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I’ve kept the red hair [after filming finished on Poldark]. I love it. Plus, it was a decision that I really fought for, as well. I had this gut instinct that Demelza should have red hair and it actually wasn’t anything to do with the fact that Angharad Rees had red hair in the previous adaptation - that hadn’t actually crossed my mind - it was just something that I felt very strongly about. Plus, a lot of the cast are brunette; I wanted to really break away from that mould, I just felt that it added an edge to the character.

I call the darkness unto me, From deepest depths of Earth and Sea… 

Practicing some photoshop magic/effects with my Moon Butterfly cosplay and I’m…. pretty darn terrible at it. xD If anyone has any pointers or advice on photoshopping magic I would love to hear it! :’D 

“I’m not drunk, you are” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : Reader never drinks alcohol, so obviously, the day she decides to taste some champagne, she’s quickly…Rather drunk. Bruce and his sons are fortunately there to take care of her…and to film her embarrassing moments.

I thought I’d write something a bit more lighthearted after I made some of you “cry” with this ;-). 

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You never drink alcohol. Never. You just don’t like the taste of most of the beverages. Champagne or wine, tequila or vodka, even just a light cider…No thank you. 

When you go out with Bruce, you usually drink a soda or soft drink, even just water sometimes. 

But tonight, at yet another charity ball, your mind was elsewhere.

You had done it again. It often happened, and you always regretted it. Always. But you just couldn’t help it. Sometimes, you just had to be a sarcastic little shit full of witty answers. It always got you in trouble, since your early days in school, to now, in an important and very public event.   

This time, you had been a sarcastic little shit full of witty answers to the Mayor himself. The man already had a problem with your family ever since Bruce decided to support Harvey Dent to become the new mayor of Gotham, and was probably one of the most corrupted people in the World…so, needless to say that, when he left you company, clearly upset, you knew your actions would have repercussions, consequences, and it stressed the hell out of you. Why couldn’t you just control that damn mouth of yours ? 

Bruce wrapped a reassuring arms around your waist, bend down to your ears and whispered into it : 

-Relax (Y/N), no matter what, I’ll handle it. As Bruce Wayne or as…the other one. 

You gave him a weak smile and shook your head. 

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Hufflepuff!Joshua x Slytherin!Reader

A/N: For the sake of this story, the season is winter. If it’s not winter wherever you are currently, use your imagination.

  • Finally getting a break after suffering through a vigorous transfiguration lesson the previous day, you are currently roaming around Hogsmeade. The weather is light snowing, icy flakes kissing the exposed skin of your face, the rest of you bundled up warm in layers of sweaters and coats. Stopping in shops, people-watching, and buying a few cauldron cakes from Honeydukes- it was safe to say you’re enjoying yourself.
  • That was until you see a puff of grey and black fur in the distance, and the seven foot tall bear, menacingly looming right behind it.
  • You thought to yourself for a few seconds, “Is the small animal in danger?” and “is this really my problem, though?”.
  • “To hell with it”, you muttered to yourself as you broke into a sprint, straight for the quivering, greyish puff, and the massive bear that seemed to grow larger and larger to closer you got to it.
  • The bear was only a few feet away from the small animal when you got close enough to cast a spell.
  • “Avis!”, you shouted with authority in your voice, your wand aimed directly for the bear.
  • Your voice and your wand pointing at the bear caused the bear to cast it’s attention to you instead of the defenseless animal between you two, but this didn’t last long. Birds flocked from the forest, took note of the direction of your wand, and swooped in, taking turns pecking at the bear furiously.
  • The bear was successfully distracted, roaring and swinging it’s alarmingly large arms at the birds.
  • You took this as your opportunity, making a break for the dark, shaking ball of fur, and scooping it up in your arms. Taking a moment to glance up at the bear, only a couple of steps in front of you, you look up to see what appears to be hundreds of more birds flying your way. Maybe your spell was a little too successful.
  • This was a sign for you to make a break for it, running all the way from Hogsmeade back to Hogwarts, darting through halls and plowing down staircases, until you arrived at the Slytherin commons.
  • Taking a moment to breathe after all that physical exertion, you dropped your eyes to the little grey & black ball of fluff cradled in your arms. Upon further inspection, you realize that this creature is either a dog or a wolf, and you’re not sure which one. It looks like a mix of both.
  • Suddenly, Chan and his two mothers, Jun & Minghao, walk in to the commons room, not paying much attention to you. That is until Minghao does a double take in your direction and shouts loud enough for the whole school to hear.
  • Minghao: “IS THAT A DOG???”
  • You now have the attention of all three boys, who hurriedly shuffle over to you and start cooing over the soft pup in your embrace.
  • Chan: “It’s so cute!”
  • Jun: “Hey, I’m more cute”
  • Minghao: “Y/N, if you don’t let me hold it I might actually cry”
  • You: “I know it’s very cute but I want to make sure it’s okay first. When I found it, a bear was about to attack it”
  • Chan: “A bear?? In winter? Shouldn’t it be hibernating?”
  • You: “I don’t know, it didn’t seem like a normal bear. It was malicious even when unprovoked”
  • Jun: “It could have rabies or something”
  • You: “Yeah, I guess it could have”
  • Minghao: “And you did what? Went barreling towards it? By yourself, too! Don’t you know how dangerous that is?!”
  • You: “If I let you hold the dog, will you stop nagging me like you do Chan?”
  • Minghao: “Oh my god yes, please give me him”
  • “It’s actually a girl dog”, you corrected him as you carefully passed him the little ball of floof.
  • After about a minute of straight cooing at the dog, you were about to demand her back, still being worried about her condition, when Minghao placed the dog back in your arms, looking somewhat irritated.
  • You: “Why are you so pissed off?”
  • Minghao: “I’m not pissed off, I’ve been pissed on. I’m going to go take a shower…”
  • Stifling your laughs for until he left the room, you, Jun, and Chan, burst out into hysterics as soon as Minghao closed the door behind him.
  • Jun: “He was so excited about the dog, too!”
  • Chan: “Apparently the dog was a little too excited about him”
  • As Minghao went into one of the communal bathrooms with showers, he heard soft, mid-range singing.
  • Minghao: “Joshua, is that you?”
  • Joshua: “Yeah, why?”, he said, stepping out of one of the showers with a towel around his waist. He looked at Minghao’s mysteriously wet shirt, and asked what happened.
  • Minghao: “Y/N found a dog, and it peed on me. I’m gonna go wash it off”
  • Joshua: “Y/N found a dog?! Can I go see it?”
  • Minghao: “Yeah, knock yourself out. They’re in the Slytherin commons, so make your way to the dungeons”
  • And that’s exactly what Joshua did. After getting dressed, of course, because showing up to the Slytherin commons half naked is an A+ way to guarantee getting yourself hexed by their Prefect, Jihoon. As a prefect himself, Joshua was not about to take that risk.
  • He hurried down to the Slytherin commons and knocked on the door, only to be greeted by the door swinging open in one fluid motion, and Jun’s broad figure leaning against the door frame.
  • Jun: “I normally wouldn’t let a Hufflepuff in the Slytherin commons, but since it’s you Joshua, it’s fine. Come on in”, he said in a hushed tone.
  • Joshua: “Why are you speaking so quie-”
  • Joshua felt a hand slapped against his mouth and took it as a not-so-subtle hint to stop talking.
  • Chan: “You can’t talk too loud, or you’ll wake them up!”
  • Joshua: “Wake who up?”
  • Chan points to the fireplace, where you and the puppy are curled up in a couple of blankets, completely asleep.
  • Chan: “When they rescued the dog from that bear, the dog apparently had been in the snow for a while, freezing cold to the touch. They wanted to make sure the puppy warmed up, but they’re so tired they fell asleep. But aren’t they cute napping together like that?”
  • Joshua is dumbstruck by the overload of info Chan just dumped on him, but all he can think of is how yes, you do look absolutely flawless relaxed in front of the fireplace like that. So entranced by the soft rise and fall of your chest as you breath, and how your eyelashes flutter ever so slightly, resting gently against your cheeks, Joshua doesn’t even notice Chan trying to talk to him.
  • Chan: “Joshua?? You there?”, he says, waving a hand in front of Joshua’s face, tearing his attention from you to Chan.
  • Joshua: “Did you say she rescued the dog?”
  • Chan then went on to repeat himself relay what you had told the Slytherin boys about your encounter with the bear and dog. Half way through, Joshua had to plop himself down in one of the cushy arm chairs, from pure shock. He had a few classes with you before, but never really had the opportunity to really get to know you outside of the classroom. Being shown how strong in character you are, he’s beginning to regret not taking the initiative to become someone you would care about.
  • Just as this thought is running through his head, you stir from your brief slumber, immediately sleepily searching for the dog, and letting out a breath of relief when you spot her snuggled up in your lap, safe and sound.
  • Still somewhat out of it from just waking up, it would be an understatement to say that the last thing you expected to see was Joshua Hong kneeling in front of you with the most heartwarming expression on his face.
  • You also didn’t expect him to talk to you so suddenly, so you didn’t exactly catch whatever he said.
  • You: “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”
  • Joshua: “I was just wondering if I could hold her?”
  • You: “Oh! Of course!”, you agree, picking up the now awake and very excited puppy, and handing her to Joshua, trying not to look too obviously flustered when your hands brush his.
  • “Of course Joshua Hong would come all the way to the Slytherin commons to see a dog, he’s the softest guy in the woRLD”, your internal monologue rambles on to itself, making sense of the amiable boy in front of you, looking adoringly at the puppy, while you look adoringly at him.
  • While his attention is on the dog, you scan the room to try and find your Slytherin companions, but they most likely lost interest and left, Chan going to practice quidditch, and Jun going to do… whatever it is that he does. You still weren’t really sure.
  • You had just thought you were getting over your crush on Joshua Hong, when here he shows up, out of the blue, here to make you catch feelings again. At first you find yourself a little irritated at the sudden intrusion into your heart again, the first time being when you had classes with him before, but one look at him with that damn puppy and you know you’re hooked again. You might as well just let it happen.
  • Joshua: “Have you named her yet?”
  • You: “No, I haven’t. What name do you think suits her?”
  • Joshua: “Me? Uh, well…”, he says, and looks at the dog with a charming amount of unnecessary concentration, before he comes to a conclusion.
  • You: “It’s okay if you don’t know any-”
  • Joshua: “Toast”
  • You: “… toast?”
  • Joshua: “I mean… her fur looks like what you get when you burn toast. So I like the name ‘Toast’. But I mean if that’s okay with you, it could be totally stupid and-”
  • Picking up the puppy out of Joshua’s arms, and lifting her up in the air Lion King style, you begin your dramatic speech.
  • You: “And from this day forward, people shall cower in the wake of the mighty beast that’s name rings loud and clear- TOAST!
  • When you finish, there’s an awkward silence for a beat, before Joshua practically falls over, cackling.
  • Joshua: “See!! Toast is perfect! Toast the Great!”
  • You: “There’s just one problem, though. Hogwarts doesn’t allow dogs as acceptable pets. It’s only cats, rats, owls, or toads”
  • Joshua: “We could keep her a secret?”
  • You: “But that’s not fair to the other students who might want dogs as pets. What if we rallied together the student body and got everyone to sign a petition to have Hogwarts permit dogs as pets? Then we’d get to keep Toast and other students could have dogs, too”
  • Joshua: “That’s actually a really good plan! How do you want me to help?”
  • You: “Well honestly if you go around with the petition, not a damn person wouldn’t sign it, seeing as everyone loves you”, you quickly retort, only to glance up at Joshua, whose cheeks have shifted to a light pink color, as he blinks at you in surprise.
  • Joshua: “I- Um… thank you. That means a lot coming from you. I’ll get right on drafting the petition!”, he says as he makes a break for the door, only to jog back, pat Toast on the head, and then sprint out of the room.
  • He runs out and you’re just standing there, c o n f u s e d, holding this dog like “I. Fucked. Up”
  • When Toast reaches up and licks your cheek and you’re like “You know what. It’s fine. I don’t need that beautiful, caring boy. I only need twenty seven dogs”, and on that note, you go up to your dorms, make a lil doggo bed out of blankets and pillows, plop Toast into the pile of bedding, and then crawl into your own bed. You fall asleep wanting to Die of Embarrassment™, but also feeling strangely motivated on your mission to allow dogs as pets. It definitely had everything to do with cute dogs, and not one particular cute Hufflepuff boy.
  • The next morning, you sit down at the Slytherin table at your usual spot between Jun and Minghao, which Chan liked to cleverly call the “China Line Sandwich” he’s the only one other than Wonwoo that found this funny at all
  • You felt a tap on your shoulder, and turn to see a sheepish looking Joshua, one hand rubbing the back of his neck, and the other clutching a mostly blank paper.
  • Joshua: “I’m sorry for running out like that yesterday, but here, I finished the draft our petition!”, he apologizes, handing you the scroll. After looking through it, you’re amazed by the amount of detail and hard work he put into this.
  • You: “Joshua, this is flawless. We could start passing this around today!”
  • Your excitement is short lived, however, as the petition is snatched out of your hands by the one, the only, Choi Seungcheol.
  • Seungcheol: “Y/N, what kind of tricks are you up t- WAIT IS THIS ABOUT DOGS”, he shouts after skimming to parchment he abruptly acquired.
  • Joshua: “It’s a petition for Hogwarts to permit dogs as pets”
  • Seungcheol: “Oh my god, can I sign it? Wait I don’t have a pen or anything… HEY MINGYU!”, he yells across the room to the Gryffindor table, where you see Mingyu get startled and choke on whatever he was eating. After his coughing fit, Mingyu takes a sip of water and calls back to Seungcheol.
  • Mingyu: “wHAT DO YOU WANT?”
  • Seungcheol: “DO YOU HAVE A PEN?”
  • Mingyu: “YEAH, HERE”, he says, and chucks a pen across the dining hall, only to completely miss and whack an unsuspecting Jeonghan in the face, who jumped back so hard he fell out of his seat.
  • Seungcheol: “Oops, sorry babe”, he mumbles his apologies to Jeonghan, patting him on the head, and walking away with the pen.
  • Jeonghan: “You couldn’t helped me up or anything?”
  • After Seungcheol accidentally makes this giant scene about signing your petition, other people’s interests are sparked and more and more people from all houses come to sign it. By the time you leave breakfast, you already have seventy-three signatures.
  • You: “Woah, I can’t believe people are this willing to help…”
  • Joshua: “I believe it. Who would say no to puppies? Also why don’t you take the petition to your classes to see if we can get more signatures. If we keep it up at this rate, we’ll have enough to bring to the headmaster by the end of the day!”
  • You:  “Here, I think you should bring the petition with you. We’ll get double the signatures if you’re the one asking people to sign”
  • Joshua: “??? And why is that?”
  • You: “I mean, collectively as a student body, no one wants to see Joshua Hong upset. It heartbreaking, really. You’re a really likable person, I can’t think of a single person who would say no to you”
  • Joshua: “Wonwoo. Wonwoo would say no to me. Something along the lines of ‘all those dogs will just scare away my cat’, as if his cat doesn’t already run from him in the first place”
  • You: “Yeah, yeah, but you know I’m right. Just take the petition, I’m sure you’ll do great”, you decide, handing Joshua the parchment and Mingyu’s pen that neither of you were inclined to give back
  • You went through the rest of your day as normal, except for telling people that if they run into Joshua, they should sign the petition. It wasn’t until your third class of the day, History of Magic, that someone called you out.
  • Minghao: “You’ve been telling everyone about Joshua for the past hour, what’s your deal with him?”
  • You: “Oh, well we started a petition together which hopefully will allow-”
  • Minghao: “You started a petition together? Together? You could’ve just said you started a petition, but you thought it was important to associate you two together? Maybe ‘together’ is what you really want, Y/N…”
  • You: “No, wait… I just, I didn’t mean it like-”
  • Minghao: “I’m personally supportive of this relationship. We could use a little positive energy around the Slytherin kids. And you can never have too many Slytherin & Hufflepuff couples”
  • Understanding that Minghao is not about to let this go any time soon, you decide to just admit to him your feelings for Joshua, and hope Minghao wouldn’t do anything too invasive to “help” escalate your relationship with Joshua.
  • Minghao: “I’m not gonna do anything about it, but I’ve seen you practically trip over yourself just to glance at him in the halls. You’re not subtle at all”
  • You: “Oh shut up, at least I’m capable of feelings, unlike some of us”
  • Minghao: “What the hell is that supposed to mean? Y/N? Y/N!”, he calls out for you as you weave your way out of the class, the Professor having just dismissed everyone.
  • To your surprise, as soon as you turn the corner, you see Joshua just standing there. He gets up on his tiptoes and looks over the mess of students pouring out of the classroom, until he sees you. And oh boy, when he sees you, his face lights up, his entire posture perks up, and he looks so happy. You freeze, your heart beating alarmingly faster and harder than you’d like to admit.
  • He makes his way through the crowd over to you, and shoves two scrolls into your hands- one being the petition from this morning, full of signatures, and the other being a significantly longer scroll, almost as tall as you, also completely full of signatures.
  • Joshua: “I guess people really like dogs, huh?”, he says, trying to suppress all his overflowing excitement.
  • You: “Joshua this is amazing! You’re the only one that could’ve managed this, thank you!”, you thank him, wrapping your arms around his waist and holding him tight for a brief moment, before letting go and marching down the hall, leaving a flustered Joshua in your wake.
  • Joshua: “I… ah, um…”
  • You: “Come on, Joshua! We have to present this to the headmaster. For Toast!”, you say, stopping your brisk walk to turn around to face him. He looked like he was in deep thought, and you weren’t sure why. It was like he didn’t even hear you.
  • You slowly make your way back over to where you came from, and stop only when you’re directly in front of him.
  • You: “Are you okay?”, you ask cautiously, placing a hand on his shoulder, and then kinda wishing you didn’t, because oh my god you can feel his muscles through his frEAkING shiRT
  • His eyes drop down to meet yours, the alarm apparent in his expression, before muttering something about ‘being fine’ and ‘not wanting to get into it right now’, to which your subconscious was like “alright bro, but like- the petition. Toast needs us”. Before you could say any of that out loud though, Joshua places his hand over your hand that’s been hovering on his shoulder, brings them down to his side, and laces his fingers with yours.
  • Joshua: “C'mon, the headmaster’s office is this way”, he says, leading you in that direction, and acting like this a normal fucking thing and you know this is nOT noRMAL for you two at all because your heart is beating out of your chest, and for once in your life, you have no idea what the heck to say.
  • The walk to the headmaster’s office was silent, but a comfortable silence. That’s one of the things you appreciate about Joshua- how he has the ability to make the people around him comfortable without even trying.
  • He lets go of your hand to knock on the intimidatingly large, oak door, only to place his hand on the small of your back comfortingly, leading you inside when the door slowly creaks open.
  • After you pitch your idea to the headmaster and provide a solid argument along with the hundreds of signatures on hour petitions, the headmaster HAS to agree. And that’s exactly what happened.  
  • You and Joshua walk out of the headmaster’s office, trying to remain professional until out of sight of the headmaster. Then the two of you explode into a fit of happy giggles.
  • You: “Did you see how far his eyebrows raised when I started talking about dogs?”
  • Joshua: “I thought they were gonna fly away, oh my gosh”
  • You: “But really, I didn’t know you liked dogs enough to go through all this work”
  • Joshua: “I don’t like dogs enough to do this, I like you more than enough, though”
  • You: “…hUH?!?”
  • Joshua: “oH wOW that just kind of slipped out, um you can pretend I never said that, I mean I don’t want to make it awkw-”
  • He was interrupted by you crashing your lips onto his. At first he didn’t respond at all, but after a moment his hands found their way to your hips as he melted into the kiss.
  • You pulled away, making eye contact with him, and smiling so hard your cheeks started cramping.
  • Joshua: “Does this mean, you’d maybe want to date me?”
  • You: “I mean, if Toast likes you, who am I to say no”
  • Joshua: “Wait shouldn’t we check on Toast, it’s been like five hours and what if she’s not okAY, don’t we need to let her outside to use the bathroom???”
  • You: “oh hell, you’re right. Let’s go!”
  • The two of you dashed to the Slytherin commons, hoping that she hadn’t had an accident on anything important. What you were met with, you were both surprised and unsurprised.
  • Minghao was in a rocking chair by the fireplace, drinking a glass of water, with Toast curled up in a ball on his lap.
  • Minghao: “Can I be her godfather? Pretty please?”
  • You: “Uhh I mean are you okay with that?”, you asked Joshua.
  • Joshua: “I don’t see how that’d be a problem. Since we’re dating, I’d probably be Toast’s dad anyway”
  • Minghao: “YOU WHAT”, he yelled, surging forward and spitting out the sip of water he’d taken right before Joshua mentioned the word ‘dating’.
  • Meanwhile, Toast came bounding up to the two of you, hopping up to get your attention. You both kneel down to pet her, showering her with love.
  • Minghao: “Are you two going to just ignore me”
  • Joshua: “Toast is more important, sorry”
  • Minghao: “What kind of a dumb name is ‘Toast’, anyway?”
  • Minghao: “…yes please”
  • A couple of days later, the headmaster announced that dogs were to be allowed as pets at Hogwarts. From then on, you saw more and more of your peers with cute puppies, walking around the courtyard and halls.
  • In the end, you were happy that you made the split second decision to save that dog, because if you hadn’t, you might’ve missed the opportunity to become someone special to one of the sweetest boys you know.
  • Also you got a puPPY like heLL yES.
your fave is problematic: nikolai lantsov

- too cool 4 u
- superstar.mp3
- so perfect he literally created another version of him that’s basically his raggedy alter ego
- said alter ego is just nikolai playing with ships instead of subjects
- ALSO somehow has even more sex appeal than the original which is like… holy shit wow a+ 11/10 would bangbarabangbang
- yo ho ho a pirate’s life for me (and a bottle of kvas)
- brilliant, talented, showstopping.gif
- better than your faves 2kforever
- will probably smack his face into the mirror one day bc he’ll be too busy flirting w/ his own reflection
- but according to sturmhond crooked noses are in so it’s fine
- allergic to the word impossible
- meteor shower boy™
- has this really nasty kink called treating your crush/partner with respect and supporting them no matter what. disgusting right
- will (and has) sacrificed himself for his kingdom/people……. seriously someone kinkshame him like wtf how dare he
- …… be so perfect
- did i say perfect? bc p e r f e c t ✨✨✨✨✨✨
- how do you flawless™
- 2 sexy for your crown
- nikolai: i don’t like drama!!!!
also nikolai: 👀👂🔍
- will steal your heart and never give it back like once you meet him that’s it. bye fam it’s been real i’m forever enchanted by this perfect man… this perfect fictional man

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OMG your bakery is simply PERFECT!! I don't how you do it, all your interiors are so FLAWLESS ❤ anyways, on that note can you please tell me WCIF the baked food on pictures 4 and 5? and the the price tags on picture 5 as well? thank you in advance

awww thank you! <3

bread 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

and actually price tag is makeup palette and garden sign. I’ve recolor it. lol

mesh here, here 

Symphony Of An Empty Stomach

Pairings: David 8 x Reader, Walter x Reader
Words: 881
Warnings: Fluff!
Request (by @brooklynalpha ): “So I was thinking that David and Walter fight for the reader feelings, like spending more time or trying to impress her, that kind or things, it could be funny. And At the end it could be whatever, she can choose one of them or no one 😂 
Summary:There’s a bit of rivalry between Walter and David once they both become very close to each other and the reader is right in the middle of it. 
A/N: Requested! I’m not a big fan of love triangles and such so instead, I tried to make it as fun and light hearted as possible. Hope you enjoy! 

I woke up to the mouthwatering smell of warm, homemade, buttery pancakes. I opened my eyes immediately, feeling my stomach aching with anticipation. I haven’t had anything other than microwaved fake food for over two months.

Walter was leaning over my bed with the proudest smile on his face.

“It’s not my birthday, is it?” I asked, yawning mid-sentence.

“No, it is not,” Walter replied and placed the breakfast tray on my knees, “but I thought it would be nice to feed you something healthier.”

I squeezed my eyes at him.

“Can you both stop already?”

“I’m afraid I do not understand.”

I sighed and sat on the mattress, stretching my back.

“This whole competition of yours. David is not your opponent, you know that?”

He handed me the cutlery and poured some tea into my cup.

I had to admit, this silly games they were playing could get tiring but if I were to pick a winning contestant right there and then it would’ve been Walter. I fell full just looking at the plate, it had a perfect shade of gold and syrup cascading on every side making a tiny pool circling the whole meal.

“It hardly does you any harm,” he pointed out and I couldn’t help but laugh. He was right.

“But I don’t like you arguing. He’s like your brother, you know.”

“I am not the one who started all this,” he explained.

“Oh yeah, you’re definitely siblings,” I chuckled.

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