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How do you manage your time so well?! With your relationship, friends, work,editing etc.

Lots of practice and adaptability! I usually keep things pretty streamlined day to day but everyone should have the ability to adapt on the fly because life likes to kick you right between the eyes sometimes when you least expect it! WATCH OUT


*warning! episode 10 spoilers*

WAIT wait wait wait I just realized one thing. It might be just my imagination, but after the episode 10 of YoI…. Like do you remember in the first episode when Victor saw Yuri skating his program and he suddenly decided to become his “coach”? Because why would you fly to another country to train your rival? This doesn’t really make any sense

What if he went all the way to Japan to see him not just  because of Yuri’s impressive figure skating skills, but because in that video Victor recognized in Yuri THAT guy he lost after the drunk party and where Yuri is right now?

THAT one guy who asked him to become his coach?

THAT one guy who awakened his feelings and love from the first sight?

Victor fell in love with Yuri even back than after the banquet, but they lost each other after the party. And guess what? Yuri didn’t remember anything from that night because he was too drunk. That’s why he acted so rude when Victor offered to take a photo. Because he didn’t remember. And that’s why Victor looked so lost when Yuri  walked away. Victor didn’t understand what he did wrong. THAT guy he was fascinated by just turned around and ignored him!

So let’s come back to this moment

What if he looks not just focused on the video, but kinda…. pissed?  Like “You are the first and only one I revealed my feelings to, I finally found you and what am I seeing here? You are skating my program like nothing happened. Do you think I will let you go so easily?”

And here is where  the story begins. The circle closed. Victor’s behavior, his ambiguous phrases, the desire to get closer to Yuri …. Everything makes sense now!

But the best thing about all this is  that Victor’s feelings are mutual. And he still can not believe in it

But he found Yuri

And will never let him go again

I’m just crying here this anime is so beautiful

Waking Up

waking up w your avenger boo

Bucky: Most of the time you were awoken by Bucky himself shifting around in the bed, and petting the dog who managed to place himself on top of both yours and Bucky’s legs. The Great Dane seemed to think he was a small lap dog, and tended to do whatever was necessary to reach Bucky’s hand that was willing to scratch his ears. The next thing you always took notice of was the creases in your face from having your cheek pressed to his bare shoulder all night. Which also explained how your hair became a tangled mess, and one with Bucky’s long hair. But the overall best thing was Bucky’s sleepy face; hooded eyes, and a smirk that could make your pants fly across the room. Not to mention the raspy, sleepy voice that you adored more than anything. Waking up next to Bucky is the best place to be in the world.

Steve: It seemed like he donned a halo each and every morning that the sun came shining through the window panes of your bedroom. Even on grey mornings, Steve seemed to have an aura about his sleeping body that brought a smile to your face. Every morning you reach out to brush your hands over his cheeks, then place a kiss on his nose before he wakes up only to pull you closer. One thing nobody really knew about him was that his body temperature was so out of whack, so most nights he spent only sleeping in boxers because he was so warm. (Not that you minded one bit) Steve also really enjoyed having the news on in the morning once the both of you were awake, because this way he knew what was going on in the world all while having you in his arms.

Natasha: Since Natasha absolutely despises being sweaty, she “fixed” the thermostat in your room to always be a chilly 65 degrees. So waking up next to her, more like on top of her, is the best part of the day. Both you and Natasha are always bundled up with plush blankets that have been collected from various missions, and presents from over the years. To be honest, your bed could win a competition of the comfiest in the Avengers tower. But waking up next to the Black Widow was incomparable, red hair splayed out on the white pillow case, face scrunched from the dreams she was having. It was rare for you to wake up before her, since Nat’s wake up time was normally about 5 am. But either way, being with Natasha was the greatest time in your life.

Thor: The giant teddy bear you’re lucky enough to call your boyfriend was the best cuddler of all time. No one could ever come close to his soft skin and big arms pulling you to his side. However, Thor always ended up naked in the middle of the night, even if the previous night’s activities weren’t all that crazy. You often climbed on top of him and used his whole body as the bed, because he was honestly the comfiest person ever. He beat the bed’s comfort level by a long shot. If not for his horrible morning breath attacking your nose every damn morning, you would stay sprawled out on him all day. Thor adored seeing your sleepy face every morning, which gained you even more cuddles and kisses.

Bruce: He had developed a habit of scrunching himself into a ball while he slept. Bruce felt secure this way, and small enough to keep his destructive nature contained so he couldn’t hurt anyone. But the truth is, he hated it. He wanted to stay spread out so he could hold you, but his constant inner conflict kept him balled up. You always tried to lay on top him, hoping to keep him in one place for the duration of the night. It never worked, because you always ended up rolling off of him in your sleep. Which then started the chain reaction of him giving in to the reflex and curling up into a ball. It happened every night, without fail. Bruce craved contact with you, though, so he grabbed your hand and held it close to his heart. Waking up every morning without feeling in your hand became regular, because he gripped it in his sleep so unbelievably tight, like he was holding on to you for dear life.

Tony: If Tony is sharing a bed with anyone, there’s a 1000% chance there will be physical contact involved through the entirety of the night. You developed this theory when you had woken up early one morning, with one half of your body almost overheating and the other half cold enough to snap off. Feeling the steady rise and fall of Tony’s chest against your back, you looked over and realized that he had you locked in a bear hug. One of his arms were always tucked around your waist, and the other was underneath your torso, hand gently gripping the side of your stomach. Tony’s embrace is so unbelievably warm, in contrast to the below freezing temperature of his room. It feels like a furnace during the winter, so warm and so comforting. Comforting enough to keep your restlessness at bay until Tony woke up.

Peter: Sometimes when he came home from long missions in the city, he totally forgets to take off the spider-man suit. So this lead to you making sure that Tony upgraded his suit to the most comfortable material, not only on the inside for peter but on the outside as well. It was a gamble every morning on who would be where, since he formed a habit of flying out of the bed. You tried your best to prevent him from going anywhere, mostly by smushing your face into his neck and hooking your arms around his muscular frame. This usually guaranteed that he wouldn’t be flying anywhere, but there were slip ups. Sometimes, though, the placement shifted and he ended up nuzzled into your side. It was your favorite way to wake up, with his unusually warm body pressed against yours. So you loved to wake up with a faceful of warmth, and Peter.

Pietro: Since you were the closest thing Pietro had to a pillow, you always woke up with his head resting somewhere on your body, his hair tickling your skin. It woke you up every morning, without fail. Sometimes, he had planted his face on your chest, and lazily thrown an arm around your torso. Other times, he had his head on your stomach, absentmindedly rubbing small circles everywhere he could reach, the monotony putting him back to sleep. Most times however, Pietro had his head on top of your boobs, talking about how comfortable boobs are while you were lowkey suffocating. There was even one occurrence when he had completely flipped himself over the opposite end of the bed and had placed his head on your thigh. But it didn’t matter where he had ended up, you always cracked a sleepy smile and ran your fingers through his hair until he woke up.

Scott: This man child always woke up at least an hour before you did, there was never a time when he didn’t. You would have thought that he would just get out of bed and let you sleep. But no, he stayed put on his side of the bed and intently studied your face. Scott admired you like you were a piece in an art gallery. His eyes were drawn to the arch of your nose, then to the soft curvature of your cheekbones. You were in such a peaceful state when you were asleep, it was more than just beautiful. Well, to be fair, Scott thought you were beautiful under any circumstances. Sometimes he would just blurt out how pretty you were when heading home from missions, covered in sweat and blood. But there was just something about when your face was reminiscent of the peace that came with sleep that made you glow. When you finally cracked your eyes open, you immediately met his and uttered a raspy ‘good morning’, causing him to smile like a goof.

Loki: Personal space was very important to Loki. It didn’t matter that you had been sharing a bed with him for as long as either of you could remember. If Loki didn’t want physical contact, then that was that. You still were the only exception, however. Every evening, you would climb onto your respective half of the bed and get cozy, and wait for Loki to do the same. You never pressed him into any type of cuddling or anything, because you knew that you would make your way over to his side of the bed eventually. It always happened, and Loki never complained. He tried to keep the fact that he really enjoyed your cuddles a secret, but that was the one thing he couldn’t hide behind the facade. You discovered his “secret” when you woke up one early morning and buried your face in his hair, and pressed into his back. Instead of gently pushing you back to your half of the bed, he reached behind him, grabbed your arm, and brought it over his torso. Nothing could melt your heart more than that.

Clint: For some odd reason, unbeknownst to the two of you, you were both on the same exact sleeping schedule. The two of you became used to being sleepy at the same times, and opening your eyes at the same time as well. Throughout the night, Clint would wrap his arms around you, and you in turn would knit your legs together with his. The two of you would basically become human pretzels all while sleeping. He wanted to be as close to you as possible, and found that entangling his limbs with yours was the best way, without you two literally fusing together. That’s when waking up at the exact same time was good, because you could spend some time giggling and reclaiming limbs without waking the other. Honestly, you two were so enamored with each other it almost made everyone else sick, but you two were as happy as ever.

Wanda: Wanda’s room is undoubtedly the most cute and comfiest room in the whole building. Starting with the fact that it’s always at a perfect seventy degrees. The pillows are memory foam, the blankets are fleece, and Wanda is the perfect size to cuddle. So it was a given that you would sleep together in her room. In the mornings, the only thing that would wake the two of you was Steve’s incessant pestering about training. He would periodically knock on the door, open it and peek his head in, reminding the two of you that ‘you can sleep after practice’. Wanda just groans and cuddles deeper into your side, while you cover your face with another pillow, effectively tuning him out. Mornings with Wanda felt like a dream, because you never felt more peaceful with anyone else.

Witchy Plants Questions!

These are not exclusively related to Witchcraft or paganism, and any question that doesn’t explicitly reference one of those things can be answered in any way, not just in a way that relates to your practice! Please, two plants per person!


BELLADONNA: What was the first spell you ever cast?

MANDRAKE: What attracted you to Witchcraft (and/or paganism)?

ROWAN: How did you learn your Craft (e.g. from a teacher, from books, etc)?

HEMLOCK: How do you feel about casting curses, hexes, and other harmful magick?

FLY AGARIC: Do you practice openly, or in secret?

FORGET-ME-NOT: Why do you keep your Craft secret, if you do?

HENBANE: What kind of Witchcraft do you practice most often?

WOLFSBANE: Do you practice a tradition that’s culturally important for you?

MUGWORT: What habits do you have that you’d prefer to be rid of?

PEPPERMINT: When are you happiest?

MISTLETOE: What holiday, festival, sabbat or season is most important to you?

YEW: What was your most recent experience with a spirit?

DANDELION: What do you feel was the most powerful magick you have ever performed?

HEARTSEASE: Have you ever performed love magick? How did it work out?

VIOLET: Are you queer? What does this mean to you, especially with respect to your practice?

BRIONY: What is your favourite way to perform magick?

GINGER: Do you practice complementary medicine and/or herbalism?

STARFRUIT: Do you believe in astrology or use it in your practice?

ELDER: Are you a feminist, and if so are you intersectional?

BAMBOO: Are you in a coven, or where you ever in one?

APPLEBLOSSOM: What’s your favourite phase of the moon?

YARROW: Do you live with a disability? Does it affect how you practice?

MARSHMALLOW: Where do you feel most at home?

HAZEL: Have you ever performed magick for someone without their permission?

WALNUT: When are you most stressed? How do you combat it?

DRAGON’S BLOOD: What physical object means more to you than any other? Why?

Ok but listen

One of the Paladins, probably Hunk, got off earth with his wallet in his pocket.

He doesn’t think a thing of it; earth cash is worthless in space

A few weeks into life flying through the galaxy in a castle ship finds him sitting around feeling really comfortable and realizing he needs a simple task done. Maybe he left the oven on. Maybe he forgot the Thing he was working on in another room and needed it in this room. Maybe he was thirsty and wanted a drink.
Point is, he didn’t wanna get up

So he kinda side eyes Lance
“Hey Lance, do the thing for me.”
“Dude no. Do it yourself.”

A lightbulb pops up in Hunks mind: “I’ll pay you” he says

Lance perks up: “how much we talkin’?”

Consideration: “five dollars”
Negotiation: “make it ten.”
Refutation: “dude I bet I could get Keith to do it for three.”

Keith shrugs. Hunk translates that to “I probably wouldn’t actually, but I want to see where this goes” or possibly “I heard my name and this is probably an appropriate acknowledgement of that, but I haven’t actually been paying attention.”

Surrender: “fine. Five.” Lance goes and does the task, and comes back, “pay up, Hunk.”

Hunk roots through his wallet.
“You got change for a ten?”
“Well… Tens are all I’ve got… So… I guess I’ll give you one and you’ll owe me a five-dollar-favor?”
“Yeah sure. Sounds fair enough.”

Lance leaves the room, satisfied, just in time for hunk to break out laughing. Hard enough that the rest of team Voltron is Concerned (is this an existential crisis? Hmmm. No, not yet). Breathless, hysterical. In subsides after a time.

“You… Realize earth money is worthless in space, right?” Keith asks

Hunk starts laughing again, but nods. He just gave Lance a worthless piece of paper with a number on it in return for two favors. And it’s Priceless
(If we’re being honest, the favors were actually worth like, maybe two dollars each, but who cares? A favor is a favor, and earth cash is utterly useless anywhere but planet earth, what else is he gonna spend it on?)
But wait this definitely continues. Lance keeps doing tasks for worthless money.
Eventually Lance tries bribing Hunk back. And y'know what? Hunk was running low on cash, and it’d be good to have some in reserve, just in case he’s feeling especially lazy and wants to bribe Lance. So Hunk accepts. He gets ten dollars back (he managed to wrangle it so that it was ten dollars for a six-dollar-task especially well-done, so the ten is all his)

And it’s funny, it’s kinda fun, and it works. Lance does tasks for money, hunk does tasks for money to give to Lance to do tasks (you probably see where this is going)

Suddenly one day, the other Paladins realize how well it’s working and yknow what? They. Want. In.

Hunk started it all out with oh, about thirty dollars; a ten, a twenty, and about 63 cents. Lance had four ones. Pidge brings in two tens, three fives, and seven quarters. Keith adds about 5 dollars in loose change that he won’t admit to why he has.
Shiro didn’t have anything to add bc he spent the last year as a space prisoner, and Allura and Coran aren’t from earth and don’t use the same currency

It starts tame. Lance was bartering for a task to be worth a full ten. Keith pops up and says he’ll do it for five. Lance says fuck that, he’ll do it for four. Keith says $2.50, Lance says $2, Keith deliberates for a minute but says $1.25, Lance gets on his knees and begs to do it for $1. Keith surrenders the bid. Lance fistpumps and almost shouts about winning (who am I kidding. He definitely shouted) he sprints out of the room to do the task.
Keith high-fives Hunk. Hunk returns it, with a sense of foreboding
(Keith doesn’t really participate, except to bait Lance into doing a task cheap)

Shiro did not have any money to start. He rectifies this by quickly earning Hunks twenty and one of Pidge’s tens. Keith bribes him with three pounds of loose change for something else, something secret. He accepts the bribe. He now has $35. He spends it wisely. Responsibly. And definitely does not use the twenty to convince Lance to shut up for one 24 hour period. (He actually doesn’t! They decide that one dollar for one hour of silence is a perfectly acceptable wage. He buys 20 hours of silence. The other 4 are wasted to sleep. It’s kind of hilarious watching Lance try to charade his way through the day. After that, that’s usually what the twenty gets spent on)

Pidge does a fairly similar thing to Hunk, but quickly becomes known for being a ruthless haggler. She will get what she wants out of this five dollar bill or else. The Paladins fear her. But they obey.

Allura and Coran don’t really get it. But them not getting it has very different results. Allura simply does not participate
Coran… Thinks that Earth Money looks cool, and starts collecting it.
“Hey Coran, I’ll give you a ten if you do this task”
“Hmmm no, I already have one of those… Ooh! Do you have one of the small brown circular ones? I don’t have any of those yet!”
One day he gets ahold of the ever coveted twenty
That day is… Eventful.

All five Paladins crowd around Coran, offering to do anything for that twenty dollar bill. Literally anything.

Hunk breaks first, surprisingly.
This all started with a worthless ten dollar bill and a subtle prank on Lance. After all, earth money is worthless in space.

And now…

In some ass-backward way, his spending-money-because-what-the-hell-it’s-already-worthless has… Made a booming economy, right here in the castle.
A booming economy of about $75.38
Objectively, that total number is not enough to buy a robot. But here Pidge is, offering to build Coran a robot, not even for the seventy-five, but for one single twenty
The money was worthless, but now it is not because he started using it because it was worthless. Causality is confusing and terrifying. Hunk considers having that existential crisis. The money was worthless and now it is not, because he assigned it worth
He wanders off and flops down beside Allura. Her shoulders are shaking slightly. She is laughing.

He turns to the Paladins.
Keith is egging Lance on again, so far Lance has offered to not speak again for a week, no two weeks now. It seems Keith is aiming for one full month of silence.
Pidge is upping the numbers of promised bells and whistles for the bot. So far Hunk is starting to wonder, if Pidge even builds it, if it will replace Coran outright.
Shiro seems to have accepted that he will not win the twenty, so now he is managing the others offers: “no Pidge, the bot may not automatically fire death lasers, we don’t want any accidents. Make it manual control.” “Lance, three weeks of not saying anything at all is a bit excessive. Be reasonable, three weeks no speaking except from a word bank the rest of us choose of no more than 100 words (and except on missions)”
Meanwhile Coran doesn’t really care for a cool robot so much nor for Lance’s silence. He does rather like this “twenty dollar bill” though, because it completes his collection

Keith gets Lance to agree to one full month of silence, except for no more than 100 words from a word bank the others will decide on for $20.
Keith whips out a twenty dollar bill that he’d had in his back pocket all this time and slaps it into Lance’s hand.

Everyone loses their shit.

(Lance’s word bank includes a few useful words like “me,” “you,” everyone in the castle’s names, “space,” “fuck,” “please,” and “thanks” as well as a few out-there but useful ones, like “apologies,” “affirmative,” “negation,” “assemble,” “post,” “prior,” “cerulean,” “vermillion,” “chartreuse” “midnight,” “golden,” “rainbow,” (bc you know, lion colors) and the like. The rest were fairly nonsense, and a few of which were memes; “smorgasbord,” “brouhaha,” “Simba,” (actually, most names from the lion king) “Pepe,” “loss,” “Beyoncé,” and so on.
One memorable day (more like meme-orable day tbh) they got the quote “post smorgasbord, me, you [gesturing at all other paladins], assemble rainbow Simba. Fuck Space Voldemort’s vulnerability”
Translated roughly; “hey guys, after breakfast lets form Voltron and hit Zarkon where it hurts!”

They never do completely stop calling Voltron Rainbow Simba. Like you think it dies down, then suddenly it’s back, like it never left.
Also “yeah man! Fuck space Voldemort’s vulnerability!”)

It’s one of Keith’s favorite things he’s ever done

I feel like Tai definitely thinks the whole ‘bad luck semblance’ thing is total BS. Like Qrow’s trying to tell him about it and he’s just like “Whatever dude, I’ve seen you turn into a fucking bird and fly away pretty sure that’s your semblance”

He thinks it’s ridiculous and so it just kind of becomes a gag that he blames everything on Qrow to show him how ridiculous it is

  • Tai drops a glass while doing the dishes, walks out in to the living room where Qrow’s sitting “You’re such a jerk you know that?”
  • Tai loses a bet “Alright well technically just by existing you’re cheating so no, you’re not getting my 5 dollars” 
  • Tai and Qrow go to take Yang and Ruby to the park and it starts raining “Your own nieces Qrow? These kids have done nothing but love you?” 
  • Qrow gettting phone calls from Tai while he’s on missions where he just says stuff like “You asshole I lost my house keys” and then hanging up
  • “You know a bird shit on my window” 
  • “Are you asking me if I shit on your window?”
  • “… I mean I wasn’t before but now yeah, did you?”

And I don’t know maybe Qrow is always going to believe he’s bad luck, but maybe it helps him feel a little better about the whole thing

Beautiful, Iconic Lines from Star Trek Beyond
  • “I ripped my shirt again”
  • “If an earth girl says, ‘It’s me, not you’, it’s definitely you”
  • “I am fully conscious, Doctor, I was merely contemplating mortality”
  • “Put your phaser down!! please”
  • “’Do you even know what it looks like!?’ ‘It’s that square thing, right?’ ‘It’s round!!’”
  • “I have a nose for danger” *walks into a trap*
  • “Montgomery Scotty”
  • “’You gave your girlfriend radioactive jewelry, how romantic,’ ‘It’s harmless, but it does emit a strong signal,’ ‘You gave your girlfriend a tracking device!?’ *pause* ‘That was not the intention, but yes’”
  • “Don’t break my music!”
  • *Beastie Boys starts playing*
  • “You know, Scotch was actually inwented by a leetle old lady in Russia”
  • “’Sulu, can you fly this thing?’ ‘Are you kidding?’”
  • “He likes that chair”

okay but i’m so glad that rowlet literally just rides around and sleeps in ash’s bag like almost 24/7 and just pops out as necessary for plot like for one thing how cute is that for another thing it literally fits in there perfectly so where the fuck does ash even keep his school supplies or his camping supplies or literally anything. “sorry professor kukui i don’t have my homework rowlet hekkin crushed it ? ?? “ i’m sorry ash that excuse probaly don’t fly when you live in the teacher’s loft i guess

i could go on a tangent on how wonderful this is because it totally fits into the whole thing alola has about people and pokemon sharing space together as equals as friends as living mates as partners everything and it’s a fun new spin on the whole “pokemon pops out of pokeball because it wants to do things ha ha ha! brick joke” that’s been a thing since the beginning of the anime 20 years ago

but mostly i love it because ash can just be like “SUMMON BORB”

and there it is

Dragon Age: Inquisition starter sentences

part 1 of ???
30 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: violence

  • “Alright, nice going with the weird magic fire.”
  • “Can’t a man think without being judged for it?”
  • “I’ve seen better. Hard not to.”
  • “Does that noise ever stop?”
  • “I aim to please.”
  • “Do you think about how to kill everyone you meet?”
  • “You only lack the will to get more blood on your hands.”
  • “I AM the most dangerous thing in the room, darling.”
  • “You doing alright, _____? I heard you breathing a little hard after the last fight.”
  • “Today is a good day. Today is a very good day.”
  • “Is there a reason for the interrogation?”
  • “I can’t fly, you daft tit!”
  • “Would you prefer me bound and leashed?”
  • “I enjoy fighting at your side, _____.”
  • “You are strong, and your mind is sharp. You will solve problems others cannot.”
  • “No man can kill so many people without breaking inside. To survive… those you fight must become monsters.”
  • “_____, did you clean your weapon after the last fight?”
  • “You don’t want to talk about yourself. I can respect that. So what DO we talk about then?”
  • “Oh, would you look at that! That is magnificent!”
  • “Calm down, I meant no offense.”
  • “Or! Wait! No! Better idea! Ice cream in beer!”
  • “You stand there, flexing your muscles, huffing like some beast of burden, with no thought save conquest.”
  • “I’m not certain that’s a compliment.”
  • “_____, a woman in the last village wanted you to pick her up and take her clothes off.”
  • “You’re making it awkward.”
  • “The mind does marvelous things to protect itself.”
  • “Magic works best when responsibly supervised, for the safety and protection of all.”
  • “Let’s talk about your dark and troubled past.”
  • “_____, I want you to know: you’re the best.”
  • “I’m not backing down!”

The Black Paths of Sheol

by reddit user Cymoril_Melnibone

There are those of us who – no matter how much we succeed in life – will always feel as though we somehow fluked our way into that position.

Regardless of how competent you are, how demonstrably knowledgeable you are and how good you are at your job, this self-doubt gnaws and nags, slowly destroying any confidence you do possess.

I learned, too late, that this phenomenon is colloquially known as ‘Imposter Syndrome’.

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Wtnv Headcanons

Cecil makes those little Self-Care reminder type announcements you see all over tumblr on the Radio.

Sometimes they’re reminders to the town in the face of disaster. “Did you remember to tie down your garbage cans? Remember, it’s garbage CAN fly away, not garbage can’t!”

Sometimes it’s a reminder to himself for things. “Did you remember to lock the door this morning? Yes. Yes? Yes definitely yes.”

Most of the times though, they’re subtly aimed Carlos’s way, because since Cecil found out how sometimes he forgets to eat and drink water and take breaks when at work or even at home, the host was determined to help. So he slips little reminders and prompts into the show. “Have you had a break today? You work so hard. Take a ten minute break to recharge.”

Or “have you had eight cups of water today? Remember, it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law!”

Or even reminders like “have you considered the fact you are incredibly loved by a lot of people today? Not a person, not even just two or three persons, a lot of people. A lot of people care about you and love you immensely, even when they aren’t right there at this moment, even if they don’t say it outright. You are incredibly loved, dear listener. Even you, Steeeeeve Carlsberrrrrg.”

  • Me: Just keep your head down. Be Burr, not Hamilton.
  • Me, fifteen seconds later: aND ANOTHER THING
a question

this is a thing I told the BIGGEST NERD EVER @satanicslushie and then she said I should post it 

so uh 

if Baz and Simon were originally supposed to have this GIANT duel when they got older, do you guys think that means they were trained in close-combat and such? 

like, do you think every time Baz got home (and Simon was reunited with The Mage) it was, like, “omg, okay at 5 AM, you need to get up and learn how to do a triple assassination kick backflip. and then you gotta eat 9.8 raw eggs. for protein. and then u gotta learn how to do a flying sizzling cheeky Nandos punch" 

or do you think they didn’t really learn anything like that and it was more like, "haha u have a wand,,, figure these things out yourselves”

yakov: so you’re just gonna pack your things and fly off to japan? just like that on a whim? no responsible adult would do that. how can this possibly be a good decision -

viktor: um? i’m honestly so offended right now? i’ve never made one (1) good decision in my life, i can’t believe you’d assume i’d be responsible about this lmao like what gave you the idea


Why can’t y'all just ship your damn ships? Who gives a flying fuck about who OTHER people ship. Is it you?! Nah. Are you dead?! No. So stop giving a fuckkk. I’m honestly tired, irritated, and annoyed when i see fellow shippers bashing other ships. Like, you spend so much time talking about the other ship. Are you sure you don’t ship them?! Considering how much you talk about them, one would think that that was actually your otp. Stop tagging unrelevant ships into your ships. Stop bashing other ships. You absolutely hate it when others bash yours right?! So, why the heck are you doing the exact same thing? Quit your yip-yap and ship peacefully. DAMN.

Here i am ranting about ships, again😒. But i wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t feel the really strong need to do this.

One day, one rhyme- Day 1143

How awful it must be to be
A ghost on windy days.
Blown here and there upon a breeze,
Trapped in a post-life phase.
Like stringless kites do these ghosts fly
With nothing they can do?
If they try to grab onto things,
Do ghost hands pass straight through?
I really hope that’s just a myth,
If you know, can you tell?
Can they walk on the second floor
Or fall through that as well?
Further to that, when on the ground
Is it a quicksand slide?
Would they fall through the entire earth
And out the other side?
Can they ‘tread water’ in the air
Like we swim through the sea?
If true, the whole worlds a ghost pool,
And that is fine by me.

Even I Do Mistakes (sherlock x reader x john)

Part two of even I do mistakes where reader uses drugs so yes, this one involves drugs.

You woke up early, really early. You wanted to make sure when John appeared you would have your apartment in check. You hid one bag of weed in between two kitchen counter’s lockers but the other two you put in a plastic bag on the kitchen table for John to get rid of. Just so he believed you. You brushed your teeth, combed your hair and made sure you looked as healthy as a horse, a weird saying but it would have to do. You almost tripped on a door step when you heard your doorbell ring. You hurried to open it and without checking who it was let the door fly open only to be faced to face with Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock’s eyes didn’t say a thing, his whole face was blank, but you had an idea what was going through his head. He did his best not to show how disappointed and irritated he was. John had told him. But he swear he wouldn’t say a word to Sherlock.

”Mo-morning…” You stuttered, stepping back as surprisingly Sherlock stepped into your apartment, rushing past you and said the same to you with a stern voice.

Right behind came John, who earned a nasty glare from you. He followed you into your flat and you closed the door behind him. Even if you had been a little distracted by the fact Sherlock was here you still noted how beautiful the weather was. Sun was shining and had already come up from the horizon.

”Where is it?” Sherlock called from your living room.

”Where is what?” You snapped back, he had been rude to you and you wanted to return the favor. It was a surprise that he even greeted you.

Sherlock’s face appeared from the living room’s door way to the hallway where you and John were still standing in. Sherlock’s brows furrowed and he stated ”The drugs. This is a drug bust isn’t it? So where is it?”

Your own expression mirrored Sherlock’s, your brows knit together and with a displeased frown on your face. ”In the kitchen.” You told him and then he disappeared. You turned towards John, still scowling and your arms crossed over your chest. ”Why is he here?”

”He wanted to come. He actually insisted to come.” John said showing no remorse. He sifted his weight from left to right. He appeared to feel uncomfortable but still in charge of what was going on. It irritated you.

”You promised you wouldn’t tell him.” You reminded coldly.

”Well, I didn’t have to. He deducted it.” John crossed his arms over his chest, mimicking you. He lifted his chin up, looking down on you before continuing. ”Besides it’s better this way.”

”Better?” You couldn’t keep your voice down. ”How is it better?”

”He would’ve found out soon enough anyway. And believe me it wasn’t pretty when he did.”


”Yes. I’m sure.” John assured Sherlock when they entered their flat. ”Now how did it go? Did you solve it?” John tried to change the subject, but Sherlock knew he was hiding something. And he wouldn’t let go that easily.

”Yes I did, it was the neighbors who did it, now as I just said, are you sure?” Sherlock’s eyes were fixed on John. He kept trying to read him, but he couldn’t find any clues on him. He had to try something else.

”Yes, as I said, I’m sure. Everything is fine.” John chuckled, nervous. He had to be nervous. There was something he was hiding. Had (Y/n) said something? About him maybe? Had she found someone else he was interested in? Had he waited far too long to make a move on her? Had John told her something about him that made her not want him? No, there couldn’t possibly be anything he had done to make her think otherwise. Or was there? He never understood normal people. Well, (Y/n) wasn’t normal. A bit smarter than John anyways.

Sherlock followed after John to the living room, up the stairs but the second he got there he felt a deja vu got through him. There was something in here that was different. Something that was the same but not usually. It was the smell.

Sherlock walked further in the living room, his eyes wildly looking for something. John’s chair. There was a (h/c) strand of hair on the back of the chair, this meant she had sat there. Sherlock went towards the chair, John watching while Sherlock studied his arm chair. It was like on a crime scene.

”What are you doing?” John finally asked, making his way closer to his roommate.

Sherlock took a long whiff over the chair, his eyes flew open and he made a sharp turn. He gazed over the carpet, there were muddy but dried foot prints on it, but it hadn’t rained in days. So (Y/n) had been on the other side of the London these past few days.

”If nothing is going on then do enlighten me, why does it smell like you have been having a quest reeking of marijuana?”

”Oh boy…” John scratched the back of his head, his eyes fixing on the floor and then back to Sherlock. ”You see I kind of promised (Y/n) not to say anything to-”

”You’re not saying anything, I’m just assuming what has been going on, but even if you did promise her not to tell me don’t you think it’s your job to tell a patient’s family and friends if something is wrong?” Sherlock tried his hardest not to snap. He stood his back straight and arms behind his back, he hadn’t even taken his coat off.

”Yes, yes it is.” John felt a bit embarrassed for trying to hide something like this from his best friend. Form his best friend who obviously had feelings for the ’patient’ they were talking about.

”Out of all people!” Sherlock kicked a table from next to John’s chair. It flew over, crashing on the floor loudly. Sherlock walked around the room, his fingers twitching. He walked back and forth with his head lowered, like head as a third leg. He was cursing and muttering but John couldn’t make out all what he was saying. ”Why didn’t she tell me? Why didn’t she want to tell ME?” He hissed through gritted teeth.

”She knew how you would react.” John said calmly, trying not to provoke his friend into another rage quit. Sherlock gave John a confused look. Then he rolled his eyes and sighed. ”This is one of those emotional things, right?” John nodded, but then furrowed his eyebrows. ”I’m this situation is considered to be one of those emotional things too.” He made sure to press the word this.

”Why wouldn’t she tell me?” Sherlock repeated but this time he was asking it from John, not himself.

”Because she likes you.” John laughed. ”That’s what people do. They protect their loved ones by not telling if something is wrong.”

”That’s stupid.” Sherlock noted.

”Yes. It is.” John nodded. ”Very stupid.”

”She needs a way out.” Sherlock muttered when he had calmed down a bit.

”Yes, that was my plan all along. That is why I told her I’d be visiting her in tomorrow morning.” John explained, but kept his distance from his infuriated friend.

”It’s not just that. We have to do more. Going into her house and getting rid off the stuff doesn’t end it.”

”It’s nice that you know.” John said sarcastically smiling. ”But what can we do?”

”Oh I have a plan.” Sherlock said with a smirk.


”We better follow him.” John said and nodded at the living room. You agreed, following John while he walked through your living room, towards your kitchen.

You noticed Sherlock had taken look of the stuff in the bag. It was now placed close to the edge of your kitchen table and the bag had been opened. He hadn’t even closed it fully. Now Sherlock was on his knees on your floor and went thorough the kitchen cabinets.

”What are you doing?” You snapped.

”There’s always a cache.” Sherlock muttered, his finger going over the doors and opening every door that was able to be opened.

”They’re all in the bag. There is no more! Get up!” You snapped again, giving a soft kick to the bottom of his shoe.

”I know there is a hiding in here somewhere now shut up (Y/n) and do not make this worse than it is!” Sherlock snapped over his shoulder. It was then that you realized how hard it was for him. He had to deal with his problems but not for him, for you. And the worst was, the problem wasn’t his it was yours.

”There.” Sherlock gasped, his fingers ripping one of the lockers front off, it was one for the lockers that didn’t open because the front of it fell off all the time. It was a perfect place to hide your stash, well John Watson wouldn’t had found it that is.

”Are you serious?” John looked at the bag in Sherlock’s hands. It was a rather full one and it hadn’t been not once opened. Sherlock gave the bag to John, taking his phone from his pocket and starting to text.

”Who are you texting to?” You asked, your eyes dancing between Sherlock and John. John kept looking at the bag while Sherlock tapped the screen of his phone. After you heard the sound that told you the text had been sent Sherlock turned to you with a smile.

”There.” He said, then letting the smile disappear as fast as it appeared. He walked next to you, taking the bag from John’s hands and the one on the table. ”Try now and go buy some more.” He said.

”What did you do?” You asked.

”I just sent a message to my homeless network to get in touch with me if they see you even near a drug dealer.” Sherlock took a threatening, intimidating step closer to you, towering you and continued. ”And believe me if I hear even a word of you I even considering buying any, I will be there and I will stop you.”

”You’re an ass.” You hissed which Sherlock answered with a sly smile.

”You provoked me by not telling me.” He hissed back.

”Okay, I’m taking these.” John announced, snatching the bags from Sherlock and walking past you two. This didn’t make you back away from the staring contest, but it took Sherlock off guard, his eyes looking for the lost drugs. Had he really wanted to take them for himself?

”Also I’ll head back to Baker Street, getting rid of these” John said lifting the bags in his hands. ”so if you want to come with me Sherlock, come now, other vise please don’t try to kill each other.” And with that he left.

”Aren’t you going after him?” You asked.

”No, because I think we need to talk.” Sherlock said seriously.

So whenever any cool cultural tidbit is brought to my attention, the first thing I ask myself is “where do they do this in Thedas”, because reasons.  And something made my mom sing a jump-rope song from her childhood just now, and so I became possessed with the desire to write a Thedosian jump-rope rhyme.  I don’t ‘do’ poetry but I thought I could probably manage children’s doggerel.

Fly, fly, Garahel
Riding on a griffon’s back
Shoot, shoot, Garahel
Crookytail is oh so fast
Dodge, dodge, Andoral
How many arrows can you dodge?
1-2-3-4 [etc.]

So there.  For the children jumping in the street to chant, a rhyme about the hero of the Fourth Blight.  Maybe Sera knew it as a child. :)