedding, he had rented a tuxedo, but he never felt he would have the occasion to wear one again.

Not one to be deterred, Y/N shows up at his apartment the next afternoon. “Get in loser, we’re going shopping,” she says. He tilts his head, perplexed, and she laughs. “It’s from Mean Girls. It’s a movie. You said you had nothing to wear, so we’re going to go find something.”

“You really don’t have to do that,” he tells her. “I can go on my own.” Is she nervous he won’t choose something nice enough? True, social functions aren’t his specialty, but he’s learned enough to understand the basic expectations at such gatherings.

It doesn’t seem to be the case, as she flashes him that smile he just can’t resist. “I know you can. But I want to go. I want to spend time with you. Besides, it gives me an excuse to see you all dressed up in nice suits.”

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yall are so blissfully unaware that this whole “treat other people the way you wanna be treated uwu” in reference to how i treat my oppressors doesnt actually fucking do anything

im not going to fucking be nice to transphobes in the hopes that my unrelenting kindness will make them come to the realization that wow u guys the transgenders r people just like us!!! and they wont, in fact, exploit my vulnerability to further their abuse and bigotry

this isn’t fucking recess if i turn the other cheek im going to get slapped again

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Hi!!! I'm a big fan of you. Keep writing how you've done so far. My request for you is to write about how mcl boys would act to make them forgive, for something they have done, by candy and another one is about how they would make a declaration/ would confess their feelings for candy in front of the others, considering that is the first time thay say I love you to her. ( I love castiel so I would like to read something really nice especially about him ) Thanks a lot 😊. XoXo

Okay, so I see two separate requests here. Let’s split these up.


What would the guys do to apologize to Candy if they made her mad?

Nathaniel: He would leave her little notes that were snippets of poetry, all having one thing in common. The theme. They were all taken from poems that expressed regret. He would leave her one last note at the end of the day, but this time, it was his own words and not quoted work. He expressed how sorry he was and if she was ready to forgive him, he would wait for her to come to him.

Castiel: He would avoid her at first, thinking she needed her space and he didn’t want to agitate her further. But he knew he had to let her know how sorry he was. But how? Sitting outside her window playing his guitar was far too cheesy, and no way he would be caught dead doing it. Though he did consider it if it meant she would accept his apology. In the end, Castiel decided not to complicate things. He work up the nerve to pull her aside and would grumble at first. But then he would look her in the eye with a look of utmost sincerity on his face, place his forehead against hers and simply say he was sorry. 

Lysander: He would stay up all night writing lyrics, trying so hard to find the right words to convey how guilty he felt for upsetting Candy and wishing he could turn back time and how he would learn from his mistake. Writing for others came so easily, but writing for himself and Candy presented more of a challenge. After many crumpled up papers of rejected ideas were tossed on the floor, he finally came up with something he thought was perfect and would present it to her in private.

Kentin: Being the traditional sweetheart that he is, he wouldn’t waste time trying to apologize after realizing his mistake. He would buy Candy a small bouquet of her favorite flowers and find a way to be alone with her so they could talk. He would straightforward in his apology and acknowledge what he did wrong before asking if Candy would forgive him.

Armin: He would be pretty lost. He knew of ways guys would apologize in movies, but none seemed like a tangible solution for him to re-enact. He knew it had to come from him and not a script. In the end, he would merely approach Candy and ask what he could do show her how sorry he was. He hated seeing her upset and would promise to make it up to her somehow.


How would they tell her they love her (in public?). I think the guys would see this as more of a private moment. Not necessarily something they would declare or announce in the middle of a crowd. But I’ll write something about how they would confess to Candy that they love her (for the first time).

Nathaniel: They were hanging out at Nathaniel’s apartment, relaxing on his bed and just having some pillow talk. They chatted about anything and everything that came to mind, giggling over inside jokes and lay next to each other on their sides while facing one another. Then they would hold each others gaze, he would brush a strand of Candy’s hair behind her ear. He didn’t think about, he didn’t have to. But he said it, softly at first, barely a whisper. “I love you…” But Candy heard it and her breath hitched slightly before she looked into his eyes and smiled. “I love you too” she would whisper back. He would kiss her deeply afterwards.

Castiel: Why was it so hard? Why was it that whenever he wanted to say those 3 stupid little words he struggled? He even felt his face burn from blushing so much every time he thought about saying it. But ever time he tried, it never felt like the right moment, no matter how badly he wanted to say it. He understood how he felt about Candy. As much as he liked to joke about girls fell in love so easily, he had to admit he fell hard. But did she feel the same? Until one night they returned to his place and crashed on his bed after having an eventful day together. They cracked a few jokes while Candy snuggled up to him, half asleep. To his surprise, out of the blue, she let out a happy sigh and said “I love you.” She said it first. His heart skipped and he rolled over to face her before pulling her close and brushing the back of her neck with his fingers. “I love you so much.” And they would kiss.

Lysander: They were out for evening stroll, hand in hand with their fingers laced and walking through the park. They had been dating for a while now, and Lysander knew how he felt about Candy for a long time. But he wanted to give her time to make sure he wasn’t rushing anything. They would sit down o a bench to look up at the night sky and he would squeeze her hand. She would gently squeeze back. They would turn to each other and smile warmly. He would hold her face in his hands, kiss her and press his forehead against hers afterwards. “I love you” he would say. There would be a moment of silence before he felt her hands on his face as well and she would say it back and he kissed her passionately in response.

Kentin: Kentin had always loved Candy. But he had a more mature sense of his feelings now. Rather than blurting out words without considering the meaning behind it, he wanted to say those 3 special little words with meaning this time. He wanted Candy to know he was serious and that she was everything to him. So he planned a whole day of things for them to do together, all leading up to them sitting in the sand at the beach, Candy sitting in front of him with her back against his chest and Kentin having his arms wrapped around her as they watched the sunset together. As they just enjoyed being in each others company, he pressed his face into her hair and said “I love you” in her ear. She turned to face him, and said she loved him too before wrapping her arms around him and kissing him.

Armin: He contemplated for weeks on how to tell Candy how he felt. But nothing seemed good enough. Normally he was able stay calm, but these few words he wanted to say really had him worked up. For the first time since their first date and just before their first kiss, he found himself…anxious. Would she be ready to say it back? Only one way to find he supposed. One night when Candy was over, he asked if she wanted know a secret? When she said of course, he brought out a wooden puzzle box and said inside is something he would like her to know, but she had work for it. He watched with amusement and nervousness as she began to figure out the tricks to open the box bit by bit until about 15 minutes later she succeeded and triumphantly held a rolled up piece of paper in her hand. She would unroll it to read the phrase ‘I love you’ written in his handwriting. She looked at Armin, surprised. He would meet her gaze and verbally repeat the phrase “I love you to her.” There was a short awkward silence before she wrapped her arms around his neck and said “I love you too.”

Shut up and Drive

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Genre: Action au 
Main Characters: Chanyeol, Jongin, Kyungsoo and Sehun x Reader (mentions of the other members)

Request: “Hey there :D can I request something with all the exo members in an AU? I’m hoping there’s some action, and it could be any genre :D (hoping it’s gonna be a longer series BWAHAHAH) thanks :)” - anon

Summary: High speed vehicles and life threatening races, the fun you weren’t aware of until you got invited to this place. Where police are no where to be seen and people make bets on other’s life. You may just find yourself befriending a group of dorks along the way. Jump right in for the ride of your life.

“Come on, you can’t leave me alone in this. You promised we would go out tonight!” Your bestfriend Yeri said to you. You groaned and replied “Yeah but not to a car race that’s strictly illegal!”

It was spring break, the perfect time to go out and get a way from your studies. You had planned to go out with Yeri for a long time and tonight was your free night to do whatever you wanted. In fact, you were sleeping over at her house and your parents knew but what they didn’t know is that you both are about to escape in the middle of the night to go wondering around where you weren’t allowed to go.

You told her you’d go where ever she wanted, imagining she’d want to go to the movies, shopping or worst case scenario a party but went even higher than that. You aren’t an extroverted person in comparison to her, you prefered not having to deal with crowds and staying as far from danger as possible.

Yeri explained how she was invited to a car race and how it would be such memorable moment to see the cars and know more people. You kept telling her not to go because so many things could end badly. What if the cops show up there? What if your parents found out where you were? You would be so grounded and possibly held captive at your home for being a bad child even though you were close to becoming an adult in a few years.

“God what are you scared of? We should live in the moment! Everything’s gonna be fine just trust me” Yeri said still trying to convince you “Plus, there’s gonna be some cute boys there and you could really use a date” you scoff at her comment. She look back at you shrugging her shoulders “I’m just saying, you have been single for a while and it would be nice to see you letting loose” she said and you reply “Yeah, yeah whatever”

She stood in front of you asking “Well?… Are you going?” anticipating a yes because she knew you’d do anything for her. And you’d feel much more worried if you let her go on her own. You sighed and replied “Okay” making her squeal and embrace you in a hug. You wanted to be mad at her for dragging you into situations like this but she was your best friend after all and you loved her.

“I knew you’d say yes, you’re the best” she said excited “Stay there, I’m going to let you borrow some of my clothes” and with that she started searching on her closet for an outfit for you. She picked out a tight night dress and some high heels for you, similar to what she was going to wear. “Here you go, you’ll look so hot every boy will not take their eyes off you” she said handing you the clothes. You look at them and push them back to her “Nah, I-I think I’m good” because you weren’t really comfortable with that kind of revealing clothes.

Yeri rolled her eyes and asked “And you’re going to go on that?” pointing at your current outfit which was a oversized red hoodie with a band name printed on the front, light wash ripped jeans and a par of white converse. You looked at yourself and shrugged, you didn’t really care that much since you weren’t exactly thrilled to go to the car race initially. She sighed “Fine, whatever floats your boat” then grabbed her clothes and headed to the bathroom to change.

After a few minutes, Yeri was fully changed and you were both ready to go. You escaped from her house carefully and you took her mom’s car to get down town. You were the one driving since Yeri was in heels and she gave you the directions of where to go.

You got there and parked the car. There were so many cars there and it only meant one thing, there must be a whole lot of people there too. You started to feel anxious as you got out of the car and walked. Yeri looked at you, noticing your expression and lightly pinched your cheek “Calm down Y/N, you look like you’re about to puke” she said jokingly “Let’s just get this over with” you said and continued walking towards the crowds of people around some sports cars.

You walked behind Yeri and into the crowd. As you walked, you instantly felt eyes on the both of you. They were looking at Yeri because of how hot she looked in her outfit and looking at you because of how different you dressed in comparison to the rest of the girls in there. Hopefully not noticing that you weren’t old enough to hangout in these types of places.

You looked around and saw how most girls were in dresses and heels, making you stand out from everyone. As you looked around, your eye caught a glance of a group of guys, they were also undressed like you, but they looked unremarkably handsome with their effortless clothes. You quickly turned to look another way before any of them noticed your staring and continued walking with Yeri.

“Yeri, over here!” someone shouted making her turn their way, grab your hand and walk rapidly to them. You met with a group of 5 guys who looked like rich boys. Their cars were clearly expensive, their clothes looked high end and they themselves looked like they had their own hair and make up team. You were starting to wonder, why would they waste their money in such races? And how exactly did Yeri know these people?

“So nice to see you made it” one of the guys said to her. They hugged lightly and he turned his attention to you, looking at you up and down “Who is it that you brought with you?” he asked as he pulled her closer “She’s Y/N, my best friend” Yeri said and he nodded. The rest of them had other girls around them, talking and doing other things that made you feel slightly uncomfortable. Yeri and said guy were now whispering to each other on their ears and ignoring everyone else’s presence, including yours.

You quickly felt neglected by your friend who had insisted you to accompany her in the first place, so you slowly stepped away from the group and began to walking away. You weren’t just going to stand there for god knows how long staring at them. You walked around and you found yourself close to the group of boys you saw earlier. You stood close to their cars, observing them closely but not that close. You didn’t know that much about cars but you had an appreciation for nice looking cars.

One of then stood out for you. It was a red modified sport car, it was shining like a brand new car and looked fairly expensive. You took a step closer and looked inside. The interior was even better. It was white all around and the seats seemed to be of leather. You wanted to drive that thing so bad, it probably costed more than your entire house.

“Like what you see?” a voice comes from behind you suddenly, startling you and making you squeal. You turned around to see it was one of the guys of the group. He was pretty tall, had really cheeky smile on his face and fluffy hair. You put your hands on your pockets, feeling a bit embarrassed for being caught practically gawking at one of their cars “Yeah, it’s pretty cool” you said looking up to him and seeing how his smile now widened. “Thanks, we work hard on it” he said “My name’s Chanyeol” and you replied “I’m Y/N” smiling back to him.

“Y/N, no offence but you don’t really seem like the type of girl that enjoys these kind of things” he said to you and you responded “I was dragged in here by my best friend so you’re totally right” he laughed at your annoyed tone as you mentioned your best friend and asked “Oh I see, and where is she?”. You looked around and pointed to where she was “Over there with those guys”, Chanyeol followed your gaze and as it landed on him, his expression changed. He looked bothered by them and you noticed.

“I’m guessing by the look in your face that you’re not friends with them” you said making him turn to you. He sighed and said “Nope, not at all. Do you know them?” you shook your head and replied “Not at all, my friend is the one who apparently knows them” he nodded slowly. He turned to look at their direction again “Their just a bunch of privileged assholes who think they’re superior to everyone because they have money” he said in a irked tone “We are basically rivals, every time we have a race, the five of them appear; Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Chen and Baekhyun” you nodded your head understandingly.

They did seem to fit the description he was giving to them. They didn’t seem humble at the least, by the smirks on their faces and aura you could see where Chanyeol was coming from. “But forget them” he said “You seem pretty cool and different, I like that. Do you want to meet my friends?” you nodded and followed him as you felt your cheeks flush. Any guy complimenting you would make you feel a bit abashed and hearing it from a cute guy makes it even worse.

“Y/N, these are my friends Sehun, D.O. and Kai. Guys, this is Y/N” Chanyeol said introducing you to his friends. Sehun smiled slightly and waved to you, Kai smiled sweetly and D.O. just nodded his head. He seemed like a serious guy, which kind of intimidated you at first but you smiled to him and the others either way. The one that didn’t scare you at all was Kai because when he smiled his face resembled one of a cute puppy, which warmed you heart. “Nice to meet you! And also, good luck on the race tonight” you said and they all thanked you. “Actually, only two of us are racing tonight” Chanyeol said and then Sehun stepped up “And me being the best of the four of us, of course I’m racing tonight” he said earning a hard slap on the back by D.O.

“Don’t start getting cocky Sehun” D.O. said “Yeah, respect your hyungs idiot” Chanyeol added. Sehun rubbed the part of his back where D.O. hit him and said “I was just joking” in a whiny tone making you giggle. “And who else is racing?” you asked and then Kai spoke with excitement “Ah, our best racer D.O.!” you looked at him and he still had the same expression from earlier. “He may give off a cold vibe but he’s a good guy and also really good at racing” Kai said as he patted D.O.’s shoulder.

After a while of talking to them, a bunch of people started crowding up in the center. You looked around and saw the guys that were with Yeri also joining in the crowd. “It’s time” D.O. said and started walking to the crowd “Time for what?” you asked, Sehun leaned to you and said “Time for the bets”. You were still left a bit confused but of what you could gather, they were going to bet on who will be the winner team. Joining the crowd with Sehun, Kai, D.O. and Chanyeol, you noticed that the so called rivals were right in front of you.

“Settle down now” Xiumin exclaimed to the crowd and nodded torwards Suho for him to speak. “From my team, the ones who will be racing are Lay and Baekhyun” he finished and directed his gaze to Chanyeol making him step forward and he simply said “D.O. and Sehun are up against them”. Suho mockingly chuckled and said “Sad to say this will be awfully easy then, I would prefer to see the leader race for once” Chanyeol gets closer to him and says “I can say the same to you, but hey when was the last time you stepped foot on a sports car that you didn’t have to buy with your daddy’s money?” the crowd ohh’d and Suho’s smirk dropped. But slowly grew on his face again as he replied to Chanyeol “Well you can say whatever you want but you can’t call me broke, can you?”

Chanyeol didn’t respond as Xiumin spoke again “Now that you know the racers, let the bets begin!” and with that a lot of bickering filled the area. People pulling out money from their pockets and purses and betting on their favorites. At one point Suho started talking again, saying rude remarks which were directed to Chanyeol and his team. Chanyeol started to feel bothered and it showed on his face “Why don’t you stop talking and start betting?” Chanyeol said and Suho replied “No, please you go first” Chanyeol raised his eyebrow but contined talking “Alright then, a hundred bucks on my team” Suho giggled mockingly again and said “Just a hundred? Come on Chan, you can do better then that”.

There was a pause where Chanyeol was thinking of his options and Suho took the opportunity to speak “What’s wrong? Can’t pay the rent this month if you spend more? I can lend you a check if you’re so desperate” and that’s what set Chanyeol off. “Five hundred” Chanyeol said, earning looks from his team “Wow, now we’re talking. I’m betting seven hundred on mine” Suho said and Chanyeol quickly said then “Eight hundred” making Suho smirk and they began to bicker to who bets more.

“A thousand dolars” Suho said, Chanyeol looked back at his team and then at Suho. You could see he was having a conflict on his head and didn’t want to be humiliated by Suho. Chanyeol raised his chin and loudly said “I bet my life on my team” earning gasps. “WHAT?!” Kai exclaimed quickly coming close to Chanyeol “What are you doing?” he asked him but Chanyeol wouldn’t take his eyes off Suho. Suho himself was suprised by the words that came out of his mouth, his expression went blank as he didn’t know if he was being serious.

“I said what I said and I’m not backing down” Chanyeol said and you felt worried. You didn’t know him at all but he didn’t seem like a bad guy and why would he just bet his life on a race? It seems so dangerous and scary to you. You would never dare to make a statement like that, serious or not. Maybe he was really trusting of his friends, or maybe it was the heat of the moment. Either way, something in you made you go next to where Kai was and place your hand on Chanyeol’s shoulder. At the contact, he turned his head slightly to you as you mumbled his name in a concerned tone.

Suho noticed you as you walked up to his rival and said “Who’s that? Is that your little girlfriend?” Chanyeol turned his gaze back to Suho “She has nothing to do with the race, stay out of it” he barked back. You were a bit shocked that he would defend you, just with a few minutes of knowing each other but it made you feel protected by him. “Ah don’t get do defensive on me Chan, I was just asking. Make sure to say your goodbyes doll face because he isn’t going to win this one” and with that Suho walked away to his friends and towards the cars to get started.

Chanyeol had his hands balled into fists as he said “I swear I would love to smack that smirk off that prick’s face” and Kai said “Forget him, why the heck would you say that?!” clearly concerned for him. “Why would you do something so stupid like that?” he continued referring to the last bet “What if we don’t win, huh?” Chanyeol looked at Kai and then at his other friends “You HAVE to win” he said making D.O. scoff and reply “It’s not my fault you did such a dumbass decision”. Chanyeol took a hold of his shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes “I didn’t know what I was saying, okay? Yes I’m probably the biggest idiot in the world but please, my life is on the line now” D.O. took his hands of his shoulder and walked towards their cars saying “Calm down will you? I swear, sometimes I question why we ever let you be the leader”

As they lined up the cars together, everyone got ready to see the race. You were looking at Yeri who was still with those guys, especially with their leader Suho. You wanted badly to talk with her but she was fairly away from you and also you didn’t want to have any type of interaction with those guys.

Kai took you out of your thoughts as he stood next to you and said “Have you ever been to the races before?” you shook your head “Not at all, this is my first time” his eyes widened a little and he asked “Really?! Do you want to ride on the race?”. You looked at him confused and asked “What? Ride on the race?” he nodded and said “Well, on the car but you’ll be on the race. It’s super fun and you’ve never done it so you can’t say no!” he grabbed your wrist and pulled you closer to the card and where the rest were.

“Y/N wants to ride with Sehun!” Kai said and you quickly shook your head “No, no, you don’t have to really! I’m good” Chanyeol then asked “Have you ever done it?” you slowly replied with a no and he replied like Kai, saying that you had to do it. “Isn’t this a bit dangerous?” you asked feeling anxious already “Yeah but that’s what makes it fun” Sehun said not helping your anxiety at all. Chanyeol noticed you were getting worried and said “Hey, it’ll be okay. I do it sometimes and I’m still here alive! But if you really want to be secure, go with D.O. because Sehun tends to be a bit reckless sometimes” and Sehun stepped in to defend himself “I am not reckless, I just get too excited on the race”

You giggled at him and saw D.O. rolling his eyes eyes at Sehun “This kid” he mumbled. “Well you have to go, like now. The race starts in a few minutes” Kai said, Sehun and D.O. nodded. They walked to the cars and you followed D.O. to his. He opened the car door and reached over to grab something. Before he got it out, he looked at you and said “You don’t have to, if you don’t want to just say so” referring to joining him in the race. You couldn’t say you weren’t scared, because you were but something in you wanted to do it, have the experience and step out of your comfort zone. You shook your head and replied “I want to” he took out a helmet from the car and handed it to you without a word.

You got in the car with the helmet on. You turned to him and noticed he didn’t have one “Hey, where’s your helmet?” you asked and he responded “I gave you mine”. You started pulling the helmet out of your head “Oh no, this is totally unsafe. I’ll just see the ra-” he stopped you placing his hands over yours “I will be fine. I’ve done this many times without protection” he said and started the car. You nodded and sat in place again.

Suddenly everyone stepped away from the cars and a girl stood in between them. She had a black and white flag in her hand as she began counting down. “3” she shouted and it really made you realize this was really happening, making you have a mini panic attack “Wait, wait, it’s starting?!” you say/yell to D.O. You were in panic mode while he looked calm. “2” oh god, you thought in your head. “Buckle up” D.O. said and you widened your eyes “YOU DIDN’T TELL ME THAT BEFORE” while frantically looking for the seatbelt. He chuckled at your reaction and then “1” the race started.

For a few seconds everything went in slow motion for you. The cars accelerated and shoot foward. You began vigorously yelling for your life as even more panic went through your body. You saw as D.O.’s eyes were fixated only on the road and didn’t look at you for a second even though you were in a concerning state. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, MAKE IT STOP” you yelled as the car began speeding up even more.

Everything moved to a incredible speed around you and you began feeling a rush go throughout your veins. After a few seconds of constant yelling, you stopped. You still felt like you were on the verge of dying. Your heart felt like it was going to burst from your chest. But the overwhelming feeling was oddly likeable. You felt really reckless for even agreeing to a situation like this but you liked it, a lot.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” D.O. finally speaks up “The rush, that’s why we all do it. Well, that and the money” he said while still looking at the road. You were starting to calm down a bit until a hard clash was felt. There was a car right behind you and D.O., hitting the car from the back. You began panicking again as you didn’t know what was going to happen and the car was shaking from the hits. “Shit, hold on” D.O. said as he accelerated the car even more. Making the car in the back appear far away. “How fast can this thing go?!” D.O. looked over to you for a second and asked “You want to see?”. He didn’t even wait for your answer and did his thing. The speed was unexplainable. You were definitely fearing for your life now, eyes closed shut and muscles tensed while he didn’t seem faced at all. Everything went rapidly and you were close to the finish line.

You felt like you were going to pass out if the speed kept going so fast but thankfully everything came to a stop. You opened your eyes to see that the car had stopped and people were soon surrounding you all. You let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding and stepped out of the car. You took out the helmet from your head, letting to show your now messy hair but you didn’t even care, you were just happy to be alive.

The other cars began to appear next. Sehun stepped out with a smile on his face and walked toward you and D.O. Chanyeol and Kai also came through the crowd of people to you both. “D.O. does it again!” Kai shouted “You’re my man” Chanyeol added as he tried to embraced him in a side hug. D.O. wiggled out of Chanyeol and said “Did you really expect something less of me?” in his serious tone and expression.

You walked to them and stopped yourself because of the dizziness still affecting you. Your legs were wobbly and your head was still pinning but luckily one of the guys noticed and hurried to help you out. He got a hold of your arms and helped you walk “Hey, hey, easy now” said Chanyeol as he held you. You looked up to him and thanked him for helping you and he replied “Don’t worry, it’s normal to get dizzy. But it was cool, wasn’t it?” you nodded your head and continued walking. 

Soon enough, you began to feel normal again and also you started walking with the guys over to Suho and his team. Chanyeol walked proud as ever with us behind him and as he got close to them he shouted “Suho, you should start calling your daddy because I’m expecting it to be in cash” making Suho turn to him and roll his eyes. “I’ll take them from my black card later, don’t be so desperate Chan” he said back but it just made him look salty about the race. Chanyeol laughed a bit at his comment and said “Come on, just accept the defeat old man” extending his hand for him to shake. Suho looked at him and took his hand. They pulled away and as Suho left he said “Meet me at the same place, I’ll give you the money there”  and with that he was gone to his group.

You stayed talking to the guys for a while but soon enough, it was getting too late and most of the people had already left. The guys offered you a ride home but you insisted on waiting for Yeri. They said their goodbyes and started to walk torwards the cars to leave. You were about to dial Yeri but you stopped as you felt a hand on your shoulder. 

You turned to look and it was Chanyeol. He took his hand off your shoulder and said “Look I don’t want this to come off in the wrong way or anything but I think you’re a really cool girl and I’d like to see you again” almost instantly you felt yourself blush at his comment, specificly the part where he said he’d like to see you again. He noticed your reaction and quickly changed what he previously said in fear of scaring you away “I-I mean, we, we’d like to see you again. The guys thought you were pretty cool too…”. You nodded while a smile crept it’s way to your face and he smiled back. “Here’s my number, we can all hangout again soon or I’ll let you know when another race comes up!” he said giving you a piece of pape with what you assumed to be his phone number inside.

 You said your goodbyes and saw as Chanyeol walked back to the group of guys waiting for him. As he got closer to them, they starte hitting him in the back and saying stuff to him but you were to far to hear. You were about to put his number in you contacts but then your phone lit up with Yeri’s face in the screen.

 You answered the call and she replied “I’ve been waiting for you by the car for like 20 minutes now, where the heck are you?” You looked around and spotted her and started walking to her. “I’m close, calm down stupid. And you have a lot of explaining to do missy” she gasped and said “Me? What about you? You were hangout out with that tall kid, who’s he?” You rolled your eyes and said “ Okay, we both have explaining to do but let’s head home before your parents notice we were out in the first place” and then you hung up, and got in the car. 

As you drove home, Yeri was telling you all about how she knew Suho but you were to lost in your thoughts to pay to much attention to what she was saying. Would you see Chanyeol, Sehun, D.O. and Kai again? was the main question running through your brain in the moment but, you’d just have to wait and see.

A/N: Ohhhh, did you guys like it? I really liked writing it. I don’t know if it can be classified as “action” but hey, it’s close enough. And also there isn’t a mayor love interest in this one as you can see, so that’s new. Anyways, if there’s any questions or just something you’d like to said about the story, hit up my inbox fam. I’m active again, *cracks fingers to emphasize my point* I’m ready y’all! ♡

How to be a supportive partner to a trans guy:

These are things my girlfriend does that make me feel a little better so.

1. When they are feeling strong dysphoria, call them handsome, or talk about how they will have the body they want to in the future. 

2. Let them brag about you to their friends(not in a sexual way). I love talking to my friends about great my girlfriend is. 

3. When they are on their monthly cycle, tell them it doesn’t make them any less of a man. A lot of guys get them, and make sure they know that.

4. When they talk about how they are scared about certain things in the future, make sure they know they can do it and there will be people who believe them.

5. Please don’t get mad if they need time to themselves. 

6. Make sure they know you support them in the decisions they make. 

7. If you draw them, draw them the way they want to look. (i know that may be obvious but it always feels nice so)

There are a lot more, but i can’t think of them so yeah.

Places Between Folds | Draco Malfoy [Part 2]

Hello guys, I’m extremely sorry it took me this long to post part 2 but school has been hell this past week. Anyway, the waiting is over! I hope you enjoy it. 

Character: Draco Malfoy

count: 1232.

Warning: None

Previous parts: Part 1

*Gifs not mine, credit to whoever made it*

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I felt how the light coming from the window was hitting on my face as I heard a voice saying my name. I couldn’t understand what it was saying until the covers were abruptly taken away from me, letting a cold breeze run through my exposed body, waking me up immediately. I lazily stood up and I could hear Hermione’s voice talking to me.

“Thank god you’re up. At what time did you go to sleep last night? I went to sleep pretty late and you weren’t in bed at the time I turned the lights off.” I looked at her without saying anything, as she moved around the room gathering her things to have them ready before going to have breakfast.

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Hiii~ can we get fluffy/sweet headcanons of Iwaizumi, Kageyama, and Hinata (separately please!) with their first girlfriend?? Please and thank you! 💕

You guys don’t know how happy these hq!! request make your admin. I hope you guys like them just as much as I do!

  • Iwaizumi sometime acts gruffly towards s/o.
    • He is not really used to thinking of you as a girlfriend so he’s still rough around the edges when it comes to you. 
  • He is a real gentleman.
    • He always walks you home. He always carries your bags for you. He always holds doors for you
    • Iwaizumi knows you are capable of handling yourself, but he thinks it’s the nice thing to do. Especially because he knows that he’s not great with romance. 
  • Sometimes he gets a little possessive of you.
    • He trusts Oikawa not to steal you away, but that doesn’t stop him from getting jealous when he sees you laughing at something Oikawa says.
    • You’re his first love. He doesn’t want to lose you. 

  • Kageyama is more comfortable behind closed doors.
    • He doesn’t know how to handle himself when he’s with you in public. 
    • Should he hold your hand or your bag or kiss you or … ? 
    • When the two of you are alone, he is noticeably calmer and more natural when he’s with your
  • His girlfriend will have to be patient with him
    • Kageyama isn’t used to having to be affectionate with anyone.
    • He is incredibly awkward around you. Emotions are something that he has a tough time with. 
  • He blushes fairly easily when it comes to you.
    • Hold his hand. Blush. Kiss his cheek. Blush. Cheer for him during his match. He’s red as a tomato. 

  • Hinata will scream about everything.
    • If he wants to hold your hand, he’ll shout and cause a scene.
    • He shouts and jumps up and down after your first kiss.
    • Hinata just shouts every time he sees you.
  • He is totally and completely in love with his girlfriend.
    • Hinata is just totally in awe that someone like you is willing to date him. 
  • Hinata is a complete and utter klutz when it comes to anything slightly physical with you.
    • He doesn’t blush. He will just lose all motor control and end up cracking your foreheads together. Or accidentally biting you. Or tripping in front of you
Homegrown (Jamie Benn)

Prompt: Can you do a Jamie benn imagine where you’re married and have 3 children and he comes home from a tiring practice to see his wife and kids in the kitchen learning how to make pizza and dancing to the music playing in the background. He looks at them in awe and then you have dinner as a family and you bring your kids up to bed and once you guys go to your bedroom he tells you how blessed he is.

Jamie Benn x Reader

Requested: yeah

Includes: kid fic

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as hockey fans, we all have that one team that we can’t stand. that’s just part of the game. everyone on here, at least once, has probably made a post shitting on another team whether it’s because of a player, a rivalry, the fact that one team just beat yours, or maybe you just hate them for no reason. all those points are totally valid and everyone has the right to be vocal about their hate for another team. after all, what would hockey be without that?

where we draw the line is when the anger starts being directed at the fans.

i joined hockey tumblr during the 2014-15 season when everyone loved the blackhawks. more importantly, i went through the period of time where most hawks blogs transformed into very anti-hawks blogs because of the patrick kane scandal. that seemed to be, and still is the predominant reason about 75% of people on here cannot stand the hawks, and i get that, i do.

even as a blackhawks fan, i agree with those blogs stances on patrick kane. i’m one of the few hawks fans who doesn’t like him in any way, shape or form. i don’t find him to be a good human being, i don’t cheer for him when he scores a goal, and frankly i wouldn’t be upset if he somehow got traded away.

my point is, the hate that most anti-hawks blogs feel stems from hating patrick kane, which again, is valid. if they weren’t my hometown team or the first team i fell in love with, i’d probably hate them too. but being an anti-kane blog, i still have learned to be nice towards fans of his (i’m even mutuals with a lot of them). sure, not all, but most kane blogs i’ve seen around here want to be civil towards people who hate him and understand their viewpoint, but anti-kane blogs not only refuse, but give kane fans undeserved hate for this.

since the kane case, the hate for him and his fans has transferred over to the entire hawks fanbase. now especially since it’s playoffs, i see blackhawks fans get hated on on a daily basis. i’ve seen people call us “horrible”, “idiotic”, “ugly”, i’ve seen people tell us to commit suicide, etc., by anti-hawks blogs.. there are a few problems with this:

  1. you guys will type these things out on your keyboard, hit post, and then when you get fired at back by hawks blogs, you act like the victims, like hawks fans have no rationality for chiming in. look, when you callout a fanbase you can’t get mad at them for calling you out in return. it’s not one sided.
  2. you assume you know everything about hawks fans when in reality most of you don’t even make an effort to understand us before hating on us. you’re so quick to judge us that you literally don’t even listen to what we have to say. for example, with the pkane drama mentioned earlier, you refuse to accept that most kane fans want to be civil towards you. and last year, when andrew shaw made homophobic comments on the ice, without missing a beat, all of you claimed that all our fanbase was doing was brushing the situation off and downplaying it. as far as i saw, every single hawks fan on here was speaking out about how shaw deserved punsishment and that what he said was unacceptable. but you all saw it and refused to acknowledge it just so you could make your “all offense but bl*ckh*wks fans are trash” posts.
  3. to those of you who say we should stop being so sensitive, or claim when you say hawks fans you don’t mean ALL hawks fans, understand that when 75% of a fandom shits on you, it’s easy to take those posts personally no matter the intent. furthermore, just because you may not feel like hawks fans should be hurt by what you say doesn’t mean you’re not still hurting them. understand that some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to those posts. i know a lot of you very well mean to hurt us, but those who don’t, you can’t tell us to feel a certain way in response.

as a blackhawks fan, i’ll say we do have our share of bad fans, maybe more than other fanbases, but what i know from following most blackhawks blogs on tumblr is that we have some really great fans too who are only asking for respect.

yes, i get that it’s easy for you to hate the hawks, but understand that people may have differing views from you. that’s how the world works, thats how hockey works, and part of accepting that is learning to be civil.

try to visualize this for a second. imagine an entire fanbase is out to get you and literally won’t stop talking about how awful you are when they have never met you before. don’t pretend you wouldn’t get angry too. don’t pretend you wouldn’t be defensive. evidently, you guys don’t know a lot about hawks fans on tumblr, so stop trying to claim that you do.

even if you do think hawks fans are horrible, it doesn’t make you a better person to send them hate or call them names. i don’t care if think it does, it doesn’t, end of story. tumblr is a lot better when you’re nice to people, maybe try it.

and to other blackhawks fans, remember that your love for your team is valid. you’re not a bad person for rooting for the hawks, no matter how much people say you are. don’t listen to what someone on tumblr says who has nothing better to do. it’s hard to be a hawks fan right now, but just because most of hockey tumblr calls you a bad person does not mean it’s true.

and if anyone needs to talk or rant about this i’m always here :))

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Hi Little-Noko I just wanted to say how much I love comics you are working on( also keep doing a great job patience is key) anyways I also wanted to say how thankful I am because undertale and all the other AUs out there are how I stopped cutting myself a second time so thank you Little-Noko and all the others creators out there for making life worthwhile again everyone.😁

To everyone… thank you really much for all those positive words you have sent me through the weeks. I truly appreciate them and whenever I feel down, see those words are comforting. It’s honestly really nice to see how much you guys appreciate me and my work. You are amazing too even if I can’t express it enough, I am grateful to have joined this community… there’s so many nice people around and I met some wonderful friends that I love with the bottom of my heart as well as a lovely marshmallow that make my existence worth it. 

I will never say it enough, but thank you ! Thank you really much ! For everything !

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I love your art so much??????? I'm quite disappointed that you don't have more notes on them, you certainly deserve it!!!!!!! Would you ever consider doing tutorials or speedpaint videos??

thank you!!!! that’s so sweet!!!! thing is—i don’t particularly care for notes? this blog is new, but i’ve been fucking around on the internet since i was young, and i’ve kinda gotten old-man-cynical about it—they’re nice, but what’s nicer is the kind messages i get, :’^) u guys are sweet

sadly i don’t know how to make speedpaint videos, but i can probably do a tutorial or two if im feeling up to it? what in particular would you like to know?

(ps, here have an elizaveta!)

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RFA x Danny DeVito


They were waiting together at the party. Each and every one of them thinking the same thing, ‘I get to meet MC today’. All of them excited, yet all of them secretly in a competition with one another.

No one has said it out loud, but they all knew how they felt about MC, and it was now a fight to gain the affection of this beautiful soul. They all prepared what they were going to do, what they were going to say, even how their outfits would help gain their favour. 

They watched as MC entered the room, beaming with grace and warmth. They felt their knees go weak, but hoped no one else in their little group had noticed. MC was making their way to the newfound friend group, a bright smile on their face.

“Hey you guys!” they greeted with a small wave, “It’s so nice to finally meet you all! This party is gonna be great, I can feel it!”

None of them knew what to say. The prepared conversations each person had were thrown out of the window the moment they saw MC cross that threshold. Zen stepped forward, a moment of clarity, reaching out slightly to place his hand on their shoulder.

All of a sudden, a hand snaked from behind MC, resting on her hip. Everyone’s gaze snapped to the hand then back to MC’s face, watching as they giggle slightly. Everyone’s confusion is at an all time high.

“Oh! There you are! You guys, meet my boyfriend!” they announced. A short, stout man walked into the light from behind MC, smiling at the group. 

“You know, we don’t even know if we’re in this room. We could be in a turtles dream in outer space,” he said, looking towards MC as they giggled.

“Oh, you! Come on, let’s go greet some of the guests! We’ll be back, okay guys?” they called over their shoulder to their friends. Their laughter can be heard as they walked away.

Everyone is stunned. Zen drops his hand as everyone has a startled look on their faces. Turning to one another, no words needed to be exchanged as they all silently agreed to make their way to the bar.

The aura of the group turned to one of disappointment and slight annoyance. 

“God damn Danny DeVito,” Saeyoung mutters under his breath. Everyone gives a slight nod in agreement. 

No one had a chance at their precious MC with Danny DeVito in their lives.

Heavy Metal (Part Three)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence

Summary: You have been HYDRA’s secret weapon since you were a little girl. You were injected with Vibranium and were given a chip to control the metal flowing through your body, making you invincible. When The Avengers attack your base you fight back, believing that The Avengers are the bad guys. When they defeat you, they take you back to the compound. They try to convince you that HYDRA is bad, and with the help of Bucky Barnes they might be able to do so.

Word Count: 1.148

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There sounded a knock on the door of your room. You got up form your couch and went to open the door.

Steve was standing in front of you with his arms crossed. ‘Tony wants you in the lab. He wants to run some tests on you.’

You sighed and walked out of your room. You closed the door behind you and followed Steve through the compound.

This was the second time this week that Tony wanted to run tests on you. He just couldn’t figure out how your powers worked and it was getting annoying. Unfortunately for you, you couldn’t say no to Tony.

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